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    Elylttp: Rtaritttian.
None shall with impunity soil these sacred sym
bols of our Country's life, leberty and power.
or The New York World says it is
not . Captain George Pegram, of Mexi
can'war notoriety, who commanded
Garnett's advance, recently surrendered
to General McClellan, but ex-Lieuten
ant Pegram, United States army. The
former is
, dead. The General Garnett
killed is not the man of 'thatname *late
a member of the House of Repiesenta
tivesAnt his 'cousin, Robert S. Garnett,
late major in the Ninth Regiment.U. S.
oar Copt: Dungan H. Ingraham 'died
in Charleston on the lOtjt ult. He spread
the protection of the American flag over
the adoPtifid - citizen;Kozsta., 'and gave
opportunity for such a piece of compo
sition as the Hulsemann letter,'in some
reepects the greatest letter that Datfiel
Webster ever wrote. It was the infa
my of Captain Ingraham that he desert
ed the same flag'irt the hour - of its peril,
and hid himself from the sight of the
nation in the bosom of the first rebellious
fir;On the 4th inst., another star
was added, to our, national flag, repre
scnting the. State of Kansas, which was
admitted into the Union, on the 28th, of
last January. This is in
, accordance
with an act, of Congress, Tagged April
4, 4 19 . 18, which runs - thus , : " Oil the ad
minsion of a new State into, the Union
one. star shall be added to the union of
the flag; „and Buell addition shall take
effect on the fourth - day of July next
sticceiditig such 'admissicin."
ifir Mrs: 'Longfellow - has died from
her ' , Vara. She was daughter of the
Hon. William Appleton, of New• York
city, and was very much beltived among
ber intitriate friends, although by no
means ipcirned fp' gay soCiety. She was
ProfeSsor Longfellow's second wife, and
blought him'a laigelortane. Mr. Long-
fellow's wounds received in the endeavor
to save his wife, although, Severe; 'are
not incurable. •
Ex-Sdnator Gstiri has turned up
in California. 'He is supposed , to have
gone there on' a mission of treasqn,—
We are 'glad to see that his old constit
uents express a hearty contempt for the
traitor envoffrom Jeff Davis. Gwin's
movements , : will be cldsely watched by
the loyal. citizens,of California, and if
he'is,het: very careful he may get his just
deserts at the hands of the people he be
while in the Se'nate of the United
ilirliiitti'dams, our new minister to
England, is said to have gone, to court
in a taik blue coat, the collar, cuffs, and
flaps embroidered with gold ; white small
ch?thes,.white,silk stockings, low shOes,
and to have carried a sword. How ri
Or It is .rumored in Washington
that additional and . Weighty evidence
has hem:found against James E. Harvey,
Minister to -Portugal, and that in con
sequence thereof, a committa of Repuh-
Naas will wait upon 'the President with
a formal request 'for his removal:
Ex-Presider4 Van Buren was in
Albany on Monday morning. In con
versation he expressed the opinion that
the war ought to he vigorously prosecu
ted until the full authority of the United
States Goveramint is re-established.
ea- Gen : Scott and staff eroigeff the
long bridge on Mondaylast and reviewed ,
a number of the trdops on the Virginia
side. He was greeted on all sides with
the wildest enthusiasm. He returned
to Washingtan . the same evening. •
l a r C. o. .Realilen, one of the'
gallant 600'iyho rode through• the solid
phalanx of Russians at Balakiava, and
sabred the artillery-men at their gups,
has enlisted in the C 9151 Water Light
Artillery Corps, of Detroit.
plir A woman aged fifty years, and the
mother oefive children, recently eloped
from lowa with the nephew of hOr hus
band. The couple went to Peoria 4 and
took up their abode on the opposite
side of the river.
Or A German named Haywood, was
tarred and cottoned in New Orleans on
Sunday last, for having joined several
companies ;:and refusing to go with any
to the seat of war. •
Mr. Etheridge has annosneed,hisThi
teqqat not to, make any change. in his
wiles; beyond those alriaitly made,
B r Pri Executive.of
forth Caroni* died at - Red Midler
.4)rings, Va ,on the 7th instant.
