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1864. SPRING,
InVites attention to a farie and iiind.Orne
assortrrient of • ,
New spring and, Summer Ganda.
Purchased in Philadelphia - and new-York,
consisting m part of
LADIEVDREIVVeraD9r ,,...-. '
Silks, Prints,,
Ginghams, Chintzes,
Together with all kinds of Ddrnestie goods,
such as hleriChilailjidlittbrettehed Muslins,
Ticking, Checks- Debinl, Fur,kijure Cheeks,
Drilling, &e., &c. - • -
One case of. Prints at 1.2 t, cents a yar,d.
Case of Bleached . liduslins at 12k cents.
Latest style goods for Gentlemen andoßoys
wear, Fancy and Slack CaSsimeres, Twebds,
Jeans, Cloths, Vestings, kte.; &c., '
Large 10l of fresh Griverids of all - kinds
Rio and Java Coffee, Teits,
White & Brown Sugar,Fresh Spices,
New Mackerel'
Extra Syrups,
Salt, Sugar-Cured linms; &c:
20 barrels of sugar at 121 cents per pound.
5 Hogsheads Syrup at 60 cents per aellpn.
Miscellaneous. '
.Frejtch., Corsets, Tiuveling Over-ghfrts,
Neck-ties, ander:SAWS,
Ilandkirchiefs, Drawers,
Shirt Fronts • Balmoral Skirts ,tc
Large lot of Pure Ligtiors.
He also continues to keep on hand a large
supply of superior Brandies', Wines, Gins,
Sehnidant's Schnaps ; Drakes, Plantation Bit
ters; and that superior OW Rye. Persons pur
chasing Liquors can rely upbn getting the - best
article at the lowest price the nsarket Will afford
lrJ-Highest prices given forcountrtprodned.
New,York and-Philadelphia
jIIE Subscribers having formed a connec
nection with Messrs. WOOD & PEROT, of
Philadelphia. under the above title, are pre
pared to furnish every description of
Cast, Wrought and Wire Railings,
Cemetery Lots, Dwellings,
Public Squares, 3.c.
Verandahs, Circular and Straight Stairs,
Doors, Window guards,
Stable Fixtures, Fountains, Vaies,
also, having purchased of the late firm of
Hutchinson & Wickershatni Canal Street,
their entire Stock of
Bedsteads, Cradles, Furniture
they now offer to the ptffffie, at t.hqi New
Warehouse, . , ,
to be found in the United States. They have
also purchased of the New York Wire Railing
Co. the patent right and machinery for making
and will continue the exclusive Manufacture
of the stone at their Works.
52.1 Broadway,
New York.
Orders mad• be sent through the American
•Idver tieing Agency, 359 Broadway, N. Y.
Just rutd,shed , ' a new edition of
Dr. C'utr6rwell's Celebrated Essay
, On the radical cure (without .medicine) of
Spermatarrhces, or Seminal Weakness, Invol
untary Seminal Losses, Impotency, Mental
and Physical Incapacity, impediments-
Marriage, etc. ; also Consumption; Elpilepsy,
and Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
Price, u a Sealed EnneJape, only Six Cents
The celebrated author in this admirable es
say clearly demonstrates, from a thirty ,, years
successful practice, that. the alarming conse-'
genees of self-abuse :,may be radically , cured
without the dangerous mile of internal medi
cine or the application of,,the kinfe--pointing
out a mode of cure, at once simple, certain
and effectual, by means of which every suf
ferer, no matter what his condition may be,
may cure hireself cheaply, privately, and ,
11:3" This Lecture 'should be in the hands of
every youth and every man in the land.
Sent under. seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, post paid, on receipt 01 six cents,. or
two postage stamps, by addressing the publish
ers, CHds. J.C., KLINE 4 GQ.,
127 Bowery, New-York, P 0. Boi,
~:j.4C013. HARLEY,
No. 022 ',/YIRIRet-,Sipet, PUILADELERIA
Dealer in Fine Gold and Silver
# • Fine Vold Jewelry,
and the bast make of Silver-Plated Ware.
Constimtly onhand a large saortment of the
above goods AT LOW PRICES.
