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A large addition to the Jon PRINTING depart
ment of "TIDE MARIETTIAN" establish
meat enables us to do everything in the Job
line with neatness and dispateb, and at very
low prices.
‘741E0 : W. WORRALL,
Having removed to the Rooms formerly occupied
by Dr. Swentzel, adjoining Spangler tr Pat
tersorgsAore, Market Street, where he is now
py,epare,d to wait on all who may feel
ifeir a z disposed to patronize him.
Dentiati'y Hi all' branches car
ried on. YEETII inserted on the most approved
principle; ef Dental science. All operations
on the mouth perfermed ir. a skillful and
workmanlike manner—on fair principles and
\rink determined upori u permanentloca
tion at this place, wonia ask a continuation
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended
'to * him, for which he will render every ppssi
P:ther administered to, proper persons
Painter, Glazir and Paper Hanger,
WOULD inost'iespectinlig inform the cit
izens of Marietta and the public gener
ally that he is prepared to do
Iloase 'Painting,
China Glming, •
Paper flanging, &c.,
At very short notice :and at prices to suit the
tunes. lie can be found at his' moiner's resi
dence on the corner of Chesnut and Second
streets, a few doors below the M. E. Church,
and immediately , 'opposite the old Oberlin
Coach Works. [ Aug. 3-Iy.
Saw 11 and Lumber Yard,
CONSTANTLY, on hand Et full assoktme,nt
of all, kinds of Seasoned Lumber, which he
oilers at reasonable - prices.
Boards, , Plank, Joist; Scantling,
• Rafters, Laths, Shingles,
Oit'it^,l'lNE 4. HEMLOCK TIMBER.
All ordersattendedto withtlispatch.
'11111.}: American Watches are among the best
J tienekiepeTs now hi' uSe, and for duiability
, atr - engtn and sinitdicitir far surpass any other
'watch made in the world.
IL L. le E. J. 2 A HAT
'Corner of North Queen -st., and Centre Square
'Lancaster, Pa., have them for sale at the very
slowest rates—every watch :accompanied with
'the m an I/ factures guarrantee to ensure its gen
..Located on Chestnut Street, opposite the
mti'd inclose proximity to the principal Jobbing
:and Impoiting Houses, Bunks, Custom House,
'and plueeS of amusements. The City Cars
'can' be taken at the door (or within a square)
'fur any depot in the City. The House has
.been renovated and refitted, and .
'The undersigned having leased the old "Stack-
Moiase" stand, at the corner of Front street
•anti Elbow Lane, would most respectfully
inform sWatermen and the traveling public
generally that nothing shall be left undone
to make it deserving of a liberal support.
Maiiettn, Modal R, YS62. .
Opposite the reeldence ,of Col. John W. Clark,, 3larietla, Pa.
rompt attention given to securing and col
-nlecting Claims. sad , Orpho nt , Court busi
ness generally. Will "attend - .to business in
Lancaster and adjoining countiet4
Conveyancing 'anti other writings promptly
C A It D.
Hygienic Phy.sinian, & Accouchenr,
Owner of Front cord Gay Streets,
Canirnivtion Lumber Merchant,
West Falls. Avenue, Bahintore, Md.
ESPECTFULLY offers his services for the
11 - I,sale of Ltlre a E n of every description.
- From his knowledge of the business he feels
confident of being able to obtain the highest
market rates for everything entrusted to him.
opposite the; "Court , House, where he will .at
tend to the practice of his profession in all its
various branches. [Nov. 4,769.4 y
0 A. General Assortment of all kinds of
Binges, Screws, Bolts, Cellar Grates,
Oils, Glass and Putty, very cheap.
1,,,a1 P ATTERSON Ar. CO.. ~
- .
SUP.ERI OR COOK gTO YE, , c r y plain
jstile, each one warranted to per
form to the entire aatiafactio tt , of the p.ur,
chaser. PATTF.B.SON SC. Co.
lIICKORY & Oak, Wood, 60 Cords each,
Hickory and Oak Wood.. Orders must
be accompanied with the cash when they will
Le prumptly iilJQt. -;Spanglerl&,Patterson.
