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Robbery on, the IlanegteeetAl
11 Knocked D r own and' Mg' Pttee-tai
bold and daring robbery was commit
, tfidlori the' paid Stseet Bridge,.. Monday .
evening, in which me ; Alexander MiCinin
ken, a residentbil‘Mlegael&wasihe
' Xes39.lso,ll4lffiistrto,:this city on
.• .veriiiik Mid "ediliieted twenty-five
• dollars, and • about' nine. o'clock started
home bx nai s ef-Alie„ Hand Street Bridge. ,
..He hadproceeded. about half way acioss
the bridge, When he • WaS accosted by two
ruftlfv.s one of . struck him with a
sluiehOt and knocked hina
_down, after
tvio'rified iiis i kiaiie6; taking his' I
money, about forty dollars, and everything
11 of: value they contained. Such outrages are
• becoming daily occurrences, and un
less _,some s measures are adopted by
the authorities . to prevent them;
citizens ~• may 110 compelled
take the matter in hands ,and •it they do
ii wne 'bo unto all evir•deets." It/ wouttl
.certainly be doing .the police authorities
and professional detectives a, great hips
tice,to say . that they were a set of ignoram
uses, and we decline to use the term in that
oOlinectionLbut_we_baysLnosliesitancy iu
mEgyirig — Ttlie.X6".wasless attention given to a
• certain. thisa•Of "cases; in which certain in
dividuals succeed in obtaininglargo few
and from the • presecntion' the
community derives no benefit, and a
United effort made to ascertain the villains
who perpetrate these frequent outrages,
some of them might be caught. The city
pays the police force, from the Chief to the
night watchmen, a stipulated salary, and it
is entitled to the service of all thus paid.
• 5t A este r 4:4
The Accident ou the Allegheny' Valley
illaitiotidAildttiohtil Particulars.
Mr- B §.l3l l 4way Assistant Superintendent
of the Allegheny Valley railroad. furnishes
the folkiwkng addltional particulars rela
tive teilihe accident witich - oeciarriid near
Scrub Giass•oit that road, Monday evening,
an account of which we published ;Vaster
dav : •
The accident occurred about one milo
above Scrub Grass, and was oncreiioned by a
broken axle on one of the freight cars: The
train Was: rininifig- at- - ntiate' of Ipeed of
about twelve milcl an hour, prow by the
following faCtS':' • •
The train left Scrub Grass on time, (4:20
p. m.;)-her time at next station, four mile's
- distant,-wls 4:40, having, twenty ,tninntes
to Make the distance. Several 'persons
juinped.from the train and were not hurt,
' which could not have been the case if _run
ning at a high rate,ot speed, one of the
best engineers and one of the most -careful
in the State• was-in charge of the engine
hauling that train. The passenger coach
was not rimandamaged, which would not
. - have been the case had ,they been running
, at a high rate of speed. Our latest report
-from the ground says about twelve persons
were ittin;Cd,-none seriously except a lady,
Miss' Marshall,'Whe' hadaleg btoken ; Mrs.
Hoover, injured. : internally ; Angell.
spine injured; Mr. SL George, hurt inter
nally ;• six or eight others,names unknown,
were slightly injured. R. S BROWN,
-., • Assistant Superintendent...
A Soiree Broken Up. .
Monday, evening , Benjamin Jefferson, a
negre. residing, on`EUst Lane, Union street,
.Fourth wartt, Allegheny, gave a grand
• soiree, at which the colored, population of
:':"(-7,,Q,BagheilY-clid..ciiiigiiiiiiielfiTsist numbers.
it, is, Benjapin'kouststin tp,give the enter
isiinment, and as he invariably supplies his
guests with liquor, the soirees end in a "free
fight." About eleven o'clock the watch=
man heard_
c .; . .. A 'sb6fidbf reteirW"l (;
which, to his notion, was entirely - 43 load;
and: tali* Atimirioning assistance, a descent
was made upon the house, when the fol
lowing firevelers" were captured: Benja
. inta•Jefferson,•JosePh Kinney,.G.A. Green
' with, P. Snyder, John Wagner, Rohn Smith,
John SullivanK;Moses; Andersonr James
Davis, John Shuman, "131idie" Catlirs, Anna
Williams, Phebe Jones,- Mary Sanders,
Anna Smith, Mary Palmer, Virginia Maw,
. Ann Murray, Sarah Bill and Martha West.
They were taken to the watch house
provided with -lodging, free of charge.
Yesterday, morning thexwere brought out
for a hearing befbiq Mader Brant, iivho im
posed. a fine of 110 and costs Upon each of
them:- Some were able to pay the amount,
but Greenwich, Snyder, NN 7 agner, Sullivan,,
.Taylon - Phebe 4onea; Mary Painter, Birdie
Catlin and Martha \Vest were committed
to jail for ten days each in default of pay- .
meet. 3r c: fc" . •
Returned • •
Several days since we published an
ount of the ttritid - dflohti . S. ' Steel on a
charge of seduction perferred by Elizabeth
Trami4on of Philadelphia. Our informa
tion in regard ; to„ ( ns l airpir was, ; obtained
from the ofilier' 'wlio came ixomit:Philadel
phia to ll:take the arrest, who , we learned
was abrdther of the prosecutrix: He was
take.akto•Philadelphia,and released on, t*d
thousand dollars bail, by Alderman Pitch,.
- for• a hearing. On the dayappointed ho
appeared, but ,ths,. proseentrtfafailed tO,
put in an appdaranbe, add is no Oyidence
to oubstigitMte.rtheteharge was offered,rthe
defendant was
_propptly discharged bytii
magistrate; , We have been ' - creditably in
formed that Mr: Steel la a • highly respects
. .tle r atid: yams" - man,' and we
pleased FOS4.publialty to the fact, of
'his , aschargew returned to this city
yesterday z p rosipne4 work
at the Thied - Weshyterian church, *which
he was working at the time of his arrett.
