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    eke' Vltoplei3/41tbuotate.'
"Hero tatall' the Press, the rmples - rights maintain,
-Unwed:by influence, andl,runbribed by gain."
iikkatrose, Inge 111, 1846.
'IV:To distant substiibers our papers are
generally sent by mail. 71 Arrangements may
be hereafter made; hi4vhich some may be
delivered through i the gency of Stage Dri
vers and,Poit Boys. ,1
To the People of Snsquihanna County
Your protnisied ADtOCAtE at length lip
pearS We [hope its f f :tateriat form will be
acceptable,.and the le4ding objects which it
purposes to promote . oceive general appro
bation. The,project f publishing another
weekly paper in. this .fonimunity, may, by
some, at first impulse 4 be thought unneces
sary, and of doubtful iixpediency ; but, with
the impartial, link reitction will load to a dif
ferent conclusion.; %he conductors of polit
ical journals.the wori4c4i:iire wont supine : .
ly +0 rely upon party pfavor for support, and
it sometimes - happen that the leading spir
its of party, by adroOnanagement, - drag the
press from its legitintate stand in - the Tem
ple of Truth, and us 4 it as " second fidale"
to a corrupt clique. A suspicion has gone
abroad that such a state of things exis's in
this county; and frotoccurrences of last Oc
tober the suspicion Qv, been too well confir
med. You saw theWl you can see now, that
your political rights thus. be trampled upon
• —,-aye, that they 114 been trampled upon
—not by party, but y a design ing. and cor
rupt dique, and their supple safety-valve,
the "Northern Deniocrat:" It was most
truly, and fitly said d that print last Octo
ber, that."itlas becpine the tool ointeres
ted office-holdera--it sots at defiance the
power of its patron s-4pliblishes the most ma
lignant assaults, but penies the party assail
•ettilic opportunity of reply. To-day it re
6ives and premiseslto insert an article •in
its columns, but afte4vards, when all chance
for having it otherwlitres published is lost, re
turns the Kline in vioftition ofits undertaking."
This Spirit of proseritition and disposition to
dictate, have lastingls disaffected the greater
portion of the DemOcratic party with that
print; and they re4tize it as the "organ,"
only of the " orrs = and INs" •of o ffi ce—a.
-clique, consisting o' ex-Officers who have
promises to 'fiat mid who
ent of ec-holders ; twith the exceptilin of I
Register and Recor?er, who bolted the Re-,'
gency and was elected from the." Peoples' i
Ticket,") men whl well understanding the
means by which thci places they now occu
were attained, klittw - how to transfer them
to their fellows—anct office-expectants ; a rn- I
ther numerous bmnah of the junto, to whom
have been assured Oie principal offices in
your gift for severyears to come; and 'it
not unfrequently Omura, in times of' emer
gency, !then_ arrangiments,previously made
are about to be test4d, Or nominations to be
made, that the saute office is promised to
,several individuals - t, 4n different parts of the
county. These seqrnl branches of one po
litical family, cons ti 'rig a pretty formida
blent Regency, form I third, know ll as the
•i of Susquehanna coun
ty. The vieweindTulged .by this faction or
third party, upon sithjects of public policy
vitally affecting ouriinterests as Pennsylva- I
nia citizens, obvimily do not accord with '1
those entertained h the Democracy of, the '
Keystone State.hat we are correct in
this position, clear] n appears, by a reference
to the proceedings If _a meeting held at the I
Court House on die lllth day of 'January
last, called and comlucted by the third par- 1
ty, whereat, by a , jmiti of those who vo
- upon the qua on, the following senti
ment Irti . tidopted; wit :, •
li*'A4t7: s ?, n o t *e believe that the inter
ests ofilikaygreat Snail of the people of this
Unieailineand a nto,Vification of the present
Now, though w e e I ntend - ever to be aind
suatifully•ionteud-ui in the van of the Dem
ocratic unity, we cad not approve 'any inter
nilitioirinf Ake - n4 act of 1842, while its
afiaTniruting itillueniei upon '0e -depressed
financial condition 4 our dcht-ridden State
are so -dewily obser4able and sensibly felt,
as at present Out people are oppressed
and borne dawn tu . earth as it were in
consequence 'of. imp_ dent Legislation. in
'relation to our public' psavements; .whicL ;
though comparativel profitless , under the
salutary OPeritiOn -- ilia - Pii - sent Tariff,
lietd;tiidlierient revedne to enside:-us i -,-prit4
a p
"1,1:: ~severie. taxation, semi-mono
filirt*Po:4 -int i ebt w4icia4 ! ( 'Niil ! .6' " P-
Oa ottininnissm4tiland thus preserve the
honor ofoir sable t ''-, ~ unweakk Repeal
OW set, or Arkiftit . proposed ItY is op
porieiiti(ind a sadness if 'not a
blight upon j* ni+,opiring hopes of
-being we'. long
relief , :fivitt n..burthea or
''.taxtitioit ' seared) , - than that
k id
'which led - to the Re At - Atkin, : You would
check the increasinglir q` . . 'Or com
inercpen the `nrior of enterprise in
the" i iiniOns' departintints 'of 'riianaictun r
~.. _. .
