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    the Matitttian.
Saturday Morning, July 6, 1867.
o'The Washington- corrissponden tof
The Press has the folloWirig in regard to
the case of John H. Surratt : "Grave
doubts are entertained as to whether
Barrett can be convicted. Hie counsel,
for some reason, are very confidmit of
his release. It is thought their chief
reliance is upon a disagreement among
the members of the jury, some of whom
are knoivn to be devoted Roman
Catholic Copperheads. As-I informed
you previdusly. this Catholic church,
which is very strong here, is doing eve
rything to aid the prisoner. Weichmai
and St. Marie are Catholics but are per
secuted beyond measure by the priests
and piominent members of the church.
Both have been threatened with amine.
ar Maximilian . was really shot by
order of Jaurez, on -the 19th of Jane.
It is believed that Juarez reluctantly
coneented•to the execution of Maximil
ian. When the messenger bearing des
patches from our Government relative
to sparing the life of Maximilian deliv
ered his packages* to Juarez, the latter
informed him that he (Juarez) was
disposed to spare the life - of Maximilian,
but the pressure from the Mexican
leaders and people for hie execution
was so great that it would be almost
impossible to resist it.
eir Hon. Charles Denison, member
of Congress fiom the Twelfth District
of Pennsylvania, died at his residence
in Wilkeebarre, on the 27th tilt., after a
lingering illness. Mr. Denison was
born in Wyoming Valley in 1818, gradu
ated at Dickinson .College in 1839,
adopted and practiced the profession of
law, was elected a Representative to
the Thirty-eighth Congress, and re
elected to the Thirty-ninth and Fortieth
or During 'a recent wedding in's
church in a village near Troy, When the
clergyman asked if anybody knew any
reason why. the ceremony should not
proceed, a woman rose in the audience,
and forbade the bans on the-ground that
the groom had promised to marry her
when her husband died. The clergyman
decided that she had no right to look so
far ahead, and went on with the cere
isir The impeachment of the Presi
dent will "prcibablibe, initiated by the
proper proceedings at the present sess
ion of Congresi. The Judiciary Com
mittee some time since announced that
it hid sufficient evidexice to warrant such
a movement. If this really is the fact,
the country is prepared for the work
of punishment.
grir One Colonel Schumaker first dis
covered coal in Pennsylvaia in 1811, but
the people had no faith in the discovery,
and Schumaker, after losing eight years
labor and a large fortune, subsequently
became insane and died in the lunatic
asylum in Philadelphia, after twenty-one
years confinement as a madman.
sur A young man named John Rivers
last week, in Putnam county, Ga., was
gathering strawberries in his
patch, on hie hands and knees, when a
rattlesnake sprung and struck him on
the neck. A physician was sent for at
once, brit before he arrived the young
man was dead.
Oir A young man named. Loehr re
cently married the daughter of. one
Schmidt, in St. Louis. He had fairly
earned her, having' three years. since
agreed to labor for her parents for' that
period, the remuneration being board,
clothes and Sophia. He had to make
the agreement or lose Sophia.
There, is now a Priest residing at
Capri,,witci,posgee 200 blind Quails. Be
has had their, : eyes put out with a hot
knitting needle in order that they should
call, and so decoy, others of their ape.
cies. There should be a prevention of
cruelty society established at Capri.
Gir Mr. Lord, upon whose property
the famous Lord bond robbery was
committed, last week received from an
unknown source'sl 200,000 of the bonds
stolen from him. This leaves a deficit
of only $90,000 still Missing. Mysteri
ous as usual
sr Wednesday last found the Forti.
eth Congress at its post, and= ready for
duty. The roll was called at noon, a
quorum was found present, and the
country was safe again.
Gen. Geffrard, es-President of the
Republic of Hayii , has arrived in Paris.
