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    DEEIAICHIFL, EditOr &lad Proprietor_
rmizsicED WEEKLY
dAPPICE on Front Street, a few doors east
VP of Mrs. Plury's Hotel, Marietta, Lancas
ter County, Pennsylvania.
TERSER, One Dollar a year, payable in ad
vance, and if subscriptions he, not paid within
six months $1.25 will be charod, but if de
layed unth the expiration of the year, $1.50
Will be charged.
No subscription received for a less period
than six months, and no paper will be Macon
tinned until all arrearages are paid, unless at
the option of the publisher. A failure to noti
fy a discontinuance at the expiration of the
term subscribed for, will be considered a new
ADVERTISING AATES : One square (12
lines, or km) 150 cents for the first insertion and
2.5 cents for each subsequent insertion. - Pro
desaional and Business cards, of six lines or less
at $3 per annum. Notices in the reading col
emus, five Cads a-line. Marriagesand Deaths,
the simple armouncemeut, FREE ; but for any
additional lines, five centsa line.
A liberal deduCtion made to yearly and half
yearly advertisers.
JOB PAINTING of every description neatly
and expeditiously executed, and at prices to
suit the times.
She trembles when I meet her,
And drops her lids of snow- 7
And in her cheeit the roses
Of crimson come and go ;
I see her ripe lips quiver,
Her eye grow softly dim—
I wonder if she loves me 2
Or—if she cafes for hint 2
rve pressed her nand at parting.—
Indignant then she seemed;
I told her that I loved her—
She laughed, and said 4reamed ;
She smiled contempt upotismo
From her red, haughty lips,
And yet the Love-tiglit in tier eye
Put hauteur in eeliPien.
Ahe chats, coquets, and trifler.
'With him,' and he with her ;
And I—meth round a candle—
Dare_utter no demur!
1 wonderhow I wonder ! -
It We true that worned'aptarta
Ate full of all deceptidn,
And skllled'in crafty anal
What can I do to gain her I
Would honor and-renown
Ateve her proad heart, if, at he: feet,
1 east the bauble down I
I'd dare a thousand-deaths for her,.
All blessings sacrifice- . --
If I Mull liesitherieweat voize est
What Pee read in her eyes !
Alsisil 'l'm in a triand'ry 1
MaObeli I go and del
Flatll I commit fell suicide
To prove to her ,I'm true
I guess I'll go and ask her,
Does she love me 1 And if "No l"
hills:NG her lips in answer—
Why, let her go!
Al io]] Can Love.
In one compartment, of the cage in
which the animals perform at Van Am
burg's beautiful menagerie, is a huge,
tawny Asiatic lion. His room-mate is
a black female tiger. This tigress is
emelt compared to the regal lion, but is
highly valued as a zoological curiosity,
and the only specimen of the black ti
ger in this, country. She was purchased
by Mr. Van Amborg two years ago, and
has lived with the lion ever since. The
attachment• between the two is remark
able. When other animals are in the
same cage, acd any offered to
the little tigress, she runs under the lion,
and woe,be to the animal that dares Jo
approach her. No matter how hungry
be may be, the' liOn'never touches his
share of their daily, meal until his little
chum has selected her share, and, even
this he never entirely consumes until
certain that she has had enough. All
the animals are as fat as moles ;`. but this
black tigress is aldermanic in her pro
portions, and no remedy exists for the
matter. She has been twice removed
from the. lion ; but, until she has return
ed, the generous beast would take neith
er fuod nor rest, white the frantic man
ner in which he 'dashed at the bars was,
a sufficient warning that the father de_
tention of the tigress would be a danger
ous matter. Should his mate die, the
lion would probably pine to death.—
Once, when she was taken ativay, a lioness
was substituted. The lion instantly fell
upon her, and at a single bite, broke her
spine and crushed some. of her ribs.—
Careful nursing saved her life, and she
Is but with her hinder parts
immovably paralysed.
IN A Frx.—"Did you see a dog pass
this way, about an hour, or an hour and
a half, or two hours ago?" said a would
be wit, to a simple-looking sawney whom
he bad met on the road.
"Had ho a tail about an inch, or an
inch and a half, or two inches long ?"
said the other, "becattse i • f be had, I
saw him about a mile or a mile and a
half, or two miles pp•the road." - '
"Friend," said the qVst; leaving him,
I guess yoe're about a foot, or a foot
arid a half, or two feet into me."
