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THE. rIVORKS • OF THE. ,11,0..'10H - MAC
LAURIN. Edited by 18;:x. '„ ,D. D.;
Edinburgh. In two ili:t4Bs; 618.
Eenbuigh John Macicir;ttg,,,;,.Ehlladelbhia
Sstihi 7 English . 4- Co. !, Pittsburgh : Val. S.
Rtintoul; . 1860. R '
Here is a work of undeubted r 'V'alue.. 'Who has'
hot read Maclaurin's Glorying the Cross of
Chriatt" these tWo Woltnnes we have the
lirst and only comphsteledition of the works of
the author of that memorable sermon. He may
well be called tl t e, l E n uangelical Butler, because he
has derroVor,.,tvp:ngelical theology thenante ser
vice • that—Butler did for Christian theology in.
general. He is tbe i one wheat ; the Bite Dr. John
Brown had "no hesitation .ia denominating the
'most profound and eloquent Soottish..theologian
'of the last century." 1-It4,was born in,Argyle 7
shire, October, 1698 ; 'staged at the . University
of • (liasgarry-mitttendedrilliyhdtp-,College at ..the
stone plate . ; ,wan deg ithcq iingtstiction of such
meh,as.liffn..k.,Wesselius, foris time, at Ley-
deo, ;4 11 11 1 1VietoolliCPPP,o4' to, JPEPPiIt
by the Presbytery of Dumbarton ; in. 1719 was
ordaineitilidhilatqiusk, a: Coantit.pitilift ; and
in 1723 was.removed to the North-Nest parish of
,As a
,pastor, he , was' unwearied : in
Sick - and in, caring 'for the' spiritual
interestacnt his ,people; as a.philanthropist, he
was, .the advocate ~:if;p: V ery Gfirptian means for
alleviating human suffering ; and as a preacher
and writer, he was i gnikineAly Scriptnial, n acute,
proftifindk ittid'ityrelttlild•bid a wonderful'skillin.
interpr,etirig,&llkolP Scriptures, Setting forth'
the doctilnewfif grace.'altd-in dissecting the hu
man heart. To ?..eacl b hk vtri!„ipgkyitie - prOt ? the
intellect must be well girded, and tile leart must
be id ILI VA:ibid. •TaisatcY; 'Often , " s ob-'
sourc, and tlieititgiaiiitd4itfieelikkti... : Dut to
the. , carefuL student : and. Oloie. iginkei here ii. a.
putt wealth:,.. ; •
Maclaurin was an original genius his thoughts
are, productive of others. Among ,
th4'iemarkable productions with, which these
volunies are filled, we cannut.'refrain . from men
tioning three. The essay on...ti Pridnifices against ,
the GOspel,"' the,nernlOn ;" The 4ips .014 11 e*
noVOhargeable en•Ged;" and that on-" Glorying
in the Cross of Chriist,"! which
of themselves . would confer: fametun any man.
In the whole rains of t tliV& lOOiliielvituiv, it is
difficult to find-an'ything'Sdrail?r . to the first, two .
in profundity and . nitititiolii, ir to tha last in im-
PTftelift.9l9loClPMT 1W 4 _ ,.fi at;* )"
Thee, two volumes will lie a valuable addition
to any and the ,publisherii tieserV'e . the
thanits of the friends of religion* far bringing
them out:at this time, and in a style so becoming,
The .prige is $4.00.
11031 E. Embracing Five Years Experience of a
kliirthern,Governese in the land of the Sugai
and the Cotton. Edited by. Prof. J. H. Ingra
ham; ott Pp 626. %.I"4iladelphia:
Pittsburgh:.43- Hiner.
Thiel 'Airports to be a. series !braless original
ly wriAmi. for„lhe Courier,. , of Philadelphia, that
had '&004021e a large circulation, and consid
ertiVy literary character, by a young lady from
Nel(:.-s"PaTland,'malf'fairo - rtibls , siivated'as a GeV=
amass with a wealthy family near. Nashville,.
Tenn. 'ln, the prefape we are informed that moigi
of these were written before the appearance of
Mrs.. S,towe's UnclA E Tomlf A Cal44,",,,,They. z ore
descriptive , of the scenery, people, habits, and
inAltutiona of the South. ..Eiet:y thing pertaining
to thittcp'ortpan'af . .,e'ur Country is set lorth in the
most attractive colors, and in a pleasant; witty,
and' Chat.* style; that 1611" "eitieit/titil'ilihreader,"
even.when he knows that there is a dark -back ,
groinid hidden from view, and notices not a little
sameness,. and repetition. d ighnugheut.t4e;.beok
the Episcopal Charbhia made to bairn' Ctialenee,
TAP, HORTCIII I T171 : 13:2 filfAusesys
eveii4hing i per
taming to' rural art slid taste: Publiskled !:•yr .
Bain,s3ialiett ic'eV ro' .: I Price $2 per
; ;
Iterabliehed by L:-Scott . i rCe., 64 Gold ; Street, .
Yoik, bas the following • aitiolest—L
Strikes; their Tendencies , antl.F t eme4les,;.
Theo. Mill on the Floss ; 111.. Rimlizieicin's
Bampton Lectures for 1869; IV. 'The' Post-OP
fide Ilsl onopoly ; V. Ail , - Scbeffpy ;. VI. `The Irish
Edaation Question : VII. 131eimany :its'
Otreagth, and Weakness;, n Thetights in, ;
Aid of Faith; :TX. Grievances• of Hungarian%
Catholics; X. 'The French Press; XI, Cotem-'
o°l4 Literature. •
The foregoing concise enumeration of the con-:
tents •
of thepresent number is more convincing,
than any labored commentary we might write, of
1 , 1 • •lo•I• ) •
the value of review literature. It Ts a fair spec;
imen of the variety which characterizes every.
number of. the, series of re,publicatione,off which.
this forms a phrt.
The-present number, we observe, commencesa
as also does Blackwood's Magazine for
July;twntk , we believe one or two of the others,
thus fey:tiering the present a desirable momentto
oormlienee subieriptient -; • • '' •
Pubsa one 'Review;yetir. Price of the
foellaevielfsysB. -• "Blaokwood " and 'the four'
Reviews, s`l o. Y ..,•X , ,:',‘, 1 ! I;
t rrT.ll t'''
1 • trtsbt4
:vibDiJnhappy( Sabbath Morning.
jt-wasr-alovely-Sunday- morning in. the
nktqfhif44olC- IPPtil4-1 8 .gqetv M.,
linage of Marit9 7. had. : been filled with'
groups of (*Alien on their way to Sab
bath.Miiiifitt ;:+ , (J. ffr • • '1
When 'Urging 'eliird 'entere'd the
school-room door,unidlthe.stieet was quite
etriptp slop about nine.piat' S' old came
widki,i/g„ ong slowly , looking .back every
minute to see if he were, observed. Sud
datial4,tiOneddMa 11414811U13.a11d Ve
gigtvirtiAiniklg f ast': " - Tgli:llo:oP'ut's
he was out of 'sight. '• .
Who is he ? and where can he be going ?
It` is 'Aithiir', ft Merry,
good matured .boy,,,,butnhe is , the laziest lit
tle;fellow in all'Marltcrii: And sheer.lazi-,,
ness has led him. to4o , now what is very
A'irst, he Nirr . toViitzy to Sun
da* School lesson in the week;lni left it all
for . Sunday Morning. Second, when Sun
day morping pple, he i remainqd bed
awake, but too lazy, to, set up. He wns
scarcely,_ dressed _in. bseakfast.
AftArbrelkfait' he' 'iodic' nit bdoleand . sat
by the , "open Windew. l'ite?degs were
playing in 'the street, and 'this engaged his
attyllorlMOu began
when.. the bell began to ring. .Hisf:mother
called-v . - • . , cl
" Comp _Arthur, get ready. . Don't you
bear the bell ?" •
Arthur pretended 'not to.hear, and catch-'
ing up his poOk bpj . gati : tic learn the first an
swer: 11.1i:mOilier called again, and at last
dimly lefflhe olle knew not a
word of his lesson, and, it, was top latc, to
learrr 1 • ,
Jaen. the naughty *ight of playing
truant came into his mind. - Ile resolved
, go, tuto a grove near the lege and
otliftllere . during the , hour of school.
was an 'unhappy hour. ...He/could not
'play.'` - He Could' not enjoy the MiirrY ,sing
ing of the birds, nor the sweptguellof the
new Kay' ini , He;ii'vished a
liiipAzed*inea.that ! lie Were in
At , last:'-he seated; 'himself on .4 t gate
i lgarikpg, out of a fierk,,prid, looking up.p.t a
:bird,in a tree closw.b, he plghed,
; 1 16 141)3h I were you,v'yon .:happy , little
tiere he sat, watering.the robin as it
b..oppelligi a twyktt l twaff ir Ekrpkg
~ lessen to town: had
wpy too. Oh ! vklß lAr :L gunt say to
line! And how sorry mother will took !"
