The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, April 03, 1877, Page 5, Image 5

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I40&I l)cpkitiTcit.
Oa ind sfter Hovwnlicr l?th, Trains run follow i
War Mail Am.'i l'nixrtPAt,
PamTr'n Tr'n Stations.
riiiiMnAii'. Miri.
Ex. Tr'n Kx. Auc.
A. M. V JI. P. M.
H.1HI 1 ." 6 3(1
S.lj l.W t to
8.21 1.47 I U
8.:W 04 8.1
H.IW I N t ill
S.tH 1.88 6.6
9 2D l.Aoi 7.1"
: 8.IK 7.3(1
9.4H 8. IS 7.48
t.M 8. S3' ) U
1(1 111 8.) 8.00
r.M.'v.M. 'P.M.
1 M 8.18 11. (i
Unlly'n, ,
Millers town,
8 64
1.17 7.6
I no! T.M)
19. M! 7.80 10.
12.32 Ul 10.03
11.57! -W'
11.41! 8.16
ii m. it in'
Port K yal....
ll.nj . .15
10.41 8.(4
11.14 4.M
11.40 4.47;
1S.30 t.2li-
1.18 M
1.K 7.111.
f Anderson's,..,
N. Hamilton, .
. HuntiuKdnn,.,
( Tyrone
! Altouuu
iwn J.,
11.(14 6.40 0.01
10.84 8.09 8.37
. Ill 1(1 4 47:
,; 4.1' 7.;
B.f.0 8.2S 8.31
. 8. IS t.M U5
' ' A.M. P.M. P.M
"Plttabmv F.xrres leaves Harrtsbnnr t p.m.
Dnnotimioii 11.:tt (fW; Newport 11.57 (Has) ami ar
rives at I'iltHburK al H.15 A. m.
Philadelphia Express lonves Altoona at 10 00 p. m.,
Tyrone at In. SI i. m., Minitlmd.m II 18 p. in., lewis
town J., 12. mi a. in., Mifflin 12. 61a.m..,
Public Sales. Those liming wile bills
printed at this office will have tlie no
tice of the sale In this list without, extra
charge until lny of gale.
April 17th Moses lless, Administrator nf tlio
estate of Mary McCllntock, dee'd., will sell
a farm in Carroll twp. See advertisement.
The water has been let Into the canal
, and boating has already commenced.
March departed with a cold sleety
rain, and, now let us have spring.
On Bunday the 10th, Mrs. Ellen Buope
died quite suddenly at Ickesburg.
s There are to lie thirty four application
for liquor license presented to the April
The Juniata and Susquehanna rivers
are quite high, from the late rains, and
has caused the residents along the latter
river some uneasiness.
' James Hell, a freight brakeman on
Conductor Hackett's "train, was struck
on the head by a stone thrown by some
vilain, cutting an ugly gash,while pass
ing Terdix station, west of Marysvillc,
on Saturday evening a week.
Considerable complaint is made re
garding the manner in which one of the
Carroll twp., teachers corrects his
scholars. If the charges are true there
is reason for complaint, and the directors
should take tile matter in hand.
XThe four-horse team belonging to Mr.
Anthony Fuhrman ran away on' Mon
day of last week from the front of
Smith's Btore in Newport and at the
railroad crossing a train caused them to
turn short around breaking the wagon
tongue, when the arrival of the driver
prevented further damage.
Appointments. We notice the following,
among the appointments made by the
M. E. Conference held at Williamsport
last week :
New Bloomfleld, Rov. J. W. Cleaver ; Blain,
Rev. M. C. Piper ; Newport, Rev. J. W. Buck
ley i Duneannon, Rev. W. II. Keith; Liver
pool, Rev. B H. Crever; Fairvicwand Marys
vllle, Rev. J. B... Shannon; Three Springs,
Rev. G. W. Dnnlap ; Concord, Revs. E. White
and J. H. 8. Clark; Ray's Hill, Revs. 8. A.
Crevellnn and W. II. Bowden ; Altoona, Rev.
M. K. Foster ; Thompsontown, Rev. L. F.
Smith; Birmingham, Rev. A. W. Decker;
Penn's Valley, Rev. 6. W. Bonse. Presiding
Elder Juniata District, Rev. E. T. Mitchell.
