The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, February 06, 1877, Page 4, Image 4

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New lUoomfleld, Vtb'y (I, JS77.
Mo Cut or SliTontj-pK will hp Inserted In till. vor
Bnlww llirht fsoe fttul on metal bntta,
tTwentT wr pent, in iiwi nf regular rte, will
bs etwniMl or itvertlemeut ot In Unuule Column.
I.nnk at the (l(,nrp on the Intiel of yonr iwppr.-ThiiBHilu-uri
H tpll vim tlm itnte In wlilrli jrniir iib
prtitilnn Ik nnM. Within B nrku miir mutiny In
pnt, ine 11 the iWte la cluuwed. No other rucclpt
Is uooeaaary.
For the information of advertlsersttiid
others who niny be Interested in know
Ing, we will state that the present circu
lation of The Times is between eighteen
hundred and nineteen hundred copies
each week.
The Phksidknt Is In favor of imnie
dlatespecle resumption and thinks it can
now be done easily.
Toi'EKA, Kas., January 31. The leg
islature to-day elected Col. Plumb as
United Stutes senator.
Holland, the bank robber, has been
veturned to his old quarters in the
C'hambersburgjail. He was met at the
depot by a crowd of several hundred
The amoi'nt paid by the State for
services of the County School Superin
tends for the past year was, $71,1(00,00.
Isn't this about $71,500,09 more than
their services arc really worth to the
cause of education ?
The House Committee at Harris
burg has reported ft bill, by a close vote,
11 to 0, authorizing the people of Penn
sylvania to vote on the subject of the
sale of liquors In the respective counties
of the Commonwealth. This is the local
option law of three years ago with some
A Good Move.
Kepresentative Sherwood, of JJoth
umbcrland county, has introduced a bill
In the house reducing the compensation
of members of the legislature from
$ 1,000 to $700. The bill also makes re
ductions In the salaries of employees
in those of the chief clerks, $500 and
resident clerk $500. Transcribing clerks
are allowed $000 in the bill and pasters
and folders $500.
Judge Cahventek, before whom was
argued the case of Peter Smith a negro
convict pardoned by Chamberlain, and
detained in prison on the ground that
Chamberlain had no authority to exer
cise the pardoning power, not being the
legal governor of South Carolina, has
decided that neither Chamberlain nor
Hampton was duly inaugurated govern
or, and that Chamberlain consequently
holds over until his successor qualifies
in due form. The case will be appealed
to the Supreme Court, where a similar
question is now pending.
The joint electoral convention con
vened on Thursday, and counted the
votes of the StateB of Alabama, Arkan
sas, California, Colorado, Connecticut
and Delaware. No objection was offer
ed until the vote of Florida was reached,
when three sets of certificates were
opened and read. Each set was objected
to, and one of the Republican electors
was challenged as ineligible. The mat
ter was then refered to the electoral tri
partite committee, which met and heard
argument of counsel on the subject.
Xo decision will probably be reached for
several days.
Tiik President has decided not to
interfere in the Louisiana case,exccpt to
keep the peace, until after the Presiden
tial question has been finally settled.
He says the settlement of the latter
question will, in his opinion, render
clear the question as to who is entitled
to the Governorship of Louisiana.
He says both parties in that State are
behaving remarkably well, and he has
no cause to complain on that score. lie
has no doubt but that the statue quo will
be maintained until the final decision is
made; but should it be otherwise,
should either party break the peace, he
will order Gen. Augur to take charge of
the State until he shall have decided the
question of governorship.
New Postage Stamps.
The probability now is that we shall
soon have a change in the quality of our
postage stamps, rendering it impossible
for them to lie " washed." From the
present style of three cent stamps the
canceling marks are easily erased by add
and the government has been trying for
a long time to obtain some ink for
printing stamps which will ubsord the
canceling ink so that it cannot be erased.
The department has under trial a new
kind of mucilage, which is said to be an
improvement on that now in use. The
new adhesive compound is the Invention
of a chemist In New York. The con
tracts for the manufacture of stamps ex
pire shortly, and the department desire
to examine all Improvements before
they are renewed. Postmaster General
Tyner In his recent report to Congress
says he believes that postal revenue to
the amount of over $1,000,000 would bo
saved to the government If there was no
use of three cent stamps n second time.