At this thought , the ; tear! v.:AIN:*O his
eyes', I'or lie Idved hisother deaily,thougfi
'he often pained . .his lazy habits and
the sine , they led him into.
Again' he looked the bird over his
"Birds are never naughty," thought be,
"they never get. s .iiktd.,sdrapea.„ ~That is
ti ,why they are bcpiy. I'ureurer L . , should
be happy all day long; if ' only
Just then a hind' was laid on his shoul
der: 110,arnedand l ipkwAis y l.Inelb Alin)
who, wiltlia Cotibin"TiinSbly s ,lll4l - Mketot
short cutileroen the fields. on Way..3b
ehurch.,2 : '„ •••'. • ( V
" How is. this , AltAufr,' 444, his side.
'"Whyare you not? at * Sundity - School ?" -
Arthur, whose heart was. full, burst out .
eryin4 And throwing his Apia round his.'
uncle's neck he sobbed mit ; "Oh, uncle,
I've been
. verY'lcangw-r Whit.
,do ?"' theiktdld his uncle `the "history ;
of his sad morning, saying he never would
be so naughty '
As they walked together toward the.
his uncle stiiiwel'him . ;how:laziness;
had been at the root of all his. trouble.
And Arthur wade earnest - resolution§ to
.conquer, witii 3 Oo4Vs help, this besetting
'sin. And le suceeeded,—/leaper.,
'The - - Chilttene Gardens.
Did. you eviii •haven little gaideii.V
own r said. Carrie Lane to her, vonsin):,nl.iik
one mptiing,;'aa .they stood .togath.axe.'lepk.!.
ing at some. banntifal flowers in tika;Wiadow,
Carrlieschome was in a pleniant - . village 'in .
country.,,and she .was now-visiting . her
',cousin who lived . in the city. :!'; • •;• -•
NP,"„ answered Julia,, "I . dpii't know
. :could IlaVe` one lierC .
how small our yard is,findit• is all covered
• eveßifillillo l 4 3 - aiihl l 4 3 illegkkg#ol: 3 4. - :
:very much." mp „y ;
" I know'yett l would; have them
at hemp; 'there is plenty of ground there; •
• and. every Spring . fiither •marka . .off *rep . ,
squares at •-one,, end of • his
.Arthur, one for Florence; and one for : men
•:=and he lett ils . plantjtuit'What we'please•
. in bought a. 'spade' and 'a
• 'for *eh of . US.tOe, and one large .watering
.pot to .sprinkle the . gardens ,with , when
they are •xlry: We ••go• out and work • •in:
them every, day." •:•• • - •- • • • • •••
0/I,..:thilf: must be delightful 1 - Whit'
didyouPlant in them ..• • •
In one part of mine .planted flower.
seeds, and peas and sweet corn in the °that.:
,Flore'nce'' filled the whole - of • hers .; with I
floWer seeds;.... and it is 'very, pretty She
marked it out in the forth of a hesit;and .
when the seeds came . up, •it looked . as:if
some . one had made a picture••of a beautiful
green in. her garden . . I love ilowertli .
• 'but I thought T should like to' ;have soft'
sweet corn, and peas as well as flowers frOnk
my. . '
own garden, - . Arthur . Aaughed a little.'
at us girls and saiithe . didrN'ine4n tehave'
any thing but what was usefel—so, he fill
ed a large part of his garden withOrn ant
- potatoes; .one...ecthe schoOlbOys,'Whe'iti .
alWays playing tricks, : gave fet" . o** .
seeds that he told- , Axthur would •be•Sorae
aing useful, and he : Planted ' them in the
rest 'of 'his grOundj''lativlieu• the corn and
potatoes came Up, theiee(4' .came up 166,
and father told him they were nothing but
a very tronbleSome kind:of weeds. Arthur
felt quite ashamed to )be obliged to :pull
theni 'tip and plant that part over again , . , •
When 1 e*nie'dWiy. - frOn4 home, all' thingi
were, growing finely!' ' ' . • •
• " Well, I shall want to go out anti• help
you work, When/. cone to visit yoU'in Au
' gust. It will be :so -.pleasant to; see .• things
grdwinglhat yOu . planted • yonrself." • • '-•
Yes; we 'shall enjoy rt very Much
Father saYsheis to have us'take care'
- 1 of these little gardens, „and • he. often tells
us •to notice the wisdom. of Him -who 'so
clotheS the grass of , the field.' And , one.
day 'when we were put' together, and he
found Arthur's corn, potatoes, ••and • weeds
all.. springing up at once, he told :uS•to,
member thkt those ..gardens were like our •
hearts while we: Were- young. He said that
we might have good.' seed • sown in them - by
studying the blessed :Word of 'God - and
obeying it; but if We neglected that; other
1 ., and. badseed would be sown there which
would. spring up,in ,00r hearts ) and make
us wicked and unhappy lam • always re- ,
ininded of 'those words when" see the forth:
4f the *art in FloreneC"a iarden:÷Pittd,'
4t•Horne.• , • . •
White and. lied Wheat.
Mr. Parsons, in another portion of this
Farmer, asks very pertinently why he doo,
notiget the same price for his red wheat.
that he does for his white ? If he will re
fleet* inoMent, find that he partially 4
answers * own question Why 'did - 'be
resorb 40. growth : of. the lower-priced'
red of 31'cidit t eiraneiri wheat? Why do so
many . of the 'tarn:ers throughout,Ais State
give up-from time to time the-growing of
the • mbites4or thightst-pticedifti n'ds
a'arrs it1 , 7.3t
because the red wheat is Etplanl. o of easier
'growth, andla"tali•er'&op r 'ail Surely, if
an intelligent„ekmattia-farmer, at the head
of his ,profession,
whichskcprefets, he ,mustAcilkfertair4hat a
great many-otherg,arg*the i lbiure predica
ment.Xsgil,-„*.lmtliis' ?the coCityquence of
• this ? Is it not that the roinlber of grow
ers of white wheat is reduced, the number
of growers)ri6
laws of Wide OF himdee th l titimlithea
large supply of one, kind- , on hand, and a
lighWlppl.y n of the re othf i t, s _tkpre. wg). bee
lhisdsrthat .portion of tb,e ?oswer
which is'resPonded almoit by the query
itself. But thefelife4other'.6bifsiderations
Ito be ,taken into account, whicA„iriclude
matter's over which this Stiitc?:azia' its' sur
plueitrOduetion can bii(i'a .taii-bwoon
and wheat buyers' are neoeesanty. subordi
nate to: These•we imideator, to . place
before our reiders. -• •
Firat. It is well ; known .that; there' tare
very large tracts of country "ow whialr , the
more delicate wheat and even .Winter-red
cannot be grown. ,ew-York, Indiana,
nois, Wisconsin,. •lowa, and tither -States,
furnish large quantities. Spring wheats
—inferior in , qualitYi'and:sometimes badly
grown, yet,. .of:courilei thrown. upon :the
market for what theY are worth. 'Now this
wheat.2l4 l 2@olV.4 s do..OXPM,RßlAlitl of
flour in :any of -the. tpartioulars which con
stitute a high-grade of that article. It is
small and irregular as a &pia, - lacking
plumpness and weight.. . It yields lees flour
and more bran. in pfoPartiottlO the tuslifil;
its flour - ist dark.- eblored, oearse, full , '; of
specks, and lacks strength or ia deficientin
both gluten and starch,' when eompai4d
with. hat of the Winter red oi white offbeat:-
Te - Make, a marketahle artidle fipm it, the
kind of wheat has to be mixed. with some ,
open 7,ar , iety, ; and "me, !the:411,4(v%, the ;
do' not want'red4heat foithit_ptir'pose,
• they denCiga rwhite4tiVit' Ifeu'h it will
BA * t en "that . harp' ont'd i the causes
' of-the demand fOr white' wheat, and - the
profemco.gifen to it. ...Yet this; though a
forcible illustration of ono, of . .tlke' caws, of
the preference, is but asliglkt *compared
wit QShe
_. •
Second. Throughout • the griat'reenemn
ing markets there is eanstahtlyi a steady
detauefoir - ft That
-passion for White.lireartiwhidit exists to its
_., by. no means y*0111%144 them;
buteßitidalaTto -Thbsti nf'otlfir; States; ;sind
hensiirfficAir islir eikativill44sAlkite
. .