316tptulteut taus Ib tuzu *urn! ptbao to Volitics, Xiterature, I.gricititure, Reba of the gar, - o:ral ainttiligtatt,
Such an snail:Aft, imistling, biisi little 1
woman is 'Mrs: Caller i always b'binl'i9-
ing to "Inake'two endd rneet," C:it:never
quite able to make them lap, atilte.l4l
i 4
sired.' There svere`five - little Carkers ;
and always dangled before ' , her . Vision 'a
pair of impossible little, shrteX,,or a set
of aprons, or a schod-bill. . There were ' ,
three girls ; and her dresses . and cloaks
made over wouldn't do for , all three,
even supposing . that' eleihadn,l acquired
an excellent habit of making all her
clothes do linty foil year or two. ..
It wasn't to be thought of that the'
neighbor's girls should turn np noses'cif
superiority at her three ; , and the con
stant occupation of her life was to dove
tail new frocks and pieces of waste
meat ;''and scrape stockings,. liandker='
chiefs, and such small -fry, out of =the
butter. As for the-two boys, they afire
too dreadful tar think of. they would
wear out their clothes, kick eat their
shoes, and, in common with their sis
ters, had , voracious appetites, sad , were
constantly in.want of , new school hooks,
and grew in the most aufeelinE manner;
"so that when I think," sighed 'po . or
Mrs. Curker, "hen much cloth it will
soon take to clothe them ; and how
much more expeesive schooling will be
come, and•haw Mr. Curlier must have
a `new,suit, of clothes ; and his salary
doesn't increase, of course ; and rents
are getting so'hig. l / 2 ,; iiild. living BO * deaT ;
nod the girls will soon bo young ladies,
and can't hold up Weir heads with
other girls, and can't .go out be.eause
they won't have clothes, I declare; I'd
regularly discouraged." -
The consequence of this fretting was
to throw Mrs. Carker into a fever,
against which she struggled as long as
she could, and flier' went' to bed, in a
sort of desperate resignation §hei,wai
racked with' pain, ' and sick enoui,
be unable to move; but net too sick to
think; so, lyingt here on her back, she
did all the sewing for the coming au.:
tumn, in imaginatipn, till .. she wig thor:
oughly exhausted; and she reckoned
up present (104 and Wants, and tried
to subtract them from Mr. Carker's sal
ary, and fouad that, instead; the
must- be subtracted ;from them ; and
worried herself into an adeitionalWeek
of sickness over the' balance ; and then
she went on . "to the future that , stared at ;
her with immovable, stony countenance,
and 'Would answer nothing;.and every
day the doctor shook his head, and
said, "You must keep your miud per
fectly, easy, madam ;" and she groaned
in spirit, and begat] figuying up his bill
the moment that be 'left- the room.
But one day, as she laid there,. she,
`heard a great bumming and buzzing up
'in the corner, and, listening, she heard
a spider lamenting :
"Was there ever such an unfortunate
being as I? About three times'a we.ek
is my net brushed down, by some intol
erable housemaid, or wanton child ;,and
each time I have'an ante-room end an
inner-room to weave anew. Who knows
how long my supply of silk will last.—
Perhaps, it will suddenly give out, and
1 shall - wander homeless and helpless
about the world—a prey for every
bond bird ; a laughing-skopk_, for every
fly. A-talking of 'flititi; I have: ba l c * atch
at least one. or two to-day. 1 aLt ,
hungry now, but 'suppaSe that I ahocird
fail—suppose I was obliged , to igo all
'day, for instance. How, dreadful ik
.would ber Or; worse iet,-suppose`
all the flies take warning, p.last, and
give spiders' nets a wide berth ;- or sup-•
pose that some one,fly beOomei sudden
ly inspired,•and gees about Warning, his',
brother flies ; holding caucuses on ‘the
ceiling, and•deliv'ering stump speeches
from the match-bo; or suppose that.
the chambermaid sweeps away my tlay
of eggs; or suppose that she stionid
sweep me away, or 'crush me altogether!
Spider nature iaa'eadequate- to the: pa
tient contemplation of such'evils. 'Why
• ,
was I ever born ?"
The spider ha,d hardly, done, when
Mrs. Cakm:heard, a wonderful rustling
and sighing . ontAide of her window, and
found fhat'it was.ifie old ii/M-tree Ma
king a mighty to-do.
