The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 28, 1851, Image 1

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runusinui !MILE AND WEEKLY. BY
D. h. . wins.] - warm earcan.
trice or men errthr,Siir 0002 ro roe toff Mo.
. .
DAILY—Urea dolluf yet irooog, payable pait 76.1 f.
130211.2 as tf veld to ad team
- WEEKLY—Two dollar. ttrannom, to . 1 ' 6 .. 13 :U 1 4.
Übe supplied ou the 11.11orrutroom—
Three mobs per —9 6 00
9.: order do • . ... 909
m ay
-. ,' 1 peekedGm earl Club to De addrered to oce pains,
"..d to be pad Intrrtobly' la advance. Ito Club Papers will
ethd after du tear es plre.t. ordees the tawny Mt too
.0•• Evora 110 hoot of Noor•reil or len 0 • . 60
Do. each additional Insertion- 0 10
r Do. 'reek 3
00 . 1 76,
7 40
' toerr mouths
. . . .. ..
Standing Carla, fr ltnee or lea, per ann - mic...".5 0.)
One Dotter for each addltloaal hoe.
Ahm thaare,alanwrale at pleasure (per in.-
. num) ercluelco of the paper ............. •_,..1.5 qd
'Poe nth eddltionsl *quern, inserted era one month, and
go ndy •thutional square Inserted wader the yarn - Tab%
half rata •
Llratisemente ex-,alllng p
r w Pod ren P , and not crier t Men
'.t gl ' l ° at:Tr 'b tt r t g eao s' u C.V.IFT fa legal eil t rertisomeurs be
tan! a e amount ebarXl be their publication.
la nnettureand Sir a. to be charged the same
',.-Arme other advatitem.mel h. etel art
. •
dtherrnernenta not marked. on the copy for • "recited
'number orlasertions, Tall be continued till fiabiclotal Tar.
as." ...Ted oceordlugly.
- o prhiley of annual culrertheis is strictly limited tc
their oast hanualate btahrea t out ell advertisement" for
:the benalta Other walla all adverthemente not
ansinallately conara...l villa their own bannese, and all
thew of advertisements. LIS length or otherwise. beyond
tb.M*" eaeh = i l. P . l . l l l. re " rt ' frarldta tL wit u e r... for
• andeatel; and prompt
_payment I" cleared. . .
.....,11.Endrertimmonte fur charitable Inaltutiona - Ira Temp
arad; tosYlitip, and other public me a t r, and
inch 11/....t0 bitatarged half price, payable strictly ia ad.
lihrhos whets to be chart.] TO Cents.
inserted wittaut chlrge, col.A. wecomi*
Ma by faunal laritalans or
nate., pool anal
C' lW.lar P ire d e=L P Vti%l <Altai ...hug' canimutalca:
Amu, or requirin g COLISCA designed weskit attention to
lairs, harm, Concerts. or twy Public entertalrmanta.
whim char are made for tchantance-101 ruatkas of pre
yule aanclas--every notice dralawd to call attention to
tr .
R emeltp entaprisea, calculated cr in laded to puma. ital.
iduelintatat; can only be insert.] Ith the nodastund.
lag haat tb. rsme la To be pail fur. if traendel to be in
serted in the local column, the same . ..Otte charged at the
.a 4 at not lent than In am. per Ile. .'
Mahon °rural- .horicel to be cbarlai triple pace. ,
Tavern Lhasa. Pennon. r 2 tall
. • Real Rants .1/0.11.0' and Auction. :a adrertisement; via
to be claw. 4 nu&r ymel r r-st., bn to la allottal a die
barn a :Mar' thy. and Of pie cont. from Re
rstonnt a bills. -
. MN= on 1 . 82-1 - 1121. T IX 'LILT PIPERS. •
011. Spa" three iosertions--. 41 Li
• Do. each Liclitileal lase tine id
, .. anvarztroarrs LTV i' tEI LK' •
, PTA ga..14 410 1111 M) one inacrilon... ...... ft) ante.
• 'Do. etch sulditionst nertica.-....r5 amts.
All transient adirealcarante ta beipeld in ad....
. -
;TAKES F. KERR,' Attorn op at Law--Oftice
on fuon.b rt.., betwoeu Senttbfiehl and Gnat, Pitto•
;OS.' WEAVER, Attorney at Law, Riarth
sireetosear the 31 syce ec
s CH9, PittAborgb, PILL Col :
stow aztanded to prominit. my.l2,o.tkp
Late . a. Drava ouien.txr, ) • at-lac/en= 1111.011,
• Ude a Dalentottn, Ptt'l I (Late of Lallans, Pa.)
' LIMANT - L.' TAYLOR, Attorneys t
, Laor—Ofilee on Vonetatroot. N. 0.132. P; between Wood
Eadtbeeld teirezia. I, tatureb. Pot .
Ph 11. , -9. D. Oliphant is Cononiuloner for the State of
. .. apls •
I HARRISON SEWELL, Attor4l at Law,
Okla Etats CkAnnalrioner tar taking tiona.t.tek•
norladicamma of lndr. tn. Ottna—k.. bb.a.
CCTLErEkittorneys at Lan--
Offionon Yoartb, mix** £cdtbfield.
- j W. F. WHITE,-Attorney at Law—Of•
i fit =Mt . lazed, cleat Pwletl2, In A rtztixalratLl.
&G. L. B. VETTERMAN; Attor
. turys law wchl neat 'Eqeta Ageota, N 0.11,0 411
Pittiburgb. 1,1110
lAXES J. KAHN, Attorney at Law, office,
ittAlernals t yall, ecsmer of Orarkt street sttl . D .d tirrst
Ti 018 C. FLAN EGIN, Attorney at Law,
Yottrat erect Pittrtnarglt.
• - • - • • • • • ----- ----•••-- - • ..
TOWE.& WATSON, Attorneys at Law,
No.llo Fourth street, Pittsburgh. • •
—Almuld, & 1:01,. John Forder, Ea.. 11,
&OR MalliD3ll k Co.; Wm. 11. hum: John Fletolou, Ac
counts= Noo. W.J.kmu, Pltraborgh. I.lllr
[1: I • I • I •
TIMER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
1111 No. 80 Filth risme, Pittsburgb.
irizORGE E. ARNOLD CO., Banters:
Mk= Is Oe r sf/= g?t..lrVir,Aleogt
snasaws— .. J. I. "fray—. 0. corm.
VIE. WI LLI AMS • 'CO., Bankers
and Ilravhart_lo Brokers, North East corner of Rood
• cad street, Pittsburgh-
Inamottoma mado on liberal terms, and eolleetlow
proutsny attended to. jaa:ly
ED. KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
arid M Amer yerltorn
I bought and .I
n Dank Nora, DM* Z.
Go. o d.
• Tba Ingberre market friar. told In rrnmlnal for A 1.71.111
Hatt DO/441411.21d Melif2ltt and Ornolsh Dollar. Inuoar
fered• - • - jCII,
Wk, LAIIIMER, JR., Banker and Broker,
inoard. No.6B..twijoining tla•• Dal* of Pitblwarah.
p. &nal:East CoMar 4 1 . 1 rt; r "At
4• HOLMES .8: SON, Dealers in Foreign
• and Dom:44k 1001 of Exchange. Co onficatos of L.
Flank Noteand boccie, No. On Market stmt. Pitt. toLtn. eolloctioUni tednoS:aus. mule on 0 I.Co ?rlncipal Innen
KRA-111ER - C RAT IN, Bankeis and Ex
dlsatte Brokers Metiers in Torelgh cad Dareeste
f zscensage,Cartillcate, of Deposit, Bank Note,-
011Soc;Corner of Third cad Wood etreets, directly oncedte
tbe stcharks Betel,
;-'OAROTHERS & CO., Banking House,
• No. la Weed lame. Pitteburah. Current None,. re.
denred ec DM*, Collectiene moo on ell the principal
at the ft.
E I LIRD try
iiN, Commission Merchants
sadatannters,ltio.ll4 Fermat street P.arml ead
stee a. entities from VW to slo.ix%l always on tomi
11L1171. 1,110:0.—....10611,, 11A.%10---Inf. K. Ellltt.
. A.I224IER,..IIANNA — & CO., Succeesons to ,
lhoopor; nuns d Co., Branca. /annotate Humerus.
dealers it Foreign and Dontartie Cul:lunge, Certificate
t ,xx,
t, Bunk Not., and emit—North {Seta error of
and Thad streets. Current Money received oa Dr
pea, Bight Cutts for sale, sad collecton rade do nest.
:it re% rut P ll t. frfirt b lF ' r 'l l:=l Ausetino
.... r •
=tam nude to courfroottrote of Rolm% shipped tore
{—TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
Broker, 112 Second etreit. Etrict lateral:Mu 4111.1.
ao all bouttros er.truated to his cam Pittobunib
logittitiearid artielm obrarr ea baud or Seated at dna
widen -2foteu,Bond., 11 , rizasies. inotiand ou tarot
abionerllL- Adraurom made. if ropultnL •
R- C: STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stock
'. tan.oolnieller, litntiquer, Printer, mid Binder. nor
law cd lisast and Third streets, ritnibumh.
AS. 13.. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
• Third ottee, oporlto tho Peet WSee. New Boats rw
by aroma. Sufwerintlawg received to any of
or Newerepetf., reiblithed at the poblleberli
. .
1...1 ,HOPKINS, Bookseller-and Stationer,
IL NI.: 711 Fourth shwa.! .110 ilolklinc,
v 0);I:4:11
AVID BOWN, JR., Wholesale rind Retail
Esker gni Confortioer t g 6 Fourth Kuser. Pittsburgh.
Cab. and Parser Cutiliictlonarys slug) , ou bah&
grim mutually attraidul to.
rof.lT,lvo fo
A ,
WOLINTOCK, Manufiteturer unci tin;
1, 7 =: p,Uulvti; Oil Cahn, Stem BoaVlrlm
wow wt.. h e ag h. anton., N 0. 8 .5 Fourth st
• It W. POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
• •Art streets.iltl•barzb. Connun• Lau Fn.
arcs• nom. and for tho purelme and sale of Misr.
Voltam WWl:Weil ton. Nalleka Iser e arid the nimulastured
a of Idttaburigh nericreolT,
ri::—Avut for th e rate of h. Carper & Co, an I. V7ll-
doles celebrated Manure arid Ca Yorke, of Phdadelpiela
prim; amt dentine t Co.'s superior narked Tess. - apteill
CO—Yr7i6port - eie,
iL.l=l"=.',ll - 7 - '""" ebr
frab s g . ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
wxt C v lDmledon *eh -hoots, No. El watir arra.
AL-IL'JOIINSTON, Forwarding and
Mathew., No. 112 Patood - street,
r r i"it - JONES, Forwarding and Cidu
nadigi merchants. Dealers In Droll.. and Herr
a n enisetslreel articles. Canal Dwell, near Sewall
ONES S C 0.,, Saccepors to At
vedal.,Jann k Connobaloti sad Forwsalltuc Pier
delattsitr Pittibaratt
. ..11szattoctartxt Oooi.. Pitts-
piT a t f irs4*.:4ll.ll:lllantA
SII lorc TAM.
arriattactrele find Demist° Dr 7 Goods, A.
XrAtiVirreli, — Rol7s77 fieVi
Deem zu..7.4 Staple /%7 Mukd
[v .... .. „
I '4' : ' 4 f, sl' C : MI , ' lIOLYSALE
tad Mal . 00. d. 31cramt.. .onm' Of
D: MEW, Dontiot,,Corndrui Fourth
sari h. Dostar et; tcbreon alsrka and Pan Weak
,WOOL Neßdwas
,IfB.PIII: & LEE, Vlooc•ltssisit d
Merrhant th ea/ 3 •
Gorda. No. LW 'Abell; N.;:put:b4h: l. i "" T ""
Q k Ic. , HAR , B4uGu.n wool Meicharits,
.DeLers - Islrbar atol Product, and
mud& aid Om:Wad 1 Merchanta,No. 11S Ytrai stremi•
T13E::..,,.,... : ::1).A.,J1 . A.... , ::- PITTS B URGH .... -,-..--q*.zrTTE,
igdA. FAIINESTOCK & CO., Wholesale
Dnosgiot, wail loartursoturent of Wlllto Loo4. BAN
nod thorto aroor Wood sod /trout otroote, ritto.
har s h. Po. too l;
EYSER 44. McDOWELL, ( uccessora to
ie to Kerr 'Neye.r,) Wh.ilantlia.l.lll , l4llDrag and
•aesertyrt.l. Etore. comer of Wool stmt ao.l Virgin alley.