Horse and Buggy Stolen. On Friday
night last, a dapple grey horse and a
good top buggy was stolen from the resi
dence of Zeno Fees, adjoining the bor
ough of Lewlstown , Mifflin county. A
A reward of $50 is offered for the recov
ery of the horse, and $25 for the arrest
of the thief.
The supposed thief, driving the horse
and buggy .crossed the river bridge on his
way up Tuscarora Valley, at Mifflin
early on Saturday morning.
SherilT'8 Sales. On last Friday Sheriff
Williamson sold the following Ileal
Estate : .
A tract of timber land In Centre twp., con
taining '240 acres, the property of Gotleib
Light to AlexanderCathcart for $250.
A tract of land in Watts twp., containing
50 acres, and having thereon elected a two
story loir bonse, lot; barn, &c., the property of
James Wright to W. A. Sponsler for f 50.
A tract of land in Oliver twp. .containing S3,
abont 15 cleared, having tbureon erected a
one and a half story stone bouse, frame stable,
Ac, the property of David P. Clouser to F. B.
Clouser for 9247.
The balance of the properties adver
tised to be sold were held over, the new
tay Law interfering with the sale of
Petty Thieving. On Thursday night,
some person picked the look on the
smoke-house belonging to Mr. J. W.
tSoule in Centre township, and carried
off several pieces of meat..
On the game night, the chicken coop
of Cornelius Clouser was visited by some
thief, and some poultry was carried
The smoke-houses of Mr. 1). Holmes
and Mr. Andrew Comp were also visit
ed the same night, but they had previ
ously removed their meat.
The person who stole the meat at Mr.'
Soule'a was tracked to this town, by a
peculiarty of the boots, the track plain
ly showing until iMey had passed be
yond Mr. Nickel's shop. It was the
name track too, that was around the
other two smoke-houses mentioned.
A search warrant was obtained and
two places in town were searched, but
no clue to the thief was obtained.
Assignee List. The following assign
ments have been made since our former
IJ. W. Barrack & and wife to Emanu
el Smith.
William Myers & and wlfo to William
John C. Leonard & wife to E. B.
David Secrlst & wife to Daniel Zelgler.
David Fry & wife to Jacob Long.
Oeorge It. Miller & wife to Lewis Pot
ter. William M'Coy fe wife to Joseph
James P. Donley & wife to John 8.
Isaac Simmers & wife to George Jacobs.
The March Weather. B. McIntlre,Esq.,
hands us the following report of the
weather for the mouth of March, 1877.
Average of thermometer at 8 o'clock A.
M., 31 - and 40' of the barometer 30
inches minus seven tenths, average of
the greatest degree of heat 40 and 2V
of the lowest degree of cold 25 J and 15'.
There fell 4 inches and 6 tenths of rain,
and 1(1 inches of snow. The coldest
day was Sunday the lKth, the thermom
eter sinking to 4 3 below Zero, and Sat
urday the 10th was the vnrmcst day the
thermometer running up to Q'i3 above
Zero. The month averaged withhi a
degree and a half as cold as February.
How the Mall is Distributed. If you
have any letters that have " turned up
missing" perhaps the following may ac
count for it. It also shows what a
splendid thing our fast mail Is. The
Harrishurg Patriot says : There was a
lively dislribution of the mail the other
day by the day express on the Penn
sylvania railroad a short distance East
of Huntingdon. The agent in charge of
the mail car had his lever set to pick up
a mail bag. By some means the lever
missed its mark, and the pouch was
thrown under the train. It was found
between the brake shoe and the wheel,
where, if allowed to remain much
longer, would have thrown the car
from the track. It was a fortunate es
cape for the train, but there are many
people by this time, wondering why
they don't receive replies to their let
ters. The track was strewn with mis
sives for at least fives mile, but the train
was saved.
The Result of a Neglect of Duty. The
borough auditors of Chester Springs,
Cambiia county, have got themselves
into a peck of trouble, through their
own negligence. It seems, says the
Johnstown Tribune, that their failure to
comply with the law requiring them to
publish the annual statement of the re
ceipts and expenditures of that district
either by hand bill or in the two papers
having the largest circulation, has induc
ed some of the taxpayers to enter suit
against them, and the -chances are thnt
the fine which attaches to neglect of
this nature will be imposed. It Is rather
rough on the auditors, but they should
understand their duty properly, and
then there will be no risk of this kind.
