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    Wh at has become of the Noah Branch canal?
The sinking fund is gradually growing while it
neee a n ary to borrow money to pay interest. True
wisdom with a veroMnek . Th e North Mulch
it s 111 sleep this soason, at a coact the state dome
, 200 ,000, but who is to blame for all thiif We
wm. F. Johnson the man who stamped the
Rate o n pledges met violates - theta now, we pies
me, without even a shrug of the ilhOdkitn.-Luz.
D a rn nom Dantinte Cote
imx , pia of theeountry deaths have cm:wed from
the imprudent indulgence in cold iiratbr "when this.
b o dy was overheated. Too With caution cannot
lx used cipecially by laboring persons exposed to
the d uec t r ays of the sun. if care is taken to bathe
the b an ds and face before drinking, no evil conse
ace is likely to rise.
iir.ara A. WlSE—hes written a letter to General
Foote ; in reply to the recent epistle of the latter gen
neman in which he declares that he has entirely
renounced politics and will take no part in the sub
reds to which Geri F. has directed his attention.
NO c . HOLEIZA AMONG THE Snsaca6.4-.The Leban
en(Oliio)Star says that no case has ever occurred in
one nt the 17 Shaker villages of our county—a
ireumstance indicating the value ofcleanliness,and
e mperance in all things.
CALIFORNIA Civazxrums.—The comtnon article
(dress in California is a coffee sack, with holes
ut for the head and arms of the wearer. Another
ridence of anglo-Saxon ingenuity and energy.
BEER.—It has been decided by Justice .Cushing
Boston. that beer is liquor and a more madden
ning variety of it than any other.
thIL-ROAD laoN.—The Montour Rolling Mill Is
ow in full operation and the work of making Rail•
toad Iron has been resumed. We trust that the
liII may now have a long anirpmsperous run of it.
CHEMICAL Avvmtnr.—This law in Chemistry is
markably,illustrated in the restoration of the equil
ibnutri between the supply and waste in diseased
final matter through the agency of G. W. Mer
nant's Celebrated Gattougo Om. It is well known
'at actions taken place only under certainfcircum
ance : that some bodies have no tendency to
site chemically and that others strongly influence
aril other, their mixture is merely mechanical,
at no change takes place. The latter class of
*dies in which is included the Gargling Oil in
is application to morbid animal matter, act by their
ilinity.for each. other, their action being productive
I chemical phenomena, and the properties of one
t both are altered. Hence to the strong affinity of
he constitution of the morbific matter may be re
erred the beneficiel influence exerted over so great
variety of diseases most of which were consider
das incurable. His advertisement may be found
II another column.
sngt able's Salts, Attar-let Ettetutions,
Receipts, Executions,
itsehments, -. Deeds, s
nsimons, . Mortgages,
uhpgenas, litotes, 41,c.,
n 0.41 on •npcnor pnt,et, (06 6
-0., de .er , rllo,l. panted to,or
wwm 1.
;n SilePheqnsn. on the 11th of June last. f;FX)RC;F:
\ .n 01 1.. D. and Enteltue Tyrrell,'itt the second year of
Thar parr the early bads away—
The fragrant flowers of Spriofg,
Brtore the blight of Autumn's ddy
Corrupts the offeridg. •
liou -
,Lichfield—J. R. Brown ;
Conroe—j. L. Rockwell, josiah Lawrence ; •
/r \IL ell—Earl Howe;
l'ike—Jackson Pierce:
idgbery—Jonathan Allen, John Wallace ;
' me—H. J. Chobbock
•mithfield—Luther Adams, Shelton French, George
pringhtll—D. L. Crawford
'hesheqpin—Darwin Gillett;
'owanda Tp.—Williant Barnes;
Boro—L. M. Nye ;
my Tp.--Hirarp Case ;
'arren—S. C. Brainard, Jeremiah Canfield;
'yalusing—Borton Edwards, L. P. Stafford
'Windham—James Finch;
Vysoz—James M. Reed ;
''ells—John A. Roy, Samuel Wright;
• - gamey . *nen..
Athens Tp.--Solonfon Bovirortit, Wm. g. Overton,
C. F. Welles, Jr. • -
Albany—Rollin Wilcox:
itutlington-1. V. Daniels, Sirerman H. Will;
eolumbiaL—L. Le Gregory 7
Durel—Wm. Coolteaugh, D. W. Coolbaughs
Granville—John McNatrgb't
Leroy—James Lamont. Moese -
Monroe—Geo. H. Bull, H. S. Salsbury
Orwell--Cheoter Chaffee:
Pike—l. A. Codding ;
Ridgbery—George Cooper, lames H. Webb, Aisetde
Colby rn ;
Rome-8. W. Elliott, Philander Towntr
S pringhill—Hiram Horton;
S heshequin—Elisha Satterlee;
Southfieid—Alvin Seward; •
Towanda Tp.—G. M. Holtman, W. W. Easter
brook's, Wm. H. Foster, tr. H. Mace. H. M.Myet
Troy TN—William Batto, Leonard Upham;
noter—Jeduthan Simone:, Thomas Scott ;
wysox—resabriel King, Bertrand Whitney'
Timis wiry,.