This estimate Is doubtless a little high,
but that the business of washing these
8 tamps Is carried on to some extent,
there Is but little doubt.
By reference to the Auditor General's
Keport for 1870, transmitted to the Leg
islature at the ojrenlng of the present
sasslon, pages 02, 0,1 and 04, it will be
seen that the expenses for building addi
tion to the Office of Internal Affairs,
and furnishing the samo for the year
ending November 80, 1870, was as fol
lows :
rRtPiBeTiilielel, Jr., for building ad
dition 115,292 10
IVter HimiiIipIipI, Jr., for Extra work
done In olllcf, 9,712 SO
J. D. fi A. J. March for heating apiia-
rutin 3.0S8 on
llergHt lesser : Boyd for work on build
in g 179 20
O. A. Bplppr for work on olllee H9 M
A. H. lloni'k .... 274 60
Miit'Hlilmnk & Co., for material furnish
ed and work dune 1,759 08
National Covering Company (or work
on utllee : 158 55
Nut tonal Covering Company fur cover
Ins: pipes and and boilers In nfflcn, 10 00
llanlihank & Co., for material fur
nished, 322 05
Owens (fe Kehr for laying pavement
around olllee 785 00
Furniture as follows :
Pagan t Maeyer fur furniture, 14S 98
O. C. Hooper for furniture 1,489 25
v'reagmlle ft Co., Carpets, Matting, &., 1.H7J 39
Charles P. Mllllkeu. Drapery 591 do
Samuel Adams, Chandeliers 590 00
1. Al. Simon tor services as Architect,
(mind the 99 cents Item,) 917 99
Total m,m 80
Add to this, as seen on page 78, the
salaries ot Secretary, clerks, and
e ntlugeiit expenses 31,158 93
Grand Total J08,591 23
The Report of the Auditor General for
1875 pnge 104, shows that P. Ilernheisel,
Jr. was paid In that year $16,007, for
building addition to this same office and
that L. M. Simon was also paid $888.88
(what a coincidence of figures) for ser
vices as architect on the same. It might
be Interesting to add that Mr. Simon also
got (as per same report) $3,880.03 for
services as architect page 1)3, for re
pairs to the hall of the House of Itepre
sentatives for 1870. It seems to be a
very nice thing to belong to " the Har
rlsburg ring," and from the above it is
evident that there Is a ring, which takes
very good care of Itself. Some of these
charges are simply outrageous, and it
can hardly be expected that any person
would look at these items and think that
the services charged for, were hon
estly rendered. The Auditor General es
timates that the State has lost $100,000
the past five or six years through dis
honest county officials and conniving
clerks in the departments.
After looking over the above, most
persons will think the Auditor General
might extend his list of sources by which
the Slate is swindled.
- - -so- - -
The Continental Life.
The receiver of the Continental life
insurance company, of New York, filed
his report in the supreme court of Kings
county, January 21). He states the com
pany's liabilities at $2,803,107, and its
assets at $5,028,801, of which 30 per cent,
are valueless. During his term of of
fice the receiver collected and disbursed
$102,022. He is unable to explain an
item of $1,000,094 "open accounts of
agents." There is another item of $254,
854 against the Empire Mutual life In
surance company, which retired from
business some time ago, " and has no
assets to meet this clulm."
- - - -
Meeting of Methodists.
At u meeting of Methodist ministers
In New York on Tuesday last, the ques
tion " Is there any cause to have evan
gelists among usV" was discussed at
great length, many powerful addresses
being made. The room was crowded
with anxious listeners. '
Dr. Kit-tell argued there was no neces
slty for either revivals or evangelists,
and that they did more harm than good.
The Idea of sudden santification he re
garded as absurd. Dr. Scudder held
similar views. Dr. Crooks thought
evangelism had done much for Christi
anity, and its prluclples are good.
Dr. Curry said evangelists and mis
sionaries arc almost slmllur. The great
work has been done by them for the
church, but a pastor should be an evan
gelist. Many evangelists do good abroad
who could work no good at home owing
to their character. Weeping, singing
and mesmeric evangelists he deplored.
