The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, March 11, 1848, Image 3

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LOT of New Carpets. hist open for spring
Sales. Just received per late arrivals, and now
large and rich assortment of Brussels, !mite
r!al Mree-ply. Super and Fine Ingrain mid Veninan Car
matitactured expressly to order, and decidedly
d w i,,,,,d.otitest goods in the market : offered to purchasers
en the must liberal terms.
Kautely 1/Cw design Brussels,
Imperial 3 ply,
Superfine Ingrain,
. Fine do
Royal Twitted
tt Pinta do
CARVRTS. cry Icaltd rare sly les.
A magulticent assortment, of Y-4, 6-4 and 12-4 Druggets
tr. low& Prices than ever before offered. with a large as
mrinicot of Piano and Table Covers, Sheepskins, Oil
Cloths, Stair Rods. ltlattings. Bindings. &c.
Also a rich and splendid assortment of superior Win
do„• sod s ., till the different widths and qualities, offered
on the best terms.
Ti r e particular attention of Country Merchants. House
keeper- Wei others is requested to tin examination of the
•shore desirable stock of goods, embracing as it does, all
the different styles and qualities now mannfitetured, and
Latino been purchased at the lowest cash rates, extraor
dinar; imlitcenwnts M ill Le
RO held oat to
B purchasers.
N 0.35 North Second suttee, opposite Christ Church.
l'lsilatlelphia, March 11, 184Et-3in
A GEM'S to canvass for some New and Popu
lar %Vorks. is every county throughout the United
To Agents, the most liberal encouragement is of - -
wed—with a moan capital of from 525 to $lOO. A chance
peered. whereby an Agent can snake from $lO to $25
per %Neck
ID-Tor further particulars, address (post Paid,)
No. 159 North Second .Street.
Philadelphia. March 4. 1549-3 m.
(Between 4th and sth streets.lPhii.delphia.
lie sntrrril'er respectfully solicits the attention of
entoitrt Merchants and Dealers generally to an exami
nationvisa complete stock of READY MADE CLOTH
51e11. tsr eX tesit, variety anl . workmanship, he
1b11,r% 11111.1,11 a ill give universal sausfartion. while Ins
rolocol of prices present. to purchasers indite,
11,10.5 Mbleh runnel. be surpassed by any other establish
mot in the ratted States.
Philadelphia , March 4. 1,4
I T YBREILIS ! ! No. North Fourth Siren,
) Cora, 10 Market street, Philadelphia. II It.
Ilationteturer of riabrellaq, Part“ol.4. and
l'Ara.ol. of el.ery it) le and description. respectfully
.111.01111 r., to Ihi• ilitif tie. 111111 hr alv,ays ready to meet
iir'siiii.denerine- of the trade. ut selling us gOO,l flit ur
n, , at a• lo,c prlo••••
All lie is. 10 have purchasers call. and see for
Al‘ 011 hand. good Silk, Cotton. and Oinghant Can
1.re11ar... 0 Mt Rana.. Whalebone. and Steel fronte.:.
I 11, a I.arioty of Para , ols. Pony-Mem., 111111 SlllOlO,
1 . 1:1111 1 , 40 4 / 1 , 11 , 1. and Fringed. with French and ..Ituxri
11111 Fllll4l.
1 . 1111101.• 1j dila. .hilt 4. 1!-4.4-3m.
t Best Hats in Philadelphia, are to be had
L ROBINSON. North East corner of Sixth
.niti liar Let Street.% Country merrhnats and others are
o••{te , tiiil l l aavited to 1,11 anti eXnmurr Ills exteti•ive tt
ot maierior LIATS and CA I'S, unequalled tux
eIt.OIIIPV and durability.
fri %101.1 - :SKIN, I lATri. as low as too dol;ars,
O KI .10 elegant BEA VMt I I Al'. for $ . 2 50.
.4 9111'1111111 a•.ortinent ui 1..11.A1-1.E.1 P, 1:1{.111) but
lot ...minter wear.
",-.l,cntember 1%11 to buy I latS. 2.0 per cent
titan at any oilier establi4littit:nt 1111
U'tore and call al it() BLNS( EV:4
and 1101111 11:11 :111(1 Cap N.Q13111 . 11.
ol Alarket str”.4lrl.
reb.llll, 1,1.4-3111
kJ* .7:7t-1
ND Parasols ('heap. WILLI:V:IM MOWN, Urn
Ln•lla +lllll Paramd Mattufarturer, tlli 31arket street
Ploia Ut•:rlert to Pinbrellas and Parasols, wtslt
inr to purr•L.tse Itond.onte goods, al Nuperwr
. are toys trd to call at my Macculu•torp Mad Store
Market ntreel. One dour below Third •treat, where
, tett %alloy al Umbrella., and Parasols, are sold cheap•
r tho t tl,,t call cl..•st lain• Ire obtained.
A rail a li. n. ou ‘ requegted. Ail
, 1,11r1111.014•111.11113 goods It 11l NaliNq liat that at will he
sum iniere , t w parelsa.c of al,
Ord. r. Inter %silt ree..i ye htrirt attention, and goods
elo t t. il adapted to )011r tuarket,
Feb. t!(;. I.l!,—:ten
ST1i111" Coeds. The undersigned would re 110. attcnilo.l 01 Healer- to la's tis,orl
1 1 11.111). PANTY AND STRAW 110:s:NKI'S.
rolls the 41.41111 v, limn nine tiari
...In bd•
i•r) ki ad. 4.1 the- nwvent awl m ust lie s.le
•it IN , Iu u l'.l
.11.N1. Al EN'S. 11)1'S' AND INFANTS MIZAW
'l'l It W. WIDTE. Mullet .Thilintlectur.•c,
4 1 S..ith Nrcond :greet. ukove east bide.
1 . 11;1,i relo. 1-1.--3111
110 fined Sne:ar Candies, Twelve and a
( Halt cent. per pound. %Vholo,nle. .1..1. RICHARD
:•III Vn 4.!3larket .trect. Philudelphia, takes Plea., , r.e
nonintg the public. that lie 41111 10 Ills
vn .Itperior Stcatit Refined Conl. at the low price of
' sl ' l 30 lan lh.. mat the qualtty n equal to unc IlL2llU
mini lit ilii• Fluted Slitt.•%.
:11,.• litter+ all kind, et good., in the Confectionary
I'l,lll al i • torre , 1 1 0111i111,4 low prier, a- quick sill,
4114.m:111 profit. are the order of the day.
I'4ll or .end Sour order,. null you rununr 114i1 to he sat
efi./ Don't forget the number, It! 3lttrlZet street.
1 . 11.1:. rel., thl. r•t4—:bn
51 II Illt'llAltDSON'S Steam Factory the only
'*' IS the I lined Staley.. No. 104 Market Street. Philatlel
Ikrehatits are respectfully informed that I continue to
lhantarture all the abo,e goods, by the ant of .temp.
~ a tllotandttug the great opposition of parties opposed
tatrodaetion of exrnmsive improvements. 54y
eoraplete. and prices so low, us to give Cattle
thed• there Umbrella Store next door. of nearly
' , one amine. II is itapormitt you should remember
IVA'. 11. 111C11;k1tDSON.