Athens I'p.—P:. H. Spalding;'
Firtrlingtoniarhes N't Hera;
Cantor—Justin Bothwell, J. A. Bothwell; •
Coltimbia•L•L. M. Cornell, Hiram Edwin;
Durel—J. M. Bishop. Jacob Kerrick, Isaac Mace;
Herrick—N. B. Wetmore;
Litchfield4—Renbed Parks;
nrweli--komeon Dimick, Christopher Hincy ;
?Ace—Stephen Gregory, H. S. Warner;
Riegbery—Dan. A. Gillett
RNse—W. W. Goodrich ;
t `prin;hlll—Robert Bardwell, J. B. Cohort, Wiliam
klub Creek—George Dunham, Daniel Hildreth ;
hhestieq uin —A braham Give. John N. Horton, Hen
ry Kingsbery; •
g _prlngfield—Walter Mattocks, D. M. Strotid ;
S mithfield—James H. Rice, Gordon Wilcox;
F ilandin. Stone—George Viumess,-2d
To 4 and 6 a boro—Stephen Felton, Win. Trent
W Ysol—HenryPassmore;
W iadham—Netsort Tyrrell, Minh Wright t'
W lalssing—Bdirtied HoMtet
ll t r l iNETB--A large aseartarentuf Ladies ansiNia.
re! Ploreoee., patent, hose, gimp,. pearl, Coburg,
"e*Polnan and Leghorn Bonnets. Alan, wreaths and
were, fur sale at ap2O MERCL*IIB'.
sale at this Wanks, of
Nan rAbverftstmentr.
'OW opening at the; above establishment a very
'lll large and ,dasauble assortment -of SPRING dr.
SUMMER GOODS,' which will be sold at very low
rates. Irminriii at this establishment conducted upon
heir and boned priniiiples. You have our Monks for
past favors and we hope for a euntuntance of the same
awe are bound to Aall doOds Cheap.
Towanda, July 4, 1849. •Pi. N. BETTS.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in Pan Office at
Ridgbery, Braltfohl Countf, Pa., June 30,'49.
'John Brown Edward Delany
Silas Baldwin Peter A Evens
Daniel Brockway ' D Frutchy
Parvin D Covell , Asa Farnsworth 2
Joel Chapen E 1 Henry
George Cooper Edward Hernon
• Caroline Covell ' Edward Hanlon
E Covell , Abner Hall
Almyl Carr David Hapemait -
D Carey Wm bteentire
Gilbert Coleman Nomiab Smith
Sally Ann-Doty James Strobridg
Ridgbery, July 2d, 1849. JOHN BURT, P. M.
To Owners of, and Dealers in 'forms.
. OINTMENT, for the cure
) - Founder, Split Hoof, end
(f / Hoof bound Hotsea,contrae-
ted and Feverish Feet, Brui-
sea in the Flesh, Wounds,
Galled Backs, Cots, Kicks,
fn Mt_ , Cracked Heels, Stretches,
&c., on Horace.
For the cure of Ring-bone, Blood Sporran, Bone Spa-
Windgalls and Splint—a certain remedy.
CC' Thu. Ring-bone cure and the Founder Ointment
are prepared from the recipe of a very celebrated Eng
lish Farrier, and will cure in ninety-nine cases out of
one hundred any of the above complaints, They have
been used by farmers, livery-men, stage proprietors and
others, with the most marked and decided success.
Sold in New York -hy Comstock', 37 John at-, and
in Towanda, by HUSTON & PORTER. 5m6-
In the matter of the Estate of Pder Wailer ddeased.
AND now,to wit; May 7th, 1849. On petition of
E. W, Baird, the court vacate so much of the
order made on the 7th day of September, A. D. 1848,
as describes the lands to be sold, and order and di
rect that forty acres and two perches of land from
the farm of said Peter Walter dec'd..besold, bound
ed and described as follows to wit Beginning at a
soft maple the south west corner of Merritts Knapp,
lot on -the bank of Towanda creek, thence north
along said Knapp's line two hundred and forty
perches to a hemlock,The north west corner of said
Knapp's land, thence west twenty six and three
tenth perches to a beech, thence south along the
lands of Peter Walter dec'd. two hundred and forty
seven perches to a post, on the bank of said Towan
da creek, thence down said creek the several emir
res and distances to the place of beginning. Con
taining forty acres and two perches. strict measure.
Towanda, July 3, '49. 1L BLACK, Clerk 0. C.
By virtue of the above decree, the said premises,
will be exposed to public sale,un Saturday, the llth
day of August, 1849, upon the premises, at 2 'o'-
clock P. M.
