The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, September 02, 1848, Image 4

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BRIDGE COMPANY, May 18, 1848.
The Directors of the Cohan Sin Bank and lbidge Com
pany, desirous of affordingto persons who are distmscd
deposit money for definite periods, at u moderate rate 01
interest, have determined to allow interest fur due solute
at the following rates. viz:
For all deposits to remain 12 11101111, , , 4 per et. per annum
do dodo 6 do :1 do do
do do do .1 do x do do
The sums so deposited to he puts able without interest at
any intermediate dine, at the option of the depositor.' The
interest to cease at the cud of the period for which the
deposit was made, unless the same be renewed for
farther period. 5.A311,71LL 1.3110C11,
June 10.1049.-3 m Cashier.
TN pursuance of the provisions of the, act en
titled, -An Act to prescribe the manlier of giving
notice oforplicauens for Banks." mid in accordance with
the provisions of the Constitution of Pennsylvania, the
President, Directors, and Stockholders of the Lancaster
Baiik, hereby give public notice, that they intend making
application to the Legislature of Penney 'yenta, at the
session to commence on the first Tuesday of January
next, A. D. 1840, for the renewal and extension of their
present Charter and Act of Incorporation, ivitb banking
mid discounting privileges, for the term of ten years from
the first Wednesday ieMay, A. D. 1551. The date last
mentioned, being the time to which their pre.ent Charter
is extended.
The said Corporation is:to be continued by the stone and
style of the Lancaster Bank, and with the same powers
and privileges which arc now enyoyed under its present
Charter and Act of Incorporation. and is to be located to
the City of Lancaster. The capital stock of said bank.
as authorized by law '
was nix hundred thousaild dollars;
the amount of capital subscribed was three hundred and
three thousand nine hutidriid dollars; and the amnion paid
in throe hundred thonsalid and thirty dollars The legis
lature will not be asked for an increase of capital or ex
tension of priWAeges.
- Sy order of the Board of Directors.
thy of Lancaster. June iN3.lBle.
THE Columbia Bank and Bridge Company in
tend to make application to tine Legislatore of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at their next 5C..1.1011,
for the renewal. extension, and continuance or the hank
sag, discounting, and other privileges they
...existing laws. rho Company to Inc routward In) the
name, style, and title of the Colombia Munk and Bridge
Company. the borough of eoltualua, in the comity of
Lancaster. and state of PC1131.) h'lllll,l.
his order of Board.
Columbia Jour tn. trld
I 8 hereby given that citizens of Lancaster county
intend to make application to the i.. igi-laiiire of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at the :text , estmot
thereat: for the incorporation of a company tinder the
name 11111 i style, or intended name and .1) le of -The
Colombia. Savings Institution,” leagued as an olbee of
di-c0..... and deposit. with a capital not exceeding one bull.
tired thole amt dollarg. nod to he located to the borough of
Colombia. Lancaster county. Pa.
George Wolf, 11. E. Atkins,
Peter Ilaldenian, henry Ilaldentan,
R. Chalfant, John A. Hook,
Peter Haldeman. Jr , B. Crai,ton,
R. E. Cochran, Daniel Item
Reuben Alullison, Samuel Brooks,
John L. Wright, Philip Clossler.
Joint Barr,
Columbia, icily 1, LE-1P..-Gm
A/rECILINICAL Paper in the World. New V01....1L lame of the" SC 'ENT] MC AMERICAN.'
The Pnblishers df the Scientific American respectfully
give notice that the FOURTH YEARLY VOLUM!: of
their Journal will be commenced on Saturday. September
rind. This publication differs entirely from the nattily
magazines and papers which flood the country It is a
Weekly Journal of Art. Science. and Meehrunes. having
for its object the advancement of the INTERESTS
TORS. Each number t+ illustrated with from live to tell
VI,NTIONS, nearly all of the best inventions which are
patented at Washington being illustrated in the Scientific.
American. It also contains a Weekly Lest of American.
Patents; notices of the Progress of all Met:halm-al and
Scientific Improvements; practical direction on the con
struction, management, and use of all kinds of MACHI
NERY. TOOLS. &e. ; Essays upon Mechanics, Chemis
try. and Architecture ; ReCO4llll , of Foreign Inventions
aid vice to inventors; Railroad Intelligenee, together with
a vast amount of other interesting, valuable, and useful
information. The Scientific American is the most popular
journal of thekind ever published. and of more importance
to the interest or Mechanics and Ins entors than any thing
they could possably obtain' It is printed wlth clear type
on ben I paper. and being adapted to binding. the sub
scriber is possessed. at the end nt the year. nt a large vol
ume of four hundred and sixteen pages. illustrated with
upwards of five hundred Nleelnimeal Eng," tug'. and an
TERMS:—Two dollars a ;ear in advance. nr tf desired,
one dollar in advance, the rem:nailer in sic innuth, '1•0
CLUBS :-5 copies Ss: ten copies. cl 5. Those.eho wi sh
to subscribe have only to enelo, the amount in a letter,
directed to MUNN A. CO.,
Publisher, of the Stun - mite Amenca it. New York
VAll letters mum lie post paid
M I I.:METHIRD bound, tt..2 73, or in sheet, ore for
They maybe scut sntely to any part of the country.
Patents secured and Mechanical Drawings resented at
the cheapest TALC , nt the office of the Scientific Antert•
THE &undersigned, hereby tender their sincere
acknowledgment,. to their customers, and the pub
lic generally, for the very liberal patronage that has at
tended their efforts to please. and would inform them that
it will be their greatest pleasure as heretofore. to conduct
their business in such a inanacr an to aunt their continu
ed approbation and support.
Ve. continue to make all kinds of Castings. viz
TICIiCOG-\~ HI:1•:I.S, I'AST snAvrs for water wheels,
&e. Also. CAR WIII:ELS and other Car Castings. to•
gether with all kinds of Rail-Road Castings. for which
unexceptional coherence Call he given for superiority and
We have quite a variety of PATTERNS toe making
lint Blast Pipes. for Blast Furnaces. and for Water Pipes,
and, being well prepared for Casting Pipes. it will cer•
tainly be an advantage to those in want. to call and ex
attune for themselves, as we can manufacture as cheap,
or cheaper, than any other establishment in this section
of country.
We have different kinds of Patterns for Steam Engines,
Threshing Machines, Ploughs,. Common Stoves, Stove
Plates. Stove Cylinders and Grates, and many other
things in our line of liminess, being the making and col
lecting together of the past eleven years. Having the
best of mechanics employed at Pattern making, S.c we
arc prepared to make any thing in our line of business nt
the shortest notice, and being fas ornbly situated at the
Canal Basin. give us the advantage of mantitactimng and
forwarding Castings to any point with despatch and at
the lowest miss. eiEORGE Wol.r.
Dealing tinder the firin of Cie°. Wilt st Co.
Colombia, March 1.1413—ii
AND NEW GOODS. The subscriber takes ibis
.rnethod of informing his friends and customers that
helms rented the New Store Room known as Dahl...lan's
New Corner, being on the South West corner of rront
and Locust Street. where he intends to keep constantly on
hand is good supply of
and a general assortment or Family rirwerwL: wgrther
Pith Flour and other Meal: Oats. Corn rind Chop tor
horses. Also. Liquors of all kinds. 1111"1111111117. U,ama a and
Cordials. All of which I pledge mys. It to sill
for crick an possibly can be afforded. Please rail and ex
manse both the goods and prices.
N. lI.—A duelling and front shop adjoining. to lent on
accommodating terms. Myself and Soo would like to
board with the minty. ELIJA II 11.11{11A'17.
Columbia. March
GLORY of Maids, Wives, Widows, and Ilie
crownin g ornament of man. . .