N, tan Payton'. and Patentee of the Walking Cane roe
Ira II"- sten of ibil.tuly and Eagle, No. 114 31arket Street,
.1 . .. - n . thentton is requested to the celebrated Walking
' , doe I tahrellrt. a neat and beautiful article condoning all
Ly a.hatilatte, of a Cane and Umbrella-
I ebruary 5. 1.4...—Unt
(Lat.. Ilnzlebuwt & Walters.)
& C - ()N1 NIISSU N NIERCIId vrs,
NOS. 15 awl 16 Spome. Wharf.
rhl rn4l advanc., 'nude on Consignments of all
11,1. II
IltllnatraL Jaattnry. I.N. fell 5 Sot
IL kinds of Molasses Candy New York Cream,
Po i omit, Groundnut, he..inanothetured and for male
lus est Flees. at No. 154, North Fourth street. two
-sr. slow me. Philadelphia. Shopkeepers and others
in these articles ere respectfully' incited to cull.
COMPOUND Extract of Sarsaparilla, the wonder
arid blessing of the age! The great beaUtl of Oaf
over all other remedies, is while it truth
'.y4 • du.easc. it invigorates the body. It is used success
t"lll 111 the removal stud permanent cure of all diseases
from an impure state of the blood. or habit of the
"`!' ta ror sale at W. A. LEADER'S
Golden Mortar Drug Store.
TIIP. MATTER of the intended application of JACOB
lthil.P.ll. to the Court of Quarter Sessions, at the April
rrrin.l.-1. for license to keep n tavern in the Borough
tiyartetta. it being an old stand.
tl F..the undersigned, citizens of the borough of Mnriets
in which said tavern is proposed to be kept, Do Cern
-1,, that the said inn or Invent necesanry to necommo.
'at,e the public. and entertain strangers and Ira, ellers,
I'4 that we are well acquainted with the said Jacob Rig
and that lie is of good repute for honesty and temper
use, and is well provided with house room and commit, for the accommodation of 'strangers and travellers.
Abraham Cassel. David Harry, S. F. Eagle. Frederick
lleterhng. Conrad Smith, Frederick .halo, S. S. Nagle.
Abraham Varlet'. Joseph Mack Samuel Oberlin, Samuel
nsthe. David Rinehart
March 11, 1.4.9-3 t. *
__ _____
IN THE MATTER of the intended application of HUGH, COLVAMBIA, =ow rotritrzonar.
130VLE. to the Court of Quarter Sessions, at the April
Tenn, 1848 . , rot lieense to keep a tavern in the Borough T HE undersigned, hereby tender their sincere
of Colultlbtu, it being an old stand. -
WE, the undersigned citizens of the Borough of Colurn-
acknowledgments to their customers, and the pub-
Ida, in which mud he generally. for the very liberal patronage that has at
fy that the said tavern is necessary to accommodate the tavern is proposed to be kept, do ecru- tended their efforts to please, and would intone them that
public and entertain str ers and travellers, and that we
it will be their greatest pleasure, as hereto fore. to conduct
their business in such a manner as to merit their cantina
are well acqaainted with the said Hugh Boyle, and that
he is of good . repute for honesty and temperance, and is ed .v a ‘ tp C rohation mid support..
. m . i . untie to make all kinds of Castinfs. vir. :
well provided with house room and conveniences for the
accommodation of strangers and travellers.
TICE COG-WHEELS. CAST SHAFTS for water wheels,
dolsa Cassel, John Ziegler. Paul Hamilton, John A.
&e. Also. C.AR WHEELS and other Cam Castings, tot
Book, Samuel Renee, J. H. Hunter, Samuel F. Lochard,
gether with all kinds of Rail Road Casting or s, for which
Peter Saylor, Reuben Mattison, Robert Hamilton, Geo
en e c
unexceptionable reference be given superiority
W 0111; Jahn Vaughen, F. A. Thomas.
a t
and avalthility.
March 11, I 010-ilt
We have quite a variety of PATTERNS for making
riot Blast Pipes. for Blunt Furnaces, and for Water YiPCS.
and, being well prepared for Casting Pipes, it will cer
tainly be au adituinige to.those in want. to. call and ex
amine for themselves, as we can manufacture as cheap,
or cheaper. than tiny other establishment in this section
uf CUIIII try.
We have different knit, of Patterns for Steam,Engisies,
Threshing. Machines, Ploughs. Continua Stoves, Stove
Plates. Solve Cylinders and Grates. and Illally other
things in ear line of business. being the making and col
lecting together of the past eleven years. }Living the
best of ineeliailies employed at Pattern cranking. dit.. we
are prepared to make any thing in our line of business at
the shortest notice, and being favorably situated at die
Canal Basin, gives us the advantage of manufacturing
and forwarding Castings to any point with despatch and
at the lowest rates. GEORGE WOLF.
Dialing under the firm of Geo. \Wolf & Co.
COI II la bi a s Pa. March 4, Itsiti—tf„
TH li MATTER of the intended application ofJOS U C A
J. GAUL'I'. to the Court of Quarter Sessions, at the
April Tenn, 1,,15, for license to keep a tavern in the
Borough of Columbia, it being an old stand.
WE, the undersigned citizens of the Borough of Coluin
bin. in which said tavern is proposed to be kept. do certi
fy that the said tavern is neem,ary to accommodate the
public and entertain straneers and travellers, and that we
are well acquainted with the said Jo , liun Gauh, and thut
Ire is of good repute for honesty and temperunce, and is
well provided with house room and conventenoes for the
accommodation of strangers arid travellers.
George Mann, John Lockurd, Sen., 1 , X. Ziegler. John
Lockard, Jr., Jonas Rumple. Andrew' Brown. John Clark.
Daniel Zahin, John Enny. James L. Pretston, Francis
Hays, Chins. Rawlings.
March 11, 15t...14h
IN 'NIB MATTER of the intended application of JESSE
AIOORE, to the Court of quarter Sessions, at star April
Term. IS-I±. tltr license to keep a tavern in the Borough
of Columbia. it !truing an old stand.
IVII, tine initteNigned citileas of t h e Borough of Cohen
hint. in which said tavern is proposed to be kept. do certi
fy that the saint tavern is necessary to accommodate the
public and entertain strangers and travellers, and that we
are well acquainted with the said Jesse Moore, and that
he is of good repute for honesty and temperance. and is
well provided avail mouse room and COIIVeIIICIICCS for the
aceommodaticm of strangers and travellers.
Joint IL Brooks, Daniel 'labia, Peter Saylor, George
I'Veaver. John Lightner. Reuben Maisons, Joi n t Eddy.
11. G. Minch. Michael ❑'isler, Jr., Philip Shreiner, John
Slack, John S. Given, Jetta** Smedley, I high Sanders.
March 11, le4 -3t
IN TIM MATTER of the intended implicatima of JOHN
lIARIL to the Court of quarter SVSAI.I., lit the April
Ti nu. 1,4.4, for license to keep ni tavern in the Borough
of Columbia. it lad:lg an old stand.
WE, the under..igned etin•mu of the Borough of Colua•
bin. in which said tavern is proposed to lie kept, du certi
fy that the said tavern is neces.ary
public mid entertatu strangers mid travellers, and that we
are well acquainted with the said John Barr. and
that he is ofgood repute Mr honesty and temperance. and
is well provided with house room and convenienees fur
tin• ~,,,,, dation of .4r:tatters and traveller,
Plod Ilamilton. George Wike, Reuben Mallkon. John
Cit , sel. George Wulf. John lAghtner, John \ • aught,. Pe•
Ire $m tor. tteorge Weaver. Peter Haldeman. J. W.