Gov. SeYmour, of Connecticut,says
that we can't coliquer the South, Ind that
the South cau!Vcooqner no.
The Richmond Correspondence of the
Memphis Appeal says : " It is told of
Mr. Toombs, that being recently impor
tuned by an acquaintance for a position
as clerk in the state. department, he re
plied, What need for a clerk? Why, I
can carry the whole state department
in my hat."
The first of September is fixed by
Judge Lowrie fox the trial of Fronen
fields and Neal for conspiracy to defraud
Pennsylvania in the matter of the uni
forms for the volunteers.
James Guy, a son-in-law of ex : Senator
Mason, has been arrested as a spy. Be
had about him, when arrested, a bundle
of letters for prominent citizens of the
South, and plcs of all the fortifications
about Washington.
A photograph of Jeff. Davis has been
placed in the Police Rogue's Gallery,
at, Philadelphia. It is 'to be covered
With glass, to prevent it from being de
faced by spittal.
The Christian Association's arx y
committee of New York has received
an order for 10,000 : hymn books from the
chaplain of Gen. Anderson's Kentucky
brigade., '
" • Lieut. Crittenden, son of Hon.' John
J. Crittenden, denies,An a card in the
Louisville Democrat, 'that he has joined
the rebels. ' ' •
Gov. Magoffin, of Kentucky, it is stat
ed, Was arrested and taken to the guard
house, at Camp Alexandria,-Woodford
county, Ky., last Friday night. He,was
passingiate ip the evening, and could
not give the , countersign.
Robert Morris, of Philadelphia, a son
of Henry MOrris, a former Sheriff, has
be . en appointed chief clerk of the House
of - 1 Representatived by Mr. Etheridge,
vice Barry Hayes removed.
gir The Postal system of the Confed
eracy (ies not work well. The Charles
ton Mercury complains that, even on
the great 'route to, Richmond, the chan
ces are two to one that there will be, to
each mail, one or more misconnections.
In the old : war, every soldier was ad
vised•to carry a string, to be•tied around
blgeding limb, and be, twisted tight by
a stick or ramrod, untiP a surgeon could
be found. ; ; •
The undue mortality in one 'or two of
the New ItOrk regiFients ie . attributed
to the excessive consumption of lager
Slocum, the inventor of the solid•head
ed pin now in use, died last week at
Pawtucket, R. I.
Some of the Bombs fired by the feder
al troops were found filled with sawdust;
but'the rebels have' some of the same
kind. One fired from the rifled `cannon
at Big Bethel 'was sent to' the United
States arsenal, at Troy, where it was
found to be filled'with Hsi.' There mist
be a little treachery on both sides.
The.wife of, the poet Longfellow has
been fatally burned by her clothes tak
ing fire while sealing a letter, and the
poet. himself was badly burned in trying
to save her.
When-Col. Deifies, - of the New York
Sixteenth . Regiment, was - marching
through Baltimore, without; dranis, some
of the = loiSkers-on sneeringly asked,
" Where's yogi music* ?". : !tin' our . car
tridge boxes," said the grini-Colonel.
Fort 'Sumpter, says the
Mercury, has had a heavy 'addition to
its armament, making it one of the most
formidable military posts on the conti
••-• Bishop Polk, of the 'Southern Episco
pal Church; has really accepted the office
of Major General in the rebel army, and
takes command of the troops on the
Mississippi river. .
B. Rush Fetriken. it is stated, has de
clined-the appointment' of LieUtenant
"Tactic" Hardee took command of
the,rebel forces at Memphis on the 24th
Howell Cobb is organizing a regiment
in Georgia for the Confederate army!
The salary of the Assistant Secretary
of War is to 1;8 $3,000.
Wilkes' Spirit' of the Times says that
a match is likely to be made up between
Heenan and Mace, who now holds the
belt of Ehgland; baying conquered Hurst
in a late fight. • . -
Parson Browi.low's paper has been
designated by the State Dipartment to
publish the lawri of Congress to be pass
ed at the present session.
