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    GROCERFEts, &c.
Cl El. - GRANT offers •
4 twotlto offe e
72 do bik PePper' j
300 pkge Y Et, IP and Im-
Periel Ten;
bble crushed awl pul
verized Solronj
07 do Noe 5,7 & 9 La. doi
2 <soh lideddfr,
tale on accommodating
29 Sze Ham*. Ase.;
3 do Hoboes , do;
35 reams Tow Wrapping
150 do ctraw do do;
60 do: Hemp coils`
21 coils manilla Rope;
4103 lb. cotton Torn%
3,500 lb. No 1 & 2 Battler,
53 has 50:01 Soap;
10 do rare do;
30 bal. Rosin; •
20 cask: Tennant'idooble
refined Soda Aah;
30 bin 10212 (Masai
61 do 0110 do;
ICW do pint Fluke;
15 do do dm
14 dogcart Bottles,
133bbls Lime.
112 kaa Beatty'. Rifle Pow
' dcc
109 do do Rock do;
14 bdle• No 24, Sheet iron;
an Peacock and Patent
, Lever Plough a. • 1
2 cement lame,
10 bre gmond Pepper,
I casks E Felts,
6 begs Rime Ginger,
I do .41.1sPiee,
/SO molts cinnamon,
TO las 5 ., and / 2 .
:V bola
• and qualnle•i
twilll Carolius and Va.
"- Toltneeo
CO 554 No 3 lace mut
75 fihd. N 0 Sug
'32) keg. (pure) ar lute Lead
east Lamp .111.5;
,2N LLB, D and ea*
fit: •aliacribec• agf:
n 3.1 a l l o w
a ti 4. imperial,
OT and OM Ten
SO las do do
receiving . ..rid offer for sale
50 bbln No 3 Mackerel
half bids do
75 birs white Brazil Sugar
let biz Beretta, No
25 bls Bordeaux Almonds
35 " E Walnuts
35 " Filberts
31./ " Brasil Nuts
51 " TOM Grd Na,.
200 bra %YR Raisins •
20 cases Tomato 'e.t.a
50 drums Figs
7 mats bate.
12 casks Zama Corrants
20 br.s ...lolled Almonds
5 cases Liquorice
20 bas Rock Candy
70 LL Sardines
75 " Pare crackers
tl " spiced Chocolate
Y cases Prunes
25 bas Lemon Syrup
l ease pren'd Gauger
7 ss Blacking
20,0303 Principe , Regalia
Castelo, and Havana
opposite St Chart. Bowl
400,baga Rio and Laani
-••• •
1,314. era Gov Java do
130 las muudaowed To
bacco, sa, Ilbs, 16., 324.
111 and 4 lb lump; Pla
and &Sp. do
300 mats Cassia
25 bbl Ngs
ags Pepp utme er
ceroons Inthgo
I l t
b 's ars P eov; 1 !
'l5 bbls ebip'd sonwood
2 cask. Madder
Z) but No I Chou:Ant.
2 auks Epson: Ult.
20 bbls Tanners' OH
• .
Sc u • •
b. Lamp Oil
15515 Spenn Patulles
.131.x.5 Wi' Pipes
5 eluks ftlea
37 Dip Dairy Salt
tefined Snit,
aug3o - -- 37 Wood
SHNDRIES-76 dos Corn Drooms; 10 legs Maple
Molasses; 60 h. Rosin Soap; 60 kegs ass'd Ha.;
Brow Wrapping Paper, cottonl arn,candleondh, /ltd.
ting; 100 dos Bucket., 6 do Tubs; 10 gross pint Fluke;
30 hbls Vinegar; 16 boo Starch; 65 do. Star Candles;
`round of all ducriptions; Sue cut chewing
Tobacco; Rapp. and Scotch Saud;
copperas and Alum; In stare and for 83i6 loss by
opposite Si Charles Hotel
37 Woad ai,
T K t= ill s k llce .' ca rilr i tt ug su ' d nail . b •
Gunpowder' d r. d f . , c c d c o 5. °les,
Imperial do do do ' do
Sounhong and, Ponrchong, In half olivsni, of various
qualities and Imo importations, inmore and for sale
by BAGALET tr. slum
aug29 1B md SI wood st
hiebexts sad &vim* to extra Y. Hymn;
r " " Impartial;
.• " " Gunpowder;
" Posehon;
D WILLINBIS, 110 wood
lb "
For sale bi
N. O. Sugar air close conaignnteut, bbl
AU'a, 3 mackerel, N half bbl do , 16 hair bids shad,
bbl House molasses. 160 bait window aim, sas'd
swea u llo hila beat It. IL Tea, 3do Imperial do 5 do
Gan Powder do. sepa. B. R. IitSRFIELD.
IW do do do Sperm do
bids •do Rachel Whale do
5 do brown 'rennet. do
6do Spirits Turpentine; is store and
1te4131 O 111.netrOURN it Co
It — EFINEW SUGARS-5 b. D R large Loit 000
bbi. 4,5, 0,7. d 8 small do; 2:01 do crashed; 180
do powdered; in were and for sale by
1 Agents of St. Loots SICIMI Suirar Refiiwry
perior article, puked in pound and 41f proud
papers, for retelling; Car ude by
.4325 WICK & APC.eNDIRS.4
PVLVERISINO SALERATVS-3 casks, n eery sti.
yobliOn artiste, just reed and (1,, .y,b, by
OATS -0 0 bbbb, jog reed and for sale by
atsg`Z 31 water and el from st
gift& P--..t0 bag No r wf.; . to do Castile; 111 do Blsr
Caudle.; iu store and for We by
aught 0 BLACKBURN & Co
I — AROUND PEPPER-3D b. prime Crowd Pepper,
tILT for sate b ..s7 WICK & WCANDI4EBS
LASS PAPER-250 rearm aith's Pateut. Glue
Paper, scald sires, on hand and lot sale by
migeSJ KIDD A Co
rrNEWS 011-4100 galls Brown's Tanners tint
rt easa, just reed sod for oak by
ausnel MILLER &
ac te d for B ul~ by ~o 1117,1=4:41mk=4
F _
fiLODLICE-90 bit , Chase; I bbl Butar 2 01. Ra
dual received on consignment and Mr sale by
MILLER S. 11.1,251W1N
folliElt - -43) bx Whit. aupersor, for 6263 by
se pi J D WILLIAMS, 110 wood et
ROOMS-50 dos assoned Cam for sale by
jDO sop) J D WAS
DiIAPPLES—W bele Dry Apples, • good amide
inst ruchedand for sale by
FEATHEILSb S O lb. ono., for gabs by
au,g3l et F VON LIONNHURST &Co
E have just "recited n carotlilly selected stock of
V F taanufactared Tobacco, of endue brands, wjlich
we as; offering low, eortsisOng of Pound, Fives Lamp,
FSnepun as, Twelves andllatty-1 1
aag3o WGILL &ROE
. •
SUNDRQ UNDRIES-20 bbt. N C Tar; 10 do Rosin; 50 do No
lES - 2 A
3 Masks:al, largs; 15 do Taxmen, Oil; 5 its ie.
nEIS33 51.01.1. C ROE
COFFIX-310 bngs, per Union Lion.
nag3l7 4PGILL ROU
_FREAIIi TEAS -40 WI ehemajosl received:
/1 BEEN APPLE Is assorted Green Apples,
la le store sad Ta male by
surrie 9& W HARBAUGH
WOM. WANTED-24W Ihe Common -end Tab
Wool ...toed, for which the highest market
•fiee mill be paid by au4 , 30 8/k W HARBAUGH
DIG METAL-50 sons, Ramsey Fussmee, for sale by
.431. 35 front st
S ODA ASH -47 etli double refined Ste , A d e , l , l;
Warranted equal io any to the city. For tale by
e 1.1114 C H (MART. 41 water o 1
pRATEIERS-1 1 . 1 seek,. for ude by
aupd FRIEND, RIMY lc Co
OTASII-4 melt+ jest rec'd and or
& A f rale by
angiS WI AI'CANOLF:2—.4
- -
QALAD baikets fr esh, just roc'd and for tote
1.7 b 7 5 4.1 A FAIINESTOCK
cornet lin and wood ins
AnAyiSLA-200 roam jun reed end for ads by
..Acy wuWEIOD-40 esseojust rod and to.
EAD-750 pip of „Load, rot . sale by
"DIO METAL—Beton. Cumberland River Pig Metal,
'J. in More and for sale by
atigl9 JAN DALMA.
TiWOOL--12 socks Wool, for sale by
R AGS sacks sacks country mixed yisb
HEEPAE—OIms Cheese. j W un reed and foi.saler by
H . 429
CHEESE -19 euks R Meese, jun-reed , and for
gale • sag 29 %VICK k. M'CANDLESS
IS t rild PORK—J.I reed and On sals by
T All O-43 kegs No I Leaf Lard, Not ree , dani for
FkielllEKS-geo Ms prime Kentucky Feathers, for
Wel by mare) WICK & .11.CANDLE39
T2OR RF.2IT—A commodious three story Mick
, .E Warehouse, on Zi street. Possession peen mu
' diately,. , For tonna spoil so
_noels C II GRANT, 41 wales st
- -
((y 1A 11 L. Vi., k.• s FILMCII REVOLUTION—The
Aj French Revolution—A Mawr by Thomas Car
lyle. 10 two volumes—clans. or Isle by
' atiri JOHNS j
TON &nom-roll
nuIoB.ALC,O-60 fr om 11% Nags y sy Tabs.°, re-
ONaT 3- I:M 9 liete n l s"g b
-, randed
ixa: A ls k rg:, In stare and ter sale by '
KATRERS--10 bags Feathers, for We by
atig44 JA34:S GAUELL
T oiltsViLLE LJAM—CfolstemlT and T fe
.1.4 sale by aegis
IDROSIN— , I9 bbl. for mile by
augl4 C RGRANT
COFFEE-10page Green Rio, on otore and for sale
close consignment, by
augl9 S it NV ILA RBAUGH
1 - 11...a5-s—..ten Las dxIU WittEpv.
%.,7 Pat reed per :Wu Louis Ill`Lane and for wee by
IN, VOTE BEANS-40 bbl. mall Mite Bean.,
pF./'PF7t--71 bogs on baud, arid for sale very kiss by
zolicli C II GRANT
FISLE BRICK-13.000 nose on ti -- erf: for sale. by
arml4 ISAIAH DICKIKI' Q. l o front et
LARD OLL—Burkbardi's boob jost reed add for rids
by .414 .1 MIR , b. Co
CIIDOEE--110 begs picas, Rio: 20 do do I.ussisyira.
V 10 do old Gov. Jars.; for sale by
.421 . j WII I.IAMS
StOAß—oblids p — ant — O N 0; 6 ahl Ctrlttilico, 0 do
eßshell arid pulverized; 25 do lost (OT
ft/. by
...___ 'eug2i J I) WiLl.lAtils
or.Gb.l—* bap, Pimento; sdu Pepper; I bbl Clover .
Idarnno Giugen 0 eases Mustard, arrayed nixes
CU MAUS GM* 1 keg Mane; ground Sptee• In greet
variety; for role l.y ourur D WILLIAMS
Olden, or atom rod fur ..le by
rdrg 2I TassEv a nEsT.
Al4ll—attit Pa, riot. !tracks, in siore and
rsa7e 6Y augdi TASSEY BEST
MALLOW -1 ALI rre'd aud for aen by
uutll . ToSSEV tr_BEST
irlatKriAlinT.: - :.ait;tir:Corn ,11arsi: Cl' Aushotz
brandtee'd ~, r soar Companion and for sale by
IWO ' B& W ILtstifirallill
M.IIICtIN'S di: rr A11.4.--AiWri of Martin's seta
brnted Spat... cran.sts. Jost reed stint for sale by
augt9 JOHN IMildallt ' 01 roodrood st
tm 7- Vb - 1 " II
AL - ---Att , . ...I 1 , 01 reed sha for sate by
anglB - at wood,
_ st
_ _
Ss); -.3 bags Timothy Seed; m bbls Clover do; for
to by .41 Jk. R FLOYD
("LEAR SIDES‘-.111 ma. clear Sides, bur , 00 m ~,,,4
N../ for *ale by ROBT A CUNNINGHAM,
• . . . 144 liberty et
I Q PERM OlL—Warranted pure-5 east. for sale by
4., • aagla ' J SCHOONMARER &co
nAyg OlL—Crude end Refined fo7 ie y
bbl. No 3 IslaskereL (1e424 dO bolt do No
l do g IMB Y 9 do do No 2 do do. just reed sod fur
le by slops 3 MILLER ' & RICKETSON
ICR-2O tierces pal= Rice. Pun reed wul
CklaiENT-6 bble for .& . try
" '
- San Moon sloon'a
SEPTEMBER. I rises. sets.. rise a I pCa sea
Saturday, - 6 46 35 — era --
3 Sunday, 640 34 7 Zi
4 Alanday, 6 37 617
5 Puraday, 5 4a
31 6 47
0 Wedne•3•7, 630 30 10 47
7 Thursday, 5 31 II 25
Friday, 533 27 mom
JOSHUA 11,411, WIC' RARE EL t . exturnteas.
