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1)2 (ci• ttht 1 - i arlitt tat(
to IPolitits, Yittraturt, agriculture, Nirticatturt, (vide f l int uIY (dstfitt arts, Omni 'Stills p atal 'nformatioir,. ttp., c.
Published every Saturday Mortziti#
Or stre et , Crull's Row, 2d etoky
' • Five doors'east of Flury's Hotel.
- -
TERMs, One Dollar a year, payableti %Avenel)
andlisubscriptions be not patrnvithin six
months $1.25 will be charged, tiLid ifdelayed
until the expiration of the Will
be charged.
No subscription received for a lesipejtod than
six months, and no paper will breMiscontin
. 'ued until all arrearages are paritunleas'at
The option of the publisher. *A failure - to no
lify a discontinuance at the expiration of the
terra subscribed for, will be considered a new
engagement. •
Any person sending us FIVE new subscribers
shall have a sixth copy for his trouble. ;
ADVERTISING RATES: One Squaxe (l 2llDes,
or less) 50 cents for the first i nsertion and 25
tents for each subsequent insertion. Profes
-slonal and Business cards, of six lines.or less
AI $3 per annum. Notices in the reading
columns, 'five cents a-line . Marriages and
Deaths, the simple announcement,. FREE;
but for any additional lines, five.cents agine.
'1 square 3 months, $2.00; 6 mOntlfsi #3.50 ;
I year, $5. Two squares, 3 'montliso3
6 months, $5.; 1 year, $7. Half-a-coliimn,
3 months, $8; 6 months, $l2; year,.s2o;
One column, 6 months, 0; 1 year, $3O.
liavtng recently added a large lot of new Jon
AND CARD TYPE, we are prepared,to do all
ING, at short notice and reasonable prises.
Merchant Tailor, and Clothiei.,
Kramples Old Stand,on the Cor
ner of North Queen and Orange
Streets, Lancaster, Penn'a.
€1 ft AYE UL to the Citizens of Marietta
la and vicinity, for the liberal : patronage
heretofore extended, the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance of the same as
•suring them, that -under all circumstances, no
efforts will be spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivalent for every act of confidence reposed.
such other seationable material as fashion and.
the market furnishes, constantly kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly, and rea
sonably, as taste or style may suggest.
Gentlemen's Furnishing - Gooodg
and such articles as usually belong to a Mg
chant Tailoring and Clothing establishtnent..
S. S. .12ATHVON, Merchant Tailay & Clothter,
N. E. Gor..of N. Queen and Ofange-sts.
LANCASTER, April 13, 18111, •
- -61 ` 1.2. 4 .8 .• 7 0)13 `tan.g.fii,
1 - 111, HINKLE having dust returned from
_L./Philadelphia with the Most complete and
lull assortment of everything in.his line ever
offered in this Borough. Ile !has purchased
anotheniupply of Punt: Ann Fermi Davos,
which can be depended on for what they are
represented, having received his personal
'attention' in the selection. • In addition to
his Drugs will be found a nicety selected •
consistipg in part of German , Fiench and Eng
lish perfumery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail Brushes, &Hale and 'other
1111, Pomades, etc., etc. Port Monnaies,
Pocket Books, Puff and Ptitvder Boxes, &c.. ,
Old Port, Sherry and Madeira Wines and
Brandies Tor medical purposes. ' - .
The justly celebrated Batchelor's HAIR Dye.
DeCosta's and other Tooth Washes, India Cola
gogue, Barre's Trieoperous, fot the hair, Bay
Hum, Arnold's Ink, large and small sized bot
tles, Balm .of a Thousand Flowers, Flour or
Rice, Corn taret, Heeker's Farina, all kinds
'of pure 'Ground Spice's, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, or Chemical food excellent S;r
'deal for cronic dyspepsia an a -tonic in Con
sumptive cases, Rennet., for otigulating milk,
an'excellent ',reiteration for he table ; . Table,
Oil—very tine.—bottles in tw izes. Pure Cod
Liver Oil. All of lluel'tst.per 'mein pomades,
soaps, &c. His K tethairon o Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowl, dged the best.
Particular attention will Ile paid and great
caution observed in compounding . Physicans
prescriptions with accuracy.t Dr. IL Will al
*Os be found in the Storeunless professionally
engaged elsewhere.
-= .....