Attendance given and terms made known on the
day of sale. JOHN VANDYKE,
=EtZo Z<l.ilgras
Rooms in Mavis,* Buildings,
HAVING received New Tailbone god New Goods
gnd being in all respects prepared promptly and
satisfactorily to respond to the calls of her customers
'solicts a continuation of their patronage. May 10, '49
Monbroyes' Nevi Mock, dime Mama', on the
eebth side of the ptiblie Acme, to better advantage,
perhaps, than at ant othei place in or out of Bradford
TX C. HALL rdepaethillyindsreas his frienddend the
Fred*, that be has now for sale at bin REW STORE,
• general and choice assortment of STOVES, of all
sizes and patterns, which he is prepared to sell at whole
sale or retail, or exchange fot country produce Upon the
most accommodating terms. Among his Sock are the
Air tight Complete,(all sires) Stewart's Air tight,
Rough and Rea dy do.. Revolving flue do., Albany
city do., Republican do., Central N. Y. da.; Boa
eye, hot air oven s with rotary top, Premium Storks,
No. 1,2, 3,4, 5,6, of most improved patterns •
Air tight Parlor Stoves, all sizes ; plates. all
sizes ; Cannon Stoves, an =elk's( artiek for elm,
taverns stores, kc.; Radiator Parlor store; Key
stone patent stoves ; all sizes Band bot store, te.
• 4,000 lbs.' of Roads and American STOVE-PIPE,
ready-made; also, Bran and Copper Kettles, of various
patterns, together with a pneral traortsivent of Sam
and Copper
le kb Ilk lit t. %dn. lb ,1 tiv__o9
500 Lard Tubs, with a choice amostment of evefy
article iv the 'lin ware line, to which the sue ties of
Merchants, Pedlars, Families and Housekeepers gene
rally is invited.
a;:r The highest rice will be piid for old castings.
copper and brass. Grain, Turkeys, Chickens, and all
kinds of realketible produce wilt be received in pay
meat for Stoves, Tinware, &c.
FOr stoves, sheetiron, copper and tinware, his assort
ment is complete. 11e returns his thanks to his old
customers, to whom, and the public be rearms his invi
tation to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere;
Don't mistake the o&zecbut remombet HALL'S south
side of the Public Square. in Moirtanyea Block.
Towanda Dee. 11, 1848. 1). C. HALL.
AND Classification of the amount of the sales
of the persons engaged in the sale of Goods,
Wares and Merchandise, in and for Btadford Coun
ty, with the amount of License hereunto annexed,
in and' for the year 1819.
. ,
Names of Retaileis. I
I wi W 't t o i+ r class ' I Am't
of lie.
John - Horton'
Eimer Horton
Biddleman & Brown do
Winengs & Gardner do
John Watkins do
do I'3 li 50
do Ii 15 00
do . la' 16 06*
ilo 13 10 qo
db 13 10 00
liif 13 15 00
tio liq • A 700
do Yir 7 61f
doe fit t 6b
~ ,
Coryell & Gee lia 13' 15 00
A& 8 H Morley no liir I'3 IQ 06
J V Daniels do 14' 7 00
W ff Baird .
Welles & Harris
H 8 Comstock
H Welles &
G A Perkins
Phelps & Welker'
C Park
George Merrill
notate Carnet
fob Motley
F's Overtoir
liq le
Nevecebn & CO
C E Raibbone
Miranda Atistin
G X Card
,ove, Tin, Copper,
ab 14 14 $7 00
der .14 700
P; 7 00
14 7 00
rt 700
is X6O
rt Oo
a Oa
is do
do • 14 7 00
liq. 14 10 to
U Moody & Co. ' mliq
0 D.Chamberlain do
to_ll . l_
J W Hereon
E Hawley
Bullock & Pasha do
do •
L H Brownson
Ifolcoepb lk,Leland
Parkbirsi lk Co.
J J Warfcrt4
J H Pbriney_
88 dc I B M Hinman
Roger Fowler no 114
J B & G Smith do
Alden & Coolbaugh do
John Hanson do
Brown & Rockwell • do
D C Nagle do
Vannostrum& Northrop do
'Fheophilos Humphrey do
L 8 Maynard no liq
M Wattles do
F W Maynard & Cb do
E & 0 Nichols do
Win. Campbell do
Kinney & Satterlee do
bo, liq
Hiram Spear do
Pine & Bennet lig
W T Daly do
Enos Hubbard no lig
Lucius French do
H W 'Frac d y
A 8 Smith
El H Little
D Bailey & Son
I H Webb
Calvin West
Lyman Durfey
M Bullock &, Co.
C'S Tracy
E W Bair no liq 13
Means, Storrs & Co. do 14
HS&M C Mercur do
Montanyes & Co. do
Kingsbery do
N N Betts do
Daniel Lord do
Tracy & Moore liq
4 T Fox no liq
Kingsbery & Co. do
0 D Bartlett do
Elliott & Tomkins do
D C Hall do
8 S Bailey do
Tiffany & Kingsbery lig
Hiram Mix du
Huston & Porter do
H W Tracy. Assignee
of-C Reed
J P 801 l
H O'Hara.