-•- -
P• , 9
ERIAN, B ap o sA t i : 4;8 7 •
_." • • 4
' II
bread obtains a. ; large price, atuiLi as this
kindof four can• only. be made from the
schnicest.r arieties of whiteAvheat,lhii!,•ba . l
uch a general' ihilli4nce;fin . .oo',m;kkket;
that, tho Ugh a red •who?at. ,lioiir:may be the.
strongest and most servicable,:the•tanoy ar. ;
ticle bears the 'highest: price. Aw
Stance of this, let us.examine themertrOta- 1
hie quotation's for: 'Vie 'NOW-3.'6li'
1. State superfine brands $5:0040 $515.
This quality of flour,iettiade,from tba„low
grades of Spring and o n lienp Wheat,
,by . the
Sew-York millers, who grind . a very . slight
• inixtnre of better qualities with 'it., , ‘': '
2. State extra ss. 3 s''to' $6:45'..' 'This
:quality of flower 'coined: froni" tlie"'tkiiittry
.millers of New-York `
,iwtio use 4014.Sainges
.'of the wheat gioWn in their 'iieiglibOrhoed i ;
just .as our own millers - do:A. , ~.. -• • ..' • • -,
. ,Michi,,o'ait fancy $51:0516/51.5'. ' :At one
time Michigan fanc3r Aehaliiiklii,'lnarket
and was equal to good ea.tras, : lint..during
the season of 1855 itogot its name. down,
and never recovered.. • It' is generally made
ifrowthe law priced wheatsAirnished .Iby
:the '''ChiCago market, an d':aloo.` fiiiiii"the:
Mediterranean samples. Its , qiiality -de,
pen ds . altogether ..upon the amount of the
high priced . white wheat which .is used'
with it. WkrenTlre quality of An'iiiiitiiri
gives . the *Or a high grade,:it takes the
position of .extra. .
1 .4.. Miebipn and.lndiana extras $5.40 to
$6.00. • 'Thciqe • consist td" Bohr. nude ' by
well-eknitettoffd tai:lli, that hOrl all, the
'iliircliinsAtli.nticessiii Piii11. 3 .4014 , IfiFst . ~
iriality of.flour...,Some of . . . these mills. pro- .- •:')'' 4l tt " *11411 r 4. % 0 I•''''''' 4 . -
'duo:tie . double' extra, which.•briugs ,;still • • ' SCiellte., - ••• .1 i 411.. .• Pi •• , 3 :1:f.
lafgherlates; or letim"seventyfire cents to a - The composition aNI4e _lighting end of
Olt*" ihote 4 . ll6ll ill° Pxtiti.- . , ii"* l *.f."l.oSl*! Lucifer MithqkClOit il o ln*lii 0 • glAeigthAfir
ly made alto..othei from white bit of late ' boansp.updeltaymnriato ,of: :pOta:34i'irkatS.
good saWi u se into'hipinite,..nndthpte .liquid . by beiligoplali
to mix.witl3l4g4ititrigA et)33W 21HT c ia , foif er ni
,toesobietlir plate-/ qbtacvlipeifik
!6. Ohio fancy and-extra at $6.75.t0 $B.OO. .girCiff e biAtjl ek fiin,os94l,4 .;ipt i l likaff-fii:
The 'flour i isinikdet •from i the si ghiice,ovki4 4 9 4. A r4l c 'e l i Ei ; i p r 4lii i , q11.1g '.40 t 4s.rif,ajk i
Whesits of Southern Ohio, and. lientnekf tion of the jaw:andLentirelyg.dmticyintil.o..!
which is quoted 4 'o.' ,n5.5. e .,14 - ,_NeW.-_York. jaw -bones: :•"•T'Wo or:three years:are t he •nt1;!
tl ill
wiarket; .Wfiere red !;Irjgan.ASbut,ll . ,3g.. , mdstriitov!iiiiidr:•lhe '-nii . ,:taLwordt:,' ? f '
6ilericasee at ' lows ea,trar. t iost to r s i r t,hoc&i,4toiitolii , . da, - 04,# }
.; 4 3' .4prgi
87:60. -' s p' if' a 4 ' Ite inlie'frioin fuck Ja - ii , i;ralle".. t . ' Tile' .!Shiffielci, irqiie t . g 4 elc;
laimples of the 'white 'wl l o , B 1 1: 4 ' GePesiike, fork-grinders; and.stone workers,4are. also ,
Kentucky and Michigan,. and -are manuafe-Air'emest among these whose tradewarelatal.
tared in the male of Rochester and . * St.'• .to health; .the.dnitleneratedtEtlo*
Louis, which , have 'keen pe6liarly, fi l tted: :iikqeio.titedff i lgkiBter:4,:lAilic;plo:4iT':::
nia for' the manufacture of the best qualities pnitigi:...„Oceispiniiiii.iii makes fiilll l #3',ll44„
of flour:'. • ' ' '' ': • ' . .. : ';`,', ' :, 'ilmoug,miners,..thpse of. oat—Anitiespecialz,
17 i Riciiinf i n;i i city,f 6 ( 6, Ato, 07.4.0.:,
,Nted.t. y -those 'd tin,eeopper,- arid/ !Cade:. Bralw.
froin'thishoice - salubles:,of Virgil:A wliitg . Ilieltera 'guNt 'fichiti iriterniitteat"r:f4.o7.
wheat: , 4.• •• • • 6 ' ,• • - • ,
8.. Gallngo , awl: 11,axall , $,8.1.2, 018:25. -
:AK peculiarly fine TialitY of4Our of the
highest grade, and manufactured ty) as to
bear trarmsKitatitniliWligiites Vith 7
out danger .of . turniim qO ' ..,Th i e wheat is
kiln dried
it is 4h hiiiiett'of F raki ,
Viroinifklnd,litiii" iaa"..l7 Tiff ": g "'" q "
It-will be seen.:,from the.,above,that, in,
.every case white wheat is'in'ffehriblid,', and
that: the material rnanifictireeifrom, it
bringetthii'highest ie r evidelo ,
that our.home markets;by`cofumour'eonsen t
offer a premium at all times,lOr the. pro-
'd*qtion- of the best varieties wheat;_:
enee'it'~eill' lie; aeon tbnb 110 ,
nor even the collective- ideas,,ot.iny ,par
ticular section' on the subject is l ikely to,
have any effect in:altering .whiit grown
to be the'sottlo4 judgment, of At ' l 9QunttY,
and the city everywhere. • •
We have. not yet taken .up;Aelefeetc'ot,
the foreign demand on this imppytap;t l ll*P 7 !
jeet, but•we will reser.Ve that for another
we4-77/ficlriPaP ra t* . r'
Thq,•,. Precious
, • ••- 4 . A ....411001w Tilt !
There ILs name:Hike to-heerp
X love to sPOL *Prth ' ;' ..
It ionlidiiike nlllBlO4O mine ear,
The evreetest noine ehitili
It tells me of a Sairiour's , loi-ei • •
Who died to'set me free;
It tells me of his precioim•blood;" •
The sinner's perfect plea.
r•t3 t• e• t , 02..1011
It tells Me of a }Lather's:mat),
Beamingupon, his ohildl
, It cheers nie through thelit&..while, '
Through desert, waste, and wild.
. .
ItAolls i
me wha t Foitl i
'ln f stiire 'for' ov r eii .
!sjr -•
And though I tread' diiiksome path,
'!ctiZiahls 13unghine'algtheriirgiVi' . ! 11 1 ) J i
of One,whose lovinx. heart ,
i.t.1. , at., . ;,‘ Ira
Can fad m y deipek woe,
That aata.katitLt!ear.:Peoar, -• • • .; • • 1
It bidi my Itremblinje i t jeice, •
•It dries els* rising tear.; :t • • ;
It tells Me in'ft ' still soft ypice '
To trust and itot to fear.
'Testis ! the , name fliive
, The name I love to hear !
No.saint on earth its worth can tell
Igo heart conceive bo i fear.
Thie shall'she!Litjf i ppieskiit.Fntill
Along this stormy road; f ; •
Shall sii"eetly.sin g diithithe
Tliut leads me up to Gild • •
And there, with all 440,),App11-bought,tli*bng;
'From sin and stirroW l .fieet ' •
. 11. sing the new eternal , song •i
Of Jesus' love fpi : Ane: . ..„
How 'Pei4,o4ol,otikie,(l 1 1.4.9,4M.,wgtkup dad.
Januaifsth, 1.681 e ,,pks :
This day, after e -MrtilN , Atiiigs, watch
ings, soliciting anddisputia 'in' Con fell,
my country waVcon - turinea'kj
great seal. of England, , with 'powers and
privilegewhy - Thei.lhiiithribf
a name the Ring would give . it an raYoy• 9 f
my father l .,“L'ehosirfNeir ...Wales, :bein g a
hilly cptiptry;,, #hery,;!;he' Secretory, a
Welshman, refused to call it 'New Wales,
proposed , Syllania, ehd' they 'added lleap: to
it, though f NT, as i uppsAd it o ing
went to tile, k ing to 'hay . e it struck out! ,
Ite'said i it was past and he, would
uppu him; 'nqr, could 'twenty:guineas, move
the Under: Seeretaiy• to very the name; fiir
feariAit jiiigAt lie , lOolteil`;On
me;tad•-not as a respect. in , the King to
father, as it really was.",. . ,
Tile,,Tor9 l . l t o ,4fir."r)
tars a iorrowful • lament over , the Meager'
support received by COW%) I „journals.