"Here have I all these branches to
cover," said the elm, "and only a month
or tw-o in which' to do it; all out of no
thing, apparently, it coioei; for who
knows what is really the sap or the vi
tal force. There isn't' - any particular'
reason that I should, leave spring,
just because I have always done
Suppose' I sheittdn't have 'anjr. sap ; this
year. or shouldn't feel any' vivifyihg
principle ;or suppose -thitt i. ati:Onldn't'
have leaves enough, and ,two or , tbree
bratielm -should stick tforlornly out, ex.
citing the ridicule of every one that
passed by ; or suppoue , a different soft
of leaves,should come out r i me,l dm=
agiue,my app,earance,transformed:th an
ugly poplar ; or suppose some 'one,
should.:Put dPwo,l,and- split,•me:up
for firewood ; or that the lightning
should strike me, and I shOuldstund for
years e s . scarred and scathed monument ;
oFtbit i'great 'wind should Come, and
lay me low Really, life is full of ter
rors ;•environed by perils:"`how is it .
poisige to maintain composure; in the
face of such appalling possibilities 7"
Hardly bad the elm finished, when a
bird took I,lla:strain :
"Well shall.L.ever do I There-is my
nest, only baltfinished, and lam afraid
to leave it lest some one should destroy
it in my abdence. To be sure, it has al
ways remained unimpaired, but then no
one knowswhat might
,happen Sup
pose, beside's, that I caret dad any more
sticks,and bits of hair; there-always has
bean iiTenty for- alt: but' there are so
many - birds, and the "supply "might`
short ;Sfor suppose that after- . T have My
eggs nicely, laid, coat, some ,one should
steal them ? How could, 'Fever slirvive-,
such grief I Qr suppose - ,that when they,
are just feathered,out,A.should be trap
ped—such• things happened—mY, poor
young oues would gape,and cry in vain
for food ; 'they;svon,id-freeze,to death, or
be shaken out of their nests.; or, worse
yet, Suppose that in learning to fly one
should be dashed to_pleces, and .to. fall
a prey to the cat-;
_after all -my tronbl.e
end one of my poor
offspring, for will probably be'foui:
Ah, rife, le is a very.' iser - o>ln thing to
Then M rs: Carker heard a break talk:
ing in this Wise :
"What are ymir-tronbles to mine 7--
Noboflyknowsf- what , -I..ripay: be , callua
upod.-toieraiarei• noomui kno4iii. how' fa:ii
I have to go. ()Net- all!kindscofvroughs
and lonesome roads ; through,:a:giorny
thicket, perhaps, or 'sullen ravine. ,
may have to - turn a:mill : wheel ;.a - ad sup
pose my power should not be great
enough;'or suppOse that I should be ,
dried up by the slurp:Oarheat ;
i or„sup
pose that I should lose - .my, way,and'
wander intosomelon i thielne,iimi:ass,..and r
be heard 'of no more.. Really,' the. most
miserable- thing on earth 'ls a brook,
that gbes on from day to day, never
knoiling-Aere its next - sleptwill eid." -
Then a hee came buzzict in', in ter
rible pet.
"Dear me, dear me ? I am in a such
a hurry, and the day is only twelie
hours long," said the bee. "Why in the
world didnit they make it 'twenty-four ?
I have such, work Not lone
third, of the honey is made yet, and it is
so far from flower to flower, aud•then
some flowers give so, little ; and once in in that city. He shortly af,terfell. into
a while one of Re is killed; and suppose the hands 'of his, preeeptbFuers, whO ,
that all this trouble is for nothing,- have retained him eter, since, and who
The honey, may be spoiled,; it never has would - not isell'him -at, any' 'price. Fib
been but all things are possible ; or the was supposed, to be = about twenty;fiVe
hive might tumble, or we May be yob- years °Page when imp'orted"wliich Weald
bed. It really is disheartening.: I 'make him sixty.thrie :years bld at• Alie
work and hurry with all my niight, present time.
don't waste • a moment. tint Hannibal first distinguished liitnsolf•
have a moment's peace." at hhe Zoologictillbstitate in , the B&W-
There was a great crackling arid rode- eiyl New Yorlt;ibil.B26, when he sai , bd
ing, as the, fire commenced. its compli- 'the life of his keeper, Mr. Joseph Mai.