He iB dishribod as a fine tall mart of
color with a white monstache.
igar The. Boman Catholic bishops or
New York, and ,. Irooklyo 4have isene4
circulars derkonstotag perai
pondent at Rome tiescribesthe . person
al appearance of the Pope, as follows i
"I met him the othfr day on the Vio
Angelica, a pleasant, shady street that
runs out north under the walls of the
*Vatican, where he had gone. as is his
wont, to take an evening drive. He
generally drives out betweens and 6 o'k
goes out a few hundred rods, and then
dismounts and walks. I saw him ,walk
over a mile and then disappeared from
sight, atlll walkid'g, while hie carriage fol
lowed slowly o, behind. He walks with
the totter peculiar to old age, and With
a considerable stoop, and yet with not a
little rapidity and energy. I am bound
to say of Phis IX, has the pleasantest
face I have' seen in Hurtipe ; hie good
nature amounts to a weakness, end his
hesitation is said*to give his councillors
trouble." •
sir A correspondent of the Cincin•
nati Gazette has made the acquaintance
of 'Solomon Thomas,' a gate kieper at
Fairmount, Ind., who is now in his
eighty "ninth year, and 'who, while living
in lowa, sent to the army during the
Rebellion, tweitty-fOiir sons and sons-in
law, all of whom, after years of hard
service, returned home onharmid.
Thomas is in good health, is very active
both in body and mind, and bids fair to
outlive many men of forty.
Eminent men of science have dis
covered that electricity and magnetism
are developed in the system from the
iron in the blood. This accounts for
the debility, low spirits and lack of ener
•gy a person feels when this vital element
becomes reduced. The Peruvian Syrup,
a protoxide of iron, supplies the blood
with its iron element and in the only
form in which it is possible fur it to en
ter the circulation.
sr It is said that during the siege of
Queretero the women of the city carried
food and drink to the soldiers in the
trenches, at the peril of their lives.
Many thus fell victims to their conjugal
devotion. One was shot through the
breast by a bullet, which likewise killed
the infant, strapped to her breast. A.
secoid_ had her head taken off by a
round shot. A. thirdwas killed by a
bullet in the plaza.
or In a school recently a teacher
took occasion to relate an anecdote of a
little girl who tried ''to overcome evil
with good," by giving a new Testament
to a boy who had ill-treated her. The
story was appreciated, for a few minutes
afterwards one boy struck another, and
being asked the reason, said he was
"trying to get a Testament." This was
a practical bearing altogether unexpect
' A. resident of Berlin recently went
to sleep _with cigar in_ his mouth. The
nest morning he was found to be un
conscious. Be slept, and could not be
awakened by the most violent shaking.
The eipreision of his featuies was calm
and hie body was rigid and unimpress
ionable to pain. Be was restored on
the seventh day. • -
gar William H. Day, of Jersey City,
hag been sentenced for an undue regard
for' married life. Sarah Dietz, Matilda
Siren and Marie Haight, all wedded
wives confronted him in court. He
married the former thirteen years ago,
the second eight years since, and the
third last week.
fir The Pittsburg Post, a Democratic
paper, advises its party, hi case Want
is nominated by the Republicans, to
abandon their old ideas and vote for
him—a significant fact, foretelling the
impending dissolution of the old worn
out Democratic organization,
ifir The Secretary of War has author
ized the issue of United States breach
loading rifles and ammunition to the
Union Pacific Railroad, to enable the
engineers and the working . parties to
protect themselves against the Indians.
fir The Lincoln University. for the
education of negroes, at Oxford, Pa., is
in a flourishing condition. Nearly all of
the Southern states are represented by
scholars. South Carolina alone has 8
pupils in attendance.
sa" The dead body of a little girl, six
weeks old, was found in bed in Leonard
street, New York, a day or two ago, and
beside the body was found the mother
in a gross state of intoxication.
ar Lena Miller, lately Convicted Of
poisoning her husband, in Clearfield co.,
WOO sentenced to be hang. The Clear.
field papers say she evinced no emotion
under the circumstances.
ifir It is estimated that thick shoes
have improved the health of women
twenty-five per cent. Bat what hard
work it was a few years ago to persuade
them to wear them.