".The papers' that maoasp7ith the oft*
frugality to ,eke out an oxisteninilinder:(the
banner of the cross, are, few. in ,nunibefp
and even these are left by an ungrateful.
people irk a state,hoffering on destitirtion?'
Two causes are represented as bringing
flag 4040 3 4d: 4 1A 111.`irst(1.10411
olio papers have bat circulation'.
Second.. (Along' one Ithifd , otl(thbse who
or are says
the' ilfir , ror, ".on ,a circulation Which is
generally about one-sixth of thee average
circulatiori of ProtestantpaPera; there is a
loss o£ about pnr,Cent...for,;..goi
expenses of collection ; , and: r superaddia! , to
this there a 'heat; ;104 1 .p3
we443 , nve r:iiitaelhe sum our readers'Aidd
OttPe_YY,,,V4)o3l l ,rlke..r7Rß Atfini4ivg
hersl! -Thopiwtertaii&l,tA,ippribl%stifte t
01 . 46 . Oithatdilti MLA's 1 11VacriloSitbyAii l e
, •
. •• • ..
',,ko..tatittOUS/ '''"
he: Catkolie Preol.
dear- 11 0jfr4. 1 41E. odPilisiof! .9f OA Sti_PeAoril
ty of Protestantismoveneatholioiffm ,
respeutfullrqubidit to. the-ifirror , the •pro
°vet masses, with
present geoete,, 'itewspepYr, reid 7
theipritter,to .theittettugtsohoob ofProtes,
'hultialui: But d little while! would • be.
' .needud:UsliiiitqlOrt•hivleirel ottriPtiy
esta nt4pgPp
v o c a ls.• •
• 0 4. • • 1 .. bre • 11.. .1 , • '
! •••!-,•( (..
Nat: oarne.atson g, ..Faise. by; four; per
soniVinlihniorgare-loftt. How beautiful they,
wartßiid i l''l l .iiB (*xied.:Straight %Mel -- to
and f:;;Eari. 'of scenic
illtisic;os,j344ii4.4ll*—VAlVlEOrtgllkßt eyes,.
brilliantjewels,4azzling•toile.ttes, immacu
late kids. 'The , soprano . : led - 'off with a
'Splendid 'lffeepacciritglgi;i*Wketgthe - higii*
nqt:e,lambs on .
.:Then shp;..o,o4ed, and AP tenor
took up' the s h . :ail:valid , prolonged, it with
clearitrunipet-tonegiql , heivhs stopped. and
the `cenfraltoldine sweet note; and
lastly,. 4 40. 1 e414 TAO: l' 9 l :l*g
the .other,. thric e e,,,piliola . Party
inenco-a :terrific ltruggle:for
the'fiiitillugue:' Mks' contest wids;escitingit
a. A* hit:amble;
bnt,at x l,st thesoprano,7aS 7XPttlro.lsl
ing with a tremendoustrill which entirely t .
Silenced her antagonists.—The Pasha Pao
• it, fi
brass an d oopper ,arksgbjeokttp
affeotionidwhiohf turns .ont,thiir ,
to raflivid green :•• ty• by • .00sw
Visitors., - ~as •;..
In ,view-mistsiOiii44lAV ID
VOlged '4lo' deYOQP.rilent';`Pr . .: est ers
Irirginia, it is . net 'amiss note , the.
ittipoittlifti' fact,' that the JanieStiltiver and
.')Kanawbf:' Canal ''i43 .be sabil" , to
French.' Company,,fO:iOekUalrei.'4l4
pima of Napoleon 'himaelf,..who..are Ao 'fin
ish the Canal to Covington in two years ;
-and,t6 'the gaitattrha 7 inj m i stlitmore,
are/Lk:WAS ' , 4Le ' 04 6 :
:oar noble,mountaanee irbe:..torms -.ogerea.
:aisrniiderstood. tOib'elo 'very:favcirable that:
Abel W4l certainbrljelate4a4,.aild"
,promish - s,:,e;isgiuotivellfor.tne movement
?El supposed the' ownership :of im
mense quantities of Western Virginia
landSttui'iiO4*6lfifold 01 : 8 of, the
P, a q3 r i A
v O:
aluable by 'furnishing means • of transpor
tatioa their minerals and so reimburse
theTr owners or i'ou
',contract is no yet fully made, but as it has
'been .11111151.11110 pynifik:l3#o, th ere is no
4 improprietrili entionl it, as"" a matter
'Of_eo,sgratulatiop to every one interestadin„
the development of the imperial resources
.Of the o . ld DotAtii.a.lF l -6'6511 8 1 7 a/ Preskyte
A'German'ornithologist says :—The sal-
tare cag fly. ut thezate of one hundred-and.
fifty,miles, an hour ; Observations made 00 4
the coast of Litradar, convinced Majors
Vaitiirright'tbSpithe., Wild goose can travel . ,
. thp. rate
,of ninety miles an hour ; the
commonOen fly twenty-five
iiifantowS, aooorsltag ,S.Pallagliri!iiinety - .
two miles an hew. It is said that& faleon
was discovered• at • Valte . .. tW,entY-,ls4 . ',bo*S:
after., the, departure „of Henry*rir.) from
Fcin i faineblead; If true; this bird t
have flown fifteen hours at the ; il:4 ) (if i frltq
seven milg not rest a 'ilia:
meireffirrierge"Vro'reti if
The rice -bird, wich. afterwards 'mes
the reef4tird t)fi Delaware' Ppyi is if+ the
bobolink 'of Ahv-Toile, , ;auk? foal& be
, . .
greenricin, its
,Indeed this is" said to- be tine of
pigediediiiridt thSlieWaroliiiitiSealioiii I;
• - "Pre Done Smoking."
par friend delivered himself thus.'hon
estly.and, in ,earnest: As' he emptied his.
moutkrof 'the last cigar, -our mouth 'became ,
full=- 1 -firlr6r
Alleasedja.t l lic man himself. „HeAsi*se`
mats snore cleanly, mere . : Aaavory, „ r more
reasonable; than. when-he lrentoabout smo
kiiik and 'pli lfi nk
the ina'n'it i iirfp. She is 'a hap
piv..ironplp ft* tielinr reasons mentioned
in the last paragraph; and many .more.
Slievhad loped-iagainstehOpe forLthe- last
puff,; ' but T it hie been made at la.' .NIC
seem to see her faeolgigliten, her step is
moreglastic her voice is s7 i eete; i . ber,
come`'tb he'''s apparel... A certain.
fragrance has left it; but not , to the sorrow
of those' irrelbsie - proxitaitY With " Hi s
wardrobe is minus' a real annoyance and
plTlMlTlMMlVEßVl3rifirirrffrEirtti""" -- .
And blessed is the man'hp.nith. In the
smoke and fireltrairse°lo4kept up un
der his nostrils, f hd i'dd 4 ati insidious enemy.
And his whole nervous and digestive system
Vidle in the benediction we indite. '
• Andiblesaedia-thetman's pocket. A leak
itiithh before will, flow ini,
. 1 414* 438 76A 49w,t9VP: of We ,seem to hear
ripC . fitwtha!, Anart,er. : - • -‘, li . ber9.mill• be
better' day 's iiiejiartruent pf, mas
ter/8 dominion . . .
. .
41an:,s i mp§ .
May tthietiaoft like a granite
abovecall F ,thelre and smoke. thatmay assail
it'Airhileltigelinff.r.pti it the ',last ! Aid
.1 ihsingh.tke }make; Tall. not join there 'nip
;be-snough•ts.join in aihearty amen-1
Tom' largest 'furnitnie inanufactory in
Cinoinnati cn lorteyes five hiii~dred
ha" r n u n 1 IT
dollars worth of go ods. (Ivry year. The
flooring of it!Nlligthij, , Nisd /alesrooms to
gether occupyllan area ofoter five acres,
and the -proprietors .., are erecting a
dred'in fi ,liiy,ei fiSeet uliaer:
:44 th jAinfolr t
. j4;:iesrliethi:
if*) , nine th4PY f. ll O flees AM
operation. - The sine• bre yielda , fortyt . lier
cent. of metal. This-being subjected
' 11 ")
v . l l 6 llo4,lo . t . hOtlf . * ) .t l T e n c3 l lledal c
rn acuo, in thelfonn .ok:firy vapoi r 'aMokiv
and, gasKand aften mange through .greet
pi ieß~ antivlre'ceiversrit "MI& lik'ec' a usziowt ,
&Aerial r i wbite; "the'
ini_llol/ '4IV: .Wl 4 1.•:,; ../s- •
VROPA liZWV,WW , Prit4.l4l)XakltiNa... , em i r. ,•to
Mi 212010
!,:liportostlovel ?