It is to the scalp as guano is to the earth in making it
It is as certain in its effect se death. 10-morrow or next
Now. reader. these respectable citizens certify that
Jones's Coral Hair Restorative will have the following
effects without ran:
it will force the human hair to grow on the head. face.
or body—it will stop it failing, cure ecurf or dandruff, and
make red, grey. and light hair grow dark.
Mr. W. Tompk ihs. Jt King at.. New York.
Mrs. Matilda Reeves, Myrtle Avenue. Brooklyn.
Mr. James Power, grocer. Fulton et..llronklyn.
Mr- Thomas Jackson. ti 9 Liberty at.. Pittsburgh
Henry E. Cullen. (late) barber on board the South
But the beautiful, the glorious Piiert ii has in dressing
and beautifying the hair—making It soft. dark, silky. and
keeping_ii .....thlic-S.M2°.ll° as ° P . P1 h .7.1!!!! made.
. .
ft costa but 3 shillings for a trial bottle. and the public
are conecientiously and honestly OfFlirt•ti that the above
arc its real and true qualitier.
Re careful and get the genuine Ask for Jones's corm
Hair Restorative. and take no other. For sal.• only by
Williams. agent for Columbia nii2n*C-44, ^I
la the subscriber, Six Lectures on the uses of
the LUNGS. and Canes, Prevention mid Cure of
CONsIIMPTION, ASTHMA, and di.eases of the Heart ;
On the Laws of Longevity ; and on the mode of preserv
ing mate and :emelt health to an hundred yearn, with 2d
Illustrations. designed for nil classes of readers, by Samuel
Sheldon Flub. A. M., M. D. Also his Silver Inhaling
Tube, Shoulder Brace, and Abdominal Supporter. Sc.
R WiLIAA MS, Agent.
lurnble. July" :!-2.
I' PRICES of Dry Goods. Who arc to be benefited
bythis remarkable cGaistgr? THE PEOPLE! Why ?
Let them call at the ?LEE EWE STORE, North Queen
street. and bee; here. they can buy as much for SI W. as
they a short time ago would have had to pay 5.2 00 for.
This then is a radical change for the express benefit of
thelpeople. *Let them call early and sec the LARGE
LOTS of cheap and beautiful Goods just opening: for
Revolutems now-allays are remarkable for their brevity.
Splendid Lawns, last colors. 121 cents
ln.! inch Muslins, heavy and flue, 01 cents
A good aruele of Plain Modes and 818. only Id{ cents
A good :uncle, lltglaly Cainelcon.
Ladies can lie supplied with every article for mourning'.
Good plain 111 k. Chaves, only 1:21,- cents
do do Lawns, 121, 13, and dv cents
Mazzitlans,Bareges and Silk Tissues.
Ln.le thread, Silk and Sid; Misse, Glove+ in variety,
GINGII.-VMS:—..It4 opened, .1 cu.., 4plcudid French.
Scotch, and Engl6ll Netv patterns and
cry cheap—at THE BEE HIVE, North QUCCII street.
The greatest variety of the most qilcitilid styles, just
received—Mllol, the newest stj. les Are
Zephrine , .
Zepltly -
Pompadour , , - - -
Ake . ac , perfuelll, tit,:
1.1111 lil Nurtli Queen Furee'
CIL% S. E. IVE.V.I'Z 1 11110.
opening the!lit,VCM strieS kir Spring anti Summer.
the pit 5.14 ly ever -cell in Lancaster Gnat aisle
luas beets taken sat Ilse seltst.tscsn ui siylc, and col
o Invar, at tine
Eli Blum nunins :
' , tench N. Lave Cape,
do .1.. do Collars.
do do do I Aging and Inserting
Enthronlewd Al.lnn, fur Dresses.
At the DEE; 111 VE, North Queen st
I.ane.t.i.•r. April to le.-ti
\ 11E'RE kiting Bald, are You t Well, that
c. a Tu.inrtune and tart a crime. tau to remain bald.
hen ,n lane an opportunity caret, to retire your hair, by
mdlltul and liberal use of JO) uc's War Tome, in bat
short at crime. Thts valuable preparatiou cxeites tine
calp to a new anti he: action, cleanses at Irons seer!
and dandruff, prevenis the hair front falling ME mire,
erupt e dt,eases %Odell often uproar upon the head,
allti as a inatority of eases produces it lute growth of new
hair. It also gives the hair a rich and heamind appear
mace. For -ale at W. A. LEADER'S
July I. Golden Mortar Drug Store.
1 1 . 011PhilNT. This disease now prevails to an
V ulaaumrg c‘.tent, and thom.ands of help. , " children
will be curried air by it 11111,i timely relict he afforded
'Titre relief may always he hail by applying to that
most certain and pleasant remedy, Jayne's Cariahlau cc
Balsam. which never fails. It has frequently nitrite cures
of Sumner Colllllllllllt Mier physicians at tire highest
standing have pronounced the child as actually at the
struggles of death. Try it—try if you have ally love ur
compassion. oreven mercy. for y our helpless children
Why will you let them die when a certain remedy may
be had h) calling at W... 1 LEADER'S Gulden :Mortar
bring Stare, From street
Culumbia..lnly I, 1.41,2-if
ITILIAN Chentkal Soap cures Pimples, Blotches,
J. Salt Rheum, Scurvy. Crs..ipelas, Sore llead., Old
Sore,,. Sure Beard and Barber's itch, Chapped and tender
Flesh, Freckle,. Tan, Sunburn, and changing Dark, ...2.1111-
buritt or Yellow Skin to a pure clear V. hire. as smooth
and sou as ant infant's. And, 111 fact, every kind of crup
ricer and di,figurenient. Bead these certificates
From the NO. Sentinel, Oct , 11.
One of our subscriber. Mr. IL Leonard, informe us that
be has been cored of old...enly Salt Rheum. of eighteen
year's standing. on his head. fingers and hand.. by a cake
of an article much inlverti-ed lately—we .peak 01
hail:111 Che11111::11 Soap Ile also 11\1 . 0111N us that he hire
tried Its effects on tin female slave nose. much near bed
tenth sun sputa, and he found in two week• her skin much
clearer and Water.
James Eliliani. n planter in Jersey Cite, .ca; mired of
carbuncle. and 1111111,1e5.W1111,11 lie svne (tiTileTed mule for
many year-. by a part of a cake at Jones's Italian Chemi
cal Soap.
Persons 1n purcha•utg tits most always ask for Jones's
ITALIAN CIIUMIC.\ L SOAR—and perhaps. as many
who have been rhymed with the counterfeits, will be TOO
1111101 tli,ouragt ml to try the genume. We say to such try
1111. once—volt will not regret u : bat always see that the
name o"I'. J ones 1, on the \V rapper.
Sold ..At o 9 l'halluitn , Nev. Yurk, rind by R. WI LI.-
I.,VMS,Agent for Colombia.
TEE Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
rmLADELviir.t.—OFFICE,No 1'33; CiIL:sSUT
Street, near nab Street
Caanms N. Baacaaa, Gaoraa; W. RaertArras,
Tomas W.taNca, ADOLPHE U. Boma,
JACOB H. San Ca, Moaats Parrvitsoa.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual Or limited, on
every description of property in to, 0 and country, at
rates its loss as arc con,steut with security
The Company hay c rc4eryml a large Contingent Fund.
which, with their Capital and Premiums, safely invested.
atlords ample protection to the assured.
The assets 01 the Company, on January let, lE4q, us
pallshed agreeably to an Act of Assembly. were as wil
lows, viz:
Mortgages, cc 90,553 tl5
'teal Estate, 10=,:}5y 00
Temporary Loans, 124,450 00
Stocks, 53,5011 2.1
Cash, tee , 45.157 87
Since their incorporation, a period of eighteen yearn,
they have paid upwards of one snidiion. tiro hundred thou
sand dollars, losses by tire, thereby affording evidence of
The advantages of insurance, as well as the ability and
disposition to meet with pioniptnees, all liabilities.