Watches and fine Clocks ropairettby skill
ful workmen; also, Jewelry repairing ;:fEn
graving !Lai all kinds of Hair-Worli to deer
ut short tiotme.
fr 3" Nu% foiget the old eland, Number 622
Market - street,
April p0564. 7 3m s and
Black Hawk Iron 00 Washer ,
TRH underiligned-liavingjuatgemplete4 new
pateros far the manufacture of the eele
brated -Black Hawk Iron Ore Washer. ' He
has irefilaVed several'objectidns to the ;old spat
ern, and -noW feels certain of being able to
wash one-third, more iron oro per day, and
much cleaner. , :Machines manufactured and
put up anywhere desired at the shortest no-
Xice, and 'thd *orking of the machine gqqati
teed. He can .lefer . i by permission, to Col.
James Myers Calegal Furnace,;Marietta,
andlq James L. Shn: Esq., adjoining
.marietta, Lancaster Co., Pa.
j. Cali he. had of 11. I v -Fr.-B. 1: 20,1u4 cox
North Queen-at., and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Boni/Or/tun Leters—
the befit article of S.wip loiters now in the mar
ket. Therare ltrwerin pride thtin any watch
f u requal quali.ty and ustaetrue forladlieeifing
Ur/CRORY Bs-Oulr ‘Vood, ' 4O •Cords tech
Hickory and. Oak Wood. Ordera_muat
e accontrianied with thr,caskwbentthey will
ptoMptly'fille d. Spangler Br. Patterson:
PlitgAt CLOTHESVkiIigEg.'
It is.the only, reliable 'self-Adjusting-Wring
er. No, wood-work
.to . swell orsplit. .No
tinanti-sreiva to 'get out of oiair. ' '
1 , Warranted with , or tef/b-otit, Cog-Wheels.
I It took , the El.r.s.t Premium at, Fifty-seven
' State and County Fairs in 1863, and' iS, ufith
out an exception ' the beg 'Wringer' evermadet
Patented in the United States„ England,
'eahatla, and Australia 'Agents wanted in
every town. • • . ,'' ~
. , Emerge,tic agents can make from 3 tollo
- . '
Dollars per day.
I No. 2. $8.50 No. 1. $.7.50. No. F. $8.50,
, No, A. $9.50.
Sample Wringer sent and eirpress paid on
reeetpt of price:
Manufactured and sold, wholesale and re
'ail, by the `
No. 13 PlatrStreet, New York, and" Cleve.
land, Ohio,
That Iron well , galiranited noi mist ;
'That alai* machine , iabetter than 'venni
plicated one,;
That a Wringer should be self-adjusting,
durable, and: efficient;; •
That.ThuntO-Screws, and _Fastenings cause
delay and t cable to'regulate and keep in order;
,That - wood soaked`in hot water-will swell,
shrink and split;
That wood bearings' for the shaft to run 'in
'will wear out; -. :
That the Putnam Wringer, with or without
cog-wheels, will not tear the clothes;
That cog- , whiel regulators are noreaSentiai ;
That the. Putnam Wringer ,has all the ad-
Vantages`, and not one et the disadvadtages
above named ; . . • ,
That all wao have tested it,, pronounce, it
the best Wringer ever made ; '
That it will wring anything •from a• thread
to a.bed quilt without alteration ;
Wemight till the paper with eE ' jestimonials,
but insert only a.few to convinthe skepti
cal., if euch there be ; and we .ay ,to all, test
Putnam's Wriniger. •
Test it thoraughty with any. and ALL :others,
and if not entirely, Wisfuetory, return it.
Ptibtam Manufacturing
: I lenbutfitm practical experi
encelhat iron well g crivanizsd with zinc will not
oxidize 'or rust one particle. The Panama.
Wringer is as near perfect as possible; and I
can cheerfully recommend it to be the best in use.
Respectfully yoUrs.
, -J N0..W.. WHEELER.
CleN eland, Ohio.
- Many rears' experience in the galvanizing
business enable me. to indorse the above state
ments in all particulars.
' JR°. C'. LEPP.E..qtr . g,
No. 100 Beekmann .Street.