Cottrell. Charles Haulings.
Alurch It,•at
IN THE MATTIM of thrt intended application of JOS
BLACK, to the Court of Quarter at the April
l'ertn, 1, 4 1... for ain, keep a Inverts in the liar
. .
_ •
ough Of Colintalia. it bring nn old , nand,
WE, the tuttler,o4ttetl ettiten.of the borough of Columbia
Whieh .141i:it:era t. propo,ett to be kept. du rectify that
the Said tavern n., Ut . a . tilittlittAltite the rnhhc
and entertain sarong , :. mint mtvener.. and v••• tire.
v‘ell avetittalattrd Si tilt and that
he i. of gotAt repute h it hotiiisty nisi is
,11pru~•idodwith 4111%e rotall etanNelitt.llCtzt.l;ir the
tiCeOnntinolathnl la Stranger' , Lind trOSe:ler,
Jolot A. I S. Itrodliewl. J. 11. 11440kr4 George
Wolf. John J. 1100-ton.C:oleon Ilrem Inns. (:.....fgt. %V 14.1.,
C. In✓irt.cue, 11. Atlosol. JllO.
laglttner. Joint Vuugh.•u, Peter 111.1.1eiann, J. W. Cot
trell. I, IC. Snylor..l4uw, L. Jartu.•. ('ollius. Jr.
Alrtrch 11,
IN Tin; mxi-rEtt. of the too ud.4.1 applooltoot of DAN
-111,.1tH. to, the Court of Quarter ous. SI th,
April ' refill, Isl.+. for lictigthe to kltfp It Illtlttflt /II the
Borough Colutubt u. !wog on old Kintul.
WA , . the unkleroglied eitt4.•ll• of the borough of Columbia
101 W111(41 , 1114 htectil propipwd to be kept, do certify
that the taut tavern in pere.,tiry to tleettilltllollllte the
public and entertain ....triitT•r• tool traveller... and that wr
are well neetnittittled with the said Daniel Herr, and
blunt he to of good repute for 1ani. , 41 tool temperance ito.d
he well provided with hotter room and ettlleellieliCe for
the Ileet/111111041,111011 of tdru ii re and traveller...
11..thert 11:1111i1t011. John It. Edward.., Mollion.
.larrie..ll ere. rr, John Jordan.C.
I , r:tort-riot, I Pialtler. John J/plep's 'l') sun.
Paul Iliorulton..l. 11. floater.
:11arell 11. 1- P•t-tlt
IN THE MATTER of the intended application of RE
11ECCA EREIII.EIN. to the Coart all:tarter SeSNiof,.,
at the April Tenn, for licence to keep a tin ern
in the Borough of Columbia, it being an Old Stolid.
WE, the ittaler•ittned eiti7eas of the llorough of Col
umbia, in which mod tavern is prottoaerl to he kept. do
eenify that the said tavern is neees.ary to areoulatodatet
the public and entertain stranger.: nod travellers and that
we are acquainted vtith the 16•Iierea Eberle:lL a n d
that she ns of good opine for lame.ty and temper:lave,
runt is well prodded With holt, roma and tamveitiettee,
for the accommodation of !grangere and traveller,
John Bran,. 1 'autter Seibert, Conrad Swart./. Daniel
Zillllll. Prier Saylor, Robert Spear. John M'Fall. Peter
A. limilairg. Peter Ihildeinan. Jonas Rumple. John Ben
net. Isaac Vaughea, Jacob Imam:in.
March 11, ISI,M
IN ri NrATTna of the 'mended upplicatioit of El)
\VA ED A. 110%V.t D. to Ow Court Or quarter M's
era 11t the Lioroligh of Colombia. it twit:a:to old 4limd.
WI: the ondermgaed riti.feng of the borouh of Coluoilma.
wIIICII 'Mitt tavern inproptcvcal In Ice I.ept. do eertity
that the mod tavern is neeehsary to nee.) JJJJJJ °date the
piddle and entertain strangers rind traveller, 11114 that or
are well negini jilted with the moil Edward A. Iloward.and
that lor la of good repute for honesty 111111 tempt ranee. and
is well pros tiled 'l,llll 11011•0 I'oolll 1111 d eon venii•lices for
the Ql,Ollllllllllll tioll of ...stranger. mid trovelle,
Peter 11;11ilentan. 11. K All, ins. A lir:ill:no Myers, J.
11. Hinder, Stoma I. Redd. Peter Sues or, It. W. Deck
roilie. J 111111.4 Vlllll4llell. John Slnek..l. W. t'ottrell,l;eorge
I. Diller, John. Vaitalien, John Felix, I'. .k.
ronely. Philip (,
Nlareli 11, ISt 8i•
IN THE I‘IATTEIR 0/the hoendeil nioplientioo of COl2-
NEI.ICS 'I'VSON. to the Court of (bffler 5t . ...14111%. Id
the April 'rerin.l . -I..l'ttr liven,. In keep a tavern to the
Borough of iiiminz an old .tared
'WK. the an t ler.ignett, of the Ilitztoug.ltr.d'etdani-
Ina. in w hid, said tavern is propt , ett to be kept. Dr. CV. ,
tiiy. that the mull 1,1111 , r thVi•rll a 111 . 1•141.1l11 to tleedlllllo
- the 11111 the and effiertttpi stronger. and travellers,
and that sir a, , A 4- ii wait the saki COrlllqinq
Ty.oll. 1131 d that jrl 14 of goad repute for bnee.ty and Tett.-
p•-ntllre, and is %s ell proN hied with I,ulse room, and eon
lOr the IIeCOLIIIIII.IOIOII a.i strangers and trav
John Cooper. l'honsam White. Vi.lar. Jonathan
W. Cottr,:ll. Peter Ifuldentan. Irto,
'.ower. J. Ziegler, (Leorge Wiko. John Lightner, :•11111.114.1
1. 1 1- , :tt •
IX ruIFI'3IATTiut of the i mended application ofJAMIIS
STACKHOUSE. to the Court of Quartet iwsions. at
the April for Hemet, to keep to tavern 111 the
Iturongh of Marietta, it being an old stand.
WI:, the undersigned. citizens of the Borough of Mari
etta. in which said tavern is proprmed to he kept. Ihi Cer
tify, that,the said inn or tavern m uece-aary to accommo
date the public and entertain strange, and travellers.
and that vve are Well acquainted with the said Janice
Stockholm, and that he is of good repine for honesty and
temperance: and is well provided WWI house room and
eonveniencies for the accommoilatioa of strange, and
• .
S: ttttt 11:n1ie.An.lrew Lender. Abralinm Varle.y.
Cllmmoin. Adam I lei-er. 'l' JoloNton. Simon S. No
cle, John Park.:, Henry 11(11114, Abraham Cus4el, John
11011, Joqop1:
Alnrch 11. 1:"..11,41t
IN THE 31ATTER of the intended application of MARY
FISH BAUGH. to the Court aCitturter Sessions. at tire
April Term. Lys, for license to keep a tavern in the
Borough of Marietta, it being an old stand.
