The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, February 03, 1880, Page 5, Image 5

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On met alter Nut. 101 h, 1K7P, Ti-mlm run follow i
VI pHlHOir-AL J'llH Msll Atl'.
Tr'u Tr'nil Stations. Ex. Tr'u Kl.
Tooj j Philadelphia, fcJ 00 P.M.! . , . P.. ' T.H.
I.m .(W HArrlslmr, t.s . IA tim
1.4.1 Ms Muclmllii, 1.17 I.S"
l.tu Maryivllln, I.I 1 T.M
J.iW b.f DilucAlHlOU, 7.83' 10.90
il .m iiaiiy'H, ii.v, i.m
.H6 Newport I 6.67 HSU
i t. Mlllprstowii, IJ.Il .;;
8.01 7.S ThoinpsntU'n. UK!
3.W 1.4-1 Mnxlm I. S.l
t.M 7.IW Port Royal.... Il l" H.12
9.371 n.ijo Mifflin II. 84 S.U7 IMS'
1.661 l.mviKt.iwtl J., i.U4 5.4:! 8.6,1
I Amlprnoli's,...
4.51 McVej Ii.wu,.. 10.8ft 6.14 t.M
4.5-31 N. Hamilton,.! 10.11 4 61
.(; HlllttlllKdott.J .P!' 417 T.!
84! Tyrone" , . i S.M B.37 6.M
7.SHI, AlliKilm.. ....! l.Sli t.M
P.M. ! A.M. P.M. P.M.
13;6 i"ITOl)l'ItH. T:40 1:1(1
P. 41)
Hl'ltl!!mtv WxnrpsA Irnvrn llarrisbnni at Hvlft y h,
Diincnnmm lc.44 (li.iK): Niwpnrt 11.05 OIakI mid ar
rival At I'iltAhuixAt'.OOA. M.
P7TPni'!Ho Express Went will stop I'unosliimli at
l.ftOsnil st Newport .it 5.14 A. m., wIipii llAmrt'd.
I-"ttotiisf WfM.itit. W'ly PrntHcuKPr ipsvep Harris
burg Daily the otln r trains Dalu excel tsumlnj .
tVOolnpr Bast, the Atlantic MxprCRU leaves Altnnna
Dally , the other trulna liuily exueiit Hnlidny.
Pacific F.xpri'KB cant runs dully except Monilny, and
willfllnpnt fliinciintinii nt 11:19 a.m., when tlanred.
tin Hundiiva it will nmkc the follMtvina extra stop when
flAinprl : Bell's Mill's :(. Sprint" Creek 8 ;'27, l'ttersblirir
:38' Jit. Union 9;10, ML VeytimiiSiW.
Public Sales. Bills for the sale of the
following described property, have been
printed at this office :
On Bntnrday, Fchrnnry 7lh, 1880, the proper
ty of Margaret Fleming, dee'd., situated In
Carroll twp., will be offered for Bale.
February 10th. Ann Miller will sell nt her
residence In Rye twp., 1 Cow and Calf, two
Wagons, farming utensils and household
and kitchen furniture.
February 10th. F. P. Hooker will sell at his
residence In Little Germany, 1 mare, 1 cow,
2 elicited, 1 trotting buggy, 1 elcigb, farming
implements, and household and kitchen
February 12th. John Loy at his residence on
the Belbert farm In Center twp., will sell,
horses, rattle, farming Implements, and
household furniture.
February 19th. Jacob llarnlsh at his farm in
Carroll twp., will sell horses, cattle, hogs,
farming Implements and household furni
ture. Also a Two Horse Tread Power
Threshing Machine.
Monday. March 23ii Andrew Sunday will sell
near Blue Ball, 1 mare, 4 cows, 1 heifer,
shntes, sheep, 2 wagons, gears, farming im
plements and household furniture, pork,
lard, potatoes, &o.
Uriel" IteniH.