Tuesday Morning, September 5. is IS.
In reviewing yesterday's transactions of the
lair'ket, tee have few, if any important changes to
notice. But little activity was manifested in any
branch of trade, and salmi were : confined 111/LILO),
to the regular trade demand.
FLOUR—The market yesterday abowed an im•
provement, both in receipts and sales from first
hands. isOhbla sold at the river at 54.00, per bbl
Sales from store in dray load' lots at $1,65a4,70.
GRAlN—Receipt. have been limited, and sales
moderate- We may quote the following as the
correct figures of the market:—Wheot bar, rye
nominal at 50, barley 45000, as in quality, corn
33935., and oats at 25c p
PROVISIONS—No great activity is manifested
in the market, but prices generally continue quite
firm• Sales of 6000 lb city cured bacon at, for
shoulderi 41, sides 41 [dull), and hams at Clic
R. Regular sales of western cured bacon in
small lots by hbd at. he shoulders OA I, sides 410
lic, and hams at 6/aTiic for a prime article. Lord
esnitinues inactive, with limited sales only at 7e
n i kegs, and Ol in bbla, for No I. For butter there
is s moderate inquiry in the market, with limited
sales of keg et
CHEESE—SaIes 50 boxes good quality W It
iredifferant lota at 51636 e
OILS—The market is quiet, with moderate le
of linseed at 51655 e, of lard at 52e ae gall, and of
Tanners' at Sd7OSIB p bbl.
• FLAX SEED—Hoderate sales et 87 cents per
ACCIDMT TO TEL STEA.M.M. Cot/A—Boats arriving
at SL Louisan the 2Sth ult., report the steamer Corn,
CapL Gorman, bound up, struck- a snag on the
night of the 224 inst., a short distance below Blue
Mills, and sunk in three feet water; and that by
the exertions of the officers and crew the leak was
'stopped and the tag mired, but all or nearly all or
her cargo was badly damaged. The officers of
the Sacramento left her discharging the freight at
Liberty Landing, preparatory to returning to this
city for repairs. Extent of lona not ascertained.
Ai-mums Lash—The South Alabamian informs
us that some very rich lead ore has been found in
Butler county. It wan obtained on the plantation
of-Colonel Gregory, and is remarkable for as rich.
nes; yielding, the editor was told, from SO to 90
per cent of pare lead. The extent of the mine in
The receipts at New York, ins the lindeon n
ver, since the opening of navigation, are—
ISIS. 1 O 4 7.
Wheat Flour, bbla 719.858 1.569 671
Corn Meal, . 2.410 57.671
Wheat, bu 260.925 lAll 515
Grin, - 020,537 2,609,901
Rye, " 173,421 156,235
Export, from let to 22.4 Augnat.
1848. 1817,
Reef, bbl, 1,511 2.955
Pock, 4,915 4.300
Lard, keg. 11,448 3.695
Wheat Flour, bbla 39.611 156,566
Corn, bu 274,936 367.1169
%Vocal, 1.34 240,15,1
Rye, " none 14.520
Barley, .. none 6,591
00.4, 437 none
The &ilk:owing statement will show the prices of
Flour and Gram at the several places mentioned
at our latest dates:—
Flour. Wheat. Cora. 0.0,
Philadelphia 55,75 $l.lO 60 27
gew York 5,75 1.10 67
Barton 5,07 1,15 65 3.",
Baltimore 5.50 I,IS 51 '26
Richm0nd......... 5,00 145 45 20
Georgetown .5,00 75 44 2r,
A1exandria........5.04 75 4.0 27
Buffalo 537 1.12 62 4u
Cleveland 450 96 40 22
Cincinnati......... 4.124 73 23
Laalsallle 562 61 95 22
Si Louis ...... 3,50 60 30 16
New China. 4,25 75 46 20
Pittsburgh 4,60 00 3.1 25
Raeheiter.... ..... 4.50 1,00 45 :10
Albany 4,00 1,00 50 33
Friday, Aug. 25,—The stoppage of machinery
noticed in our last. has been fully confirmed by the
absence of buyer, in this market daring the week.
We have hut one sale to record of any note, and
that bat 10,000 IDs counlqr—pulled super., at quotas
non. The new dip is coming forward freely and
in very good order. The stock is fast accumula
ting, bat the fine grades are decidedly scarce.—
There is considerable inquiry (or fine qualities of
fleece, but they are not in the market. Buyers to.
brut us that they would take a large quantity of
I to full blood at quotations. The market is well
au pplied with medium and low grades, and a con•
cession would be made from our quotations.
Saxony .......... lriartS
Merino Won
" Rh to full b100d.......... 260211
C0mm0n........ ............... 22/ - 021
" pulled, No 1 22e23
country pulled 21 ai.`2:l
pulled super 2.1026
No I 23425
" No 2 14015
Cattle Markets.
New York, Aut — iist 28.—At market-1,700 bre(
cattle, (600 from the tooth and west. eta of Philn•
delphia s ) 50 cows and calves, and 4,500 sheep and
Beef Cattle—The comparatively coot weather
experienced during the week has been well ellen.
bated to strengthea ;owes, still but very little fluct
uation from previously quoted rates is perceptible.
yet that little is reactionary. The sales have been
to a fair extent, and the priees range from 85 to $7
er mitt. We could - COL ascertain the precise num
ber left over, but should judge it in the neighbor
hood of 300 head. A lot of 300 head Were driven
to Brighton.
Cows and Calves—As compared with last week
the highest Peerage is lower, but on the whole, pri
ces appear to be pretty firmly sustained. Sales at
from slo6=B to 637,50. All sold.
Sheep and Lambe—Are as plenty aa ever, and
Came into the market faster than they are bought
op. Prices as follows: Sheep 51,2.5, 2,5004,50.
Lambs 871 i, 2,250'2,75. 400 unsold.
Philadelphia. August 31—Offerings of e week
th ai.
consist of 1460 beef cattle, including 450 en to
New York; 320 cows ;Led calves; 650 h A, and
1650 sheep and lambs.
Prices—Beeves sold alowly at 53136,50 the 100
lbsi 180 head left over.
Cows and Calvea—Sales were mostly at 56135! 2
for dry, 51265421 for springers, and $160528 for
fresh cows.
Hogs sold at $5,50,V55,75 the 100 Ma; 100 head
left over.
Sheep and Lambs—Sold at /MOSS each for the
former, and 5.,2502.A1 for the latter as in quality.
Hay—Sales during the week range at 50137550
the cwt, and straw at 4,30ar. , ..30 the 100 bandies.
Baltimore, Sept. 2.—Beeves—Pnces since this
day week have • materially declined, in conse
quence of the large supply which came fiNAWAIrti. -
-On Monday there were 1320 head °tiered at the
scales, of which 820 were sold and the remainder
driven to Philadelphia
Prices ranged from $2 to $3 per 100 Mk on the
hoof, equal to 5105,75 net, and making au averagri
of 2,50 grow.
Hogs—The range of the market is 150 5 , 50 .
Brighton, Aug. 31.—Al market, 850 beef cattle,
400 store., 10 pairs working oxen, 46 cows and
calves, 3000 sheep and-lambs, 600 swine.
Paces—Beef Cattle—, $6, 6 , 50 .
Working Oxen-i-No sales noticed.
Siures-2 yenta old, 16 to 18, 3 years old, 20 to
Cows and Calves-628, 22, 30, 31, 10.
Sheep and Lambs-51,25, 1,37, 1,30, old cheep
2 , 50 .
;wine—S}, retail 5(01,
07'Na Cumin Is strangely destructive to the WI
M. cuticle, lor skint the sodden change from brat to
cold- and the smolt< causes yellow, dark. coarse com
plexions. Then It i. requtsste that the p ot ,. of
should be kept open—tion their mouths should he - treed
from impurity—'itt , us thus the aliment ROM:.
pliers cured all diseases—they computed t h at
duessag anti. I.IIIIIOIIIIIIy voters lest throy K l i IL
the cores of the shin, than any :Niles outlet' of the tAaly
It is necessary, therefore, to keep the pore. open—all
httliora ore dispelled from the chin !Man me
when they wash with Jones' Italian Cliernical SOnp
have seen it cure the worst and oldest reset or salt
Rheum, Erysipelui 3 Old Sores, Barber's Imh. !'ore ti lit
Ringworm, when, every other internal sod es let.,sl
remedy had failed—its eifeet rendering the nit /II w.e,
clear sod col, though it he yellow an emote, is tt
derful—it removes Freckle., Tun, Sunburn Aloe
and disfigurement of the akiie—but penonts moo
be pardon's, and ask for JO,lBB Soot.—to or 4,,
Pittsburgh u WM,. JACKSON ' S, sign of the Ilig
89 Liberty at. Priee GO cents. novled&w Iy_
B p The cicesidre or morbid secretions of bile ,14
well known to rattan violent Mgt/nuance of din doge*
dee organs, and bring on mallummt and-unmanagea
ble tenor, Etch often put an end to life. The stosisuch
taint be cleansed of these foal seorennua and this emu
M13.l readily be aceompUshed by the use of 11 A Fenn
estock's Aati-tillious Pill., which ore a most valuable
family eatharde. They can be given nob safely at alt
ernes., and afford rubella a very Mart time .
Prepared and
sold by If A PACINESTOCK ro,
Corner Ist and wood, and corner GM and wood lots.
"Thai whiter Dino of hors, than snow,
And pore as monumental alabaster."
All &nudes hare skio like Until:tors, who use Jones'
SPldsh Lily Match It makethPure snowy, yet now.
tarlaittit. Hold at E 9 Liberty Stmt. /Ph
Louis McLane Bennett, Brownville.
Lake Erie. Monty, Beaver.
Atiantic, Parkinson. Brownsville.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver,
Caroline, Dny, Freedom.
Fairmount, Poe, St. Louis.
Dr. Franklin, McLure, Cm.
Pero, Calhoun, Co.
Loins MeLam, bennett. Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Murry. Beaver.
Atlantic. Parkinson, Brownsville.
Michigan No 2. Gilson, Beaver.
Caroline, Day, Freedom.
Itiumrold, Cope, Cll3.
Rio Grande, Connolly, Cin.
Arrow, —, Brownsville.
Arrowlint, —, Brownsville.
The river last evening at dusk was 2 ket 10
Inches in channel, by metal mark, and (idling.
Ciriciunata—Per Rio Grande-1 box Young dc
Stevenson; 1 do. 11 Graff Sr co; 2 do, Teesdale; 2
pkgs book. 11 !Winer; 12 bbls aloohol, 1 box oil. 11
Mitchell; 10 bbls scrap iron, Is bls cotton, Jas Go.
lin; 41 ski wool. W Barker; 1 box 'mdse, Wilson
McCandless; 350 bbls dour, Capt Conley; :r23 hbls
dour. 1 roll leather, Win Eichbaum dit co; 69 bbls
whiskey, owner.
I'cr Geneva-1 box mdse, 5 bbls pork, I) Lerch
& no; 47 do do. 1 Irk mdse. Bays & Black; 3 bgs
wool, 2 do leathers, Spang & on; 1 do do, 11 Graff
& co; 1 box mdse, S McKee & co; 332 kgs lard.
M Allen & co; 3 Mid. canvassed hams, W B
Holmes & bro; 25 .kgs lob, Jae Wised; 90 bbls
dour, W Dyer; 63 do do, S McClurkan; 37 do oats
English .k Benneut 17 Lble peaches, b sks rags, 51
D Paden.