Ule:Eitatea.lthatlie WAS treated 'shamefully. .
by Officer Hamilton,, who had charge of
Snlcldd—Corouer , 4 Inguest:
tWV;itla':2l(&aldfiCbitdon!to, l3 raddockqf
Field, coiruniktid i snipide,,Wg ,cg,tting his
throat with raicii, aUut i t olakt.o'clock
Monday,morning. It appears that he had
been drinking for some time.past, and.was
laboring under an attack of -mania pots:
He slept in-the brewery, and was found at
the time mentioned •by Dr. Schooly, who
had been, attegding ides, ..The wound, it is
thought, would: not have' produced death
had it not be!:fn•for the physical prostration
occasioned by the use of liquor. He Irak
still living when discovered by the, doctor,:
but died in a few hours tiflawardS. Com
ner Clawson was nallied, and held an lie
at- yegt9K.iarzYlket.44 inrY
'endered the'follot.iing veraidt : "The • -
ceased came to his- death On the 27th of
A ectl 43 wound inflicted
bitatilt a- ALboring under an attario
tretnen:W4 c.
He was twenty-one years ef age,,a single
I , ‘ Anan, nulled been in thin country about'
seven seas; 1 , . I a. 31-1 I:ria.r6-r
Charms ( l=l4lAA ?
&ay made infw
W ag o n bef e eMaTmal te !ticlidastere4 Oral
Alariiihfi r ' WAY," ivith ,
A t fagf itOin g l a tt.theols =OW'
who roooo tw wed ITV/Kerrey R ost aa t At,
ti r g i r u a t iggrat 4 A ll rkeged
Pers his
VAll44'' 4 'The
•• , . " chael. „
- went • "). 1419* 4 1 4 ,74
his t tf • , parrs sna 0
to „
carried t• em away.. _ to
mtkinkotwithern. Charles
of administration, but o d
11114111111Pinwhich to adm
Issued for the arrnsiof "1 4
Will et the lfeiteSel.J. poser.
The Will Of `COl.73.`lferen7l4ei was ad•
raffled to probate in the
I ltoKistei c is office,
ORhitiliY., It bears date
April,l9, 1867„ . and is as follows:
lleroti roster; do Make this my will
.and testament, revoking mrinalfherei&
fore made.
I give, devise anti beiitteath . to my wife .
Julia, all my real and personal estate of
every kind whatever, heira..and as
signs, subject to the
viz: That the property known as ,the Dis
patch Building, rusfiung - ,froM = Fifth street
to Virgin alley, with a !Mit of thirty feet
on each, shall be taken by her, subject - to a
payment of twenty-five thousand dollars to
my, daurrliter_Juliii,twentk-five thousand to'
my daughter Rachel; and the sum. of eley
en thousand to my son J. Heron Foster, - 1r;
The reason for leaving my son onlYeleven-
Atispoistlist I hatta - advifitied Aim :the
sum of fourteen thousand dollars, and
wielito Make no -difference whatever:be
tween my children iti,ths disposal• of - my
property. Any moneys advanced •to him.
from this date until, iny, deduc
lAfillfrodi the elovetribousandollars. .
It is my wish that my wife shall have the
Dispatch Building' above mentioned with
out any necessity _to .sell the same to pay
the above be bests to my children; I direct
she shall hold the same and' pay the inter
est annually on said bequests to my lega
tees—said interest to commence one year
after the ,dste death;.,,witb-the right
at any thine oiiher part to pa y Said bequests
or any part thereof as. she may desire.
They, my said children, to have no right to
I claim or demand more than the interest
on the bequests during the life of my said
wife. The interest on the bequest, •to my
said daughter' Rachel to be held and ig:o r
plied by my said wife for the supprt and
maintenance of my said daughter untilihe
arrives at the age of twenty-one years. • I
do hereby apponit my said wife-Julia the ,
guardian of my said daughter Rachel.
In case of the death of any of my chil
dren named, without issue, I give and be
queath to my wife Julia any portion of the
amount remaining unpaid, bequeathed to
such child.
As I received fronh the estate of James E.
Heron; deceased t •the sum of one thousand
dollars for each of my . daughters aboVe
named, I direct my wife, the Exeeutrix:of
this, my Still, to pay , the same out - of our
moneys she may receive, out of mv estate.
As I wish it to be known why I. forinerly
gave tsz my wife all my personal property
in my residence on South avenue, Alleghe
ny city, and the property described in my
deed to her, dated April 11th, 1867, it was in
discharge of a - debt duo to her from the
amount realized from Government bonds
which she held and gaveme for my own
_ ,
use. - :;, , , - t, ~•
" I constitute and appoint my wife, Julia,
the Executrix of this-, my last will and te:
tament., [Signed,]
. • - - J. liEno.,:: FOSTER.
Wm. Owens, Jr:, Simon. Johnston and
Body Patterson, witnesses. ,
The first codicil provides that in ease he
should survive his wife, he appointed B. C,
G. Sproul, Executor, and after, the payment
of all debts due; the property was to be:-
equally-divided among the children, to be
held by them as tenants in common; the
$14,000 advanced to the son to be deducted
from - his Share. ,
The second Codicil of the will provides
that. during ] he c widowhood his wife shalr
not - be compelled topay more than one-half
interest upon thq respective legacies iss long
as she deems proper, and that any snch in
terest shall remain a charge.upon the Dis
patch Building,.but shall not bear interest,
and prov ides for. the education of his young
est daughter. The second codicil ooncludes
as follows:
"I further bequeath to my son Heron my
sword "and belt, worn wh'enWe Were in the
United States service in the war to suppress
. the rebellion , against our GoVernment.
"It is - rav special request,ttutt none of my
farrillyNhfill wear Mourning ittConsequenceof inv death. . ,
r aßrermanremployld as
a.:i" i
Another Man Miniug—A s Chicago S.ensa
We clip the following sad tale of woman's
fidelity and man's heartlessness, which is
of some local interest, from the Chicago
A sad case of supposed intindling and de
sertion, on the, part of a husband toward
his wife and family, has just been develop
,ed,--the;circumstanees—concerning- which
are as follna•s: - Willlairk Straight, a well to
do Dirmbi until recently living near Mo
nongahela, Penulphblibeein a married man
for some eight years. Until the lfall of
1867 he seemed to be a loving and devoted
,husband, but since • that. time. he has not"
proved himself the honest, upright man
that a fond wife supposed him to
be. During the fall which has just
passed, Straight paid 'a' -visit`to this
city, remaining away. from his family:,
several weeks. After his return home his
. with thought that his'ecinducit had changed.
,toward her, and although. believing that
she was no longer loved she endeavored to
make bis home a happy. one. ,Omlay when
he was Overharuling some pipets Ohoto
graph of a beautiful wom an fed to the floor,',
and was Picked u by his little boy, who
asked his fattier who it was. The little boy
was informed' that it was a picture of a
cousin. _Mrs,,Sti - aighk obtained wasession
'of the photOgraPh, and was at once satisfied
that it represented no 'relation of theirs.