Correspondents who wish their articles
published must have them In not later than Sat
urday. Letters received Mondaymornlng scarce
ly ever get published.
Conrad Eckert of Newport cot badly
skinned up by jumping from a moving V
tram near tjlemson's crossing.
James II. Bumbaugh a route agent in
the postal service, a resident of Harrls
burg, was arrested for stealing letters,
on Monday night. His arrest was made
at Pittsburgh, which was the western
end of his route.
Postmaster Meloy has been notified
by the Postmaster General that the Car
lisle postofrlce has been advanced from a
third class to a second-class office, and
that his salary will be $2,000 per annum,
intitpflii of $1.0(10 na f'orniprlv.
For valuable Information at smalM
cost get a copy of Kendall's Horse Book.
Hent by mail on receipt of 25 cents. F.
MOKTI3IEK, New Bloomfleld, Pa.
'A lecture will be delivered in the Court
House on this Tuesday evening, by the
Rev. Geo. Bosley. (Subject His escape
from slavery and the religious progress
of the colored race. Admittance, adults
15 cents children 10 cents. Boors open
at 7 o'clock. V1
;n isunuav a ween we are inionej.
fiRS Sarah Fetrow, of Fair view town
ship, York county, called upon Dr.
Trimmer of Ijisburn, to have some teeth
extracted. The doctor administered
chloroform and the patient died on his
We give place to a communication on
the iron ore of this county and the
necessity of a railroad. Our columns
are always open to suggestions that look
to the benefit of the county, and there
can he no doubt as to the importance of
the questions asked by M. D. F.
Kendall's Horse Book will give you
more information about a horse and bis
diseases than any book published at
same price. 25 cents will give you a
copy hy mail. Address, Times office,
New Bloomfleld, Pa.
Why don't Bogardus and the other
crack shots go out on the skirmish line
and take a pop at the Indians I1 One
dead Indian would go for more than
100.000 glass balls. Enterprise. Per
haps it is because glass balls don't care
anything about hair, while the Indiana
Church Hoticea.
Preaching in the M. E. Church next
Sunday at GJ P. M. Sunday school at 0i
A. M. Prayer meeting on Thursday eve
ning. Also, preaching at Ickesburg at
10 A. M., at Walnut Grove 2i P. M.
Tresbyterlan Church Preaching at
11 A. Nt., and 7 P. M. Sabbath School
at 0.30 A. M.
Preaching In the Reformed church
next Sunday, at 21 o'clock P. M.
Does it Fit You. I have recently sent
out a number of bills. Thlq was done
bfcaute money was wanted, and to
thoee who have paid attention to the
request, thanks are returned. Those
who have not responded Deed not blame
ine if they have soroe cost to pay.
They now have fair notice.
. F. Mortijjek.
A tnanoe. Mr. J.C. liarrett has re
tired from the Newport Kewi and in fu
ture that paper will be conducted by
Messrs. Cook & Fry. We presume Mr.
Fry will, as heretofore be the editor, and
we have no doubt will see that every
thing connected with the establishment.
Is " well done."
Albright not Seen. The following letter
explains Itself.
New BufTulo, January 28, 1880.
Mn. Mortimer. Mr. James Wright
says that article in the Patriot which
you copied in The Times is all a mis
take. He never said he seen Albright,
the only man he seen was a man by the
name of Hainmaker, from Watts town
ship. Jonx A. ALimioitT.
lit seems to us strange that if Al
bright's friends know he is dead, that
they take the trouble to contradict any
stories that seem to show that he Is
Wealher Report. B. M'Intire, Esq.,
hands us the following report of the
weather for the month of January 1880.
Average of Thermometer at 8 o'clock
A. M. 34P14', and of Barometer 30 Inches
minus 0-tenth. Average of greatest
degree of heat 89-40', and of cold, 2030'.