Dealer in Hardware,
= ' Ceil (aware, Paints, Oils, Glass,
Teloh, Took, Da 00 AO Stoba , & e. )
i' '
yOULD take this means of informing the
citizens of Marietta; and vicinity that he
is prepared to furnish anything in his= line,
consisting in part, of Table Cutlery of all
kinds ; Building a n d Housekeep ing Hard
ware, in all styles, Cutlery, Tools, Paints, Qils,,
Cilass, Varnishes, Cedarviare, Tubs, Buckets,
'Obil!rus, Knaves, Forks, spoons, Shovels, Po
kers, Tongs, Can dlesticko Pans, Waiters, Cop -
per and Brass Kettles,or, •Deek, Pad and
-all, other kind of, Lock Nails , Spikes and m
y ti
en fact everything all ept in a well regula
ted Hardware establishment. .
/ acing removed jo thezllboms formerly occupied
by Dr. Nwentzel, adiolning Spangler 81 . Pat
terson's Store, Marled btreft, where he is now
prepared to vcait on all who may feel
toga=disposed to patronize him.
Dentistry in all Rs branches car
ried on. TEETH inserted on the most approved
principlo of Dental science. All operations
on the mouth performed in a skillful and
workmanlike "manner , —on fair principles and
' raving determined upon a permanent loco-
OM at this' place, would ask a continuation
.of use liberal patronage heretofore extended
ZO him for which he will render every possi
ble ,satisfaction.
ElMEther administered to proper persons.
,Ts i!A _Masters look to your Interests !
' "Me Improved Black Hawk
0,138.YAN & HOPKINS,
Marietta, Lancaster County, Pa:
The Undersigned will constantly keep on
band and make to older at short.notice the
above celebrated machine, the best in the Uni
ted States! They will,warrant their machines
to run lighters last /pager, and, wash clt aver and
with less -Water than any other machine now
in use.. They can be easily put together on the
bank. All erders. addressed to either of the
undersigned will rueet.with prompt attention.
liZr They are also prepared to sell individu
al, COunty and Slate Rights. ...
. Motober 13, :60.. v7-no.l Iy
. sSUS , • CO(>K STOVE, .eery plain
r t
style, each , one warranted to per-
urm to the enfire -Sittisfaction Of thh
purchaser. • ,-= ERRETT tIvCO:
lihtno stress upon my dresi.
•So , dandy artware mine:
sponge and tub for morning scrub,
A wash hands ere..l. dine : -
Two hair-brushes together plied
could make shift with one),
A rude skin-parting roughly made—
:And-So my toilette's done.,
And yet, all Spartan as I am,
A pang my hand dotlt stay,
:When stern Mahnurdo order gives,
Your tooth-brush throw away
Mettle thought, when in the ranks
A rifle first I bore,
That.vitien'gutlpowdees day set in,
Topth-powder's day was o'er.
Defiance in the foeman's teeth
•' lam prepared to fling;
But leaving my own teeth uncleaned
Is quite another thing—
By turning Rifle Volunteer
t John Bull his teeth doth show,
But I should like my ivories
, ' To be a polished row.
I ' -
'What rt the British Lion draws
I• His weapons from their sheath—
Out of their velvet shows his claws,
Out of their lips,his teeth-- 1 -
Will there be less of terror,hid
In-that grim mouth or paws,
When nail-brush to his feet'slorbid
Arid tooth-brush to jaws?
We're ready.when we're called on,
To take the field, I know;
And though were babes in arms, we'll try
A brush with any foe.
But betwixt us and the foemen., l
As fierce the brush will be,
If we are firstallowed a brush
Betwixt our teeth to see.
That cleanliness to godlinvs
Is next allied We're* told:
And though I'm no Diogenes,
Stillio my tub I hold.
But tubs and. Turkish towelling
TJpon campaign, I knew,
Are luxuries which Volunteers
Must clkirfully forego.
With unblocked boot I'm game to shoot,
To fight with unbrushed Lair,
But thou,. my tooth-brush—l had hoped
That thee at ledst they'd spare.
In' Pita - or Pocket, fob or pouch . ,
- .Xontbee there's surely room,
Whatever Spartan Napier preaeh,
Or stern Macmurdo doom:!
Bow happy are they
Who the editors pay,
And have spared up for one year or more;
Tongue cannot express
'" , ,The great joy of the Press,,
When delinquents have paid the old Score.