Per Dr Frankliu-5 sirs wool, Clark & Thaw;
1 Igo feathers, I Dickey & co, 24 do do, D Leech
& ,o; 11 libls potatoes, J Kepparn 13 bbl. hams,
Clark & Thaw; 200 Lb!, dour, owner.
Benter—Per Arena —5 cobs pearlash, Bar.
bridge, Wilson & co 6 miks potash, Wtck & Me ,
Candle.; 36 boo cheese, J A Caughey; 1 lot forni:
ture, same.
Nu/vide—Per Hudson-39 hlids lob. I) Utell dt
co; 42 bacon sides, McGill 32 Roe; 50 bbls [lour,
Geo A Berry, do du, Capt l'x; 116 do do, W
Bingham; 60 do do, James Dili:Cody; 16 do do, Jos
/47irding--Per Cinderella 51 bids flour, I Mc.
Cully; IS do do, 6 like wool, S McClurkan cu;
bls blankets, W Bingham: 13 sks wool, 1 do fea
thers, \V Barker; 6 bids butter, J McFaden dt co:
10 do whiskey, H Mitchell; bi do flour, S do
Harbsuah; 16 aka bran. J baleen St co; 66 du bar.
ley; 11 W Smith; 41 csks bacon, 200 htils dour,
Orion & McGrew; SO do d", 9 Wightman; lb do
do, Cummins L Smith; '2l bdls candle wick,
Church &" Carothers; If) sks wool, D T Morgan,
41 libla flour, Paryisacc; 27 do do, Clock 82 Thaw,
bbls peaches, J McFaden eu, 12 do apples,
Mrs Dondson; 21 kgs butter, J R Floyd; 10 bbls
peaches, J 13oldoil:
Cleveland, Sept. I, 1938.
The hooks of the Canal Collector show that the
following, among other articles, arrived at Cleve
land, by way of the canal, durmg the past month,
Bushels Mineral Coal 0 57,49
do 'urn 101,17:1
do Wheat 201.3.'4
du tints 17,747
Barrels ......
do Piirk tint
do Whisker 4 411
Pounds Iron and Nails 1 452.20 n
do Glass and glass ware........9n.d:i0
do Ihicon 117.325
do Lard ................ ...... tiho7o
do Butter 461,540
do Wot I 353901
do Potter,' Ware........ ..... 114.400
do Pig 1r0n........ ......... 1,149 470
Among the articles cleared during the month,
were the following, viz
Barrels Salt 11,5454
do Lake Fish 445
Pounds Cl/Ake 31k59sti
do Sugar 39,510
do Molasses 17.502
do ToLaceo 11 171/
do Crucicryry• at Crate 5.......... 35.993
do Other §lerchnndir•e I 1 a 5.2147
do Furniture . . .......... tin.l9ll
do Gypsum 142..199
do Castings =L04.5
Fe el 742.40
Sulonles 435
Toun—The‘lll.llli received far trill. on
all the N. 1 . State Canalv, during the 3J week. In
same pen.] to 1517
Deere., $19,3f4 73
The airprgnte amount I -eyelet-A Gar tolls. from
le Commen,lipent Est naVigalitpit, 1., the 21-t
5 I Alt I:.
Dunnis Ma same permd m 1.517,
Err Ctrize. are ho rah •ftoand that the follow
1115 am the actual qualm., of a 3.• I.ttle of JON.. Ca,-
a/ Hair,. If they .luel.t our vvortl.
cannot these tughly re.pec table rtUcen, who have
tried it,
Mr Gee lieckrt, 11 F7m .t. lark
11 MalTha Rre \l)nlr nvraue. 1:raolL13
Mr. 11 la Tompkta.. sr/ ligag Nrsv 1 or IL
11 V. Calico. lute Isarber .teamboar S. America
And more Man hundred others slate though IIIII•t
coke, that force the hair iu grove or
i tne bead or
lace, stop it fallisti; od. strengthen the room removing
scurf and dank.° rein the routs. and making light. reel
or gray hair armuine a fine dark look. and keeping dry.
harsh ur miry hair itio.t. won. clean and beam:tot
very. eery tong wan Sold at WM. JACK. , ON'S .9
Liberty st.. lyle
C.Logan co., Va . July 22,134.
Mr. I: • . Ter,—Drat Sir' I take pleasure m
ying Luc good effects of your valuable Vertattuue
My children Ittone tuck and Multi,. might he worms,
I toed several \mascot Vernolugr, ...hoot any effe , t
I concluded to try your Verflap, which I did a ttlf
sa.tactory effect. AU much no that toy little datacub.r.
near three ye ats old. posted sontelhoor ne•r tone hurs•
&et' worms at one tone I then recommended ft to my
neighbors, who have t nod it weal 111.1fet.l. an much
that we sold out in two weeks the sapply velucti wt.
laid to for els months. and nearly every day 64111 e pet.
son is comtng to the store for Sellers' Vemutotte
Respectfully yours, Il 3 CHAPMAN
Prepared and sold by R. E. SELLER..., 57 Wood st,
and nold by druegtst• generally, to Pstlatturgh sod Al,l
legheny. augll.l
LEr3Vorms, by their irrtmllon. augment the erre.
tiOn of mucus or eJihne the stomach. which. al,'
FO, they involve themselves; and it t• mid they teed
upon it, and if deprived of it they die. The celebrated
Vl•rnufal,, prepared by B. A. FA/INES - TUCK.
Pittsburgh. Pa.. in admirably adapted in ie oper•how
fint, to remove the protectuig mucus. and twcondly. in
expel the worms rendered helpless and tender by be
im( thus denuded. It 14 a remedy a which every eun
fidenCeCan be placed and that it lino answered the
purpoeo is manliest front the hundreds of certabc•tes
given in Its favor. Icy
D. — haws your haw tall oP. does your Irina turn gray
le 0 harsh, no 0 dry, or duty. I pray!
=lt 'III Mu., you eau make 0 roll. silky and fine,
''Dark and healthy, toid beauteous as tlim hair of mow]
ilnd to have thia, you have Imithree sanlitigs to gty•
For a bottle of Jones' Hair Reiterative.
Render. if you have Ind haw you would really be sal
wombed m the lovely erfect a three shilling bottle of
Jones' Corot flair Restorative has cm it; it needs but one
trial. Sold at n 3 Liberty on. nov Itallass I y
I[7 Youfoolish, silly old fellow, mad this , and ha no bald, a/11114..1e5. nod hatrless. Mr IV Jack
.... of YO I.aberty street. PAtothorgh. Pa..ecnifie* on toe
Al of February. 1.-41 . that 111 r. Ilos, Jack eon'. bead.
on the top, was euttrell bald fort./ year. and that by
uptilq torn :Is bottles o Jllll[2l . coral Iltur Heaton. Ityc,
thr hair to crowing fa/II nod trock
,told to New... by S 01.11 S to SON. 27 Broad et, R.
VAN BUSICIRK, corner of Broad and Nantucket at.
ON bond sold for pale, the lolloonng
Plano Fortea, direct from Ibt rnanufat.-
Curers. and at I.:axiom ice..
I An elegant ro.wootl..ex to
inv.,. iron trained Piano Forte, made by Cblettering.
No. O- Some so the above,
- 3. R0.w004.1, CLookenng,
7 Gala a. Co.
enickenna, 423
•• Abanthaitan Company, :100
10 Grand IFler,/ Ilal
11. " Second Plano. Ilere, to
Old Piano. taken in part payment forof tna
abovr, by JO/1N 11. MELLOR. el Wood
Sole /Leant for Clnekcnoo .l Plano Farm , for
ern l'enc•ylvanim aur2l
Splendid Stew Pianos.
Title; subscriber. previous to leaving
(or the Cast to replenish him 'stock. n
dispose of the lislaure of his stock on R9 ll bun at reduced prices, nod on neon.
.1,1., terms It consists ofa choice selection of Pianos
sonde by Nan. & Clark, N. 1., cod Jonas Chicken.,
of Holston, Man ,of Porn el to 7 octaves. of rosewood
and mahogany, of different styles and pores
JYA At Woodmen's, 13 Third st
c l4; p u nVit7 g u n tli d e ' ni nd eVa i r iZ r ula ' a n t u m ,
n o i porno. Of the C.IMMU no. Ile will devute .
h.. unto and atlantic.) to the posting and adjusting oede
liwols of Art:owns, part...rain', uccosiint. with
c . O
all confidence. cirirning new ka tae., .0 also
preparinit 111C11 OW Counting HO.,
Nortlaraai corn, of the Diamond, Allci.Tbeny
uhf JI tri 11.EMINI.i. A. anti M
A tobor of Nuu.d.l,yertn I!ook
Itr.vicit To Jobu.un r : , torkion. Nl'Dounl.l
W flcll b. Stni. ;Intim h r u. J Jr it Co,
John }imey, Jr_ John Arthur., W A Hill & ro, %V
Jrlynmrr uue.l,ltw
THE subscribers, ....idol; to¢tlre from bulgur...a
willing to dispose 1/1 lila . slur), snot, drill and al-
I wholesali• Drug and Irmiurni Ware hoot,
,ity Nliirk et streri. Philadelphia. The loenindr
unsurpasse. ',up between Fifth and Sixth 11, stock
has lieen uch recruited. corisvouenity terms • d^Y•
' rhe CURIUM la Of Mat unexceptionable kind
every Imam m ... num. • Air opportunity nlhrh vs Ibis sel
dom presents Ibsen, and should be euihrueed by genile
wen deign.. of embarking 311 111 e Drag business
em-1,41w LOW N SIEItF.DITII Jk. Cu
ANDRK, from Prunkfuo, illieritiany,) would re
• ePectintly inform the public. of Plostetrgh end
vicinity that he will give In•tructsons on the
Forte. al bis own or the modeller of his patrons.
Tern., sin per quarter
Adtireas can Lc toilful at yr. F Starke, TMrd street.
Raganarc.—Pluiestior Henri Ilea, dew York.
Pruntiorior Henry Roliburk, Prufensur fl. Kleber, Mr.
John H Mellor, Rev. W. Passeivaut. Pittsburgh.
7; ISH k TANNER•,S OlL—ono bbls Iltrrge No 3 !lack•
ere!; 75 do Tanmes thl, brown, now , landing and
for ado by soirli LIAGALKY k SMITH
petulance of Pittsburgh Gazette
Correspondence it the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Great Gathering of the Whig. ha Old
The largest and moot enthusiastle Whig meeting
ever held in tins county war held on Saturday af
ternoon an the Borough of Norristown, Montgoin.
cry County. Governor Johnston was present and
addressed the audience with a speech replete with
•teritng wit nod sentiment.
Thi, couuty to the reegileuee of Morrin Long%
.tretii. god inisuy of hot friend. were preterit to
Lear the Governor itisootinic the Whig d. tnet
i the
Pllll-401[1.1,11A, Sept. 4, ISIS.
tar markets are unsettled. ;:olders of Flour
hold the article above the snows of buyers. ti being
the figures. Stone sales have been effected at the
price, but to nu extent. Sales could he made free
I y at 3.5 75, and several lots have changed hands
at these figures; but even this is not reliable.
Greta—Wheat has advanced a trifle since the
Steamer's news, and sale• of several parcels have
bees made at 1114015, according to quality.—
Corn is in god resilient, and sales at 60 to for
Yellow, are freely node. Itye—sSales at 75 to ;at
per bu.
?routemow—Baron-110 sti c; &dee 5;6j.5ic,
and "Aottldcru li to 5c per lb. Lard—:Salcs ut 77
.ittg, for {RI/a and Lamb,.
Whlukry—Sales at 21 ja'2sc, m bit& and bblo,
C.rrespundence 01 the Pittsburgh Garette
NBll, YORH, Sept 4, 1:34b.
Our markets, since the arrival of the Steamer.
have been more firm, and prices 0/ bread stuffs
and proviatons, generally, have remained km —.
In dour considerable was done on Saturday at 5:.
6.2 to $5.75 per barrel—the latter figures for Gene
nee. This morning, holders ut the Annie Linda ut
Hour held it at 4i, nod this ititCrunon. that fir
Was obtained to a small extent. Ln!,er Linda t..