.New York, January, 1864.. ,
We have - tested Putnam's Clothes . Wringer
by practical tvCriring,' and know that it 'will
Jo.. his cheap ; ;, it is simple; it requires, no
room, whether at Work or at rest; a child can
olierate it ; • it 'does' its duty thoroughly; it
,suveatime, and At saves wear and tear. We
earnestly advise all who have much washing
to , do,' with all' , intelligent persons who have
any, tabuy this Wringer. ,it- will pay. for,it
ulf in a year at most.-
May. 28, 1864Am.1
. r1'13,0 t3l -
Landis 6- :Trout
-Landis 4- Trout
At the "Golden Mortar," •
Market St re et, Marietta,
• Market S 4 r e . e t , .ilarietta,
Keep constantly on hand
Keep constantly on hand
Drugs,. •
Fa 'n cy Articles,
Patent Medicines,
Coal Oil Lamps , and Shades,
.& Steven'a.Family.Dye Colors,.
I!,l,lcription,s•pareittlly eptvgurfgpd.
,Rvescriptions , carefully compbunded:
Rtmember f"
SONS OF NI rbursTpp,s.—The Watchman
and Reflector says it ie a sad fact that
fev‘,2f i tt,ie-sons, of, the. ministers of our
day have the pulpit in view'. They
study for the other,learited _professions,
arc enteredifferent diel:tertm'ents of; busi
mess , - which..N•pitimises..wordly,success.;
iWe dt estiveral genres /of
' fine#,youtigNimerropiorts 4 and.,„eilerketic,
They are'pitepared to' make aft kinds , , , .
Ckatingsfor,Roit,g mius arkd Wes Furnaces, not ()helot ;mom has anY.thought , ofifol- ,
Pipeq,for Steam, Water'onfl Gas; ' lowingoinethe footsteps .of ari , . hundred'
Fronts; Cdllar 'Weigliteic&d,:forornid
dings, and castings of -every ;d,escription t ; . , father in the ministry,. It Awed itoil be
' STEAM ENGINES AMP BOILERS , quite otherwise. - *The family records of
ilia 'clergy in the last " centuryishow.that,
Manner ; - Pumßs, Brick Presses , Shafting, and ..a.`lli;gii"inajori f t'y„ot wind I f6KWisd ;
poileys,"4lill4earing;lTiOs, Dies;:Machinery ,
for Alining and. Xanning ; Brass. Bearings, them in the sacro i s t o
,office. ea , „Thu cha ng e
• , ,
Steam - gz Blast Gauges, L u b r i c at o r s, Oil C ocks,- 1 8 '
Val*berfor Steani, Gas;and Water;-Bnitis - it " [l7
unpin all their,varietyaloilers,,Tanks, Flues,: POWeh . of I.lllS,pui I . t the ' s;Ceft: t glimeia- i
ifeaters, Stacki, Islets, Vault Doors,' tibb . ' f i sit'i oft 4 to
Washers,' Ste. •"' ‘.. . , , gyp,
ternatinflrience atlhome and that many
From lonK eaßertence, 4kt/eliding machinery wil,,roothers ,secretly rejoice when Ithetosons
ftitsfei Ourselves ihafwe can sans - decid e to '
D y er ot h er pro f ess i ons .. . j
faction to those wiro may favor us their •
ordera. icrihafilittlniiitifit/Vietterided , to. 4 . 1 r' " . IS' 4 .01
Orders by mail addressed akahos%lwill meet.. Or An army contractor was,bunc . ? i nt
tention. lirice,g:tosuittheamas •
sithprozNito,t • -v , .111) ' 11; had eon
west a sh rt
• I :'`„, BSr PPDBEI - * 1, qii: "
le! , 1 ri , 141154 57 4 1 4E4•1 , sal 11 , 11 di toot
triteted so much tnat it was tnonght ad
Columbia, October 20; 1860. „ tf
' Able' to stret - him a 'DA.
. 1 14 1 ° 941
, .
And Gepergl Machinists Second ,strget
ReIRP sUni o l, columbictiiP, 6 l. •
. . . . ', - ' '.'1 , ....,',. '.4101;--1•44.1avow.T40.. - - —.4., .......--41,,.....
:1 , :'''.''!...,.,, d
z. I --','''' ',, ''';'---- '-• ' ' :,- ' , . -
S. C., NO4T ElR9P,.Agent.
At th "Goldin Mortdr,"
Shoulder Braces and Trusses,
P4pers and Periodicals,
t Books&Ststionary,
- 'I. •..1- 4 t 4 - • .