To make it more su,spieloua to her jealous'
rpind, the back or the card denoted•that it
had been made in Chicago. , After that she
Pelt cede' a that he. was no more a faithful
husband. , • • „
=l444A.Prit tie.qol4-..3Po.lo.lVennsylvania
iirid'eame to this city, en route for Auskei
gon, Michigan. The family arrived hair'
on the lltbnistwand board the
propellor - Truesdell one ' Week" ago last
Thursday. As the 'baggage had not yet ar
rived,,Mr. Straight ;volunteered to remain .
1 -irl Chicago and take • charge of the gamer."
Since then Im has not been seen by his wife
and` ittle son:, Mrs: Straight Sayslliat she
Is certain he hadiu hisipossession sixteen
thousanctdollarsethree thousandof which
was ber priVate property.
Thinking that her husband would soon
_.,f 9 t,10w, she remained e nwthe Apo, and was
oonitye'd to lid.filikegon, Where "stiawaited
the arrival of Mr, Straight,.bnt nil' In vain.
Determined to ascertain, if possible, the
'reason of. bla long absence, she returned -to,,
this city, arriving yesterday forenoon in
pluttentet.:ll3JloVollAtitorteekee above
facts at the central' Pollee Station, to De
teetiveSergeittit ToM Mocire, uttio,aided by
experienced help, will, ptc_in, undonbtedly,
unravel the mYst* iittendafiC - tlron the
absence ! . I 3 -
•A'tid rit, it le only supposition este the
,banaffer his diailipsafation, :wife is of
the OPOlfen.thaV 'bibs t4teiitheir fo - rtune
and left for pa rt.gnitlia,wnwitbsoMe other
*Mist: amfNip*btmisi, Muidered for
his money, 'however; and until the ., matter
As-Ancestligatd•brt nfe case
must rfrphiMlEltlYlßM•Trile missing man
is about' five feet nine inches high blue
Viffmner aborts a
=heavy silver watch clutirf -*it a fine
tzerrotivd3 wow, still on
Cbme .
• . f I,: :i • -
.. •
stadontr •
... 4 2 ....14 Vg ' •
lA* Co . 1... • . ze g-e-•
:tietladWoi iiidlitillreifilikit* ad .1 „ 1 'two
feet ta the) widthekttarie" , ,, , :'stieet,
, ghtmldn , to Ipti**6l4o4; the
ifeebiaity Of doiitilizigyat 'least' theart 4 of
,elltheioe o ereeathore ' I, ' - 4 0 p. pee.
emery that theiside -. .w. .., .. .
~,. . '., , , - Toni
lenriPelidtl. - of : .12 . lt ~ ,4t.....:,,1, the
wide, and y. - . .'. i ? ur, two or: . three
feet-- itt` 11010155 of
all t eh
Ire .; ~ :
_,,,; . it.71...7 . 7::' , •., 'l''''':. gai l t - '
, " ' • '
I •.i • .. Which .. ..,.; . made , .. t
Vt.". ' • :tlll4l-,:‘.:t-V4‘;',.."-, ' ~:: - Zit , '
,••01 , D4.-1, I i..% . 1. 0 or .1.. ." •• . r
v -.., , :7 . b e lga - tothso4llllll,'
- %. dil - Mtel. - over the right ,-
. , .
. . .
. . ~._ . . , ..... t -- - -.:----,---,--,--:-. i - - - 4: - .-- --, . --- : 7 -`: ,,,, t. ,- ;1 1. 7 7,-,, : ,- 7 3„7•77,: .: ,, ' , 1 7.• • -•,..- % ,,, f ,..,70,...,,,,,,,,,,
• .
--- - -- , '''t , =4. , :. - , 1 •5 , ,::;-. - .F.;..2:;„Te , zi.,.1_ . .,7,;: - ..77i1,7. 4 : 1 5k.;.; , „- - •,., ,- „:„.:_. ---- ,.., , ... --- ., , i -.: :.. ,- . , :::::,.: , 4;;; 3...,,,,i>,,,1i••••?-.-:'•,:4,4,:4:4-•,,,F.p•-t.-1-;,:pf2,fis...,titi•-,,1r.,:,,,f4A-2,4,•.:A4-4•je,o•,:';-,Ok'-:,'4,7•;v1,';:,;=,-,17-sr-s•-2.-:,,,144:•-4•ATie.:%4*-,41-PP-,,:,•P..V1w, ~/47A,,.., - ,-.. A.;4 .keiet.'":= ;-' • .
- 4,:,...1-,:441,-,F,10,--,-,...%,e-'4.-t--....1:-,",,,,,,y.,,,,,,---2,A-,.,-.-,,,•_,,,,,i.,--,.:1:-,1.4.'..41.,.-..c..=,,4t,e,-.,..,04,-..,,,,v;...±,-4.$1,t..z.lA„.1.,..,_;;-,,,..„4,-.z.,-2.',.4,„,,,._....,,,,-..,,,z,23,,,qt,,t,Q.,WW.ipi-
. ...,,,,,...„ ~,,,,,,,
...,0..... ..,...., • .. •.-..,.. A.!, 1.. ..... ,,,,,,, ,%...AnA., ...,... , ....,--74 - i,„„Wp.:0"..e.z... - • - ..-o*.a, , '‘..,..• ~....., , .,,;...*,4.-_.- .. p.,..,m.,.,g,-,.4.-4,--,347....,-,_.,vi,,,,,,, ~,,,,01 0, ; - ; 0, ... 41 . , , . ,,..
....., ,
' , . - ' ,-,-.. , 4. - Z.14 , 17 , ..., --, f` 5 . , - 4,1"-,...1P•:Zz.g . .1n 41, '= ,-,-, ,•-•",.- -5...f,'.. ,,, '- -: ' ' ... '
. , ."-'-'!" _ _ . .
. ,
e .
rrt MT.V,iI rag kg
,Ul4te4 states pygoict,coust.Judge Mc
, `.,ail
Setting phaMberSAe?terday, petitions
for deer - diselitrge were filed by Thomas
Rolston,. of Boa& towiraldp, Clearfield,
county, and L.. D a>id John R. Taylor,of`
I3losburg, Tioga county.. The usual orders
were made. •A • petitiOri for adjudication
was filed by J. It. :Fricke, , Jr., • of Pittit
District Court—Judge
In the c a se of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne
and Chime Itailtray'tempany vs. William
Carmichael, the jury was . ' withdrawn, and
the account in dispute was referred to.
