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    Ile Alatiettian.
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SOO - bap Yorping, 2, t 866..
air It Is new confidently stated that
the visit of Mrs. Jefferson Davis to For.
tress Monroe promises to be of long du
ration. On Friday, Major General
Miles, acting
. nrider instructions from
Washington, D. C.,lrected Lieutenant
McElrath, the post quartermaster, to
turn over one of the casemates for her
use. It is understood that Mrs. Davis
applied for a room in Carroll flail, where
her husband is.confined, but was refused
by General ;Miles. The conditions of
the visit of Mra. Davie, which were made
known shortly after she arrived there,
permit her to have free intercourse with
her husband during all, hours of the day,
and strictly enjoin upon her to use no
illegal measures in attempting either his
rescue or release.
air The, editor-of the La Woes° Dem.
ocrat, in a letter written on the 13th,
makes the following mention of the, de
parting Statesman, Gen Lewis Cass:
He is stiltalive, though his family, have
gathered here in daily expectation of his
decease. The General is now in his 87th
year. He passes most of his time in
shop, undisturbed. At, rare intervals
he wakes up sufficiently to ask for, some
of his oldfriende, who are sent for, bat
on, arriving, within the hour, he is gen
erally asleep again. His disease is soft.
ening of the brain.
t a- President Johnson, in one of his
late speeches, took particular care to
announce that he was a "tribune of the
people," because he used the veto pow
er. We think he had better not have
need that name for history informs us
that the "tribune of the people" became
demagogues, and destroyed the liber
ties of Rome.
tgir It is stated as a remarkable coin
cidence that four of the officers of the
broken Merchants' National Bank ,csf
Wagihington are also officers of the
Johnson National Union Club. Wheth
er or not the operations of the latter
will be checked by the failure of the for
mer is a matter of question.
Another batch of new counterfeit
fifty cent postal currency haVe made
their appearance. The printing is not
so fine as on the genuine, although the
fronts are done in good style. They are
executed better than any previous
counterfeit, and liable to deceive unless
closely examined.
sr Sportsmen Will do well to bear in
mind that it is against the law to kill
blue birds, swallows, robins, or any oth
er Insectivorous birds at any season.
Farmers should do everything in their
power to protect the birds. They are
the best friends the farmer has.
/fir Hon. John,P. Hale, Minister to
Spain, finds it. so difficult to keep up
ministerial hospitality upon his salary
of $12,000 in gold, that he is anxious to
obtain the vacant United States Judge
ship in Vermont, the salary of which is
only $2,000 in currency.
WAt Mobile, on the 26th ult., a
colored boy scarcely fifteen years old,
was hanged for the murder of another
boy of thirteen. The elder boy owed
the younger for a gun, and to avoid pay.
meat enticed him into 'a lonely place,
and killed. him.
secretary. Seward. according to
the Washington correspondent of the
Cincinnati "Gazette," has stated priv
ately, within a . short time, that he
,is to
be the nest President, and he expects
the support of tile South.
ear A marriage recently took place in
South Carolina, wherein the , bridegroom
was eighty-eight, the bride fifty-five, and
the, pastor eighty-five. It was a run
away match—the parents of- the blush
ing damsel being averse to it.
The• Louisville Journal says that
the. famous hotel, the Galt house, of
that, city, which was destroyed by fire,
is now being rebuilt in proportions more
extensive than it ever presented in its
palmiekt daySi-
Gr The Senate of the Tennessee Leg
islature has'paseed the Franchise bill,
previously passed by the House. It,
disfranchises all who took part in the
6r Frank- Gurley, the murderer of
General McCook, has been released on
parole at Huntsville, Ala, Gurley is
sheriff of his county; and will:soon enter
upon, the , duties,of his office;
akr A man hits been sentenced in
Scbtland to ten day's - irnprisoninent for
trying lo,,gairoctratiAgkecq, : to a Maionic
lodge, not being a,niernber,of thik order.
filiirXzeaide(4..TAM.49P.lbas ordered
The release, parole of:4 muDeriatoi
William M.;Gwiti,.aow confmodqp, 'ono
of the forte below Ne , w Orleans
WALTHAM . , M ASS.—E Very one knows
that the mechanism of the best manu
factories of this country is unequalled
in any other part of the world. The
genius of American mechanics produced
-the cotton-gin, the mechanical reaper
and mower, the sewing machine, and
last but not least, the wonderful machin
ery of the American Watch Company
of Waltham. This company was estab
lished in 1850, and has grown in propor.