C .Coleman
Miles Caner
no liq 14 7 00
do • 14 7.00
do 14 7 00
do 14 7 00
do 14 7 00
G F Reddinglon liq II 22 60
8. W & D F Pomeroy. do II 22• 50
L& E Runyon do 12 •18 75
Baird & Stephens no liq 11 15 00
T Maxwell do 12 19 50
Herrick, Hyatt & Pomeroy do 12 12 50
EF&FL Ballard do 13 10 00
Fitch & Ballard do 13 10 00
114 W lopes do . 14 7-00
ti W Paine do 14 . 700
Guy Tracy no liq 14 7 00
Wen Gibson
Peckham and Mather do 13 10 00
Welles & Co,
do 14 7 00
•D ?flyer
Benj Buffington do 14 7 00
Robert Cooper do . 14 7 00
ames P Taylor
E & A Lewis
MH&GH Welles
do 13 10 00
C B Fisher
Indson Holdotob liq 14 10 50
Coolbaugh & Co. do 14 le AO
E Smith & Ow
AND Classification of the persons engagod in the
sale of Nostrums, Patent Medicines dm, in
Bradford, Comity, nndor Act of of assembly of the
10th of April, 1841 k
Residences. Class. Am't of Lic:
lierriek, Athens bo. 3
G A Perkins, do 4 = 500
Huston dr. Porter Towanda too. 3 10 00
Hiram Mix, do 3 - 10 00
Montanye it Co, do 4 b 00
J Kingsbery, do 4 - 500
R King, Troy bo. • 3 500
‘ Mercantile Awraisett
A ueff
ANb Classification of the Betr ifotires, gating
Nooses &c., of Bradford County according to
Act of Assembly of 10th Aprilr Is4l, tittided an
act to create • sinking fund, itc.
Names. Residence. Oast. Am't. of Lie
Geo. Merrill, Athens bor: 8 $5 00
H Career do • 0 600
.1 E Vosburg, Dtirlington, 8 600
B Palmer; Cluton. a 5 00.
Daniel Kellogg, Monroe, 8 6 011
8 Burnham. do 8 600
Chas French, Bidgbery 9 500
G W Cole, - poren, d 500
.1 L•Gerould, Sinlithlteld, 0 6 00
M Phillips do a 600
Aaron Thomas, Springfield, 5 600
Miles dotter, Towanda, 8 5-00
Eergiah Cross, do a b 00
P 11181aitt • do a 5 00
C Coleman, do 5 5 00
8 8 Bailey, do 8 600
S Hathaway, do 8 5 00
I 1111 Gilson. • do 8 600
Win Kelley, - do . S - 5 'OO
It W ion's Trot Dote. 9 • 600
Mereintile Appraiset,
AND Classification of the diffetertilDistilleriesla
Bradford Conpty. for the year IM9, at directed
by Aet of Ainembiy of the 10th of April 1849.
Names. Residence'. lass. Ain't. of
Guy Tozer, Athedsi •ri
James Payne, Monroe, . fed
W M.. B race. f(pringfield ftr
1 E Goodrich, Troy bore. 10
THO'B. BMa r Ag.
Mercantile Appntista.
NOTICt - is hereby given', that an appeal will be
bold at the Commissioners Office, on the 13th day
of July ne=t, at which time and place. any person
aggrieved by the foregoing Clasifficationis, can at.
tend if they think proper. Wheeze my hied of
Totrandk, the Ist dky of, ue, A:DAUM
• nkra. 811ZAD. •
Mercantile Appraiser.
FR dioug pagan or die abbsaiber niebt of
* , Wit a asit ellsonarmiltiatabet Mtbaadi
WO With a long' Ott- ntbstaaad is Weil a War*
be the irsitimil. Wilreiefyrifi ramie oil aarrardaball
be ice, rambled.
Towanda, May 286, NO.
014 7 00
14 7 00
1,4 10 50
14 . 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 10 60
13 ' 15 00
13 15 00
14 8 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00.
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 15 00
19 10 00
18 10 00
14 • 700
14 7 00
14 7 00
IS' 10 00
12 18 75
12 IS 75
12 12 50
13 10 00
14 10 51
14 10 50
14 7 00
14 7 90
18 57
10 20 00
10 20 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
12 Ifl 75
12 12 50
12 12 60
13 10 00
12 12 50
12 12 50
14 7 00
14 40 50
14 10 50
14 10 50
18 10 00
do 13 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
do 14 10 All
Mercantile Appraiser.
1110 00
$0 00
6 ob
IV 00
-r. t..
illentanbir. ST.
A C Al NI -
FL 8. & M. C. MERCUR,
£M ow azestente examen easeaTorsei. -
which were purchased sines the late redoetkeis pines;
they will tbeteiont be sold anomaly cheap.
Towanda, Jeoe 15, 1849.
(1)111011113.41 9NIVErAIiSMEho
rrirrAxT KINGSBERY inform the public
that they are now receiving direct from New Ydrk
and opening in the store lowly occupied by II .Mix.ane
doer south of B. Kingsbery ¢ Co., a large and general
assortment of
Yankee Notions, Confedionary,
to which the amnion of purchasers is invited. Their
assortment of Groceries and Liquors is complete, and
will be add at unusual, low rates. Call and examine.
Toward.. June 19,'49. B: L. KINGSBERY.
STRONG Ettill.
471_ROCER8 & Landlords supplied with Strong Beer
by the bbl. TIFFANY & KINGSBERY.
.ro. 1, litek Row.
HUSTON & PORTER are now remising. at No.