:11 - .7.ltliliraff: 6l :4:§:' ,ll 7(3cler ,- and, Charles
to be:entered: aetprclingloy..thtiv±esport by
theFrothonotary.without .ofiception or ap
. The next case, takbn up iraki - thixt of Chas.
Gearing• vs. James Millingar." It is alleged
that the defendantindebted 'to the Plainn
tiff In the gum 4070000 f the price of 73,5ag
poueds of cotton, the property of tiff)
soldl3y defendant,ln theqpririg-Of 1 863 i
aind•tniintited ,b'yohini. 'The ittial was
eohlm'eticedsonaelinie ago and :poitpoped
:on aeceunt.ot, the . ilekness of one ;of the.
counsel, • It will probably occupy the stem;
• tied of the Court ieveral days. • • -
Diamouil, i lFront.
One of pu ! nrskiwpcsingzbuel.rnrsa houses . ,
in the city of Allegheny is that of
&Geofgai Whotefialeandretail grocers anal
provision dealertle Noe , . 164 Federal , streitt
The hotiedhailieenfecently renovated and
repainted' rind maybe readily distinguished
by the.vary - attractive instiller in Which the
traritie finished, being penciled brined dia
monds....The elegant,manner in whielothe
mornm - has been fitted up, and its splendid
appearance, are-not the greatest attractions
of thhi: establishment by any means. For
in :addition to being ; one, of-the raost itn
posing. and abniplete . of Asi'kfitcLin "the . ;
two, cities, it is one of the best "places
to purchase groceries and previsions,
:TLC:either' -wliColesala_or Rtail,tiktilatound
anywhere: The Steel:of tels'at tiffs estab-.
lishment is one of the largest and best as-:
sorted in thee two cities, comprising every
kind 'and of the best quality ever offered
in this or any other market. A large and
well •• selected' stock : of .greceries shun just
been received and is being disposed of a
reasonably low prices iti quantities to suit
purchasers. This enterprising firm, for the
accommodation of their numerous patrons,
deal extensively in provisions; such as flour,,
hams, bacon. &c. From the high 'standing '
Messrs. Mcßride et George enjoy among
the business men of the two cities, it is evi‘
dent that they are honest, fair dealing men,
and persons desiring to purchase groceries,
either at wholesale or retail, will find ac
commodating and obliging gentlemen, and
at the same time will find the stock all that
we lave represented it to he. Remember,
the Diamond Front, IG4 Federal street, Al
The PhiloxiiathettirSoclety.
For nearly six years this Society has been
slowly - grbuingi n slze'iniff fiiflabii& in, the
. ,
institutiefr of which :W t ish part. Last even
ing Ake iutlmbers of :the,Philo git Te. liter
ary entertainment, consisting of-s e lect de
clamations, original orations. essays .and
music.-. From. the very first it was easy to
tell that no speaker there was a tyro in the
science of elocution. . From first to last the
style or manner of delivery was, not fault
less, but very good indeed. The two "hits"
of , e 'Oeiung,tirere iiaginal essays; "The
Nan of Science" and "1' rom the Cradle to
the Grave." Tho first was very funny, and
the dbliTeo was as original as was the lan
gunge, and hearty applause greeted thii
speaker, Mr. A. F..-Seibert, as he Jeff the
stage. The second essay mentioned was
in a different vein. The author, W. FL 110-
Gark„l.4 an orator, his voice is musical and
his-gestures easy .and harmonious. With
such accessories, if, the matter had been
trash, 8 could nothaTe failed. As it was, all
was good-and resulted in a brilliant success.
SOO° might accuse him of staginess, but it
would, we think, unjustly. eTeral
cotamon-plaes sophistries marred but fail
ed,to spoil this great Arinh of the even
ieg.i The RuidecTras q uite Us original aff
anY drihe''esel4s, and o energy of.the
society Irgadisplayed In et truly aston
ins,argi - Ishiekliact been engaged for the
'occasion. The society 'irk,aous to pro
cure new books and decorations for its hall,
and the procoggis of last night's efforts will
be applied to that purpose, for which we
,hope„n - 4.Yiiroye amp - I - Si:But:ill:Vint.
A Large 'Circus and Menagerie.'„zuodel-circus - and main
moth merogerie:;of;traincd animals will
afford our Birmingham, neighb.oya,a gratui
tous exiilbitia of the'almcist indichipstiblei
resources of the standard show. Their
, ,
street parade or grand public procession
is roast° with ancient grandeur, and is a
ir !
long line of gorgeous c arlots, richly orna- '
ntented. cages and , agnlfitent: wagons,
With,the beautiful tat (tau ' , car of. Auro
ra," propetly' named. ,bearingrepresenta
tionef, all nations,' turope, Asia; ,Africa
And America,• and following this a proces
sion of, mounted linights In real , armor,
with, banners gay, and Ladles of the Court
ltritopibrilbes.The Washington Chronicle;
Ispeaxlng of the'Street procession,says: "It
kiff.WPOUttltittY - fllliekulot toyer alone to
witness the grand parade.".'!
Messrs. Thayer & Noyes' will exhibit in
Allegheny City ell ;Frith Old -Saturday;
May Ist and 2d. _
—. . • -
larceny, by, police.
v yesterday made infer
tion before' the' Mayor charging C'harlea
Roescher;. with larceny ,• by a It ;ki
alleged* .tha prosecuto r . that he was a
stockholder in:the -lonia Run.a Ckonpa
ny, and that the accused was employed as
clerk'' and 'booklets initholifta;,:bY". the old, d
com any, and while acting-112Mo; capacity 1
, like f.omengineomd - other - propgi.
ty he ousingi lip:. tigreilDP.Pany. appro.
priatingf the money - to liis' own use. Res; o '
cher waver:toted irc'er.',..botde igibit days
since, on a charge of emnezzlement, an ao. ,
count of which we published yesterday, Mid'
Chief of Police Green, who Was sent after:
him, will probably return with him in a fecr!
dav—s A
.. ' i.
. r ..... 4 ~ ,i- ~,,,.. *fistig
Vocal and Instrumental Concert.