A cut finger is best protected by
being encased with a rag moistened with
flour and water; this will harden and
remain firm till the healing is complete.
fir An anti-temperance society has
been formed in Scranton, to oppose the
great reform which 'the Good Tomptars
are carrying on with so mach success.
erA thoughtful and pattiotia.Phila
delphian has sent $l,OOO to the-Treasu
ry, in aid of paying off the National debt.
Lv - caTIIE
system of nominating candidates, known
by the above title. was adopted in' Craw
ford county in 1860, and has been prac
ticed there ever since. Its adoption for
this county by the late Convention, ren
ders the details of the system a matter
of interest to the public.
The following are the rules for govern
ing nominations :
Ist. The candidates for the several
offices shall have their names announced
in one or more of the county papers at
least three weeks
. previone to . the prima- .
ry meetings, stating the office, and sub
ject to the action of the party at the
said primary meeting.
2nd The voters responding to Republi_
can principles in each town, ward or
-borough, shall meet on the 3011 day of
August, at the usual pliice of holding
the Spring elections, at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
and proceed to elect one person for
Judge and two persons for clerks, who
shall form a Board. of Election to receive
votes and determine who are proper per
sons to vote and shall hold the polls
open until 6 p. m. After the polls are
opened, the candidates . announced as
aforesaid, shall be balloted for; the
name of each
.person 'voting shall be
written on a list at the time of voting,
no person being allowed to vote more
than once for each office.
3rd. After the polls are closed the
board shall proceed to count the votes
that each candidate received, and make
out the returns accordingly, to be
certified to by the Judge and attested
by the clerke.
4th. The Judge (or one of the clerks
appointed by the Judge) of the respect.
ive election district, shall meet at the
Court House, in Meadville, on Tuesday
following the primary meetings, - at 1
o'clock, p. m., having the returns and a
list of the voters and count the votes,
and the person having the highest num
ber of votes for any office shall be de
clared the regular nominee of the Re
publican party. •
sth. Any two or more persons having
an equal number of votes for the same
office, the Judges shall proceed to ballot
for a choice, the person having the
highest number to be the nominee. .
6th. The Return Judges shall be
competent to reject, by. a majority, the
returns from any election district, where
there is evidence of fraud, either in the
returns, or otherwise, to the extent of the
frauds committed.
Frink Moore;the editor of the Rebel
lion Record, has issued au excellent
"People's Edition" of the "Real Life of
Abraham Lincoln," illustrated with a
splendid likeness, for which Mr. Lincoln
sat, at Mr. Moore's request. The book
also contains a complete version of Mr.
Lincoln's favorite poem "0 I why should
the spirit of mortal be proud ;" with an
account - of its authorship as given by
Mr. Lincoln. Any person can obtain a
copy, free by mail, by sending the price
25 cents, to Frank Moore; 45 Bible
House, New York.
dr Splendid prizes in greenbacks
Over $5,000 in greenbacks; $lO,OOO in
Sewing Machines'; $9OO in Washing
Machines.; a vast amount of Hoop
Skirts, Albums, Books, Gold Pens; Pen
cils, Lockets, &c., &c., to be distributed
to the subcribers of the "Home Arinse
ment." Every yearly subscriber gets
twenty four tickets, drawing from $5 to
$lOO each in greenbacks. Canvassing
agents clear from $lO to $l5 per day
raising clubs. Sample copies with a
prize ticket and full directions and in
structions to agents, sent by mail, by
inclosing ten cents, addressed to the
Home Amusement, 78 Nassau Street,
New York.
Male and Female Cony/lasing Agents
wanted in every town and neighborhood
in the United States.
far Now• that the Bankrupt Law ie
going into operation, it is best that eve
ry one interested in bankpuptcy should
have a good copy of the law, and we
can think of no better way of obtaining
one than by sending 20 cents to Frank
Moore, Publisher, Bible House, New
York, for a copy of hie "People's Edi
tion." It is Bent free by mail, for that
price -20 cents.
fir The Selma (Alabama) Messenger
chronicles the death, in the almshouse
of Dallas county, on Saturday last, of
Robert McKnight, in the eighty-fourth
year of his age. Mr. McKnight was, it
is said, the oldest printer in the United
States, having commenced learning the
trade in Georgetown, South Carolina ,
in 1798, and, until within a few years,
was able to work at the nese'.