i ne,N,smiAciat:Girard,. in -Erie
"I always try to keep on,a-bright,face connt,y.• , ,A tiger a . ud tigress had
but I can't help getting down - some- , escapedfsom- their cage and fastened
times. This world is so full of
. uricF- upon a lama ; wtich was ,allowed ; ma.
tainties, you never know when ce j ld-wii- , wild about ,the -.M • r. Martin
'ter may be thrown 'Tlieb hparipg the poise, entered, the :dpert
always afraid to go out, for .fear people ment, syitpout.suspecting R ipe extent. of
Mightn't . be able to kindle me again the danger, when . thetiger;,inmediattly
and I live in a state of perpetual panic; crouched to-,spring ; -upon him: Martin
never knewing;where I may be required wneentiretruntirmed; and illtresistance
to burn next,. bused tolbleze on the p'af.: the,! attack: of the =inferiated‘beilst
lordiearth, an Considered Myself quite would haie been;usel'ese.
:an ..important :member' Of fiecieti , c' but tore Hannibal rushed`fo'rwaid,'seii`Jd his
now I am put Rarity in 'the cell'ar—rby• - keeper, and raisingliiin o'f;dinger,
'light hidden under a -bushel; I-never held hiin in safety 'Oritil::aisistatice
do try te Asa; bute reri one runs to•pnt tired-and the animals were-secured:-
me out;.all ardent aspirations - are - sure ' The admirable disposition exhibited'
to be. quenched in the outset. I'am by ~Llannibal in the incidenkjiket,narra::,l
sure the-03 , :never.was -anything quite: he - ted,geine n tl
badly used, and.litileappetiteas .1." , - Of koodfetlingepndgenorpus impulse's;
Here it, was interrupted bye, piipting-, bat:his subsequent_eonditel„WeAre'llor,
press, that began to l roer . ont; ; say, : has !entirely,ldestrpye'cl
''What„ . a slave, am, favoraklefiAncbgqien,,,ani isbowsagardl,
drudge, drudge, from; l ed, and nqt:lgithent reason; ace :morose
Hew shall i gf4 ;Omagh mitb..the and incorrigible old raseal,-who cerronly
mighty mass cf aforlf,llaidi,aß„f2r ; ra l e,.t r -,l , be keptbath' of deeent i bd
think or the thousands tthousandepf,;'haviiii by tliWConsfanl'inlSof efiains and
copies of paper . o9ly that ). P#°,,.l4o l .Tr.i.fre.6ette' aiplie l atioti Of 665(1 : 1id r puplAhl:
and think of all t1,m,c9 1 , 11 % 1 0 9f 1 9 !=ment: ll :;;Hilstiieactisalof
copy, and words-- in each 'ol,pr'etu l aqd so numerous that it vroAldbe imposake''
the nrirribSib'firia l fnals isr - 1 to detail them;, within the lim its of .• • •" •. ti •
sue in =t'e'ar, itid • maltiply them
.631: peTapaper ArtfitifriAilt we will briefly
togetheF,••anctthiiii' me 'hew ' er fett-Oft his most violent out.,
ever to 'Oral stV may .What breaks.
nress could: stand'ap ander such unp k i,. In 18,47 New "Kork Was ,the,4'cene .ol
. /'
railed exertions r - one or his most, violent, burst : l44r fug. " ,
"Ay, but yon 'Casio Nothing to The menagerie was tip - tarigi in th
feline, "tolled a bell. "limo 'Ps Is al - t waroholot of toeoll en the banks
waTidYing or •getting mariiect• or ther:e
Prei - maethig,llChU . ich, --- o a r fire.
, 43
,or. festiva 4 l. ;Ding: 4eing.l it•
makes my very, side ache tdthink of, all
the, eirlikes'tha't must receive.", - .