P i'l
A grand concert of - vocal and instru
mental music will be given at the PresbYr:,
terhe Igehallima ttstem i Thuroday even;,
lig, the 30th inst. The concert, will 40'
imtlei'lli44 .. _teetion.. o f
~Af. r , c ~- :llorp
assisted hi' 114efteni‘ifeWt, ' '43ti4,
and others of: equal celebrity. e pro.
's3BBosl o litte , oconceiir sae poehealagoted to
: 00-11qui dation ef, , the Alebto,lnt Olt Ontbh
-yin *Web it will 130_44;44w Au t o lhoe who
AtP 3ll O. , 74; e=aa ss t,
111 =C41,01/ 1 en
thwilti ; • -1. , 4 othgVisift the smW
swat . ~T h'rr , I been celit e
tributatp , ;1. , ' ttaitqldectail.3.l - .1" i ~J, l
--....-------.. AA. I ..1 , ...
41-10 - skl-1(01114114104appOsig a litide
git ,_ "daught er of sor. Elamuel Chambers, or
the Fifth *ark Wee yin taco Valuable
se al ldiehabovideh ehorwore round her neck.
IX WWA' t*, t *OW her
Penn, whew `';'!"& gg>tio
~. . .
wi ~. ' ; -;,4i,i;4 aftalfa rir t ort
Wail( • • • ` 1 711, 1- S - :tr- - ' 7 "
StvPhew /My Ary fen 0110 , 3". t. a
vagrancy, on oath of W. Jamey, Re q.
. A
-•.(•-• Mani Trot a•,
The following deeds were filed of record,.
before H. Shively, Esq. Recorder, April
27th, 1 . 868: • !
• Daniel McGurk's executors to' Mary - Kennedy,
June 28, 1807; lot numbered S in, Daniel Negley's
elan in the district of East Liberty, formerly Col
,bffildtrlina,towship., on iiroadratreetc3 -15 4 1 feet, with
,:vigs - - • ' • $2,250
Wm. Finch, Sr., to Wllliatn Flitch. Jr.. April .25,
1851, lot in borough of East Birmingham; b 120
feet. on southslde of CarsolB(street Y iwo
'Jan P. - 140RO to Win. Finch, Jr.. April 8. nitell tot
lot as above described 1i2,475-
Wzo,:3Voolslayer to Chrlstimt. F. Kerouer. April 1,
1988; lots numbeted 41 and 48 !imitate°, In Wool
slayer's plan In ll"lttsburgh, formerly Bloomfield;
IaiMTY4 - 0 14 WI 7titk ' oil Main street 42,500
' Peter - Bantithelf to Elizabeth Long. J :7
anuary, 1888,
the westerly haiKrt of lot numbered 70 In Wm.'.
BelL's plan lu-tit borough of Birmingham 24 . by
55 feet; , • • • idt-70 0
T. G. Spukger to Ann Mortimer, February 14. • 1858,
lot in the boroughof Sbarpsburgh, on Mln street,
Henry . Gerwlg to John Vollfiller, April 1108; lot in
Dltyt Sliate,itonoughokManchester l)ol i
-Cliesteut street;72' - lfy..
Thomas W. Lindsay to Daniel 'linty, September W,
18117; lots Nos. 24 and 23 in Jas. M. Snyder's Ohm
ConineAmmar:lp. sotith 'side' of Frankstown:.
Mid: 48 14118 feet
John Fitzgerald to Right ltev. M. Domenee, Bishop
of Pittsburgh, April 1568; irregular, lots Nos. 36'
and 306 inclusive, In Joseph M. tiazzatn's ‘ platt
Myer Pittsburgh, latelPiti-loWnthlrt, on Penn
-46,524 25
:ionnxig dtieto'Jottn4Taggirrt., Sr.c4ptil
18684 lot to Allegheny City, on theeast side of Fre
mont street 15 by 151 feet 0560:
Frederick Seitz to Mary. liockerishonsen, April le,
1.8887 - an irregular lot in" Indiluirt township, build-'
lugs, Ac he
~E4ward.V.•littatt to thill1q0• taint, tApri1125,.1803;
undiSided one-third part Of-lot Itt the. borough' or
Shartosburg on Ferry street buildings, &e.. 554 0 ,9!
EphoolSpahr,to Isalpb.Diecitntoek..APtit-,,a4
totlio. 4 lolll Spahr *pig* unidltt - s towndoset l
Rural avenue, by 187 feet • t ls(r '
Wm. Joyce to James Jovce, April 3d, 18 0 5; tree in
Pittebm•glt. , formerly eogitts township, containing ,
sty ife'rttc building,
Ste containing?
Alfred Joyce to James Joyce, ,February 17t11, 1955;"
:16Mot In `Collins tOwnsliip, cm:015011E0f 811-x acres; alettliatitumbereCt2in Wm.' Joyce,' Sr's Strati in the
"".]]strict of East Liberty, late Collins tovrabhlo4, on`
ihe Pittsburgbundiireemsburg.Turnplke, bylso
'fiett lot numbered 5, um , . plan; ' itune.distrtet ou
Highland street, 41 by 11X1 feet; buildings. &c...b8110
Alfred Harrison to .J.:). Laying, April 14th, 1568610 t
numbered sin Harrison's plan In Liberty town
' ship, on - Walnut street, 1W by in feet $1,300
Fannie Phannemlller to Pennsylvania Railroad.
Contpany. April 27,18138;traet In Collins' township,
on the line of the property of the Pennsylvania.
,jtallmtd. contalnlns3.44nud37-.100 perches
to.Jammvstooonnent,Apro p. m8;1/
in Allegheny city, on Main street; 16 feet - square,
buildings, &c
Ralph "McClintock to .I. 64 . Stockier. April 24, 1808:
• lot as above described
Thomas Ferens to Lucy ,Curry, October 30, 1867; lots
N 0.6 and 7 In Feren's plan - In Elizabeth township,
on Long Street, each 6 6-10 by 1242-100. perches.
buildings, etc 3641)
Joseph Laurent, trustee of the East Liberty Land
Association, to Conrad Eckert April 10, 1868; lot 4
N S: - 97004;131 laud 133 in the plan of the East Lib. ,
erty Bauvereist ht Collins township. 'fhe first Mi.'
lots located on liberty street, 19 by 212 feet; the
' last fly:8101S on 'Run street, tat by 178 feet
Joseph -Kirkpatrick to Wm; Beck. November
lot in Allegheny Cite, formerly borough of Man
chester 011 the south side. of Nixon street, _2b'
140 feet: buildings' etc , ' s7so
Jeseph hirkpatricleto James Whittaker, November
13, 1967: lot in Allegheny City, late borough of;
.41anobester; on the south tilde of >Lion Street.