tions which entitle it to a first rank
among the manufacturing enterprises of
the New World. It employs between
900 and 1,000 artisans of superior skill
and character, and a large and thriving
town has grown up in its :vicinity. The
factory covers over three acrerrof ground
and all an illustration of its extent, we
may mention that it is supplied with
more than 60 miles of iron pipes and
produces an aggregate of nearly 75,000
watches per annum. The founders of
this company believed that the same
delicate mechanical processes which
had produced such reniarkably ,perfect
results in larger machines, might .`be ap:
plied with even greater advantage to
the production of the watch. The
foreign time-pieces are made principally
by hand, and except when of high cost,
an imperfect article, often out of yepair ,
and of little value is the result. Abroad,
these mysterious and infinitesimal organs
which, when aggregated, produce the
watch, are the fruit of slow and toilsome
manual processes. In the results, there
must of course be lack of that perfect
uniformity which is indispensable for
correct time-keeping. The constituent
parts of the American watch, on the
other hand, are fashioned by the most
delicate and accurate machinery.
Wheels, pinions, springs, screws, abso
lutely uniform in weight, circumference,
dimensions, and in every passible partic
ular, are turned out in myriads by uner
ring fingers of steel, and their proper
combination and adjustment by skillful
workmen have given the Company its
high reputation. Its wages riot only go
with the trade and, go in the pockets of
200,000 people, but they go right and go
everywhere.—. Exchange.
Gir Leading Southern men now on
the ground, unhesitatingly state that if
the clause preventing curtain persons
from voting until 1870 is omitted, there
will be little objection to the general
plan in:the South ; and they base this
opinion upon the fact that these classes,
with their overwhelming power in the
South, would-be very apt to vote any
how. There is a growing disposition in
Congress to yield everything to the
Southern people ( except allowing the
rebel chiefs to hold office ), if only these
latter will cordially acquiesce in the
substantial features of the report, relat
ing to representation, and agreeing to
the formal repudiation of the rebel war
debt, and the abandonment of all hopes
of payment for their slaves.
air A case invorving the legal and
constitutional right of polygamy is in
process in Salt Lake City. A Gentile
married a lady who was claimed as the
wife in polygamy of one of the Mormon
leaders. The lady, fearing that her chin
dren would be claimed by the Mormon,
brought the case directly before the
United States Court. It was postponed
and in the interim her husband was shot
dead while in the company of the Unit
ed States Marshal, and in open daylight.
to- President Johnson, it is said, has
recently got off a pretty fair joke.
Connecticut office-seeker closed a re
cent application for office with an inqui
ry whether the breach between the
President and Congress could not be
repaired. The President wrote in reply
that be is *not so much in the line of
breeches" as he formerly was.
eir-Gen:Howard has received from
Sir Morton Pato, and,Arthur Kinnard,
M. P., the English capitalists who re
cently visited this country, a contribu
tion of ..E.50 from each, which they re
quest to be applied for the relief of the
destitute and suffering freedmen of the
Southern States.
eir The tone of many Paris letters in
dicates the growing unpopularity of
Louis Napoleon. The majority of the
Parisians have long been against him,
as shown in the election's to the Legis-
lative body, bat now they lose no oppor
tunity of proclaiming their dislike.
W . The Princess of Wales is sitting
for a full length poitrait in oil, but as
she is a little thin, a professional model
sits for the arms and neck. Thisi is about
equal to the resort now said to be in
vogue hereabouts, with spindle-shanked
young ladies, in wearing false calves!
eir William Hutchings, the last sur
viving revolutionary soldier in Maine,
and the last but two or three in the
Utiion, died on Thursday in the town of
Penobscot, Hancock county, - aged one
hundred and two years.
figr. The Legislature of Tennessee
( "louse) has refused, by 48 . to 18, to
. .
admit to seats seven members who re
signed in order to break up a quorum,
and wore re - elected By this.vota they
are, tlOreci elig to re. eleu tio:n '
The BadkingCebAnittee has de
cidud to repcaoto bongfess adverse to
the creation of any more national beaks.
IFEA dollar and-a-half can not be bet
ter invested than in'seeuring the present
volume ( the 25th, or quarter-Century
volume ), of the American Agriculturist.