I, Brick Row, a large addition to their former
stock, consisting of
Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Liquors,
Oils, Paints, Dyestuffs, Fairy Goods, h.
which will be sold at enusually low rates. They alas
offers for yak the splendid sod genuine Teas of the PE
KIN TEA COM PAN Y, for which they are agents. and
which they do not tinitate to recommend as being su
perior to any other imported.
Having been appointed agent for most all the genu
ine Popular Potty! Medicines, we assure the public we
will not offer any that are emote' frit, as we will not buy
or accept an agency from those speculators, who, by
base imitations impose upon the country with their
spurious Drugs.
Towanda. trine 18, 1819.
E. T. FOX,'
Ts now receiving a full supply of SPRfNG AND
SUMMER GOODS which are oftived for sale as
low as the same can he purchased at any place this side
of the city of New York. Thankful fur the very liber
cal Patronage estended to him heretofore, he would
respectfully ask a call from all who wi-h to porches
Goods cheap as this stock is to be disposed of at the
lowest natl. please dont neglect to call and dont forget
the place. North Store corner of Mahe and Pine-wt.
JUST opening a splended assortment of fashionable
DRESS GOODS consisting of Worsted and Linen
Basegea, Silk Timms, Linen, and Chanageble Lusters,
Organdies and Printed Muslims, Scotch, French, and
American Gingham's, Chambra's Small Figured Blue
and Green DeLanes and the Fretless assortment of
Prints in town at FOX'S.
GLOVES 50 dozen Kid milk, leak thread an 4 cot
ton gloves of every porikile size end color et
my 23 FOX'S.
30 DOZEN mon of those linen Hankerctitets at 121
es. at my 23 ,Fors
HATS—Moleskin, fur, silk, collated and white Maxi
'ean, wool, Pseama, Leghorti, pedal and palm leaf
Hats, on hand and fur sale at MERCURS%
OAPS—A good assortment of Men's End Boy's caps,
from 121 cents up. for sale at MERCURS'.
ED L.(6ll:lLti DB 11111.110 IP isi .1
Tsobscribmintending to leave town aeon, Ter'
-1 pectfully presents, his thanks, and acknowledgments
to the citizens of this village, and vicinity ; for their kind,
and esten4ve patronage; and will be happy to secure
• continuation of calla. Should there he those, wish
ing for titanium, " penciled by a fly of light," he will
endeavor to satisfy them, by producing • p•riertly me
net representation, of Wane, and expression.
Cr ROOM over Mr. J. Mingebeire store.
Towanda. May Bth, 1849: W. R. SMALL.
reels Naar Teta.
NOW of Bradford County. Pa., will make a periadi
eal Weft to TOWANDA,remaining a week or ten
dam commenting Bth of May next. 'Will be found at
the Bradford Hotel.
Satisfactory references and moderate prices. Teeth
inserted. from one to a whole rest, and warranted to Ike
executed as well as can be derte:in the cities.
The following villages will be periodically visited :
Towanda, Athens, Troy, Leßaysvale, &e. Informa
tion will be given* week or so in advance, through the
Reporter, and by small advertisements. ap2y
1 - 1 11.8 OIL& l—Lattip and Linseed Oil, in quantities
‘.-1 to snit purchasers, for sale at NEROURS'.
AND 8P 8-4, IN 6,3, 10, TO, 30, and
40d Neils; and 4, 44, and 14 breb Spikes, for sale
by tile pound, keg or too, at MERCURB'.
CLOTHS. Caseimeres, Nannette and Veiling., a ge-
Oird just received and for sale right ,
at .11440 MERC URte.
SIIMMItR CLOTIIINd.—A large asaortmaist of
Goods for Mena' and Boys' &tomer Clothes. now
opening sod for sale at ap2o MERCURB'.
TE - AB.
'IMPERIAL, Young 14son , Hymn Skin and Black
.1 Teak of superior &son rot sale at prkes that tiyifi
ash judges of the article, at MERCURS'.
ter M VIE V ;I Er Zit
LDIMLING, Laying out Needs and Lots, Dividing
Dames. Idessining Masonry. Embankments. &c.,
aecarsiely done by E.G. NICHOL& Office at Roane
Bradford county, P.. 60148
amit lawits of the late firms of HUSTON & MA
.I SON Mad of HUSTON & LADD. hays been
plead in my bands for settlement. I sib iffstroani to
say, that prompt attention on the part of debtors will
finis them COST. D. TANDEMCOOK,.. J. P.
T. 0 1 ,10414 May 14; 1849. Argus copy.
AM AIM AV zr lot ina- •
L. WEST lipoid inform the citizens el To
. mat, that he haa leafed oo the corner of Wa
aM South ma., -where tui will sitend eielosively to
MeliaHag Boots - tr Shoes,
end et the Amami-on bate to mend. be &deo &meal
diet by comma attention. be than ga plenty or work.
Towanda. Jen. 12. Mg.
and English milin braid new shape ' infants end
ehildnins also gents fine 'mole akin thlssit
niy2d Fox's,,
GlN6tiAida—Good patterns and good caws for Ist
ets. at. rey23 FOX'S.
-LP a. raw wee sea newts lace Beeseissed tie
beet eirerteient•of in'bboos AMIN; 'ARO, bleak. 601111,
Am. and straw aittii him ma crap* hams Clr .