The 'Columbus cl'exs)• Citizen says
that General b'am Houston is •acting as
a _ri s tiva,te .in an organized companr - in
Harris ,county.
Captain Trayis, the great pistol-shot,
whh offered to perform - . William 'Tell's;
feat with a pistol, is at present engaged
in giving lessons in. the use ofthat weap
on to the.ladies ofNieksburg, Miss.
A Sonthern paper says that East
Tenneshee was never anything more than.
the the tail_of Tennisiee." If that is the
case, perhaps- Tennessee's tail is long
enough to give.hers- head and shoUlderB
a good switching: Prentice
mendment of Hon. John Covode :
" That a bonus of thirty dollars will be
paid to each of the three monthssvolun
tears on their re-enlistment for the war,
and that an additional bonus of ten dol
lars to each volunteer be paid where
they enlist by companies ; and, also, that
an additional bonus
, of ten dollars to
each volunteer be paid when they re
enlist by regiments, making the bonus
. in the litter case fiftydollars," has the
endorsement of Gen. Scott, the Presi
dent, and Secretary Cameron. It will
pass the Senate on Tuesday, and im
mediately become a law, by .receiving
the signature of the - PreSident . .
This section allows a captain to re
ceive in "his new company, or in his re
enlistment; privates from any other com
pany in his regiment. Thus, if the cap
tain or lieutenants in any company are
obnoxus to ihe men, they secure the
bountj ., and' fight under officers in whom
they have confidence, and men they can
respect. An amendment will' probably
be added to this section, allowing regi
ments to take companies from any part
of the brigade.,... . --
The object of Mr. Covode is not only
to secure the three months men, who
are now thoroughly. drilled and equal to
the regular army,‘but to:save the expense
to the Government'of paying the men's
expenses back to their place of enlist
ment, and then their return in new re'gi-
An order was received from the War De
partment by Gen. Banks, directing him
to hand over to the civil authorities, for
trial, Mr. John Merryman, who has been
confined in Foit McHenry for several
weeks past, on a charge of treason.—
Mr. Merryman, it will be re.collected,
was indicted, a few days ago, in the.
United States Circuit Court, and it ,is
presumed that this action of the War
Department is based upon that fact.=
Mr. Merryman was accordingly brought
up to Baltimore, and taken before the
court, and was then released, on bail
in the sum of forty thausand 'drillers, to
answer, the charge in November next,
Messrs. John' S. Gittings, Adam B.
Kyle, Charles A. Buchanan, and Charles
RidereTy becomitiihis securities.
Imo' It is rarely that we read of a more
narrow escape than the motherol'lllr.
Gresham made during_ the late attEtck.of
the I,incolnites at Carter's -creek -The
old lady is bed ridden, and was lying.on
her bed , when ,a .cannon., ball. passed
through her room, :struck the head of
the bedstead, and passed on between the
saoking and mattress, and raised her up
off her bed without doing her any, injury.
She was then •moved to another room,
which was attached to the rear portion
of the.,.larger, .and. in a few mo
ments a bombshell passed through the
apartment and exploded, striking — the
chair which she was sitting in without
doing the least harm.— Virginia Herald.
Cr The first order issued by Speaker
Grow,. upon taking possession of the
splendid room assigned to him, was that
the doorkeeper should remove the marble
bust of the traitor, ex-SpealOir Orr, from
the bracket where it was placed by the
consent of Orr, and that the fine marble
bust'of John Quincy - Adams, that for
merly occupied a niche in the old Rop
resentafives' Ball, be substituted. The
order was executed on Thursday. The
original subscribers to Orr's bust can
undoubtedly have the same by calling
for it, the present owners having no use
for it. .