There are several districts in this county
where the law has been heretofore a nul
lity as far making annual statements
public Is concerned, and it behooves
those interested to attend to this matter,
or they may likewise suffer alike ordeals
Sudden Death at Baldwin. On Saturday
the 24th ult., In Lower Baldwin, a
man known as Johnny Bengal, died
suddenly while sitting on a chair at the
residence of Mr. J. Cross. He was
singing " The little log cabin in the
lane," and suddenly fell back and al
most instantly expired ; it is presumed
fVom heart disease. The funeral took
place on Monday.
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week.
Last Wednesday J oseph Williams was
helping to dig a well on the Yoder farm,
one mile cast of this place, in Fermanagh
township, and while thus engaged a
stone loosened from the side of the well
at a point about twenty feet above where
Williams worked. The weight of the
stone is about twenty-five pounds. In
its fall it struck Williams in the left sido
of the head, cutting through a thick cap
and making a gash of about two inches
in length in the bead clean to the skull
bone, and tticnce downward, inflicting a
stunning blow on the ribs that so pros
trated Williams that Dr. Elder was
speedily summoned to minister to him.
The injured man is Improving as rapidly
as can tie expected under his load of
allllctions. Sentinel.
Cumberland County. We copy the fol
lowing from the Cumberland county
pajiers of last week :
On Friday afternoon officer Byers, of
Newville, arrested James Hannou, of
Shippensburg, one of the parties charged
by the men now awaiting trial with oe
ing implicated in the Shippensburg arson
cases, llannon was arrested in the
neighborhood of Doubling Oap and was
brought to Carlisle and lodged in jail to
await trial at the approaching Quarter
Sessions. This makes the sixteenth per.
son awaiting trial and the sixth for
arson. ilitror.
On Saturday morning the lifeless body
of John B. Noble better known tin
" Beefy" was found in the stable at.
tauhed to the Thudium hotel. For a.
long time past he had been Indulging to
excess In drink and dissipation and
doubtless laid down In the stable in an
Intoxicated state. Coroner Binlth held
on Inquest and the Jury returned a ver
dict of died from "long continued dissi
pation." ,
Two of Plnkerton's detectives visited
Oakvllle on Friday a week, having
"shadowed" a man whom they supposed
was a car robber. The detectives first
got sight of their man at Patterson, Ju
niata county, and followed him up until
he left the cars at Oakvllle. 1 1 was then
the detectives learned that he was not
the man wanted, he being a law-abiding
citizen. The detectives left Oakvllle on
the evening train east, and spent Friday
night in Carlisle.
Church Notices.
Presbyterian Church Preaching at 11
A. M., on Sunday next. Prayer meet
on Wednesday evening at 7t o'clock.
Bloomfleld Academy. New term open
April Dth. ltev. J. Edgar, Principal.
- --B- .......
"Above All N'vy Tobacco." Cau
tion. Every 5c. and 10c. plug of this
Celebrated Tobacco is labelled "Wnrdle's
Above All." None is genuine without.
Si(l Mother to Father:
Do you enow )? dear u'here
Our new married daughter
Ma; bin the best ware ?
Said Daughter to Mother:
There are all kinds of wares
Just sueh as I want,
7?irhf cheap, down at JlLAIlfS,
Two more Crates of White Ware just
Also a full supply of Jicst Groceries,
Tubs, Jluekcfs, Churns, Soaps, Jiaskets,
Glass Ware and other Family Supplies,
and offered all the time Cheap for the
Cash, or in F.rehanqe. for Good Country
Produce. 1 1 'M. P. LA IP,
mar I:.' 4t South Fnd, Carlisle.
Take Notice. Notice is hereby given to
all persons indebted to the undersigned,
that a dissolution of partnership is to
take place on April 1st. All .aecounts
must ue settled by note or otherwise be
fore that date, and accounts not settled
in accordance with this notice will be
put In the hands of a Justice for col
lection. The business will after that
date be carried on by H. W. Smith.
Smith & Mc Buidh.
New Bloomfleld, Jan. 2,'t, 1877. tf
Looking Glasses, Mirrors, Window
Shades, Mutts, Bugs, Hassocks, &c.,nt
the Carpet Store in Carlisle.
Yes, That's Just It. You need a new
outfit, and the place to get It whole or In
part and at prices that can't be under
sold by any liouse in the county Is at
Isidou Swaktz's.
