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Vol 76 No. 14 April 7, 1976
Overlander discusses
Oliver C. Overlander II,
Marietta Borough Council
President, was interviewed
recently by the Susque-
hanna Times.
The subject of the inter-
view was ‘‘the future of
Oliver Overlander thinks
Marietta has reached a
turning point in its history; a
point at which taxes should
go up to protect the high
property values in the town.
Photo shows Tracie Reichard (left) helping put finishing
touches on gown worn by Odessa Mull (right.) Odessa will
be wearing her gown to the Bicentennial Ball. To learn
what you should wear, see Margaret Landis’ story on the
back page.
Susquehanna Times & The Mount Joy Buileti
future of Marietta
Oliver also endorses a
mild form of historical
districting in Marietta.
The historic district
should include only a few
blocks, where all the resi-
dents approve of the idea,
Oliver thinks. The entire
town should not be included
in the plan, he feels.
Some specific improve-
ments Oliver would like to
see are a paving job for
Front Street, and recrea-
tional facilities along the
Oliver points out that
Marietta’s tax base includes
only the town itself. The
commercial district along
route 441, and the big
Armstrong plant are outside
the borough limits.
Oliver doesn’t think that
rapid industrial growth can
take place within the town
because there isn’t room.
He also doubts that the
town can control growth
beyond its boundaries, be-
cause it can’t afford to buy
land beyend the present
town limits.
What Oliver hopes to see
is a steady upgrading of
properties within the town.
He also hopes more small
businesses and stores will
move to Marietta.
If home owners want the
kinds of improvements that
will keep their property
values high, they must be
prepared to pay higher
taxes, Oliver Overlander
““Property owners all
want good police protection,
good streets, and a well
maintained, clean town,”
Oliver says.
For the borough to pro-
vide these services, the tax
payers have to pay for it.”
Voting that local taxes are
deductable from federal
taxable income, Oliver says
“I'd rather give money
directly to the town, and see
something directly in re-
turn, than have money go to
the federal government.
Once we send that money to
the federal government, we
see very little of it.”
last year, in response to a
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MJ Merchants Asso.
Spring Sales Bonanza
The Mount Joy Mer-
chants Association will hold
its Spring Sales Bonanza on
April 8-9-10.
There will be free parking
for the Bonanza. Meters will
be bagged.
Sales Days banners will
be displayed on Main
Shoppers can plan on
finding plenty of bargains
from Thursday through Sat-
urday this week in Mount
Donegal Township
JC’s to hold meeting
President Jim Libhart has
announced that the East
Donegal Township Jaycees
are holding a general mem-
bership meeting on April 18
at 8 p.m. in the Legion
The Bicentennial plates
being sold by the Jaycees
are still available. Call Jim
Libhart (426-3452) for in-
lowered taxes.
ony Jer
R * 0 ' Joy ° :
\ 7952
Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll pres. of VICA
Eleven hundred members
of VICA (Vocational Indus-
trial Clubs of America) sat
last week in their red blazers
bearing their emblem, wait-
ing for the last candidate to
present himself to be their
Tall, husky, Mike Carroll
strode on the stage. A
dignitary handed him a
microphone, but Mike po-
litely declined it. ‘‘Can you
hear me?’’ he shouted to the
“Yes!” came back 100
voices. Mike had their votes
right then.
Unlike the other candi-
dates, he spent only a few
seconds of his allowed three
minutes describing his
qualifications for office. He
spent most of that three
minutes telling the attentive
VICA members what he was
going to do for them.
And they appreciated
that—they voted him in as
He said he wanted the
VICA emblem to be as well
known as the Boy Scout
emblem. He said he wanted
the organization to be so
well known that employers
would go looking for VICA
Already he is making
plans to publicize the fact
that floats will be prominent
in future parades.
Mikes asked the Susque-
hanna Times to print the
emblem as part of this story.
So here it is:
The ellipses in the em-
blem stands for technology,
the bands represent youth,
the gear is for industry
and the stars and stripes
stand for you know what.
Mike a wrestler, football
tackle, and Varsity Club
member at Donegal High, is
also a member of the Holy
Name Society of Saint
Mary’s Catholic Church in
As a wrestler, Mike came
in second in the Christmas
tournament. In the Districts
he kept on wrestling in a
bout even after his ankle
was broken.
Mike wants to thanks Mr.
Zerphey, head of graphic
arts at Mount Joy Vo-tech,
for designing his campaign
He also wants to thank all
his advisors fo: their sup-
port, which gave him con-
fidence: Mr. See, Mr.
Votas, Mrs. Drace, and Mr.
After graduation, Mike
wants to attend college and
study political science.