E. the, undersigned. eitireas of the borough of Mariet
ta. in which said tavern t+ proposed to he kept. Do Certi
fy. that the said inn or tavern is lIVCC. , ,Ify 10 aceotnuto
the public and entertain strangers and travellers,
and that an are V. ell liemnolited as ith the said Mary Fish
bough. and that +he is at good repute for hones) and tem
perance, mid is aril provided with house room and
conveniences for the accommodation of strangers and
Samuel Johnson. John Parks, John Schack. Abraham
Cannel, David Rinehart. John J. hilduirt, S P. Engle. P.
L. litter, I tear} Schock. Jame.l Dully. T. Johnston, Witt.
A. Spangler.
March 11. 184941 t
IN THE NI ATTI 7 .II. of the intended application of DAVID
cAssm. Jr.. t o the Court of Quarter See„ inns. at the
April Term. ISls, for license to keep a tuvern in the
lkwough of Marietta. it being tin old stand.
WE, the tmdersigued, citizens of the Borough of Mariet
ta. it, which said tavern is proposed to be kept, Do Geni
i). that the said inn or tavern is accessary to aceommo
dine the piddle and entertain strangers and travellers. and
that we are well acquainted with the said David Comae!.
Jr.. and that Inc is of good repute for honesty and temper
ance, and is well provided with house room and conven
iences for the accommodation of strangers and travellers.
Abrahatn Cassel, John 11. Goodman. 1.. Faller. , lamneV
Naylor. Nimrod Cassel, John Miller, Ludwig Fuller. S.
F. Eagle. Frederiek Melding, Wm. Cummings. Andrew
Lender, John K. Fidler. Samuel Johnson, Musselmam.
!lean" Coughenour.
March 11, lelt,-.14
THE subscriber having disposed of his stock
of Merchnndire, and consequently declining busi
ness, hereby notifies all those indebted to him to call and
settle up their accounts. and those having claims against
him to present them without delay
Columbia. March 4. 1. 4 .1.1-11 L. K. SAILOR.
AND ETHERIAL OIL. The subscriber intends
to spare no pains in procuring it constant supply
of Fresh Camphine and Etherial Oils for wholesale Mid
retail. W. A. LEADER..
Columbia.. March 4. lal3-tf
THE Great Lion Tamer, upon being asked the
other day, What manner he was enabled to have
such wonderful influence with ll'unitnals.” replied with
great truth: "Ito firm in purpose and keep your eye
steady upon what yon undertake und you unt.t be sue
!” This thou explain+ the extraordinary rueeess
at OW
"811 HIVE, —
where it is crowded with the lovers of CIIMCE BARGAINS.
I Kerr Usibleached Muslin worth 10 cent, is now
tierP ib.per yard.
Pnie bleached 44 nuts. worth 10 et.. selling for ti..)
Fast col. Mane. Ginghains " Is " 121
Good Pocket Ihnalkis., 1 : 2,1 , •4 01.
Linen Cambric " " 2.5 " " 121
15 10
Calieoes _ " 10 " 1.
A lot of I lokery sirs cheap.
Lollies spot. work, a 'tale Colton I 25 stag they
are sele do , iralrlo tool worth 50 cents per pair.
A lot of heavy Irkli Linens. a great bargain. thee were
knight solGoct to a 1 . 1,,v water stains and will he sold off
very elJettp.
:11u, dr Luines for the Spring worth 25 cents. Row sent.;
air 1.21.
Mode 4 . 01.
SHAM striped gookerrotio.—a lwatltifill article ror dresses.
The above goods. together with a large lot ot desirable
bargaing. have just b een received and .sill be sold un
ti.othately, small tots:on, for cash.
('HAS. E. WENTZ & /1)10.
AT TIM.: BEE II WE, Norili Queen street. 10 doors north
of the }oat Odle,
Lancaster. February 26, I.Pl`,.—tf
LL. ks* k'r :) •s)
rrllE' subscriber is aMborized to , rent for one
ear, or for a longer term. the whole or portion, of a
inlet. below Wright, tile, fronting upon the Tole-Water
ennui. and extending more than a thonAand feet &mildly
Creoles mouth to the In-Let Imek. The 'ACM Weald
an excellent one far n mesa dice The Wain bar•ln
of the creek's month offering I well-protected harbor for
logs. and n small stream supplying sufficient water for
t o t engine. To thus who win& Wharf; Or other, tie !fla
tware It. a long !c u te at n laralerate rent would he offered.
It is well adapted for PLUM: LUMBER. or Moring Coal
intended to be .col lip canal to the city marker.
Feb. :N. IS.I-2-111 .1. H. :1111-11.1.N.
THE subscribers, thankful for past favors, take
:hi. Intlitod of informing their friends that they burn
just feyelVi•d. in Ildliilloll to their former stock, a
which bare been .elected wtth great OM, and attention,
and will• be sohtelinAl`. AFT TIMM AT
Col Ida. reltruar 19. 1,1-3.—ti
ie fr.ll
PUNTS. Purple Prints, one yard wide, only
tents, ms WI a goutlUg.,lllll,lll of otter low priced
Caheu.•e at FRY & SPANW.ER'S.
QTILE Chasinneres and de Lathes in great va
t riet) at FRX S SPANGLEIrs.
( I LOVES. Au extensive assortment of liosieries,
kit ..110,s, Sc., at reduced price., at
ted19'4 , 41 FRY & SPAN(a.far.S.
rrlIE Stockholders of the Columbia, Marietta,
LL and ror,moa th Railroad (•„a m nay. arc hereli)
notified that an election will be held on Aiondar. March
:Kith. I-1, at 9 fir lock, P. M., to elect 000 1'r1,41.2111. nii
Manager, and Trea,urer, at the White Sssan Ifutel,
in the Borough of Alamein,
Marietta. Feb. 19.
T USLINS. Bleached and unbleached Muslim;
large 11z.ortment VEILS' r P at
1/.1119 , 1 , ti FRY & SPANGI.ER:S.
_4l Fresh supply of those justly celebrated
TEAS lust rec;;lved by
`i LARGE assorimeol of fresh Fainilz Groceries
JII.I 11,1,k dut FRY
NEW Crop New Orleans Sugars and Mola.sses at
foiliel—ti FItV & SPAN(a.F.It'S.
Molasses. Sovering's celebrated. steam
A . $y nip Molasgea. n delicious article flortable
OW crop 110NEY ut
11.1,19 - 4.-tf FRY & SPANGLER'S.
subscriber has just received and offers
_l_ fur stile his usual supply of
raised by the Society of SHAKERS. in MASSACIRLSESTS. —
These seCtiS hare been oire•red for sale iu this community
14. r the la-t fifteen ) cars. :mad are *sell 1:110.Wii for their
very superior quality.
They ens also be had nt ANDERSON'S Store. in Mari
F ta: gt
Y' KAUFFAN'S tore. in Washingtn: and al
UTHES and .S AMUE LSMITH'S Stores. i t, Wrights.
MATIIIOT'S Store. Front Street, is the only place
where the Shaker,' Garden Seeds curt be had 1,1( . 44111111MA
Intetbia. Feb.