CILIIILES s. BANCli1:11, President
ellAttLltS 6 HAMMER, Secretary
TitOMAti L 1,0 1 .1), of Columbia,
Agent for York and Lancaster Coulthes
Yet, i 2, lEV.,--1).
Baltimore & Susquehanna Rail Road.
The Morning PASSI.NGER TRA IN run
- 1.17 -
from Baltimore regain rly, hereatter, on Sun
day. nt 9 o'clock. A. . and Returning start from Co
lumbia at l 3 P. M., Wrightsville, 2 P M., and from York
at :1 o'clock. P. M.. an on our.. days or the t, colt The
mad between Baltimore nod York ‘.% 111 be carried by this
ITnlzi No utile. I 1 ant Nall ran on ',nada)
1) C II 13011D1.1 - .Y.
Superintendent of Tian,portation.
Oct 27,1'47
llt A , IL 11 . 1 r i a n . . , --1 , 1 , 11 d E ... 1 1 1E .
I D. 7 T , 1 , 7 , Pas
mum.", .tt,,,,• d0 , k , m ,„ nd
riecs at lei o'clock. P. 31
Arttre% at York 0112 o'clock, P.M ,nnd leans fl.r Co
latotatt at o'clock, P. M
Leaves Colombia at 2 ofclock, P 31., and leaves York
I,•r It, ltanori• at 3 o'clock. P. 31.
I . arc trot.. Italtitocre to York, St 50
Wrlghtsvilk., -- 21,0
Colotol•ta, - - - 2 121
- -
'the 'Frain comic, t, at York with Stages for Ilanastiorg,
Gett,lntr, rhatobersburg, Pittsbllrß and Vnrk ,-bong,
I;_ . Sl' .
fl ron-rYsahric
The Company tc authorteed by the propnetor. of the
Stage Lane's to receive the fare through from Baltimore to
Gcttyeburg and Ilarrirburg. •
rare through to either place. tdfl 00
• 11. C. 11. BORDLEY. Super t.
Ticket Office, 0.1 North et., Balt,
May 5,1847—tf
RIS LETTER. Who will be. without a beau
will head of Bair, when they enn hare Ono fur three
alit Hugs! Twenty years' loss of hut, and wonderful
Dear Sir—The powerful effects of June's Coral Hair
Restorative has been so decisively demonstrated in the
case. of several respectable citivens of the town, who, on
account of your selling three shilling bottles. try it without
tear One Instance, which hat attracted particular atten
tion. is the ease of a gentleman who had little or no hair
far twenty y ears; lie had tried numerous preparations in
'ban, and alimiately had his head shaved and wore a
wiz. At my recommendation, he tried the Restorative,
! and nn. r using it. according to the direction, for a short
lime. the I. ming hair appeared. and he has now us fine a
head of hair as any person in Baltimore.
I'or sale hs IL Williams, agent for Colnmlna.
AIND Bacon of the best quality at
ap72lr-li IV. A, PATTON'S
' 111 5 4 16 4.4
" ". • •
- )lagnifieent
- Iteuotttal.
- Lovely.
HO ! HO !
51,?....0.097 67
Doltimore, July 17. 1E47
ki Extract IS put up in testrr BOTTLFS—it la SIX thee.:
cheaper, pleasanter, and warrattn-d superior to any sold.
It cures diseases without vaunting, purging, sickness. or
debilitating the patient, and is particularly adapted hir a
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsaparilla,
over all other remedies is, whilst it eradicates
disease, it invigorates the body.
Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint, Colds, Coughs,
Catarrh. Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Soreness itt the
Chest, Hectic Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse
Expectoration, and Pain an the Side, Se have and eau
Le cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that has been so
successful In desperate cases of consamptron us slits; It
cleanses and strengthens the system, and appears to heal
the ulcers on the lungs, and the pattern, gradually regain
their usual health awl strength.
There is scarcely u day passes but there are a number
of eases of Consumption reported as cured by the use of
Dr. Townsend's Sassaparilla. Thelollo,lllg was recently
Dr. 'Townsend—Dear Sir :—For the lust three years I
have been altheted «uh geueral debility and nervous con
sumption of the lust stage, and did not expect to ever gain
toy health at all. Alter going through it course of meth
emit under the care of Willi, tit this most distmgmshed re
gular physicians and members of the Board of Health it
New York and el4e,here, and spending most of toy earn
ings. in attempting to regain my health, and alter reading
in some paper of I our Sarsapardlu, 1 resolved tistry
After using six battles I found it (1011 e me great good and
milled to see your office ; with }our advice I kept
ins, and do must heartily thank you for Our advice. I per
severed in taking the Sarsaparilla. mid have been able to
attend to any nsind labors tor:tha last four months, and I
hope by the blessing of God and your Sarsaparilla to con
! tome my health. It helped me beyond the expectations
of all who knew my case. Cuero tra getintr.
Orange. Essex Co., N. J, August 2, 1047.
Stale of Ness- Jersey, Essex County. ss
Charles Q by being duly sworn according to lass-. on
Lis oath stoat. that the atregoing statement is true accord
ing to the best of ill., know ledge and
CnAnLns QII:151111%
Sworn and subsetibed to before nt Orange, the tlrd
August. tar Crary BALDWIN,
.luslirc tit lilt. Peat,.
Read the Collo, tag mid arty that Consumption is incu
rable if you can
New York, April 23, 1'317.
Dr. 'Fownseml-1 verily believe that your Sarsaparilla
has bee. the means. through Pro, 'deuce, of Saving my
life. I haw for several ear, had a bad cough. It be
e:nue wor,e :11111 Mope . . At lii,t I raised large quantities
of blood, had inglit sweats, and was greatly debilitated
111111 reduced. nod 11111110/ expel . t to list' 1 Bute oily used
Vont . Sar,apaiilla limit a short time. and there has a won
aerial change bee. wrought 1.11 Int, I unit nuts ❑hl,e In
walk all over the city I rake no blood, and iu) cough
lint lett ine. You elm well imagiite that lam thankiul
tar these result'. YOlll . 01/01110111 nut.
W3l. Russet.r.. 6.5. Catharine st.
Very f•ty family.. indeed—m diet we have not heard a
one—dint 11.,011 Dr. Townsend's Ruroaparilla Intone 10-t
tiny children the past summer. while 11101, 100 111i1 1101
sickened and died. The certificate we publish below is
elinclosise evidence in iO4 value, and is only another in
stance of it, saving the lives of the children
D.Town,cial—Deur 1 111111 Iwo children cured by
roar Sanaptaillnot the:moaner complaint iiiiddy4entery;
One was only 15 months old, :nut the other :1 y our.. They
were 100 y much reduced. and we expected they would
the; they were given up by two respecatible physicians.
When the doctor onortned it, that we mom lose them. w•t•
resolved to try your Sarsaparilla we had heard so much
ot, but had ben little confidence. there being so nnu•h
stall ndverin•ed that i, w orildes...; but we very thank
inl that we did. for it undoubtedly saved the lives ot both.
I write this that others zany lie induced to toe u.
Your.. u•speen - ally, hurt WthsoNZJR.
Myrtle-Avenue. Broohlyn. Sept 15
:hone, 1'1111.1111.1r, Euq . one ,n the 11.,1,1a1114in the T.ll
untie I:lnekwt gentlenion,pok
en of in the letter :
This is only our 01 more than tour thott.,aud easc.a of
rlienumit..tu that Dr. Ton nswentl'. Sarsaparilla has
cured. The aunt severe and atonic a, sex urn nr.•kly .
crudreuled by its extraordinary virtues
13‘...tcttwEr..t.'s Sept. 1.17.