Ybysietane . pr,crtyalaux carrfally .lftht
....... ...... Fla
CU, Wholesale IVhoTes7ie 15niFiets:' Deal
in Paled!, Oil Pre Fro igool oat m g r .._
Prop . rie . tnen or I,e. 311,1x:r . bi bdietratl Worm 13Ale,
11110, and Lund f , inapi nii. o omar or Wool
Fourth 'treat., Pittsburgh. Orders will be carefully gacl.
od. and torrardail adik,iladatch. •
cI;E. SELLERS, Whol4sale :Dealer in
.tor Pam., Dye Stuff., (Ms, Viroleties, Le, ad,
"1,1 WOW street, Pittsburgh. I's- Good, warranted.
Prim . • •
Q N. WICKERSLIAII, Wholesale Druggist
RA Unt - iiitli, - WEI Oleglrand=al .
Drug qie Ls, corner of Liberty and AL Clair et, PAM-
SCTIOONMAKER & CO., Wholesale Drag
e., N 0.21 ti - cod rt.. Pittsbnr.h.
'Pont', Fonder. No. 11F Eecond, And 147 Frost kr. apl
ir L. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Comb:"lesion
. -.Merchant; and dealer in Paper and Wigs, °ander et
Penn and Irwin FtrcrtA, Pittsburgh.
(,; I A.3IUEI, P. SHRIVER, Wholesoe Gro-
Prodtme cnd Conurdoeion liferobanto. and Dm].
orein Pittshurrt. Ilan utxtured detielot. Nos. ISO mad 182
Smug ELME, t.fraton Wool mid Smithfield. intiffbutsia.
aom a. 241.09.711-- . ... JOSIP.
Tons s.. co., WhOieSale
llrewers, Penduoe and Cie:minion Merchsate, wed
A 9,1341 rOS Huard Powder Co., of llerwrdellio. Come, tie.
31 %Toed R. Pittsburgh.
114, ' VEIIII2E INdRATIAIt, Wholesale
_LP Groat,. sod Contsal.eicrt. Merchant*, N 0.1113 Rate
et:me:wad 'l5O first stn., Plttatargb- ' ' '
yrEy, MATTHEWS & C 0.,. Wholesale
oeeerNcomise.oeo - eeo vereemeenereheets.em
-cuts for listsaacn Gathat l'urns, 67 Water st,Patabstigh.
. JOHN VAS: .... .....
TGEtN WATTtliolesale Grocers,
Comrategcnii Morthbrits. and Dealers lb Prialacie and
Ihrtaborell bantilacturrit. tio.VO Liberty mat, Pau
-burgh. Pa.
W S. CA_NFI4D;Iato of Warren, Ohio,
eipi c grg"ti•VZ F ' n oV. ,° g' ' , l""' "
Pearl Aela arnel tiretern Produce pm . g.lte klu't. l' lot .u 4
bePreen eatletdleld earl Wool, PltUtelrgte.. " - t'r ""L
L e.11,11.111 , 1L 11. 11.1/111.41,
JS. WATERbL&N & SONS Wholesale
ALOwners. Commission sal Forwarding fleretants,
i.. 11 kinds cf Yrodune and Pitaburnll 11anufrtn•
d Articles, =I Agents fur tn r fans nf L LLY
ynehburgh Ilanulneturcl.ToLanco, Non. SO and 61. Watrr
stare, Fith.t.urgh'
• sale Grocers. rargardlag and Coniailinuati March.
su Duelers In Pittsburgh Manufactures and Western earner of Preset Arcetarelehancerr lane,
Pittsburgb. -
Mkt. rarxxx
SAIAII DICKEY..I, CO., Wholeonle Oro
rgtek P-d"
NGLISII: BENNETT, late English,
0111NerOz. holerulefir k ars. Come:S.4ra ar
rg ti
buh ILI outsmart& IZ2 Second gLdaul 1= Fleet n, between Wood gut Smithfield.
• RN. mutt, too-WA e. Nr.
11*ER .. &
aW I. RICKEIy-`lo t N, W w lrlesale
W and
A No. vla curlier of Liberti iurtetw tiot Irwin other PIM.
Worth, Po.. lean. Na il , Cotton "ortoi, te., 10 coantatly
hood. .
ama cu1..,.J.L SP. 34LL. —lOll3
o/1114tITE. Wholesale Go
11 c..L,:4.u.
ILOBERT :MORE, Wholesale Grocer,
.. ,... - cccuryicatiov, ru t e l loca l ri=il
L;; 3 coc.. 'th'Slrbertr streeL On haul
Clrurtrsi Co:mad:gm Ilerr-batam...tuAlers IA Pluton ,
And Pitt.sbAtih Atalaufactuns. Au. = Liberty' stew!.
AA Gem,. Pruducv, fungardlog, and 04=1.84.1,1eA
Ulna, And Dual, In Pdttbargb .51sAuacture...
libertT etreg6A I,ll.l.AmvA.
& CO., illy:death Oro ,
V nu, a ...I :73 Woad Itireet. Pittaargh.
JokC - ii. , Awn. n'cLoousa..
T` 1Ch .31 - Cai4LESS, • ,iuccessors to
Wbolcso:oorocer - 4 Foroardins
fkicaudacion Alwrchvits. deklen i Iron. Na ti, tiloas,
Dottou liarna. and. Pinobtircli Natinfactarol konorsdiri
a.m . of Wood mud Watu curets, IlWatiackki.
ati. " Nakft - Sijin - atlifkg, ,V0:90
Grocers and Carandarion Martharda, Dealersja PT}
nes, and ?Pinnbargh Ilanaraetand IRS Marty
Knee, Pinaburgb. Pa.
AD. WILLIAMS — CO — . 'Wholesale and
• Gatall'Farmilr
C r. Yora . u l ding and Conuntaatno
rhanta, 44 Dealers Country.Prolune and Pittotoargh
Manufactary, mru•r Coed and Fil th Pau bonen.
OBINSON, ''''''' o CO.; ic0..f. 3 .55
Llberty rs,<Ll'icteburr.b. Wingthara Pthr
nen and Co/ow/mkt Ilerthanta,and dwlers La Pitt/twat
aIL FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers Com
e cod Drakkro CotdocoLitoutat
Carch Itoildlog, holding ou'LiOortr.M . r.l..ond flats
stneto, UaLrutob. P.
JOHN PA_RKER & CO.,WhblesalcOrocera:
Dealer, in Predure, Foreign Wines. Liquors. Old Mora
acuahala and 'denuded Whiskey—No. Cortuuercial Roy,
Liberty Pittsburgh.
JAS. DA_LZELL, Wholesale .Grocer, Corn
minion drad Enmardind Menthard.ard had.
Cri2Ar Cotton' Yarn, l'ittshurgh .11.ufartam
generely—No. Ea Wider id— and 73 kdrrt at, titUbdtvd.
TORN MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortin,
3lnfie, and Mules] leudrumects, &boot Bnota, and
ntationerr. Sole agnnt for Cldekontnes Plum Olt.. for
Western Pransylvenia—No. 61 W.. 1 et.
JERRY KLtBER. Dealer in Music, Mu-
Iristrunmqe, and importer a Its/tan Parma.
••&11% ' :132 ( IgN " 10
txtI,ILLINGS, 'WILSON 8; CO., Matathie
'A:men. or sixes tacks '
Inca and gictP laeW, do'sr
rhos choir. and Ittatog
. trat uct t& Euishints.
al cloot. boo. acol
tathiog dot so lino 34 sad
Ofnce at LIPPE:Z:OAT d. CO., No. US. Water at, Pltta
bargb. jet
Scribers mum facture and keep enustsurtlr ou harid all
tl UEd
Hob ?t r ills n f L itigt.iiii , tl k4 ..V.VillidT k List
GM.. strl Tett,. 'turd Ilgibt Copiso sad 'Clue
Ekon Naar Pattern !takers' Mut.; are warted MRS.
Qt., 4C., de. clafrum,t., curs§ a (NI.
aunty Mut:souse. acs
Water rt. Pittsburgh.
Tnets at ntrictiar 4-1 fibt.tipg. Carpel Chet.
ale. and Cutting. Penn Mill, Pittsburgh.
MAC .1.1 . 1 -01, QCKISI•
TONES & gUIGO, Manufacturers of Spring
and, Stasi, Plnagh Moab liEssl Plough Wings,
las Eliptle Spring,. llama:Lased bon Azlen and
dealers ha 31sEssiblo Castings. }lre Engiw Lama, and
Coach Trimmings generally. corner n( Roes and Front au,
Pittsburgh. Pa ,
net. Burry & Mennfooturerm of M a x i 800.3 tr.
Arg Iknodero; >luriale nod tolphorte Mm.,
No. MI Wear at. tricot . Iniy.
WALTER: P. MARSLIALL. Successor to
Samuel C. Ifill—lmportar af.l Dulei in ftronen
and Americas Caper flanging. end Borders, Windom
Shade., Tiro Bowl Prints, ice. .111.-14 riiinnr . Printing.
and Wrapking l'aper. No. dif Woolf stave., bemoan loam
and Diamond allay. Citiabaran, Ca.
. •
11013EItT MORRIS, Ten and Wine Mer
it. aunt, Eut 44e of the Diaz:mod, PittAbargh.
WV. 1. .... .....imago. et...
WM. A CO.. Grocers and
Tes Weans, Tidi Liberty .treet. obllo Wood
nine always en burl • Iwo swats:inn a Obstice Grocer.
tea.d Floe Tea. Aleh.—Yoretas frg.its and thuts,Wholh
ea. gind =tail applied the lowest tams.
TOIIN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the Lake
Erie Allehigeo Bayer end the Lam—
Wee oti the earner or woter hod Smithfield rt.
LEECH CO., Transporters - by Canal
ronrinllng Marehauta, corm.. of Penn stmt.
A. BROW N would most respectfully inform
Ibe peak that be keepion bawd at lal.Altni tbe west
eeir has Diamond, Allegheny city, • eon:Ude...Meant
of tth also Venni= Elintbers ars made
he Utitod
to order
to the beetVenitheibllu style, warranted equal to .7 1.
Mates. Ws Blinds cats tie removed without the aid tef •
screw delver. Having gurchussi the etneS t lools and wood
rif the cabinet esialtUalunent pf hammy a Slcelellaint,l am
h7rileti their aid rendenitys, as well as the pole
* - 1,....t;a7...19tiyety Ilion In their One,
tot etmet. leittetunti.
J. A. BROWN. '
hasicars—heillenn h cvmer of Third ntreet wag End
on. Allegheny.
N. IL—Lhno, ha.l: !Aorta, Lnlb, rc, for mac
'lY9:Aat' : _ . ~~:.r
ADAM ILARDIE, Veterin ary s ur g eon, k ith
=rip: pahli? thtte r has artaa
fal attevartV".tr.ll 4 :
ratrage4 r
ta him. be t 4 Five
mitla Java. Ilardla;
Maeb.tbiag raneral will ton cardal va at the torn.
at Tanael greet .4 Paapaylv.ta Arrane.