Intro $.5 ti': to 5.5 75.
Gram—Wheat—This article, ft T god white and
reds, brought to day, redo, 10h ts
110. and Southern about the same figures.
Curn--Salen to considerable extent at 6C'463 cts
for mixed, and 67 to (17 for yellow.
whiskey talcsat 2-I(ii2h eta per gal.
Pnwistono--Pork—Prime, S 5 50439; and Mesa
fill 70 per bbl. llneou—Sulea at ble, ,des
and Shoulders die pee
Groceries we have nothing to note of inipot.
lance to the Weetern Trade.
Correspondence of the l'ttt.hutsb liszelle
Our markets still retain the animation produced
by the Steamer's new,. o far an the holders of dour
are concerned. Sale. have been effected OE $ 5 , 62
km. City Mine, new Wheat; but Sff fat is the range,
and liberal sales have been effected this afternoon
at these figures.
Gram--Sales of profit , white Wheat have been
made at 115 to Itlltc, and reds at 11U to I
Corn—Jabs to a liberal extent at :iLtit:ifi its for
white, and :44.5 I . nr yell o w.
Provisions and Grocenem remain as last quoted,
and not active at that.
Our rononereoll men are entirely absorb." in
die Flour and Induta Meal trade. Meal brings
53 57 to St :nd , brick.
The Meeting of t he Albany Whigs.
The Albany F. enam Jintrmil represents the
meeting et Albany a• very •ported The hull was
densly crowded, mid the Whigs derived Dee, en.
thustaniu train the teinporary cheek litenteet to the
last illhdvised, or onail•ised inceung, held on
Saturday evening. The nail hour speech of Mr.
Collier. and Int. •peev he• ti Messrs. Wheaton. King
at Geo., Rentiellser. were all elogitent and well n.-
nerved. We give the report a..t wa. read. and
received with every deinonstrahon olsatislintion
by the meeting
The whom waR referred the rorre.
reneenee between Sir. clialni.Cl-4,1
Taylor meet .= In Co it dean,.s C. end Gee_ Tee.
lee nexpertfully report
-That they have G yea the ~Meet the, carrliti
.d deliberate cml
aiderao.n. hod are Ird to he
he,. that the t. 114, theetpl,4, 1.1 whom y 4 we
cowllll litter were. apih , thied.te.tve aetecl
.11 to t”t•
:en. Tap, ih tha rot rev., der., e
It ...env, hp have been •app.mecl this noth•
thawn, eughtuutheated In tile Pritthr e ;cure. and a 4
.1-.204 I
101 01 , 20
egged by t ;rt. Tayl, era nnatrd Inim a Whig MeV,
I ne, whlrb had rrionf oiled the a. m, naoou .4 NI tllar,l
rdln,or, ror ha r I . rranlent , and
ander that tropre.../oto nos:hiwell rt,r,cted
that %itch ers on the part cf
w, tild hare 0 ,, 11e41 thr pint
oldlattatloa t.t Whot• thee N. :•l ,ril. and 16..1( . 0
Inrir 01 05* friend. and fellow- %V hors to bra own
Ittrard "tit. howrvrr that tn.. nononal,a
of Taylor and Ruder. in P . n., c“nert Iraan a
of acceding( 1.,c0 Foc.,a. who ha, vrry properly
dorardrd their own ratololate t;rn arm. and per
a better titan In ht. glare .arid that Tnylor, in
in.annwer, walk. he accepta tn.. nout.naboa. Fa”..
ir,p.toa ,art tt• Me, to r4.rrle Iran-Iketna.•ratir
SW 6,1 47 76
rinern. „f Chat le.t.-n spre—iy tei.• mem. his
accepisitie without pledge. vaiditti t s. -
. 1 our committee do not seeu 1 his lener ..1 I lenersl
Tayl r. anything inconsistent wall the course he
bus ungainly pursued. aud he was nominated at
we Wing N dais at I ,asVellth,ll W all lull knowledge
of the posits, in he thus Ix . cti;•sed If this movement
bad proceeding (nun sr - eding Whigs, who had
abandoned Mr Fillaisre. and retuned to support him,
n would have presented a very diderent question
But we mast do the Southern Whig, the lustier to
say, that. so tur an we are informed, they have
throughout ailed with perfect goal lastli towards
Mr. Fillmore , and their Whig banners are all, with
out • single exception, inscribed with the name
ii? “Taylor and Ftllmore Let not the Whigs of
New York then, set the example of bad fanth, which
they have !welt so eager to nouldenin, !tithe mere
nota.tpotton of that dtsadection who-h nom: prtiVev
never to have existed soloing the Southern Whigs.
South Carolina boasts of never having given any.
thing Mn a Democratic vote. in thirty years. Ws
have always conveded the vote o t that ,late hi Cans
and Butler. Shall we put of to in a p5-chin
Taylor shall help us to a split ta•Lot in 'hot:Nate
On the contrary, ought we Ina n. reg., at a, Awl
be glad to eoiliprontirie fi,r such a ooze
Your oMittee deem it the ditty
ot all Northe trti rn Whigs.and parbouturly it , " hit g.
of New York, who hove ineen la cored with the o. ti
'nation of andidate Iron thed n.sern State it
Vice Presiden ca t, to iitiptivrt ui god Loth the non,.
Mee of the Philadelphia Ginveintoit. We Ire
now to choose between Taylor and Fniinnore on the
one hand, nod Can and !Sutler on the other. Wt. all
had our preferences, and Our Ltvolitie candid stria
En. the nominations. We hove many of in. I ern
grievously disappointed in the result Bat Taylor
and Fdlitiore are now the only candidates c I tine
Wing party, and we aorely ought not to he tome
to give that ticket oar nailed support. tung as
the Whigs of the South are true to is-, let us, with
out fluttering, he true to them.
Your committee have, ninon full cur.stdieration,
unanimouely agreed to submit and recommend
to this ineettng, the LittitWilig revultil
“Rmoired—That the further consiti,eratton °Ohm
subject be referred to the Wing Slide C' A innver n in,,n,
end that we will cordially styles - , the Elrc - tnrel
Ticket which that
which IA rentriertfillly n t itt,d„
Stein yl, STEPIIVNE, WILL ant
H. A., Wru.bois, H H. HASWELL,
I LIT rereised enthe northrkst rorDer ol 4th and
Markei .trrets, Needle Worked Coll., Wrovibt
Itnnurt Ribbons, vrry cheats. nugYl
ri , EA4-2tro pks lonug Ils•on Imlxral. Cane otv•
drr and Hindi Tess. ior
urV4 At
en i ts .: noiil y clors, landing from Filrlllllrf
. „
auq7 I[I , IIIERTSONI CIEPFKRT, lUD •ernnif gt
, 11 1 y ;
o r
A t
oak. by
POTASH -20 casks. lust swrt. In store and for snie.
by anon ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front
[FAMILY FLOUR-24 LLD. reed .nd for
r sale by h WICK &
-- - -
U1,01:12-1a7 Id)ls superfine Flour, Aim receive./ per
inettmer Hudson and for pan! by
ani,ed it N
L AIID-r) biol. No 2, in .77 .1 7 , :d o M: .4 ..nIn s bt ivi.
nogll eor peon and Irw,n A,4
WIN 1)(1W irit,ASS--300 1.24 Window (.Isoik, ,IO
.nd )0212; for !SIC by
atoCki FORSYTH h fR7Nr AN
vorroN YARNS. A e.--50,0(Nn Its. noaricied ;\n n, 1:4
bales Cann, Wick. 160 do [Wong Carpet C
ke, Twine, ior pole ei ennnitinriure, 100 .I riren
('III)' ND Rlll.ll h Co
S A L o
o T r irlt};--3 l i g s zt o s i
. )1./!.VAl:1:170 gall% of surnor quali • y.C ,„0.,
• , 4(4" , DICKFY k
lUNDRIES-76 .ark. Feather, 2 do 1im.. , a1•
boo do; x Et. Floi.ted, tsisrtzv.. tor .101,. by
SALAI) "11,-1 0 /,,,rtirtetel Snind )..
Ll•rk Itolthr, 13 111 ,t4 -t rre tl und
amt. N 111.1.1-11 & RICK}:TZ'
. -
SAND-3111i clot initit
$ int . 11E1 N,.1././S l•
fI , ULIS AND S--Ob do. Beaver &tete 1., 10
I do do 'lobs, to store and for eta Ir by
IRON—DO tome iron, ustorted, for Kale by
uug•S 1.5%V ATERNAN
VAIL-5-5W keg, Nail,. Rod 51/ay., mason , d, for
elide by aura 1.11 %V ATEKA 'AN
F. 111.54-275 bredl Clover Seed.mrsrily prime; 21 do
1..) Timothy do; in more and for -bale by
oug2s_ 1. NHATF.RIII,‘N
S T /M i le - r - A
UZZp ' ri . :7„:l ' 17 f SIZ " ,in S a b an 71; K
lor sale by • ugla I. $ WATERNIAN
( .. t / t . 13 ‘ 4.1 b C2 . 1 ,, A , 1 , N , — ,,, A ra ‘ C: . b i l: no ll: . lll ,.. .t , kor
ASOIERAL WATER CORER-5 bales for sale by
4aTHE adliscriber, in addition to ins °wai t
msinfartunng of lint., UM made arrange
inrillswath Alessrs Bebee tt Co, late nu.
fuhionable hurlers of the city of New Ynrk.l fora reg
ular supply of his extra fine Sok Ha.. mid havoc; lust
received uw ,asr t i gentlemen can he ...tell u
very rich and beuutifu that by calling at hl. new Ilm
and Cup More, Stan-U.od street. wrond door Arnim ri
Fourth, where may be found a great vuriciy of Ilan ,
and Caps of his own ionnufacture, vatioli•saie mid re
tail, Ha. made to order on short 1{11)., •
111• CORD & CO.,
iSucen oors •hlon• to
bl Areortl Itttx) ok,
e Hatters.t.
Corner of Wood and Fink .St rr rtx.
- ID ARTICULAR attennou paid to our RelWI Trade.
Gesitlamen tan rely upon:reining their llot, and
Caps from our noublaahment or We eMST 0110
WVIOLMA.M./P. 01 We LAI - tar am-a, and at Lowee - r
Country Merrlianta, by wholeaale.
e.., itiviiied to call and exam... our St,u.k.
eau +ay Ala conhtlenee dint regard • ot
nod parrra it .41 not auger in a compurtson on any
Isou.e in Philadelphia.
Feta Faahlon• tor 18401. Li
' NV "l tt . i Tt)rt 1 07;i a O lA " ,
d .
/ unlit of a nem and bede ea
call at their store, corner of l'ifth and Wood otre.,
kipDEALERS ore ,i,v, , ed to examine R It
PALMER'S stork of ,ratv Iroodr, 1/1 Me
•Pnnl( aty le. conmo.rd 1,. Part of
BONN rrs -Floret., Brai, Enalith Dun
tank. do; American do do, China Pearl do; ChnnurK do,
Ruiland do, French Lore, Fancy (mono. he Ae.
It Al'S—Leghorn. Palm Leah Panama, En 0...) Straw,
do Brant, Rutland Braid. Pedal do
. ..
A 1... Arttfirtal Flowers. itttil.ona, de Siraur Rat,
net Warehouse. US market at. inure ,
CH EA i.rxr e,..1,,0,,,,t.,.. I 1„,,, „,
dill Pil.burKh. Prtyrtpal Store. :2 F mirth
street. itlanufactunsag and areoumnala Store. eor•
alr of Wood Art, and Vern ot ow., I I,tnest pr. , .
ways pod for thloptug For.. nocly
LITEIt A I'•'1'1'1 . 1 . 1 lONS
IN Is/ - • h.- I • r • rum.
lot rrLt.
t )i3,7-sa dkc./ I!) —+lllll
1.1. lOW ,1410 Ptr , 11
Thrt4 4 r,s,.lre 31,14.1,1 e - r
Midwllery and NV.lnen and elni.lrell
tilelanttl 11. Thonum D.
I <clumr un P.IhoIWY and ~,,, 11.11,10, Ul AIMIO
at) Nll;le.l,:wrv,r. NI II
. .