MADER : IA WINES, full bodied and fruity
at the .f , Enterprise Store."
A. D. REESE, Moir* Joy.
OLD BOUIIBON WHISKY in gt. , bottles,
something very fine, in store and for sale
At the "Enterprise-Store," Mount Joy.
, O LANDLORDS! Just received, Scotch
and Irish WiII'RKIES, warran
tie pure, at 11. D. BegatnataAß.
- - •
TUST R EIVE I D at the “Enterprise Wine
and Liquor Stere,” Mount Joh,* supenot
article of Champagne•and 'German Wines.
X.CELLENT Cooking and , Eating Apples E.always ou hand at Anderson's.
TAILED FRUIT now selling cheap at
one of those beautiful 8,0 F Tit
HATS at Patties, 92 Maiket-st.
QtEGA'EtS 'and Chewing Tobacco. A large
},j and good variety at J. M. Andersca?.s.
-roTre , flidgiiig and: Side Lamps,
Wet. SalAvit WEST Sr..ILOTIRS.
BatiLENt'S long celebrated GIN,
ST4NTLY on hand; Monongahela re,e
tiftedbiskey. . ' ,'Beftjarain 4-"Co.} i
• " . . .
Y.til'S NSW STY 1$ CAPS;
I= . .rolpristor_
VOL. 8.
Men cannot love as women do ;-'—therm'ay
Be all. devotedness, and, seem to live -
And breath but in the , idolls, sight.;
On all the things she has touched as sanctified ;
May think of her all day—dream all the night
Of her fair lice; and irefignieinaigaVirerr
Be feverish—maddened into jealonsy, 1 ,
If she has but a smile, that is not theirs ;
May be lured back to tebderneas span,
By a kind word ; may linger on her. steps--
Hang on her smiles—but still.ther.cannot love
As woman do,—Their love is but a dream,
A witchery—an enchantment—and it dies,
Leaving, perchance, some lithe lingering light
On the horkzon of their thoughts, but not
The. glory and beauty of its dawn !
But HER'S ! If it be dreamy, never nrearn
Had such reality. It doth imbue
The very essence of het 4ife--doth tinge
Her heart, her soul, her needs, her words—
doth clothe
Its object with all radiance, and then worship
The hath . rnade ;. it doth endure
As a fixed star - that sets not: tier world ;
Time cannot change it—lt defieth time ;
Sorrow (loth fail , to dim it—hike the fire,
That burns Abe lilng!Atpr for t some , sk,iaklscl
Tears do but feed itsname. Neglect, unkind-
They only prove its truth. Woull the smooth
Be pale and withered--the rich hair turn grey-
The lip be parched and fevered—the eye dim,
In the Neglected--if het Love meta) die ?
• •
We parted—cold and wordly eyes
" Upon that parting fell,
And bravely we kept back our sighs,
And calmly said "Farewell.”
But there are looks, we learned of Love,
That none but Love can read ;
And-like the dash from cloud to cloud,
From heart to heart they- speed.
Calm, as it ne'er had breathed a vow,
Thy rich voice faltered not;
Serene as heaven thy princely brow,
Is Love were all forgot!
Yetin ona eager glance, thy soul,
On wings of light to mine,
In wild and passionate sorrow, stole,
And whispered Words divine
Heaven's blessing on that royal heart,
That thus can lavish feelings !
, Twas alnicist sweet, tho' pain to pgrt,
Our silent love revealing!