AMEETING of the sztbscribers to the stock of
the American 'Telegraph Company wall be held at
the 111 Taee of 11rarena & Muds. Alerehantr• Exchange, nal
own.. on TI7I;SDA V. March 14th. 1:44 a. fir the purpo.e
of electio.; a Prestdeitl. Secretary, and 'Treo•urer, :and fare
Director•. in roilawmaty walla the charter recently grant
ed by the Legislature of Maryland.
111 , 11 N ItY J. ROGICRS.
(11 , A1111111.1 PENNINIAS.
S. 1.131 A LL.
RISLEY'S Garden Seeds, warranted Fresh and
Pure. and Felccted from the moat celebrated hor
ticultural Garden in the norld. Aleo,
comprising all the new and 1110'4 splendid enriches. for
ornamentmg Yards and Gardens. lor sale by
Columbia. Feb. 1241 Apothecary nod Driiecist.
tslso to be Ilalt at AleLaughbers, opposite the Post Alike.
in Locust Street.
CROP NEW ORLEINg.SUGAR Snot received by
the subscriber, corner of Front and Union streets,
10 hogsheads Ness- Crop New Orleans Sugar, asuperior
article, at very low rime..
Columbia, /armory Zl, 184.0.—ans
TIM Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
1 . 1111. A DELPIIIA.-01 , 11CF1 No. MS; CUES:CUT
Street. tteur 1 titL ..treet.
. - .
CilAtti.rtS.N. IL=a.k.a. 6 holaiE W. fiIetLULUS,
Tnuldus. HART. NIORDECAI D. 11..}:Wie.
'routes W.surre.l4 A Dobratz E. [kitties
SANIVEL Clit.sarT, DAVID S. Throws.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or !nailed. on
every descripnon of properly in town arid country. at
rates as low as tire consistent with security.
The COMpll.v have reserved u large Contingent Fund.
which. with their Capital toil Premiums. safely tart:sled,
affords ample protection to the assured.
The assets of the Compuay. on January Ist. 1e1t.3. as
published agreeably to an :Vet. of Assentinbly, were as
follows, vii:
Mortgages. S-90.558 65
Reel Estate. 10,..3.5 DO
Temporary Loans, 1414.4.7.5 Wt
Stool,. 54.563 25.
Cush, die 7 4.5.157 47
$1:420,097 trr
Since their incorporation. a period of eighteen. y oars,
they have paid upwarde of ..e =alio,. th.. 6 un.{r.4 thou,-.
sand dollars. losses by fire. thereby affording evident.*
of the advantages of insurance. as well as the ability unit
de.po,ition to Meet. With pr 01111,111,.. all 1111.1)Iii tte
ellAltl.ES ISANCIKER. Prei.ideuti
CILAULF, U De NCI( a. Secretary.
TIIONIAS LLOYD. of Columbia,
Agent for York and Lancaster Counties.
ARDEN seeds, from the most celebrated Nor
netaltural Garden in the world : raised and put up
at Fredonia. Montague County. New York. The appro
bation of over 100,000 persons. throughout almost every
lowa in tie United States and Canada 4. who are in the
halm of patroniting this extensive establishment year
after year, is a certain indication that the elforts of this
Company to distribute none bat Fresh mid lure Seeds,
are appreciated by a generous public, For sale by
Nti . A. LEADER, Agent.
! FRUIT TREES I! We expert in the
coarse of the cowing neck to rt•CelVt• 11,1111 the cele
brated itor.cery of Mr..l oho Perkin.. Alorrigtown. N. J.. a
..pleuditl lot of Fruit Trees, the chuisest of their kind put
up in parcels, labelled and gll,llll.lllCed. Cote..i.ting of
Apple. Peach. Pear, elwrry. Nectarine, Plum. ke. Ilere
i. a rani chance for all per•tiets ch....irons of raising choice
fruit, for reinenther, these trees are warranted to be the
choicest of their Lind. Call at
Col ambits Feb .1.2„ Opposite the I'. 0.
4 refinement has its• origin. in the cultiva
tion of FLOWERS. Every per,on having a correct
opinion of Natural Beauty cannot but regard the cultiva
tion of Plower. no highlv tending to correct the taste and
reline the sentiment, audit in nu* llua Notirco of domestic
Nor*MOILl that has the sure es uteuee of the noble garb
nen of affection owl indu.stry. Ifur sale by
A,. 1,11.4„DER„
Columbia. IFeb.l"2-tt
ico!-4;1.1EXI• SITCCI:SS A MOM.:
Hairnet of letter fro 1111114: editor of the Greenville Moun
taineer, S. C.
DC. W. WIIIGIIT—Dear Sir:— • • • A week or
two ago I rent )011 U AIOL IMO:LEEK, contairung a IVL4er
loin one of our Volunteerq in the City of :Mexico. in
p 11.1.5, under the etreuttcdanees. tll4 higheal owed of
praise I have ever I.IIOWII n Illedkllle L. receive. The
Volunteer. W Goodlett, is a gentleman of
fine .ktanding-1111 necumph..hed and %Cell educated man,
and war recently
1111:11 SHERIFF
Of this District. Ily one of your advertisemems
Charleston paper, I happened to notice the location of
your odic,. and thought you might extract an article of
some value in regard to your medicine, therefore 1 sent
the paper.
The following is nn extract from the letter referred to
“My health is very that improving. I procured n few
II) 4 ago. SOUK: of Or. IVright's Indian Vegetable Pills.
nil ttni have octet' on Inv St 41e111
Thu. it appear+ that the brave and patriotic Volunteers
ho have gone to Mexico, to defend the rights tool honor
of their country. already begin to realite the extraordina
ry value of flits incomparable medicine. Lung life to
Are sometimes math by confounding one medicine with
another. and administering the I.vrting article. I•epudly
horrible are those mistakes which arc made in
that all Pills are alike. and that therefore. it in indifferent
which tire taken, and if one kind is bad all arc had together.
This is a very great mistake. There is as much difference
betw ..... It Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills send other arti
cle., as between midnight rind noonday ! We do not
ooh any to take our word merely for this statement. Iw•t
any our. hnrutg okra Other medicine, try this. Nothing
nowe will be necessary.
Many person. have been led away by a COATING OP
Sun in. as if they anticipated that it woeht remove the
litio,a of the Medicine. But they are generally mistaken.
Without the Sronn those articles have malting to recom
mend them and Snead not be .nld a single day. But
to oh the .agar. and by giving the article a name si?lu.A It
to Wright's Indian V.., Auld,. Pill.. they gain a tempora
ry notoriety. Witt.rEs they etc. in sheep's clothing. of
u limn the public al Id ateer sufficiently ;cleat.
Let it be remembered that \V RIG EMS INDIAN VEGE
TABLE PILLS . are prepared with special ret - erence to
the law. gayer g the human body. Consequently. they
are Illestaju good. always useful. ult., ays elfeetive in rout
ing out dawn..., Every family should keep them at hand.
The follow:aw highly respectable Storekeepers have
been duly appointed agents for the attic t.lf this Celebrated
Medicate. iu Lunen.ter county.
Beurville. Reuben IVitia/cr.
Bainbridge. John F. Beecher.
Bird-in-11mM. Jacob B
Bart Township, Win. W. Pa...mance.
Belleview. Buyer. & timbal.
Buck Toi, ern P. 0.. Gco. 'P. Clark.
Cliefunit Level. AleSparrant & 'housekeeper
Conestoga Centre. John It. Harman
Church Town. L. & K Rogers.