I ustructiuoi rn Chnae at Air throw attd ,111,•ry
e•ery day at tile Ha/uinorr !Mimeo . , I rd •
The 11/nOlis .r prort,o• 01 awal, iiii /..•
trpollcol I•I. tinder No• 111011,1,
/or roUrne r/Ooorl/1.•o .
ortll am, vidtol.rd ii, tn. )1.•,h•
elr.rro l 0 N 1.5. per week
BA,rulo.e. Sep:. 4, I
.±b^l.-dtsv Dean ut the Fnrulil
IVs•tern tialveralty.
"'" " 1 "*" '"'
—Fur rue common 1 - 111g:1611 brAllebe., Phr-
Pr,.31,.tt, ry !Arran Book, *rrl per II /1113.1111 Via :UV
b.( tier r.r. .etre, t-lli
Hr baas.•l ritamen. cm the Slllll Ward ',bra, veil. ,
Mkt. charge the Preps lam, ia..panineaL
N II —mu Irdst• Cairn, g I vre•t:j arc;
clialard fur r llrde •• • •• 1011 a,oralag
air• eirrpt rd.-. pr :rd •14An. ••...r n
• •pea/ arra. Tram,. 14 HIM, N 111110.• 1 • 11 , 1 t
A runKentrol• nare kern made n ar y, k 0 I re
rierman and Frr 11,3 la nguerr• and •r.
and Nit.chantral 144%5., •••1$ snoolermr rain.
t .111 la. 'Lod,- r II 115 l•r
the t.aisse taholth fa. No°err ho ;,., 18,1
Motaday rhtittartsher.
Arraugamenta have We. mode 1, , rll o I
be ablt loturmall own, ladle. lato.the.,,,w, to a.i,
1„ I4e West, for obtantal( a tholotlzh Litt:toot, t
eat. alai Ornamental allot - al-boa A Ith. t Our. , 61 Po,
hooptural ond Chemocal f.r , ourt aw. Gt. .1 , -.0...0t0t
durie, thr Ili %M., I.) •5.5)), alu• lIIa ~
panther.. ol Vocal a n nti I
ott.ettta. Mu. e. ?i..., Language, Itrasethg .01 I'. ~ii t:. t-LII./1
lac rare • eoutertalit Profea l -or
tro the moral and hotoirctua. tasprovaat
roo Yttaceitars bolo. to me,
putrosto, Ho-,lotto lootevo
nos, tree eirt.ttior ot App., to Llo. Pro
Auturn4, o• th.•
tuehce hr, 1,, .. , 1 , 1 , 11,Hi
Fe•terul street, In ....h..,
tt-It • 1,4,4,
rt, %
Ix F A.
Air II l' ,wrariz.
Arch& teraor•land3lecharalcal Drawing
optt of the Ilex, rt • ~, , 1.1 I rr
au pl.ot
Properly In Allegheny City Air gni...
T ll tO. f • • r •re r outl.rr ot chance
.. to Ali, ul 1.a1e. 1 l Cla.r az
“. A ••••.a. on the prrstn•ea.
• Vaaltiebl. Ite•lttence in Allegheny City
tor bole.
(1 , ,',11%11 , 11 . •rrarru10,, Iron. Al.eaueny
GOO t. 14 V. PI 11 `,l/I,XTFR
t.•inte In Mercer County.
- I • .r• a. leer , ll.:e .itinite on the
154 /N. • IV It Nlen.e.. r•.O • ne 011,0- I_l o .0.1 tr :n tn , vl.!age 01 \'• eat Mnt•
n,0000., al. 11-0001. , , • • n 4. • vor merrlotni A.
pr Ib , , .„. ,tea •
lion. •uord for a Tavern
to 41,1 n. ! [ the 000, ,111,, on Slate hail 01
...r4e Int of Dr••• 1.... • , ••,• • ••••.• 1
.lured roto P.' ) 4
124 , .
Water and Front Mg
Allegheny School for Girls.
T HE retie
Frdera ute.t. Af.rote.., doer tr.r I.
r.., I I. et° /r r .
per.or, or. , .r-nr .
eurl , . fire,
W HI - I'E I, It 'Lk% FOR ~•t to To Let.
CcIVCII. and offered ver) x THREE 4vr° :it r olltantrd street
DARR 1.4N4.11AM,-.Rob dal. tooctinzo• 1, r et Pittsburgh Al
to be Inaral 1•1 dr) goods Itoon.- of o room 75 ta , Irrt, w , nh a conventent en-
R 11 , 111 tr alto, a tram. dwelhoe,
, • ....• n. ,round cnelowd and antler
FALL OF 1.4.. o ~,, 1.J„..41,10 :he coy Alleghe
' ,
~; or , of J 1) Al n_ms,
of Ansel, An • • •• • • • •
To Brewers. 1111 wood street ;
please look i t . mato.% ;,•• .- •
, .4.0 till it: RI _NT tne Pittsburgh Brew.
.”" •• • t Itarkre.abry.and now occupied
n the first
:t• I txt- enquire of
145 uhnnT .t
• 1 I• lb -bey. acres nt coal Latta
I I I BAIR I b R-1..- • • II I r .1. thr Nloioenhela River,
0. I.'. l'a navoie a 7 loot vein of coal
I , ',I4ARRAUriII =wood sr
• a ,t lit • tot ot/1 rt , tk-er 10011 1 1 to t•tt \NAFti 'lt tt k lit
riot •oellll 1 . • • t. '2, otlri • ,ttr orr thr mire nary bock Warettotote
It le prter- at north ran runt., 4tto and Market Or i ie. 11 isoil •irr•l. /irrupted by It Tanner fr. Cu.
nut- It inns ntra ..
~sltvr. net yrar
11,01 id ADE i-I.ANN F . -I,—n It Murphy Int• till WNI WIL-eoti,
11 crowed a irw pieces at Intr. bro.,, add itnr d To Let.
Ilte.Matlr Paolo-is A so. Hon, \bole lit nit,vrrthrre wall ent pan of the ware
-4:lt, good isrtieir. and at a tins tn. r i•I h 0... 'ioss by Owns Apply to
corner 4th and Markel- sta ...e I Aire. IS. 114 LZELL tr. Co.,ret lslPS AND R I Nt.1.. , —.mak Juttnattu, No It. I 54 water str
For Sale.
1110 rkel nirri here tun recroted and inv.,. 0 .
A Y..- Iwo story brick house, on main street,
tuttlthe upper hndge. The , lot a
nue...non ot intrchasrraulr "" ' ti ' t:l;t„ r".•
r ""
' N - :;. r
a t it e l r ll ' ;il:l t (T. IN at
ree.. 7-4 and ""•-4 Fo Rent.
r -
St p,
red and blue ha rred Nrtt•, rsirs eiiir 111 Itrr ortrot warehoure. 24 Ind (Vont by
Alswlll-4. 11-4 and 14.4 hrd „, 0 ,tear wrtml Rent .oot.
axprestly fora repent,' antric Nloeindo Nell , . he of .1 ,ciltal:S.lllA ER & Co
city rules, isst rereiVril by ef ,l.ln 21 wools(
not, ttIIACKLI,rr dc anarl
nrIfITE GOODS Ft tR lIR 1-.oothe-- t, It
VT ha. Joel received s/I 1 1 0/011, 01 %, alto 1/0
ttattitt tor 1ud0... such an Err--no a anti trrotrit
1J Jueuttria At.
tltta . Also, While Bonnet Ret l.o trti, ai ror , “
tier and market rt.
i t „:„ ti 1ti2:1: 4 FOR SKI R'ri.t— A •nnt, ad
vrd ALPO. corded and I 14,0110,•
Mingo.,, Nron. awl], 111.1 42.1.0../ 1:01,1k.••11n tur
do, at dry goods hotel.. ol W It Mt 1(1 . 111.
3Y 3 vorthrom 40i I,llli Olnrkrt .11
DI :: , ; n l . l A
, N ,, 1 t u
palltrus, reci-tvrtl ) ut it, Dr)
o lb 111'111
•ortment ol htufi nod Nutmoolc vot •
.ortusent 11, ug., aim
Ursula., Idobair sir 4k,, ,t, • j ,
*'6\V FALL (.IMIUD A it ...on& CO, r Muskr.s
atreet, are slow niwning 20 COM. and
new Fall (Jodi, comproing in part new at,
Inansg. 1:11,1141 MII,11:1.1 Nlui,,
Ihmk 3rluaisssa, Collar, Cants. Lac,.
suglU STANDING COI.I.ARS—A A 31.1.. c.
Co, On Nlarket st. hocn just opricrd 40 doa
:oust n•liinothlc st)lc• al both.,ling
so C.,. r.
Al. 211 dor Mourninr do. 10 do, rouclo 110
IA hlAsli I Ahl.F. I DV/MS—A .5 Arlaluni
j_./ have oprned n too•I cxtensice n.sortmeot of In
niask co,rrs <ornprtatcg hits nirdiorn acd low
paced, al all sarcs. nog .11
1111 , ..AP CALICI/Fl4—A A Mason h linat. Tre.'d
another Ititgc lot of ot std.o.,
Doliar. Also, goal yard wide I , rowti :1;11.
Morn Wrought Collars,
1,N0k24 I) (.IM 1 5 S-: A AMo• on Co, will ar
r st.havaitial rcr'd 4W Jos <ll hoe Wit and co .1
auk Frtages, of .II widths. Also, 61/11(1•1 o, e. , 1 •a•
rimy and color tt,l7
A MAN/N Co. hove Juot ter".lt.
. Print.. of Iwooltiol lieol dark figure.. nt ri tr. ow..
y low prlrrr Al.u. 101) p. I.yoolew Cloth. Al,wee'l..
Or. which they will ulTer ut great toducrownt• io
rlttgern ^Pgl7
A SI Ac I'm lir iv.. a.! I
11. • lorge• o•wroorto Ito", H....) , Moo.
at It. ti ntot cr.,. Ai.. .1 ra..-• of Ifi ..... „,)
•upertirr fif • rt..
Al'-. CAP .--A A Masao A t'o, •1
J I h.•. ju., Luce esp.. of • Ant/W. ,tIC..•
At.O. Imm ge n.•ortinooll of ...oiled 11 trim., t. , ..0•
lion Head Dr..e., A , . At. bud
IMPS Anal FRlN(alts—. A A A Co nsv,
ky pro reed per 6:ipte... Ws doe of the most
tunable style. of Gimps and Prange., of rut 11/11• N
and color. •Itg id yll
JUST RECCIVI:SOIt - ps ntersimaelt; Ilannlton
and Coepeeo Prints, of very desirable styles
Imp* A A AI A SON A cp
NIORE CIiF.AP CALICOF-4-- A A Mason A Co nave
received another lot of shore very whoop (It t 00....
lt.l yards for one dollar
LACE laney LEE, Cava, nnst rev
. ..a
I. A NNEI.S—Rrow and Red Vannea,,alicnosian
-1: mem and for sale by
nu ILU 61.0 CoCIIRAN. 20 a OOlll
A , A. ALAO.OOIIr. Co, ore now opentolg II east, ti-h,
04 sad 10412000214 A very des/ruble for mauly
n. I. 0 1,.•.“
• • II IJ:e•
!$ II 11.4 -
f Wt;SES, LOTS, FARMS, itcb,,l
)1' virtue at an order of the Orphans. Conn of Alle
-1 ) cheny County. Pennsylvania- in (to. lit June
Term. t•-16, 1 will expose to sale, by public vendor or
uutery. 01 the Court House, in the city of Pittsburgh.
it ctober Oil, lege, at 10 o'clock, A. AI., being the Ist
\ 10.01 n, of Velober, lege. all that certain lot or Piece
of t round. :aunt, to the city of Pittskurgh. beginning
l'enn west sa the distance of 33 feet westwardly
tram 31sritury street, and running along Peen street
westvt,rdle tte feet; thence southwardly, • parallel
.1110 v.lth :dsrbury garret. 110 feet to Brewery alley;
Lisette, cone snot alley ...inwardly 3e feet; and thence
ardli . a parallel line with klarimry street, 110
,r 1 tbc {wire of beginning—with all the applarte-
IL/1111,, Oil WI I. erected three small Frame and
one Brick liwellunt Houses; the same being sub
;eel In A ground rent of one hundred and eight
doliatn. ,:e):ible quarterly forever, to Anthony Dravo,
It, heirs and ...signs
'fauns uststs--c toe third cash on the delivery of
the deed or the pit:metes, and one third In one year,
w.tte oaerrot trout thr . 01 tale, and the other one
;herd Iwo yrar.. with Intrrest front the day of tole,
to I, rated b) bond and gonngace on the prernutea
Lane Margaret Tillllllpso/1, Atintitustratrig of Wit
ham 'llacnnp-o% au -its
Cambria Furnace for Sale.
underaicned otter Mr ante at public at.-
1 hon. att 'lltdmhty. the filth day of October alit.