There fell two and 8-tenths Inches of
rain and 7 inches of snow. Thursday
the 2!)th was the warmest day, the Ther
mometer registering 54, and the coldest,
Wednesday the 14th, the murcury sink
ing to 83 above zero. This was the
warmest January for 20 years. Farmers
plowing their corn and oats ground.
Week of Prayer. Owing to the week of
Court Interfering with the use of the
first week In January in this town, the
first week in February is used as week
of prayer. Order of services will be,
Monday, Presbyterian ch., " Thanks for
past blessings aud prayer for their con
tinuance." Tuesday, Pres. ch., " Con
fession of sin and humiliation before
God." Wednesday, M. E. ch., " Prayer
for the Church, Its ministry, its growth
and its revival. Thursday, M. E. ch.,
"Trayer for Christian Education lu
school and family for Temperance and
the Sabbath." Friday, Lutheran ch.,
" Prayer for nations, rulers and people,
and for peace and religious liberty."
Saturday, Lutheran ch., "Prayer for
Home and Foreign Missions and for the
conversion of the world." Sabbath at
4 P. M., Itef. ch., under care of Y. M. C.
A. " True Righteousness, and the full
ness of Christ's salvation. With excep
tion of the last, all meetings will be at
7 P. M.
. . . . 77
Distressing Accident. On Motulay even
ing of last week a very sad accident oc-
curred in the family of Mr. T.P. Hoover
residing in Spring twp., this county, by
which Mrs. Hoover lost her life. Mr.
II. was loading his gun to shoot a hawk,
and the nipple being filled up it would
not prime. He then drew the shot and
fixed the priming, and again loaded It.
(After so doing he was In the act of
hanging the gun on hooks he kept for
the purpose, when by some means the
gun was discharged, the entire load en
tering the side of Mrs II. The accident
happened about 2 P. M., and at about 8
P. M., death relieved her from further
suffering. Doctors Ellefman and Conrad
were present but medical aid was of no
avail. Mr. Hoover was almost crazed
by the teriible accident, but no blame
can be attached to him. There was no
cap on the gun, nor had there been any
for some weeks, and its discharge Is a
p Mrs H. was burried at the Frankfort
rChurch yard in Cumberland Co. j
Her age was 23 years 7 months and 21y
days. She leaves two small children.
A Coal -Thief Shot. Early Saturday
morning as the Cumberland Valley
Railroad watchman at Martlnsburg was
patrolling his beat, he discovered two
negroes at work on one of the compa
ny's coal bins. He called to them and
asked them what they were doing.
They replied that it was none of his
business. They had been already to one
bin and finding it empty, were trying to
force the lock oft of a second when they
were discovered. The watchman had a
heavy artillery revolver, aud firing it
in the air twice, he yelled to them to
dust. They thought he had a double
barreled shotgun, and made for him,
when he fired at the foremost. He gave
a yell of pain and both of the coal thieves
ran. At daylight, the trail of blood was
followed to a negro cabin where Dick
Taylor was found with a bullet hole
clear through bim. The bullet entering
his chest, passed through the right
lung and came out of his back.
List of unclaimed letters remaining in
the Post office at New Bloomfleld Perry
county Pa. February 2 1880.
Mrs. Mary Cook, John O. Danner,
Henry Honing, Isaac Streley,
Persons calling for the above letters,
please say they are advertised
Samuel Roath, V, M.
Show Cases Cheap. I have three show
cases which I will sell cheap. F. Moit
TiMEn, New Bloomfleld, Pa.
Killed on the Railroad. Two tramps,
named Joseph Rlckenberer of York Pa.,
and Matthias Minster, a clgarmaker
from Oalllon, Ohio, started away from
Masslllon, In company the York Inan
promising to procure work for Minster
in York county at his trade when they
arrived there. Rlckeuberger was quite
friendly to the Ohloan, and shared with
him cheerfully what he had. Thursday
when they came down the Penn. rail
road track, Rlckenberger left his com
panion and was proceeding across the
track to board an eastward bound freight
train which had entered a siding and
was coming on down the track to the
Penn. railroad yard. Just as Rlcken
berger got upon tire main track, engine
No. 65 tugging the Johnstown express
east, came thundering down the line
(whistling for a clear track), but before
the unfortunate man could collect his
wits, or pay attention to the signal, he
was struck by the engine and hurled out
of the way a distance of twenty yards or
more, killing him almost Instantly.