The first five number=, now ready, alone
contain 204 large pages, with nearly 200
engravings, which are worth the cost of
the whole volume, besides the large
amount of good reading matter valuable
to every family in city or country. Some
very good Premiums are offered to every
person sending is one or more subscri
bers in May or June, viz.: for each sub
scriber at $1 50 for the whole year, a
choice of any one of the following books
which, will be forwarded free, post-paid,
to any part of the country :'The Rural
Annual for. 1866; Rural Register
. for
1866 ; American Bird Fancier ; Ameri
can Rose Culturist ; Betneut's Rabbit
Fancier ; Dog and Gun ( Hooper's) ;
Fuller's Strawberry culturist ;. Flax cul
ture, ` complete ; flop culture, complete ;
013i011 culture, complete ; Oar feria of
four acres, Richardson on the Dog;
Tobacco culture, complete.--These
books are all neatly bound in colored
paper covers. The Rural Annual and
Rural Register are wanted in every fam
ily. The eleven others are wanted by a
large cle'as. The books on Flax, flops,
Onion and" Tobacco Calture, arethe bezt
works on these - several subject's - that ev
er have been produced, and are very
valuable to every one growing the small
est quantity of any one of these crops.—
Here then is en opportunity for every
body who desires one or more of these
good books to get them without expense
by simply soliciting the subscription of
a neighbor or acquitintance to the Agri
culturist, and forwarding to the Publis
hers, ORANGE JUDD 'iSL Co., 41 Park Row,
New York. ' •
CW' The Fenian bubble appears to be
collapsing as fast as it expanded. The
transactions upon the border and down
in. New Brunswick are upon a ridiculous
scale. The "capture of a British flag,"
about which many flaming dispatches
were sent, is said to have been simply
the hauling down of a boy's flag, where
there was no one to defend it, and no
importance given to it all. Even the
New York Citizen, the former cham
pion of the Fenians, is disgusted with
the farce.
gar An attempt was made to assassin
ate the Emperor Alexander of Russia
on the Ilth ult. The motive for the
deed it is hard to devine. The Emperor
is liberal and progressive, and has done
a good work in the furthering of the
emancipation of the serfs. It id' said
that the Emperor himself seized the cul
prit, asking him quietly—" What have I
ever done to you, that you should seek
my life ?"
gir Mr. Robert Mayo's estate, known
as Powatan, on James River, near Rich
mond, and where, according to a dubi
ous tradition, John -Smith's life was
saved by the fair Pocahontas, is said to
have been sold to Clol. North, of Massa
chusetts for $26,000.
It is stated that within a month after
the opening of the New York State In
ebriate Asylum, over fifteen hundred
applications were made by, wealth par
ents for the admission of their daughters
who had contracted intemperate habits
from the use of liquors at fashionable
eir A five year old boy fell into a well
thirty feet deep at Chesterfield, N. El.,
a few days ago. The men were all gone
and there were not neighbors within • a
half a mile. His mother let down a rope
and drew him almost up, when he fell
back to the bottom. She then went
down and brought him up, and neither
of them are the worse for it.
iltr It is stated that the Secretary of
the Treasury has been informed that
several prominent counterfeiters, with
their plates and implements, have start
ed for ;England, where it is supposed
they will circulate , counterfeit Govern
ment seen rities.
d ir Skedaddlers, who so ignominious
ly left their country in her hour of need
and went into the British Provinces to
escape duty, are now called , upon to pay
a tax of three dollars to the crown and
become liable to military duty if they do
not leave the country.
gir Last week as a circus was passing
through Wellsville, CIL', the elephants
frightened to death a horse belonging
to a Mr. Baldwin, of Woodbridge, which
was hitched by the side of the road.
The horse on seeing the elephants, leap-
ed into the air and fell dead.
A man in Providence, R. 1., put
$7OO in a bed for cafe keeping, and then
went away during - house cleaning.
When he returned his money had been
cleaned out with -the straw.
air They have a carpet ; cleaner in St.
Louis, running by steam. The carpet`ie
first beaten with knotted ropes fastened
to, a revolving , cylinder, and then swept
with brooms attached to another cylin
der in the same iay.
gir The- , President has • remitted the
death sentence of oae,hunAred aad sev
enty-three,of-the-Sioux Indians engaged
in the .Ikiinneseta massacres. ,
cargo of•nofroes has just boon
fandOd'iind distiiblitoa on Oh „id's
of llaba
gbt Etotlb in a Nut—Sbra
Gea. Sickles declines the appoint
mont of Minister to Hague.