IfOf If f 11F , .. - 1110 prop , tty a.mened to them by the late firm
of VIIIIOII. LrYl'l.. & . for the benefit of the
redttor. of ratil fun. to ww—Tbe Furnace erected by
an epany, WI:11 the .teant 0 001111 nod fixture., nod
hot 1,111.4 tis appuratax, tool u.ed about the furnace,
Lae lot "(land on witty h the Furnace mtand., contalnutp
41..111 1 ti mere% 1,1 land. and the interest of the ...I
na au.e. o:mad uoucbt of K. K. Du Bow
The •u:e wsll to I,eid nst the (mouse, In the t0wn
..1,111 of "I al!atady,.. Sinn am 00401),(41.o, and atll emu
at It. o'rlock. A. NI,
W. H A"4""*.
Deolnabie Lots for Sale.
THE I.ll,,riber tot. bud out eleven Lots on the
south ad. n. the Fourth Street Road, Roil about
and our quarter tulles front UM Coonm
Tfir.olol! 0.1.1/1 Cllth /tom one to Iwo and a half
nt dud will he sold on rea.nable and te
mo.liattag lent• 11 is deemed unneeessary In en
ter tutu any expiltottton Vf the advantages of these
Thou %leo.) lu wt, city. and to the line of the
Ceforal 11:AAR...1. recommend them strongly as very
4. !MI to, r outcry reg./deuces.
he rouse, er alw, offers for sale about seven bun
ihrd /wren of baud tit Frnnklin township, Allegheny
11111) ZILOYI av , ,lte”xi miles from Pittsburgh. Also,
/LIAIC L./141111g :O. In the borough of Birmingham.
V At rit:lll.E
ATi I AT properly lately occupied by Fl. Nixon,
F:wi .oti Craig street. near Robinson, Allegheny
wild on accommodating . teemo, The
t.:ki lee. 4 men, tin Craig street, running through
tu lee Ckil..l fret There is a good two story fronts
dwellirs ',toe on the premises, lately built. and the lot
,o tr 44444 n variety of choice fruit
ree.. it •hruht, Oillal ry. 4.. Tian properly is q•
nr,:i, [W1 , 411.110111; ilth‘lnflll.l3 either COrrrel
P 141-
Lir,/i and to a desirable residence. Ti la
Fit cretin apply io WM. 130 YD. Altos
.:,•y La...oilier on Fourth street. above Smithfield.
263 Acres Coal Liva rgir gale,
k2lll II lin.Aloottnnaltela •trout
.11.01 urnh :1 it .e• above third fuck, mottrtts.tte n.11,00 , 4,1..01 of Lyon & Short.
h,.•' \lt John 10-rron purchutte This fine body of
I 14 01.. ht the kVA' pru. of &..Clper acre—one nitre in equal annual payments,
ttnnrc.. '1•1:1e tittlntputable. Location very
0. :101 Ite •urpat, For further particulars
r•t who hat. a draft of mud pre.
Al • 'ow Fero . ..Mr Adam,' Rose
• H 11,, rewitother tteaan ot coal on dna tract,
xis...lubo..v the low,. of elrellotnt quality
t ILA , .nod acres. Damson, Portage Co.,
/I, Ibe 0.1) 31.1.7 river-41.. JO acres under un
.ll A.., t.o unimproved loss to the village
0. n•rt m 011... Co., SO :set I.y 9U. Also, a lot of
c 0..., lb toy ft. lure. of Damon!. Trumbull Co., wail •
r 1 ,111.• boo.- •tore--ente ot the best stands
for a tr /rl.OO oo the IV ester,, Reserve. Any or all
property w,Il be sold on very aceootroodaUng
Water and Front sts.
1.1,•1.1.“:11'relory. erected on Reber.-
Arrghen, ell) 1/} R Cetrati. Elm
int , nurgion. and on tinny irrms. The
oh w thr Furtor) 1. erected, (roots 1110 feel on
Itrn urd rot, T urk fret to Park street.
Th. Mal I. of tick, threestories high and
tai,ret tot 1, ) tert vent, The Engine House
urge and ronnuodinti• with an engine. nodes, stark
tcr., ail to roninirte order The property will be soot
low, and on ad vuntageou• terms.
fbr prr.r irrm, , enquire el thus rate
For 11. — ent.
'LAT nrsck durs.ltna house and
oi 'l.r rr.nn-hre vl AI" Jane NI.", on
.r •irert. nenr the head ui Seventh street.
and Tarring. hon., nut n0n....
.nrirt, .hrubs and grape vine..
ntvrn on tint tat of I letober.or moo
the premise.. or
D 1 El LOWR/E.
. r ‘s 4
k I 4
1.. t ; H.
•• • • I. artd
n...ul pt:,l) po
f•••r 11. rru, and otivr poruc.
V wood
.Itt ........ *luta.. on Lite
ea ito Franklin. about etgbieen
.1 • ..nit erota ottlrs from lb..
two rtver The ttart COO•
ttercnett..trtet naraeuro les
IMI :t
. t,..tertter I/I wltttle ut
~...,. ..~i ~ ~ u..
t• \ [I. Atry
A no Plum alley, for
rr of 111 iim.zELL a co,
EXI itHolifiNk&c
liA/NNA & CO.,
)AN:, t:- I:Nt lIROKE44, and dr.a..;,ra
) i , I 0.. •uu :t, Dom-,lte Exrhartia,Ceruficatet ul
- -
1.. liar ncl Sfwrie, Fourth Wert. near
”npo-ite nir hark of Pttlehurgh. Currentmoney
ri ISell depoene—ti.rtm Cher.. for sale, uld m y eet.nn, ntaar or nearly or. the prluotpat pints In the
Tim Inalv,.t prctruncr paid !or Forma= and American
Advc made oi• con,diancim of ?reduce , chip.
red EIVI I,! , cra: Lerm. =chid
N. 1101.1116.8 - sepris, . _
)ANKE:II,4 .1114 i I/rater% In F:101121111FE, Coln and
.I) 11,.e NOS` . No .4, 11nrkrt .trees, Ytusburgt2.,...1 . .41. Iloyiog Rates.
'NI , , , 01... 2pr etnenointi. 2 dl.
no:I. - Two i JO 1.011.V111, 2 do
i .11. :WI, ) titt St !Att., 9 do
. ... .._.... _ _
. _ __
: ii.t no. 1.. \ NI, N0T1,... , . ,
Buying Rams.
..! .1.._.
n_& S,rlr O
,d,. 141.1 Nowa,
K,.,. ,, i ) ,
..d Po_no)lvnusC 'do
.•_ ,_ . . .
•• do New fort"do
,In do \•w t2rlcana, "do
2do Maryland, "du
. . .
IV art toitt larggSr.
n.-,. Into, pa, eltitt in any part of the Old COlVlttle
from I to £11551. at the rate cll . IV, tot eJ. Sterlote
tthout tktitto toot Ilf tltheount. tty JOSHUA ROBIN
fQ 1.4ir0i•01.1 and othteral Agent. othee Ails 0 on
dont othal. oct101"
I>A \ KIIRS n_ttthattac Brotere, Dealers in For
out nod Itontaoth Tithe and Sight Bills of Ex
Cc, nth cr• of la,thatte. Bank Notea and Coto
ta., 1% mot wart, dont door bath!.
..Pitarth, se
Ixowaao 00 um
littantza a. twirl!,
) Foreigh and Domestic of Exchange, Car
a.. .di, ul De, hank Nom. and Coin, conic, of
,•,,I Winhl erre.. oppealto St, Charles
rriari. , 4llL
vt , Si DS •
I .ht...
M: nllll.
Lima No,
,farch.a.ed at 11,.- inwe.t rates, I,y
del° 35 Market street
1) ILLS 01 , HICILIANOW.--.Sight Checks or
..) New lurk.
Philadelphia. and
enntdantly tar *ale by N HOLMES ft PONS.
• tit 10 33 Market at.
('LOLL ECTION 8- -Dretilm. Note., slid Acceptan
m ant part of the Union. eollneted 0.
the moat fayornltle 116A1 N. rtouta4 & SONS.
dell] SG Market IL
I.)ACON—C pincer, hog round, for rola by
IDACON--lta pieces prime country bated Raeon,
Jum tscesyed aad for sale by
sur29 WC&WDL.E!3
Casualties( Entgriasterwas Coteaullona - tot
Office for prorating and deluding lifer., imparting
informatton on Mukluks and the attitude, of Ser.
once to the Arts, and on American lad Foreign Laws
. ,
of Patents.
"DROP. WALTER R. JOELNSON. late of Philadel
jphia, and Z. C. ROBBINS ofWashitE si
oo he sided by Huard Knowles, Esti, late Itine
of the CUM- /Rua Patent Officehhave lazed
themselves together for the prosecution of the above
branches of professioul bosmus, either in their office,
au the Patent Office, or before the Curt& and will de
vote their udivided attention to foram:ding the inter
est of hortntors and others who may tonsult them or
place business in their hand. Mr.-Enowlos has lot
the put twelve years bald the post othlatbinest In the
United States Patent Of6u, and resigns that aituntloa
to take part in the present endertaleirtg. His talents
and peculiar fitness for the important:officeso lottg fill.
ed by him, have been fullir: , : m ogthikent by Inventors
wherever the ffice itself is.
The office of Messrs. J. & on street, apposite
the Patent Office, Wultington. D. C„svhem cotrubuni•
cations, post paid, will be prompt', attended to; exam.
Mations made, drawings, specificatioils, end sil
ne paper. prepared—and models prokured when deo
red—on reasonable terms. Leuers of enquiry, expect.
ed to be answered after examinatiarnOad, mum be ac
companied by a fee of five eltdiats.i..„. -
In the duties of their offite which pertains to the Ps.
teat Laws, Messrs. J. A B. will be whited by a legal
gentleman of the highest professional throatier, and
telly conversant with Mechanics and; other Scientific
subjects. 2tos'd.hd&wi y'S
ran.LlO.Lllloll,acaraa pa-
TAR. EDWARD ACKER. takes thas means of re.
turning his thanks to his friends., and the public
for the extensive patronage he has received, and of in
forming them that he has latelyereeted a large and
well constructed building.lor. the &el.:Ye puma.,
location, at Ptallipsburgh, Pa., on the Ohio river, oppo
site the steamboat twang at Betaver,iirhere he is ready
to receive pattenta as boarder.. and mai them on Ily
dropatlnc. prinmples. In addition to-his long experi
ence, and the great suecers which kg. heretofore at.
tended his treatment of patients committed is his mire:
he has now the additional (scilmes atituded by on ex.
tenant. builcung erected expressly for the purpose, con
taining commodtous and wry rooms, WM fitted up wad
every necessary apparatus for bathing, and ddmuur
tenng the treatment to the tamoat benrifit and comfort
of the ivadent Phillmsburgh is • mutat delightful and
healthy village , nay of access by stetimboam, and af
fords fine and wholesome water. Dt. Acker assure•
those ailltmed persons who may place themselves un
der his care, that every attention shall be paid to their'
comfort, and no an assurance of the sultatanual benefits
he denved, he points with confidence to the hun
dreds who have been permanently noted at Ins estab
lishment. The Water Cure leaves go :injunous effects
behind, as is too often the caw with those who have
been treated on the old system. It Mamaea the dis
ease, invigorates the system, protect. 6ocrt the dangers
twldent to changes of the weather, dreams a natural
wad active append', and imparts vigor digesnve
powers. Terms a treatment and bonding reasonabla.
For further particulars impure at the pstahlishmem, or
address the proprietor at Phillipsburgh.