.1. B., Newport, is intro
ducing a new brand of Touacco, "Above
Alll," which is destined to tuke the lead.
Try it.
Notice. All persons Indebted to the
subscriber by note will please make pay
ment before or during April Court, as
after that date no further time will bo
given. J. B. Hackkt.
Bloomfleld, March 20, 1877.
The Eagle Hotel. Mrs. Sarah Derrick
would notify the public that she has
taken possession of the above named
Hotel in Bloomfleld, and would be
pleased to have all her old friends favor
lier with their patronage, and as many
new ones as feci weel disposed towards
her. 12 4t.
. . - - 4-- -
Purchasers of Carpets, Wall Papers,
Shades, Oil Cloths and general house
iuruishlng goods of this kind should see
the large spring stock at the Carlisle
Carpet House, 21, East Main Street.
Carpets, Carpets. Beautiful Brussels. 3
plysand Ingrain, with 30 patterns in
Homemade Carpets, Hemps, Halls and
Stairs at the Carlisle Carpet House,
21, East Main St., Carlisle.
Ask your merchants for "Above All'V
Chewing Tobacco.
" The Above All," Is a new brand of
chewing tobacco, and Is without a peer
for excellence and sweetness. For sale,
wholesale and retail, by S.B. Hautzkli.
In Clantt's Building. i
Only a Flp. I have received another
lot of good colors of the Hi- cent prints,
JiOts of other NEW GOODS are also in
Store and for .sale at a bargain. Call
and see them.
F. MoitTI-MEK.
We have Just received this Irresistibly funny
book, by Cuthheut Bede, and If "every laugh
pulls a nail from one's coflln," the readors of
this book will have no need of the undertaker
for many a long year. Verdant has the hap
py faculty of meeting with more " adventures"
and more oniuaing ones, than ever before fell
to the lot of mortal man. And the story Is
made additionally attractive by 150 humorous
It Is sold by all Newsdealers at 20 cents, or
scut postpaid for 25 cents, by Donnellev,
Lovd ifc Co., Publishers, Chicago, III,
ACHNTI.KMAN wlio suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, J'rnmatiire Decay, and all
the eflecU of youthful Indiscretion will, fur the
sake of sullering humanity, send free to all who
need It, the incipe and direction for making the
simple remedy by which he was cured. Winterers
wwiiiijrto urotltT by the advertiser's experience
cau do so byaddressinii In perfect ciiniiiloni e.
.IOHN li. IXiDliN, 42 Cedar ht.,fcew York.
10ar2 6iiios.
I will mail the recipe for preparlim a
simple ViiETHi.R lUi.M that will leinuvn Tan,
FUKOKL.tX I'lMPLKS and ltixjTtiihM, leaving
tiie skin soft, clear and bmiiitllul; also Inst rue.
lions for producing a luxuriant growth of hair
ou a bald head or smooth luce. Address, eu-clim-ng
111 cents, HEN. VANDKI.K & 0(1., Ilox
5U!1, No. 5 Woosler St., New York. H'a02 Oinos.
The advertiser, having been permanently eured
of thntdrend disease, (.'onsuniption, by a simple
remedy, Is anxious to make known to his fellow
sufferers the inesnsof cure. To all who desire It,
lie will send a copy of the prescription used, (free
of charge), with the directions for preparing and
using the same, which they will tlnd a Hure Cure
for Consumption, Asthma, llronchltls, (to.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
address, Hev. E. A. WILSON,
2a0nios 194 l'enn fit., Wllliainsbiirgh.New York
A Certain Headache Cure.
A harmless vegetable preparation, and the
discovery of a ph9lcian. the Victor Headache
l'owder has been proven a positively sure cure
for the most distressing cases of 8lck or Nervous
Headache, Morning slrkness nnd Neuralgia, a
single powder actually curing In ten minutes
when all other means full. We have had a won.
derfnl experience with It, and the ten cent trial
pack can be had by addressing the proprietors,
.1. It. HICIBLHY t CO., Hnlem N. J., who will
cheerfully mall them postpaid, and of Druggists
everywhere and It is with well merited confidence
thev are offered as a thorough cure for all dis
tresses of the head. 3 ly
tW White, smooth and toft any lady's
hands, arms pr neck may become, who uses
Glenn's Sulphur Soap, Pimples or other dls
flgnrmcnts of a complexions! nature, are
surely obliterated by this healthful promoter
of beauty. Depot, Crlttenton's No. 7 Sixth
Avenue, N. Y. Hill's hair .c Whisker Dye,
black or brown, OOcts. 14.4w
fJ'HlAL LIST, FOH AI'ItlL TEltM, 1877.