On. Towsscvo...-Dear Sir. I have starred terribly C.,
n• years wnli thruntrit,rm, cos., t 4.., ruble Of the time I
could nut eat, sleep or work; I had the most distressing
pains. and my lunlc were tenthly struliru. I have aced
lour bottles of your so r,apartlla, and they have done me
more than one thoutaud dollars' NVOI lh 4it good—l am so
much better. Indeed. lam comely relieved. You are at
liberty to tae th, to. the benefit oe . the aditet•d
Yours. Respecially,
.1 tut, Crmui,,s.
na. TowssEND S SARSAPARILLA. Is a Immo: of
the Ln. dle, It reh, 0, them of a great :unonnt of staler
and gives them Cow complexion, and hoot ant qpirit,
Mrs Parker kindly sent us the fallowing .
Do. TowYsEso—Sir • It giree me pleasure to te•uity to
the bencOetal effects I have experienced front the u.e of
your Sarsaparilla. My Nystem was very much reduced
by nerVOUSIICS•and general dchtltty, and with a variety of
tetnale romplaints. I rend your advertisement. and wac
induced to try the efiect of your remedy. It restored me
to a better , tunic of health. I had not enjoyed for several
years previous to taking
mm ; and I do most cheerfully re
commend it us a valuable medicine to all who are 111111CO,I
as I have been
Mits l'Auktu, Baltic st , South Brooklyn
The tolloning o. nom a very iespectable farmer resid
ing nt Hea mintead
DR TOWN , W:NO—Dear Sir: My will• bus been sutrering
so severely from the Dyspepsia and general derangement
of the system, that we supposed she must die. The Phy
sicians could not m=ist Ibe disease, and she would have
died beyond doubt if eve had 110 t given her your Saruapn•
TIM, It line saved her life certainly. She is almost en.
urely relieved, and is gaining strength and health. She
still COMMURS the use of it.
Tours, respectfully, ELIZA ABRAM.
N Vont:, Scrr. 9, ISE'
Dn. Tow v.m.ti :—Dear ain con , trained, as all
act of publicly nekim, ledge the great benefits
received front the use of yottr Sarsaparilla, being in town
about mat y ear , strict m n Very weak and debilitated
Stale. Aly disease was a eliTollll2 inliallial:111011 of the li
ver and stomach, mid. as many thought consumption; I
was so reduced that I had very little hope of recovery.
Hearing and rending considerably of the effects of your
...theme, 1 resolved to try it. though I entertained a preju
dice itganist advm lieu 1 renteduu'. I had taken the medi
eine but a short unto, and began to recover gradually and
continued to get better, and am now well. Indeed I am
no much improved that my mods scarcely recognized me
vv. hen I returned to the city. You arc at liberty to publish
this if you think it will extend the use of your excellent
remedy. T. TIMING.
One thousand or more additimial agencies, for the sale
of Or Townsend's Sarsaparilla. will be establishes] in
mull places where all agency is not already appointed, in
the States 01 Penns) leant*. New Delaware,
iyland, Viremin, nail °Met Southern and %Vc,terii Slates.
The terns. Cl :gene} to he complied with will be us fol
lows; Not more Mao one Prone will have the appoint
ment in a place, w•ho ‘. dl he iidvertised as site!, in one
or inure papers published at such Mace. or the nearest
paper In tlh• place. Thu' ss ill also lie furnished with al
' and handbills setting iorin the virtues of the medicine.
with than . name,- printed ns the Agents, tor circulation.
A lint of all sue), manes wdl be regularly published in
DI - 071'S ORACLE OF iIEALTH, copies of all such
will be furnished Mein lift circulation gratis, .von splen
did showbills in Or- Townsend's more establishment.
For all these advmdages, the payment for a supply of
the Sarsapirlln will he required when ordered, and at any
time when the Agency is relinquished, II any of the Med
mote should remam unsold, it will be taken back at the
price paid for it
Persons who may wish the sale of this valuable meth
elite on the terms above specified. will address, In - letter,
Or apply at the Principal oilier and sole agency of
De North Second street. Phila.
And at the same tune they will mention the names of
any newspapers published in or near the place iii which
they reside
N. 13. With the above advantages. the price of:the
Sarsaparilla will be $9 per dozen' packed in bores of 2
don. each—less than a box will not be furnished.
Principal Office, P.M Fulton street, New Yolk
Sole agents for Philadelphia. Dr. T. W. oycyrr S.
SONS. Columbian College, 112 North SECOND street;
also for sale by Frederick Brown. corner of Chestnut and
Fifth streets ; Lancaster. Ileintish and Son : Wilmington
Edward Brinkhurst ; York, Morris & Co.; Carlisle • s, El
liott; Harrisburg. Dr. McPherson; S. S Hance, Balti
more; and by the priiimpal Druggists throughout the 11i
ted States, NVest Indies and Canada.
None genuine. unless put up in large square bottles,
which contain a Taw, and signed with the written sig
nature of S. I'. Townsend, and his name blown on the
11.—Persons inquiring for this medicine should not
he induced to take any other. Druggists put up Sarsapa
rillas, and of course prefer selling their own; others have
purchased that put up in entail bottles, and because they
make a greater profit, recommend them. Do not be de
ceived by any—inquire for Dr. Towndsend's and take no
M — Renternber the genuine 'Townsend's Sarsaparilla.'
sold on by the Sole Angelus. T. W. DICOIT & SO.NS
No.l3slNorth Second Street. Phan
Each bottle is always enveloped or accompanied with
a cepy of -Dyou'a Oracle of health.
W. A. LEADER. Acent for Columbia.
MDR, D7/011"1"../11
Philadelphia ✓Ydvertisements.
CIZEII2 Cral'ir.a.
AND GLISSWARE. Kerr's China ILO, Chesnut I
street. opposite the State House, Philadelphia, is the
cheapest place m the city, to buy all kinds of
and %Oleo: can be found the largest assortment. and of
the newest styles, and fully TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT
less than ut any similar establishment. Families, Hotel
and Store keepers, visiting the city for the purpose of
buying DINNER SETS, and TEA SETS, and all other
kinds of ware in this line, will serve their own interest by
examinining the stock and prices atlas s tore, after pricing
elsewhere, and they will be fully satisfied that the above
are facts.
All ware purchased at this house will be packed and
?Cr Remember that title Cheap Establishment is m
Chesnut street, directly opposite the State House, Pinta.
August 12, ltslB-11m
QT. HOUSE. No. 121 Chesnut Street, a few
doors below Fourth, North side.—The subscriber re
specttully informs its friends and the public in general,
that he still continues to keep the above establishment.
Every pains is at all times taken to render this one of
the best, and. from its central situation, it is one of the
most convenient Hotels in the city.
TABLE is furnished, at all times, with the choicest
delicacies of the season.
Ills WIN ES am! LK - Icons are not surpassed by any
other e,taliliAntesit in the. city.
Ilia servants are careful, honest and
Teruo of Boarding to stilt the times.
Country Merchants and Business Men will find the lo
cation at the riir,..sur Sr. noise. in the most business
part of Philadelphia.
The stibsciiber pledges himself that every thing in his
power shall be done to give satisfaction to those who fa
vor hint vs ith their patronage
SAM BEI. lutp,
I'hdadelphuaAug. 1!2, y •tor.