YOUNG LADITS,—Did you ever think
what a contrast there is between the
young lady of today and one of fifty, or
even a score of years ago'? Thew a
lady was one who could take care of
herself—could sing in plain, musical
English, wash, bake and cook all kinds
of, food, milk a cow, if necessary, and
make Iterself useful generally. If she
did not she was Called lazy—that was
all there was about it. But now we
have no lazy women—they are all deli
cate. The modern young ,lady is a
strange compound of dress and nerves—
by which we mean those "exquisit sus
ceptibilities"- whiclfcause her to shed
der-when she sees a washtub and scram
at th'e 'sight of a cow. She is a h - ving
image wade to be waited upon. '`She
sings "divinely", and "exquisitly," but
neither one of these .affects you as the
jabbering of a North American Indian,
for it is not half so intelligible. • She
lounges abbut in the morning, crochets
or embroiders a little, then dresses her
self up and promenades for the benefit
of.some "genteel exquisite." Thus Tass
her . &yrs: Now you needn't tell me
that old bachelors are for ever harping
on woman's faults—that we do not find
any such ladies—that they are the same
now they always' were., -Ras no sachet
thing. It is an uncommon thing to find
a lady now-a-days that half pays for the
food she eats.' ••She iwt nothing but a
bill otexpense to her father, and a larger
one to her husband, for he not only has
iter-te igupbort, but one or two hired
girls to wait upon her also. My, advise
to every young man is to.beware of a
fashionable young lady. Never marry
the girl who sits in the.parlor while per
'mother Stands in the kitchen. It won't
pay .
Coss ThaiD. We have printed many
reeeipts for making corn bread, nearly
all differing somewhat in the process; one
lately contributed to the Prairie Farmer
is thp'beat, and acdords, we believe with
the Southern 'mode, where they know
more - thatt . we about - making ty'vorn meal
into cake or bread. •
"To 1 quart of - good meal, add enough
cold water to reduce it to , a thin batter
add salt 'enough for the taste, and then
hake well done io pans an inch deep
in ,the any one has are
ciepe thayrwill produeaa. better corn
cake than %the- above, I shave , not yet
found ' -
• •
AR. editor who wass - goidg - •
ing, 'said he was "going to press."
Franklin, to giVii'eviirY child,a z t,rade by
which he cam earn "•a iiwina if4necestark-`,
conies of a human apailerice'cllideilgari
the sage of oar :Revalution:• , - licerdthe
others' a common :custom*<= St:
though educated in the law,' qt ,the l fa`pt
of Gamshel, also aCquiredgthe4iMpoititht
orantal handicraft df
which he"'lKitig,
while proseCuting hiilll ` 4Si .
oa. .
It is a good and.a‘Wise thing-toldotl-;
You may he ii,blb leatre'`YohrClitldren
fortunes, tint riches "take. to' themselves
wings, " You may giirlitlie4:ol,44l4-
ucations, and they .may 1:;e gifted with
extraordinary geningi, tint _ they „pity 1p
placed in situations ) where "no education
and no talent may be.
,SO:anu4l3w, as
some humbfe, honest trade, by whioh
they 'eau get their living aud,,be useful
to others. , • 4 • • 2
It neednot take seven yeurs.,,,,§eyer
al months of earnest work, are, in some
cases sulfieien;,' to learn ,an ordinary
business. ft* every , young person, ntale
• -
and female, were obliged it,gie.intervals
of study, preparitory or professional, to
learn farming, gardenitig,,,,siipeulakipg,
tailoring, blacksmithing, or if • ladies,
millenery or dress making, or 9111 , of
twenty kindi of work or business, it
would alwayi giye them a security, and
independence. It is well forevery one
to laave somethiAg.j.;
We do not know what reyolutious ma;
come in our time. We do not know
what misfortuneS "'may, come to us indi
vidually. There is no harm . .in ;kips
able to take care of ourselves in any
possible emergency. •
CANgONADING ANYRAIN.-E i, xpe rience
shows that the dis'ebaiiti of • Iteav'y
lery is, usuallY"followed by rain; Tlie
batiles of the French UrMies..W.e:reVe
ceed by - eopiotiS iains that rendei.ed Small
streams imphssable; and at the bdtile of
Solferino; a storm' of-such fierOUb'eis'a
ose that the conflict we's 'EniSpen ) de'd.