4ir The Liverpool Post says that
Charles Kean is suffering from serious
prostration, the result of an affection of
the heart, which' will render his reap
pearance on the stage vary doubtful --
Kean was playing at the New Prince of
Wales Theatre when his sudden Illness
terminated a brilliant engagement.
sir. Victor Beach, residing in Oneen
ta, Otsego county, New York, murdered
his mother on Tuesday, and then shot
himself in the head. Drunkenness is
assigned for the act.
Afiltfid'Ashemist Bads love com
posed of fifteen parts of gold, three` of
fame, od two of effect/In.
Ntb3s (It 33riff
Young ladies in Chicago wear , false
calm as a protection against mad dogs.
Madame Juarez has left Washington,
to return to Mexico.
The Pennsylvania Steel Works, loca
ted near Harrisburg, are in operation.
Torn Thnmb and wife, Commodore
Ndtt and Minnie Warren, arrived frOm
Europe on the steamer lowa.
The 28th of June was the fourth an
niversary of the burning of the Colum
bia bridge.
Jefferson Davis was born in Todd
county, Kentucky, and was< sixty years
old on the 3rd day of June.
Gen. George B. McClellan and family
have engaged passage 'home on the
steamer of the third , of November.
A she Blondin, - wlio calls herself Rosa
Celeste, is going to walk across Niagara
on a tight-rope, next month.
It is estimated that' • the United States
bishops will carry to Rome this pear
-The new State capital of Nebraska is
to be named Lincoln, in honor of the
late President.
The skeleton of a small dog was dug
up at Portland, Me., the other day,
which had upon the neck a collar of
pure gold. -
In Greifswald, thirty-six persons have
been infected by trichina ; The cause of
which has been traced to a diseased
pig, of which they had partaken,
Polly Rogers, a decendent of , the
John- Rogers who, as profane Sunday
scholars putwit burnt the steak," has
just died in Massachusetts at the age of
A weasel-faced, light-haired, wicked
eyed man named Henderson, ran away
from Biloxi, Miss., with his wife's niece,
leaving hire. Henderson destitute, and
salndling a newspapers out of $25.
The Scranton, Pa., Republicans hoists
the name of Ulysses S. Grant, the great
Soldier,- for President, and Andrew G.
Curtin, the soldier's friend, for Vice
President in 1868.
Uncle Tonl's Cabin is still selling
2.000 copies a year. The original pub
lishers have sold 312,000 copies of it in
all, and counting foreign editions, it is
probable nearly a million copies of this
famous book have been printed.
Frank Hiscock, a brother of the vic
tim of the Cole mnrder;hae been nnani
monsly nominated as candidate for dele
gate to the State Convention, to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of his bro
A Down-East cotemporary advocates
the establishment of the seminaries for
young ladies, where spinology, knitolo.
gy, weavology, cookology, ctc., can be
taught—the graduates to receive the
degree Of F. F. W., or Fit for Wives.
A farmer near Erie, Pa., bought sev
eral barrels of spoiled sausages for the
purpose of using them as manure, and
put a link in each hill of corn. His
corn came up the next day by the help
of every dog within a circle of five miles
or so.
Gen. T. C. Hindman, of Arkansas, one
of the prominent Confederate Generals,
is active in support of the reconstruction
act of Congress. In a recent speech at
Helena he, urged the electors to enter
earnestly and sincerely upon the work
of reconstruction.
A. beautiful courtesan, twenty-one
years old, committed suicide in New
Orleans last Sunday evening by taking
a large dOse of morphine. Jealousy at
her lover kissing another .girl in her
presence was the only supposable cause
of her rashness.