W V. WILSON, Watchm Jeirelrr, Silver
• V Vv.. 0.4+ corn, or k
fcrartharcou,vitAinp‘h.r. N - ..B.—wstems4l"ciale
I OGiIN, :WILSON. Importeia and
Wholeinde - PesU =
ra Ilardwase and CoPerr, No.
add Matt. rittabovX
Tki , : -.-I VILLE JOHNSON , Eng;ver on Wool,11•14 Otani fnln7,l P,lttsbursh, Pa.-13rwe of
.11schlorhg, Mesas of Newspapers, hvgahrpleefs,,
D r sclalole, In nokar. Stss for laslslos, So
elethssltethnl Stators. the Ord of art, sod at the lased lakes.
k Totabintovent, Third etreph onponte the Poet
Pittsburgh.: Mope, Lansrapee. Portnntr. Phos
Buth e .de,Dratr, Mad, Labels, Architectural and atarhlne
Th.. e dnor, analuea and Visiting etude. An, graved or
derma on Stone. and prima' in tolore, lloht, en Wine, or
Blerk.ln tha went appron.l Arlo. IsLid
, at th e moat mann.
hn. orley. 1•71.1•
. Wegner, Bneehner RMueller's
THE ABOVE, FIRM resflectfully unuounce
to their. friends *mi l lb: b pi:lLnc letrfa i lid , ,gat the
tardePtrirlhiu*ss'as"lnt'lls, the
v a
tool Professional Cards,. M apt . , q.rt.. hsbeis, a e .
Their estabiLsbmaut Is at :to. tat Market street, h..
Thirl and Fourth sttyste. up staira tochtall
Bolivar liroßrickeZdannfac Comp'y.
;As:atom, IT 5f,. ' 551511 I. P. .. ...a. 5. Y. 6515
SUBSORIBERS, having been ap
„R. pointed Agents, fur the shore
ecumern, will
keep conetantly an Mind • purply of the eedebrated Bolivar
Piro Briek i Crusible rim CI ay, Carmen Hearths andlnie ollk
They are aim yreparest to receive Indere for said heck, in
to made In dm and they* to milt numhaeers. whleh ebell
b" ‘Vr. ' ,/?n U n p i ire l e e dtit o ctane; to p enumeriito lid; many ad
vantages the Bolivar Eire Reek ews%another...Ma
hare been o ff ered for mile In the Ended Mates. their thy,
Madly ding well known to absent all redeem who mu
rim Brick. The prorrietdrs hare &tern:lined that ltd.
Mick ehall loso none of their, present enviable remsiktion,
and that. no expense *hall be spared to midst them even
Leder than they have heretofore been. This to the only
establishment side mmpfaetnelnf ))re Brick at Belie..
, mtha Canal Baths. &Tenth et, Pittsburgh.
Pittsborgh Gail Pipe and Tube Works.
rpuE undersigned have just completed their
and are now manafactullna all rhea of GAS HP!, Lo
eooactirs and other nue,. and all law of
beh aty otter for sal", the knouon.
of, o.
49.99:11 A CO.
No:91014 01 ViWte9 strovt.
fto4 3to - j 011TEBUR011. I.A.
_L_........ -
WIILMARTU dc NOBLE—City Flouring
MIA, No. 5451.1terty,e0w of Marco oL, PittstatS9.
ViCUOLAS VIVL9II, Civil Enginetr;
abol,TraveAt.P , ,vv":,ul Zfeg
eery tor Mines, Water Woks. I . oda.. te— Ma) tet
- towel lAtAlet 10 A. It. and 6 P. IL et Lb resident., Ace 21
blarburr street. Pittebezeb. lenl4elle• •
New Coil& Faetory—Allegheny..
Id.. A. WMTE CO. would re-, M• . : alwerfollr 'lnform the public that thry have
erected n shop on Larock, between Federal and eaadnekr.
Meets. • Sher aro veer making and are prepared 10
order. for every dwveription of vehicles, Coachee, Mark.,
Bantichre. Buggies, Matto., de, an, which, foto their
tang vaporing.. In the nuonfactore of the ti ere wart,
and the facilities tiler have, they fort confident they ince ,
enabled to do work on the most teem.
thecae articles in their One_
Paring particular attention to oi...election of
and Wing none but compivent workmen they have no
hesitation na warranting their wort_ W et errefore sea the
attention of the public to this matter.:'
h. A. Repairing thaw in the bent manner, i 1134 on the
most ;evincible term,. . iweihtf
NT, AIME MARBLE WORKS, (establishedlma) by immuso wrunN2, I.ltwrty
of Wood Civet. Pittsturgh. Monocients. Luria
Vanitt, Tombs. Ileadftt.orti yo. nautel sta
Pier ToIM oltraye oo luottl. of
ton& to order.
N. B. A chola. rebsetion of Dr. - fogs on bat3.l. Job
Corner of Third and Market Meth/ Th. An!yet,
InAntutton of the kind ha EMUburh.
YAMM.—John Yleming. Principal Iratruetor he the
Scient, Aroountc.
Prot.soor of•
Computation, tee
Alen. M. Matey; Eto, Lecturer Caanotoolal L.
Tbao dear.. romplet• kaael.dyte of noOk
mutt Rs attplaatxet to orr ery brawb or btu... alert
and wspid pettattoutttp. are - feinted ta .11 4154 l ai
In. the arr.gtateats.
Lecture ao Commerrlel Law every !Imlay , Yrobttl•
Itetarare to any of the reeldeut city morel:ants. ttle7Zl
WILKINS, No. 245 Litwrty fit.,
ues4toriTual street. 111.trbargb, Ps.
althenuents, Burial Vaulte,thinbetoneu
ie., Mantle Plume, Centre end Pier To
Liners on baud ant meth: to order, of the
• electheat Marble, end at very reduced
prima A thea•e telethon of ththeings ex
The finest
Sterne" 1 :
A ' etnnort.d :.-..--- _--- --- 1 - 1 f
_ ea—, (rem Italy.
.F. , 1
I , 1'
i f•,.., ,7 - - l_r_ '
Hon. nner Denny
lloh lo dge ithin,. C 4t r ii! ' i r =
Wm. Athinionth e Par irth.Vi Arm. he, Archthiet.
'John Pordar. Lo ok.ou .. . . • Pons. Broker..
Pittsburgh L. straniri - t Rehm. • do.
J. H. ok.votamr. Co. mu k Curd.' a..
Wenn AlrOanithere. Ey. Coon l Pargent, do.
Robert:WK.:thug:q. Wm. Bereler a Co.
' I ' ll " . Wgh‘ Y.l. "'"`thall=f`c.', - , rrwr.
13.I.Ottirep. Err.. Allegheny.
E. dung grateful
T rey the veer Ilheral
nerved ninteth eam to Una thy, heaven hail the
{anted and beet jobnentrurted co tile ewe up LI the orment
tune, and wlllendeartir to modes sathreethin bereafter.
.thref - _.
Bennett's Monochromatic Depository,
Mai L—Netor Polottingo—The `ti Wen of Getlttemsne."
Slut the •tiemeterT et Seutati. - tort!
~/.~~.r~:~'At LASS 4t ~:~ ~ ~
farterer. Waneaame St 7 Third meet.
J.. .W. reeponfally 10be . .. by tea anti -
curtenners thet he hat now completed the larded et
and data stock of household furniture a., before real 111
this city, as be fv determined to uphold the acidity *Kb
matedale, beat werktnentrhM. and Mweet de
legate. and beta extent of ble orders and bailey lo
manufacturing. he e
ls enabled to predum waranted fund
tune, at the lowest Priww
fie h. •dopted tte prindple Identify/Mt the <wan..
are liateren witb his own. he duality and price. and ken ,
always on band the greatest variety of ever) dfartlcton Cl
banana, from the cheerer< and Wawa. to Wm -noon ele•
ova nod acetify that a Lou.. er soy part of nem, may ho
(crabbed hem bin Week , or manufacturedtepee:fly te
order. lie therefor. solids an Memento, Net
the *dean
beam of hie wtabllshmeut eta; knewn. The followin ;
article. waist. ln part. of his stockeerbkh the rlehmtv el
style and Inlan cannot be 'turbaned fn any of the tatero
Perlore &swing. dialog, and toVrasla chafe, of e'er,
review. couelstiag of renewed. taalangsup nerd waleaf.
'hlbtabethsw. Consermtone and Piney Chaim, of every 4i..-
Fre bbon rrch and AIIM: Couches, do
lUM tes, Tettewiete mud Plains of the Sakai
.S 1 pattern.
tendho, nni
ladles' parlor Waiting Desk. of ration* Work 'YAM,
and bogy MIMI stand. music ntandr, and holders, marble
top. mahogany. rotarood and walnut Centre sod setae ta.
Ws, extmatott dining tablet. all edam of the moat Improved.
and decidedly the belt kind made; tad. Pembroke hall nod
pier table. w•rdebbee, bedstesds and washstand, of each
lags arwirtment, gal& hell and pallor recteptbn ther.
ottomans and Wool, weretary sad hmk cam. tide board,
Ile amens. towel racks. bat shod; Wad masle.bol4 vibe
and cots for children, paper macho, table and tea pery.
mahogany, redwood, and mined pearl Tables. de. to,.
d Luse amanita of Con.. undture Windmr
Pb.!?.. Cabinet makers Supplied ulth dl Wfidet la "r
immba.t. atut Rods. thrashed at the shortest mare.
All orders promptly attaried u, Jay
Attorney . t Law. No. la. Third . 4 earner of Cherry t
basin, made arrunannennts for tab purpose, will
procor. Bounty Lauds Ger ofttner• and soldiers. their
widows and childran..d Will attend to aril other bend.
moulded with the unr.tatenont ur .07 of la D.wrt.
silents. the Pension plillo., or the Courts st the Cif, of
Wisehlunton. 1.74,3
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
It. D. It. SMITH is now prepared to give
i delightful
art. fiing in i n
different breaches
Yet of bi t rooms,. in Ilona Koala .1
Allnotecede e.. building. Vint sheet, leaser Word and
Market gads. flours of instruction, from :hi to 416, and
from to /IN r. Charges and other particulate e.n to
kao nf ~ u ng (afternoon) at the rooms.
Refer to 10. Garearo or Dr. Addis.. • la'" altf
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
Superior to any Machos ever d in offer Picoffuroh.
RICIIAEDSON, St Market street, is
tfl I gra': Agent
:hotsLeto name d
atc ' rr
By appointment to the 'Admiralty, Wel DIXON, Chef ,
=meter and Watch Manufseturer. Bing Equarei Go.
wall Bond. London. •
This catlike that the accompanying Watch, No. —,lsf
IT Me to let of my manufacture, and DO Wstrb
with my name open it la Amid. nolo. accomparilool. Ly
• certificate tearing my Planet. ,
1 guarani.. the Watch No —, keep tin. lo the eat.
isPaction of the purchafer. IYM. DIXON.
Steamboat Agency, and General Comado•
BiOn, Receiving and Forwarding.
PALDWIN, PLUMER £ CO., have this
dkr arnocl4.l.l with them Mr. Job n Lawton. and otter
r mak. to We public as &aunt./ Arent, Gummi
" h ; (0 0
Loownsi. Apr a 15.111 1. 142 William' Row.
W. twswWfonow
S. awnwlowut 1,. maws.
W. CUNNINGHAM a CO., Manufacturers of Wlanon
No. MI Slarket atnnt, bolarecu Mat and ,Posona,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Particular attention NO to odd sluts. Also—llealers'in
Stint nit... Nis.. moos, k., elilkw/I
Mill /Mr ..14.1101 COLVIN.
SMITLBY & UOLVTN, Coal Merchants
I s Dry Gocolo, Groceries, Iron and Non
rooner or Wo o litroPt 'and Warn's:lgloo 'rump*. Hos
DEALSItS IN axcala-az, COIN, palm krona, sc.
No 74 "Math et, nest to Baith of Pathmk.
Notes and Drafts oolleetal on AO pert. of the Union..
fffneka Womb. mid mid on oommaision. Otarlan?
• Removal.
JAMES WILSON has removed Ids Hat
seal Cap Nara to No. PI Wood street, third door south
of Diamond Cloy.
(to-PARTNERSIIIP:—Having taken my
xj f on, Edward It. Wilson, thin partnership in tap
Its; tap and Far barineo,as mill hereafter do valriene
ureter lac amoo of I. WILSON I SON et 01 Wood linnet
• Jamas WILSON.