The same result attended the battles o'T
our present war. After Gen'l.ll69lel-
fan's four different battles - there were
"rains on the hillOvii . na days ittsPec
tively, and Gerel 13eauregard, in :his re
cent report of'Bull was
prevented following•up his victory by
the heavy mini of the folfowing'daYs;'ilt
Fort Donelson the bombardnientbrFri
day was followed by . a rain on Saturday.
colored persons, froth ' Lessfistoivii'
Danville ; in this State, passad
the city recently, on theli
Republic, of Theya,re the ad
vance guard'of the apfing emigration
from New -York` - ; in company Witli — a
number others,in the' bark'Willielbiiiis,
for Port au Prince. They were all agri
culturists; sober and'inclustriodS and:Will
it is thoUght, do well in
which they have selected. - , Therevis
present organizing in our citia congplftry
of two hundred colored peraene, balling
.themselvds an Industrial Ret?imelitr-who
purpose leaving,here early in .:Iray fcir
'About' tw0 , ..-thdusand -l etilbred
.residents of the United iStates. have left
for Hayti_ !luring...L4lost year.
t are; said to find , their. now .renitsynee
patisfaetory,AlVl to ..provo'..,themselves
exemplary= citizens.— Harrisburg i Tat.
legrc4ph. . • E. W
girl as present,e4 S. to z .imnes
I. as an English prodigy, because she - wui
deeply learned.- The person who intro
duced her, boasted 'Of hex proficiency in
ancient languages, 'I 'can assure 4
- yourp
. • . 1. ;
majesty,' snid:lle,..that she can 43.40.1
and write Listiti,.Greet and Hebrew. ,
iare'atiaininmita forAtfainsef t
said James but pray jell cab
; An idle tiiaiffateii - asld u
`mantown k coal merchant whatcoal, multiplied bey eightd
d r
with a top `
add, d to m i . gel;;niia b 4 r l hel
. .
f. 7 •
titro'Cted w'oold.ooi .i 4
neV? •
to If yon . `
bet.' n
'em" the oost-nierchnt,
• •
r r;;;r1 ' , I•Q -stare:l4, t,
ger, One Sabbatrifteruoon - alvOhy
minister. observing, ;by the time he reach,-
ed the third "hear of hiadilc,oupp,the
drowsy disposition, of sevigalfikhis kijar
. ~. ~,:l - disposition,
i r . ~.4 4V ti , Ei2
ars, quietly,reinarkpd,liktha thl.rdplati
. i
nose of'you who are "awake will notice"
'Yon haven't opened your mouth
durinl the Whole "
session;' coraVained
a memberl 66 legtelatureAiriother
representative, _
-....t.4h,,,ye5...1..have,4-was. the, reel'
yawncd .thx.oggh- the whole , 4conm.-0 , 1
ye= speech." . . • 4s , -•s R ti!,
t '
$*11.4 .
1.074 !ntf 'lll,i
I X,q;z:7oo-- 7 -0.1 .- 3_e. Dollar a Year
Mr...Thurlow Weed' writes Wlettor
,tq,,tile„,„ - I. , onif t .od i ri t ar,', l 4 9(fel l igkrUrg t .l3„th,
iri:whichh re gives the follthlifig;:aclo - Ont,
ofthirianer in which' nil 4:,;1'14d
owttObrottglit to resign his place eet Sec:.
tetFy, , War under „Dir,,,Anelianan,
:whit:h.-belled used to further tho ends
- 61 4 i,A R '', : 4 , 1 17 `I."! teittittvot.gtot , ?.a ,
"In February; Mi . ijor Anderson., 'corn
gligging4ool/Z 4. 1 , 47 u1eircr:0?:3 4 4ja
p t ali`da * j7Z i arll:6,l4 Aland
, ?bit . illitintenrovaiirient;coverttothe.stronger
fortress of Sumpter rSikeretcpiii'
Floydo(kiecretary of War, much , excited,
Cill'etl'aVe the Presideit s le l eie that
Major Anderson had violatediespress
wised hint: (Floyd,) and that unless .the
Major was iminediifelf e 'refilluded to
;Fort Moultrie he.ohonld •resign. the War
o ffice.
rs'4l ,4 , 4t..11
"The Cabinet was aesembled.directly.
Mr. Buchanan, explaininellanitbarras.
went ofiho Secrotarffi, of:War, remarked
flatMajoi.Alidersda would
4 4, ''
occasion exasrortreitio.n is the-South ; he
bad told Mr. Floyd thlit' qovern
went was strong, forbearance ::towards
'erring littlthlerif. 4 faigi4.lkin theta back'
to, their allegianCe,' and that-that officer
'Wight be ordefeil*backt After an om," A. • •-• ,
,inoos- silence,,the President Inquired
how the stiggeltion struck "his Cabinet?