,-;Awittnest. of Birds.
311110111 Facts
t•• • '
••• ; It was siii44ln The rccO C ifeNtii3#,An the
French Oorris figirslatif that, Out -of the
86,000,000 souls in France, 20,000,000
:never saw woolm,goodeonflatm l sort. It
has also been recentlyarsiOefithat . ps,9ooff
0 2 0f1if.54,4* 41.03, Del!? 1 :*.* 6 4;
.than, epee. a .Week,. : 'annually, eon,
Sun* 268,000,900. !pouridar of • vegetables.;
insitt t Aardensligit '1%14s cover mere
than tiA.:. .7.4f5g;4:0) glass "bells
30;090. koier. hot be4s ,
occupy 9,000. peOple4,7oo.horsee, consun*
`$368;000 of manures ; .; return. $2,700,000
by sales Of 'fegetablea: '.` •
• ~. •
SPRI sfryiam:rott..
.e 1.6 B , Gar3a3. e.Trts,
In R Vslitirholig"iii sk;iarg, fad 'wet,
lodEtd~dcortrailO,t Profich and English '" . •• • • • •
Ersie . :an anticieftnent 'and Ooloied
OLOTilf.5 AND YESTINGS, an the , inanurnctoritie of Europa
Can . produce r ygdoh are adapted, to the want.' of gdit . lemoi or
• toot., who appreciate style and quatify' in ' •
. marlA-ly No.l9,Fittb St., Pittsburgh.
.MERCHANTiffi ll ifOlgt,
',•4 I ; .1 '
4.6 - --N:oirtih..F.o , u T. , t - h.: S t r e e.t
• •-•,•". • • • •••
, witiBBEN 81)N Proprjelors.
w9i6 ~ /1 ) :..*/1. .
WB:PFATAIR ill" I NPX4 I 9"I 41 I
SE WI=NG..-MA'H IN 4E431
Weld* to II?, PubIic:W*IIPERA I49 4 OI S7 3 ,
INkfithititea4athfidoncti in its metith as the •
SA.IOI.I%FiWINeI 41.46131 NE 1101 r U3O. It sews equally
walrOttlife thithest - thbmetit labries, males' the hiel.-
1 odetiklaspasfibit9tti itnrievel. With *UV essential tuivnettigo of
being Wilco on both sides, fainting popitlipis k o,r. chain on tho,
inde rff "e l a a 4P l° cPithth:Pctirtmr" PPee d i , l uc.v e .
I 4 1 / 9 .0 ,pthe 'attune.
• „
gtiel .
falll fnefortictlon iti , onable the% purchaser , to sew
erdbilarMikinle, atitebt 101 44 1 . 1 43 1 41450 1 .4 b l sand Oak,
samorthi etuPcMael4e% "nd .1.1•• -,
i CLIOIMAR:2I . contabting • figit •I'' ~ P' •
4 taliiisildif Wirt' 4 tits - IffelNittai
• . zon., • h•:),'!.. , '•*tP•ll 171:1•09h.:. CM:. 7:1
East and: ;West •
• lit' ,
5 011y4/i f tbriesik gratis; oa apjlloition in
Pexisfiltdra:bY letter. • • : - i
*Ft* Mactline• t •• s P • .
/. I PPPL E S• ?WI T ! 0 36TI P 3T er i lAl 414 ! LP•lti
n 44 P n baud:, , ott- P "
-,junl6eBm ~• .1. eASIJMOMiIIe * DO. • •
at SIMI( Aerd,ilt Tangl
Ns. 84 Wylie itreet s Pittsburgh,
Respectfully invites public attention to his new and extensive
Sworn:mt. of Yaialipnableis RPRINR%AND SIVIIXEWIOODS,
embracing al i tire new and j3esiiabloeryls for gentlemen*
)wrna,r z mbicb •will•be nuuleto order in the very best manner,
ireseirabiS ' mar 7
.11311 , 211 IIVAN & C r
; • /17; ulaouble..Thread ; , ...;
J AW iti : US
' !small - Machina!• ( plaßt ) .:4ll: .
r Large; ' " ••4r• 414){.:1
. .
" in.qulsrer 46.00
-I ""''''" fir hs.lf Ca». .... .r 1 150 . .00
• 4. " ' .. . 65.00 -
Weeleina , co4thieelacldne.auperitulitYsOMMAnyrother.,..lla 7 „
chine ever made, for the fbllowing yeaeone
Ist. Both the udp:ailisd; under threads are use directly
from the origify..l i c tos doteesysinitli b illepnible of
reMinding j kat_ t i so ma n y Win sin wMade.
/t can *diked backwards, alrife Simier3s, with
/bossism facility, can be started with the foot alone, and is
assays right.
ad.. It uses a perpesidlen'ar needle-her; and straight needle,
and lever breaks. 'wadies..' 'leis so siiiipldtliatit cosi' be'Veerisaslii ledrhed arid
iterated, by a child twelve years.of . • .
Mb. It le almost noiseless.
By the combination; of MOO . faitnre4; so, important in a
Sewing Machine, we are enabled to offer to the public a
Maatibie which suite tiM understanding, tut wall as. the .punto
of all. .
Itiaiyitiactilne is filliktiatfitattql.s.
• 'Poole and Kull printeddiractions. accom7azy each A .olorie.
itar- - dienta wantea 'eVery tiiivn'throudbeit the
erpon profitable terme,. and no pliatibility , of lass: .liendr for
Circular of tonne to Agents.
• • 'IV.% W.' NORTHROP, General Agent,
No. 60 Market Street,gx stairs,,)) ,
sttg4-3m •
A N • ,E, : W r *t_ A I r
Dining the last" fourteen. yearre r somefoiir hundred patent/s
-ki:Lye. been ,granted ou inventions, designed to lighten, the,
Artillgiliir of fatally sewing, andat the shmelitite' to" prbduce'
it machine WU could he .proliishly used. for...manufacturing,
autrpmeat but Strange to any, out of this largo number of
Mliehinert,:enlY sonic half dekerr have been proven to
:beg practical value; end of tide moan number, not one has
in it conitilried theladvaintiges or a faintly and inannfacturing'•
machine. There are large f heavy, ,noisy,i cumbrous, and.
complicated machines, designed for heavy worli,that answer
the purpose very well; . while 'there ore'.othermicif light
mechanism and.dolicate adjustments, which.psrforre,iight,
work to advantage; and 'while the former arp exclir
sivoly confined to heavy' , *ark, the bider are of little value,
except on light fabrics. Therefore I take , great• pleasure in
the important fact tlint Mr. 13,eavy. the. original in-,
venter of Sewing bfrichltis, has recentlyPerfricied his Shuttle,
Machine eo'n:s to conibinsi Smaller side& and with
tar liesstonchinery, , theostrodgthienddurability.of:thernants4
factoring machines, the emusctime pessessing that
delicacy . of Movenient and ease of Cperetion . peculiar to the
family achine, and'ividch tenders this the only machine
Market • capable of working' equally men the lightest and
Aeseir-stiabrics, and is therefore designed for
For Spirt-nutkers,est-ntri . .ker, Tailors,'Shoe-binders, Gaiter-.
AMA's; partiOn:mikeirß; Carringe 7 tii.**ii, as well surfer' all
warted's . efF/iMILY.I3EIVFNG, • • .•.! .
1111.1,6•461.4%""1atiCan4' SOAfActiOrf; will be'
sold lbrene-4 tf: chared for' arir'.iither =whine
sapablejoiTdoinraitlieary work in as gobal &manner.' 'They:
intasinirespluipot tip got r,q4 of order . by any. fair means, and
theY wilt beTullY summated for' one 'or any.
gather.; and fell,' ithout
basting,-ranki tho lock-stitth seam (alike .on,both• si des) of
gra . at tranty, strength, and elastleity, and which, mullet ,be
Yipped or invel&i. . . .
• The public iirO'condbilly invited call at my roam's, NO.
STREET,•• up hairs, 'and. thoroughly test thew
'machines on all kinds of work; don't besatiefied by. merely
'scene a - Machine sew On'arag; brinkliton your light-'
Asa sad iieimiect work; and 'purthe Machine to the most rigid
teats. i.••• • • •••' .
Active and rosponsiblo Agents .are wanted. for , the sale ,
thOtte Mnchinro. uriNi liberal terms; for samplei
of* - ork slid particolara of`agencY. ; • , •
• tteci-ant
' • 1 :1../1.
/ , •.• • 'NI 104 . 01. -7 .