P. If Wilma cantinaee the list and Cop Om ,
NO. Y tadertll gnat. dile:bear (My, lately kept by E. IL
Wilson. avamaitertf.l%
J. Wilson & Son.
WHO,ESALE and retail ninnufactu
tars am degas to Ilats aW Cam No. 01
Rood street. third door helm, Diamond Alley. Pitts.
Lora they offer a fall and onnalete Mock of llam
and (Mpg of their own and Eastern maronfmtare, nt every
nasally and YIN hr wholesale nod read, and Invite the
attention or heir enstomen and the public. aireurfait them
Unit they al I sell on th e molt reasonable tem..
igsms.Ft. .
- -
/13:TIlled rt .
Dr. ilyr
rriD. s-reod
. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician. .
darlllnd.cornor of Darlington • arr.. N.
• r one door share EmltbOold
Permanently locand in Mahwah, odd
° the dune. Of his Prote•ebo. Heath - Idr.
...icro toEcaamN. es•e-e~ and rho d]•eur* of
k , . , i.~;:Jr;.~a
11, • CO.j Importers o
and Buts Cheese, 161 Ssalthtleld street s bf
.. !Seventh.
U. seccantioutaildg of Uniform. The; besuir of
Um plate ban been mulch ImProatel by the addition mf .
bhoice illuubbery and Plower, A. large collection of meet
looming an and Shrubbery. of the chollue• kind., owe
Opt for maim on the premium. . .
Ice Creams;
fly .a dui kept the Polon. em usual.
. I''''''"'"."'M rortalt n eat ri .hrottlNDSPY,lmarm
The near and ,
the landing toUreen Pitt Wan and th• Allembenf
litidge, the bet/Inning of omen' Mor — from Ill:Muck, A.
until I 0 P.ll. One extra trig evening, at
- Strangers clotting the Pnioky City are Incited to lay •
visit to Ulla perfect - Plum Paulen.
The Coulon Is kept MI Temperanos tortuolplerg and cloud
on Sanda y . epladf
. F. R. Moore: N. D., •
1 1011.1110 PA T RIC PHYSICIAN, devotes
Aerial ottentiOn lathe trvalosent of .11. 'of wen
won And eltlldren, met ocato dbnotto •-•
chronic wtd trangirat dinner. Wee on Andocroo rano.,
ne.r the Hand dtrvet Bridge. and non; door 10 the lino.
inn MI, Allegheny Car. Odl.. Won from 7to A. ,
from 1 to 3. And from 7 toit I'. 31.
--- 7.1 1 / 1 1112ffirtlY108--Spratt's Patent.
Inotesale Depot, 86 _Wood arid, Pitt•bitryh; Pa.;
tCartarrhatta Cutlert Store.)
iructed that they mama get out of order. Theo- I ne acre and Attache:ante tittles areetately. to. 7'utot3
Sod MATOetS are uratealtett—the 'whets beam MOM ur
n:mental, aridtrlttueat dispute the beet eonduetzr errs
tetterearturea. Jaruat Jaekeen etteeb then at 12M
cantle, foot. WI. at the stare, 10 routs.
(tentlrtuen aye mptetfo6y tlrtltteMed to 001100 01 Wad
etreet, and ormolne the Abate; rettett. the A o. o tt 00 4
he teen. trallaf
Sea =curt
Storage,B hipping & CammissionXerelmas,
dettra z ! e n cl o roceriel, Gime,
an Oak, and 13
ere, Mrret,Oblo.
Cash advances sand , daon caarlganaiatA -
Arrnts far all Steamboats lual ITcapelltra In the lAka
laTrar na. .
near to—Wm. OW A Co,Claralsrall - •
Niles Whonlar, Aulrabal
T. M. Howe, Cashier. littaburati. • .
No 19 Brood strut, between ;trot and Szzoairts
(01011 OF TILE GOLDri iTOVE.)
ICIANUFACTURER or : iiery 'deuription
IVA: of COOICLVG STOTTSB. of the mist improved pd.
tern, zed such ao • 111 reader the hilt eatisfachou.
dIoo—PARIAM fiTOlO9, 611110114 whirb .01 be Crawl
Jewell & rollobrated fallow door Parlor Meer hot
nom; Radiator. brablellnEtovem lola and fec
to whi rt we In the attention of T Kett)
11010. Wart; Wagon leoxes, ae, to all of welch ail:Milo
the •tleation of Palen before pirthatelnit 4.13.whe
112 EO. E. ARNOLD s CO. have thio day ea
misted with them JOlll. D. ACOLLY. Tha art. of
tler Om .111 beets heretofore.
Plttaimaret,ll;y in. li4l. • OW,
(Formerly the Exehange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Stroeta,
ry~IITS timiciois, central., and moat conveni•
ently located I.IOTEL. hmisig ban rorapletelf
eloh and thoronahty rostra mot Improved, iimar
open Mr the aveonvotolatmaothba
The anbaraiber. kvore and prophom ot th e ST. CLAIR
HOTEL, rserpoothlly informs his Mond, and the watille
that be has fumble-I It I m the mod elegant and comforts
hi...Wk end entyloyal rompotent 111.1041111 t, ual attentive
mid fait hful ry at., and that he will 7 . no exertion
tarnothe it equal tO any honor , In Ma mom .
The vett known central lomat. of th e Gus., and
returner wo
of arrange.. la, rendering It the most dation-
Other to traveler* or permanent boarder, Ind ores him
W solicit tod hope Mr It • Ilbend there of patronage:
matt! C. W. BM: N ETT..
• --
- putt ANTI csbeit. WARE. •
jAMIJEL KROESEN keepti constantly on
hand a good worth:mat of Waoh aDi Bath 'Doh,
I Etostaboat. DOD, Eltebtla or Draw Back•tr.
Waal. Boota Churns. Dry llooattes. Mao Cherry
traah latirdt.atul hrr kind. of ►walo la hu m ny.
Warrroons. Ilatoolo itan.vole *tort. Pittsburgh. Pa
Fresh, Assortment of Spring Goods.
'rift:WAS PALMER is daily receiving
the Lart , ra Mks, .t tb. °kr .tan .l.
No. 55 MitRUM 'STRUT,
Betuliis Third and Fourth areal, Pittthroyh,
Lardy ratantdons w Ms prevent Met, of thou:mit beautiful
PAPER ILISCUNGS that b.. appyared In Mb markt.<
fur • was purled. Stt• patturns an eutirely ben. tb•
styles pecultarly chub.. and tb• color, fa.tot of dun,
un•orotded. bran 11 max itplearda. the prise,
j So Otrudlr•
font uf comb., of 'ditch • more ac
curaudgm ent no ed Auto than description.
Lbu attantim of EU rrllassta sal !maw toed,' ix resja•ct.
full> triritetl. • 5000.1.
HAVE PrtTEP UP, (on the New York
r , a0..1 tau Ware... fur Urn rale of Co,
Was. Curtain UaterraJr, and Wog apfartalorog to
I.or farakpabla parlor. and bar. orlertni largrar
mLat superior aooartrorod of dada Do Wars. En.votalr,
1 - raorb arra Gorman Irannat WI". Ilarrirt,
3/arnooa. Llalutrer. Trrl.r lied aloods, )lirt r zer. tieopo of
rtrr) Lao. Corral., torrod and plain Ho!.
laud of <Ill:Irma .rtatba r rorokro of U diffrrsot pottenn
Bnd grtylra„ Door Mats, Klodoir 'Wu/karat PlarAira,Corlaln
nista and Bards. Curtain aqua. lamas and Trcoel
Card. 000 sod Werrlol. DM Mats. and /Pin e*.
swill., .ad Lazar:tor QWIU, ltronaarponas .04 earrod
Corodarta:3l4lrwon, Bed. and I.ddhart.
11 A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delawnx
1. ulal ewer 'antrum Mom). Water
JGARDINER COFFIN, Agentfur Franklin
Vim Inmenma Company• north wit corm.. ni woad
and SbIN Kan...
Alkr3t. GLENN. &MAN, Wood otre`et,
eneonel dont. feein the hen, of Tinen, when Le le
'l7 ading with neati
=1:41;1 . 7 " iTrani 004..N1 ¢ I to y
you d relleitantlialy. Ronne In. mantel, or old b•.t.
puled carefully, or Maned. Nunes put. In gilt leant,
wbe bate binding are b.. 1 to calk PI.II bW.
.12.4 , 11 T - . .
:1 4 t4 'CORD B - -CO CO:i Iftala and Retail
4:VA- ftliabl a Cdemayl Tant a
comer of Neal and flftla tont" tronuran. Whore that
oller a full and nocaploU stook nf flaw, Cap. YoM Lo, of
*foalltrandrty/e. by Iflookaalo and 'total!. odal Ju
nto theatlontam of Omit onrunaeryand on:Than . . Kano , .
al I youna Etna thorn that lbeT 041 on the mood achado
taaeono ford,.
AVM. DIGDY, Merchant Tailor. Draper.
szd Dealer In Mad r cuttthu.
Are You Subject to the Tooth Ache.
I-I AVE sou hollow teeth ? If ms, rise
mArtms• French Tooth Enamel. a
tem -table or mintr compound. ' , smutted not to Injure the
eeth, nT mouth.., U. pentode' tnerearmleompositiopedn.
by erbteh nett hereon may Loom Ida other ourndentitn.
at a email ramose. Cold So EnS and U. 5 mut wkum by
P. N. ttt I cluxeium. Agent.
JeTtilm Wood street. PlttllonruN•
IP° 1 .1 ,, n 0W!•,: " 17,Zig,n,,101. mat
10 • iinglA . stal french lKey y Etc, for mil.
ni•.l.daek PIM Warn Cefhinerete, rot
A .1 e. terirn• n •el 31hreelllee mid Linen Test
Harper k Co. celebrated flay end N.rne Fort,
reeored from the marinfeeturer. Probelelehia, on cowls.
mane end far sole by Mt.ll'.-VtaNDLNIEIIe
Wat ,rwr.
For neatn=a Znish and Intrlarle Fable. U er
we Fom. he rorloweeel: erm the tea',.,., at which they ate
mold. rourt bonne. Quer h o trod armtltly
Loe , italr , rl.l7l7l
LRAVE on hand a large stock of Mat:mis
t, made out of pure Clair. Mae'satiny brat rota
a will fie.. tall. NOBLE.
tor 26 Third great await& tha Poo 011104
_ _
nuns 21 by 3/. Prlntlni 10 , 901
21 by 20
203 hr 112 •
600 ay la 24, 24 Iva% 21 br 31, 2.4
61, 22 by 43;
400 •• i aetorr Paper;
1400200 WI. rt!. Crown Ftrave raper.
700 Medium •
31611 um and Blnnle Croon Rug.
Tho undarolateal keeps constantly on hand and for rale
hattga for Raga, a luau and goners! aaeorUnent of
Ruled. Cap, leersar. Hardware. and Tea Yogurt; Bonnet
Martha &e../c.
vat 14 aol slut, fur per nunntwturo tn.
Println., kakd land. to ordor on short notinn.
.1. L 811.1111.
L. 1.00 nortwr of Pont, nod Irwin
10E8—.3.4 - Diy Flint, for nolo by
In 3 8. t W. 11ATIBAUOI1.
g - ACON-7 casks Sides, for sale by ---
/63 b. W. lIORRAULHI.
i3OUR-100 bbls. D:fe - iir Lisbon Stm.
two. fur br • f. •W. II•RDAU011.
BORAX—c; caseo Refined, for;t_ie by
/63 J. BCI3OOIi3I.IKER t CU.
-I AMP BLACK-30 bbls. ass'd, for sale by
tons'Allegheny; for sale by
1 /eh R. FLOYD, Rouud Church Bulldlug.