Er Kossuth has given up his English
residence. : He has resolved not to carry
any farther his resistance in the;llun
garian-nete case. The transaction cost
him £lO,OOO of .which £B,OOO represents
the value of. the beautifully-engraved
notes now reduced,to pulp. Kos
suth is very much depressed by the re
sults of his recent efforts, and, indeed,
Ity the general fruits of his residence-in
London, and has taken a villa on Lake
Como. "
. Cir The expulsion of John B. Clark,
a representative from Missouei, by the
House of Representatives, was a just
and deserved act towards a brazen and
an insidious traitor. Besides Clark.
there are others in that body who should
also be, expelled,. among the prominent
of whOm are. Vallandigham,Burnett, and
their endorsers and sympathisers. The
idea, of tolerating such traitors in the
councils of the loyal, is equal to an offer
of comproMise coming from dough-faces
to mollify rebels. Let Congress be
thproughly vilified of traitors.
Judr James Lesley,'Jr., Esq., of Phila
delphia,_has been appointed chief 'ofe:rit
of -,the • War - Department, in place ~of
.john P. Sanderson, sq., who retiers to
accept a lieutenant, coloneley in one ;of
the new regiments. ,
or It is l
cOnfidently stated that Hon,
, .•
Jopefill - Holt; of Kentuelly; still a resi
dent of Washington, will be offeredlthe
post of , Justice of the "Suprema COutt of
the ..ticited States; Ticated by; the
death',of Justice McLean;-of oliit •
er It is authoritatively stated that
Mr. Crittenden's plan of vompromiie ,
Will not , . be'offered 13y hitnself at the
present session'd Corikress.
riosity has been expressed regarding the
whereabouts of Hon. Sherrard Clemens.
At a review of the 17th and 19th Ohio
regiments in Wheeling, on the 18th, he
made a short speech of great force, wel
coming the soldiers in the most cordial
terms, assuring them that they Would be
welcomed by every loyal heart in the
State, while he was terribly severe on
the secessionists and people generally
of the eastern part of the State. He
said that part of the State, and the peo
ple over there, were like the potato—
the best under ground.
Wyck's bill for the reduction of salaries,
if passed by the two Houses, will make
a saving of from $30;000,000 to $50,000,
000. It proposes also, while reducing
the pay of the higher grades of employ
ment and compensation, to increase the
wages of the courageous soldier to $l5
per month, an augmented nay Which is
but justice to the intelligent and patri
otic private who serves in defence of
his government.
caption, the SoutlArn papers are, ad
vertising for meetings in counties, towns,
and civil districts, to procure loans of
produce to the Confederate Government.
They can't get their money loans taken,
and they are now striking for produce,
such as cotton, corn, wheat, and what
ever they, can use or turn into money,
at a sacrifice or otherwise. And yet,
says the Knoxville IF hig, without money
or credit, we find this bogus Govern
ment of the United States I
lowing is going the rounds of the papers.
A maiden lady in Boston, on reading the
account of the marriage of Miss Georg,i
ana Ives, at Chicago, to 'yOung Bently,
who saved' her from drowning at the
sinking of the • 'lamer Lady Elgin, said:
"It's a very r. ',antic affair, no doubt,
but I would rather be.drowned any time
,than to sit lila the night with a poling
man on a piece of wreck ink my night
gown !"
GOOD STUFF.-0 u Sunday we encount
ered a party of soldiers belonging to the-
Sixteenth ktegiment . of New York, con
sisting, of David , Strong,-age, 64 yeait,
and his seven sdas, Melvin, Horace,
Patrick, Isaac, Harvey, Arion, and
James, every man being over • six feet
high I The old man was all through the
Mexican war and says he is just as geed.
a man as ever. They were on their way
to join their ragitneat.---N. Y.. Times,
_ .
er The (.4overnor of North Carolina
having failed to order an election for
Congress in that State, it is said by the
friends of Mr. Foster that the 'people of
the First District have met and vOted.
for him for Congress. Re has also let
ters urging him to take his seat withinit
delay. The returns are certified to by
a magistrate, and it is not improbable
that the House.will admit him to a seat.