Printers all the day long
Laber hard for a song—
A.s fate that is hard, all agree,
They have worked night and day
' And of course want their pay,
To buy Coffee,„Sugar and Tea. •
One would hardly believe
What small sums they receive
For the paper addressed to a name;
put the price is so ,;mall,
that the good people, all,
Will pay up—for fear of the shame !
Then.all walk this way,
The Printer to pay,
And you will be bless - ul for the deed;
WIVE - never regret
For paying your debt
To the . Printer—who stands in great need
tiZe Miss Moloch has credit for the
following :1
A lady of my acquaintance gives it as
her sine qua non of domestic felicity
that the "awn of the family should al
ways be absent at least six hours in the
day." And truly, a mistress of a family,
however strong: her affection for the
male member of it, cannot acknowledge
that this is a' great boon. A house
where "girls" or the "boys" are always
"pottering about," poping in and oat at
all hours, eyerlastingly wanting some
thing, or Ending fault with somdthing
else, is a considerable trial, even to feud.-
nine patience. And I beg to ask my sex
confidence, of course—if it
is not the greatest comfort possible when
the masculine half or the family, bbing
cleard out for the day, the house settles
dewn into regular work and orderly qui
etnes until evening. Also, it is as good
for therri as well as'for us, to have all
their inevitable petty domestic "broth
ers" go out in their absehce, to effect
which ought to be one of the principal
aims of the mistress of the family. Let
them, if Possible, return to their smiling
ledme, with all its 'small annoyances
bilislied away like the dust and cinders
from the grate, 'which, en passant, is one
of the 'requisites to make &fireside look
comforta.ble.,. might, be well, too, if
the master himself will :contrive to leave
the worldly mud. of the stieist'at the scra
per outside his door.
. . ,
A Wit'once'asked a pesant Ivhat
part he preformed in the great drama of
life. "I mind my own business," was the
During the war with c3reat,23ritian, a
very remarkable circumstapce 4 oNted
in connection with the invasion of Ca7na
cla. A company of Kentucky volunteers
destined for Shelby's army had thvir
rendezvous at H arro dsburg, in Kentfy,
and formed a sort of neucleusor rall g
paint for the military recruits ,*l , at.
part of the country. When they mar:bh
ed'frora Harrodsburg towards the (Wo
river, having got a mile or two on "their
way, they noticed : two pigs-fighting, and
delaying their march to see it out.—
After they had' resumed ^their March,
the pig-which had been the victorin the
contest was observed to follow therrril'i;.
At night, when they' encamped, Ali'
pig found a shelter near, and halted'alio:
The next day the pig accompanied 'the
troops as before.; and thus itibarchd
every day and halted every night With'
the soldiers, or near there'. When they
came opposite Cincinnati, at which place
the troops, were to cross the Ohioin a
ferry-boat, the pig, on getting to the
waters' edge, promptly plunged in and,
swam across, .and then waited on th
other side until the whole cortege cress,
ed over, and then rep% its post upon
one side of the movi
_, ' lump. Thus
the animal kept up with the troops uiltil
they crossed the Stale of Ohio and,
reached Lake Erie.
On the journey, as the men grew fa
miliar with their canit4de, it became a
pet, receiving .a share of the rationsis
suett to the soldiers, rand destitute of
provisions ' as the troops found them
elves at times, na one thought of put
ting the knife to the throat of their
fellow-soldier. What they had was still
shared, and if tbe pig fared as 'scattily
as the rest at times, it,still grunted on,
and manifeSted as ma patriotism in
its .own line as the bipeds it.accomptv
nied did in.theirs. At the margin of the
lake she embarked with the troops, and
went as far as Bass Island. But when
offered a passage over into Cantiiitshe
obstinately reflisedio embark a tc second
time.' Some of the men attributed her
conduct to constitutional scruples, and!
observed that she khew it was contrary'
to the Constitution, to, 'force a th'ilitia
pig over the line. She, therefore; had
leave to remain.
After the campaign had cleSed,lhe
troops recrossed the lake, having, left
some of their horses on the;American
side. As soon as the dine was formed,
to the great suprise of the , troops,: there
was the pig .on the right of, the line,
ready to resume her march with the rest.
by this time, the Winterfrosts had set in i
and the animal sufferer greatly on• the
homeward march, she made out,however,
to reach Maysville, there the troops re-
crossed the Ohio river. , There she gave
out, and was placed in trusty hands b„t i
GoVerner Shelby*, and-finally tae dp
the Governor's home, where she 'Passed
the rest of her days in• ease aid indolence.