140 fet, buildings. Ac $7O)
Nicholas Beek to Margaret Jacob, April 23. 18E8: lot
in the borough of East Birmingham. on the north
side of Edwards alley. 20 by 60 feet, buildings, &e.
Sanniel Neely to Henry Brown. April 13, 1804: nst.
Sixth wattl. Allegheny. on the west side of Char.:
tiers street. 21/ by 90 feet. buildings, &c
James McGunnigie to Alex. McKee. December 4,
18:17: tract lu Rubinson township, containing 8 acres
- and 83 77-100yt . . ... ; 01.1:12.21
r , ',
The - Allegheny County Medical Society
recently:appointed the following named
delegate's to the American Medical Associ
ation which meets in Washington; Tuesday,
May sth, 186 S, at 11 o'clock A. •M: Drs. ,
Tones; ; Wishart, Pollock - ;. Fleming, : Jillson,
Shaw, Denham and Knox, and to the State
Medical Society, which meets in the capitol'
• in Harrisburg. Wednesday Juno 10th, at !
4P. M.; Drs. Jathea - King, Jones, Jillsou,
Foster, McCann, Wisharti Coffey. - Asdale,
ShaW, - Fleming, Gross; TreNor, Snodgrass,
Elliott, Gallaher and 0. L. Miller.
Slight Fire.—About five o'clock yester
day an alarm of fire was received at the •
Central office from box 34, at ,Canal and
Liberty streets, which was occasioned by
a slight fire in the William Penn Hotel,
Penn Street, near Canal, in the Fifth ward.
The fire originated in the dining room, and
one table- . ;was destroyed. The, engines
were promptly on' the ground but the fire
was extinguished before their arrival.
Spring f Spring 1--Spring is now upon
us antlthe , days are'lKtcufling ;warm. Our
lady readers should remember that Bates
dr. Bell have a complete stock.of ladies'
Spring underwear, Night Dresses and
Spring Sacques. :Those *was .two of the,
very best material and made to atilt all
prices. Call and examine them at their
I tirst class store, Noi 21 Fifth street.
Larceny by Batlee.—M. Gallinger made,
information before Alderman , Tavlor. yes-,
terdav, charging Jacob Isowenthal with-lar
ceny by bailee. He alleges. that ho left a
lat,,of goods in care :of the; accused,. who
sold them and atspropriated the money to
his own use. warrant was issued for his
arreat.T. ; ,•- .
Arrival.—The new ongine*purcliased by
the Independence Fire V,ompany, arrived
in the city yesterday, and was taken out to
_engine house. It is said to be a
spilendhibieco of workmanship, and we be
lieve renders perfect satisfaction to the com
pany so far as finish and appearance is con
cerned. •
Committed for Trioi.—John L. King
was committed to jail in default of bail
his appearance at. Court by Mayor Drum
yesterday, on a charge of assault and bat
tery, on oath of Rachol'Paxle: A commit
ment was also lodged against him for
surety of the peace, on oath of Sarah -E:
Attempted Robbery.—On Monday night a
man was discovered by officer Stewart; of
the Allegheny police, attempting , to force
open the door of a meat shop at the lower
end of fiebecca street, Fifth ward. The'
thief ohsetved the .011icer 'About flier same
moment and succeeded: in eluding ' arrest
'CohltaarY.—R. , Clark Stockton, aged Edxty-,
five years, a respected citizen of Idlegheriy,i
'died at Ids: residence at 9 o'elock p. in
yesterday. He was one of the leadinilit
leiarYl499l4,4 09141mUnlift And - his
ileePlf regretted' by bis many
, s ,tiatkpial ini ctravontlen.WWott Sectet
beAriventifiiiiheetsi in thia city,
on the sth, 6th and 7th days of May next,
BiftuehaP l ,3P_psii4ent ' ~ ef, Wheaton Col
4ege, and Prof.lleitry Fairchild;
of Oberlin,vo phi°,
,appear to ,be, the prime.
iketor3 ' '
Tedgrde,i',Vietniag thit t rogif Of Raven 's :
Onixdr*.on , :Beaver street, Sirst ward, A -
4ejthenvioncight tre: The a rrival
, t ll ' . 40: 1 - Ard*On:4Ttd.thOlr energetle • efforts.
soon , extingniihed the #19288. The , dam
: 'ff"
•"'SC knows; Mr peso I hnew:tik, /MOW B
111,00114 linenfs I know. he ..kneire hip
nose," . l So said - the Jester, -and might have
added; hithnoeit Ids nose, 'knout nit', more
tkeigteetiamldelloate odor than the Fiord
W 13 .5" 214 Ne new
-,t • • .
~~ ~~
~L. ,:,`
One of the meet convenient arrange
ments; and one that our city has long bit
the need' Of, is the establishment of the City
Ash Cart system. Mr. M. Frederick, of the.
- City Ash Cart Line, is a prompt and relf.'
able man in-the transaction of his business, -
and - nil "orders received by hini for the re
movidof ashes within the , city • limits will
receive immediate. ; attention. - It is only
necessary under this system for nersons to
place the ashes in Vises or barrels and
leave the order at the GAZETTE - office or at
Alderinan taker's, and they will be prompt=
'lv removed by Mr. Frederick's carts, either
by the week or by contract .
The Return of Spring.--Bright • Spring
is, here. with , its warm, heart •gladdenbig
sun and perfumed Weems. All
nature . wears a new .liveryiand,TAebler, the'
'skilifig trunk Manufactprer, No. 104 Wood
street,: continues to , supply, his numerous
"wholesithi mid .retall patromi ; With the best.