Judge Wylie, of Washington, has de
cided that a combination of physicians,
to regulate their fees, is illegal, and he
accordingly reduced the charges in a
physicians' bill to the old rates, which
are about one-half the amount now de
Jesse Peacock, a well•known and res•
petted citizen of Montgomery,'Ala., cut
his throat, on the morning of the 13th
nit., in order to relieve himself of finan•
dial difficulties. It is thought he will
recover, when a doctor's bill will add to
his embarrassments.
The London correspondent of the
Philadelphia Inquirer sags : It is an
nounced that Ml... Tapes Gordon Ben
nett, Jr. , deeigns starting a daily paper
in London. 'Vile has a fortune superior
to that of the Marquis of Westminster
and willing to sink a good portion of it,
he may, perhaps, succeed.
Hon. Geo. C. Gorham, who has been
nominated by the Republicans for Gov.
of California, was [twenty years ago a
news carrier in New London, Connecti
cut, getting his schooling, and paying
his way by his own exertions. Be has
been an editor and a lawyer, and is at
present clerk of the Supreme Cowl of
Oalifornia. •
The United States are getting on
poorly in prosecuting claims before the
British Courts, which invariably decides
against its, whether we are plain4iffs or
defendants ; 'and what" is worse, Judah
P. Benjamin, who condacte the oases
against us, is petted, while'on `cdiirisel
are snubbed,
I tlqioq acifie ilqqt.oqb Co.,
Are now constructing a railroad from
westward towards the Pacific Ocean, making
with its connections an unbroken line
The Compauy now offer a limited amount
of their
having thirty years to run, and bearing annu
al interest, payable on the first day of Janu
ary and July, in the city of New York, at the
rate of
This road is already completed to Julesburg,
376 miles west of Omaha, and is fully equip
ped, and trains are regularly running over it.
The Company has now on hand sufficient iron
ties, etc., to finish the remaining portion to
the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, 141
miles, which is under contract to be done in
September of this year, and it is expected that
the entire road will be in running order from
Omaha to its western - connection with the
Central Pacific, now being rapidly built east
ward from Sacramento, Cal., awing 1870.
Means of the Company
Estimating the distance to
. be built by the
Union Pacific to be 1,565 miles, the United
States Government issues its Six per cent.
Thirty-Year Bonds to the Company as the
road is finished at the average rate of about
$28,250 per mile, amounting to $44,208,000.
The Company is also permitted to issue its
own First Mortgage Bonds to an equal
amount, and at the same time, which by spe
cial act of Congress are made a first mortgage
on the entire line, the bonds of the United
States being subordinate to them.
The dovernment makes a danation of 12,800
acres of land, to the mile, amounting to 20,-
032,000, estimated to be worth $30,000,000
making the total resources, exclusive of the
capital, $118,416,000 ; but the full value of
the lands cannot now be realized.
The authorized capital Stock of the Corn
panY is one hundred million dollar's of - which
five mllions have already been paid in, and
of which it is not supposed that" more than
twenty-five millions at most will be required.
The cost of the road is estimated by compe
tent engineers to be about one hundred mi
lieu dollars, exclusive of equipment.
Prospects for business,
The railroad connection between Omaha
and the East is now complete, and the earn
ings of tin Union Pacific on the sections al
ready finished for the first two weeks in May
were $113,000. These sectional earning; as
the road progresses will much more than pay
the interest on the Company's bonds, and the
through business over the only line of railroad
between the Atlantic and Pacific must be itn-
Value and Security of the Bonds
The Company respectfully submit, that the
above statement of fatts fully demonstrates
the security of their Bonds, and as addition al
proof they would suggest that the Bonds now
offered are leis than ten million dollars on 517
Miles of road, on which over twenty million
dollars have alreadY been expended;-on 330
miles of thia road the cars are • now running,
and the remaining 187 tril:es are, nearly com
pleted. _
At the present tate of premium ongold these
bonds pay an annual interest on the present
cost of
Nine Per Cent
and it is believed that on the completion of the
road, like the Government Bonds, they will
go above par. Tie Company intend to sell
but a limited amount at the present low rates
and retain the right" to advance V:e price at
their option.