Aseiteeble is the elope ol Emmet Wei. at 7421
FlttilittilttEN OR litAelt TEAII-Ikrottattiii
good woe age, the money regintlee bran cm*
where Teo does not mutat my 23 nr.xs,
Eqpt %battlements.
BT virtutkof snit of Vaud. Expo. Weil Obi of th e
Court of ("swoon Pleas of Bradfoid misty and.lo
me sheeted. will be exposed to pOlic sale et the Cosa
House the born. of Towanda, on hainnlay the
7i gi of JULY, 1649, at one, o'clock, P. M., the
&Bowing lot piece or parcel of land situate la the
township of Athens bound6d and described as fol.
lows J Beginaffig at a bettifeck for a corner, on the
south east corner of t lot fotmerly occupied by
Richard Elston, and Dow or lately owned by N. L
Wynkoop thence :moth 884 degrees 106& five-tenth
perches to a stake kit a corner, thence north I f de
grees east 155 rodi lo a corner, thence north 884
degrees west 106 & five-tenths perches to a corner,
thence south l degtees west 155 & five-tenth
perches to the place of beginning; being lot No: 9.
on warrant 1496 granted to Charles Carroll. Con
taining one huated and; three acres and eighty
perches of land. be the some more or less.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Fla
bina.Dewitt to the use of Miles Prince, vs. William
Averill. •
Sherirs Office, Towanda Ma} 15, 1849.
BY virtue of wok of a Ars. Vend. Expo. leaned out of
the Court of Common Plessof Bradford county, to
me direetsd, I shall expose to public vale at the Court
House, in the born. of Towanda, on Saturday the 2lst
day of JULY. 1849, at one o'clock. P. M.,the following
piece or parent of land situate in dome township, Brad
ford county, and bounded as follows, to wit : Begin
ning at a post on the main street upon the east side
of the said street running from Towanda through
the village of Rome, and from thence an easterly
course along the line of a lot belonging to Peter Al
len. 175 feet to a corner of .1. Passniore's land, thence
ano erly course 50 feet to a corner, thence a wes
terly course aloe= the line of Lewis Goff, 175 feet
to th highway to a corner, thence a soritherlv course
50 f tto the place of • beginning. tkintaining lof
an are . AH improved, with one two story framed
bun a nd framed haw thereon.
8 ized and taken in ezectition at the stilt of 1.. E.
De olf vs: J. B. Drake and I. IL Drake.
WM. 8. DOBBINS, Elh'ff.
Sheriffs Office, Towanda, lone I-2, 1849.
ALT. persons indebted to the estate of WILLIAM
GRACE, deemed, late of Springfield twp.. are
hereby requested to make payment without delay, and
those hawing claims alienist said estate will please pre
sent them duly authenlested for settlement.
W. 8. GRACE, Executor:
Springfield, June 12, 1849.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of JOSt PH EL
LIOTT deceased late of Wyalusing tnerashiP.Fre
hereby requested to make payment without delay. Ind
those haring claims against said estate will pkase pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement
Wyslutnng, May SR, 1R49. Executors.
A".pergrins indebted to the estate of ELLAZER
NORM A N, deceased, late of Springfield township,
are hereby requested to make payment without delay, and
those having claims against said estate will please pre-
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Rpringfield, May 96, 1849. Administrator.
_ _
ALL persons indebted to the estate a DAVID M,
WATTLE 4, deceased, late Of Rome township,
are hereby requested to make psymen without delay,
and those hiving claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated ft* settlement.
Rome, July 26, 1839
B the New York and Erie Railroad.
Kt? GSBERY & CO., are now receiving a large
. and moat desirable stock of Goods. Easing been
purchased at the most.reduced prices, they can confi
dently asy to the citizen, of Bradford County, that
they will not be undei.obL Their Goads_ will posi
tively be sold for easA, cheiper than they can be bought
at Owego, Elmira or jiinghsoilori. To prove Ibis call
and examine our gopds and prices. Articrng otii Dry
Goods may be teirind the folltriang
Super real French black, Blue, Olive yam and
brown Clotho; desoable Beaver, French Doe.Skiii,
and fanc# Cingimeiesi "tweeds, Sattinets, and full
cloth , Worstqd and Silk flaws': Satin, Cashmere and
a great vorielf of Yestings, plaid and plaid iihings,
Patina and American Cloaking Scotch, Amid and
Atnericun Gingham': French plaids, changeable;,plain
aid plaid Alpacas; Queen's Lowe embroidered Thibst
Cloth, Silk and Satin Stripes, Platt phtin Mohair,
Baiket, French. and Long Shawls alski pink, add filf.Th
Bonnets of tha latest stilt', easlimare,, Elidaiikoa;Cocie
echo, Mourning, blue and . White "limp and blue, and
almost every variety Of English, American and French
Prints, changeable Coberg, black Grade Rhine, plain
and plaid Silk, Silk dud Cotton Velvet, cambric Muslin,
book, Swiss and Bishop Lawns, Brussels Lace, 'plain
and figured Bobinetts, cotton edgings and inserting':
pore Silks, Gimps, Trimming Buttons ; a large assort;
went of rihands, linon cambric*, ladies' needle worked
cuffs, French collar% lathi apes,' emb, units, broad
thaw. a, 4.c.