• articles in his line, 'offered in this Market. '
Mr. Liibler's is' the only" house where
!franks, -Valises; ' Carpet Sacks,', Satchels;
cke. , are exclusively fnade andflealt in. His
stock is ver„flargez and presents admirable
• assortment, while his prices are exceedingly
.. , •
• Patent Force PuiM.—, T. T. EwenS, prac
tical plumber, No. - 165 - Wood. Street; has in
store a most. , adniirable forati ptim for
garden , pnrposes:i 'tits constructed On the
most modcrn and' throws , a
strong, steady, stream: of ; water a•greater
'distance and with more volume than any
Other in use., It is a-patent pump, and Will
commend itself to all,lt comes cheap and
will ffr,ove' durable. Orders' by will
'be 'promptly attended tb, • and experienced
'Workthen' will be sent tO,liiiy• point - to put
- them down. • 1
. ,
How warm soe'er the genial sun ~
May look in kindness on the earth.;
In Torn Jones' veins no cheering warmth
Dispels the gloomy sorrow of his soul.
'Dyspepsia, like a goblin hunts himdown.
Ague, grim charaberlaiii; lights him to bed.
While Daliness; Vertigo' and Headache dire
With fiercer aches combine to make him
• • Hearken, Thomas, toinstrnction -
For all thy ills a remedy is fonnd,
A PansCea, certain. pleasant, sure,
Pnercrarrow BITTnitS—S. T-4860=X.,
A wondrous Tonic made by. Dr. Drake.
We presume PPOor Nona's" case is not
worse than hundreds who 'are cured daily
by this wonderful medicine..
MAGPIOLIA WATEIL-A delightful toilet
article—superior to Cologne,,and at half the
price. 3rwr&F
To Country and City Itiercliants.—We are
thoroughly supplied with all kinds of Dry
Goods, Staple and Fancy, bought at ,
unusual advantage through our Eastern
purchasing department, taking advantage of
the recent large auction sales and fluctua
tions in prices, and we tan and will sell at
less than tho lowest Eastern cash prices.
We invite you to an insp . ection of our stook
and comparison of prices, at 59 Market
A Great ConrenJence•
J. W. •BARSEA & Co
Dress Goods, 18y,e.
Dress Goods, 25c.
Dress Goods, t3oe.
Dress Goods, 37%e.
Dress Goods, 50c.
Cheap as before the War. •
At Barkers
All diseates tire aggravated more or less
by indigestion. In all cases, the first thing
in order to remove disease is to:regulate
the stomach andlaowels. Notetter 'general
cathartic can be administered:tor this ionr
pose than Wilsou's Pills. - Sold by all the
principal druggists in the United States. -
At Barker!s. •
Table Linens, gni4
2 1 15. pure Linen, 37 i6 c•
While Linen Towels, 12%c.
Napkins, real Damask, 15c. ,
Doylies, white and colored *.1.80 per doz.
Everybody will acknowledge that Holtz
heimer fkontinental - Dining Rooms, Fifth
street, next door to the Post Office, are
marvelously well kept, and that fno whtte'
in the city can a cleaner orgbetter -Meal, or
repast be obtained at such reasonable prices.
, .
Holt.zheimer, at the Continental Dining
rooms, Fifth street, heit doer to the Post,
office, serves dinxier very" . reasonable
prices which- are vastly Superior, to hotel
bills of fire. '.Give 'him a call, and satisfy
yourself on this point...
The best and inirest teas and Coffees to be
obtained in this market will be , found:in
endless variety , . and-assortment at Robin
son's old established tea mart, No: 20 'Fifth
street. • Prices vezy , roasonable.
LadieS n3ll find 'the most, elogant assort
ment of lace gOods, embroideries and trim•
wings ai Ay. 'W. 31ciorliead's fashionable
trimming hciuso, No. 81 Market etreet. Pri
ces VeTyi reasonable.
. Canned and' Dried :Fruits Arid general'
groeeriesilreatrand - firstqUalityr at very
reparnabli7pylees flobluson's old estab;
lisliedlea mart, Nii:2CiTiftli: - •
Td let vioapi and general' house-keeping`
groceries at Robinson's old celebrated tea
mart, NO. 20 Fifth street, at very liberal
prices. . ' • . • • :• :
All the noveltiett in straw goodaand straw
•tilininings, at Iloorliesd's hishionable trim 7
nq ,tionse,lio. Al, Market street. •
t• - -
For 'Elale-A ;good papims route on • - thi3
avizetta for sale. Applyst this office. ..
'New Voodil at Moorheadlffisliiaaable
toil trimming bona% 'No. 81 Ilarketatleet.
•"—By the explosion of boilers at Marshall,
fer.&Cm's,qxtensivn.rollintromillsi at
la elphia;! on MondayrjblinXcGill,
workman,Aras killed outrighL A piece 'of
boiler was carried the •' distance of .a
square,.and ,fell !von the Iboi of Mr::Jones , -
nnkerford, erneßng it so badly as to sen
der amputation necessary: George Ennis ;
mites,' 13,441 y that ho. will die.
dames,' Davis 'Wm; ,also,iimrtally'injUied.'
Thetfollovii*Were - all . seriously wounded
by scalds or contusions: . Frank. •and Band,-
lord Wise, John Young, John- : 'Davis,
Prank Smith, Edward Kelly. John Him-
Teatiley and - Pat • Ke'flY. ThelSolnu'u, had',
been in :use a number of /cam, and tWo .
years ego last Octobera•mddArum attached
exPloded." At the,!VIBE , ofithec:explosion
,thy day :barudik.hd. left, '..and :the ,night ,
hands had lust commenced work, leaving
fav - ifiezi in the mill.
k a . ,t @pr
ficidr; 3tm e,
'eted of
_rObery, we,rw,senteneed. to,
'tirtbe' alb:
aummirs, who.
:Lta4 RO T .
; 144
Wcwoliter. Kass., strati
►Twislisaisttott of wages.
Buffalo Ili et. •
CRY Telegraph to the Pittsboratt Gazette.'
rißtrierAlA . A.Vlll. 4 4B.4 -- Fl - 4.1 W heat
inactive; millers offer $2,25 for small lots
No. 2 Spring; "Sales No. 1 ; )dilwaukee $2,40.
Corn -unsettled' find opened *ith"sales of
i ti
new western; later, •
_boat 'loads:sold at 92e;
at noon two or three do. ti 490c,0nd were in
the afternoon resold - at Of _ 95c, closing with
ilo sellers at 'the " last "figmt. Oats dull;
small sales a; 76c for western. Rye, Barley
and Seeds - dull and unchaged. Mess pork
=Small lots at ' slB,so..inece, ipt4—Wheat,
55,002 bush; Corn;l67,ooftbush; Oats, 24,000
bush; Rye, 7,000 bush; flour, 600 bbls.