J'eople's Freight Hallway Co., . Andrew Low
Same, vs. Kdward Hull.
Same vs. same.
Same, vs. Dr. B. P. llooke.
Kllas Snyder, vs. School District of Madison twp.
J. Hvnard's use, vs. 11. F. Drawbaugh, with no
tice, e..
People's Freight Hallway Co., vs. tleorge Hoo
baugh. Same, vs. Win. Shoemaker.
Jacob Comp. vs. Samuel Smith.
Joseph Keiler's use, vs Oeo. W. I.ebklchei-.
1'eonle's Freight Hallway Co., vs. W. W.
McCluie. !
Same vs. Anthony Furhnmn. '.
Same, vs. Henry Itinesmith. !
Same vs. D. II. Shnibley. -
Same, vs. David Kerr.
Same, vs. fieorge Kern.
W. Scott Dunbar, vs. James Elder.
Ellen Hire's use, vs. William It. S. Cook.
O. C. Tharp Adin'r of (I. Bnyuer. dee'd, vs. II.
Snyder & Co.
Same, vs. Henry Snvder.
M. IV Spahr, vs. Barbara E. P-akeret vlr.
Jacob 11. Heeder, vs. J. D. Cree er, al.
Mollle Keey's use, vs. Cha. Vamlerau's Ex'rs.
Francis English, vs. Oeo. Markers Adm'rs.
James Blain. vs. J. W. Williamson. '
Andrew J. Bure, vs. Pennsylvania Canal Co.
Jt. H. Mcriure's use. vs James Emory.
Henry H. Fisher, vs. Theodore Feim etux.
Jos. II. Hursh Assignee, vs. Anthony Fulir-
Adam Karstetter, vs. Clias. Wright et al.
Anna M. Klllr.1t vs. Dr. W. it. Clsna
Schwartz i Rlnnsbauch. vs. Amos Kobluson et al.
Weaver Ik Miller, vs. John Jones,
(ieo. Wright, vs. W. It. B. Cook.
Benj. C. llheem, vs. Lewis McNeal.
"i hand j dry, fok april term, 1877.
Newport, B. F. Miller, fore, Win. Hortlng.
Buffalo Geo. W. Blattenbcrger.
Centre Chas. R. Power.
Carroll Jamei A. Hall, Joshua Hess, Joseph
Stair. - ,
Jackson John D. Sliuman, John Kiallcr,
Wm. B. 8tambaugh, James Crownovcr.
Landlsburg J. M- Kennedy, John M. Wilson.
Madison Jacob Gutshall.
Oliver Aaron Shrelller.
rlaville John Wallet.
Tuscarora Wm. 8etzler, Samuel Fry.
Tyrone Jno. Neeley, Columbus Mluleh,
Henry 8heafTer. '
Liverpool Michael Lebklcher.
WattB Daniel Livingston.
Wheatneld James D. Willis.
rjIRAVERSE JURORS, for April Term, 1877.
liloomflcld Daniel Garlln.
Buflalo Jacob Buck.
Carroll Alfred Zelgler, Win. Sheaffor, Sr.
Centre Edward Clark, Samuel Fravel, Henry
Duncannon Jesse Berkstresser, Abncr Van-
fossen, Jesse White
Greenwood Joseph Wert, Samuel L. Beaver.
Howe Alfred Wright.
Jackson D. A. Hollcnbnugh.
Juniata ThomaB Sullen berger, Martin Sdilth.
Landlsburg Jesse Meaddath.
Liverpool Samuel Derr.
Madisou George W. Stambaugh, John Rouse,
Samuel Hartuian, Edward Hull, Samuel
Sanderson, Honry Bear, Sr., Samuel Moose.
Marysvile Chauncy Wise, James Valentine,
J. W. Flickinger.
Miller George W. Cook.
New Buffalo John Basking.
Oliver Solomon Brown.
Rye E. C. Gault, Levi Meyers, Henry Baylor.
Newport Thos. H. MUUgan, John Patterson.
Savllle Jeremiah Trostle, Henry Flickinger.
kSprlng John W. Koll, James Cleland, Jacob
Tuscarora Adam Rico, John LeBh, Honry
Baker, David Leonard.