The Detroit Tribune contradicts the
reports concerning the failing health of
(en. Cass.
A daughter of the late Owen Lovejoy,
for many years a member of Congress
from Illinois, .is a teacher in one of the
negro schools at Vicksburg.
lion. Edmund Cooper, of Tennessee,
and one of the elected Congressmen
from that State, has bean appointed
President Johnson's private Secretary.
The citizens of South Danvers, Mass.,
propose giving a public welcome to Mr,
George Peabody, on his arrival from
England, that being his native town.
Mr. Sylvaunus Packard, a merchant
of Boston, who has distinguished himself
more than once by princely liberality to
the Universalist denomination, died at
the, age of seventy-seven years.
It is reported that Senator Doolittle
has determined to resign his seat at the
close of the present session, and accept
a foreign mission.
R,ev. J. 11. Vincent, Agent of the
Methodist Sunday School Union, was a
guest of General Grant while on a recent
visit to Washington, on which occasion
he administered baptism to the little son
of the General.
A portfolio containing the autograph
lettere addressed to the Pope by foreign
sovereigns has been stolen from the bu
reau of that pontiff in the Vatician.
There is great excitement in conse
The Paris correspondent of The Na
tion reports another Swedish nightin
gale, even more marvelous in vocal pow
ers than Jenny Lind. Her' name is
Marie Taskatt, and she is shortly to sing
in Paris. Jenny Lind is shortly to sing
in France for the first time.
It is reported that the President has
requested Chief Justice Chase to try
Jeff Davis for treason at the May term
of the U. S. Circuit Court in Norfolk,
Va., and that MT. Chase declines unless
Congress restores the power of the court
by special legislation.
The Harrisburg Telegraph corrects
the generally received opinion that the
Legislature of this State changed the le
gal rate of interest from 6 to 7 per cent.
The provision passed the House, but
not the Senate.
The American - Watch Co., at Walt
ham, Mass., employs 700 persons, and
makes 215 watches per day. The pay
roil is $60,000 per month.
The Legislature of New York has ad
journed without acting upon any of the
schemes which were before it for under
ground or mini railways in New York
city. A commission of six persons was
appointed to ascertain and report to the
next legislature the most advantageous
routes for railway suited to the rapid
transportation of passengers from the
uppeito the lower portion of the city.
One of the features of the metropoli
tan police system of New York is the
Lost Children Department, presided
over by a lady. During the pleasant
summer evenings, when children are apt
to wander away from their homes, as
many as 65 and 70 are sometimes brought
in by the police from the various pre
cincts throughout the great city, and re
stored to their parents through the me
dium of the telegraph.
The sales of some of the leading mer
cantile houses of the country are im
mense. Those of H. B. Claffiin & Co.,
New York, for 1865, were over forty-two
million' dollars ; those of A. T. Stewart
& Co., at one store, were thirty-nine
millions, while the entire business of the
latter firm is not, less than forty-five
million dollars.
The Pottsville (Pa.,) Miners' Journ
al says that coal is now selling in that
region as low as it did in the first year
of the war.
Near Lake • Worth, Fla., whisky is
manufactured from grapes and e almetto
berries. -The beverage thus produced
is said to possess remarkable qualities,
and is much cheaper than rye or bour
bon whisky.
The Hartford and New Haven Rail
road Company have bought, up all the
peat beds lying contiguous to their road,
with a view to substituting peat for coal
as a fuel for the locomotives.
A man in Michigan, the other day,
sold his wife for seven dollars and five
pounds of maple sugar, taking a note
for the money.
Newt. Morrison, one of the ugliest
desperadoes that infest Kansas, was'dis
covered hanging from the Court House
railing at Wyandotte, recently, quite
Boston is going to manufacture paper
shirts at twenty-five cents e:ach. No
excuse for shiftless persons; then.
Isaac Terrell, of Vermillion, Ohio,
was killed by lightning recently, while
sowing clover in a field.