"Mi. Stantop,just, now galled to the
War 'Offiee, but then Aitorriery'General
. .. , 4*l-t ; if*
ans,,w,eged,;,,trhat,,ce„nrsa,Ar, President
ought certainlyto be regarded as mod
liberal Ito ,the ~erring brekhreo ; ' bat
whileNwe-memter of yiir' cabinet has
fraudulent ,accepteuces. for millions of
dollareafloat, an'd while the confidential
clerk of 'iteTther-fiinagelf
rto': t.
teaching rebellion—has t just, stolen nine
hundred thousand dollars from the
trust fund,“lthe'alba'rftieb,tcOorei
ing Major_Andersanback to 2•ort Moul
trie „w0,n141 qbn, dangerops.,,But, ,if; you
,iu,teut tg 4 trzit, fore .; it! is done; I ; beg
that you will accept my resignation„'
” added the Secretary of
State, *T.
4 . ; 'And mine, also;', said:the
',ter gen 9 lll,x - f .: ,
4 1‘ And followed . the . Secre-
AtafY.o 3 f I ,4ft Tirfli,4l l rY.,. G.enfilr4 l
"This ;if , course opened the.bleared
nYns of,tl3e g..rePidenf , and
Fesujtediriihete.;aeptapce .. ol4.r.,Floyks ,
-- Ittivit , s:rE' SCOFFiRel:—.Of 11t r.
tititt AMP& aft r the 'pu`lil cation' di
Ilin'idrnita on li b dt , , g4l trEarlare%•
surely die," two reckless "ylnitig'imen
Vgvitig hrreoTod i ,elifei tVtri 'Rig "Wit,
'one of fhtin said, " Path& iiitynCl:htde
ydu fiewOl"t'"”Nd" salt
qdr. - §lalridis, -- " 'What ?" "It is ..,treiit
, neiisiedced."' ll, ohav'is
etViri4i," cs'a t id.'the
first, "the devil Fantod." In a moment
he eldlentlefifin Tiffin up
!loth &it di? Mid'iolacitiV e lheni ' the
head %tail& 'yntineifielly an er in a
toi - 34 . 6E soleinii'caqCerti; 24 oli
41ciat r heVornfi of
"- v,e,ast le: 4cili fcilfr 4
on •
TUE Jun.—. 7 The jug is, a, inost,sinffular
utensil. A f)ail, tumbler, or decanter,
can be rinsed-, and ; you can satiety .our
' self „by optical 4 p t robt; tha t it isclean.;
4« « A 3.4er„,-
)4 the
11 3 g A lt / 8 k it a- t h 9l t iVkii t °R ,
i g t 9StrA B : Bl l:4F4et. 3 % AgigY °
toenetrat i e i t o tikl.youri,nloyep the sayf f p.
Yoa can clean. it.only-by putting in
I'antialtingki4lupAttudvioußing %pt.
I Iv AbANlAierigqn3ef3,,AuVelegiu, you- judge
lcu L live.AnceuedadAin cleaningjkajgg,
and ? v Aenee, , Tthe jug -4- IMP)
the 11 4 1 4fte,4ezkrt-rii iligreillibPl4 o 4 ll 4Ppr
look into its-receseea r -and yon can only
' eointilitan
.14 , 01 *dr A. 1,1 .v,..v4•41
air Mite Buffalo Appublip says :
4.101 rt.
receptlyineked9, tlicl : l4 l :46wjag E memo
rands yOulik
iadyse;attired incameamkaidered *wet
,tal Ma; an de)Elluisite eliMtfeollav al* hill)
tat a likatufeiaad a istatia.fully,
44,* 41:08splettilamInerate4 flouneeM:4 , 4
"I must get a— Vail, ItNon s :ll,oes,
• --Laise.
a44leill/c. e10iV r a.6459 , :- 5a ; . ,
NKfran f il;a 7 iire i nle t4 itertreg at 'tli l
last itletfirOftlttiiiit u fi firtaiideoiogliet
)Ih9/PA?W/Y€PWAVA t d
‘MI t2PhS,6 4 , l .ct P qiffa u o4 919P1el
few peotte: WiriP ale . " reaciniblettratii
reSVP 14 99PNeglitSPEtis: is *VON
vitovii,y tich r Epsser wh b. 4o e , ,n f ) t
,1 1 .91 4 11. 04041,9 .Pcr.#,Va , 44 1 1 1 '
of answering what is said to him.