When the train stopped and Rlcken
berger was picked up, his skull was
crushed in on the back part of his head,
the back and body fearfully bruised, and
both legs were broken. The train which
killed him took him to the dead house
in the Pennsylvania railroad depot,
where after being notified, Coroner
Bhlndler summoned a jury and held an
Inquest. A telegram was sent to York
to acquaint the fi lends of Rlckeuberger
of his death, and if heard from the re
mains, properly coffined, will be for
warded. Rlckenberger, was about 22
years of age. His companion was affect
ed to tears by the sudden loss of his
friend, and seemed sorely distressed at
his helpless condition, being out of funds
and a stranger in a strange place. The
railroad authorities kindly attended to
his immediate wants, and will doubtless
assist him to return to his home in
Ohio. Patriot.
For Tub Timbs.
A Railroad Wanted.
Mr. Editor. Will you allow me to
ask through the columus of your paper,
why it is that when the demand for iron
ore is so great that means are not taken
to bring the splendid ore that abounds
in Spring and Center townships within
reach of the furnaces. Perhaps all your
readers do not know how many veins of
ore have been opened that can be made
"mines of wealth," when ever there is
railroad facilities for hauling it away.
The ore is abundant in quantity and
excellent In quality. Now a few words
as to a railroad I It seems to be consid
ered that the distance and expense of a
road to Duncannon is too great for our
people here to surmount. The distance
to Newport is but little If any over five
miles if the proper route is taken, and
the shortest route Is also a feasible one.
Starting from a point near the Academy
and passing over the ridge beyond the
residence of S. Wiggins, would bring us
to the other side with light grade and by
taking the hill side an easy route is
found to the Little Buffalo, and then to
Newport by an almost direct line. That
this route Is feasible can be easily demon
strated, and that it is the shortest none
can dispute. A road built to Newport
would be built at leas than half the cost
of one to Duncannon, would carry all
(that could be carried over the long road,
would cost less to keep in repair, and
would be a feeder that would be accepta
ble to the Pennsylvania R. R. Co., while
the Duncannon terminus, they are an
tagonistic to. I offer these suggestions
and trust you will give them place,
and perhaps tliey.will bring out further
discussion. If Newport and Bloomfleld
would join hands In this matter, there Is
no doubt it could be made a success to
the great advantage of both towns and
still greater advantage of the county.
' - M. D. F.
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week.
On Tuesday, Mr. Jacob Sulouff, while
out on his furm was severely hurt, by a
log rolling over him. The extent of his
injuries at time of writing are unknown
but he is bruised about the chest and
legs, so as to hinder his removal to his
residence in town.
On Wednesday evening of last week,
Clarence Towsey, son of Joseph Towsey
of Turbett twp., whilst handling a pis
tol, accidentally shot himself, the ball
entering the palm of the left hand, and
passing through the wrist, lodged in the
forearm. Dr. Shelley was summoned,
and probed the wound, but failed to dis
cover the ball. The next day Drs. Shel
ley and Graham etherized the lad and
probed the wound but were unsuccess
ful in finding the ball.
Cumberland County. We copy
lowing from the Cumberland
of last week :
the fol
papers On Friday morning last Miss Edmond
who resides on West South street, and is
one of the teachers in our public schools
fell in the yard at her residence, and
broke her wrist. We are pleased to
learn that she is recovering rapidly.