Remember the place,
Dr. Grove's old - Stand.
Dr. Grove's old Stand.
_ .
Give us .a call.
Give us a call.
• 'U.M
Irttkpitlnnt thigisgthania 401'14 lox tkt s . ollte Crttt•
Putliblub . Ettikb
ffioe in "Ornll's Row," on Front street, five
do ,rs East f-Flur 's Hotel
withf'or without
b~OuT. O.EI~TS
ADVERTISING RXTES : One-.square • 0
tines, or /ess),ss eente,for the first insertion and
25 cents fcr,each subsequent insertion. ,Prn
fessinuar and Business cai da, of six lines or less
415 per annum. 'NotiCes in the reedit* c 1-
'nrhniOtit'cehfs 'Deaths,
the simple - announcement, FREE; but for . any
additional lines, five cents a line. .
A liberal deduction made tc” yearly and half
yearly advertisers.
Having just added a " NEWBURY MOUN
TAIN JORIIRE PRESS," toiether with a `large
assoittCiegebi" nevi . .3 . 61; and Ca' retype;
Borders;are.,°&c., tbe JOb - Office of " Tim e
a•4ldxrErrllrx,"...Which will insure thi fine and
speady . ,e2r.ecufign of,all kiudi • of, Jon. fir. CARD
1 3 -it x x tic from the • smallest Card to the
LARGEST POSTER,Rt reasonable prices.
(Nitta la: tte 3Lamt. • ,
Hark the : slveeteat notes of. angels
§ l Pglng-,,
Glery, glory :COhn Lainb,
All theliosee'•br lietiVeli their tribute
bringing, •
aaising high.the Saviour's name.
'We tho'b'eautitnl
' '
Singing is-tvay,.4 Singing . d-wny;'
Glory, 0011 to the Lamb.,
Ye for:whom his precious tife *as giv
. Sacred th'prnesi •belong ;•
Come, and join the glorious choir of
. the ,everlasting , song.
We arili join,
Hearts all sued emulation', ,
, We unite , ,with.,those above';
Syyeet, Abe ttippe 7 - 7 ,t,tieAbeFie,of fre,e sal-
Fictintk or eliAtl6tiiii "hive. •
We wil join OA bdatitirel thigels, &e.,
,Endlese life in Christ our-Loro poosess
' Lotus praiee . his firecfptio64oe
Glofy, hbnor, ridhes, IroWer, Vieliress-
Be, forever to-the Lamb. ,
We will join, &c.,
Ma art eamia.a, P4:szati,Zabiz4
We are corn-ing, bleas-n&Sa-viour,
hear thy gen:tie voice;
l'We would be•thine for ev.dr,
Arid in thy •lave rejoice.
'We are com-i t ng, We ail) porn-ing,.
' We are cordiing;bl . eseed Sa-vionr,
We Are com-ink.-Weare , com-ing;'
W thy' gew,ttle: voice. • • •
We are coming,.l;lessed aviour,
To Meet that happy band,
And Sing with them forever, •
And in thy preance stand.
• We are coining, &e.
To meet that. happy. bead.
We are coming, blessed Saviour,
Our Father's house ive - see—
A gloriods imansion'ever
For children,younpas we.
We are coming, &c.
Our,Father's house we, see.
We.are eoraiug,:blesssd Saviour,
• we.
'hathappy home is ours.;
If h4r"S we gall:1 7 01Y 'favor
' We'll reach flow friigrant , bowers.
Jhatlispokopseip ours.
We ate cominebielt'''se'd Saviour,
- arown - ont4i3sua
And then with , angels ever .
His praises we-will sing.