' t%C. •
t*ik 40i . .
f , ! . ! 1 ..!. , 7.i! -, .- - 7 , v•
aw w
- 7O:-
lib ',41
' Vullefa.rraztlf."` •
•of antrVitlf etic
eye looteilforWaid"to - tlie'eldsing, act of
Time's real dratiimx; f3s consumm'''ated
e in'tbe r "WiktelCtirmfilier l ifitl the 6'fies'
"Pasiingoawny - 1" iiiirftien
)onttlteAbobiiiiibfild "of earl - lilt Sinftlabd
'ner, and' `e.iierything, points to lhetirlie
'whet Nbinie
angles Obtfie -itid • ' the
grave. The whole earth is
nalsol9tini . of bitried ! greatness, and' we
nre daily trending over l Alie „graven .of
thirty l , t
-:. ". 4 e l:4Ps r Yi ,gF e Skt a Cs -05 .
4 V v ii ° P e OlVlqr-S'he W. ( 1.044.1' 0 % 1 4 VA
spices, seem to be transitory ,and
parts c4.the, th-tlte lights,qf
tion learnitig and refinement -are.palinn•
their inefllectual flies, before the baneful
shadows of ignorance, ioolatry and sup
erstition. 4.sja giner„the : traveler
treads .upon a soil rich in, historic lore
and the recolllctions of a gloyton,s, past
while the present population is degrad
ed by ignorance aird*slavery. The glory
and siilitiadr tierifyWifieretit naiions
.tlikCiose and' fliiuriiifia t thei f eluiveVien
natftigititifind, laid 'the Star of 'the term
er greatness has set green; - of a
''sttirlbiiitinight',- lin' Which no future inor
iow %hall 'ever' rise." l i ke 4 herdsnian's
fleck add A f he-Wild beitstlf of the wilder
enese." now Wander over ilbs - ,tOmbe of
uses, and the once
,splended palaiee of
Primp and, Cream's, are:now =masses of
-I,er Time has driven lieruthless ihd9dea-
Lolnting -plowshare:,
The _;wealthy! merchants and 'crafty
tradesmen.. effi,Stnyrkla , dornot now stop
_tolinquiretwheFe Homer - Alias ban; and
the ,4ch,..znellow , sky. of an cient 'an d
proud lonia 4no,longer 4nipires orators,
painters or poets, orlights the waning
fires of a zealous attedevoted patriotism.
iho same da'k and tairibie,dxim hanos
like elobaiy''p'all s of deoth
.pver the
viiiiestettiv-,fc-i- t4 ar c
' 149 f tt d f
The rtpu s blid e lora
1 '6;3'1;24 Rl* nations ;, tite - gptden 'lyres of
David and 'I; %fah are no longer swept
bY'llving haVds„and the voiceless silence
„ 1 .• 7 9 .' "e' •
,death"reigus supreme where mus!c
ones ravished the happy hearts of busy
r• Ito; $
The'wanderibg .41,4 ab, without a home
a , country i now , comes,4ndifferenVind
,UP me Xed,., to, te,st ~the, poles of his tent
lagainsk tte shattered tooltimfis of !Etat
, myra i and makes Lis bed,upon the 'crud
:hltpg ,:frag ments,,ofl thrones„und crowns.