ViNPIAR-50 bbls. pure Cider, for sale
I Lr ' • 163 J.t R. ILOYD,
ROOMS--15Q doz. Obid, for sale by
AirJe3 J.& R. FLOYD.
fiIIEESE.-28 boxes Cheese just received
no womilExuatnt and for sale es._
GO elates St errhsula . and Ilan of...Marrs' Balk:
to . Martutooth
lb. Wet; tor ate•
Jolguturr3orli Wood street. abort. Fourth._
:cm. 410,030
.0 Cltr taup,,
mosithschat Itt .. . . 1 ...14
JelltAa.3tra •
OLTP SPECTACIasSA lerge assortment
Jurt opeutng: also. Sliver mut ateel of *eery kiwi.
A etude of °lessee, of the testAualltp,..fetally eAtuet ,
Al to the 'Woo according to the prinutplee of Optical oct
et.. Pebbles put In Warder. • ..
W. W. elytfefau.
Jolt Racket ettreL,
G RAPE H2t4LS.- --- fiteeThd thii, dapper
r. T 7 A. 6IASOYtOD.
CHEESE. - 31 Cbecee, receiving per
t) lbw, and for Ws by
gIIAD-10 bills. No. 1; • •
" for net by . •
COPPERAS. -3.5 bble. for j. stl i egy .
No. GO, Wood d.
...• • •.,
ITAR CANDLES--10 boxes, prime arti
do. tar Nth br, , , j. lip)D A CO.,
In N. 00,Wood mt.
—.— --
MEDIOATED Spines and Brandies, a fresh
lot Just reedra and ibr dr6r Kmo
' :14 • No. Ce.ll'acit
I ARAI: VARNISH-3 bbls. (Baltimore)
IP fprglo DT . J. KtlID • 00,
CREAM T.A.IITAIL-1,000, lba. for saleby
7. KIDD a co,
lei Da GO. Wood irt
:.40118 ANT
PACIFIC. Bre. Du New Bark--
May VS
AMERICA, !Bannon. fa 85
EUROPA c Lott, For N. ..... —Jane 7
ARCTIC. Lace. for New —lv. 11
N I AC/ABA.I4BU* ...... ..... Jaw 84
CITY Campbell tar Philadelphia—lam 18
CAMBRIA, LIAM/fop, tot .... ----I—June II
AFRICA, Bre* fur New ..........
CAI:AI/A.14.171am, for Mmtoo--. ..........
BALTIC, Coartock, Itord Norr York Jam 7
, AV/11C.1.. Ir, do, from. tiny York. ..... .....
CANADA, B r oth b o
NORTE AMERICA. Matron. from New Y0rk......10rm 17
Jodklas. from New York
PACIFIC: Nre. from Now York ... --Juno
AMERICA, Ehmoora from -11512 rm... .........
NIAUARk,Brono, from Bortm.,- ....
ECKOP.l,l.5ll,trom NeorYork ...............
CITY OF OLASOOLY. Campphail, from Philarlora.lo.l . 17
ARCTIC. Luc.. from Now York._ ..... 5
CAMERIA. Llarliaom from
.I.III3IIIOLET, Won. Joao 4..—. ......
REI6IANti. erst&4..,
.—.7366 13 July 12
....Mar 16 Jun. 14
MPhil: CTY. 111193 , ;... . 13
OHIO, &hence- Jove 20
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CHEROKEE, Hindle -June M
TM follovlng Ilst of inlyst. =l4n...duxes of Mamas
toy dards comet, to tha letter.
Eivrekl.—By Gremisbarin Cbamberaburp, Pas&ipbbi.
New Port, Easthrm Centre And Northern Party of N. SM.
Delmeare, New Jenny. and the ids New Ragland Mans—
The //Muth Province. of Lower Canals, Nova Broth; awl
New Primer iskslally. Revives at% A. la: IP.L
110/1.1 Moll Dunn IS.
Including the romitles of linutfont, tre, Clin
ton. .1 unlata, Lremthig, 11111110, Hawn Potter, Perm
Timm Union, and part of Westmorelthid. tha Leeman%
Morraerettle, Palate le Roads, New Alarandthe, sad lad}
spa I T . A .tr. &WT. at 11 P.O. • departs dthl7 at
Ems.—fty Bala% l'a, them, Cniwthrd, and Jae:sod
mulles.% aitena putof New TM mmllol4lo .!1.1.10,dai11.
Arrives at 9 P .; and departs at 0 A. L.
Sammie Aso WthaTur.—fly Wutdadron. Ps. Gem.
Payed, Polusamt. part_of WethMomllMenetrit7,
Mari/And, Raltimora,llthlilutdon (Rt 7, Souther/sand at.
P.O parse of ORM and Whine. Rentueltr. Maths. Termer
rtha Maims, thirsouth, Arterm, North. Cute
lima Louis/than Plorlds. laid Tessa, dully. Relives
at P. P. 1.4 and depart.....-
drapargerus, Othem—ll a
Paretic% Rsowni./lathr=
florenoe, Pads , Pa., ilthillare Cove, VA, J
pon. Carroll, Rthmes. and Tmarliwres
Arrives at 11
Nam Othrtrica.-.-Yr Bart.; Pa, and Clencland.
Braver LS, Pn, COlutablana. Trumbull. l'othad Cum"
Athltent ". l ‘ cfra " , W lL T rotinitt__el l l, " %=Vot.t
end Luse ersWcs, Chia; the eaureme nottliern Ortnatiea
of tbe Mates o r Indium and Illinois. Inoludiag all
MM. lowa, and I,l3thvadin, daily. Antra at /1 A. 14: de
• Rthrthrmo..—Brllbaregl.loustras. flptingded.'llm.
mop Preeport. t Ortldadedta.l. Arrathosse, Clan
aml 0
rbsll mantles,dally, esoent tth flalthurs. dr .
three at 4 n . and departs at 7p Y.
herons Penwell* Weserrd, Zellenopla, Putters.
Ilullarbarp and New Lodes. Arrives .Tueliithl,
Thurthara. and nanthdara. 6e. la; Matte Motelare,
%Month) s and Fridays. at I A.
1:411.31 . 111.-117 Sturprom's MC. and Man
ouganda Arrieeenp,,,d,
rart.l Walarateye and etturdaya at 0 A.
Ruenscian. Scowl Ron, bfeßther „ ,
Coal thle,, Elrtabathiptiatoble's, Rathraver,
um, thaikstoen. PerMPolin Rath Llithrt.7. I.ltteth
, Arrives 0004.7.
sad Wednesdays, a 4. 04 d..
path hinsisys and ibursillya ir 0.
Beta. C. Va—flp Wedbres adds, Nobleetown. Candor ,
Poroettetown, Cram Creek Tlllsce, Patten.% 0010 n.-
y., Arnthsollbrdare and Ttsrare, as 10
d Mater, Tigl i Oetartlle, Mort, Moo
tatir:Pranuars BMus, Ps., Fairenmr, Va. /metros on
Y rider, at G p. 04 depart.. Saturday. at 6 A..
tiusum.-11r_Antrim. Nort.b..Wublostw, aid Atollo,
PA. Artie. Walnentai s. at 6 r. departs on Mooder
st a A. rt.
• . .
p. L4sci de in p. =- 05 B . Loga u la's Teru i.... Arrites itilay. at 6
Faastios.—By gegyra r tllt, B igamies!, Breakneck, Ogle.
picesest, %Stang/um, de g Including Wansa and Votaaass
. .Srrlyet tri-nertly—lianda . Wednesday. and
Bl ur, . at l
.dsiutts r. Thursday, and
ay, at a% a. s•
Letters lior tne daily unila mut b. le the Otani cats
began tient. decertunc Otters the sedareetlY. self-
Gritly.ent weekly malls , zonn P.S. 16100016. half as hoar
me their departure.
a1t1.713. SSW TM Mt tirtSIIMISI SLIZITS. It
N. HOLMES & SONS, Bankers.
3.,.. 67 Merkel of. Odvona 7204 .4 I'ha:v.4a kVktfaakk. '
PENNaII.VANTL. 10..3 . 0va... , li
Nook of Ptuct•Ufgh- --par Branch at Wocaer.--vlo
Ezell.. Bank of 44...-par an at Xenia...-.
Her. an* M. of d0.......p. Branch at Youngrtova--.40
p i
B Ovesanercs
(Lank of par City Bank. Cit.innatl...--vla
Bank of North Aranka- Commefolal Bk.Clacitutldo
Batik ofkortt.'ol.t.....6oo!Yrsalllnlank----..
Bank of I'anneftrtata.-.4 . 1 Lafayette Baak.- -- --..d0
Pahl of Penick loanehliv-par Ohay. We Ism* Trutt.l22-...
Mink of the I valtnl
Cora mates:Dataeof lnare Bank
marred luk rtl'-Das
larocr. a kectaa. Bk .2011Noea.--.- e lo o
4.11t.1 Luck -...._. ...... tar ! ! NEW ENGLAND.
Keane..Naok,..- --Dal All etilmit Binka--.....
Ilasufuc. 0 Mach Ilank..-par NEW VAIL
klacq.l. Pant P. New York eitr.----.
Mof ...Ink Bank--....D.lCovuat. ..
Pluladelphla Ba._... p at-...iarl 11 . ............... --
.othwuk Bank .. - . .-..parßalthae.....----..--p.
Travarovansßaala--...r:Llyontre. ,_._ ___ _ i..
• Westem Ca - -....-. par N.JERIET IbLIAW.I.III,
ko o k Hok of Chuaberabatrah.. ii solvent Besata--...- li
n of Cheater Conntf-Dar VINCILYLL
Dank of Dancille...--.. rat Boat of U. 1- 1 1 / 1 -...--. 've
Ban% of tvel.Ca.Gbaatver-rar.tit of i'lmistla Hee ".
88.% of 0. - mantaan---parilts. Bank. Va. II
ask otOettrabufsh-.-- NI fan.. Bankari
t " : 1 g M:4=6 . .. .----- Tll I .4oVvrieltnif th.
II =Wm. y Co. Banc--par llrsachea-.-- -.:".
Bank Of NorttmaborlavaLlai , NORTH EAU -a:
fultel. Dank- s - r., of tap* Te.- ... 2
o,h c aocia Ea 4 lvviage Oa. vIDI: of et o(N. Carol a- 2
klieg:au. 1t..2.---.-.....v i c E aauncrolal Illv,Bmlsta'a 2
E.t.a 11.4------...par Ilarchante' Ban hew.. 2
Erie taxa . le NOUT II CAB LIMA.
ram..? ssiVii;:e: ...... k erre. SC of S. 01.41. 2
!faro.? Ilk of Laneaelaapar.l3.l of Boa. Cana , 2
Barman' Dank illica4l.2pariliank of f.beelasion--... 2
Barra BkofCchnflklllolapar Plante. 0 Itachanica' Bk 2
*area Drov.l4 aralvtaink. hi ' DEOBDIE.
rMa KIM lA. la aPhiagt. far Attiroas Ina • Banking Co 6
ilarnelva Pank--...-... SAWA af Angasta---.-- .1
tlonoredsle ...--- iallk.of Brunswick.
Uncut. Doak-- --... -.4! TENNEBSTIL
t cevaver Cann. Bank-.. 2 All Meant Beek . ........2
Meta*? R N o. of iNll.;:iii. fk Bk. fLetrillE. ,, ,:deviliti
!f0e...1a 13ank Daunt of Louie.' Manton
hr. Ilcsach 2.0...... -. helkorthern Ilk of eatucky t ,
W. 11k.Di1....6 Boat.= Bk of Banta.?
Eck% 11.0.....---. kf ktLISODUL
Ballot Not.-- la Bk of Eta. of ktialcaul-27.
Ohle Rats Baalt-.—..14.2eate Bank aa4 braive.b.....2o
limn. at Akron----.... 40 flak of Illinois- ----II
ranch at Athene-........d0 W161X.1261N.
teach at Maim a Vire loalka 011. 6
Branch at Clalate..._-.-Co BICILWAN.
Branch at Cleveland AD Para.. klechanks . Bank 5
Branch at T0k40.....-......4oDovernavant Block II
Branch at Dar too do lionlrauhic Bank...---.. 3
Branch at Del a Irtre .... NM plllly --..... 3
traurh ea COlutabto ..... -...10 bas B an 3
ram. at CANADA.
raach at ha1etn........ ..... .do Bk. of B. N.AmericaTovevntos
Branch at i1a...11.41-.-...vto,liank of the rear's. mews b
Braneb et Ilialer....__-__dol Bank of )10ntrn1...............4
Branch at (shiclonati-....-00 Baak of B.C.:Lads, kolontok
Brawl, at at tuanbua____do KABEERN EXCILANOE.