They pass over districts like fire over
prairies and leave nothing but ruin
A Train's Narrow Escape.
W avkim.ev, N. Y., January 28. The
lightning express on the Kile Railway
had a narrow escape from destruction
near this place at about 11 o'clock last
night. The train was traveling at a
high rate of speed when the engineer
saw a red lamp swinging violently at a
short distance ahead. He whistled down
brakes, and the train was brought to a
standstill as soon as possible. Less than
half a length of the train nheod the en
gineer say some large object lying across
the trunk. Investigation revealed the
fact that two large ties, or logs, had been
chained securely to the rails, making an
obstruction that would have thrown the
train down the bank, and resulted In
fearful loss of life. The logs had been
discovered by a track walker just in tlmo
to hurry buck and warn the train, which
he knew was then about due. The ob
struction had been placed on the track
within an hour, as tlio watchman had
made his rounds at Unit time, and the
track was clear.
As soon as the logs were removed tho
train moved on, and was under gootl
headway, when the engineer discovered
that be was off theniain track, and on a
blind switch, which had evidently been
turned by the slime persons who placed
the logs on the rails, liefore the train
could be stopped six cars were thrown
from tho track. The passengers were
greatly alarmed, but no one was hurt.
This train carries nightly many thou
sands of dollars In the safesof theUnltod
States Express Company, and Is always
heavily loaded with passengers.
. . -,
A Charlie Ross Case in New York.
John Kaln, aged six years, the son of
a wealthy butcher doing business in
Centre street, New York, was abducted
by a strange man last Tuesday. Itap
pears that the boy attended school at the
Church of Transfiguration, a short dis
tance from his residence'. At noon re
cess he comes home for a short time.
Tuesday at noon he failed to appear and
his father made Inquiries which resulted
in the discovery that he had been seen
by school mates going away with a
stranger,who offered him an Inducement
In the shape of money to accompany
him. The school boys could give no
description of the stranger. The child
was dressed in a small ulster overcoat,
round Derhy hat, dark knee pants ond
dark striped stockings. The same
stranger has often been seeu around
the school offering inducements to other
children to accompany him.
The child was found Wednesday,
stripped of his overcoat, for which he
had been stolen.
New Cure for Diphtheria.
A little son of Mr. Jeremiah Kelley,
of Hughesvllle, says the Willlamsport
dally Gazette fc ItuUctln of last week
who has been dangerously ill with
diphtheria was successfully treated by
inhaling the fumes of slackened lime,
last week and is now out of danger. A
small piece of lime was placed in a cup
and the fumes conveyed to the mouth
of the chilil through a funnel with a
long tube. It is said that in a short
time after the treatment a large lump of
tough mucous was discharged from Jhe
throat, after which the little fellow at
once commenced to get lietter.
A friend writes to the German
town Tdcyrnph that after the heavy fall
of snow and sleet in December, a. pea
cock disappeared, but after twelve days
and eighteen hours, he found the head of
the bird sticking up through a snow
drift. He had sat down Just at dark in a
place sheltered from the storm, which
had driven him from his accustomed
roost. In attempting to take him up
after having removed tho snow,he found
his long and beautiful tail frozen to the
ground. This It was that prevented him
from releasing himself. He has been
apparently well ever since, notwith
standing his long fast, save lameness
from his legs so long bent, it is sup
posed. Triplets Celebrate Their Birthday.
On the 12th of February a remark
able meeting will take place in Macon,
Ga. Triplet brothers, sixty years old,
will meet and go out to an older broth
er's in Jones county, and celebrate their
birthday by prayer and preaching.
These brothers are Jesse, Tom and Ben
Hammond. They are .triplets, born
nearly sixty years ago. Jesse lives in
Mississippi, Thomas in Jasper county,
Ga., and Ben in Upsor county, Ga,.
A Heavy Robbory.
A peddler called at the house of S. S.
Chalfunt, near Thornvllle, )., on Friday
evening, and obtained permission to
lodge over night. During the night he
chloroformed the entire family and ran
sacked the house, carrying off $000 in
cash and $35,000 in bonds. The robber
was traced to Lancaster, but he has not
been apprehended.