13051o,npthe peerlessAn een of , empires
that uot, escapeditlie , ,common ftlte i .,and
".41:4 also; has,falleolbeneath :the: crushing
stroke-of .an , inevitable,destiny; and, tbat
proud city,;whielr„swayedflho.4ceptre
of supreme power over the oppressed
,o As ug million& -has
• 4 ;..1- .OA-th
scht. t rceli: belfiu4; . itt . t.,race of its form-
er .greatness, or a crumbliou to
shim where the ramparts of 'Semiramis
oice stood ,
Its . A
YPE.BETTING mACHINE.— yr C copy tile
Tolltlvide frbm 'Chambers' EdinbliiirA
Journal:-Mr. Felt, of Boitbil, Massa
chusegal., has ..inventedi a' type-setting
,mac.l2‘ina, ovhich,Acoording. to the de
ncriptions -whichfshasbcome ;before; us,
Mill be for, compositors-what AheseWing
maching-las. been for 'seamstresses: It
,has capacity), if requited; funnily quanti
ty of each character : it wilbsetv up, two
colaics;itihe same me , and in,di a mit
preperiy "Bpaced," ; leaded" and
'jcitTfied,;'ltt thq
an hour. It will also distribute the
tyjui after , the work, ie printed,; and
what' more, it'lc.eeps 'a rekisteiiii
duringpnochmg holes In etrl~s of paper y
the composition';' and if at any time
reprint of themork should', baludiesitfor
the k eempositor has %only, to , ,introdu eit
the register in,stos tits, machine; when'by
sainge - Itieesmontdvause o Ue Batting ..of
type goe.sron hpreeiselp eagoir. the ,first
edition. If the etehinestill do this,
I ii'ceryiinly ietiliZriabfe :
• -
on. this this 'joint, howetei; ,E r eglish printers
hs.l , , V,41410.4 4
Will ` have an opportunity to badge .for
themselves, for tht inventor intsindi to
A medical woe fella Ire Mad
who lived five :`Yeirs witts'a bblr'in
1 304 / 1 , 5:12W1 llkd its Ilive
Olio as-Jong 3v.ithynothingatut_bulls in
their head5.,•,,,,..„v,*4.,1
oggsAnitc,NriAil4P,ld 4.9lo.lPriEtys
11 1 .4 1 4tiEhMIT, tlonAtoiseintkaakeug we,
men, ha would have nunAgov.)
Tpwlre: ofkidpidow
• Few Persons are. awa of the "Strict
ness with which the :rower of hocidodi
is guarded from foes without and treach
ery within. lilti:ecOtitidilio it
up every
and as rig* Pgiia l tiiihkrari: as if' the
French invasions were'adtially afoot:—
Immediately after tattbo ail• strangers
are expelled': and the gates once dosed,
nothing short of such illibeiktivt riecestd
ty as fire or sudden
.illness cad proctdig
their being reopened till' the appointed
hour the next morning.
The cereinOtly Very
ancient, Ciirious add stately: A few
minutes - before -thcr, clook..stsikes the
hour of eleven=orri Tueslteyt add rii
, mait.portec),ichithed iti'allydg, red elk*,
b ear iiv.. in :this. Mind Ihige bundh' or
• keyspandlittt(edded by a - brhtNer warded,
car7ii3g - a - gliantie' letterti, appears in•
frontof tilt(warn iuhrdhetitEV;suid' cats
out in.a, Ituysl4.--
Attilwwor'dit-Ithe-bertdarit gfratd,.
withl fivel-or sued; thrde oats and
to) the dr - outer" gate ;:
each son ery:d4tallet*.ink, : WS' they. Pass'
, his post--• - ' • ' • •
".Who girth ilidte
The gat'etl New erwitifily atta'
barred---the Ntogildeli 'wearthg' as solemn'
an Ratite
iirotreiSiOri qeturbs,. and
. the' We titril t 1116'slittio 1 ti on •
and. re cell e. ttie"stiin# inent 1 4 ' as bet - ore.
'oneb"rn,or 3 / 4 3' jiff fr#t di' the rtiain .