A box filled with sawdust and used as
a spittoon in the post office, almost caus
ed a fire on Saturday evening. It is pre
sumed that some thoughtless person
threw a lighted "snipe" into the box
early in the evening, for about 10 e'olock
the box was discovered to contain a
mass of living coals, and the fire cannot
be accounted for in any other way. Its
timely discovery no doubt prevented a
conflagration. Carlisle Volunteer.
Capt. Pratt has selected Mr. Amos
Miller, of Middlesex, to instruct the In
dians at the training school in farming.
About twelve acres of good farm laud
near the school have been secured. Mr.
Miller will receive a salary of $00 per
A. L. Bughman was chopping down
trees in the mountain a few days ago,
and laid his coat and vest down near the
tree he was chopping at. When the tree
fell it struck the clothing, the result be
ing a first-class watch smashed in to
Mrs. Philip Tayloy, of Southampton
township, after retiring a few nights ago
heard a noise In the kitchen, and mak
ing an investigation, she discovered the
kitchen in a flame of fire, the lamp she
had left burning having exploded. She
was alone In the house with six small
children. Had she not discovered the
lire when Bhe did, the house would have
burned down, with its inmates.
The family of J. Funston, on West
Main Street, one night last week, made
a narrow escape from coal gas. The
children commenced crying in the night,
when the mother awoke in a semi-un-coiibcIous
condition. The doors and
windows were speedily thrown open,
and on the admission of fresh air the
occupants obtained relief, but only after
the most violent spells of vomiting. The
escape from death was almost remarka
ble. iS'Mppemburg New.
tT Do you feel that any of your or
gansyour stomach, liver, bowels, or
nervous system, falters in its work t If
so, repair the damage with the most
powerful, yet harmless, of invigorants.
Remember that debility is the " Begin
ning of the End" that the climax of
all weakness is a universal paralysis of
the system, and that such paralysis is
the immediate precursor of Death.
For sale by all Druggist and Dealers
generally. 6 3m
The undersigned, proprietor of the
NEWPORT MILLS, has completed Ills
extensive improvements and now feels
confident that he can make the BEST
FLOUR In Perry County, and will sell
at Rates that the poorest may buy. He
is very particular In the wheat he buys,
and has the only Smith Purifer in the
County. He is also Agent for the Un
derwood Patent Flouh, which is the
best flour in the World.
6jT All kinds of Custom Work done
with precision and dispatch.
Five Years experience with the sur
rounding trade lias taught us the wants
of the people. As heretofore we will
continue to hold the lead, and give our
customers the benefit of any extra bar
gains which can be picked up by Mr.
Schwartz or other experienced buyers in
the City. We Invite you all to give us a
call. Marx Dukes, successor to I.
Schwarts. Eby's Building, Newport,
Apples. Mr. Wii. Stamuauoii, at
the new ware house in Newport, "has a
lot of Western apples of superior quali
ty for sale.
Buffalo and Lap Robes, Horse and Bed
Blankets, large assortment and low
S rices at Marx Dukes, successor to I.
chwartz. Eby's Building, Newport,
A Splendid line of TrunksValises. Hals
and (Japs, Cheaper than the cheapest, at
jmarx JJUKE9, successor to i. tsenwartz.
Eby's Building, Newport, Pa.
On the 10th and 24th of March, the executors
of Daniel Foose, dee'd, will sell, at the late
residence of said dee'd, In Spring twp., 4
horses, 4 cows, bull, young cattle, wagons, and
a general variety of farming implements and
uousenoiu lurnnure.
County Price Current.
Bloom pi eld, February 2, 1'80
Flax-Heed 1 26
I'otatoes. 40
Butter V pound, ., 12014
Eggs fl dozen 12 "
Dried Apples fl pound 4 ots"
Dried Peache 10 tt 12 ots. S
Mbwpokt, January 31, Kite.
Hour, Bxtra 15.00
" Super 3.C0
White Wheat bush 1 25
lied Wheat 1 25
Rye 7US75
Corn 45047
Oats V 32 pouuds 40Q 40
Clover Seed per pound, 607cents
Timothy Seed 1 60
Flax Seed 1 00 '
Potatoes, fisio
llaoon '8 ft 6
1 id 7 cents
Ham Scents.