-1 - - -
A Stray Ballot-box from Ohio. .
A letter from the Eastern Shore, Md.,
says: An oyster shipper at Franklin,
some weeks past, received in one of his
empty oyster boxes a ballot-box from
Ohio, sealed and locked. The box ou
being opened, showed a large majority
of ballots, for the Democratic ticket.
New Yoiik, February 1. Early this
morning a terrible murder was commit
ted at Egbcrtsvllle, a small settlement
about half a mile west of New Dorp,
Staten Island. Patrick Dolan, an Irish
laborer, awakened his mother about
three o'clock this morning and without
warning, killed her with some blunt In
strument. He then attacked his sister
and beat her so shockingly that her
death Is expected. Dolan was lodged in
the county Jail by neighbors who heard
the cries and Interfered.
Leiian'on, Pa., Jan. 31. John Longe
necker, an employee at the Lebanon
rolling mill, was this morning caught In
some of the machinery of that establish
ment and Instantly killed. He leaves a
wife and four children.
Sr. Louis, Mo., January 30. General
John M 'Donald, of whiskey fraud fame,
received an unconditional pardon yes
terday and was immediately released
from the penitentiary at Jefl'erson City.
ff5T Courbet, the man who has been
condemned for murdering a woman In
the Rue Taltbout, In Paris, to twenty
ycars'imprlsonment, has addressed a let
ter to the President of the court, Im
ploring that the sentence should be
changed to one of death. He declared
that a person guilty of such a crime as
his Is not worthy to live.
Miscellaneous Mews Items.
tW The Paris papers bave accounts of
an American railway accident "on the
wooden bridge near Ash Sabula on Salt
tW Joliu Dig, of Colorado, Las marriod
no less than six wives during the last two
years, and In each case Dig has dug out
aud left them.
t3T Mrs. Rudolph Fritsclie foil ou the
Ice at Bainbridge, Lancaster county, and
fractured ber skull. She died a few hours
tW A car load of hogs that had died
from cholera arrived at MayBville Friday
a week for reshipmont to Cincinnati to be
manufactured into soap, and yet soap will
be no cheaper.
Eleven merchants on Penn street,
Reading, and all in one square, bave an
nounced their intention to move in the
spring on account of the high rents de
manded by their landlords.
H3T The other day a gentleman perform
ed the astonishing feat of driving a four-in-hand
with a double-seated sleigh containing
four persons, from Bloomsburg to Danville,
a distance of ten miles, in 804, minutes.
CA'Newark child tumbled out of the
second story window, and the mother, ma
ning to gather it up, pitched headlong
down stairs and was knocked into a state
of unconsciousness. The youngster was
tW A prominent common pleas judge,
up the country, recently mistook himself in
a large mirror for his brother William, and
rushing up to shake hands shattered the
"reflector' to atoms. Probably be was
better acquainted with a glass of Bour
bon. 1ST" Early on Saturday evening of the
27th ult., two masked burglars attempted to
rob the house of Mr. Danfortb, at Buskirk's
Bridge, near Troy, N. Y. Mr. Danforth
resisted, and , the bflrgiars attempted to
murder him, ' but they were overpowered
and arrested by neighbors.
A Ilazloton landlord, whose tenant
was utterly unable to pay his rent, went
on Friday a week and took the outer door
away, leaving the family, of whom several
at e very young, to suffer from the blasts of
winter, says tbe Miner's Journal. Why
was not the name of the inhuman monster
giveu that all might kuow and shun him 9
VW Pope's couplet that all know.
"No goose so gray but soon or late.
She'll Und some honest gander for her mate,"
Proved true last week at Marietta, Pa.,.
when 31 rs. uiri, a widow or seventy,,
married a youth of twenty. Her parents
opposed the match, but the girl thought
she was old enough to decide for tiorself.