TILE only radical curc for Consumption !! It
_L. alb° 0.1005 to and permanently cores all diseases
a re,ing front an impure suite of the blood, vit.:
Scroftilit or King's lied. Rheum:akin, Obstinate Cuta
neous Ertiptions, Pimples or l'cstuleS on the face,
Blotch°, Bile, Chronic Sure Eyes. Ring Worm or Tot
ter. Scald Ilead. Enlargement mid Pam of the Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Syphilitic S)unittims, Sciatica or
Lumbago, Disea , ,, arising 110111 an linuriou, use ut Mer
cury, Dropsy, Expo.utre ur Imprudence in life. Alm.,
Chrome Cuintitotional Disorders.
In this medicine Nevem] mialeent but vet y potent atti
c:les 01 the Segetable kingdom nre untied, ibritting a com
pound entirely dilrerent 111 us character and properties from
Tiny other preparation, and unrivalled in its °per:Mott on
the system when laboring under disease. It should be in
the hands of every person, who by basinesA, orgeneral
tantrse Me, is predispu-ed to the von) ninny 11111111 C W,
that render life 11 curse, instead ofc blessing, and co alien
result 111 death.
c . oNst7Ni
tc.timony . Irow au able: yractitioncr of
tbu city'
t, December I I, ISI7
Dear Sir:—ln reply to your tilie.tion re•peeting the use
of Or. brakes Palmetto- I will say that although a perfect
disbeliever ill the extstence of a Panacea. or cure for till
diseases, however valnable it may be w certain COIIIII.
110116 of the stern, still I have believed that a cure fur
Consumption would be discovered sooner or later, and
101101 led to try your medicine in two very Inveterate cases.
They Were 1100101111eed by the attending physicians to be
PULNIO,..AIIY C0: 1 0 1 1:11e1107r. and 11 1 / 1 1111.1011ed by rhelll us in
curable Otte of the persons had been under the treat
ment of several very able pruchtioncr,, for it manlier of
years..., and the) Said she Imd n Old 611011011.1.1C0114111111111011
eolollllled with Serollllll,.' 11110 she might linger for
somenine, but could not he periumiently relieved. In both
eases the elleel of the Panacea has been most gratifing.
Only (Mir or live bottles were uteri try one of the persons
belore she begat. to (reprove rapidly. 'rho other took
about ten. They are both well. I will only told. that fa
miliar a, I am old, Cotediniption by inheritance and by
extensive observation us a study, and knowing also the
injurious elirrets ill 11111 e eases nut at tell of tar, boneset.
and oiler vegetable tunics. as well as sit many of the ex
p.:0.0111111..811d MIAMI res. l allollllllleVer haVe reeollllllollo
- the use of Drakes I . IIIIIIeCII tf I had not been at:nu:dat
ed with the ingredients. Suffice it to say these are re
ermintended by oar 1110.4 popidur mill scientific
0111.1 111 their present combined state Mon probably
the best :literati re that has es er been wade. The cure is
IleCOrdatlee of ( . 011.1111111110e1 1101110114 i 10
France a fay years ago. by one of her most Clllllll4O
tenter., 01111114110111, alai maw eslahllshea by Met. which
Adam 01 101111,011le. Very Ilespeettolly Your.,
1.. C GUNN, Corner Chest. and Izidi st.
Astonishing cunt of Liver Complaint and 1/yspesia, lit
connection is tilt General Debility Lit Ile is hole as tom:
Pini./.11E1.1.111.1. Mare It 7. 1:41. Storm & Co —f.lesitleinen Wile 111. bet,
t it seveial ) ear. afflicted is silt a pain through her right
tide Mill shoulder. accompanied with doll, through her
whole system. and almost cc...taint!. a sick stomach. at
tended with pain. invariably alter eating ordritiking; sn
much so as to deprive her ot all SUlSSlaellisli in attempting
to eat. even it she tool a desire for food. which wii• 1101
Dien the ea,. as her appetite was completely gone. A
mend persuad,l her to give 1)11. DRAKE'S i'AN.WI:A
a trial and I :Lin now happy to say the first bottle gave
her relief Om funnily physician examined the Panacea.
Unit apployed of her using it. She has taken three bottles
sitter. Lind is greatly licnefitied Slw has now a good ap
petite. and can eat her meals with sati.itiction. 'phi,
pain. and tick stomach have eutircls lett her. and we teel
confident that the Panacea ha, alrected a couple cure nit
lier Millet:lnes. and would reeommend to all who are an.
fined us she has been to to Di. Drake's Panacea.
No. :qt, North Third Street.
The above are but a few of the numerous testi:swan&
We :ITC constantly receiving, of the n 11114,1111 efficacy of
Dr. Drake's Panacea. It is a pleasmot, yet most se:trill
mg remedy ; and the first ti nil si ill prove its power. Its
reputation has increased since its introduction to a degree
littherto unknown in all medwal discoveries.
With the arm COISVICIIMI that 110 other remedy, so called,
of the pre.ent age, equal "to the., and that the theryr)
upon which it i. eompoundeirts too firmly estrilili.lied to
lie of erthrown. the :proprietwrs sultett n trial of Or.
Drake's Panacea. willing to stand or tall upon its own
merit,. well stity.fied n will susnon the reputation it has
already acquired
CRA , put up in large square bottles—it has the signa
ture of Cleo. Story on the wrapper-1111d alto the name
•• Dr. Drake's Panto-ea, Phila..' blown in the glass.
Prepared only by Storrs & Co., Druggists, No. 21 North
Sixth Street. Phila.
Actyrs —R. WILLI tMS, Columbia; IleinitAt & Son
Larlen,ter; C. A. Morn', & Co., York.
April 15. 11-4,.-Iv
THIS ATTENTIVELY! Doctor Hottand's Cele.
_E brated
Will effectually cure the laver Complaint, Taundice.Dys
pepsin, Chronic or Nerviou. Infficestion
lance, Asthma, Diabetes. Disense at the Kidneys, Pulmo
nary Affections. (arising from disease of the stomach and
liver.) and till diseases unsung front a .eak or dn.ordered
stomach in both Male and Female, such ns Feunde Weak
ness. Dir./mess, Fullness or Moot to the head. Ln. turd
Piles, Fluttering of the Heart, Difficulty of Breathing.
Constant Inummings or Evil, Great Depression of Spirits,
Dimness of Vision, Pain in the Side, Duck, Breast, or
Limbs, Cold Feel. Ar.
Miry remove all acidity. and give tone nod action to
the stomach, and assrst digestion; they contain no oleo
holic stimulont. and can he taken by the insist delicate
stomach. and *sill in every ease entirely destroy Coolve
ne-s.und renovate the whole system, removing all im
purities front the body. and remnants of prey ions disease.
and give health and vigor to the o•hole ffUllle. thereby
preventing frightful dreams. .alking %slide asleep. Ac..
which often result in
The tunctions of the MOM:tell are of the utmost zmpor-
Inner to every one. entNututing the source and tuuntain
ot lur, nineh ts nlllllllOll. No organ possesses such re
markable sympatlne4. none such remarkable power in
%undo) mg every part of the s) stein A greater nnmbcr
of pernclas tall Vielltrts to the Itarrtoonng of Countpanon
unit Dispepsta and more Orgartie dineanen eolllllll.l3eli s ig
the digest e system . than all other diseases continued
The many thousands who the welt Yellow Fever. Cholera,
Intlucti7o. and other epidemics, is owing to thscase or de
rangement there. If dal digestive system is in perfect
health, the nervous system and the circulation of the
blood will be also, an upon it they depend. then epidenttes
loose all their terror.
Those living in. or districts liareiniscil with
FEVER AID AGUE annually, will find that by ti t ,
timely use of one or two bottles to renovate and strengthen
the system, no CXC,CS of bile will accumulate. and they
will not in ninny one instance take die disease. Prevention
is far boner than cure.