"Think of me," said a Sre-enoine jugt
the l n, going along, "who, have no rest
eithdr night or di • draggedout t
plafes—half the_ , timeoe iplse.plarrp,
I really helie , ve , people give 'their,' chil
dren matches, and set tkeir Chimneys on,
fire, on puryese to . torment is,
really ,astonishing .that some one must
be.always upsetting, camphene or kin
dling•coals, or blowing sparks into, the
gunpowder. My constitution is excel
leilt, bat,really it would take .one ofiren
to stand what I do ; and th en reflect_
on the nnmher of times that ; I - am called
out in a,W'eelf, and. think, of whatthat,
will amount to in three or four years,.
and of the_haste and,w,ant of considera
tidutifitt !which - I rim gulled•ab - ght,•oi , er
thesi rstones,e. 7cenfese, . that cannot'
helptvembling_ for the. consegnenies.!% '
..kdoud cis interrupted interestf
ing.leenversation, and Mrs: Oarker'e
est daughter ca,nie intbAhe, • •
"Wtltat- shall do'?" (she said weep:
Jng, , ,lll..haveopromised .to , -crotchet this
little ,sack for Nellie, and, tont•calcn
-•thcre is• ttl'rnile' of
worstedin, lyric ounce,' and,•as:thitp Will:
,t , tke4two ounces, it will , require• two'
milei of crotchetidg. - What shall I dol.
How.can I ever accomplish , two miles
,of crStchethig.' '
.".14 one stitch *at - a time," snid
"aridltaie fourrCalaultitioni alone, fool
ish - trees, brooks; . and bees; and
itTiiplainthe,Wo'rks of man have a
day if Which to do'each day's works, - aiid
are; plitCed itjtist,ibitieiiiiere` that you
'are' atie tO' fill ; ?dr therels - a God that
apportions strengthl and place,
...*citisstry to All:7,
tra bhti r ,'
that liad spoken :
"o,o,9fAiee,,o3ivn mouth , slialt,- - thau
be judged,l,o . roolioly--earewtekitits; •and
cob:10 . 111pin seryant 1" ..) "*.
And Mrs. 4.)arlimat , olte i an& found it
was itkut , ,
4 -- 44
Amofig mostAttraptign features of
Van Ambung ik,Coa's Menagerie is the
,elephant.Baanibal, the Ear=
gest animal ever,exhibitOd iu this coati
try:or_in: Europe" and as the old fellow
has so frequently - furnished newspaper
itemizers with material for" spicy para
graphs that his name has become fetnil ;
iar with alinoit every one, a brief sltetch
of his historymay bo
, fouud of interest.
Hannibal was,brougfit
.to this country
in 1824 from the East Indies, and, was
rehaseo by a butcher tn New York,
whp - exhibited him for a time in a stable
~1~11ShEd,:.P?"l 1114: 3$
.4, 1861
of the cabal, *here the" Cleeeland and
Pittsburg freight depot' now
"Queen Ann,";airelepli6tine . maid, ffir
whom liannibil—haa''fniinell'Ei'iintail
panionship, and i'Enielfdiatify
to a Tearftil` State of ltii t d r rage;
For tweiVitt ihfdie'd folfd,
, aid during that tirrte 'lost 'no
three thoiteand patinas in Weight, - 4,israti
definitely esiertaibelat by; file
scales.- ;He endeauoied -to - drowit
sorrows "in 'thellciinibir. 13'61/-"46fuliiiik
to drink'Uti legs- the •Wilifir - given irds'
stifly infused with
d c by which is Wes' iought
mor him, only rendered bim
tic-in• the. and. ,Hii`,li - separ arde , a ta
vorite dog Nvith,whom.he hadibeen,upon
,the, best terms, became the Spocialob,
JPCts aniu?° 4 o•-, 4t:44e
ym p i t A m -s f his in si!b ordipetlorr
ben loaded withchain ; s § and. 60 gtUrkly,"
_ • .>: • ,,•• +, • S
secured thatjt.was thought. imzossilile.,
for,hitu to, break loose. ,„pay after day,
passed awaYwit - 0143 any diminution, or,:
ill-temper- upon the
beast, until at last „his: unintarpit,ting.
suyging,s resulted ko,taarifig away his Cbtst.„,
'enings, and the infuriatedAniipaloyes;
•large„in the. buildio,v h .. 'l'.lte lions, tigers,
/leopards, and other animals coma:lanced
Aashihg against. the sides, of -the ,cages,
- while the air resoanded with their cries-
:of fright ; .the people by thousunds gat.ll 7 ,
or6d around the warelipus(t. erroled.witt,t,
rides and every description of 6ria4frpis.