We , are , coming,' &e: ' 4**
r.: To. °rem/ Pqr..J.Psus Bing. . •
How liiregaieLifet .r
by., Tunnifig.,,away 'fro
PAT4B,t.),?Y,ol94l4flAtf, ,fate.tfklld
tic, Reck I , cif tu,r11,..- T ..,,pt s illa, !started
w,t I .4.Ag! O ;t4PT.CIR IB .II !AA- 4 / fiC E‘P
than an old sword, which,ba,ths,adroit
enough to palm o ff For the divine .wea
pon' dri4,44 ; laiid (1, h is
olitiaTl" t 4rCei:A
and `there heard ° words which
which : oredh!s soul and cldteiplitie4 his
Course fr'life:'"My running away 'from
home arose from a minor Mortification,
I caused by carrying= a': pretty: 'girl. over
the ' brook.% • ' -•
Donald lean and myself were good
friends at foUrtean years of aga, and we
both regarded,'With a little more than
friendship. pretty , ' Helen Giabani, "our
oldest girl at school." We romped "sad
danced, together and this, lasted, for
such a length of time that it is, with
teelings, of bewildepent that I look
back uptp the mystery H of two, lovers
gotttinatng friends. N,tthp tyTecar9e,
as come
" it mast, l' ll .l.°..jAqggs-Y, 4 'Pk 11 Pr
spark . in iny,,bny its oe om,tcryi.!bleyy
iota a consuming
Well do I remember how and when
the `'grei3n•eiel"'''peife l titair .hi®
ceridiarq'deed:xcold (Yeto
ber evening, when . H '
eieu,""Dauald"' and
myself wbre`re€nrniiig ‘v t itti'otir liarente
frem• 'lleighVerlie M AS' We lip
proached ford Whtleo igiii . *svater: ran
somewhat higher ihtlitrAttl3a b itdep', l 'we
piepared-to'earrkleeletisdEoes eV We
were accustomed to, with hands 'inter
woven, - chair ,fashion,!:cilltikun. etirr
ti r - pretty liiiii - enger OVOIA = the: brook.
Just as we were in the Imiddle •of • the
waterwhich was cold ie,nough at,,the
time to have frozen - anythingilike fenling
out of boys,less hardy than' oniselves , --
a faint pang ofjoalousy nipped myiheart.
W1:13 , A was, know not, foame had car
ried Helen fifty times acrossnthe 1:irook
ere now, without emdtkon, but,,thiS
evening T thciOtt'orfatiaiia . tiat Helen
gave Dicnald . .antinclue preference by
CiNtiag her arm `around his neck while
ii"teadied liffrsele on
ink the Can' of my jacket. '
No flame can burn so ga►ck]y or` with
eo little fuel,as . jealoney. , had
• ~ •
reached the' opposite batik, re
'ink Donald'at the"bot Om otb the sea ;
Being naturally impetuous,. litiratOut
"Ye meed,naittand sae gingar i lirtlikilen,
as if ye feared •tt fa'.•
,lighter than .Donald• can half Of,er t
Surprised at =the vehemence- of
tone, our queen interposed with 'Audit& I I
mission that we were both strong- and- 1
that she had no idea of sparing m'y 1
powers. But Donald's ire Was kind Led,
and be utterly denied that I was _at,,
qualified to compete with him in• feats'
lof moral courage. On such topics boys
are generally mulct's; and by' the 'time
1 we readied the' opposite it Was'
settled that the point should be deter
mined by our singly carrying Helen
across in oar arms.,-
tleien was to determine who had car •
ried -her.most easily, and I settled with
inyse if privately in advance, that the one I
. Rho had obtained,the,prtfere.n, would
really be the person who stood highest
in her affections. The reflection atitna
latsd !Re to pert 'every .. ., effort., and.
verily believe to this day, that I could'
have carried Donald and Helen on either'
arm like feitihers: : Bat: I "suet = nut an:
We suffered all the reit . ' of tlie e party
'to pass quietly aloiti,'atietherrreturited
to the ford.—l lifted Helen with the ut
;most ease,f an d•carriOd her like:an ' infant
to the middle of thet water!—Jealpusy.
had inspired a warmer.lovq, land lit 41118 1
with feelings unknown before that I em. :
braced her , beautiful ford end 'felt the
pressure of her cheeky 'against
All Went surifOrningly,' or rather
ly, for 'a minute But Mae,' in the 'fery,
'deepest part dr the ford, I trod dii' a q
treacherous bit'of wood which"rested,
clupposoi i oti,,a , smooth stone. ; Ayer
t rpktedl Otari n g t44'irh H tth jcPfs'arini hdi
wp r4pfoutji ctlirtY, soaked from lAttfl,to
I need ..not describe the taunts of
Dimill'd,lairthil mode ficcuithir siltutce of.l
film Mere likiliness, and' lily 14:iitt
(monsPretted this superior aliklitY,M3coear-,
ping. her - in= hi 4 Rine fOrallortr.tiliittAlN
'en our! i'homeytarkfid tpAtit e ,,,,i4,l3 l L,w* a rgh
preached the house,
,14,1„ousolseetfoly,eiry i
and bett'ff. , humc)r4d, attempted toLcou-,
c 'late ms lint" I pae l lA
vittnniiii(ti UitdegAttegi? 1.