TT It a great satisfaction to us to be able thus publicly
to announce, that the great dernandlor our sapenor
and splendid preparations of oar AIEDI
CINES," far exceeds our most sadgulhe expectations,
particularlaspe toran
ceand Compound
Carminativ y e
Ind m, whician N h
for beauty of appearance.
thperiority of ingredients, and the Compounding a
em, together with the immense disparity in the tier
of our bottles over any others—the beautiful and ornn
mental eitgravtngs, and the taste displayed to the put
ting of them up, is a further incitcsnentio the parch.-
And as maoy of my old fnendaZ who knew me
("D. Guys. Locomv.") when in the employment of Dr.
D. Jayne, I now beg leave respectfulli to tnform theta
that I am one of the horn of LOUDEN &Co , No t 4
Arch street, below Third, Putt.snmstrla, where I shall
be happy to see them;who, sided by his brother , a
mgulur graduate of the "Philadelphia College of Phar
macy," make, pot up, and eompoondj with our OWII
hands every article coMprising our-" Family Medi
cines,- viz: Indian Expectorant. Compound Carmina
tive Balsam, Compound Tonic Vermifaye, West Indian
Sanauve Pills. and Oriental Hair Tanks.
We further beg leave to remark tend we do it 'nth
a confidence Met cannot be shaken,) that we have dot.
covered and made an improvement lin our Oriental
Heir Tonic, that far exceeds any Ming ever offered to
the public. Give us a call so No. 04 ARCH turret
(tor teMIA Moue are ur inducement, end we are sure
of the result • auglißo
East side alba DlRmoild: where Ventuan
Blinds as!! the different tires and colors
are kept on hand or mad to order site r
the latest and roost appronerl Eastern rash
tons, at the shortest noucerand on the tens
reasonable terms.
_ .
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Band Transpa
raney and Paper Curtains Mall the diterent sores and
patterns, on hand and for sale low for dash. Old Vein.
ban Blinds painted over and reprured,sar taken in part
payment (or new. R WESTERVELT, Pro`pr.
All work done with the beet material and
workmanship, and warranted to please the most la«
udions. anglo.dly
Allegheny atty. Aug. 10.184 d.
— I a illrunTrtFesh from
iinEsso'nbm"enta bare
(or lobe. wear, whob ha.c
hewn purchased In F.orope by one of die firm, at 01 , 1 y
low prtees. do the monetary ch.{ sueeeedlng the
French Recolonon:
Tina advantage, winch they trotmeatover any other
houw m t, trade: will enable them to wit a very ex
ec. lent article much below the marketlanco.
.Merchants land others anti advance their Own
tutereata by examining IMF extenmeta Assortment.
SOLIA, I/ROTHE:ILA, (mporter,
% Acre i Mulberry) between Ma and Ad sure.,
- - - -
HAVE Hum day disposed *part di my ;merest Li,
tbe firm of L-01.C11/.,.kerlingf & Co to my sons,
Et and Samuel F.terling. STEICL.V.H.
Aesonitng to the above arrangement, Ire have dn.
day eprectated with us as [...menthe above narm-d
101131 , .1tTell:KLING. and
The banners mill be conducted as {{mambo, under
M. nom, or LORENI. ErTEßLlniti / Co
Pinco•orrA. A uru.ttl. 1.4.• •uytt.iddrarttnT
Patent Soda !kali.
, r , HE suLscrthr rs hove on hoods tasks Soda At h.
Jas Muspratt & Son's, first quahly, being the bul
oi hen spring stock, which therwOl sell at 4
par. or .tic currency. Ilavtng wade Oat large sal-s
-to th e prinetpal gleas aud soap coana , aelarers of U.
coy. the) deem 0 unnecessary to no aby dong In ta•ur
co the brood
They bake tits oppor unity to apprise their
ers I.lltillifalers generally. that they have ordered larg
ly front the OIMIC inanufaeturers m Fig's/id—the fit as•
sloplIMII of x inch wrrrtve to tone for the fall tr.,
and theneeforwaid gular suppliate throughout 1.. e
se••on. witch they N.• 11..11 aPthe lowest market pnee
for cast, or approve...ll,W..
pelt 1V M STITCHEI TR1 , 14, 160 'then to
. .
. .
CIONTLNEES to manufacture Iloriumento Bortnl
Vi Vaults, Tombs, Head Stones. Mantel Pieces. Cen
tre sod Part Tops of foreign and domestic marble, at
a r-gu!itr and tair price.
N Li— brownies for monuments, vault., Az. furiiii.h.
ed. of any description. He sonctis .share of public
patronage •ugg.du
craved by expresa. 60.1 Ilia India Rubber Ste win
Packing, tor cylinders of steamboats. le. Tins •rti.
being touch the best kind Mid has ever been offered or
the purpose, we call the attention of our emomboat
minors to it. It will save them a great amount of lab :r:
Inc when a cylinder is 03ICO packed ,c will not renip re
to be packed again before making ortB or two trips to
As. Locus and hack.. For sale at the Huila Rubber Pe
pin. No 6 Wood st. iyl3 J k H PIIILLIPI.
WILLTANI SMITH. Manufacturer of Cotton and
colored Lmen, Fringe. foe Dresaes, !cc ; Sew, ig
Sill and colored Cotton Fringes for silk and gingham
Patwools. Gimp. !Robot, and Silk Bullion Friars,
made to order on the shenest notice.
Smarr, corner of Maiden name sad ‘Villiato. manta re
No a 5 William street, third' door. over Abner tr. F.l) r.
more. No ad Mnideh Lan • ••••• 'York
ULECTrrIC MACHL\ES. at from s .l m elq Klectn3 . -
.Li Magnetic Machnte.e, from dilferent easternlllFll , ll.
lecturers; Marine Clone for .team bruits, rand Isonts
and factones. Also, Cnensmals, Thermometers. &c.,
tor sore by BLAKE &Co.
comer market st arid the than:toad
11 —Electricity of either kind adraltdatcred at the
tt.,ence cht Inman*.
0.11101%,M liv — •
V with a Lunch at all boors of the day, alto. lee
Creams, Fruit Confectionary, &c. The steamer G recto
wood makes her regular trips u. 1, leaving her l'at
street landing at et A. M., and at half pan each hour
Pwept let unul 101 P. Nl—leaving tlan Garden at 10
. hL for her lest trip to the coy.
A moonlight atom of the Gorden iaindeattibable in
as beauty. 6)13
ARTHUIIS & NICHOLSON are trout selling ort at
moderato prwc• the folloanne ohmic.
Staub= Scales of all lied., welkning from 103 to
.7.0t1 pounds, of supertor workmanslop.
Assorted Hollow Ware,ditht pattern. Coal Cookom
Stove. Wood do do; Coal klmbe and Balloon Stoves,
tor churches, warehouses, &c he
(irides a.nd Grate Fronts, for parlors, chambers,
kitchen. &o
Sloughs and Plough Castinto of sari.. rood.
_Liberty, bead of Wood rt
lIAVINCi sold our C 4 f stock to a 1H.G0.0 r. %Yak
• • tewo eloung our old bustneks. son hereby .o.
bell fur host the pasrousoge of nil our friends snd eus
wmers. Ru. W. POINDEXTER,
Pittsburgh, Aug. 4th, 1815.
el If GRANT, Wbo , esale Orocer,:Tommossion .nd
Forwerdtng Merchant, No. It Water sr ain't
I ) ALLEN - A rAIN EXIR.ACTOR'IwiII, in live fitZ
ums from the lime of as applimintin remove Me
pants from the severest burns, scald.or blotters,
and will heal wounds, ulcer. and &Gies of any Said
without This valuable Pain Hirt actor can by
had of JOHN D MORGAN Druggi.t.
/ No p3liWood greet.
mig9l Sole Agent for %Veltman Patina
EW NOVEL S—A Mina, and tia consequerines:
111 by G. P R. Janie, Eaq.
Vainly Farr, a novel without a Hero: by AVill:am
Makepeare Thamiery, with illurtradona,
Edward Vernon, My Coumit'a hy-E V Child..
Storyof the Peninsular War: -General Charles
William Vann, Marquis of Loodontierry, G. C. B
C. H., Colonel of dm 2d Reg't Ll re Guhrda. •
The above works incrived thia dal arrd fnr
auctri JOHN era.* faock-I'x3N
T i M. ACCLI ATI tela'st. No:YS Fourth aireTi;
cna he seen • splendid variety of aup Royal Vel.
vet std Tapestry Carpets, Inlet styles. Also. Urus
aels.a plya mad sup and fine Ingraio Carpets, of .up
styles and quaint.; and in connection can always ha
found Table Linens, Crash,. Diapeja Dun.. Nio
remit. tal lamb., On. On., to all 01 VgitlCil we C•il the
Imeldaon of dm public.
/V REEK. CONCUR lIANCF:—AiT. tnoliehnisn'a
1j Greek Conconhowe of the New Testament; It
attempt at a verbs. connection between the Oweit
end the frlngttah Teri—u.cluding a concordance to the
Proper Name.. with Indexes, lireek.English, and
11.4:reek. Just received and for safe by,
.new Booksellers, roe market and ats
, ,
DA er.ftc—Sti reams trim itma Straw p.per, eory
1 heavy and Wong, for baralwart: ab: 23 bundle*
Flat Cap, for confectioner.; cheat:KY! and cap r•per.
for .100 by .1 SCHOO, .1 . 11/47...11 a Co, t
-- ‘ 24 wood ci
THREE FINE DEA Li4llT oortsit,
Vim. 6,4 Orsufbi Hone! '"r • ••t t , 4. ,,, zk .
Ida for drayitor to Moo I .• .
___Lltor Ir . _ canal 1 4 . 4 .42, Itheny st
N . OTICE TO MERCHANTS. —Thp .d,,,,rtiw,h,
en. • permanent citation at Cilia or Saierrnai
In a Clothwel ortablistatit. Respeni t hi e ~..k m., ,,,..
Cart bo •1•CO. AdarOsS to
_ usp
______ J. BIWNEMA RA. .
cAtlfrsKTNEt-3) 0 /-10 , .. - Pretinh ealrfSkin
eery lee artidle. A fete /ow. phit.d. h ,L,
s ~.. 6 0 . the mattofeotmy of H lot Crawford ! . to
which the attention of boot mtikent is invited.
and for tab by W INNING t eg
a 22 • I 3 liberty la ,
•• —__________
n EovAL—FirEotoo & co. viiii minim, to their
n, Nete/torg No MI Fourth aired, between Woo./
and hlute k i smear, the 121 a day of Sepicetber.
a l tar
RrGteilllGBM—Orie bale of floghjug retested, of
beautiful luybsa and nob colors, Our aria at
"Oa W brclawmoca, liFrauth n .
1011 - ART'S YEY3LTAILE . EXTI7-ACT is an Insaleu
Me remedy for EfllleptlC Fn. us Fulling bbekuchi
Convulsions. 5p11.11.9, &C. It IS well known, that from
time immemorial, physicians have prosouuced Epilep
tic Pt,. tneurable. It has baffled all their skin, and the
boasted power of all medicine, aid cousthocatly thou
baud+ have suffered through a miserable aris!cnre, and
at last yielded up thch tires t..
lATIth all deference, however, , to the ~up l u i nue of 4 .
great and learned. -ve say that it has been cured
HART'S V aGtirAia.k: EIX - IRACE,
Fat sixteen years. has been tested by any porno
who have suffered with this dreadful disCILSC, end u;
every ease where it has had a fair trim, has effected a
permanent ea re,
Pis of RS yews and d months, cured by the in ct
this truly wonderful coalmine.