Illtinnitial roamed through the building',
I:tearing down timbera r , saising. his- enor
mous bulk upon his: hind' legii:-and bTats
.ing the roor•witb' find threat'
ening every.niOtrielftlio make a CdfriPlete'
Werckiorlhewlioli) striieturel •
But the Triatitiget brtheriliiciagetielitid`
:Provided .foi Emig'poles 'with
strong' fittieVlibolcs the' ds,
` A hrronghi forWird.and inserted in liirllesh
on' every-side these' wiere.' attitoikt&to'
ropes: and tackle,nianage'cl• b'y Uuldreds ,.
:of' men, and finally the. angry monster;
~the - blood- flowing from' his' lacerated
-.body in• Adrlients; but 'still
lirodght aiidzsti
• T •
,ap An ren.derg hitn;-Per ec y
: Spears d , pi telififtHie Were - then brchight
in to , requisitiOnr'andl he. Wis-pbmshed.
.until completely exhausted, he then - ari=
.mounting in;his usuarlbanner liic com r
,plete intimission and . proMise of better
behavior, when he was released, a wiser,
and, for'&tithe, a better elephipt, I.lis
appetite' retureed, and, a ;
very short' sPeee of time he ha'd"'inece:'
than Supplied - his oxtilioidinary lost .of,
' r "
In 1854, while going`froni,kawtnolret
to Fall' Wee. Massachnseits he had
a misunderstanding with his ke,ep.en,
wliem he corripelled:tp fly for his, life'.,,-. 7
Finding himself at liberty he stai : ted`cii
at a furious pace, attacking every ani
mate object that he found in ~his
He tbrgs a horse and wagon into the
air; 's,Maelii 1129 'to egs,, i
and' theiEi carried the man glad remains
el . the horse a, thirty feet to
a pond; into which _he threwthe lifelegg
body, He next, eric.ounterbd anothef
horse and ,wagon, ,and! made ,kindling.
wood of •the platter, the' horse i3scriping
by flight. Coming to a third , wagon- he,
smashed up the:Awl:tole .establishinentrq;
threw the lorse thirtyleet into':anbad--
joiniug.field, and • then tearing, dow,n ; the:
. fence, brought' the, body •ot' the -henget.
back • p.m laid it :flown in ithe
another!horse and:wag-1
on he demolished the. vehicle , : and- the..
'horse escaping. with ; the ; fore wheels.,
purstied . hirn- for aigl4
ing able to . .o.vertake H the, .frightetted,
steed. ..1)1 the r*c,e, trgypiud L a.portion.
Of the distance at the rate. of a- mile,
in three minutes. Fortunately the oc.
'cupants-of :the vehiClei sustained- no
very eeriotts injuiries,.and'the p - roprietori
of the menagerie effected satisfactory
settleinent; -fOr "ilieud'ainagbil Witt? ihe:
,?arties • interested. After kriling . an
of a' less 'seliotteelfatactii.,- he - .lhydown
exbunstedint the.-bnehi , e; where ?he' was
•, , fcion after foulitls ant. properly S: en.
• 'A few years since; Ilige -the Menag
erie was,...p.t. : ,llliWarnsburg„ N. tY,. : 11 . 4n, ,,
broke, 99P in s forigua
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from, the tent, and Aftsr clepaljsji. ba t ik
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4ttie94oß to 9e L eages of.onimals yhicb
he upset right and left, fortunately, how
ever, without setting _loose any of the
dangerous inhabitants, with the excep
,tiorr , of a hyena 'or two,' which-witrisoOn
captured. ikite tthelt eailled s forth ''into
the ,strotr i driigginglithi:Chain , aftethini,
and trumpetint defiance. The' . bitiza:
istt of tbe menagerie followed bim and
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woßlcept_orktil the long , pikes Andlooka
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"beggine,piteptisly, i , when.r ,he' iirftS 114
back:to his.. qpart'eni 0 docile es, lamb.
,fig is. last t l pf , ,insabordinatieb , °cow:
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boy,as solst i quvely chained.,:epoo dhow
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tearing., ,tha t tyn
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with grcatyiqlsiecft spross, the 'building,
Siace ~then r,114.t„ ; has, cioa,ducteil: It C
wt, greatproprietyi,aqd VanAalborg.
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and, 'will hereafter .coadoct
,hiutsoll. 40 2
peaceabfg, I:espectthle, elephant ahould.