There are many in. Kentucky who can
now attest the, truth of thiS remarkable
story. . •
A Grandchild of Dr. Emmons,
when not more than six years old, came
to him with a trouble weighing on her
- mind . : "A. B. says that the' moon is
made of green cheese,*and I dont believe
it." '"Don't you lielieve it? Why not?"
"I know it isn't.". • "But how do you
know ?" "Is it grandpa ?" "Don't ask
me that question ;,you must find, it out
foryourself." "How con I find it. out?"
"You must studyinto it." She knew e
mough•--to, resort to the first ofenesis
for information, and after a truly Em
mons-like search, she ran into the study:
"I've found' out; the moou is not made
ofgreen cheese, for the'thoon was , made
before the cows were.
cr A Blind Man having walked the
streets with a lighted lantern, ,an an
qsaiptance met him, and exclaimed, ip
some surprise :—"Why, what is the use
of that light to, you . ? Yon know r every .
street and turning; it does you no good.
You can't see a bit the better."
replied the'blind man; "I don't carry Che
light to make Me' see, 'but th preient
fools froth rrinning against Me."
lEF "In my time, miss," said a
aunt, "the men looked at the women's
faces hated of their ankles ! my
dear aunt,''` retorted the yming, lady,"
"you see tile 'world has iroproied i 40
i s
mote' civilised than it used
looks more , to , the Ilnderstandin.g!'
IF He who is ris i spiomte and hasty,
is generil i ly . honestAt jour old dis
sembling hypocrite of whom you - should
beware. -There is no 'deception in. s.
dog:` It iS Maly the dm 'llint• gtiealm np
and bites yOu vihen youi liaek: is turri§d.
setp soldiers, stationed at Yorktown,
lately went up the. river to Tarrytown,
and looked at the monument to Andre.
Thence they visited the nenietery where
repose the remains of the peaceful Wash
ington Irving. A hedge is around the
burial plot* . -.Eleven Tull length. graves
are in a roW--father, mother, brothers
and sisters: One of the stones is letter
ed, "Washington, son of. William and
Sarah 3: Irving ; died November 29,1859,
aged 76 years, 8 months and 25 days."
The soldiers laid each •a bunch • of roses
upon this grave ; and a wreath of oak
leaves with .a written inscription. " Of
fering of Massachusetts volunteers to
the, memory of. Washington; Irving,"
signed by then' . all, and bearing the
date, was placed upon the -headstone.—
One boy repeated...the "Memory of The
dead,'L and •all.phicked a spray of clover
from the grave.,, s H.' •
YEAST. FOR FA 111 USE.—Somebody
wants to 'know , how .to „make yeast for
family use. ,We have given several good
receipts iriAime .past,, but wilt gip an,
Other front "one who always has good
"Into two quarts of water put eight
good eizpd, potatoes, and a , handful of
hops, tied up in a beg ; boil until the
potabes are well done ; mash them
through a sive, ; add 7 tablesponnsful
of flour,; pour over this the water in
which the `potatoes and hops were boiled;
scalding hot. Add half a cup.of sugar,
tablespoonful of ginger—stir well ,to
gether, and when nearly; cold put
cupful of yeast. After it is done work
ing, add a teaepoouful of.salt, and bottle
up for use. It will keep three months."
RED HOT SHOT.—When red hot shot
are - fired, the 'Ordilaned used is eleiated
to the pesititkejesired before the gin is
dhotted. "The , pawder in the gun is'kept
froin eiplokoit by means . crf the wadding.
Betwen the'explosive . gubstance end the
heated bless are generally three' laYers
of wad.•' • Thal - airainat . the'Valf is . dry,
the second is wet, and upon the powder
another dry pice'reats. The ball is dis-:
)charged very soon after being Placed in
the cannon.
"being asked the reason' why
i3 .,re so plenty? . made geply:
anciently, as peels tell, -
,Lived at the bottom of a well;
Arid once, When trYing to get out,
She was so rudely knocked abOut,
She had an accident: you know,
And kicked the bucket lbng ago.'
far Mr. .and Mrs. Dickens have been
reconeiled, , and-dre 'again living together
A London correspondent says : 'Let us
trust that we 'Shall Bear no more 'of
compatibility. ; The fact that 'Mrs.