Thr rare success in treating diseases of the stomach
succe•sfully, has net been so much a Want Or pathological
knowledge or ots funcuoits, as the preparation of suitalde
Veget.sitle compounds, so as to obtain not only their
whole power, but as they wcuild be most effectual and
We aro all aware that too many preparations have
been, and are now before the pubic, that act only as pall
wives. and some that change the locality of the disease.
or prevent it Mr n short period, thin it returns more for
unstable than in the first instanee. Such preparatiom.
have destroyed the ;fiddle confidence. This article stand
ing alone 111 its number of cures, and urn/sailed, as thou
sands of our citizens can attest wino have tested its vir
tues, can always be depended upon for the above named
diseases. It will cure any case that can be cured by
medicine, no matter who, or what else has failed; it will
perfectly restore the diseased organic functions of the
Stomach, Intestines, Respiration, Circulation, &c.
These Bitters, and the Spikenard 01111111431 i Will cure
any case of Inward Piles; it is a rare occurrence to re
quire more than one bottle of each for the worst cases.
272, Race Street. one door above Eighth, south side. Phila
delphia. In Lancaster, by John F. Lone.; in Harrisburg.
by Daniel W. Gross; tin Putsburg, by Wm. Thorn—and
by dealers generally throughout the United States.
ID- Pamphlets containing cures and descriptions of
diseases, grans.
Also for sale, his celebrated VEGETABLE RHEB
AINTIC PILLS, for the cure of Gout. Rheumatism, Drop
ay.llll.l severe Nervous Affections; SPIKENARD OINT
MENT, for the cure of Piles, 'Tenet", Ringworm. !cc.,
Ar , marehlf?..lSl?-9m
Philadelphia -advertisements.
HOW many die a most horrible death without
the simple cause being suspected. Some linger for
years. as they suppose, from dispepsia, When it is worms.
which causes •nlost diseases. There has eoine under
our notice:several cases of supposed dispcpsia ' of several
years' standing, when we have recommended the Symp,
which has enurety restored them to health. We would
say to ALTLTS when they are afflicted with Sour Stomach,
Sick Head Ache, Fits, a frequent deceive to make Stools,
Leanness, Bloated Stomach, Nervousness, Sickness after
eating, Sensation of rising in the throat after eating, &c.,
be assured it is simply worms, and it needs but a trial ot
to satisfy ,you it is At), and if you have any of the above
symptoms and the Syrup tails to cure, the agent will re•
mud the money. TO PARENTS we would say, that the
greatest sin you are convicted of, is to let your children
s utler stud die, when there is a simple pleasant Vegetable
remedy at hand. It is said by our Oldest Physicians, that
Worm-, cause inure deaths yearly, than all the oilier dis
eases the human manly are subject to. Then. Isinv
portant it is to have a safe and pleasant remedy at hand.
Parents, whets y our children have sore or inflamed yes.
you may rest satisfied that at is caused by WOTIII, and
you will do well to Can on the storekeepers of your
neighborhood and get a Rook of llobenstick's. containing
cernficates or mires and the, ssulptinus of worms. Al
ways keep a Bottle of I lubcusac Worn, Syrup .1 hand,
it is a friend in need.
Itla.sns 1141111:NSACKG.1111C1111.11: I lake great plc:only.,
in informing you of the great efficacy of ) our Worm Sy
rap; having been afflicted for live years, and wasted
away to a mere skeleton, without recieving any benefit
from various medicines, I was induced by Jesse Roberts
to try your Worm Syrup. as he info tined the it had brought
worms trout him; also, of Squire A. Tomlinson, of Bucks
county, a man over filly years old, whom I um well ac
quainted with. I then commenced taking yonr Syrup.
and it brought a very large quantity of worms. s • tell
inches in length. and enure!) restored ate to health, mid.
I must say I Mel like a new 111111 i.
Yours. truly, JOUN HART, Mini co.
Hart is a gentleman thirty-three years of age.
living live miles out of the city, back of Second st. road
and is only ow, amongst the hundred grown persons till,
have heel based by 110RENSACK'S WORM SYRUP.
have been looking for some , of your Worm Syrup
for •mine time : 1 bate sold all but one honle ; 1 m isle yon
to .cud too 110/ell 111111tediriteiy. 1 believe it to be.
good medicine : 1 have :Well it tried to toy ,ati.faenon.
have known unetlo...” to tiring from a elitist three moms.
ten invites long. will fi out :mother twenty worms. eight
ineln, long sit one day. I have , old different Worm Ale=
divine:. for a 'somber of years, but ne,er sold Oil) that
gavetmeli tunverml ,Otkilletloll.
) ours, BROOK1 , 11:1.11.
Bridgeton. New Jersey
Me, J. N.& 0. S. I lobensnek—Umuleui,tl-1 have
1/0•11 I . or ...Mlle little Inning your my
:11111 1 nm hum: 111 say 11011 ut Illy h:11:4.1.1 it hoc rile
et•etioll ul Its 101 l Ile fully to ju,ti:l try coulidunee
in it. one. I think it among the Very Lent preparation.
C. NV. AITLE - ros, in. No. Id, Smola 11l
Prepared only by J. N. & C. R. nontissAcK. 2d
aad Coates , treet, Philadelphia, and for sole by all re
vetable Storekeepers in thi4 and adjoistitig coantie..
whom We authonza to give back the money in every ea,
it foil, to give saw faction Price 25 cent,
AI-o I loben-ack's Ilyena 'lOOOl Ache Drops. Price
121 cents, a certain cure for Tooth Ache.
ithemnatic Liniment. Price 25 ceillt.
do Caren!! Salve. Prier 164 vents, for weak
buck*, , praita, fres.ll 1110 Id siore, Gant, we.
Iloben•urk'.Tetter and Riagwurat °admen!. Privy
625 rents. NVllrrauted to elite Cal trrairaons of iLc bklll—
gale za. above.
Pinludelphia Nlay tn.—teie I,le.
GENTLEMEN Visiting the City, and wishing to
supp 4 IhcunetvC Nalth
R I:.\ D V - NI A D C LOT
Will fillti
I.A It( C(1N1P1.17.1%, AND CI)OICE
At the lowc,t rive.. fur
C A S ll.'
Nlititittitettired oldie be 4 mint ditruble material , . all.ll
of the 11it.4 arid must approved arid for
MOO:Old ISuy., of
SATIN urrys. tau
Aktt a great vanety of
cl, 0T 11 N
scw'ritEAsr conNErt OR
11 — rSraithrom rorner of
SI: l) NI) AN I) NI AIC I.: 'l' .
April S, y C; I C
r 11OUSANDS ! Wright's Indian Vegelable. Pills.
Scarcely have tea abort years elapsed sines an
bumble attempt was made to eOllllllll, in It suitable medi
cal preparation, a few of the herbs of the holain. All was
ra the 111110 Ira to ale result. The most that cunt,' he
estimated wits. that the principles adopted :le the bases 10
Muhl upon ss ere sound. So mach reliance was placed
1111011 calomel and the lancet, that the ill :meccas of th e
new experiment scant,' have tended to eolllirm that reli
ance, while it shook the purpose of the proprietor.
Now, however, all doubt and ditlicult) l a at On end
Every nlierc this medicine has been greeted with %vei
l:0111.•; everywhere has its us. tiro,' ,1111,1qh,t with th e
1110+I gratifying success. From small beginnings its sale,
are 110 W Collllled
and at is held is higher estimation •t :the 'precept time
Pant NOIVII it teas originally introduced,
Fevers. like every other form of di,o4c, are only an
effort of nature to expel tront the body uonietliiinz that in
oppo.erl to health; it is merely a struggle between the
good unit had 'minors for suprernaey, and the commotion
winch emotes is called Fever. '1'111• mind symptom% pia
revesare henvinc%. Irtogimr. atiliety..ogliing and awn
with alternate tits of cold and heat, niter which the
patient i
of pain n tile head mud 11:11 - k.1111r•I. dif
ficulty of brimthing, pain ill the 'urns, sense of
about the region of the , toinaeli.litimea mid sickness.
with sometimes a vomiting of billow: matter.