• . • •.t••
PitkQe:, PP
nitiatO Aune 7:"Re4sritat
Alien* l0,•1858. Jane 1,18 ; 58: Dw2* 80.
cetutedmnder'Sis •Patenia. 1;€..) ei .7ultrtf::
"Owned' severally by gliia noire, Sr., Wheeler, ~S,,W.Slectia
Manufacturing Co., 1.,111.,,5inger , ,,,k Co., and Gioia 4 Baker
Sowing Machine Company.' - • • ";•• -•" • ,•‘• :• -", • •
Purchasers may therefore :feel levied:that theystio buying,
a firsnclass Machine. ;.• ,! • 14.1 i• ri . • ... • •
Oporieriti t Peep 'Own, "in this kw:
d i t r ieirmay- be ti t t e ft ) : st a ted : a n Iv• •
FIRST. ' The remarkable t simplicity -and siesuregr:.ot . ',its
iihrtnism,naidleqtcd, the Stet, that it incapable tatAnikl
I , unerringly , , four iliotitdail"stft ;lin
eherinute:' '
[COND. It will iiot drop stitchearand
'eration.i •u•c . • • in i .
Tynan. The facility yith Adel 9 2 eiri a geruqky becantiksal,
pert'in deni-Xling it; inn-Smack RS nrtiblatedie tip polities Me
setting the 'needle, or lir regidatidff the inaliont• , , '' :ruu ,
Fon RTILt A patented device of great utility to dillemenaboll .
retiently.been apgitod, which, prevents/ the
t aziMachlidieing run in the. wrong directiai,era
wheel wearing a 'adios dress: ' • • ••• • • •••.• tu• •
Burn: ,Going made interchangeable in all its 'Oar* any , of
them can readily be repliWed in case of accident. .„,
• " ' THOS. J. HUNTER, General Agent,
N0.'51 Fifth St., Pittatnirgli, oppealte'the Theatre.
. pl4sm • . ,
JARSISY 81101.11, LTCOIO3O 00.1311 X, ; PA.. 0
• This Boar,diug, Schad fur. totttb,sersesy; Bel):
term September sth. ,T he Directors hating procuied
vertices, as Principiii, o Mr:W.It..DAVIS; late PrinBPal 'of
the •Jiligh. School at ikuutaster, 9a.1, can' recommend' this
Schpol toparents and cuardianitas .most desimble
tion in Which to placc,their children and wards.
The'arifiree of instruction embraces every departdient of
education taught in the best 'Academies: 'ln all the studies
the .. .pupil.: are' thoroughly. grounded, and. taught to under
stand and apply what . they learn, The female portion of the
schdlais'idil parDenbirly under Dia'atie and instruction
of a lady; whose many accomplishments; and long experience
ns,a truamsfut tettcher,., render her services most 3 , atnablo
and diuditiblo.
. .
•Peir' fitrtliee'jwirtibblare, *pp .tn STRVER4
Pmfdent•nf,tllo Board. , nr to thA.Printipal• iyl4lo
The American Sunday School , Union
" •- • "
The 810 Sunday Schopl ,Zibrarles ftir .dittributien
thti IRei 'CHARLES BREWER, will. be
ready for delivery
. on and, after July 10th. 1300. • • ' •
. The Sunday Schoeligentitled theati Libraricv are those
established in Allegheny County, Pa., since March 31st,
Applicants will be regniteft tq subscribe to statement giv
ing nanie,CKatibii; and duke of organilatioW 6f the Sehool •
' name and Post Offen:address of Sypetintendenti average,
number of teachers and kboiare in attendance, tal amount
then eentcilintod fox , isapport:cif School.
Rianionable evideitee i bY.Attlottnt of, contributions and oth- ,
eivileit, of the pernautelicil'of the School will boi • eqiii red. •
• Apply • • • ' • • ' • P. 1.1., EATON; ' • ' •
Of EAMON, WM& MA011.11114
• .i.n n*i
. ,
..• •
• -
A n, B 10" .• o L*; • ''''''''"•••••
'For 'Brillian — cy and Ecoriomy,...!
SURPASSES ALL urn En. ILLumizian - Na OILS notir;:in"
Market: bald' styles - of Coil' oil
lamps, id per
fecfly alife-tand Trea from all offensive Illannhactursa
; 4 ,4*.kt4 0 7-, . • !I• •• • • ';•.1 •
• ;. , tIW: • :I%4E:AC .114.L.X.t 0 li*N - 4 .• • -1
itAAVAN / ierrakelgarliallinXtiTPrrreptiligH.,;
VIVNRTI" I Ai* B L I Wu aPio :sin "
evt ft' l .ZO s77lMikr . *dl
• klasallielareis tWhiileaale aei :‘ l ltetslik Dealers,
§a o Pzin Br a aboye'diarket;RfifilaGelPhK
• WhIPLIVII chtkalit , Aw! 4est aoNDATtantp,ot i vo i:
PANC7 /ILI D 8 or any other . I,4B4,llshment tft Ole VW
I=, an*owyrythrkryeia 4 i ^ 78 _T isheuil.
-30,Nki 2. L
IV. 11;' , 11A13130ELL;tiAgenti
• •; , 4 , • •? llibiburabs,7B.
ter`' 'T the
if '',s6keetdig" - Try Goods Store,
' rtment Of all kinds of Dry
whereonay be found a large nese thus
Goods, required in tiratsbibg h va
tmibleuswillY ocperieliceil hlta t infi Cavie* A 9ll. art icles,
rioimplaces; 'ln consequence of our giviilk our attention to
this k ind of stoilcto the °sniveler' dressor
faucy. goods,;
we can guarantee, ur prices anAsP". l. MY l .l' e ,
kilhe market. • •
wearnable,to give perfect malefaction,. being..thar Oldest Rl'
• tobtisited .Linea Store in the city, and hiving ,beptv. fm , more
than twaty yeys rignlar importer's *Mit some of the*best
manufacturers in Treland. We offer, also, a. large stack
- •
, FLANNELS AND ,nnusuldp,,
of :Die hest qualities to be obtained; and -Zed lowtiet'
: prices: Aldo, Blankets; Quilts, Shootings ,: Ticking - a,.
Wins* .
, Table Clothe, find Napkins, Towellings, Diapers, EllOkaPacks ,
- and' Piarii'Covers.: Damasks and . Ifforearig , Dide c inid ‘
muslin leurtainsi Dimities, Furniture Chintzes, ~ ,Windewl
, Shadings,' Fic., &c. JOIJN - v. tesoN,.
S.W. corner of Chestnut and Siaventli Sts
j- Philadelphia ~ {
.11,1 ARE Oi l li t elitTlllFlTY. •
,Newburyport, Mess., will •etw
ploy Mita and Females to act as local or travelling agents.
'These now in their employ average from Sao to EFOpernionth:
'We cannot, in this Wvortisement, particularize the-business,
but Waivillin'a cireiila4 (lite of cnst,) td stll who address us
• lipenthe subject. , 1 This is a; rare opportunity for•thoee, out of
employment to chtein an, honorable situation.
Chartered by, the State of Peniffivanta.
• _
1: - Money is redel-eal every` day, and' in mulatto - wit," large
'EVE PER civr. interest is paid for main* rimin ibe
4arit is put-in., , .
:a. The money is always paid back in GOLD, whenever it is
adied for, and without notice.
,tectaved from Executors; Admhthitrators,
1 , Guardians, and others, who desire to have it inli place of per
foot edrety, and *here interest Can .14Obtained , cor it: ;
6.. The,mquey. rece ITO from depositors invostal.ln REAL
- first class securities as the Charter directs.
6. ORRICE HOURS—Every day from 9 till 5 o'clock; and
Monilaye andlluttedays S „o'clock in the evet,titye,' , I
MN. HENRY L. nEN - NEE,' Pimindent,
Roamer ,SciammUE,Tice.President.
IVx72ianx T.' Ree4,,Secre4ary. • - •
Ht l W - .OFFICE: Walnut Street, SorithWest Cqrrier ofThiid
' Street,. Philadelphia. ", '
- h . •
nod a l ' Oj r
„1'116‘6,) bas Jul °P7
• uu s,
.P 4
(no' oPlmfa
.ll.4lCe 1541eCt100 0
of the latest importations. Also, y , -
r coppEzs , •
NeW Orleans, Cuba, Coffee, Crashed, and Pulverized Bagars;,.