Dickens is a plain inatter'of fact,' sensi•-:
ble woman, without any literary Atistes,
and who, possibly, has not read the
whole of her htisband's novels. It seems
to me that thiS , is just the Soh of wife
that a litterafeur Should have, seeing
that theyfiould not , come in One tinOtht
er's Way; bufDickens thought otherwise,
and sees, I suppose / in the happy -rela
tion that -Mika betwen Sir Edward and
Lady Bulwer a proof of the happiness
which 'must arise' when an 'anther and
authoress are united.' BUt Dickens its
getting older, and therefore wiser, and
sees that he will be most happy in the
society of the mother of his family."
• A Runaway Sla - ve who made his
dr: • •
way to Cairo, where he did good service
in the entrenchments, was asked if he
did'not wish to go back and fight. He
replied with 'a grimace that would have
done no discredit to "Julius;" "Lews,.no
Itassee ! dis nigger is not a fightin nig
ger I•he's rutinin' ni'gger !"
A. Vermont htirse-jockey,'boasting
one day of his horse, ;gravely asserted
that When.he was but three years old;
the lightning killed .the old 7 triare' 'and
chased the colt all around tke pastare,
without getting in striking„ distance of
him: • . • .
itr The , death of printeilsiblis `de 7
scribed in an English paper:-" denige
Woodcock;, the * of his' profesiion; the
type of honesty, the ! of all; and althougii
the ;Er of death has put, a . to his exis
tence, eve 4 a - Of hiS life was .withOrd,
at. One asked ..Mr. -Patric Macguire
14 Ins Anew Mr. -dint Duffy ? • "Know
10_1",..answered the; "why, hwia a very
.ngtt4tion, of: gnine----the once proposed
to aryiny•sister - Rate !" •
ei , eil l anslo - an,(l, I can't express my do' .
teqali::lia ..t ofyor conduct - 2' dear'•
.Pam very glad
We are sure that the following article,
which we copy from 14 7 he Lawsof Life,"
will •be highly interesting to oar lady
readers, for however, much they may be
wedded to their long skirts,it must be
humihatingior them in their sober me- -
ments to reflect, that, in the estimation
of many, they are regarded-RS the corn
moti scavengers of, our public high-ways
and wheb we consider the advantages of
the short drese to the wearer—especial
ly Wheh contrasted With thb disidvanta: ,
ges of the long dress, we are surprised
t 41- our ladies should. be so, slow,to
adopt an improvement that commends
itself to the:good sense of eyery.reason
able persob. Who of our young ladies
will lead off in the admirable style of
Miss Strahan ? - We'pause for a replY:
"Every body has heard of 'Governor
Sprague's Rhode Island Regiment which.
marched with so much promptness and
alacrity to -the defen`se of the Union:
The fact that that little State should: be'
able in.a few days sifter the President's
proclamation to report herself at the
Capital with a body 0f,1300 men, iwith
the Governor at their head, fully uniform- ,
ed; armed, equipped and drilled for ser
vice, took everybody by surprise and
elicited nniVeisril admiration. That
regiment 'has with it, in accordanCP with
French eustoni,'a vivandiere or 13aughter
or the regiment. She is the daughter of
Sergeant Strahan, a nieinber'nf thelegi
ment. The novelty of the style - of dress
she wears attracts much attention, and
excites invidnous remarks from ladies
who, perhaps, feel rather envious of her
on account of the advantage, she has
over those who wear long skirtl, •in
walking uporrwet and muddy pavements
and street AiisSings without - soiling her
dsos or exposing her ankles. For conve
nience.of loconfotion and adaptation to
the performance, sif.the active daties of
camp life, motto mentionits 'advantages
in point' of healthfulness and cleaulineis,
it certainly is very superior tolong drag
gling, wholi*e,s.een the
American Costume can form,a ood idea
of Aye genera). appearance t,hia,young
lady's dress. But I will giye a sketch
of it somewhat in detail.