Toboyne Wm. Bnydor, Wm. Wilhlde.
Whcatlleld Honry Leppcrd.
Philadelphia Produce and Stock Report.
I'liH.ADEi.rniA, March 81st. The week has been
a dull one. There Is a slight advance lu wheat
mid corn, and a little more demand Present
quotations are: Wheat. HHiil70; Corn,
67; Kye, 7iii Oats, 4lci'4ti; Cloverseed, 1:1S15.
Stock quotations are: Penn'a. K. K., 42 Read
ing, Wi: Nor. Central. 20: I'htl'a. and Erie, n-i;
Lehigh Xav., 22. Cold, 104.
County Trice Current.
BLOOMF1ELD, April 2, 1877.
Flax-Seed 1 ii
Potatoes, 75
Butter VI pound, (fresh roll) is
Packed Butter V pound, lu
Eggs V dozen 12
Dried Apples V pound 3!. cts"
Dried Feache a 12ols.yit
Cherries 0 00 ots. "
" Pitted 00 00 cts.'
Blackberries OQOots. "
t Corrected Weekly by Kough Brother. )
NlWPOKT, March .11. IS77.
Flour, Extra, Id 25
" Super. 4 SO
Whit Wheat V bu 1 S7 a 1 .".7
Red Wheat ; " 1 3201 32
Kye doeoo
Corn 4042
Oats V 32 pouuds UOOtt:
Clover Seed , 9 259 2"
Timothy Seed,.'. , 1 W
Flax Seed 1 CO
Potatoes, 80 O Su
Bacon , 10 O 14
Dressed Hogs, S'lJcts.
Ground Aluinu Bait, 1 50i31 M .
Llmeburuer's Coal, 2 2
Stove Coal, ...i 4 00 O ft o
Pea Coal , 2 73
Gordon's Food per Back 12 00
Of all kinds always on hand and for sale at the
Lowest Market Hates.
r Five per ceut oft lor Cash.
oonnRrrrBn wkhklt.
Carlisle, March 30, 1877.
Family Flour, 16.25
Superfine Rye Flour , 3.50
White Wheat, new.,...,,,...) 180
Red 1..10
Rye Bo
Corn, (new) 43
Oats 30
Cloverseed 9.00 a 9.m
Jcnkin Wilms On March 2ft It. 1876, at the
residence of the bride's parents, ny Rev. John
Edgar J. E. Jiinkln, Ksq.,to Miss Lillle . Willis,
both nf this place.
MicKF.T Sloiioii. On March 2"th, 177, by Rev.
John Edgar. Mr. J. Edward Mickey to Miss Ella
Blough, nil of Blnomlleld.
DnoM(iou Wkiiilet Onthe22nd n1t.,M!ie
Reformed Parsonage In Blain. by the Rev. F. B.
Lindinan, Mr. W. B. Dromgold to Miss Ida M.
Welbley, both of Buflalo, Saville township this
Rkihingbr Bitnek. On the 25th ult., at the
residence of the bride's parents In Ickesbui g, by
Rev. J. Frazler, Mr, George itelslnger, to Miss
Annie Bitner.
Death notices not mommIIhk 8 lines Inserted without
ehiirKo. Hut 8 cents per Hue will ItivHrlnMy r
cliHWd lor Tributes or Krapect, Poetry, or uihrr
GitKF.N. On the 11th tilt.. In Tenn township.
Mr. huerales Green, aiied 47 vears.
Potteii. On the IRth till., in Buffalo twp.,
Emma C. Potter, aged 12 years, 4 mouths, and
lu davs.
Fin'tos. On the 12th nit.. Mrs. Mary F.. Fin
ton ,nged 21 veins, 7 months nnd 2 days.
Snof'K. On the 19lh ult.. Mrs. Ellen Khope. In
Bulliilo, Saville twp., Fn y county aged 3U years,
1 month and Id days.
Bakuki.u On the 18Ih ult., Mother M sry Bar
dell, of Jackson twp., this county, aged Sajears,
1 month and KMlavs.
Scott. On the 24 ult., at his residence In Mil
Tord Mr. Wm. Scott, aged 07 years, 7 months and
"days. .