That night packed icip a few
VoifaridlirrititniribraggitiMil doh i
gation which it had received, aud,promp
ted me to a comse which fortunately led
me, to better results than usually attend
such irregularities. went to Edin
'burgh, where I found an uncle, a kind
hearted,, who gladly gave
me &place in his house„ and employed
,me imhis business.—Wealth flowed 'in
I became his partner—went
abroad—resided four years on the con
tinent, and finally returned to Scotland,
rich ; educated, in short, everything• but
married.' - •
One evening, while at a ball in. Gifts.
,gow, I was struck-by a.. young lady of
unpretending• appearance, but, woe re
markable beauty and heightened expres
sion indicated a•mind of •more :than or
dinary power. I was• introduced, • but
the Scottish names• had long been un
familiar to tnyoiear, , and 1 could not
catch hers. lit .was Helen something,
and there. was -something in the face,
too, that seemed familiar—something
turgestive of pleasure and pain.
But we became well acquainted that
r•et , ening'. I learned , -without difficulty
her histciry: She \ was from'the country,
, hed!been e.deCated, her'parents luid lost
tlreirlii.OpertY; andirshdwas now a gOv
i3rdeas'iii alardiry Of tile city.
I :ara;& faiminated With her coniersa-
Corr and 'WWI contincially teininded;' by
her *race' 'and refinement of qanifitr,
'tlittt'slie was Capable of moving with
ilietinguistied s'uccess in a far' higher
, siYhete then 'that Which .fortune'lreemed
to have allotted. her.. I am naturally
neither'talkative . rfor prune to confi
lii)JeiLut "there Was thias p I this
younn lady' "which inspired bed:, and I
codverse'c~ with hem as I kiici
versed with any. Her questions of the
virions'dbuntries with which I was fa
miliar, indicated a remarkable kaoWl-
edge Of hterature, and an ` ` incredible
sto're' of" hiformatien'.
W Progressed in the , intimacy, 'and
A'cl u ilt 'ecinvetsh.tfon• turned on the.
r'etacins'Whic:Vind6.'e'd 'so many to leave
theii native lAnd,l langhingliremarkba
that iny - oin travels Were owing. tiofall
ing witha . piettY Tara..
I had hardly spoken these words, ere
the blood mounted to her face, ; and_ was
• • -4,9
s u cceeded, by quite a remarkable pale
ness, I attributed it to the heiii of the
room—larighea—and at her request, pio
,ceeded to give the details of my ford,ed
venture with Helen Graham, painting
in glowing colors the amiability of my
.; ~:,...r..,,-.......;‘, 4,
Her mirth during the recital, became
irrepressible. At the conchision she re-
marked '•
"Mr. Roberti is it possible Yon have
forgotten me ?"
I gazed in instaikt--remenibered—and
was dumbfounded. The laiVAvith whom
- piao
.acquaintad ,was Helen
Graham herself.
I hate, and do you; reader, to need-
lossly prolong a story.
,We. were soon
nierriedHelen and I made our bridal
tour to the, old place. As we,s.pproaCti.-
ekin oP;'eftql4B43, grseted. a stout fel
koYv.sYcirkiPg,in,-10.0d, :w4 O , seemed: to
1 ;i 3 ." 1 ?Otor °S;4O)-9re'r , or perhaps
small inquiring some partic
ulars reirtjny„„tol)actrioighborhood. He
answered-well-enough, and I was about
to-give fhirrva;sixpence; . wlniu :Helen
stayed my hand, and cried out in• the
old style=;;: -
By ; fn oriel dv moo i -Aintia ye ken y'er
old IrierVii
The , mtin bolted up, in astonishment.
It was Donald •Leari: athazeMent
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4 Y
VOL. m.—No. 4.