New Orleansitarker, , .r.r_
(By Telegraph to the Plttabu h•creette.)-;
NEW ORLEANS; April I ii.,--"Cotton quict
and deelincid middling,EV 30Ne;, aale,s, 450
balm- receipts, oto bales; Uo,oxporta: Sterl
ing, /51%a154. NewrNorg Sight Exchange,
34 premium. . GOlo, 1404 Sugar nominal.
Flour dull; stiperfitie, 1. 1 V5. ' Corn quiet
and:firm at $1;00a1;02- ., ICats, 750;c0Hay ad
vanced to voa22 Pork, t 0 ,5 0. •Bacmk nmii
shoulders,, 13r i al4e; clear sides,
Lard firm'. 'tierce 19gs10";40; keg ltilia,o.
• . . :New York Cattli Market.
bly'Telegiaph to the liittabtittaiette:l
NE9i. 4"roitgi . April WI:, attle dull and
heavy, at 14e• ,17%e, litter an ',extreme.
Hog market ruled and. heaVy, and
,p . rteep.qo lotver,,ranirom 9 V i a to loge.
eee / Pt S-2 1 5/6 Qatt.l64As
Detriit *kei, •
(By Telegraph to Plusburglijiazette
Dantotr, April Fleur market buoy . -
ant at -0111,06a10,75 loi . Miperfirie; sales 10
bbls. Wheati'whittYwhiter scarce firm;
there is less idisposition' l tn oper!fiel , thoder=
ate sales at Vs for •No:!1.111 , . 2•••',
. . .
—The New Orleans :-211-114714. said to be
the only dailyvaper:in i ir - United . States
owned.and edited byp bail, and the only
one fhus conducted - 44,f
‘ ,e South, has sus
peiided for want bf , support. - It supported
Talillerro for - Goveiriort and the' National
State ticket, ',arid ' cti : quently was de
prived of - official pat ' ge. The 'Picayune
pOses a high oSmplittie; t; en the ability,
.-. 1 and' integrity of itOrtimagemerit.
, ..,
D i;
8 INT - .—On" Thdrrd:4 - lOrrthig, at' iii - o'cloek.
GEORGE PARELIILLi.o son - ofi dos.. E. and
Entabeth Saln, aged 1 yearr
Funeral froia Allegheny,-on
Trus - AFTETMOON, 'at 31A q . cloct. ' The niendeof
the fa - rani - are risileedfithr kdrited to attend.
No. 166 FONRTH BUMF...T., 'Pittsburgh, Fa.
INS of ail %Inds, cRAPEs; CILOVEaud ev
ery dese - riptlon of Funeral !Furnishing -Goods fur
nished. Rooms open dayi and night. Hearse and
Carriages furnished. ~ • ,_. • - : ‘
. - REncur.?.:cna — llev. Dayid Herr, H . H., Rev, M.
IV. Jacobus, D. D., Thonlat 'Ewing, Esq..„,Jaeob R.
Miller. Esq . C • ___—______
Allegheny City, where theft COFFIN : Booms . are
constantly supplied with: teal: and - imitation Rose
wood, Mahogany and 'Walnut Coffins, at prices. va
rying from $4. to .100 . Reifies prepared for inter
ment. Hearses and Carriages furnlshod; also, ail
clods of 3iourning.GoodS I required. Office open
at all hours, day and night.l
6 . I : •, I 0.•
sTRENT, Allegheny, dud No. SO • DIAMOND
SQUARE, {by John WnsaiC Bros., ) keeps always
on hands the best ' , Betel, ,ItrAewood, Walnut and
Imitation 'Rosewood Collins. Walnut Collins from I .
$25 upwards. Rosewood s.lotlineill2Q:upwarde, all
other Coflins I proportion. Carriages and Hearses
furnished at low rates. Crape. OloVes, Plate and
EnftraYing furnished gratis- Office open day and
'We e;*reeetrini.itittr SRELLiG :414D 0511111-
SiEIC-1311'PLY • !: 4,-
. ,
Saratoga star Spring Waterar,7
Iliassinges , Wa** ,
Co n Kress'Water dc.
§/*Q•N. 49Hi s tSTON , Druggist ,
r I
CivrnerSni and Fourtl7 S eta.
• ; .F. 7 •0-
E 331
14 . :1:
-,• ••,,
- • 1 .;r:• .' .., •:-..,
- ::"''''''i4• -er 'Eloo
''. Adapted toii VIRST:OLASEr.ars,irbiIkNfr:TAILoa
i'IJ,44OF, Il 741 , - , ~:., , ' , 7 - •• . - . 1-i..-. ,-,
!..,.:-..•=,,• - 4.,.1! =-....;',';•,..:•,;:.:::'• ,757-; - ..;. 1 •
t.i,. ••,•.•:'..•. ~: .;.; , JIJOOPENED , .. A.TAI 9, :
..,.,.: ~• y ;.,..,,,.., 1 : 1 ,-..i,,,
.i.,1, : -:, , . ,-. .•. ~• . : ,- A i . J.v. , A
~,:t - ..: ,- ,...••1 , :: •--* ; - •"...i , ' ,. .f , :•t
~'• HENRY . O.,- , HALV%; . .
, ,„,i , ,,, ;..,:,, i ic,,,, , , -,•:;; ;
~, . -,„ ; :;:,: i
Coisetootbiliiiiiiidlit ailtStOets.
• ' •
9 ,
°, pem, NJI enly v 'be ob
tataltoti. g ee • e • -", 5
„ •
Pk 25448011 1 : St
• .
• Filliatkaulass.X.Miusert. •
ed wltbout> ;i t•;,t •511P25:0-
WALTMAN.' VrAtalti l l itt ' l9 l ', • --
3iirr-71'1r.:1 • .--
Fvocit sielitiregrw - • - •
‘;11-'30.1 •
•-i - •
3tirßlNq'H - rj 111 Jr 1100DS;
V 4l) "
8 • g
-• •••
, •
a.lis:s..l:•SIVA aYx ,
1 . 161 4 6 1ft- i'
k Xn:ITNI • IMit
- ' -trt ,
_ ,
yell , sailsae oa ,
'111114• witrglintlar, ad Yaws •sad am-
Inu*aelaie oh Swimmer/Mr ' _
I ,
, AT