Ground Alum Salt 1 00 1 00
Llmeburner's Coal, Jl 2 1 75
Stove Coal lilO 4 25
Pea Coal 2 25
Buckwheat Coal 12 25
Gordon's Food per Sack t2 00
. Carlisle, January 31 ,1P80.
Family Flour 15 Oo
Superfine Flour S 75
White Wheat, new 1 25
Red Wheat, new 1 25
Rye 70
Corn, (new) 47
Oats 40
Cloverseed S.0Oa5.00
Tlmotuyseed, 1 75
Flax Seed II 25
G. A. Bait II 15
Fine do 1 70
Philadelphia Produce Market.
Philadelphia. January 31, 1PM.
Flour unsettled: extras 15 2ii5 60 1 Pennsvl
vanla family. 10 00 Mfti7 Mlnnewta do., I6.UU0; paieniaua niiin gruaos. to.ouui.uu
Rye flour. H 2.'.S3.rt.
I'oruuieal. 12 Mi
Wheat, red, 1109141; amber, 141 O 142; whlta,
Com quiet and easy; yellow, 50300. t mixed.
Ontn quiet: Pennsylvania and western white,
47WSO. : western mtxed,47tTi.
Hencii Rp.avkr on the 22d ult., In (he Luther
an church. Trajiiw. Pa., nv Kev. O, P. Smith, a,
sisted by Dr. J. A. Itoiiiberger, Rev. B. M. Henen
ol Walkersvllla, Md.. formerly of this uiiinty.t
MattleJ. Beaver, ol Tiappe, Montgomery Co.,.
ZKmum-Omimi.-OntliA 27th tilt., at Oriental'
hy Rev. w. linnat. Mr. Alfred Znlgler and Mrs,
Rebecca Oiuuu, both ot Lire. pool, Perry Co.
OARrniHOn the Tfh of January I'm, at Fn!llnr
Spring, Benjamin Franklin son of D. K. and KL
K. llai her. aged 2 yenis. a iiinnlhw and 2!) days.
M'Ai.iSTER-Onth 2"th ult,. at New Buffalo,
Alexander M'Alllster, Eiq., aged 77 years, II
nionilis and 25 das.
Rcm.rssFB On November K, 179, trf Spring
twp., Peter Suhlusser, aged 06 yrs. 10 mo. aud I
Nbwoomhr. In Warrenbnrg. on the 21th ult.,
Man W., (iHiinlilerof A. Newcomer, and grand
daughter of Wilson Darlington or Center twp.,
aged 17 years 2 months and 24 days.
Bodbs. On the 20th ult.. In Kas' Waterford.
Jiinlam county. John Fergumn. only son of
Stiles K. and Nellie Borien, ot lekesbmg. aged 4
years, l mo. and a days.
BKTTT.-Onthe21th ult. at Newport. John.
W. son of A. J. Beatly.aged 9 yrs. 6 mo. and lt
mn CO TWHNTYKIVE CKNTH ....t.?,!..'
gallonsof a delicious and sparkling beveraiie
wholesome and temperate Sold by Driuciits or
sent by mall on receipt of 2- Cents. Adilrei
C11AS. K. HIHK8, Manufacturer, 215MarketSL.
Philadelphia. Pa. e fifu
In pursuance of a decree of the Orphan? Court
of Peny County, the undersigned. Administra
tor ouunn rouiK. laie oi t ainiii mwnsiilp, de
ceased, will exjKise to sale b public outcry, on
the premises, i miles north-east ol Shermans
dale, on
Friday, February 18th, 1880,
at 10 o'clock A. M.,the following described Real
Estate to wit :
being the MANSION FARM bounded by lands
of Levi Adams William blieafter. Uaniel SwcKer,.
and others, containing
and having thereon erected a Log Frame
Weatlierboartled House,
youngAPI'LE ORCHARD and other fiuit on the
liirin. There Is a pump and also a good sprint;
near the house and water In some of the fields.