Don't Rook' the Baby
If all the ultimate consequences of
one's acts are to be laid to hie charge,
the man who invented rocking cradles
for children, rests kinder a fearful load
of responsibility. The down-right mur
der of tens of thousands of infants, and
the weakened brains of hundreds of
thousands of adults, are the undoubted
results of his invention. TQ rock a
child in a cradle, or to swing him in a
crib, amounts to just this : the rapid
motion disturbs the natural flow of the
blood, and produces stupor or drowsi
ness. Can any suppose for a moment
that such an operation is a healthful
one ? Every one knows the dizzy and
often sickening effect of moving rapidly
in a swing; yet wherein does this differ
from,the motion a child receives when
rocked in a cradle. It is equivalent to
lying in a berth during a violent storm,
'arid that sickens nine people out of ten,
A very gentle, slow motioa may some
times be , soothing, though always of
doubtful expediency ; but to move a
cradle as rapidly as the swing of a pen
"dulum'three feet long-'—that is, once in a
second-- is positive cruelty. We al
ways feel like grasping and staying the
arm of the mother or nurse who, to se
, cite quietude, swings the cardle or crib
will - a rapidity ,
,equal to that of a pen
&Muni foot log. If any mother is
disposed' to' laugli at ouS suggestions, or
consider theni whimsical, we beg her to
haven bed or cot'huiag on cords, then
lie'dewn in :it herself, and have some
'one swing it with 'the same rapidity that
she allOws 'the cradle to be rocked.
What' she will 'experience in both head
and Stomach is just what the infant ex
periences. We ipsist that the rocking
of children is a useless habit. If not
'accustomed to, rocking, they, will go to
sleep,quite as well when lying quietly as
When shaken in a cradle. If they do
not,tlpawia , trouble : from sickness or
,hunger, tar,morsi, liki4Ly From an overload
.ed,stotnaclii and though the rocking
imay.produce a temporary stupor, the
trouble ie.made. worse thereafter by the
,unnataral,.means taken to produce quiet
for, the time being. —Hall's Journal of
A Happy Device
The editor of the Cleveland Herald
termed_ one of a,party,of four travelling
over the Pennsylvania _Railroad. At
Altoona, in order to , avoid the tobacco
spitting nuisance of the other parts of
the train, the party endeavored to enter
the ladies' car, but were politely inform
ed that they could not be admitted un
less in company with- ladies. We will
- let the writer tell his own - story
"We yielded to the ruling as correct.
Just then a gentleman bearing a band
box Mounted the platform; -and the key
was turned in the lock Without a ques
tion. Through the window we saw the
result of the innocent fraud, as the lucky
passenger handed over the bandbox to a
lady; with laughing thanks at the 'com
plete success' of his happy expedient.
Upon that hint, one of our numberspoke
through the window, and out was hand
ed the bandbox. Its second appearance
at the door worked a like result, and the
same ekperiment with the box three
times, - successfully gained entrance un
questioned. The fourth min, and the
'one who had at first been repulsed, now,
with a faint hope of Success, bore the
magic . box to the car door, but the Per
bares of the car remembered faces, and
for a moment hesitated, but as the band
box was raised to his vision, stepped
aside; and with 'Beg your pardon, sir—
I did not see your bandbox,' opened the
car, and the triumph was complete.
The 'bandbox' poWer won over at least
four friends to thallibrised article, who
hereafter will not be found among its
& middle aged Farmer and' his
wire'*ere 'enjoying an evening cozily to
iethir, " when the conversation turned
. . ‘
upon religions matters, as described in
'the Bible, which the Man 'had open be
' "
fore' him. Wife, l3 said tie farmer, "I've
, ,
'been thinking 4 ivkaf tuTpy society Solo
mon mast have had'in hi's day; Wirio
many wiverl,,y._m,_as,,,is rerese4teld''i4_74n
tylpAt",!eplied the wife, soßesiliiiitiVfed,
i "you,had better think . ofsomethitimiliar;
then_ A pretty Selena* you wfutid
make! Why, you ulat take prsiper
j eer? of one wife. ;What a pretty figure
you would cat, then, with a dozen wi t 4s,
and all of them tte. spunky as I am!"
The ,farnter' silently: tdok his hat and .
.went.tOtit' ' r.; . ' .
*lto man who 'popped the question
' : l3 . atiklig,ht,.got his ladies consent in a