Read the xelowing remarkable eau of the eon DI
Wm. Swot , . Esq., of Philadelphia, af fl icted with Epi
leptic Fl.l x: years and 6 mouths. After travelling
iorough t'airiond.tscsitlaml, (Sena:Limy and France, cone
told rig the most eminent physician, and eXpec - alpn
medimna medical mamat and advice,. th ree Da
mud dollar, returned with his son to tam country in
November last, without receiving any benefit whams
er, and wu curebbT using
klr. William Scrota's latter to Rris leans and flirt
I have spent over three thousand dollars for rued,
rum and medical attendance. I was advised to take a
roar to Europe with him, wi eh I did. I first
England. I consulted the most eminent phywrions
theta in respect to his craw they cksturtmed himunit
gaeuribed aceoedmgll. I remained three sruntiO.
without perceiving way change for the Letter. which
costme about two hundred and fifty dollars pocketed
by ; the physietans, and the mut that I received we
their oramon that my son'. case was hopdess nod posi
tively incurable. I accordingly left England, and trav
elled through Scotland Germany and wive, and it--
turned home in the month of November lush, wan My
IK.II 4 far from being mural us when I lab I mw your
advert:unseat to one of the New York pAperf .41
concluded to try Hart's Vegetable Extra,. sreingyis •
statements and certificates of so tunny rur,ll, aon ,
twenty and tlurty years' standing, and I Du assure ys 1
I am not sorry I did so, as by the use of Hon's Vegeta:
ble Extract alone, he was restored to perfect heulth
Hie reason, which was so for gone as to unfit him for
business, is enurely restored, south the prospect now
before him, of life, health and awfulness. Ile isnow
IS years of age. and in years and a months of this
time has been afflicted with this meet dreadful of dia
cases; but thank God he is now enjoying good health.
Now, gentlemen, faint without works I donl behest.
In. To say that I shall be ever grateful to you to One
stung, and as I here enclose you one hundred donors, I
have no doubt bat that you will think this is weather
and guile a difleteut hung. The debt of Framed-. I
call ware you, but please to accept the present unoun
as interest on the debt in advance,
Yenta very respectfully
lrytt.bAm sEcoRE
• - -•-.
Otto of the proprietors of this umninehle rnedmiris
was afflicted for several years with Eptleptic
the disease bad produced the worst effect epee Ins
system, vie: Loss of memory, imbecility of mind, end s
perfect prostration of the nervous system. Ile bad
tried the skill of the best physicians for seven yearn,
and grew worse under their treatment, and Ile knew
that this otedieineerns hug only hope for health and
life, stile was themfora determined m give rt s far tria .
rind to:persevere in its use, winch 4u cad. and the re tu t
was aperfect restoration to health, which urea inniu•
and munterrumed for nearly sistean Poor.
We would refer to the watering persons who hoes
bees cured by using )larks Vegetnble Extruen
Col E Denalowm daughter wmi sallactod 1/11/4 7cara,
resides at Yonkers, Now York.
- •
W Bennet. nano Tenn, 191 Breast e t,
Eng,gonh, Rosen years, 12 Dover sh
Joseph IsrDougal, sone years. Ea. Droollyn,
11 W Smith, New York Cessons House.
8 Kelly, twenty years, Scat. IsLand.r
Miss F M.Keef, twenty years, Vorloigls;
Miss Crlne twelve rears, 112 klanunersly
Wm 11 Panel!, twenty-three years, 73 Norfolkst,
Jacob Petty, four years, 174 Delaney al.
Philo Johnson, twenty- eight years, Csrconeastos, la I
Judge Randall, 64 East Broadway, New Yon,
There. R Jones, of the 1.1 2 Navy.,
°apt Wm JCIINISI „. En, Stale at. Brzdkopon,
11,1renee also to
Dr W L Monroe, Goilford, 0.:
R,,,kaidmrd Tarlton, West Davenport la Z.
Rev T L BushrielL Balntuore, Me
Mr Joseph Bradley 110 Oronerd at, N Y.
C H Dcarghton, Nd Eakhonenth N Y
Mn James Dertholf. Chester, Orange v.. r•., 7 _John Faber, 178
D A arehtoB,3lB Delaney q do
.bunismia, 1= &folk at, do
Charles Brown, 110 Water st, do
AU of winch may be oanal upon, or addeesned, peal
LET Frvlarwl by Dr Ha" (lans Lana & Hart,/
rier. York.
G F THOMAS tr. Clo, Igo Moto , Ixtweer.74 sod
4th sts, and IM Mein et, between 4th and Sth Moms,
13inelnnati, Ohio, wholesale and retail moms for the
south and west.
L WILCOX, Jr., ,corner of Muket st and the Dhsj
mood. only yet In Pitisb`e Pa
MEDICAL ot. suncurtxt—o-P-Pritig-,
- No. 65, DIAMOND ALLEY, a
few doors below' Wood street, to
14.1.Vi1t: DR. BROWN, having been
regularly educated in the med.,/
profeslion. and been for soe inn.
moral practice. now c m onEnies
attenumi o the treatment of
those private and dellfale COT:
'01,•,‘:. pats kor which his opportuntfies
. an/I experience pecitharly qualify
SS: s . : 'mat tom. ',ears esaidartusly devoted
to study & treatment of those complaints.tdurtng which
nine he has had more pounce am/ has cared mom mi
tienta than can ever Ila.l to the lot of any private T rat
tatuneri amply quallfir• him to offer assured:ices or
speedy. l and ditmry CUR lo all aflitated
anal delicate diseases. ali dm-cases arming ttmre
Dr Brown would inform those afflicted with private
diseases which have become chronic by time or or
graveled by the use of any of the common nustrums of
the day, that their complaints can be radicily and thor
oughly cured; he buying given his careful aention to
Me treatment of such cases, and succeeded io tt hundreds
curing persons of inflazninatiot of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred which often
result from those cases where others have consimusi
them to nouelesa despair. lie particularly incites sorb
as nave been long and unsueceasfulty treated hy others
to commit him. when every satisinehou Sill Onel ,
them. and theiryases treated in careful. thorough and
intelligent manner, pointed out by a long experience,
study. and invesugaum h which it iiinmssible for thmo
engnged in general practice 4 medicine to give soy
one class of dsease.
rrilernia or Rupture.—l Yr. Brown ako invites per.
BONS raitheleti with Hernia to cail, it. be h.., paid pam,
ular attention to this di sease.
Skin diseues; alw Ft
Charges very low
N B.—Pallet.. of etch sex hving nt s distance, by
SUI4,IK their disease in is clung. giv,i,c all the sYMP:
toots. can o;,tain medicines with directions for mt., by
addressing T BROWN, iii. D pu, , t paid, and
in(M a
ee No. 65, Dmxiond alley, oppoode tt-,e aver')
s, Palsy, rte., speedily tond
RIIECYJiII.III—Dr. Drown'. lo %Cy dt•cover,4l ,me
dy for l Ith”lnatigurt speedy and certum remedy for
loaf .mm] trouble It neVer
.and Pnvateosmium/ ilooritt, No GS Dia
mond alley, Pittsburgh, Pa. The Doctor always at
I — No cure uo pay.
Thu diseaxe um paused by a itaroxyauhti cote,truc
non or the ate eolLs o is very debtlaniteg.¢:ntos: eau,
surln rurrocaunn. DR- SWEETSER'S PANACEA v the
y certain care
Ilnereeners canbe enUrely cunt by free nee 01 DT.
Catarrh. or common cold, ti neglected t wi ll
termina et Consumption, is effectually relieved and
wrest by Dr. tiweetsse. Panacea..
Bronchitis tf unchecked, will effect:tally lead to
[Wachtel Consumption, but a timely use of DI. Sweet
ser's Panacea will editeusally cure it.
Inflammation of the Tonsil. or Sore Throat—This
diseaw oven lead. to won. C i iiii.Tl4,W.l Pram
IC., each as uleerauon of the throat (hi the !inn wen,
torn.. DT. SWiTei-Sert Panacea should be procured and
aced freely.
Cough. and Colds find a 'overman remedy in Dr
Sweeter. Panacea.
Pneumonia Noitia.--A very fatal disease. resulung
from a violent cough and cold on a debt:noted or
ken down constitution; aged persons arc ouli;ect to
tae. Sweeter's Pinaeca should besed on the am
syMptoms, whictl art . a cough or cold.
Night Sureats.—This debilitating complaint will meet
with a timely cheek, by using Dr. Swertser'. Panacea.
dve Consumpuork—lf on the fir...t a open rune< of C 411511,11 :,
symptoms, which are a pain in the fide and breast.
( sour i t t , u o nLo f g Irceati,n teed r, D ,
r i3 p w ,, e t c , rse n
ti r ‘ ' s d
. 1. an ewe e
lane the Lungs, the Winapipe. or Ilronctitai Tures
me r ebeco logged up won k lait. g {l h 0 a. to impede
ration bread:any. Dr. Nureetscr s Panacea. whet. a
powerful Expectorant, should be teams according c
the direction..
t'rm :
Pnon Ftrot [route or ALE bottle,. fop a& For *ale by WNI. JACK. SON yP •r , .1 itt • .t
be bot boot. •
30;000 PER 303131
LTA VF: 11,14 It. Tv, lors ...tvrruron .1
I•cen cured of dt•eurc-• taut s•uuld prov,4
fatal, but tor the u. of this ea truordt , r; metitet,.e
']lap have been cured of con.utnpoott to va...
10.000 have been eared of bysimplie Cariinimptxm
rd I.iver Campion.
7,0tk0 have been cured of the A.lnnea
5,00 U have been cured of gennrC prostration of Lite
J,OOO have been cured of Rheumatic - Puna, mob the
tendency of dixeased
11.509 ha - e been erred of Liver Complaint and Cone,
2..50U cured or Scolumna ...spin...
30.0110 inure have been cured or couch., colds. pains
e aide and chest, nicht sweats. of igneoniv,
loas of voice. whoopg con di. dr , ov and ram.) e.
• r complaints which , ,tog on these dangerous disclo
se which to often prove 14 IA Dr factor s !hits •.1
Liverwort is the only auccessful remedy fur the cure
of the shove complaints.
“Nly son, having a violent cold. used . o rough and
raise thick pored mailer. and finally could ant i t
r !rota weakness .4.1 every symptom
consumrtion !Ito physicians. Dr. Veranda et An
derson, said 0 0 was incurable. yet arrange an it may appear, due medicine fully restored hie health-
SOPHIA GALLON, le Norfolk at."
Far* a limos or Cogoans—"Having respect for
the medical prote.von, I deternusied to consult them
in preference to using what ore called •Paten' Medi
cines.' !tut to several mouths I have been trouberli
with A s nhmo . which healed the remedies of my physi
cianl our medicine I have always believed very
beneficia: In such enact. Finding the skill of my med
ical advisers at tholt—unlmknown io any one. I proen
rrd your balsamlA•crwo., which I devoted n very
valuable remedy—et it has hod aor wonderful
feet upssn nie , complearly uprooti9 my complaint. and
redo mg me to perfect health. lou may refer to MO
whenever desired: ,
L. J. 11.
Sold in Ditiaburah by J D Atomism, 93 NVood et;
ToWnseiti 43 Market st; H Sinyet, cur tlarket and
ale; Henderson &Co, l.ihery at. Prue reduced
to CM per bottle.
- •
&. Ssi&esesitrock &o'. Rubel:violent.
r t o h4!h atre o u r itirs:nn "c d ' a t t ° T , V°P;;<"`j',."r.".lll` l ,tl7. s
well: as ensolllenh U A Falmeshick ik Co'. lintiein-
Rent has been very beneficial eases of Chrome
heumatism, Glandular Swellings , Sore Throat?fitsi
es, Sprams, he . The following certificate nom
a gentleman well known in this ear
'1 mine tune ago accidentally tell from a *enfold,
anti severely sprained both my melee. They mum.
Mandy swelled so that my boots had to he lipped. In
order to have them drawn of—the .ufforing they caw.
ed Mt was tomere. In this situation l procured a bot
kle of U A inhll6slo<k tr. Con finbefilment, and atter
me or two applicanons 1 experienced much relief.
used about one Mule . and a hdf, and In about two
days the swelling entirely subinded, suid I was entirely
renemd from soy other pain, and ezperience Do morn
inconvenience from the fa I. lu oil eases of swelling,
Muse., rhenumusin, etc., I would most cheerfully re
comniend the Rubetketeut.
inly 17. 1.9413. GEORGE lIASSKEE
For sale wholesale and rem! by B A FA riNtISTOt:K
b. CO, corner of Wood And First od Wood and Sixth
_ •
GEO. W. SEIT 11 elr: CO,
TNFORSI their (mints and the public dial they hive
I no longer any connection with their lain etyridtnn
mem In Penn suer., known as the Pittsburgh. BeiltP,
having removed their tonna hosannas tuthigYPlNY
gllEWKEly.Sol`lit sterna acylhAnit yg
TOE higher! plied liscash.paid ion gapd clean me.
a w „,, naafi:Vim; lOW ropeilisgignr, wools
kg., by
wElle q bet. peso &ago/