Cr A soldier of the 79th New-York,
stationed at Georgetown, was returning
on Monday night to tamp,'and'on being
challenged by the sentry,'" Who goes
there ?" answered in jest, " A Secession
ist." The sentry fired instantly, and the
unlucky joker fell mortally wounded.
lir Rebel volunteers who left Louis
ville, Ky., to serve in Virginia under
Col. Blanton Duncan, are disgusted--
They, report that they are_trnated. like
dogs, are half fed,, have the same clothes
they Wore away from home, and would
gladly return, if they could, and be loyal
NearlY all the public balls in San
Francisco were nightly crowded• by
squads 'of ardent military aspirants in
drilling. A printed circular and hand
bill hays been 'posted throughout San
Francisco, directed against ex-Senator
William. M twin, and warning him to
leave the State by the next steamer...
fir A number of Jesuit Fathers, hithz
erto engaged' as teachers in Catholic
Colleges in lhe South, have arrived in
Chicago within the last week or two, the
institutions ,which.they have been con:
nected pith have been obliged to sus.'
pend operations on account of the war.
ifir On Wednef f iday "night last, Wm.
Somis . and`wife, living at Scranton, Pa., ,
were both burned to death by the ex
plosion of a Kerosene lamp. They leave
no less than seven helpless children.
' Cr The insurgents protest they won't
pay their debts to the - people of the U
nited Stites, and yet the United :Slates
troops are determined to draw on them
at sight.
We The Boston:Traveler learns from.
a Southern gentleman 'that Jeff,. -Davis .
is investing all his means in the . English
funds. Ile is likely-to soon need funds
there. • •
, air In . a Louisiana regiment there is
one large cotton merchant worth, $300„
000, whols now a 'private soldier, with,
one of his own clerks for captain of the
River Monitor lately succuMbed'to the
pressure of the time ; age, thirty-iix
Thv Hon. Nathan Appleton die 4
in Boston on Sunday last. He was. Um
father of the late 31rs. Longfellow.
The St. Louis Democrat, of the 9th inst,
says : We regret to learn that Mrs. Mc-
Rae died on Sunday night at Jefferson
Barracks, of Hydrophobia. She was
the wife of Major Mcßae, Commandant
at the Barracks. About two months
ago she was attacked by a ferocious dog,
thrown to the ground and bitten on one
of her cheeks and brow. The dog was
not known to be mad at the time. On
Sunday she was taken seriously ill, with
unmistakable symtoms of hydrophobia.
The disease progressed with alarming
rapidity and terminated fatally on Sun
day night, the patient dying in the
greatest agony. .
eir A boy, twelve, years of age, has
been re-delivering the lectures of Gough,
with great success, at Plymouth, Eng
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Montgomery Blair, Henry A. Wise,
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Col. Elsworth ' • • John Bell,
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Schools and sell all at Sunday School Union
prices. 1 have the agencies for the publica
tions of the American Sunday School Union,
American Tract Society, Methodist Book and
Tract Society. Also, the Lutheran, Presbyte •
rian, Episcopal and other denominations are
kept on hand.
Those in want of a neat and - cheat) Quarto
Family Bible, will find it to their advantage
to call and examine at
the lartr,est stock on hand, ranging form One,
to Twenty-five Dollars.
- - - -
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and exam
ine the large and cheap stock of •
Successor to -Murray, Young & Co.
In time of War it is proper that the ladies
keep cool, I have, therefore, concluded to open
the upper part of THE DON EGA L HOUSE aa all
where ladies and gentlemen will find an expe
rienced hand and polite eentleman to wait on
them, where will always be found
Ice Cream in various flavors, Lemonade,
Cakes and Candies of aU kinds, Oy
strrs got up imeverY style,
, 4 64 sier :leweddried,
f 4. ) raw,
In oiled, frozen
and spiccd, and all othfr kinda of, 14,freshmena
, .
Na efforts wilt be spared to Keep this de
partment in the very best style fur ladies.
Marietta, June 22, 1861.
