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    Thursday, February 6, 1992
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here at Behrcnd, as well.
"First of all, there is freedom
of speech. You can’t restrict a
person from saying what he
believes in," said John Young,
the vice president of Behrend’s
Association of Black Collegians.
Young, an eighth semester
business management major,
didn't completely agree with
Wilson's column, however.
"He does make some good
points, historically speaking,"
said Young, "but you can’t make
a blanket statement (about the
white race being racist).
"For our own survival, we
(African Americans) have to
become more self-suficient. I’m
not advocating violence, 1 am
advocating action. Economics and
education are the keys."
Some University Park
students felt that the column
incited racial tension on campus.
JlY|ls<jn, who said he has
rcceivecTdeath threats, ditfiTTagree
that his column could cause
"They say that A causes B --
A being my column, B being
violence no, that's not true,"
said Wilson.
Since the column appeared,
letters and phone calls have
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poured into The Daily
Collegian's newsroom. Two
protesters even appeared in front
of the newspaper's office building
last Thursday, one wearing a sign
that read, "White Man, Shoot
Some students have called for
the newspaper to take disciplinary
action against Wilson, but The
Daily Collegian has no such
According to Kevin Naff,
Opinion page editor,, the paper
Ribbon campaign underway
The Association of Black Collegians and The Young
Conservatives are distributing black-and-white ribbons this
week, hoping to call attention to the KKK's hate-oriented
philosophy, according to Jeremy Sutch, vice president of the
Young Conservatives. •
"We're supposed to create a forum for ideas on campus.
We don't believe the Klan has a legitimate place in that
forum," Sutch said.
The KKK have made headlines in area papers recently after
an area couple announced they will hold a rally for the KKK
and similar groups on their farm this summer.
"We’re trying to show that we're not against their right to
rally," said Angela Johnson, ABC president. "That's their right
under the First Amendment. However, we have a right to
peacefully protest against their philosophy and all that they
stand for."
Johnson said she was surprised something like the planned
rally could happen in the Erie area.
"1 didn't think that people were still ignorant of other
races. And that is where their hatred comes from their
ignorance of others."
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The Collegian
will not take any action against
"We have freedom of
expression in this country," said
Naff. "It's as much Chino's right
to exercise that as anyone.”
In the staff box on its
Opinion page,. The Daily
Collegian runs this disclaimer:
"Opinions expressed on the
editorial pages are not necessarily
those of The Daily Collegian,
Collegian Inc. or The
Pennsylvania State University."
111 West 9th St.
6? people are
to topple one of
stable democracies
Tbejwup, instigated by rebel
■ft, followed violent protests
uarest arising fsoro a widening gap
and poor Venezuelans.
a new
H. J of
staff will be replacing Fat Buchanan, who left
the political talk show -to campaign against
Frcskfcent Bush. “It will be the first time I'm
on the other side of the desk, so to speak,"
Summit said, referring to his chance to grill
old political opponents. ’Tm really going to
be very nice about it," he added.
HARRISBURG - Gov. Robert Casey’s 1992-93
budget plan fails to include $125 million in
education funds, Democratic Party officials
said Tuesday. Several ,areas of the budget will
not see any increases from last year, and
some will even sec five percent cuts. The
Casey administration, bracing for the worst,
predicts the Commonwealth will face a $403
million deficit by June.
SKIATOOK, OKLAHOMA - Chester Reyckert
says he enjoys cruising around the greater
Skiatook area in his new ride a seven-ton
Hungarian armored personnel carrier. "It's
just a big toy, really," he laughingly said. The
nine-man carrier, equipped with inoperable
14,5 mm cannons and ,30-catiber machine
guns, was imported on a bet by a local
businessman. Our question: do you think cops
will pull him over for speeding?
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