C'oopernville. E. IRS if,
COIUIIIIIiII. Fry A Spangler.
Chem Hill. Inane S, Webster
Drattiore, John A. 11. - oyd.
Earl Toun.hip. George Ducliman ,
do do W'e'arer & W 11111 1 .1"..
do do Da s in %Vatlcifee.
Elirnhethtown, John Lynch. •
Ephrata, John Gros..
Ephrata. New, 1, S. Hacker.
00 110 Martin IVeldnian.
Felton House. Fulton tp- 1.. P. Wilkinson.
lempfi cid. 11 ingwalt & Ala
Intercourse. Thomas, Mmes.
Leneock township. Frederlck Swope,.
"mummer Square. J. V. & 11. Herr.
Litiz. Nathaniel F. %Volley
Lancaster. John Zimmerman.
M Joy. Winner & Cassel.
Alouniville. John Devlin.
Marietta. W. A. & B. Spangler.
Mount Joy Township. H. U. Clark & Co.
May inwit. John Reinhold.
do Sltqlmiker & CO.
Mount Pleasant. Isaac AI - Comma.
Mall Creek. Ilcory Stauffer.
Manic Towalhip. Hugh Moore.
New Holland. Brubaker & Co.
New Pro. illence. IbAolebrandr & Meyer.
Poplar (trove. E. It Poix.on.
I'caeh Bottom. S, W. P. Lloyd.
Penn Tuw,nahgt. Jacob Singer.
Paradloe. A. R. & A. I. Witmer.
Pussy's Malta. Mahlon Posey.
Peach Bottom. Wm. Arnold.
John Rawlins.
Safe Harbor. John Herr & Son.
Strausburg, %Vm. Spencer.
Salsbury, H. Freeland.
, .
Wnshitimon, John A. Brash.
U_7 - 019ces • devoted exclusively to the sale of Wrichis
Indian Vegetable rat.. wholesale and retail. UM Brice
street. PhiCadelphin : 2°•A Greenwich street. New York ;
and 199 Tremont stsect, Boston. April 29, 1942.—1 y
TINE Telegraph Office at Columbia has been
RENIOVED to the Spy Printing Office, Front street,
opposite Barr's Hotel, where, for the present, messages
will be received and promptly transmitted to any of the
I following Stations:
The following are the tai
York, 10 cents for 10 word..
Lancaster, 10 cents for 10 wards.
Philadelphia. SO onto, for 1U words.
Harrisburg, SO cents for 10 word.
clininbersburg. 30 cents for 10 words.
Pittsburg. 40 cents lii, 10 words.
llalumore, via Plii/a.. id cent,. for 10 words.
All additional v.ords over 10 churned pro rear- Ad
dress and signature not counted. ID-- All messages
mud be. pnepuld.
St. LottlK,
Nt vt , 1 Ork,
&e, &c.
les oil:lunges
C. WESTBROOK, Operator
Columbia. Feb. 5,
Culumhio, Feb. 12-if
lir orrk„ , . >r .o 31. 41
itonninr.t: :111S'I'AliES!!
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Columbia, Lancaster Co., . PULLEN'S INDIAN Vegetable Panacea.--Nessrs.
P... will practice in the several Courts of Lamers- Itowand Is I.Yulton : Gentlemen,—Having expos
ter and York counties rimmed the extraordinary efficacy of your Dr. Cullen - a
Orrtcx--in Walnut street, adjoining the Washington lialani Vegetable Panacea upon toy own person, a feel-
Hotel March U. IN.. , tog of gratitude for your wonderful discovery, and a
• ,
'e. ire that year NIG/finale should be known and apprem-
Isited by the public. has induced me thus voluntiorly- to give
you an account of my case, hoping that others who may
be so unfortunate us I have been, may be induced to
! throw prejudice aside and give your Panacea. a fair trial.
In February.
.It4o. a lump or rumor first appeared up
on the spine tit any right leg, and another on the lower
part of my breast near the junction of the ribs; they in
creased gradually unit!. the early part of June. about
which tune they beesune very painful. lii July. the Tu
mor ot , the leg ulcerated and beeunte a running sore,
extending itself. omit it was half Me site of a MAIMS hand.
t ' and hail eaten into the bone. and one or two. smailer, al ,
. eters appeared below. tear the allele. My physician and
iothers pronounced it Scrofula. Up to 1410 time every
mined) used gave no relief; the leg continued to . get,
. worse: daring the early part of August my sufferings.
i were intense: si 1, neither went to bed nor slept regularir
[ fur muly MUD, seeks, bring compelled to set up, wit h
Buy leg supported on a choir. About this time, my son
, brought home with, him, frotn Cincinnati market ode of
1 your Circulars. whit:lolml been thrown into the wagon.
i I read it. mid katoemig sotto: of the signers to the Certifi
cate of the tease of Mrs Brooks, and believing from my
knowledge of thor, characters. that they would not lend
their names for the purpose of palming an imposition
, upon the public. I concluded to try wbut effect it would'
; have upon tar. Oil the 20th of August; 1, procured the
first bottle, etatimeeeed taking it necorditig to directions,
and in tour boors the pain Was so much relieved that I
i fell asleep. and e
m enjoyed that greatest of tiles/sings, a few,
I hours repose. I continued using it until the 221 h of Au
gust. when 1 found myself so li better, that I seem to
1 Cincinnati to your Agent. Mr. J. '.V. Danenhower, will:.
I whom I made arrattgement, to take ://.1 bottles, providem
he mould guartintee it to cure me. Ile agreed to do so.
and gave the the privilege tit stopping short of the 20
bottles, 'Almoner I considered myself well. I now felt
encouraged. and continued to use it under Mr. D's in--
struenons. until I bud taken 12. bottles, (using 110 Other,
Medicine et Itateverl when I found myself entirely well,
the Tutu, on my breast having solicited. opened. came.
out. and was healed up when I had taken tt or 7 Li/Atlas. I
will here observe, that for ninny years I had been tatter
bled with a kind of dry 'fetter, which greatly alum) ed;
me.partieultirl> when heated or warm in lied; 1 haee
tell /animas, of this mice taking your medicine. and have
no doubt that my system is nom:entirely free frutudtscase,
my general health never having been better. .
On the :3,1 of December, I again called upon Mr. Damen
bower. I then pronounced myself well. mid offered to
give him a Certificate to the effect, which I promised to.
send him to a ten days. A short bloc after this, whilst
kilning my hogs.l hurt the manic leg badly, in consequence
of es Isieli I postponed giving the promised Certificate,
NV/idling thoroughly to test the permanency of the cure.
I now used nothieg but the usual simple remedies for
fresh, wounds. and lotted my tlesli perfectly healthy, and
in the usual lone fur :melt value; my leg heated. Sutlicient
tittle elapsed to convince Ine that I toil now as sound Irian, •
annul that I have been cured by your Panacea alone. In.
short. I have every confidence in its virtues. Persons
'desirous of obtaining further particulars. can be gratified
toy culling at my residence. DAVID IHRG AN.
Al tidy Creek, Hamilton county, Olito.