In its , materials and .colors, it Corres
ponds with the Uniform w.orn,bythe reg
iment. The head dress is, either a cadet
cap trimmed with yellow, or a black
plash or felt hat, like the army regila
tion hat. Her hair is cut iff ratind even
with the lower ends of theSars and nape
,of the neck. The body *of her chit
of dark blue cloth made full before!' and
behind, and t it !bnttons up to the"throat
in front with.e, single row of yellow but
tons. he sleeves_. are, somewhat. full,
with cuffs, and buttoned at tlievrists...,,
From a pocket in the le/I....breast, the
margin of!a white handkerchief peeps
slyly out, The coat has a small. turned
down collar, 'between which and the neck
of the wearer, there Crops out, is geolo
gists would say., a white linen turn down
collar a neck
tie: A belt of black patent or glazed
leatbeF girdles - 4.hW waist. ;A icarlet
eeleted.,worsted or cloth .skirt, *iths
dark stripe two inches wide • rimidrig
down•each-side; extends from the belt
down to about even with-the knees,
The skirt, to all appearance, l is entirely
innocent' ofloops, .anything. akin
thereto. it corresponds in color with
the blankets of the men, which in cold
and stofinY 'Weather; they -wear shails,
giving the' Regifeetit'A very gajr 'skid
pictureSque appearance. Her_ pantg
loons:are of darli - gie:y cloth correftn-'
ding with that,of the men, the Rui,Acr
far as visible, being the same. Her
'shoes ere of gaiter or '"Congress bittern
with heels, and . when the 'streets 'are
muddy she, wears buckskin gaiters strap
ped under the shoes, and laced up -around
the ankles outside of thelpintaloons.—
So pinch for the pude= orgiallatie."!Lit
tle Rhody's" daughter of the Regiment.
I leave it to the imagination of year
readers to embody within thi's,dress jest
whatever style and pattern *of wearer
suit'may best their respective fancies
There are two Or three other ladies,
wives 1:f the soldiera, accompanying' the
Regiment : as nurses and daundieskii;
who: don the earner .style ;of.dresZ. *And
it is stated that a _Pennsylvania ,Regi
, meat is on its : way to:the Capitskspeopa
. by .a. ‘,` daughter" .wearing, the
" Turco" dress.
WA wag up tewn,-passing:by a:house
which had been alnhist consurreed•hy-fire ;
inquired whose it - Was. Beim tot that
it was a hatieo, '/Adit said he, ``t 'en
the iosa
EuXoy times horses byithel
use of theltion r ,,Wa & boys, Intty! , bellt
tamed in the, sumeAkay •
Ter - rY)s—Cais Dollar a::2-ear,
The Peo
TETE"Have - now; in 'State' the . latgek and
V V must complete assortment of $ p . r, i n g
Style HATS .CARS.ever,kept im this city:
We,nre . now : mantlfacturing four new aid
elegant varieties" of Spring:M.3 , le Sil' and Cas
simet Elate. splendid Silk 'Hat.
- F E ErA S • -
I4e* azid.elekant styles ofiSlizing.and Sturnnef
Felt: Hats, from the finest beaver . to the
We are amply prepared :to' !job" all
goods'ih our line to Dealeraatfttn'inost reason
able rates. - ,They will finthit tri their advant
age to call anti examine, our large and. superi- .
or stock. To thoSe frierlV, &Ming the
past, have steadfastly continued:their very
liberal patronage r ,we return our sincere thanks,
and trust, by strict attention to business, fait
dealing and low prises; combined with the
Superior exellence 'of our geodayto nierita Con
tinuance of past favors.
Shipping Ftir boaght : wad the'kighest.firiie'
Paid in cash. JOHN A. SHU,LTZ,'
. ,
LANCIASTER; AP4II. lby R 18.61.
a l. • Da. H. =GROVEt ,
. co
.DE.PrIIER'III • •. up
ebehlie.lls; 3:36l'fiiiitti% $OO4 &e,
OUL er y orm t e pti - 1Y PC ; that
r he 13 ',conatantik...redeitirig Ire& adai=
flows to his dre„, ,, ,skock, , ,and , allpples keep
band a complete - 11, aWd6Arneilt
Drugs, : Medicines, Chem lapis,- Pfx . int4
Oils, Varnishes, I?.yttirs,.!* l is t s„
•Mitelead, Brushes of
and everything usually kept by shuggtas,and.
apothecaries. ' ' •
An assortment' oi all kind of. LAMPS,f,or
nurning Fluid, Pine Oil or, Coal .0i),
Tops; Wicks and . Oils'ennitantly'ori
A nicely 'Selected lor , of '411; .kinds of STA*.