MADE by Agents In cities and coun
try towns, only necessary to show
samples to make sales snd inoiiey.foi'
any one out of employment and dlspos
ed to work. Used dully bv all business
men. Bend Stamp for circular, with,
prices to agents. Address
Kendall Building, Chicago-.
Excelsior Copying Book,
any writing WITHOUT Water, PI! ESS, or Brush,
used at home, library or olllce. For ladles wish
lug to retain copies of letters, every business man.
clergymen, correspondents, travels it is invalua
ble sells at sight. Send iM and we will send a
3(i0page Book, letter size, BY MAIL paid to any
address. We refer to any Commercial Agency.
Send stamp for Agents' Circular. EXCELSIOR
MNF'G. CO., 110 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ills, fined
Legally and quietly obtained In every State and
Territory, for ISfOMi'ATimi.iTY and other causes,
no matter where the party resides. 13 years' ex
perience. Fee after decree. All letters confiden
tial. Address A. .1. DKXTKIt, Att'y. Rooms
8 and 9, 112 Dearborn, St., CHICAGO, ILL. Un
questionable references given. Correspondence
with the legal profession Invited. 14 6m
They will yield 50 per cent, more profit ture than
ordinary crops, and pay for themselves the first
year they bear. .
To plant poor, drled-out stock, brought from a
long distance and sold by an Irresponsible agent,
whose only Interest is to buy as cheap as he can.
regardless of quality or condition. You can
GUARANTEED STOCK, at bottom prices, fresh
and vigorous, by sending or coming direct to
iiivnitsini: xviiseries,
9 Circulars Free.
GEO. F.McFAREAND, Proprietor. ,14
(&r,r'W Is not easily earned In these times, but
fj I " ean be made In three mouths bv
any one of ell her sex. In anv part o'r
the country who Is willing to work steadily at the
employment that we furnish, tut a week in your
own town. You need not be far away from home
over nigh. You can give your whole time to the
work, or only your spare moments. It costs
nothing to try the business. Terms and o Outfit
free. Address at once, II. Hau-ett & Co., Port
land, Maine. , 14 ly.
THE Commissioners of Perry countv will meet
at the site of the bridge across bherman's creek,
at Bridgeport, In Spring township,
ON FRIDAY, APRIL 27th, 1877.
at 10 o'clock A. M., and let by outcry, to the low
est and best bidder, the building of a NEW COV
ERED WOODEN BRIDGE acr-ss said creek,
upon the site of the old bridge. The said new
bridge to be built according to a bill of specifica
tions prepared, and which may be seen and ex
amined in I lie Commissioner's Olllce, in Bloom
Held, or a copy will be sent to any one upon ap
plication by mall. A bond for the faithful pei
formance of contract, approved by the Commis
sioners, will be required of the contractor
immediately upon the awarding of the contract.,
and the Commissioners also reserve the right to
reject any bid that is not satisfactory.
.1. W. OANTT, )
Solomon Bowkk. Coiiiniiiiis'rs.
Gkoiuie Campiiki.l. Nkilsom, Clerk.
BlooinBeld, March 20, 1877.
BY virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court ol
Ferry county. Pa., the undersigned Administra
tor with the will annexed of Mrs. Mary McCliii
toek. late of Carroll township. Ferry county. Pa.,
deceased, will sell by publle out cry, on the prem
ises, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 17th. 1S77.
at 11 o'clock A. M., the following described valua
ble real estate, to wit:
situate In Carroll township, on Sherman's Creek,
one mile west of Dellville, containing
102 Acres and 75 Perches,
more or less, bounded on the North by Sherman's
Creek, East by land of Samuel Grler, and West
by land of Samuel Mutlack. About 75 Acres or
said tract are cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation, while the balance Is good timlier land.
The improvements thereon are a LOG jam.
LOG BAHN. Frame Stable. Frame Hog f itjH
Pen. and other out buildings. There are Lj'iJL
ORCHARDS of choice bearing Apple andlvicli
Trees, good water near the house, and Its general
surroundings make It a desirable property for
purchasers. '
TERMS OF SALE Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to lie paid when the proiwrty is
stricken down. Five hundred dollars at the time,
otconilrmatloiioi sale, out. half the balance on
Ihe 1st of April, 1S7H, and Urn remainder on the
1st dayof April, 1H7H, Possession will he given
and deed delivered when Hie tw) are i.lil ami
the balance to be secured with judgment bonds,
bearing luteiest from date.
March 27, 1S77. t Administrator.-