Branch at 1. art1na100......d0 lip Neer Zook (61.0- ......
Braach vot Cattle-- --...40 Pane lalladelphiado---._.N.
Brunch at Lanraeter--__4o,tlit Baltic.. do.-..__ .)6 ,
Illraich atneuhriallle.......Joi ISBarr ERN =LUANG ' S'.
krona, 0* 31. t. Yv.rave...--flo'Cluclunatl
'hffraurl. at Neeark. 21011.01.111e...__---.---ll 1
aul. cc klyna-.... ...... elo 6L Emile
knack at cfcinafakl . GOLD AND SPECIE TBLU ' II !
Mauch at if erictra.. .do.Doubloota, S_- -.14.00 1
liran. at Troy.-- -... --do do Pairl....-...16..1 I
Broochat Bt. Pleaaant.-...40 kip*. 014-..-......-..-/ 0 . 2 7 I
dranoh . t
Branch at Norwalk..---.-do Wedetickal'Ora.---- 7,20
-Branch at Mt. -an Ten Thais.— ..... ..... 7.60
Branch at Portunouth--do OuLnese-------- 6.001
Branch at Eaton--- ....... do Sr.verelg..-- ........ ....- CIO :
Branch at hneenta..-.-...d0 TunthiMera.....----.. 4.00
Branch at Chllltoothe......_do Naholasta.....------ 2.60 .
14.01. at C0yah0ga......-do /Mesta- .. -..... 2.11 l
Bratvh at itale4o. . -.40 1
Plmmy! vanis
Do. b's
1,0. VAIP.
PittsbuTgli city 'a. I
Do. coup. ta. 1%11.
Alleolacuy coy
Do. .C.'l, PhILI
think of Plttoborgh
Merchants' t Noma Bardif
Exchange, .....
Alloghouy Sorlngo Da •
Hord dt. Bridge .... , .
Northern Litertini. .....
litlllantsport Bridge
Westent . losonufe•
Mize.' lames:too
!amulet.' Fireman's Co
PltVght r o
pittebuolib, a Louisville .
RAIL SOLD, 614411... ti.;
. ,
oar tn.
PittabortrbrikkWorkro....l 1.0
Alononr.ola Flockgrotrr 60,
rodohlotleny.Mlookortlx 0 ,
' rro " k ''' Youn 'F r ' . l l l6 4ll l l l ll.oo g."4 l. 60 6 1
Bolt. k Ohio lto.ll Rut., 601
Cloreland .t. Irrl , elle ILE , 601
Mori. 11. Way. I)rr Dockll6o,
Farrite klatair. O.". -....1 60,
lit o• Canal Maude, (old/. ' 10.4
Do. , dn. (orot9ldtki
Tol• Creek 1 . 160 k Hood 2.6,
/klieg. t PrrrrnrillaCk Rd 2....,
0rr0u.62. l'urarylke 844.. '6Ol
Chortlers Coal Co W
Pitteturgh !Baotou
North Wart
North Woctent
Iron City
Pittst bi onlgh agile
Douglas. llanghton—.-.
Ohio Trap Mock.-- .... -
polltno .
I AVE on hand a largo. noaortment of
r 00"*'"
..liTOPPedte the . el mac
CIiEREL-40 qr.bbl3. extra, or
amiir SW. fur .ale br 1.13A1A11 DICKEY & CO.
MT= - Water end Trout stS.
T INSEED OIL-10 bble. for sale by
ACON--13,000 lbs. Shoulders;
nootime 6r Witty
Smith's New Geographies.
Q.MITII'S First Book in tieography; sat_in
s7 trithinory Onostratty. dentroad for MI4r,•AUI .
naant Ith I. =Math 1P.11134 4.D mpg pp, lit VI,
Profit rano, or binood Doak Ist usmnr: •
re= at 'l asnalllVea f' t=7 l a a imaquel tont. YirW
.Bonk Illurtrated with 33 Can nap, man o ( reyous nips
atoaa by Ramon C. MAIM. A. M.
tor Isla by 4 LICIP/7773.
77 Apollo Poll4baga. loortb an
8.4-9.1.A1 1 . 3011 .1.:1471211.191121211.9d mLo4lptka►
¢ethb P.M and lbrwarded Crsoofezanua tram
Inf. npiM
pry:Ennuis mutter.
_• )
• union Pirrvivolinifiiannt
• liatitsday, Jon., Z. i
The market yvadonlay vas marked by . the usual cast.
nags and Inactivity or ttiv . vevooo, and nothing of mount
1/1..01711.-7Tbenterna eitivele roureauenee Jester
den 'PT deer. hare at Wee worthy of report. The
at,i4to Is $3 Small - . Wes from 'repo et
$3 ht.K..ito.i Ram roue itt 13 2503 37 for.. !..itul extra
084114-11seelita bate WM . With toadar , s. aals
at old wins: r 7 foe 1:5 - tuest, at the 5a115.13011066c: Rye 4
444 k 03112 394334; aad 8att:::423.3 1P bu.'
ROPY—Pala °lsmaili lots of best' enters NohN IMO it
_ .
• W11121(81C-2W market' quiet: Iriti nk. of
GROCERIES—Then la • lairgicromat business dcdng, hot
no hem transactions. Saks 7 ',ibis flaw at leinttula.,-
Molaiaes 10 itaadr at 66637 hie V gallon ; danaU, lain Rio
Coffee at O31V,106)1034. accOrtilna to Quality.
• PROTII3IOII2.—The taszkit continues in a owlet state at
our laat citiotathins. Saes Western ILDIDCier DILDId Lae=
at WIC 670 for aboaldaria. at( EO7 Wee; and We V. for
• L
,I:7llllEft—L'ilest Drevrit ruling ratesara.6.3olB from the
liver, and Ihin= from Ma rants, 10 GODUZIDD and elm 16
1000. Warta, an quoted at $1 60 Vt 3000. Constdarabla
. quantittas yen brought doors, br the late chain Mo . /ilia-
Itlnutf, and tha market 00 cow Iran roppliat.
LEAD—Thera Is • minis: dernandin the market, at 6
far Phr. and 63,,e for bar.
Lou, Iles—The Dracut nine of prima Is 7016 e. arnord
lag to Mee.
Anwar—trzular Was at EXe by lb* abtet....l
1111.whatt eat.
Wats IsAD—Pctro Lead 12 riling et $Z M Na la
glge74l keg. r
Tt4 PLATE—The tans pekes of the marir ete WA
t 118.60 11 In. 4 moo-600 off 1131. cub. Blook, tin It
01Lt1-7lalea bars bon seafood to mill parcel, at 90
.11nOsd. 70 !la No 1, and co for No 2 Lani Oil Vi
tales of Tomos' O{lµ 910® 17 119 Md. •
1184...V8—Semplias are limited. and sales hare bon mod.
ova; at about SI 6001 G 2 for mull Islas, and 91'34107
ho Ise conimbn and Wad.
baie nothing' new' to notice in tta . trool
market. Considerable lots have arrived for aldnment nut,
but the rroeldtx for tixb market Lana been towieratn ant
/be ales of Um week would probably. not exceed 2/ to
ZO/00 Is within the range of 10 to 2:!.. 051.0. AC
anal, to dac for full bkixt, and 44/ 1 / 4 to extra prime•
'Ems—nein Irma 2 feet, Mahn in channel. b 2
metal mark, lut evening, at a stand.
/ 1 1.rntdon.
A thiatie. - DsrAlsuca,, Bra. urllle.
flat: Anlv an 'a4
nos 13Driver. BrAley, West Delrton,
Itu.srors. Murdock. Wellntllc
lUDs, DexUsr, Zaborrir..
I.lAlboan, Wbeellag.
Autlgator, Danz. ,
Lt DA (13111 res, Cladostati.
b/ Met, Ryse r. &eek Ikeda, Barter. -
Allende. Parkins:o. Brunner!lls
J. Mask Mendriekson, McKeesport.
Thom Pbrtnrtisr, Wet Newton.
Mrorts, ? Dowell. {Sleeting.
navigator. Reeser.
D I.ArAh A WA Paranger Packet Lana daily at 8 • ID An
WUZZLIND—Pm gramit—boDbbt• four 11 bil• lasth
er M awl v liraff a.Cor OM. tolamo a rack• gra
sena Ido I,am. D Imels Dm 60 tea hams 8.11 a 14-
MM 12 bb • Mamma: Rambla
DE•VER.—Pro Earl:m . m-2 Sas bars 3 end.. raga J..
Para.& Co; 33 bso doom .1 LI Caaliellb 4 key barter 3 .ka
7g: i Wlek4 tlestra, 11 bss <tam J C Bld7llr 6As
Woody . / II Miltarthergor7 s.
,1 I;.' n "' N I . IGD:Iqr-pl. l '
Loasolo,ll bill raper .3 /Laid i Cr 3 NA, batter 1 bog do
Mutton loire4 3 Bko wool Graff a C. 20 by obiowe Ems
list. it Bormot* 3 OW potash J 4 EL Floyd. 64 by thee.. E
Limbos% 16 by do bb ft Nicoll,* Ca • . , •
CIECEa SATI—Pia tarts Ocaarar.-43 001. ibioker 0
Wanda: g bz. gloom. IV liatior * Elm 12 Os wood Ido
f..E•E. El••• i t C0; 1.7 bb l. 7b1...0r Lambert • a SIIIrtoa:
l U dearga L U L rt. Ilk ,r th. _b ?Amu. '" tst h .l 4 B " =, ' ,l
at. asdeo . Wititsoon. 4 {role I . ou DU* whisker J Parton
23 do J fondrE ,
PP.,-2 eta 2 end. ware Bemr
toryltb: 9 de Bin sbana L Cot 13 bbl. dour T byway;
99 de IC bp alto 32 aka bran 16 bp panto. 3 bzs pro
due. II yrs Ur. maul.
Pan Onto' Dsrernan,
• March 14,1861. f •
leT BEING DESIRABLE tolubstitatilocks
and !rya of tome other kited is thew now to one for
mail feerrke of the Ihnned neater, esechnew locks and
keys. with propoesla to forolob Ow same, will be received
and censitieted 44 the Pren (Mee pepartment, until the lot
day ofJ ul y nest. The dleennt loth* win be waboalthed to
• conotancon me 014=i4/11033 and report. Upon thie
mart* 1011. th ism as practical*. De entered Into
Litton even lecke and kcys for tota Year; with the
right on tne th of Uwe Poen:cter Oetteral Otte the tt toe
brag to extend pa and continue the u
coutract in force far an
eddliflonal term of Pone years, by 'giving to the contractor
a Weill n rondo bather effect, not mon than 01th nor hoe
tn. An Months before the tertalltatfon of thin Int term of
With a view of anemia. the beet lock et the 'meat pee,
no kind et lock I. preecribedataftandabb siee lacyartment
retylea to a eeleetlen on the mechanical skill and Instemb
Drwhiaboatair row petitimullow Invited, may develop.a
It 1., botroveri p ro per no etate e thsa a leek enitable for the
mail Dente. should poem lb flallowitotenallneuelm dui
tablU Y. ty, nuthirmity, licatnela and etrenath.
the tuna. of .dhstalasing simultaneously all the
email lecke and hisys new sts use, about thin thousand
nee lake eat twenty thoneand kare adapted will
olred to be turnlahed b 1 the osettiamte erithla raven
tmaihe Mir the bentaset thall have been entered Wee o 6
temente the enema' rogsNy depend on the dureleitty
or lb. IoW and kron edoPtaL se wed .the inerreee ot the
mall *mica lent It.lll probably never unwed In amonnt
then thousand ti th e Pinner and one theustind of the lab
Si. leek will be oonsidethit if It he like thy already In
genend taw nor will anyone with whom the rontreetiney
be made be alluvial to math. sell, dr furnish thy lock or
key. Oath: to thine conthiwied for. Po .r oft. Purr.'
or use than that of th. PO4 012 1 / 4 1 Denartment.