- gnardhciune; the. seht*Hlierit . ' giien a
tddt:',, adtPthe'rni- -
lowlnitoileriaVoillalien place het:weed'
'him 'and tfferapprtiactiing-party---
Midst thereli r
" Whosli teyil 4 '
Anita ,V„/s4orilett. keys ' ,
and a 1 is Well:"
The yeoviittiaptieK,then,eidlaints,
' l4 ,44ppr:l 3 lessjt),Resp:'ficteriat"
Tie Titan 4 4 4 lard jderoritedly felipotid'
The Officer',,qti' dtdy gibes the word'
".Presqit ?r,.li/thi' ; tkl.:fiferocke' tlittle.;•
the officer then lkigiep,thcr hitt .4it.his
sword ; escottiaall- in 'lulling their'
'companion S ; yeoman' idiker
maiehes mitiestreitity the itainde'
ground aloue - to ddlibldf theileye the'
lientebant'srloligingrf.. •
The 'eereilibllT 4 6er, 'ilbt obi is an
egress ail tdtelly'kedlluded, but
thoser4itbiff 'the'
countersign, aby o«e *l.o/
forgetful, .ventures. &wharfs guatters - -un
RrovNeg with ~t.alisnmet is stiVe to
be made . the piey,.ofJhe setitiiiel.
yf s hose Test he Rroesse., •
A 1 B 0A Bpi, A 13ENDflE47-r-Titejinick
erbocker is . responsibps for. the follbtv
ink : "One of Adams and`Compatirs
press messengers --an observant wag
sWorn, as Most eipes's -tneeino
kers and tiiiiroatif eini l lebtOisi
nre—gives Abe “folloiving amusierg' ad
count • of khe Voak an'
stiOrtel."- • Which-he was " erpreiisee
sOuthWerd f l attionk other "drY
He , was , et:Mated in a stronk`weedeti
cage, but seeing.himself latte
mirror, which. was,also being , traiterietted
by-express, he becameaitta,,everf, crushed
.I.liyeagh.,the top of the cage;and alighting
,upontthe..ilopr of Al e. car; threvt° himself
into position ; and tonrched eideirays
uPC,kll.l:kis reflection ip the -mirror. The
first touch of his tusk broke rte . ...gran,
fractured particle ' s 'then eghiiiiting a
dozen boarsin formidable battle' array.
Our ferocious hilik then Seeing 1.14i:t the
enemy had 'the nnmbers tu,rtied,hks tiatai
upon; the diScotirteous,BWipe, atigetittery
ink me alone and defenceless, tiikhed
upon me.' I beat-a-hasty retfeat , Over
trunks anit)boxes,' bninfoing'iriAelid a
kihst the ibef'oflhe r 'eet k iis , cf . iotede,tintil
aceivh'cfre'a hoiliirger thin
myself dolitd"th 'l4Ated
back, my atikefeMsiFeitedl :thislafer
mouth. and run .about; tlieWliks,shaking
..+l3 if to sp,tifft 1,-.4.110. 4 .110 hog._
4.oeng,th ,ketto,..oprgy treoeipt
his month, raised his nose,-and ran side
ways. reihila ribtltlindit any 'longer,—
fgoeliottof a of of keionis, and rush
ed't Oa ^ •
. squck • him n blow
titiiinft eye, and be tell: I 'then inverted
thtl'eale - tiptii`Min:ll'd °. ati i, e - in as
I would-have.done-with any-other hoe"
. .
Scotch admajd r yv .wakask
-0-84r.seditlff te:reiseitafgaßr the king
w.. l .%:angn7l.o4.l4Adeed,
I'll do nae sic thing ; I never could raise
a man for nizaelf, all I'm' net going
.. to
raise inn ref King Gearge.
4110 4. P
Wredever a see squ Ble
' • 'yo 4 4
UreetrAhascilline• aiM feaditilie-liu the
shape of aii a - audwitit) sore you make
yoursele of the nputsr. „gander. .
1 . 4
7on hp;" iratrold'and
homely' expressioqtint few "men can look
on 844 ippablo A.O;Atif4lo , AggreM - ow a day
and Bay as mach,
'''ege:WhY is it impossible, for a person
who lisps tcoiOlke"tr` a
young ladiga t tjTo takes eyoggiiiigiSor
litythe, -
ar The Ni;ord .Int ill an old Eng'Esti
Swke . 'wee,es,Spring; so that forty days
of.lche spring time fast , eeme,to •be called
u F: ~