A lso--Stowit and bleached Sheeting, brown and
bleached nollands, bangup Cords, white, red, railed
andSabbary Flantels, satin Corset. brown and bleach
ed Jeans' Canton Flannel, cotton yarns, bans, &c. Id
short, dams every ortecle id the rhyt Goods kw in else.
A large assortment of cutlery from the bed menu
filClONTO ; Iron. Nails, east and German Steel, Ames
Co?.do %WON,. ant, croinhett:shd wood Saws, panel
and biek Saws, cut, wrought and brass Botts, thumb
and drop Latches, Squires ? Dividers, Chisels, Augurs,-
&lee and Nitta of the best duality, Wrenches. Dolts
German NOWT. Brittannia and Iron Table and Ted
Spoons, Cendlleetielu,• Lamps, all kinds of Inas, &ills,
files, tacks, Act.
*lovingla n e, tight do, and white an& to dolt per
chewers—bird peuemvadain and every ankle itr thii
line wanted.
The hugest and most fashionable assoiteient ot',
dies' and Mows' Bows. Buskins and. Slippers, to Le
(owed ale aid. of New York. emits' and Boys' Boots
and *Tholepin greet variety, . ,
Alma Biped late BOLE LEATHER on hard. .
• The Cheapest roceries can be tad at •
• Towanda. May Ist.. 1849. B. K. dr co.
O AYE this day elit e into co-pa rt nership in tits
peacties of tsw, and take this method *Hahn
wing AD public of •
Office—Wm 3, Mirk Row; (up .airs) niters ens of
theta' do at sII times bo
Tolowands. Jane 1.'48: 0. H. P. KINNEY.
AILL moons indebted. to the Subserdwer. either by
Note; Judgment. of Benk . eneotrot, mint mule the
nude immediately, or Esquire Venderooolt mai tend to
their ermine look out feu lbahe Masons old boduuled
horse. Wit. tßotrr.
Tooluidsaune stb. ISO: •
33CDZSTIFItin 113COUritin
milts attrnm,
immix %knit thelAireeitthat sititlltoonsobroa
VW tuts. sosortuostof HATS, oosiNg ofs voiSe
tyOtylos, god
Riblilios. Ike., sal s ostiety of MILLINERY
Amaze, of toltithwill bit olMrotait alospios.
Toonatio,, May 10, Isl •
M 1.151 5 di " 411.4 .14 flits" Ciiksga .11 3411 1 . 1101 1 . 4 1E11111 T001,13.—A pal assatilient of,
_ •
000 /*Z. 8 4 3618 writ"' at FMB. 111•111. teisiv•d f ro m cht Min' 6 , "
lam 12. . '
.fictsty. al&toi We low by A. D. BARTLitt.P
Al~itepat[ai~, i~t.`
~... . _ iiii**.'h** , .. - _.
ID VIVIC.":OV. 40.4521
opt is l oWiiiii4d io
A.L. corner sf tbs Pablielquire, lotely_occo,o4
Jaime A. titoiret his sto&o , ba
added to bis fo4/14 aiiortoirot a how) tiupplill
EDIIO6O .arLD X 1141326141701
GWEllies 0i,4 i AEA ,
willow & Wooden seem Wass*nr . e, Risklig Tickle;
Peaty Goods,- Perfnatery,
He is a r k mt for mod of the valuable POPULAR
billblell4 ES of the dat, which can be . jimiltattuf or
him with CertaintY of prOehring grenine
He is also egrnt .for the CANTON TEA vow
PAN I of New York. whose Tess Itßie.dttaigiira wide
speed tritutelittit fot genulnetiesti end 'dim Idw Vnisi
An efemitialltih of Mitatoat, to which be Jai*, lie
attention of the publiC, will seta, ever one if
two been 'fleeted wUh a . iiew proCurtut
low' most desirable sulkies, and purchased at the Its
rates, Towanda. May 1, 1849.
T IIE co-partnership heretofore etietipl 6~etureen N'
H. &G. H. 111 HUES, is Oa Je ditkiolved
mutual cottuebt. Those ba4ing ticioiints witbdai ft
are ruleested tb 'dub
M. H. WEiLEI3;
Wyalueing, May 30, 1349. C. H. wruzer
The Wiriness will be continued by M. M. *ELL IS
W the old stand, where a well selected Week of 0001*
is now arriving; consisting of Dry Goode, Groceries;
Hardware, Salt, Nails, dtc. &c. I'd be iohl cheap rwi
prompt pay. H: WELLES.'
G. W
Which Is also a Univenal Family Embretathni fif
Diteaset of the ihmian
IMF, and experience have fully proved that kitat tide
UNIVFItSAL ItEMED? has nOt rib' its wind
on the list of popular medicines, having been lima than
14 'esti before the public.
Testimony of the Mari disinterested charade, et ifs
wonderful effects on the animal economy is altdoei dai
ly presented to the proplietoi.