The land of looks adopted moth be patented, aid the to
tante* will be month. on entering Into contract, to meth
th theigtharnt of his sthent thr the theltedre we end bete
wilt of th e thipartment. If the Pothmaster General thall
dorm ouch npolnment essential to the Interests of the we
rim. In ram of the failure of the connector et any tn.
to fulfil bah:ally the tenth thilconclitthai of hle conttruct,
thePostmainorifienerelsball ham the right.hesides • mart
to the venal remedy heretnatler roentlawd. b exmol 04
contract, and to contract anew letththy other party or
th i tth aa ha may see La. farnithung dmilar looks and
ht deckling than the propose/tend theelmena offeivl a the
Po44l:ll•Cter thnocrel may deem it ithpoot to waive R. the
through nualla the lock thane thlatcr ‘ and for the way malls
that of another, Ile morns. therein, Ohs right of coo
tractith with dlttelanthadlaidethe for each different Loth
of looks an he Joey via and atro the light to tricot
the ethelmthe and if he shall doom that coon*
toe the Wave. of • t. Me party or parthe
contracting will be required to anted tont, vitt ample
initity,linthe nun of thletythe do/lerlbr a faithful
performance of the tOtanCl... al. contract is to ..nine
pnwicione he the doe end proper thspection of the tooth
end kale/ ead alth gmadlog aththat their pasting Into
!I L . lam* the terms" of them evothelms to:be en
Worm the Department and the mincoarbal tddder.
If• id thoald Immolated. • • .
Notheetbons will taco:thieved if not anocanyathed with
satiate& evidanthof th e trustwor th y therecterof the bit
der, and . his ability to toilet the ithatrarr.
N. If. Imp,. lthtmaster General.
nachth-alkieleing". . ,
T EMON SYRUP.--60bn "nirner's"lem
ee sltap. COIMISIMIZAItid es alp '
ju ltp,Pl3-3 bale; egl . by
WOOL-Cash paid for Wool by
y Jod- . artninlY * ma.
hat Pelt /Lei
Intlan &July
rt. 7eb* Ault
ha.My a N..
t "
Int..hala *July
hat MaySo &NoV
L SEED OlL— +lsoo Ern
i t sale
11 E0013-250 doz. common to best;
604. extra faxtry;•for pale by
taj'a FICIELIKON. Lanka Mb
rer. for o by_ _
. . 0 • Melodeom! • • - . ... •
--1. KLEBER has just received aettoice lot
• or superior Carheadra -
19 sunfactened
r. Ca:W.lqt hinuelf—lbe ooleloo l ismutor—in New
ark City. Mr, C. ha s mush happrewl emu his colgiusi
tersentton,und It. Ls nowgenereily cooloaded Out he makes
the best 31eledmons in th e country, both for eleinulee of
Smith and riutume and beenty of tone slut tooth. Among
One en
One 6 6 De "
nse Akio:hart, to foot, roeswpol: i ' . •
One 41 " ~" ". "
Ctne "
No. 01•Thir1 street, 01 of the Golden Harp •
in y3O , ' hole Agency /or the above Instruments.
Dir.ldar 4 Vet
Div J.O Iliad
Bi f vv . maw
Dlr.Qr.9 Dr ct.
Div.i D=e6zoo
LARD OIL.-10 bble. pure winter.
15 do 54.2
- Yr nolo IF J. BeIIOONDIAICER.&eci,
• No. 514, Wool et
POBAOOO-103 kegs superior 6 twist, on
eassivon.ot and raU by
M4 2 3LASSES) bbla. prime N. (ook;)
, br,
DI,. Ns 4 prat
WINDSSOH SOAP-50 boxes Hyde's, for
OR osyxo 11. A. I'AIINESTOCEa CO.
MACKEREL-75 bpis ale
Int l by , : Seeced
mr 4
13 E 31.1-45 torts Wee. IL It., for sale by
MACKEREL - 30 bbla. No. 3, for rale by
=tls 111:1103AIDGEL INO EMAIL
We by WILL McCLIIRO 100. •
Growl and Tee Deelele. '
Q, ALT IT TRP.,-20 !lags (Credo) for sale
aw3o Iv. a 7. VILSON.
SPERM 011,-18 bbls. sari, for sale by
MANNERS' OLI-23 bbla. for rale by_
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N O. 3. AIACKEREI4,-502b15. for rale by
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CANARY SEED.--3,5001b5. juat receigrkl
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ILUE-5Q .bble. White Louisville fpr sale
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itlorrespondwoot of IhelAlly Plttakulgh daiette:l.
. .
• New Twin, June 2.4.
. .
Stminees men are rather more encouraged this
week, after reading their California and Euro
pean correspondmace, and think we are not to
be 'ruined quite yet. We are 46 send off no more
coin until Saturday,. and then an amount that
will be more then replaced by the receipts at
New Tali front other cities prfor to that time, to
eay nothing , of the . , millions to come by next
'week's steamer from chagres. The Custom
House will also pay, oat about a million and a
half on the ist of July, thus giving an impetus
'to all financial operations. Stocks bare rallied,
and bid fair to reach a high point. Loans are
made with great' facility at old prices, and it 'ls
understood that a consideisbli amount of forego
capital has been erdered to be kept here, to be
used at present 'rates. ' -
Freights to-EurOpe ere improrlig, and none
of the packet nisei are engaged for full six weeks
ahead at rates that pay. ' Breadstuff! are now
mare in demand for the English market, and to
such an extent that the thipments must soon pro.
duce a marked effect on the Exchanges, which
even now are tending downward—frrst class billi
selling. at 110 i.. Some of the.liomerwani bound
daps are getting good freights, which shows that
ottr imports- are not diminishing. One of the!
London rackets has £3,600 or 1117,500-4 Mun
that makes owners much pleased.
This afternoon the pioneer ship of a line be..
tween Norfolk and Near York, is to ha launched.:
She is 210 feet long; 22 feet beam, and' 16 feet
hold, and built. by Westerireit & Mackey. The
large amount of traffic between New York sad
Virginia cif, be a source of certain revenue to
these ships, and soon pay for them.: A line of
Lammers is also talked of between Portland and
this port, which, if carried out, will make-New
York the central point of a steam marine ,
extending to New Orleans on the South, and
Maine on the East.
The famous Nicaragua route is at last before
the people and open, and on the 14th of July the
Pr:methane will leave for 'San Juan, to connect
with the 'Pacific -, on the other aide. The new
route will shorten the distance to California eight
dap time, and a month in point, of comfort.—
The Pacific his made the finest run of any Steam
er that has Trusel the liorzt, - ancl will effect a
great revolution in the .cost of marine engines
Her engine is a copy of one used on one of the
flat boats of the river, and - cost onlyhalf what
the engines of sea-going ships 'pay. On the
smooth nese( the Pacific she can use it as con
fidently as upon the bosom of the Ohio 'or Had;
The manufactures. of your city, and in fact
all who use a steam boiler can make up their
Minds to incur the expense of having them fitted
with a new invention, from the fertile Twain of
the {raptures of floe's presses. A caveat has
been filed, and as soon as the English market het
been secured it will be made public here. It
has been tried in this city enough to chow a ea
ving of ten thousand tons of coal in twenty-three
days; that is, the same work is done in twenty
three days with thirteen tons of coal, that was
performed with twenty-three before. On. your
rivers it must be invaluable enabling as it will
the boats to run 0
leseavify loaded with feet
and affording an enlarged area for freight.—
Ocean steamers with the new boilers will sot be
ahnost'freighted with coat, but be. made-Large
carriers of profitable freight The improvement .
is as simple as it is effectual; and is comprised
in the ase.of an apparatus, that furnishes to the
steam chamber pure steam, and not as- now, a
mixture of 'steam froth and water. The common
boiler can befitted 'with the apparatus ate mere
nominal cost, and its use most be general..
Editorial Corteltpacdscee of the 1,11...
LoNDos, Wednesday, June 4, 1851..
, 'Although 1 have not yet found time for a care
ful and thoratigh examination of the machinery
and processes recently invented or adopted in
Europe for the , manufacture of cheap fabrics
from Flax; I have seen enough bitten:re me of
their ralue and iniportanee: I hare been disap
pointed only with regard to machinery for - Flax-
Dressing, which seems, on casual inspection,
to be far less efficient'than the best on our side
of the Atlantic, especially that patented of late
in Missouri and lientnoicy;. , That in operation
in the Britilt.Msehinery deparbilent of the EX
hibltion does its work faultlessly except that it
turns out the product too slowly. I roughlires
tbnate that our Western machines are at least
twice ns efscient.
31. CASIISSea is here, and has kindly explained
to me his processes, and-shown me their pro-.
duets. fie is no inventor of Flaxisiressing - Ma
chinery at all, and claims nothing in that line.
In dressing, ho adopts uncloses the best Machines
he can Ltd. andl think is destined to receive
important aid from American inventions.. Whet
he claims IS - mainly the-discovery of a cheap
obendcal solvent of &arias' fiber, whereby its
coarsensai and barskokairare.rinfothd; nod the
fineness and softness erCottors-inthiced in their
stead. This he liassocomtlished. Some of his
Flax-Cotton is Scantly distinguishable from the
Sea Island staple, withwto other samples, be hits
given the character of wool very nearly. - Venn'
imagine no reason why this cotton should slot lm
spun and woven as easily as any -other.- The
staple may be rendered.of any desired-leigth,
though the usual average is about two - inches
It is as white as any cotton, being -aide eo by
an easy and cheap bleat:thing process. ill. Claus
sen's process in hen of rotting requires but three
hours fin its completion. • It-takes the flax as it
comes from the field., -only somewhat dryer WA
with the seed beaten off, and rendsri It thoreingh•
ly fit for breaking. . The plant is allowed to ri
pen before itisharrested, ao that the seed is all
sated, while the tediousness and iojury to tie
fiber, not to speak of the unwholesomeness of
the old fashioned _rotting Processes are entirely
obviated. Where warmth is • desirable - in tho
fabrics contemplated, the staple is: made to res.
semble wool quite closely. -Specimens dyed red,
bine, yellow, Sc., are exhibited, - to show how
readily and
the flax cotton- takes
any color that maybe desired.. Betide these lie
rolls of, flannels, feltinge, and - almost every vn- . •
riety of plain textures,labricatett wholly or. In
good part from.. flat as. prepared.for spinning
under 31. Clausien's patent, proving the odors.
tation of this fiber to almost every nse now sub
served by either cotton or wool, The mistures
of cotton and flax, flax-cotton and wool; arecks
cellent and servicable fabrics. .
The main questiomatill. remains to be con , .
nidered—will it pay? Flax may be grown Al
most everywhere—two or three crops a year in
seine climates—three thou the present annual •
product of cottem fie; and wool, all combined,
could ensilybepriAnced even, next year, But
unless cheaper fabrics, all things considered, can
be, produced from faxcotton than from Me Alls
aLtaippl staple, this fact is of little worth. On
this iital ' , feint l' must of course rely on testi
mony, an 11. ,Clatimati's is ns follows: 7 . , t
lie says the Flax-strew, or the ripe, dry plant
salt comes from the field, with rho seed taken
off, may be grown OTCII here for 'slo- per ton, !
but be will concede its Cost for the present to be. 'I.
$l5 per the,, delivered, as it is necemary that I
liberal itidnoements shall be given for its eaten-
sive coley/don. Six tons of the straw or ftax in
the bundle will yield ono ton of driiied and
clean fibre; the cost of dressing which by Ida
method sous to make it Flax COttOO, is $35 per •
ton. (Our superior Western machinery ought
considerably to reduce this) The total cost of
the Flax Cotton, therefore, will be $12.5 per ton
Or IdX centirr-pound, while Flax-as it conics 1
from the eel is worth $l5 per ton: should this. •
come down to $lO per ton, the cost of the fibre
will be reduced to $95 per ton, cr less than five
cents per ponntl: - - At that rate, good' fieldhands .
must be lather Plow of tee for Cotton planting,
at $lOOO each, or et= $7OO. ' -
'Ls there any doubt that Flax-straw' may be
profitably grown in the United States for $l5 or
even $lO per tom' Consider that It has been ex
itmsively.grownfor yearn, oven in our own State,
for the seed only, the straw'being thrown out tei
rot and being a riositivi militant* to the grower.