J 0 I.IN BELL, -Merchant Tailor,
Cor. of Market-st., and Elbow Lane, Marietta.
eIRATEIT L for past favors I would rettrrii
k_x my thanks to my numerous friends and pa- ,
trons and inform thenf that I still continue the
old business ut the old stabd; where I will be
pleased to see them at all times, and having a
full and splendid assortment of
which will be. made up-to order at the shortest'
otice by the best of workmen, and onreasona
ble- term s, 1 would be pleased, therefore, to wait
upon my old customers and all who see proVer
to patr‘illize me hereafter. [Oct.29-'5O.
i Alexander Lyndsay.
Would most respectfully iniordi the citizens.
of this Borough and neighborhood that he bus ,
the largest assortment of City made work in•
his line of business -in -this Borough, and he
ing a practical Boor AND SHOE MAKER
himself,is enabled toseleet with more judgment-
than those who are not. lie continues to man-.
a/adore in the very best'manner evirything
'in the BOOT AND SHOE .LINE, A hich he'
will warrant for neatness and good fit.
lt.T'Call and examine his-stock before 'pur
chasing elsewhere.
ah)ote,souleD tinim:Pystet• & LEilfiplyr
Between HeekrollAvand'Ahnstin's Hotels.
E undersigned would - infojria the public
11 that he is . prepared to-furnish alltkinds of
such as Oysters, Fr.tits, Cake.s,_&e. Thankful
for the_ pa:nonage already bestowed, hones to
merit a continuation. RuisiecA. CH ILD.
Also+ selling a varie,ty of Ready-made
Clothing, un.commission. ' Setting at Cost.
Marietta; May lh, 1861-
vy Superior Old Brandy, , Pki Rye Whiskey..
Holland Gin; Old Madintiatidstion, Sherry amt. ,
Pert Wines.. tom:. •
Pittsburg Whiskey- allf on hand at the
lowtst market prices: Very. Fine Brandy at
a very low figure; by the barrel.
J. R. DI FFENBA-GH. Market-st.
opposite the Court Uouse,-where he will at
tend to the practice of his profession in all its ,
various branches. [Nov. 4, '59.- ly
OFFICK: Front street, fourth- door
from Locust, over Saylor MoDon!Altlikinie
aid's gook Store. Columbia. Entrance be
ween the Drug and Book Stores. [3-ly
Hygienic Physician & AcconcheuG,
Corner of front and Gay Streets,
Raving removed her. MUhinert establiskrnent to,
Fulk's new building, near Market Square,
UTIIERE she hopes to meet bee friends:
YV and old customers, and merit and receive
a continuation of the liberal patronage here
tofore extended to her.
parlor selection•of French and German.
Cloths, and Cassimers, and a variety of beauti
ful Vestings ' a new and fashionable lot, just
arrived at Dilfeabach's Cheap Store.
HICKORT & - Oak Wood; '5O Cords each,
IA Hickory-and Oak• Wood.' Orders must
be accompanied with the cash when they wilt
be proMptly fillet'. Spangler & Patterson.
HE Largest and best assortment of Fancy -
Cloth & Cassi Meres and vesting ever offered
in this market and will be sold at prices which
defy competition by T. Diffenbach.
. ,
TORE ROOM TO LET.—The Room lately
LI occupied by Miss" Margaret Trainer as Li.,
Millinery, Inquiie of
PORTABLE LAMP S. A new: and rnust i
convenient and perfectly safe lamp, caned .
the "Portable Coal Oil Lamp," far sale cheap'
at Grove ty Roth's Drug Stdre.
Vanilla, Strawberry, Pine Apple ;
Almond, Rose, Lemon,
,Just received and for sale at Grote'4.:l24fh's.-
CHAMPAGNE .and, other Table Wines,
gungontePd to be pure . ,a,hd stad asloai l / 2 14
can be bought in Philadelphia or New-York.
13.NJAM/ Pk/A'
A CHOIC.K..Lot of Books for. childreacadleet
.1 - Vindistructoblle , Pleasure, ..oks ;-Sohooland
other . Books, Stationary, P , . s, Pen holders,