Wright'. Indian Vegetable Pills mill be annul peculiar
ly adapted to the cure of tl.r, ht Nlei Or ri:vi n.
they not only thoroughly
cleanse the stomach and bowels
Trom all bilious humors, lout they epee 1}1O•e excretory
vessels which empty into the bow els ; and etni•etpiently,
the impurity contained in the etre illation (which is the
cause of all disordered 'notions of the blood, called Fe
ver...) lo liirOWO into the bowels. trout xvlience it is car
ried oil ' by the ir?,.• ..lar oh One dlnelleree,
In 11 , 411 g, WrlellrS lashan Vegetable Pills for Fevers.
die wily cure ileer , ..:try is. in have the mcdtciur Ore OOP
GOPIOUSLY TI 110X1'EI.S. It the ! , ,111110111 , are
urgent. front four to ••iglit pills should be token,. night and
1111 l until the lel or eller to hie!, stunner
d0...e, once in twein;•tolir hours, st t 1 lie butheient to re
store the body to a •0in.. 4 slaw of health.
The following highly re.peetable Storekeeper. have
been duly appointed egrets for the sale oldie. Celebrated
inedleine. in 1•11111.1(11Iter
Beam ille. Reuben Weoller.
Jolts F. Beecher.
130:din-Iland. Jacob 11 .1..
Hart Township. Win. W. Pit...more.
Belleview. Buyers & Kennedy.
Conestoga Cent,. John H. llamas..
Church Town. 1.. & E. Rogers.
Coopersville. E. Lewis.
Col bin. Fry 1I Spangler.
Cherry 11111.1,11 MP S. Webster.
Drumore. John A. Boyd.
Carl 'Powitship. George Duebnia it.
do do Writs er Standen
do do Ihwt. Wallace.
Elieulonlitown, John 1.) pelt.
Ephrata. 0. P. Gross.
do Martin IVeltilllail.
Fillloll 1101111 e. FllllOll IP.. I. I'. Wilkinson.
Ringwalt & Martin.
Intercom...v. J. li. & S 1.. Robinson.
Letwock township, Frederick Swope.
Lampeter Square, .1. F. & D. 11. Herr.
Lill,. Nathaniel S. %Volley.
Lancaster. John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Winner & Camel.
3lotiniville..lollll Devlin.
Marietta, W. A. & 11. Spangler.
Monist Joy Township, H. G. Clark & Co.
Maytown. John Reinhold.
do Slaymaker & Co.
Mount Pleasant, Samuel Kepner.
Mill Creek, Henry Stauffer.
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence. Hildebrandt & Meyer.
Poplar Grove, /111. Paxson.
Pearls Bottom, S. W. P. Lloyd.
Paradise, A. R. & A. 1.. Winner.
Peach Bntom, Win. Arnold.
Rawlittsville, John Rawlins.
Safe Ilarbor. John Herr & Son.
Strausburg Win. Spencer.
Salsbury,ll. Freeland.
Washington. John A. Brush.
T.lolfices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills. wholesale and retail. 1611 Raca
street. Philadelphia; .2.‘.01 Greenvricii weer, New York ;
and 199 Tremont street. Boston,
June 21, 194° —tap29l9
Philadelphia Advertisements.
OVP:iit #3-fr
VOR SALE at the sign of the "Red Curtain,li
_l2 Fourth and Market Street, Philadelphta.
CARES :—Fruit, Sponge, Pound, Iced, Spiced, Ciueen
Cakes, Scotch Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Short Cakes, Cheese
Cakes, Rusk, Apples, iturables, Spice Nuts, and (huger
PIES :—Strawberry Burtleberry, Blackberry, Currant,
Cherry. Plum, Cranberry, Egg Custard, Cheese Custard,
Apple, Peach. Mince, and Rheubarb Pies pouring in hot
front the oven at nil hours of the day.
CllEESl.::—Ttinothy Jackson's N'e Plus 'Mutt Medal
Cheese, (very superior,) Pine Apple Cheese, and a great
variety of other Cheese, both new and old.
N. B. Some of the Cheese sold ut this establishment is
equal to the best English Cheese.'
tr_Tr- - TEN( PERANCE DRlNKS—always cold—Roo
:Miro Mineral %Vater, Lemonade. Beer, Mead, Milk,
Philadelphia, June 10,
VilErir WILL
ATOU SUFFER. Thousands of Mlles. et RN'
COMPOI'NII have been sold during
the past year, and wow never known to tail of curing, id
a f•w days, the worst roves of a certain delicate disease,
i•unutnl nod till diseases oldie Urinary mins.
Pernensatfliered tAtig this pleasmit and petpuhrt remedy,
need fear no exposure, us It ledirts no oder on the breath,
requires ins rc,lrietions iu thet or boslotes—tettlains tol
!Memel or noxious drugs Norton., to the systellt. find Is
adapted to every age. flux, or conditium It is filsti Rte
be , l remedy known for Flour Allots, or Whnets, (lemak.
complaints) sited which thoußands culler, without tint
knowledge of n remedy. This celebrated remedy line
long been used in the private practice of a physicinn with
unerring success, radically owing Mikity-Mae of the ham
Med cases in a tiny day s. Around each bottle urn pima
and tall directions
CArTION—A.k for the A algate•xit'nmeor.en, and
purchase only 01 the agent. Price $1 per bottle: it.
Wtra.lnwt, agent for Colutubta.
June 3.1t4t4.-ly
l I IMPIRE COOKING STOVE. In again calling ai
-1 j tention to thin ma:galled STOVE, the proprietor has
the plea...are to inform the public that (externally) it has
nutlet gone an entire charige—the pipe alai hearth placed
opposite each other. and a
being added. thus rendering it faultless. and unless there
is latianher faultless Store 111 the market. this is utique.—
F.tionaltly the hest. as it 11110 V embrace- every VOllOllOl. Me
provement me...emeil by any other Stove 111 addition to
.owe peculiar to itwlf. secured by Letters Patent.
The :dicer—. of this Stove ' since its introduction. is un
equalled. Nothing hue over been offered for culinary pur
poses. that hue given such general satisfaction. Stoves
have been copied other it, forni; .out: dealers have es ell
11.0,1 11.. 11111110111,11111 principles, but the proportions were
so unlike the original. that they bear the relative 1, nille,
11011 II eOtlillerYelllloes 10 It genuine VOIll.
Collllllele 12001\ . aad other COOK STOVES, in great
variety. I'. It. (ALBERT, No. 412. Market at.
Dirard Dow. below Twelfth Street, PIIII.ADELDDIA.
I`,D= - All Stoa ea purchased at TI lIS sToin: will be d.:•
livered in Columbia, free of charge
Q,,ALIIIIANDER, Fire and Thief Proof Iron Chests,
j Warranted equal to any other Intake, alai have cover
licen iniiircil by lire or Burglar 4, in a magi. , iinalince. fie
keeps on hand a frill sitykily of Common
inade of ItghdT iron, tit !Meer price..
Letter Coo nip Preshe, :mil Hooks.
Truck. for :•••iore+, Factoric,
Eagle (0n... Paper.
l'ortable Bath, S.e.
Pricking Lever.. Iloi.tin g
Refrigerator. , and Watch Filter...