Subscriptions will be received iu New York
by the
~ No. 7 Nag-
eau Street.
CLARK. DODGE & Co., Bankers, 51 Wall St.,
Jona J. Cisco & Sort, Bankers, 33 Wall St.
and by Banks and Ban kersgenerally through
out the United States, all of whom maps and
descriptive pamphlets may be obtained . They
will also be sent by mail from the Company's
office No. 20 Nassau street, New York, on
applicatio. Subscribers will select their own
Agents in whom they have confidence, who
alone will be responsible to them for the safe
delivery of the bonds. JOHN J. C/FCO,
NEW and Faahionablo GOODS !
Greatly Reduced Prices ! !
MRS. ROTH has just returned from the
city with a large assortment of Plain and
Fancy Goods, all of which are of the latest
style, such as :—Coat and Dress Buttons, Bl'k
and White Bugle Trimming, Marseillei But
tons and Trimmings, Crystal Buttons, a large
assortment. of Ladies' Cuff and Collars, .1" a
conet Edging and Inserting, Swiss,. Tucked,
Shirred and Marseilles hlnslin, Swiss Edging
and Inserting, Fine Lace Handkerchiefs and
Collars, Infants' Waists, Puffs, brushes, gum
cloth, Powder Sacks and sock s, Belting Rib
bon, Mohair Braid, silk braid, !. ilk floss, em
broidering cotton, of all kinds, French Corsets
at reduced prices, Hoop Skirts new styles,
Veils, Ladies' Took combs, ladies' hose, Hair
brushes and combs, Ear Drops'and Breastpins,
Fancy garters, powder, Lilly white, Mean fun
Vegetable Rouge, Powder, Glycerine, White
and colored Kid Gloves, all colors Lisle thread
Gent's Linen and Paper Cuffs and Collars,
Paper collars 25 cents pePbox, Gent's Pocket
Handkerchiefs, Neck ties, hose,poa ade, tooth
brushes, Perfumery, gloves, woollen and linen
shirts, hair renewer, sleeve buttons and studs,
Paper and envelopes, all to be soli at greatly
Mrs. R. is agent for Singer's Improved Sew
ing Machine. Particular attention has been
paid to the selecting of small wares, such as
'Sewing Silk, Cotton and Linen Thread, Whale
bone, Hooks and Eyes, Needles, Pins, &c.
13— The public are particularly requested to
call and examine for themselves.
the Web) ffotlse Coal 04 Boner.
Gives more light withless oil than any other
Burner. la. Call and see it at
ROGER'S Celebrated Pearl Cement and
Oil Paste Blacking at
. ,
BEST Quality of Wines and Liquo ra for
medicinal purposes, at Di: Landis'.
A LL Kinds of Blei3lts, Deeds ' &c.
For Sale etthis office.
LYON'S Periodical Drops, and Clark's Fe
male Pills. The Golden Mortar
11.. and see them. . .
On the morning of the Ist Monday ofJuly,lB67
Notes and bills discounted, $22,5
United States Securities, 64706
160 900 00
Banking House,
Due from Banks and Bankers, 71 124 000
Cash i on hand n
in circulatin
tnces ad other cash items, 3 5 40 00
of other National Banks, g notes,
Lawful money, 1 655 00
Current Expenses, 85 656 pp
Taxes paid and premiums, 314 75
1 11 4 60
$054 14 Ea
Capital Stock paid in, $lOO 000 00
Surplus Fund,
34 000 00
Circulating notes outstanding, 98 745 co
Due to Banks and Bankers, 14 959 27
Individual deposits, 2EI 611 15
United States deposits, 21 171 83
Dividends unpaid, 302 722 98
940 00
Discount, Exchanges, &c., 2 697 37
I, Amos Bowman, Cashier of the First Na
tional Bank of Marietta, Pa., do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true, to the
best of my knowledge ant belief.
State of Pennsylvania,
County of Lancaster.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 3rd
day of July, 1867.