The land Is ol the bestqnalliy and all cleared
and In a good state of cultivation.
This fnim Is situate lu a good neighborhood
and convenient to churches, schools mid nilhs,aud
Is well worthy tee atlention of purchaser.
Persoi s desiring to see the property or wishlnR
information sin old call on John W. Wallace, or
the undersigned at Bloomlleld.
Also, at the same time and place,
sltnate.near the said f im, and being well set
with chestnut and other timber.
Terms easy and will be made known on day at
WiLsowLrPFER. Att'y. Adm'r,
Jan-iary 13, 188 . '
By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Perry County, the undersigned Administrators.
ic, of the estate of Margaret. Fleming late of
Carroll township. Perry County, fa., deo'd., will
sell by outcry on the pismises on
The following described Real Estate, to wit:
situate In Carroll township, about 2 miles south
exst of Hloonitield. on I lie road leading from
Bloomuelo to Duiicanuou, containing about
more or less, having thereon erected a Two
Story Pebble dashed
and" other outbuildings. The property has aa
ORCHARD of choice li ult with the trees in good
bearing condition, a well of good water near the
door, and other conveniences. Its location, with
school house, shops. Ike., in the ne 'ghbornooit
make It a properly worthy the attention ot uur
chasers. TERMS OF SALE Ten per cent, of Hie pur
chase money to lie paid when the property is
stricken down, one Imilof the balance on I lie 1st
of April, 188H, when possession will be given and
the deed delivered, and the remainder on the lt
of April, 1881, to be -ecuied bv Jinigmeut bond,
bearing merest from 1st of April, lttso
Sale to commence at one o'clock P.M.. of
said day.
January 1.1, 1880.
JUIliX O. I.ll MP. ,
Administrators. .
A GOOD NEWSPAPER at Cheap Katesand S
nuiiiber of Good Books Into the Bargain. A
Copy of Worcester's Large Quarto Llctionary
aud oilier inducements to club getters.
Is a Journal devoted to Literature, Agriculture,
Politics. Soience and News. It gives all the news
of the week In condensed form. Pennsylvania
news is a sopcial feature. Eacli number contains -a
completed story, selrcted poetry, wit and hu
mor, articles for the farmer, meulunlcand house
wife, reports of markets, editorials on current
topics aud Reneral miscellany. Price 12 00 per
year. .
Every new subscriber to the WEEKLY PATHi,
OT who will send us Two Dollars cash In ao
vance, and every old tubsenber who will pay nm.
arrears aud send Two miliars n addition, will',
receive one eoi y ol the WKEKLY PATRIOT lor
one year and a copy of each o the standard nov
els, "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Btonte, aud "Dan
iel Deronda" by George ElloC. postage prepaid on
paper aud books.
Ten copies of the Weekly Patriot one year
to ono P. O., and an elegantly bouudcopst
of "Lemurlere's Classical Dictlouaty"lO'
club getter. 115
Fifteen copies of the WEEKLY PATRIOT
oueyear to ono P. )., and an tl-utuated
copy ol " Macaulay's HiMory o( Eng
land" with maps lu 5 vols., cluth, to ciub
getter. 22 ,M
Twenty copies cf the WEEKLY PATRIOT
oneycai to one P O .aud a copy m me
finest illustrated edllioj ol Vrcesier'a
JurtoDiiionaiy (publkher'a price. 110)
to clud gttb-r. 30 It
VTIies rates are strictly Cash in Advanue.
Reinllluuces should be by P. O , itiuiiey older.
DAILY fATliluT, i; w peiaauum.
8 llAHHIMlt'KU, P.
MriU rilRP As'hma. Nev.
ItCST lUllt.rr )r, June!. Addles with
stamp, ' ROM E," P Horn in ao, Mi. July