A young man in the town of Wilson, whose ClUtiree
were burnt off of him, was restored (without suffering)
by the timely use of the Oil. -
Numerous are the unsolicited statements.of patients
themselves, and others who have used the Oil, of.cures
which in themselves tippet', remarkable, that the et
all interested-in a pectinfary point, they COME Wary
hive been credited: -
The foiloiting diseases are among ininY oitirs in tie
- cure of which this Oil has been coripletely strednifilt
and in which others had entirely . .
S'petrms, Sweeney, Ringtions, Windgalla, Poll Evil; Cal -
taus, Cracked Heels, Galls of all kinds, Lameness,
Irma Wounds, Sprains, Bruises, Sand tracks,
Foundered Feet; Bctitches, or Grease Mange, Pen
. thriiitim. Bites of Animals, Ezteinril Poisiiiii,lbeinful
• Vervons Affections,
Fast Rite(' , Boils, Corns,
lows, Bunn end S cales, Chilblain,, Chapedftendri:
Cramp, Contractions of the Muscles, Swellings;
. Weakness of the Joints, Caked Breasts, itc:
Beware% of COUNTERFEITS, and be sure* item('
of the Sole Proprietor, GEORGE W: HERCH ANT,
LOCKPORT, A. V., is (down in the side of the bot
tle, or in his hand writing over the cork. Don't he
persuaded to take AMY thing else With the prairie it is
just as itneil, dce., die. This is practised fiy' ihese en
psincipleil dealers Morse ionseiestak_vilit stretch like
India 11..blier, rind who are of a kinihed spirit of those
in Oft la* cities, whose nettiiiobi tices have so re.:
molly been eipneed to the sell'Onir Congress.
Those win atterripi to conitirfel this article are re
ferred to the nifty. York, of May 1843, by which
it will be seen 'Oat ices); person meddling in these
eionmerteits ii anbject to indictment, imprisonment,-and
fine: • .. .
A person selling : Out of this state. will be liable
rest whim in the etale,:end also-to be hillf et a witness
against those be bought of of sblY'roP.
•• All Orders addressed to the proprietoiwillhe respoitiz
ed to.
Get • rulipmeli, of lit Aeon flud sett whet weindef:
are acernidPlished by the use ofthis nieditfne..
Sold by inapeetable (fluters generally in -the United'
Biqa!a and t
For sale by lIUSTOiNf& PCitTEff.Towancla,E.D.
Wells. Lawrenceville, Edwin Dyer, Covington, Abel
Tuna, Montrose, Pomp & Kinsey, Easton, L,wis
Smith & Co., Allentown; li. n: Darin, South Easton.
dot. 15th 184 W. , rllO.
Corning, Elatira and Buffalo Line.
C 3
& ELMInA for M7FFALO, rimy week rinririg
the season,in the following order r
Leave Coring ... . Tuesdays , at fo o'clock; A. M.
Leave Corning Wednesdays, at 2 o'clock. P. g.
Leave Havanna Tanisdaya, - P. .
Tow Doyen &near', Lake on Friday, -- .touching at:
Big Stream, Starkey, Lodi, Breafen, passing Geneva,
Witerkm and Seneca Felts, on .SafurrYay :
Leave Buffalo for theirs aid Coining, every
. Saturdiy
Mom .in Leave Rochester every Monda3 morning.
BOAI C RNING, Carr. A. M. Tartan.
BOA g MIRA ' Carr. R. P. Psalm,
. For freight or P.assage apply to the Captains oaf
beard, or to the following Amnia: . ,
W. M. Mallory. Corniegj & Price & Holly, Geneva:
8. B.Strang & go: Elnilia Hastings Fiat •
J. Wintetmuit,Hotwifieit' J. Miller, - &angel' Fajta.
E. 8. Hinman, Havanna. L. Boatedo, Monte:mum .
L G.Townsend, big Streim H, L. Irish; Rochester'.
Woodworth & Pint, Lodi. Niles d¢ Wheeler, Buffalo.
Gay & Sweet, Waterloo. _ April - 12, 1849.
Alt Concerned wilt please take Notice
rroc capsrinershiPlieretofora etlarmilbctereen Tho
mos Elliott and N.e.Tomkinit, under the name
of ELLIOTT & TOMKIN. this day ifiraolved by'
mutual carmen% All debts due to said firm are to be
paid to dur inibscriber, who is authorized to receive the
Nunn, All liabilities of said firm are bo ptild'hy him.
All indebted Ire nerprisfed to calrawf settle their respec
tive accoants, Use, , ill indebted to the late firm of
Elliott & Mercur are desired to call and settle without
The subscriber will continue the-business owti
name, and will be happy to icconimailate bilold friends'
and 11w public . nenerelly. on the mare-reasonable terms:.
ToWsisds, Julie 7, 1849: THOS. ELLIOTT.
. .
' NoTioE.: •
AL/t ) rg i t ri ltr E ttl 40.4ha4ate Gm' of WILL
% sod rattle Wi th Niki. Ehlra ll"Y ithr pig delay.
•, . . , ... , .. IL WIL. 1:16TO, N.
- ToleuldlOggity.:l7. 1649. -wm, Wirma,,
- T t
bra r, t
z .