We should think so.
tSf At St. Louis, Tuesday morning, at
tbe Uomtque Theatre, William Wiener.
the night watohman, accused A. N. Law
rence, assistant barkeeper, of making some
disparaging remark about bim to the bead
barkeeper, which .Lawrence denied, where
upon Wiener shot him in the neck, killing
birn almost instantly. Wiener is under
bonds for attempting to kill bis wife a few
weeks ago.
tFA gang of alleged fire insurance
policy swindlers has been broken up in
Mew iork by tne arrest of Wm. H. Hale,
of Plainfleld, K. J. The swindling firm, of
which the accused was . a member, was
that of Hale, Whitney, Potter & Co.,
having offices at No. 170 Broadway.
tW Henrietta Grlnnell, a servant in the
employ of Jobnu. Marie, at Elizabeth, Pi.
J., attempted to murder the whole family
on Monday a week by putting arsenic in
their milk. Five persons were made very
sick, and one is still very low, but there
bave been no ratal consequences as yet.
Henrietta was arrested
tWA- crazy man, named Harrison Tur
ner, at Sorrel Hill, Crawford county,
deliberately fired upon Milton Anderson,
a tenant upon bis mother's farm, with a
loaded musket killing him almost instantly.
Shortly afterward be reloaded the musket
and putting the muzzle under his chin
pressed the trigger and blew the whole top
or ms bead ou.
Philadelphia, January 30. This eve.
ning aa John Pye and John Keegan were
returning from work they encountered
bamuel Ewing and James Keenan at Eigb
teenth and Wharton streets, both drunk
A dispute arose which ended in Pye draw
ing a chisel from his pocket and running it
into tne neaaoi jawing, producing a wound
which resulted in instant death. , Keenan
was also cut with a chisel but bis injuries
are not dangerous, rye ana Keenan were
tSTNioholas Keyck, who was assaulted
with an axe in New York on Saturday
night, January 13, by bis son George, died
a few evenings ainoe in Bellevue Hospital
from fractured skull, . the result of the
I blows. The father was drunk an beating
bis wife, when the ion Interfeied. He.
claims that be used the axe in self-defence.
MT The Boston "Herald" says i Mr-
Charles Keith, of Mattapoisett, bas boon
for several years almost totally blind, being
unable to distinguish anything further than
the difference between day and night. Yet
he saws all the wood burned by the family, .
does choras about the bouse, and has the
sole care of the garden, where the vege
tables are planted In rows aa straight as -anybody's
and the wends are kept under
inorougn control, a lew nays ago he was
at work patching the roof of the house. .
ins age is about 70 years.
VW" A traveller packed himself and a
great quantity of baggage into a stags in
Oroville, Cal. The vehicle was so loaded
that he had barely room to squeeze himself
In ; but ho lit his pipe, and prepared to en
dure the hardship of a journey under such
circumstances. The straw under his feet
caught fire from the pipe, and instantly
the stage was in flames, lie got out with .
omiouity, tne oaggage hindering bim, and-
was latauy nurned.
The stage was con-
t7The sunreme court of tho lTnitprf
States decided, Monday a week, in the case
of some town officers In Illinois, wuobo
resignation bad been accepted,, but whose -successors
bad not been appointed and
qualified, that they bad not ceased to be
such officers, and were therefore oompolled
to audita certain judgment. Home interest
was felt in this cane, as it was believed to
have a bearing on that of Watts, the
Oregon postmaster and elector.
IW Gen. A. J. Pleasonton, originator
and strenuous advocate of the theory that
blue glass, interposed between the sun and
anything tbat grows, bas a wonderfully
stimulating effect, says that he has just had
a new proot mat be is right, lie fell from
his carriage in Philadelphia, where he lives,
and severely injured bis shoulder and side. .
Physicians gave him no relief; but be was
cured by taking sun baths' under blue
tW Some sheep belonging to a farmer
named Keed having been stolen in the
neighborhood of a colliery village in Dur
ham, Eng., while the thief was still undis
covered, a local preacher, having a
collection to make, thought he would turn
the event to a good account ; so be said :
"We bave a collection to make this morn
ing, and for the glory of God, whichever of
you stole Air. Keed s sheep don t put any
thing on the plate I" Of course everybody
Joined in the collection.