Curt or CINClus Sri, es.—Personally appeared lief/we
nn:, the stilt,ritier. Mayor of the said city. David Kirgan,
who being sworn. deposes and sal it that the facts set
forth in the foregoing satenictil are true. In testimony
whereof: I have hereunto set my minuu and caused the
Corporate Seal of the ...aid City to be affixed, thus, the-Ult.
day of March. 1,17.
riFFICE—South East corner at* Locust and Sec
ond street. Hostroixo Mousx—witii Mrs. Swartz_ 2
doors below his late residence. April 7, 1,47.—ti
M 0141312" TO LOOM
X72.Plia To be loaned on mortgage or un
incumbered real estate.
Also. at private sale. on account of a person living at a
distance from Columbia. nine shares of stank its the Ca,
Zambia Bank & limbos Company. Appl) to
Columbia, Feb. la. lAe. J.NO. 110.1:STON.
kND CROSS-CUT SAWS, of &Amid's lesL Fir
sale at manufactures price.. by
April 7. 1.347.-4( Rl MPLE & IJES..
REEFS Celebrated Lowden Fifth Chains. Tra
i. east. long and short. double and single lank. breast.
carrying and halter Chains, all of which we offer at man
ufacture, prices. up?—.4l I trMPLE 4 1 / 4 : 11 F,s.
, EAD Purses anal Bags.--Just received a most
splendid assortment of Bead Purses and Bags. not
to be surpassed by any. Also steel brads. tassels. rings.
tassels and rings in setts, clasps, and to ist of different
shades. Fur sale by novIAI IV. A. LEA 1/
- MILLER'S Celebrated Odontalgie Drops, will
w,,rron.d tin e tTo ° l, l ,Ju n r7trur:et t li. i c .i . e n t., e rre n e " . " Vo ' r .
stile by tiov2o W. A. lA:Am.:li.
r 1 1t Subscribers have constantly on hand a
_r. fun ussannent oi - wood. cord. and cooking Stoves of
every die awl description. cannon stoves. Al.o. Ilend
eulnirg'. patent Air-Tight Parlor Stoves. which has given
full huti4faction in all cases 'Plop public arc invited to
cull and for thesin.elves, at the I lardoare store
of awns & I lux..
POLISII: fur preparing starch 'without
the 1111t1131,113 Of :nn' greli-y and for pro
clueing a brilliant pearly glow on the listen. Sold only Lt
te.:117-tf. R. WILLIAMS.
TOIINSON'S Super Essential Walnut Oil Military
rsr,,m g soap, , otwrior to all ollwr4 for s.llving.
For ...sill, by (1Lny.21 . 17-11.) R. WILLIAMS.
IT,GETABLE PILLS, or radian Pargatiye,
cud Induct V.retnlol, Syrup, warrant.' gentling For
bale 10y tant2ll , l7-tf. R
11.1%1 1 /vl-AGITE.
AIIXTURE.—A Warranted' cure fur Fever and
_ll.l_ \go, For sale by. It.
N. It 'There is none globule hut thnt sold by 114,
pRAZILLIAN Hair Curling Liquid. For salt 1)
_LP au2l'47-ti H. NVII.I.IANIS.
FIVE highest price given in rash or in books
and sottioner. for all knot+ of rag, at lVegthrook do
Spangler, oppn,to the I'o4t Loctolt .treat.
COllllllllll.ll. Janaary I.
f %WOUND Extract of Sarsaparilla never fails
k) to eradicate entirely all the elfects of mercury. infi
nitely Kramer than any other medicine. night sweats. ner
vous debility. nervous complaints of all kinds. neuralgia.
Illreeti0115: hc. Fur nab: by.
Ull.l 1'47-tf. R. WILLIANIS.
JQSTONE:Mors and 10 Masons wantrd. For
information apply to JAMES Colum
bia. or C. fi. ISISI:C1.1. Old Towti, Marylaud.
Columbia. Fob. rl•
'VEIOIIFEGE Antoim tire hundred Medicines
Y r.....,.1m0c0ded for Worn., Grail:fiat's Vcnuititge
quad.. alone. It.; faith to. pllbile rollfidellCi . Iltlu been
netnevecl with 114 - ,re run s than any other {Vann medicine
tr.‘e thve a a trail and mitigly 3oar.‘elf. Sold only 1,3
Columbia, Jan. 15, W. A. 1.E.ADE11...
TIPSINESS STAND No. 3;.llleclittnieg' Row,. now
ij occupied by JUIIIY
Ila.ine•ts land No. 3. Front Street, near corner of
cum Street.
New Dwellitez 11011Ae No. 1. Cornet Street. near From
Street. Inquire of
Columbia. Jan. 15,
TO your Coughs and Colds.—• Pr. Jayne's Ex-
PECTORANT. for Cormier, Colds, Asthma, Spilling
of Blond. low Couch. Cron'', Hoarseness, Pain and
Soreness of the Side and Back. COlllll/111pll ~,,, and nil
dsenses of the Lunge not Breast, &c., &e. For sate by
N0v30'47-11 %V. A. LEADER.
AL DT. EC‘ll2=S.
the extele<ive 31nolone Shop lately oseetopied by - :11r.
Thomas Cox. on the tomtit bash, at tln• plow,. Is prepared
to lit nip 1111.111111111 slew ears ut the most durable. and
innanufer. lie IS ids° prepared to (111 all kends of
reparing, both of word 111111 month work, 111 a may to give
Colombia. January 15. 1 , 15.--if
N. It. A good heel - Mid hand Steam rata-loco( four horse
pun er. for sale by A. M. flames. as above.
A T COST.—As the subscriber intends leaving
tills place 1 1 0011. be is now offering his entire stock
Groceries and Liquors for sale at cost. Willlolll reserve.
As Ibis is the seno.on of the year when every one feels
anxious to buy Cheap Goods.. they are incited to Vali at
the NEW YOKK STORE.. where they can buy many
loads of goods at least LMt per cent lower limn at any other
store in Columbia. as he is obliged to close the 'ern
01110 before the first day of April ensuing.
Columbia. Jan. 1, 1433.-tf.
oldest Nlagarine in the United State ' s, c ' intainis month
ly sixty pages of rewiring matter, by the first writers in
the cournry,—twelve more than the New York Maga
r.ines. Two splendid steel engravings. an undeniable colored monthly Ea.lrion plate, Model Cottages
and Churches, Crochet %Vork. arid other matters for the
hodies. all illustroned sank will explained. he.. he.
Price far one ) ear. w hieh includes the Lady's
Dollar Newspaper, inakhig, three publications
inn one month. G 9 00
Two,copies without the 1 anie) Dollar Newspape.r, 510
Fire copies with cam to, the 11VV40/11 tending the
club. 10 00
Eight cop.ress 15 On
1:wel)e copies. gir 00
A specimen of either the. t:tr the I.mly - t ,
Onilor Newspaper sent to ally piireiro pitying po•lag. on
the reque.t. Addroce 1.. A if4IIIP.V.
No. 11:1. et,...tnut I.•treet,
the add winds of autumn sigh std o'er the lea,
And the Uternisepitit iroitca in horrible giro;
On the breast of the flood the sere forest-leaves float,
And Nature's voice whispers "-Stan, boy thee a. Coat n"
What, Snow 7 by my IMO 1 SCUM turning to stone ;
The Cost's a good thing, but to useless alone.
No longer in Summer's light livery dressed,
I must have Wander Drawers. Bands, Mule and a Mall-
And now. where to buy rhespert, nod where to buy beat
And rot here can t be moot beenutindly dressed:
•• Ay there is the sub"—let we see it: the •.finty,'•
P . loom o:• the tal/est, I'll go there and trg!