" Have yen read my last speech," said
a vain: oratoroto a.friend. .."1" dope sol
t ,
Strawberries are sellin:g in' PhiJathil
phia at throe cent:
,si:tttfal Noticts
male Remedy for Irregularities.—These Drops
are a scientifically compounded fluid prepara
tion, and better than any Pills, Powders or
Nostrums. Being liquid, their action is direct
and positive, rendering them a reliable, spee
dy and certain specific for the cure of all ob
structions and suppressions of nature. Their
popularity is indicated by the fact that over
100,000 bottles are annually sold and consum
ed by the ladies of the United States, every
one of whom speak in the strongest terms of
p aise of their good merits. They are rapidly
taking the place of every other Female Rem
edy, and are considered by all who know
aught of them, as the surest, safest and most
infallible preparation in the world, for the
cure of all female complaints, the removal of
all obstructions of nature, and the promotion
of health, regularity and strength. "Explitit
directions stating when they may be used, and
explaining when they should not, nor could
not be used without producing effects contra
ry to nature's chosen laws, will be found care
fully folded around each bottle, with the writ
ten signature of Joirri L. LYON, without
which none are genuine.
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 195 Chapel
street, New-Haven, Conn., who can be con
sulted either personally or by mail, (enclosing
stamp) concerning all private diseases and fe
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where. C. G. CLARK & Co., Gen'l Agts for
U. S. and Canadas. [ly
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power, , vhich protects them to some extent
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stances of more than ordinary danger. There
fore, it is wisdom, it is prudence, it is com
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Having located in the Borough of Marietta,
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Marietta, May 12, 1865.-2t*
k ,
, TariIf.LROOLS, the= latest fashion,--caU in
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We are fully justified in Etatingthateet4
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The different grades are distiNui3hedhe
following trade marks engraved on the Ike;
I.—" American Watch Co ," WedharaSlas,
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Nn ion Nosiness Qr,-hilt,
Handel & Haydn
Silt and Spring Ganicn
ZxthaoHlymili laticeofs,
Novel and Permanent Arrangturnt of
Prom April 1, to Oetober
Lt FE SCHOLARSHIPS including Ilaokkeepin
Business Correspondence, Farms :111
torts, Commercial Arithmetic, liteineePe•
manship, Detecting Counterfeit Munepta:
Commercial Law, -
Scholarships, including the same W1;0 1 !
above, Time limited to Three illentlit,
Penmanship, Three Months,
Penmanship and Arithmetic, 3015
The saving of Coal and Gas in the Sartor
months is an advantage of such imporbeag
enables the management of this Meg 1 ,
make a considerable reduction in the Soma
rates from October 1; 1566 to April I, S;
wad succeeding years, as Wort
Life Scholarships,
Scholarships, 3 months,
POhmanshi 3 months
Penmanship p,
and Arith ' inetic, 3 monlll3,
Special Terms for Clubs, Suldiers and
Sons of Ministers and Teachers•
Day and Evening Insturction for
sexes and all ages,
In Banking, Storekeeping, Bookkeeping.ft:
manship, Pen Drawing, ph o nography, I.t
metic, Mensuration, Algebra, Geonaetrh
lytical Geometry, the Calculus, Ner4o6'
Surveying, Engineering, Gauging,
Mechanical Drawing, CommerendlT, 411
man, Telegraphing, and the English IN'
at moderate prices.
Endorsed by the public as the inotoca r !
ful Business College of the country, 8316 e.
denced by the fact, that
have entered in the
. .
J R. S. 11.11 0 ''
C. N. FARR, Jn., .T. RES O
[ A.
Supported by an able corps of AssUtdo
Calior send for a catalogue, College Ou' f '
cy, and Peirce's practical Eilaotor.o
April 14, 1866. :3(34Ni*
SPANGLER 8, 7 fa
-N 0 - 66 Market Street, .211 - arieti t Y '
From the great manufacturerssal es,aidcb*
are selling below City wholesale PO'
Cloths Moussovi,elcienne n
t lo wer
d er e
agn t y
iV e
e S
44 0
AS LOW a s BEFORE the RELl'ld'
Caliccie ,0
Mullins, Cheeks and Tiding s .
Grey and White Blankets. eks)
Wall Papers, Window Blinds, Csrpels,
and Table Oil Cloths, t.c. 1 , 0
Groceries of all ;rinds: Sugar* Sy to.f g.
Coffces,F ll :t ees e
1--la3ag 3-.0- ' 5.
P l l
Bells or Gongs put up, can In
promptly and, at very reasonscble rated 1,
A pill 28-Iml -°/um
20 I :,\"fßed'iu.GO,Ve s fe ß r O sV l a L Pll
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