EIIATORS Mr cooling and pre,erving Meat,
fritter, Milk, and nil article, iutcudcd tor culinary pia
IV.11`1:1t. FlLTll§.—Oliver Beano' Celebrated Wa
ter falter=, liar Porn) nig Water that iy laracki-It or mud
dy, whether by mom. mineral, or others i.r cmt be had
ill all "4/1 , 111111 price. 4, at Me Nl'rircrootii, No 61 South
Second Stret•l. too 1100, 1/I,IOW Clll,lllll St.. I'llllllll.
Philadelphia. October
ArieLxvimp READ.
A Certain Disease Cured in TWO DAYS.--The
Atur..T t. , PEEDV ItENII:1)1" FOIL I'.%lNt: IN
lulu t ceent chronic ittrectiutis ot the halite} s.
ed,t, of the bladder, gravel.seinnial weithnes4.4.e. Per 4
401 In wine. 1/) lalllllglag 111 a ..,ecret halm. having entailed
on theiti-cl,e- etii,tinitiontil debility. should apply im
mediately to 1)1i. KINKELIN, of the Philadelphia Alt...h
eal Ilmise. tin 01t1e...1 1111•IIIIIII011 of the kind in the city.
Chace, N. %V . . 1 . 01111,1 . 01 . TIMID and UNION :St.., be
tween Space and Pine. I; 41,11111124 from the Exchange.
This Medical !loose w 11.4 emalih,lied by 1)r. K. 1i111 . 1 . 11
years ago, for the .tippres-ion of quackery, there Lcuut
-o malty person , . m ithout knowledge, 1111.111 e or character.
w Ito put ails 1,11,12111e115 4 /11 the !Midi!, raper:, that all 111-
, 611111011 lit tins kind wits highly itece.sary to prevent the
ittllieted. especially ...tranger-. trolls billing into the hands
of •01111: wretch. whin, in-tead of caring. might
vests nun nit iminin•l) grave. l'hert•tore. the
afflicted should shim the numerous pretendo‘k• physicians
I.vlio know nothing of the practice of medicine. 11111. con-
Dr. Kinkel'', who rare-tt CKIITAIN 1./ISEASV: to Iwo or
three days. according to the -tate of the patient, without
the, te, of Alerear). Ni, mercurial remedies are, aired by
Dr. Kinkcliii: hi, medicines are palatable mid hantiless,
and all his patients lire honorably shielded, from even the
possibility of being discovered lie who places I 1111 l self
tinder the care at Dr. K.. Islay religiously confide in hi.
honor as a pcolleinan. tool confidently. rely upon his skill
1111)4ICIA11. and u Ile 14 lull speedily relieved 110 re
mum:ration will be demanded.
Strictures. one of the must trouble.oinc mid dangeromr
ntleetion4. which often cud lit gravel, inhumation, veal,
nesq. tar.. Dr—Hilikelin guarantees to remove speedily ;
lie ulro, ~‘,gilings, Jueca•ed pro.traie gland. Ste. Sine
titre% have ruined many echo had no knowledge of their
TAKE PAETICeI.4II NOTICI..—Voung inen who have M
imed Mello-eves b) IL Cell:till practice iiiilidged hOl/11
irequenteutly leanted irtint evil romp: molts. or at school.
the eflects of which are nightly felt. even when asleep.
and destro) both mind and Lady, should apply inimediate
ly. Weakness 01111 con.titinanial debility miniediatel)
cured nial full Niger restored. All letters post paid.
Tsiti: No - men—Dr. load greater practice
in the :Move affections than any ph) swum ill the United
Stele., Ile also possesses as advantage over all others.
train the tact of his having studied in the great hospitals
of Europe. Thousands ill Philadelplitn Cell testify that
lie cured them atter every other remedy had failed. Sepa
rate rooms for private consultation. Open till ti P. M.
Trisvem.ra, supplied at n moment's notice, ss ith the
requisite nietheincs to care themselves privately.
PArgsrms of medicines sent to tin) part or the U. M.
Nlore particulars 111 the Spirit Of the Times. 0ct1,17-ly
CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC—The only genuine
Ina. the written, sigmoore of the General Agent. W. M.
SPEAR, 011 the out Role wrapper snrroimiling each bottle:
this i 4 believed to be the only article. hearing the oho, e
title. tie eininnting from tine Doctor. Tim virtues of Wild
Cherry, for relieving affections of the Longs, and that all
important organ. the'tiver, has long enjoy ed the confi
dence of domestic practice.
City of Philadelphia, M. Spear, of the citye
ni Philialelphin, being according to law, Ja
pe.. and my- Iliad lie t. in the poo,,sion of the original
recipe tor preparing a of `Wild Cherry. for :lifer
tionii of the Lung.. ttliieli woe nieen to lion by %Va.tnir.
a regularly educated I'm > swim,. mid that he believe., it to
Lr the only . onto m po..,sion of any person except the
.mid Ur. M I.tar hniseli. %V. Al. SPEAR
Mt oro nail before roc.:nil coy seal :Aimed.
1111 the first ila) of Nos ember. A. n. NH.
H., S.) . • JOHN SWIFT, Muypr.
ropy right for the Ilaboun is secured,
as it may sipinair in the nice of the above node
viable prone. all loth ruluul from Boston. Mass., recently
applied to the United SWIG'S District Court of Penns) Iva-
Ilia tor an injunction nu the General Agent fur the lianted
States and the British Prot finer.. to pre) cat said Agent
from selling the only petillille Dr. IVi.tar's Balsam 01
Wild Cherry. individual claiming the right.) Di
course the 1 ion—lodge afraid Court promptly refused it.
The Balsam i 5 1101011 C of the quack nostrums of the dav,
elainiingio cure persons whose eases are beyond the reac . ..l,
of medicine. (or restoring others to life;) it only claims,
and has prayed in thousands of eteleu, to ire the 4.4 ( n u ,
eiliene ttttt and only genuine preparation of Wild Clierry
of the nineteenth century. for ifffeetions of the Lungs,
Liver, mid Kidneys. frequently tenant: nulls in consump
tion, ever offered to.the public.
A liberal discount to druggists and country dealers.
NOTICE TO TM PUBLIC.—I have this day appointed
T. W. DYol'l` Sr. SONS. No. North Second street,
Philadelphin, Wholesale Furnish Agents for the only
RY, fur the following States, viz : New York, New Eng
land Suites. New Jersey, Delavenre, Maryland. Distrierof
Columbia. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and
Al4O. for the interior of Pennn•lvaaia. All orders for
the Balsam w•dl hereafter be addressed to them
-•• . •
Also for sale. wholesale and retail, I,y WILLIAM M.
SPEAR, No. 143, Vine street. below Valli street, Philadel
p_hirt, General Agent for the United Blares and the British
Provinces, for the (only Jenuine) Dr. Wklne. Balsarn 9f
Wild Cherry. ‘V.IIL. M. SPEAR.
Philadelphia, March 27, 1948.
AGII.N . II.I,—J.d: W. ('enfold Co., New York; A. Mr-
Clore & Co.. Dr. lierrieL: Co., Albany, N. Y.; John F.
Prescott, Troy. N. Y.: Charles Dyer,Jr., Providence, R.
f.; Redding & Co.. Mrs, E. Kidder, 13ston, Mass.; James
Green, D. Scott, Jr.& Co., Worcester, Muse.; &J.
Brewer, Springfield. Mass. • G. W. Welsh, & Co., Dart
ford, Ct. • J. Gish &Co., Lancaster. Pa.: C. A. Morrifilk•
Co., and Dr. A. 11. Remits., York, Pa.; Reynolds &
Lceksvillc, N. C. • John 1.. Kidwell, Georgetown, D. C.;
Alex.. Duval, Richmond, Va.; W. A. LEADSII, Columbia,
Price St per bottle; six bottles for BS. Ap1.515-1
in — DEL DTOTT---C3