Btill tl;ey watch, him with the utmost
vigilartco; 'and ,keeper always
ready : for ltiaiiihsay.93;.lke ~ should mani
fest aty.disppsitjoq,tg return to his old
diONPuttb.. l 9 tirietst -
494 5 97 1 ? 11 9.tr1YR1in.t.i.1 3 Mil 3 Piesippi,
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13141e,4,Y1'fitmr,AiYtWiRtliP4 waS•gteatit
swo i llni l ly o u i ,-Eragiet, ILlatea,d, ). ho way. »
.er t ,oa n cusvnglita r girected, he atartad on
Ja voyage of discoyery,d,own the stream,
litnerging suddenly one plantation some
7tweli&inites:beinw wheitl lie entered.—
AB - .came astute , ant the .edge of a cotton
!field, whernra'laife-riuniber cif ilarkiel
were at.Work,:iti'd 'the effect' prOduced
:among , theavhitt,hi3 linexpec ted and ter
-I.itic:li.ppatiii,iiittitriviray , be , imagined but
'cantratzbe; ii ascii bed; ! The- news spread
Aviith,all the exaggernticini W'hidti would
- naiurallyu Ile , given': ttt eilditl 411 1 01,0ne,
'with• inciedible inliidltraildbeniniltiW in
!a genetalistitimpetie of ttie entitiv!cdlt r ired
population of ttho 'county. '- It -iiirleven
said by: ifordelhatria - - gOod Miticy 7 of the
.darkies,tuirned.wkiite:ivitih4rlght; and as
La prOof cif thisbutribeis atilofibibteti out
in that re RI: on qv hb lave' not , , Yet' fully
regained. tliiiir' nattlialL! h ne'i ..ti• would
hardly ,bei fair, low ever; , t.o ! hci I'd Han ni
,bal, reiponsible for': iilll , the doubtful
'shades ,f.d . ,Gmplexioti to :be 'found in
rAttat,viciiiity:,..L.: „ , i . s.! (::'a '' ,
3.B6o,acrkeeper ivhbvihad taken care
"of illannibul.fonmazyyea - raVfeti frOm his
'.6t, mear 2 Zitnecttv-ille, , Ohio.--
:Thatimge-sbeasti - iitliteralcitdtitserting
' hitt), Istocidswitteliing , Over his senseless
lorm until the itridri of cages'•Utrine up,
lindythdo nufferingultirriself-toloWcheined
anti:led aria.p-by Idr.-ThemeS, his present
*keeper, without making the slight:antis
, sistance,, althougl3, (keit keep r,
green' well such an atteMpt:. ' „atautlioriti
onflie r pert o '11;1 r. amps woo bare
been'resented wto fury.
Hannib`al is'tetiaprate; and regalar
_in his habit's, sating about,four,hundred
• .
pounds of hey, and a , couple bushels of
oats OPilyktiviti,suCh- of
glik• F rAP !) .el4, as the geuerosity
..of visitors may bestow urea, and
An acre (mare Or less) of sloven ; by way
of idled, when, he ,can get only
beverage iSAtter, of Whinilheconsumes
,a couple Of - baerels everyday. His
,weight is probably from 15,000 to 18,-
000 pounds,, T.he last attempt at ; weigh,
ing,llim has :
made some fty,e years sines,
whfilp a hrphst i Aoin Ahe -.scales At. 14,-
000 ppon!ip. i ,Irksonsldgration of the re
cent -goOd -conduct of , Hannibal his
owners hails had, a= roaffnificent golden
fringiid anlemproidered coyering man
ufactured for him, at as expense-ofnear
,ty one thousand dollars: As c rel :
es in thelluttl of'cagen all'itiepride bf
his geir'giieils) at'f rtrel;.ti e ePeCtapor' e'en:
not but Idert-fra ttie:tild' fellow is 'fully
tsehsible•inrhilii;own triiniPthit he , is the
with the 'd fa BIM t. l -4-Nette YM*iict.
• l• •
YALuAimitlliftEokirrsf— • Tis 980 if a man
le your` Hien ti/—intik's MA) to: his wife.
To get -tlie . liost out of"yOur fingers—
Tut them inlot *stet.. • •
: To see if a girl` is atiiiatiletear her
,dress fa n ball-room. " • -
i ro keep -yourself bed—set it
on Aie.
To see how hard strikea—tell
him h&fies
' To have tart for tea —let your wife see
you kids the •: - waitii2g , ' , maid - . A sum
To'peeieritli ties - 1401m Mulct gotta;
siober..kes? dnutt..
NO. 36.