W A discouraged man in Virginia City
wrote to his landlady : "I am tired of life.
and will blow out my brains in the ceme
tery to-night. My rent is paid np to the
8th. I do this because life has beoome a
burden to me." Ho started to the ceme
tery, carrying tbe loaded gun with which
he intended to kill himself. On the way.
across the lie id be encountered a savage
dog, and used all bis ammunition . in de
fending himself against the brute. That
inoident seems to have changed bis mind1
about life being a burden, and he still
tW A cruel hoax was recently per
petrated on two members of tbe Hebrew
community who presented themselves at
tbe Synagogue in Birmingham, Eng., to be -married.
The ceremony was interrupted
by the arrival of- a telegram to tbe rabbi
informing him tbat the bridegroom was
already married and had two children.
The bride was removed in a fainting con
dition, and the bridegroom was chased
through the streets by a mob, who saluted -him
with "a shower of stones and mud."
Investigation has since proved tbat the
telegram was a forgery, and tbe wedding
will take place after all.
MT The Lock Haven Demwrat says,
John Bell, on Upper Jerry's Run, Cameron
county, where be bas a log camp, has in
his possession eight live- deer, one a flue
buck, which he captured alive by running
tfaem downv He captured fonr inside of
three hours and a half. Tbe snow is so
deep that deer cannot run, and Mr. Ball
oaught them by using snow shoes in tbe
ehaso. He bad a severe struggle with the
buck which showed fight. By means of a
nooae thrown over his head, and through
skill and main strength, he got the buck
choked and down and after tying him to a -tree,
got bis legs tied, and then got him on
a bush and hauled bis game into camp.
When be captured tbe four he had to go
back to camp for help to bring - in the
animals. -
E.F. Knnkel's Bitter WIno of lrou
Gives tone ta the stomach, Improves the ap- -petite
and assists digestion, eroitesthe bowels
to healthy action,expe)ling all the foal bnmors
that contaminate tbe blood, corrupt the secre
tions aud offend the breath. It excites the liver
to a healthy action and strengthens the nerves,
Imparting tbat glow to life tbat proceeds alone
from perfect health. Thousands in all walks
of life, testify to the virtues of this excellent
medicine In correcting tbe derangement of the
digestive organs. Get the genuine. Sold only
In f I bottles. Ask for . F. Kukkel's Bitter
Wins or Iboa, ami take no other.
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia Dyspepsia '
E. F. Knnkel's Bilter Wine of Iron, a sore
rare for this disease. It has been prescribed
dolly for many years la the practice of eminent
physicians with unparalleled success Symp
toms are loss of appetite, wind and rising of
food, dryness in mouth, headache, dizziness,
sleeplessness and low spirits. Get the genu
ine. Not sold in bulk, only $1 bottles. -
Do yon want something to strengthen you,
or a good appetite ? Do you want to get rid of
nervousness f Do yon want energy, sleep well
ro be- cured of dyspepsia, kidney or liver dis
ease? TryE. F. Kankei's Bitter Wine of
Iron. Eever bottle guaranteed to do as rec
ommended. Depot and otllce, 859 North Ninth
St., Philadelphia, Fa. Oct tbe genuine. Sold
by all druggists. Ask for E. F. Kunkel'a and
take no other. All I aekvla a trial of this val
uable medecino. One bottle will cooTince you.
Get six bottles for 5.00, V, for one.
Tape Worm Removed Alive.
Tape Wormy Fin, Seat' and Stomacbe Worm
removed alive in from two to four hours. No
see until bead of Tape Worm passes alive and
In one. Ask yoav druggtet for Kunkel's Worn
Syrnp. Sold only in bottles. Used - for
cbildren and grown persons. It never fails. Or
send for circular to Dr. Kunke), 259 North
Ninth Street, Philadelphia ra. Address by
mall free. Send throe cent (lamp for returns
of letter. 6 4t -
Joints and Muscles, StllT, and painful with
rheumatism and gout, are promptly relieved
by QlenoV Sulphur Soap, Local diseases of
the stain and defects of the complexion are al
so remedied by this standard article. Depot
Crittentou's No. 7 Sixth Avenue New Tork
Hill's Hair fiJ Whisker Dye, btmtk or trowa,
50 ctSi 4 lm