Keep constantly on hand a fun neck of Iln
ding Material, Nails,
IRO N: Rolled and Hammeree
Iron, Steel, Horse-Shoes Bar,
Norway Nail Rods, Hoop and Band Iran,
Horse-Shoe Nails, Bolts, Files, Rasps, etc.
Tubs, Churns, Cede, Stands,
Wash Boards, Buckets,
Knives and Forks,
Plated and Metalic Spoons,
Sad Irons, Kraut Cutters, Waiters, Bras. a:
Copper Kettles Clothes Wringers, Pans,
Iron Ladles, Meat Stands, Coal Oil
Lamps, Shades and Lanterns, Tea
Scales, Coffee Mills, Painted
Chamber Setts, &c., &c.
Forks, Shovels, Hoeg, Spades, Hone Brushes
Wheel Grease, Fish, Sperm and Llibrie Oils,
Cistern Pumps, Long and Shalt Traces,
Breast Chains, &c., &c.
TOOL S: Hand and Wood Saws, Hatchets,
Chopping and Hand Axes, Planes, DIIS:.tIS
Augers and Auger Bits, Braces, Prunaiog
Hooks and Shears, &e., Re.
Thankful for past patronage, we hope to merit
and receive a continuance of the same.
pri]ag 1367_
Aro. 61 _Market Street, Marietta, Pa
Their stock of Spring Goods, much lower than
they were sold THIRTY DAYS ago. Full line
ladies' dress goods, from a quarter dollar de
laine to a good Groderlime silk. Ladies
cloaking cloths,, skirting anualina, bahnoral
and hoop skirts.
Jaconetts, Swiss tarletons, pin striped an
plain nansooks, pereales Marseilles and bril -
liants, domestics in great variety, good white
muslin 11 yards wide only 25 cents, 1 yard
wide 20 cents, unbleached heavy muslin 20
cents. White and unbleached muslin 10,121
and 15 cants. Good calicoes 10 and 12i cents,
Best makes 16 and IS cents. Good ginghares,
rorn IS to 25 cents for the best, towling first
ate and cheap, 10 and 121. Marseilles coun
erpanes, woollen coverlets, table cloths all
wool, linen and cotton. Boys' wear from 2 0
to 75 cents per yard, lull line fancy Cassi
merea black cloths and Doeskins.
French Suitings—very handoine.
Good suits, from 12 to 90.00. Here is a bar•
gain, gentlemen, wheel in and get a suit.
Large assortment Queensware,Glassware,
from common to good. Groceries of every
description. Best quality of feathers. Wool,
linen and cotton carpet chain with a fine as
sortment of goods in our line very cheap.
ll An early call is solicited.
Marietta, March 30, 1867.
New York
JOl-11 , 1 SPAXGLEF. S
I. Spangler's Hardware and Stove Store
Market Street, Marietta, Pa.
itA. LINDSAY, ..10
Would most respectfully inform the citizens
of this Borough and neighborhood that heads
at this tune the largest assortment of City
work ever offered in this Borough, among
which may be named the new-style
?oiisi) Boot, ana Globe-M
A. L. being a practical BOOT AND SUM,
'MAKER enables him to select with more
judgment than those who are not. He contin
ues to manufacture in the very best rhanner
everything in the BOOT AND Miag
which he will warrant for neatness and ht.
la "Call and examine the new stock befor,
oin g elsewhere.
Sarnilg_ o,lmi_ng jtachbiA
The most simple, complete and easily man
aged Sewing Machine now in use. It does
every description of dbork —never stops at or
needs to be helped oger seams, but does all
its work rapidly and well. The needle re
quires no adjustment—you cannot get it
wrong—it makes any width of hem you w'
—does braiding beautifully. The Braider Is
in the foot of every machine and part of it.
and is always adjusted, never gets out of place ,
Call and examine them home purchasing
any other, at
IL L. & E. J. ZAHN' S,
Corner North Queen street and Centre ' curz,
Sole Agents
er. FebruP 17.!h0c ,'
$554 124 62
E. D. ROATI-I, S. P.