The wind ilvandem " leo and the storm-apish prances
And the eddying goal with the forest-leaf dance..
And Nature applauds—whsle in elegant drew.,
The hard blesses TRETSMADL, an& PRETSKAN, cbc
Colombia, Oct. 9th, 1847 —IS
Wlti•l4,itle mad Retail. 10) MI WA NI) A.' tvAuroNT,
Proprietor, :37i; Nlarket $l.. l'lttladelplata. WM. A. LEA-.
1)Elt. C0111111111:1. J. T. ANI)I:RSON, Alarictut,
(il , ,01t141: Elitstlietll.,
.March 4. 1.-17.--,2m.
rOlllll Fuels ilk relation to: the ironiterful
ethers) 'Pliten son's Compound Syrup of. Mr .16
Wood Naphtha. the bed rented) 01 the tiny for Consurnp
-1511111. A. , 111111:1. COTIghS, Cold, Id‘er Complaint. Ste., &c.
Rend the following (rem Ur. Sitnrit. it well known and
Itig111:.• respectable eniiest of the Northern Liberues. Phil-.
adelpleu eminte. This le one of the most astonishing
f cures on record, iutd,g ail he seen, ih untested by the
Rev.. Mr, Street. nudity other eititens °fetal district
ms riot.( DELPHI, August 14th, 19.ite .
Nene the el , of the) ear 1 , 1. I had an attack of the
Plettrely. and while coca coring from it, I took a severe
cold. y condition soon became alarming and I grew
!remittal 13. worse and worse.
Thee ymptoms. mama:teed by my disease were those.
ordinarilylollll4 in Pulmonary affections—but mine were
of an exceedingly aggrevuted character. :or a long pe
riod I ex peetorated it great gentility of matter, which ap
peared it relrhire efpus and blood—at times it seemed as
te 1 Nsts• 00.-110001.5 the vory eishatunee 01 the lungs. My
voice was gone so as to be unable to utter a few words
without great daliculty. and t experienced a thousand
other painful sensations thnt cannot he told. One of the
most unpleasant uttendatits of my disease were chilling
sweats. The cold perspiration rail from me continually,
not only at night, but also during the day so as to keep
my Clotilea at all tittles completely Wet.
I employed every means of cure which I could' henry
11.1141 wns attended by several eminent and skillful Physt,
rnaus. Hut 1110 obstuincy of my disease Ixtfled. all their.
rilbrig. The) indeed ridged rise frOHLMY boil, but they al,.
so pronommed me incurable. The lust Physician at,
feuding me fold me at one time, that I had but a few days
to live—at another time I might linger on a few xveeks or
month, hat that it Wlag utterly impossible that I could'get,
reel!. or ever lie 111111, to attend to my business. Thus,
with no prospect of recovery, I lingered on during the
greater port of the year ISlti—for three wo mb s o f w hi ch.
period nip friend. sat up with me. expecting every night
see my sufferings end in death.
Hut last fnll.a lady residing in Southwark, who had.
been cured of somehat Flllllllle sufferings by -Thornton's
53 nip cel'l'ar and Wood Nufffillia," cutup and,
urged upon toe a trial °fit. Almost de,tpairia, of any re
lice end with 110 hope of recovery. ecommenced its use.
I ningitie then my mitimitction in being able to state that I
1,111 now well nail I attribute my restoration entirely to tho.
onderfel etteney of the nbove medicine. From tbs.
time 1 eol.llll ll lWed lid 100. the disease began to yield its
hold upon me. and by meetly petsevetunce in xls enjoy-.
teem 1, teat* soy. it litet ra:sed nu front. the grave. All un
pleesant s3Mploure tune eattodesk atel.l have for several
months alto then tfl Mr i/11%1110,0 , un feritterly, and feel (ex
cept .134,1 1 • less th,eree or Sheileth tll4ll 1 once possessed,),
as well as veer
People rotor from varion‘ pinees to see me, inquiring
for the Mall cured of eons f ! Those who have
Luoan ma. and are oemminted with my long continued
&Memo's. slop with astonishment when they meet me. n o
seeing the wonderful change As eunglit by the use of the
above 111.11eill, WM. W. SHARP,
No. Philadelphia.
The untlergrgued. trieulls of Mr. \V. \V. Sharp. are fa—
it/Hitt r laid) Jrg cage and sufferings, and testify that the
above statenreutg are true.
. •
John Street. Nli+sionary, No IV) York fond, above
Tammany street.
Thounnt Street. No 111 4 North Secant! at.
-Addison ttraeer. No 121 Brown st.
Jaen!. limner. No :1119 North Fourth Cl
Garret 1 - nu nan, No 221 North Seevud•ntmrt:
(E 7 The Jabot emetivesne prepared wely by A VI:NET IC
Du•sso,.. nt N. I: eono•r of Vstil, 100k: 4 1ns/cc streets, Phi-
Colombia; John Ctis.h, lAnens,
ter: D. Gro.s. I larrislturg: 11. AtiEttey.
Price 50 et... or 6 bottles for el: 50
March It, It-17-Iy.
V TM. kS. PATTON. After returning thanks• to the of Columbia and vicinity. for the
very liberal share of patronage bestowed upon them da
ring the past spring told su •r, w mild again call their
attention to their new• stock of FA I.E. AND WINTEK
GOODS. etitedoing of Cloaking., Preach. E ng in', an d
Grrnum do.—Colitirg's Parnmettas and Plaids. Dress
Gess!, Plain. Plaid and Polley colored Cashmeres. Cali-.
twain and Lanni Plaid liontlinAties. .41paccan. Mexican,
Buena Vista and Cerro Gordo Plaids. Wriolett do. Supe
rior qualiq Lontdott (Ilasey Alpaccits, Lustre Plaid and
striped do. 511.4 WI. 5. Cashmere. Terkerra, Embroider
ed. Ac. Plain Thiliet, Silk and %Wool Fringes, Blanket,
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coarse Cloths 111111 StLfulletA very 1.1.1. v.
Complete nsssartnient qt" Boys Wear, woolen and wors
ted. •elvet and satin Vestings. plain and figured. Tickings
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nels. assorted cvhxn , domestic anal canton Flannels, as
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tubing Goods, Blankets. Wool and Bag Carpets of the
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We therefore feel ourselaco able and willing to sell love
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call to extainnie our good. or the New Cheap Cash Store,
corner of From nod LOCII.I street.
Colombia. Nov. n. 1 , 17 -EC & S. PATTON.
OF /0115 EVINS, a Lunalie. Notice is hereby gir
ell to all person. toteremed that the undersigned audi
tor. by th e Court of Common Pleas, of Lancaa
ter co., to diFtrilmile , the balance in the hands of Evan
Green. committee of John Evans of Columbia, a lunatic, to
and 1.11011(1 lll.rmitinfs; will attend for the purpose of hut
appointment nn Thursday. the 2nd day of March next, at
the la. ern of Lewin Sprecher. in East King street, Lan
caster, at in o'cloc the forenoon.
Other back of the Market House.
reb..s. 1 4 .4t
rOMPOIND Extract of Sarsaparilla, for sale by
[.21-17-ti] A. WILLIAMS