Now the seed is morally certain to command, for
tweet...three years at brut, a higher price 'than
hitherto because of the Increased growth and ex
tended use of ; the fiber. 'F,etnofarmer who That
Flax growing be tempted sell the seed by con
tract or otherwise for th present; -let none be
glean over to. the tender. Mercies , of 'oil-tellis.—.
We shall-need all that legume thisyear for sow
ing nest Bpring, , and it is morally certain to bear
a ideh price even this Fall. , :The • sagacious
should caution their lees wetchfie neighbOrs • on
this point - I shall be disappointed If a bushel
of Flaxseed be not worth two bathes or Wheat
in most parts of cur Countryte , xt May
Our mim F
ing Agricultural 're, Stein lad"'
esl, should be improved for the diffusions of
knowledge and, the attainment of concert and
mutual understanding with regard to the data
culture. . For the present, at any rate, fe W
farmers can 'afford or will choose to incur , the
expense of the heavy mavati•es7 required to
break and roughly dress their flax. 60 as to di
vest it of harbfaa of its bulk and leave:the I
law i x ; A State for easy traimportation 'to the
palate at which flax-cotton machinery
'central •operation. If the Lae ranter liaa
maybe VII. I'l . .
.to, be .hauled .: arty ar mmY miles -over dee e l
• ree d" t o Spit o perchaser_or lattices; g.- utactiffne,. 1
'the coat of inch tratarportation will nearly eat
up the proceeds If the farmer of any township
can be assured beforehand that suitable ma,
voLuxE Lxiv—Kivium
chinery will next summer be put pp Within aftir
miles of them, and a market - th ere created for
their fax, Its growth WHY be . I:reistly.extelakel.
And if Intelligent, energetic: =..mart
will now turn their thoughts Wiimd the procar
mg and setting up of the bat fiarbsealtintrn"l
- (not for billy 'deeming but Merely flor
separating the fiber trout the balite( -the woody ;
substance itincloses) they may presimith. make
contracts with. their neighbori.nimuters for flax
straw to be delivered in the autumn of mixt year
on termshighly adnitageous to both parties.
The Sax thus roughly dreamed may be -
even a hundred miles to market at a m to
coat, and there can be no restionable doubt calm
commanding a good price M. Clamant samurai
me that he could now buy and profitably me •
almoet any quantity of such flat it -
were to b .
has The onlyremon, ha says,.why there are
not now any number of spindles and looms roc.
ning on fax cotton is the want of the raw ma
terial. (His patent is , hardly yet three months ..
old.) Tsking dressed and hatcheled tax, worth
seven to nine mate per pound, and transforming
it into flax cotton while cotton is no higher than
at present, would not pay. '
Of course, there will be clisappointMents, mis
takes, unforeseen difficulties; disasters, in Mae
growing and the consequent Atbrications Iterost
ter ash eeetofore. Ido not presume that every
man who how Mattes into flu will makehis for-
tunk I presunientany . will bun:lows. I coun
sel and urge the Wiest inqulry,the most cars- •
fol,calettlations, preliminary to any declaim's*. -
lion. But that such inquiry will lead to my •
extensive flax-eowing next year,-to theerection
of flab-breaking machineryata thousand points
where - Una each hareem- Yet existed—and ul
timately to the firm istabliehnient of new and
most important branches of industry, Imams
doubt.. Our awn country is better sinzated than
any other to take the lead in the _flaz-businesc •
her abundance of cheap, fertilesoll, laid of cheap
seed, the intelligence of her producers, the gen
eral diffusion of water and - utesan power, and
our present smeriority-in fax.breaking machin
ery; all point to this result.:: It will be unfortu
nate alike to our credit, and oar prosperity ilia
iodolentlYor heedlessly suffer other nations , to
take the lead
Clauseen has also a - Ciicalar Teem
in the Exhibition, wherein bagging, twittery, &u.
maybe woven without seem •or anything like
one. This loom
. msy be...operated by a very
light hand ?Owes, (of mune, steam or water Is
cheapre,P and it does its work rapidly and yank
lessly. mention this only as a proof of his in,
motive genius, and to corrobirate the favorable
impression he made on me. I have smoothing
more ingenious in the immense department de
voted to British Machinery , than this loom.
I understand that overtures 1411111) been made
to DL Claps/um for the purchase of his American.
patent, but as yet without definite result.
however, is not material. Whether the patent
is sold or held, there will next year be parties
ready to buy roughly dressed flax to work up.
under it, and it is preparation to grow tomb flax
that lam urging. I believe nothing more Wiper-
Mot or more suspicious-to our farming interes t
has occurred; or years than this discovery by K -
Clanmen. lie mods it in Brazil while engaged •
in the growth of cotton. Itwillnot snpersedecotr
ton, bat it will render it no longer Indispensable
by providing a substitute equally cheap, equally .
eerviceable, and which -maybe'grown almost
everywhere. This cannot be- realized too soon.'
Fmtaxus axe Waanr.a 'Ratrucan. - -..! meet-'
ing of the stockholders of this company was held
at Franklin, on the 19th inst. We are informed - -
'the best feeling prevailed ands determination
'expressed to push the work fortraid.. We under
stand the route will be' immediately earveyed, - .
and every effort made by the friends along the
line, to raise the necespry funds to complete the - ,
work at an early day,
The following named gentlemen were chosen.
Zenas Kent, Ravenna; L J. Iddings; Warrant .
Daniel Upson, Tallmadget Marvin Kent, Sylves
ter Huggins, and Frederick Whipple, Franklin;
Wm. Porter, Newton Falls.
The Board of Directors will meet cantle second
Tuesday of lily, to elect their ofSeers.—FOrlayc
Tun liswvv-Dmeorsarn.lsononutas.—Men
tion was made, in nprevions number of theJohr....
pal, of a newly discovered substance, possessing .?
the property of rendering fetid matter Modoresis.
At that time tmfficient oppOrnanity had not been
afforded to teat truly its merits, and we were ven- ,
willing to commit ourselves until perfectly anti*.
fled that frwould accomplish all Malt. was 're--
presented to do. Since then we have circuit a -
Ldr trial upon matter which' was most offensive -
to the olfactorics, and must say that the 'molt t. •
was both . satisfactory and astonishing.. Any
trid decomposed animal. cm -vegetable :: matter,
placed in contact-with this agent, less, in •, IT O 7,
short time, rendered perfectly inodorons We
take much pleasare in testifying , to its meritt,
And trust it will prove as eatiefactory- in 'emperi.'''
meats by others as Mhos ia thefew byourselvas
tr . . Dr. J. D. Durrell, ono of the directors of the, ,
company who - prepare it, we are indebted
muds useful and - interesting matter relative to
,itsdiscovery sad nutritfattore,' rams of Which'"
We absll at an early dtlaylay been one retubrewl , '
would be well if the Boards of littalthnflampst"i
tewns andsitim should examine, forthenutelseel
this new agent, and give the repo rt of, their in- ,
ypstigstion to the public. There cannet' he too
much done for the preserintion of the bealtifend
and lives of oar eitirens,"and those who by their:.
researches promote the one, andprolong ttut
et', may be considered benefactors of the num,
and richly merit a reward of their labors The
deodorizer is Manufactured by 'the Great Pond
Mining Conipany, ,Gape Elizabeth,near Portland-
Maine, and is offered at a very low prim, inert. t!
der to induce the public to Make trial of its re-..
taarkable properties:-..Boston Medical Journal.,.,;
IPonraste Sow MILL.—We caw at the ,Mcoo
mnnee Furnace of W. B. Walton '6 , Co., yestet ,
day afternoon, a Portable Steam Haw Mill, the
first one of the kind built in Wisconsin, destined
for the Sheboygan at, Fond du Lao Plank }lnd.-.
Company. It looks, at fait night, very mach like
a Locomotive; being mounted on foue
end furnished with smokepipe, boiler, ernghaer
&0., all resemblingthetripplnge tocomotives.- -
The whale weight of the machine is about three,:
tons, and two yoke of oxen can draw. it' along,
with great ease. , The carriage and saw . Are ott l .
tathed to the rear of the Locomotive (let ns calf'
it) and are moved with h from place VO ILE* '
where their joint earths:3 are needed. The uatr.
ohms edvantage of this Portable:llw Will is,that: •„:
it can be drawn along the hoe of the road,as the
grading and planking progresses, &awing e!
goes, mad thus paying its own way. 'The engine
complete, cost about $4OO, and the holler sB7o:''''
Add the cost of the carriage, citisdar Lair, ita., ---,-
lima the whole would come to about sl,6oo.cThe
engine is , of 20 horse . power, and can deivtithe, -
circular saw,lfty th rees in diameter, no as i±:o
out trots 8 to 8000 feet Per day of tin lionia—'. —
.Pihimotis Satinet... ' • -
Posrarrosocs Crass Purtra.=..t.
paper exceedingly (skiers the following: ,
.i proof of the originality .of British manners
is the genuine regard of the English for the garee':-
of therm. Towards the end of the year :113485r
Captain Timmons, wbo for Mx mattes hAd,beezi ;I,:rt
playing a gime of Chess .with
was Orderered to the Cape of Good Hepe.,
gentlemen agreed to' continue the Mime' by eir
respondence, the makes being :BOO' guitteia" .l
They made several /QOM by letters,-.butt.CapU: .. :74
Thames, during a Wit _battle, was _wounded
end died. Before dying, however, he drew z np
statement,' in which, combining nit the passible •
or probable mores of bid adversary; termhisV •
ed the game, and Gni; - replacing -the mei; _
enjoined one of his club colleagues tit play
the game.' Pie. Ni"lllterceen egreed.and otter
struggle of three months. between -himself
the testamentary executor of Captain . Tbomu.
in which of course, all London amateurs
Leta! themselves - intensely, the latter-wee declarl'"
ed the victor.
This, adds the journal, is one .fltrEt
and most cariousincidents thittwo rug. - a 4
City or Pun/vs.—A corre.iiondent of the
Newark Advertiser, writing frozn:lntin, !lye:
bn nyprosching the enviiorue one is ready, to
InqUire if it Is n city of priests--cintsny long
black robes Are seen trailing .in they dant. sad go =La=
mna7 three-cornered Anita. bobbing in iirctz
rectiotu e, question that will notrlse. the .
render when be learns that In the little ova'
of Sardinia there are orersixt7 thiinganUpitents;''''
including the Enonka. .Tdrusy.of theseare attach-
ed to institutions for the education of . indigent _
youths, and receive salaries from the'kimerlgilenst-_3;:,:,
others are " - professors in the,. warier:a eoßeges;
and 'the remainder; are 7Wintred. tia tot the dalltr „,„ 7 „
manses of the tharch of whlchrthetw'atell o
TrVne,bealdeiseveral monastertidsl
do no ow them:mai= of . moo,l'ff ettechwl
these; nt they are truneritur, and pattoF'fts~ :;4i
streeta et all howl with their uncoiereci,
heads, bare feet, coarse brown robes, fastened, ,
at the waist 'by the rine; cord ; mwel
eeourge of penitence; and thnross anttntie 3 7.l,- ,;;;-
cluein g nt the aide. - L e g g issocedions *routs, -
Coo, in their eloiltei nen:tome, and' sisterw6fl,
charity beaded by the- lady impeller
the cross:- may be encountered abmattett
by the stranger" entering ?Ind* . Botha . 126 "
eariona . reiltiMisc orders being shrt,Ts 'O l 4
;ditty;—bm~Sn6' the deed on' performing*ll 01 Z6t . :7 . -
other sacred rite; no that it is net &Benda to re;..
albs at onee one's approzhnity to RomanCathesi..