Rice, Rice Flour, Pearl and Corn Starch, Farina, Yeast Pow
ders, Madeardni Ciicoa',.Broma, Extra No.: I, and
Spiced! Chocolaie; Pure •Orounil Spices;, Caktile, Almond,
Toilet, ; Palm, ,German, and Rosin Satnia;'Sup. CarlMaide` of
Soda; CreamTartar;' Extra Fine Table• Salt; Puri Extracts
Lemon and Vanilla; Star, Mould, and Dipped Candles; Sugar-
Cared' Hama;' Dried Reef; 'Water, - Butter, Sugai,,And Soda
Crackers: Foreign Fruits, &c 4 dr. • •
.This stock has been purchased for OASH, and me' 1 be
offered the 'hada, and also to ParailieS; at vary Moderate
advances, froniwhoul respectfully solicit a share of rat
foliage: -jaol44f
j ( , ) - / F 4T "g-ENSW ,
Grocer and - Tea Dealer, -
Raving: ecently returned from the, East, and addett,largely
to 14s stock by,freah purchases, desires to call thelittepiley,
or he puhllik to thiiffineet, and Jai* tit assortment of - ;
Choice Etiniliir Gniceiles,*
to be found in this. pity,; Faith Selleols, Batas and
Dealers who inalfaintliirn with their Orders; may rely :Ton
the quality of the, goods they purchase, , as his object is to
forditli* the 'best and freshest goods in the market, 'at the
Catalogues containing an. exiended list of any sleek far.
niched by mail, if 'desired. "" ' '
4151" No charge for carf.rgo,, !
Jo "
- , Liberty , Street,, near W00d..,-,
W . " - S E - f-
Book -and. Job :Erinter.;•
PAVERS, 'Cozier of Market and - .S CDltd, and wow aid
Tla'rd :Etieete,. Pittsburgh; Pa's _
Paranalan attention ilia taprinting Catalogues:iv Ca3p:sea
and Seminaries, Programmes, pipininaa and School Reposta.
' - • ' • ''A
y r . AR. 1:11 , • 2S S ••. - -
R. ,11. .1111tTLEY CO.
.86 Woolf Street . Pittsburgh
tray . e. a large assortment of ITAIiNEiS, made darhig the
past, Winter, of the bestmaterial and INC , Fklitalkaliti. that ire
at prices to defiall competitidri; to wit: Two-Rorie'
Carrikge'llarness, Silver Plated, at $30.00; Om:Morse Baggy
d0.,atp4.00. .And all other articles in oar line at remark*.
bly tow ' jimakyabi "'
A. V. Boort, §TUItpIION, , N. V. wALuER_
URGE ;Sr. C 0
plpfutTExts • AND .TOttitFttS :
Foreign /and Dogmatic Fancy . „Comic a teatimes,
And mttnufacturers of all hinds elliaking Glasses and
Children's Coaches.
44 - r=OdrSt, coiner of 'FOratb; Pittsburg - ft, Po.
Et 0-0 N • .
• iLate,4,,TEB JOB:MONO •
Sole Manth.etnrer and Dealer in the Mowing three distinct
kinds of Roiling:
Ist. Gnim.Blairtie Cement. Felt and Canvas Roofing.
241 Tinproved Pelt, Cement and. Ceara Rorifing.
Id. Potent Inglieh Asphaltire Felt Roofing.
All Piri and iVater 'Proof, and Warranted.
Roofing Alaterial for-sale, with printed inetroctiona fog
Cfal" Office id pates a Johnson's old stand, .
75 Stattlatteid Street, Pltteb_ negh.
N.f.3.-TTbisGlTit CEMENT is nnequidled as a, paint tit
.Metal twits *as long, and Ch e aper (10111110113
Paint i:111801$114181ilt to prevent dampnees.tri Brit Walla.'
.ee3,l3tti rue ; • . •!, WM. JO.MCSO,V. •
WM. 11. 111:611PATB1011, iorni P. KIRKPATRICK;
Late of the firm of ,Kirk,- Late with Gillespie, Zeller
patrick a'lletzgae. • G' Co 4 Philadelphia.
z a e
e q .*:4l6b " . f. AND , • • •
lie. 199. Liberty St., opposite.liead of Smithrteldi
-ff IT T BIIUG:11-, P A: :• . 1
PliftionlarAtionllipn pftllli to
, tlle Bale of ConntriProJ eh
- 111 - - ,0 D LEA.TH 1- •E:
D. KIRKPATRICK &SC S, No. 21 B.TFrriiik S y ., between
blarket.and Chestnut Ste., philoOnlphia, have l'or sale
Dry and- Salted , Spanish Rides.
Dry and Green Salted DatiiiKlKTOuner's Oik,Tsnriet3iMOD
Carrier's Took atthe lowest prices, and upon the:best taillike
' All kinds of Leather in the rough wanted, for,orhkglic
the highest market price wilihe , given in cash, or, *Weald.
exchange for Hides . Leather stored' free 61' charge; 'arid 'goy
on commission. . -•• . • jatart-17:•-:
31 ): 1 0 1 0073 1 P.X4F110..0. 1 .*:, ..:41.
• Sir 0F870.E, NTo. 104 r FOURTH STBEBToilic
between Wood aid Shah&ld Striate. • t
From 9 o'clock A. DI., to 4 o'clock P. M. •
JOEcti..A. ALTO= ...... 8. 1M8.1).
jidENCo3lolllllji* CAC.,
Hifi, / Caps; :01.41: OttOi r etibati,
la.l *oo' ' d Street, Pit~ '
five nom; on Land for Spring siker; Writhe I ' d complete in
aesortment of Goods no can be amid. in • any of the Eastern
Cities conßigtingna • -••• , •
Fur, Silk,t ande;Wool. Hats,
of every style and quality; CAPSUVoieiy quality and latest
fashions; Palm Lea 4 Straw, Leghorn, and Panama RATS;
arid• Silk BONNETS, - etc., bte::` , Pirrieros wishing 'to
pnrchsao either by Wholesale or Bernal, 'lyill.ftnd it, to their
advantage. ..eallaad examine our stock. •,. . nunrlO-ly . „
43141111.44k4E -1 1e Ige CIO
""•'" l ifwsg. THE BEST
For Families, and B T WOOD cgoic STOVE.
ZIP' NO. 246 LIBERTY STREET, at the :head of Wood,
Pittsburgh'' ; • , • thWly
fIARGA S I ,_ _. P . A OS .
..: n: . A u .• .-. .i. •• ;1 , 1, 01.7 13A. L.,.. r 1
.., .. ..:•:, : :....
......... lo • i i
Seventetak . - .. ~
NEW . •
...: .: . . • , ..1
N y ,
.. PIANOS' .•
F . O R S ',P.:I' :E . ' '','••
Wishin g to reduce my stook of Renting Pianos, I will:sell
thefollowihg desirable lot of•New,sud Second = hand Pianos
now in.. stare and . ready! for, .examination !ant sale at the
extremely low prices annexed to, them, and those , who do
purchase, may. be iassured thud such.) an opportunity is set
dom offered. On those marked fur Oran, no discount will be
allowed:. ; _ ..............................iv'' :'P
Those for sale on credit, Three Months only will_lksi•
and must be settled for by note, payable in the lm
or a discount of three per cent. i for :eask; -.The following
ItinewOoT SeViiiC:Obtave Pianos,
- - . bir .2- tgezzirr - oktdrzettiliam T rio I --T
'A new andeleeant7 octopi Roaaanod ET .1 1 isno, ~-
• With' ill' the latest Improienainfe, shade expressly for '
trubecrtber,,and will ,be warraotsd.„TAe-fsctofy rice
.of this style is $500 ; , for sale at......, P :3385
Another of ; the same style and price- . ..
' 3135,- .
Another fin% the 88121,e . np.ker, in on elegant Itosewbod
Oise, manufacturers' price $375; for 280
An,ohnlnnt 14„ose wood 7 octaye „Piano, made hy.MinurAma,., : ..
- ' Beaton; in perfect order, and iu. Me leal than 'Ems 1 sar . ;. • • '
the price . When neir was $350 • • .24id
A richly carved 7 ecteia . new unit largo scale Rosewood
; Piano, made, by. A. R. Gale, the. Nem .)tprls pryou of ...
which one year,ago wes,S4oo ..... ----......-.--,...: . ~.
Two elegant. Rosewned. 7 octaris Maim, csisai iolifild- . . 7 .
lige; scale from A to A ; made by Gale A Co.: . Coiuda- '. ' r
. A n w A a?y e good ,judges as arnong34e.ifultrelf,A;ti,ew -I
York Makers, at the low price O m . : . „,,.....„...,......„ . ; .. ...; 27L.
oNviunplityle, 04 octayee.. . ~.;4....."...:_;:4
.... .260
,One elegant Rosewood • Cbickocing & Son's 7 octave, old
ocateoin use not more thausiaipurnApooopioweripk,
„pi: which ie $876 -I•l•••?i,srff",,ltrcrfiss,244.;:
A Mahogany, double-round coctista,tootave, made by A. •
' Chickering & 1i0n5..„44 . 1.'4.1...,1.4.: $ lO
A itmewood, 6 octave; by ' Williiins6d.:" ' 150
A Mahogany, 6 octave, Wilkins-I; .... ...... ..... Ass
A'Alhogany, 8 csitaye,'hy CHO, ' 1 42A k if r oy:'1'. --. ,„.