TIONARY, Enyeippen„ , ?ens,,Pprt-laddejsy
Inks, &c.,'of alreades ar.d ati
POrligterh TOlualle4.00003: 1 1ooth Washer
and an
al of
Fano and Toilet ar
tides, all - iyehiCh lk silent rinsonarde
.Saw: 1111).. and Punbar:Vai4-
' II .fa:RIETT -P- 4
Ac % a.;
cioNSTANTLY. column) a t fop. .aiLsortaati
of ail kind's o'f Seasoned Luilbel, which Se
o ars tit 'reasonable ".pncei.
Beards, Plank,Voist, Scantling,
Rafters,. Laths, Shingles,
Pails, 0., te:i A.
O'ATC, *- HEMLOCK- TiMß.gli.
All orders attended. to with diEiplikil•
Marietta, April 1 Itf. ,1 . 84541-; • • t
••• Iffariettak 'Lancaster
rpliOmAs C. , CHILD, halt gonstantlY
A. on. hand, or Manufactured ,to r, all
kings of SASH; DUORS;*lfLililDS';'thilftergi
Irc. All orderfi addretted to Mtn.s.rrEn.
1-louTz & Co., for any of the aline article,s, of
for 'Bill Stuff, tfitilier Girdel4 - Lath i lsiekets,
Pales, Shingling Lath, P10b.1% Boards; 'Weather
Boarding, White Pine Shingles, or Lumber will
elways meet with prompt attention, and lie sup=
plied on as favorable terms as from any other
astabliihmenf in, the country.. . r
p . or
TJENETT'S Cdeottine..—A entrtporind 'of
• Cocoa-nut:Dili Fic , ,, , fox . drkssivgithre.lialt•
efficacy and, agreeableness, it is without
an equal. It prevents the hair iforit fillingmfr.
Itpromotes its healthy, lAtthyAgerOnagro:wth„
It is not greasy or sticky' ; . , , •
It leaves no disagreeahleid4:' ' '- " • • '
It softens the hair when-hard and dry.
at soothes the', irr.itateci.scalp skin- ..1
It affords the lie : hest lustre. . ,
leremains longestin effeet. For Sale at
. •. • ) ..GROTE &ROTH'S:
Drug Fr Perfumery,Store,, ilfarket street: ,
- .
Ilavingjushletdrne4l from the city, with
a nicely selected lot of_ Ready-made Clothifig,
which the undersigneilia prepared tefurnish at
redUced prices; ' haviiiglaid in a taleral aSslirt
dent of men and !boF/s'• clothing-, which - he is
determined to sell Loir,,, spa. c,AS4. Ilisstoeh
consists 'of Dnias; Facia: Linn
GLOVES,SUSPENDERS 3 &C. EVOrythirt& in the
Furnishing Goods.lines - Call-and- examine be
fp) purchasing elsgwliere. .13v0V - thing sold at
'prides to suit the - tunes.. ".I:O — AAT _BELL.
ebrner of'Elbotb l Earie tind
doe* to Caksel's - StOrd. • •
Ma iejla, 9ctobe t r,2B; 1856. ,
, 'N.tVir• BRASS
. . C OpDoot Tarte •
for_ One _Dollar.
Cocks, atul. Je4i~velry . carefully
etiarges =Aerate, ht YtirPLPF.'S.
A , . ~ . .
General Assurtirtent of * all kinds of ,
. • lifilMet 9 s ,SCXE,WSj 13bIts, Cellar Grates,
Paints, Oils, Glass and Putty, very cheap.
.„ . . .
100 'Thisbe choice ;slew JeTsey Mercer P0.,._
TATOES Jest received by
. • • ' Span ter& Patterson.
1064 POUNDSPrime 'York County
or. s.ingle„pound. kor.sule MP-.I,MT*.
ST. CROIX AND NE liirin*C.g.acD'R/Plli
for culinary purposes, warranted gamin,"
0 t f1..8. Benjamin ei'Co 7 4.. - •
TVOTT'S Hangiit and. Sick: Lannis,
For Saler& -GROVE'S,
GUM D 1 )D Stem*ltg.
Drops,Z:varieties„ at.W
ll ea
'6 1 1 1 1 1: 4 / 1 1/N.Xi
jou celebrik
11,1%4,/,,1. D.
4 0.4 Wing D t
tlialLVS(l 4 9s4 92 Marke -5
NO. 52.
les' Hat and Cap Store.
No. 20 NDRTIi QuEiNEzr,
Practical' Mzttersi 11fanufacturers,
commonest woo]; rangirig in rites
fronr $5.00.t0,f0 centri4 1 •
A liPff 4 21 dilc°,l4Pc
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