A Miliegnny, ti.octace,- by RcheiA.:..,24,,,,,41,...,,V;*
1.1 AZ:. - r d itl 1.1 u t 'A 4 p .- i-ti 7 ri : • 7 1:17 : lik i- . .* :4 , ;;;Ag
'A . ' ,cIW o,..._istmtrtiinlitrhi r k! -*. ..1 - 17)2A., . i. 1 0,,
I raaaiii - Reimer Al' fefti! a ni . shed, and the Pianos
Pelle.% OYie4l9. g 0 4,,,..4.,Cef ....... 1 ri gat ,er
. it' .4 ;P.", - fl' it . 1- 44Wri It tbtl: . ZNlCltwow,p4o,,A9
.0.3195i5..* ,44 et vat% .2' itaucia 'in Woad Itlimeet.
The , Best hi Use.
meehines ma k e, e werritr., or LOCK STITCH, Nyhj e l,
la undeniably' hn best.
They•nse but'little:Thrdad, work almost noiselessly,
simple, and easily operated..
Active milzelianiOlocaVAgents 'wanted.
Address HENRY M. RHOADS, Age n t,
federal Street, Allegheny City,
• •
- 111101 F za , 4/ ' 4IV
In its sixth year. Room for over one hundred patient&
,-,Send for Circular, to -
Pittsburgh; hi,
myf. y
jrtO ..11(1( COIIII4I.ERPIAL
rid .N .
t.L535:00 imps the entire enat'of tuition. mi ni .
tere'aione:balfgirteeti , Stridents enter at any time. For
logum SPeciurns,fx•senclose live letter stamps to
triy26-6m JEN . N.INS & smprTn. Pittsburgh. N.
Sewing Machines,
, .
. Ittigus%Dry Goode Store,), ENTRANCE on FIFTH RTcrey
'PlTTannsGn. "'
4.95 - BROADWAT,'NEw YORE_ 't
Air These MaChines sew from. two annals, and fene,
seam of unequalled strength, ; beauty, and elasticity. oh r i,
will not rip, , eiren 'if every fourth stitch he cit. Tiv 7
unquestionably the best in the market for family me.
. .
Celebrated. American
mHE countenance is pale and leaden
": colored, with. occasional flushes, or a cir
cumscribed spot on one or both cheeks; th e
eyat , become dull;:', the pupils dilate; an
azure semicircle ,rtms , the lower eye
lid; the nose is irritated, swells, and some
times bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip;
occasional headache,' with humming or
throbbing of the ears; an unusual secretion
of saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning; ap
.petite v:ariable, sometimes voracious, with a
knawing sensation of the stomach, at others,
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
Occasional ',natisea and vomiting ; violent
pains through Ont, the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times ' 'Costive; stools slimy; not
unfrequently tinged with blood; belly swol
lenand hail; Mine' turbid; respiration oc
casionally difficult' and accompanied by
hiccough;' cough sometimes dry and convul-
SiVe* uneasy and disturbed sleep, with
grinding of the teeth; temper variable, but
generally irritable ; kc. - - -
Whenever the above symptoms arc
found' to exist,
ceminly effect, a cure.
z Theuniversal success which has at
tendecti the administration of this prepar
ation has been such as to warrant us in
pledging_ ourselves to„, the public to
in every , instance, where it should prove inef
fectual: "providing the symptoms attending
the l sickness of the child or-adult should
warrantthe supposition of-worms being the
-eause.'tJ An all cases the Medicineto be given
is7 s eraier'4ecoan9sica wrifixtis DIRECTIONS.
We pledge ourselves to the public, ti at
Dr.. , MEanes Venaifuge •
in -any form; and that it is' nrcriratocent
preparatibn;-- capable of doing the
slightest '00.4 'to 4 the' most tendei• infant
Addfess all .ordere. to
is 1141
. .
P. B. Dee Mrs and Phydrissii mitering from others than
!{mina Bros., will do.wejl to write their orders dietinctly,
bit tak. none but Dr. Artthiei, preparedly 'Lasing
PaUsbonvii,' Ps. To those wiitaing r to• eve' them s
trial. we will •saaird. pee maill .l inst PM], to
an, Part of
the United Stela., one box of or twelve three-cent
=atom" or one vial of Vermifuge for fourteen
t stemma orders from ()made must be as
compinierlby twenty cents actre.
Isar- Poi vela by rtnaigV;l.niia aa:mi Country Stcirs Keepers
7) . t
• - t
moo setUremeloiltyoolaty , reoets to the sties.
2 2 {611.
• tgon htmotheri, her
.rrolortni r!":71!
so:dirt:Ma. SYRUP,
whieb.6.4l, ' if l,ethio6 , b.
ariiirs it. by' gm+.
Atli PAIN . and ipiemirtio actin,
art it
! Ir e sperlit, maths,,, it will gire . rost. to yesorielyea: and
end sold tido snivels for oWitien . Penre, end CAN
*MEM! CONFIDENCE AND TRUTH of ft what we never have beet
ibto to say of my otblie medieine,—NEVEß HAS IT , FAILED, IN A
SINGLE INSTANCE, ID EFFECT, A. CURE, orbem .tbnele med.
Never; .11d we know m Instance . of dlessidiAsetlon by soy w ho used
it. On the contrary, all we dellg ht.d withits operst end speak
to termer of mramendation of MaJungfee.effeebi .and. niedivel vi
We speak to this molt., t'.-WHAT WE DO KNOW otter tern
the Intent:lb marring 'tree pan end exhaurnim, eehe(will
be found in fifteen or twenty athletes alter the eyrap itdookdotere.
This valuable preparation in tbls_pr_eterlptkm Of omega most LX.
PERIENCEDend SKILLFUL NoRSES m New &OEM, end hoe been
It not may teller's the eligiti but invigorates the slornseN
and bowels, oorreets acidity, -• lod*F4O• tow and rnergv to the choir
_lt will almost insbmtly objets GRIPING IN BOWELS
.M L .
MEND COLIC, and orereonie — Moretsions. which. Hnot apeeddl
mmaieh r ‘nd in death: r beliew It the BEST ANDSUREST RE
HHWA,INAMEDREE, wbe;lmilt,st4es from teething, at lance any
would may toe 6 • mother who herr a child andlerina
ha m Amarillo. te— yam ray-
NOR TE4rll' E.11.i.a.S OFDO.NOT
amd bs.tween
you awl yaw setlbiDa L &Odium; tia relief thin will be SURE-7'
ABSOLITTIMY3OII3:—M Wart Obi me of thte medicine, if tiewlY
med. irall.dimMais
.aeootepwoy. nary bottle. Now
geoitteellatieee the' lidolilldb VP CURDS &PERKINS, New 'York, i'
make onMak.‘ tbrongh sot the worid
' " ', • •
ilt,mil:l • a.ceaar"Street,
:•• '. 3 l: a `ry.• •
all Vk i tit •N
41 48
' AISPECE ak'r
of the present ago, pardon:l
- °l4sY6,gh.Y.FrEili!V:il
rendered by than lub
! ;
'IN! ii•
vat rodin4ax l 'amre
Laver Ocreaplain% Wepepe . s . a, Jaen(Hoe. Nervous Do.
, DiSeii'oft.tir; Xidneya.
..aid air diseases , arL.4l4 films tasiiroderSid liver, or weak
• 't. - r ...-neseof Ihe.4sznaach and 14guatIv Organs,
-111 i ftil4l,l). waI44FRO4iII4FTP
! 5.4 I , l 4l ol lFAffpartAaveaof: !XX; 75 cents per Route.
Ifiiisamic Cordial
oef T ‘14.20517i50r cons
• (t 1 4 1 re6. tea!, 1 )r * i caiseness, Bronchitis, Influenza,
r • Pz!talt Incipient Constunption,
astonishing cum ever kocom
• ti ‘7 , "
CMl49[sl:Ftltp&D, CONSI:9ILPTION.
L. a D_larrher_a C?rdial it is nocqualibi. num 75 cel3t 3
per bottle.
- - .
:+111443 ' , Yd/ known throughout Europe and America, tler` l3
i=n a ibendation hero. iikeyare purely vegetable, al' .
• with Oust exaeinewl, and aro sugarcoated. N''
better Cathartic Pill ;can he fetid& p lu m, 25 c t,,, per box
-Ilt VONse troxDcines are ;prepared by Dr. C. 51. Jectso," .i.
1 2 I??? Philadelphia, fa ? and St. Louis, Mo., and are sold I"• li&iffs'eind deafen hi inedininos everywhere. Th e vi::'
I 1 ' .:61. C. 111 . '..iiirM ha Am the outside of each
. bottle or box.
in our "FmerAndles ..anugnac," published annually, you
i 1 4Ill ina tiatinioliy•eind commendatory notices from all
or t h p ; e p r •'... i,:‘Theas Agrutnice are given away by
;..titi cni r i i rll , 4l
1 14F '
• L,: •
'.l i