affect f : , , i_ .
and .11)07.M. . afftTt fhe nalcultiFist 4 P 1 7/'
'l , - , - - ,-,-, , • •=..-.-' - , ,
As ate titip!itut . oil al State, 11;0 bowelsof
. ,?..,• • ;, ,
whalt, a jw.Peplete wtth ininerad_ weal',
abounding in enidintid ittexcenent quid,
!,- „, , , :., 4. , t
sty which ;hy. theik ripplid n toititantiftic€::
hiring pub Loses nit* tho t lAvondile auspi,
ces of the !prernt -TtiriOttiready produ4
immense revenue the COM inonweatih, Can
: ~ ,
we' opposi,&:, or seek to dist Orb the operation
of an act W i hich thus promises to become the
instrumenrl of our redemption from, the curse
and reprich of n flonster debt reprehensi
-bly incurred 'I Was not "Pennsylvania
d9ctri!te",PbellP.4 !.Y-:•t.lMit ftleetingt, .Is the
measure Which they, proOse, democratic, or
is it approved by even any considerable por- 1
tion of -the enlightened Democrats of this
State 3 ! ~
'an • 3a011.11.11r last, the o:ilk:ming preamble
anti resolutions were unanimously adopted
by, our Stlate Sennte: :•
WHEREAS, The tariff 'of isn, produces
ne more : than sufficient revenue to defray
the pece4ary expenses of the general guy-
ernmencnnd affords only an adequate inci-
dental protection to American industry and
' Ainerican manufactures, against foreign ,
cempetifien and foreign policy and a conic-
Oen( enpouragement to commercial enter
prize, to agricultural pursuits„ and to the
development of our own internal resources.
AND WHEREAS, It is, believed the people
of Pennsylvania arc opposed to any altera
tion in the existing thrill' until further expe
rience has shoWn that - a modification is re
quired to'secure a continuance of such pro
tection,•and to promote the general welfare,
Therefore • .
. i?csatoid 631 the Senate and House of
Represen &tines of the Commonwealth of
Pennsykaniti, in General Assembly met,
That oui.i kienators and Representatives in
CongreSS, h 2, find are hereby requested, to
oppose rill • attempts to alter or modify the
- tariff net of the 301 h of August, 18•12. •
Resoltred, That the Governor. be request
, ed . to trinstnit it copy of -the above preamble
' and rnsOhnioni to each of our, Senators and
l ittspresOfatives in UDlTgress. '
1 Theywere then scat to th • popular branch
of the !..cgiAiture for 'affirmance. In th.:
I . Representatives, on the fith day di
• the question on their passage came
wai decided in the affirMative—
i, nays -14: Mews. Timm ts and
, voting in the Acgatiec.
ication offour position upon this
t subject, we 'need only say, that
i rfully concur in the views thus ex
'by so great a majority of that RAl
we body. We believe them to he
ly correct and purely Demecratie.
necees:iry for us to make a long
lomises af what we will •..r will not do,
the wood have long since "learned
rlttises art oftener made than f ulfilled
°pose giiing the substance in lien of
dote. ll'e will promise, however,
I Advocate, under its present man
t, sball )e a FREE PRESS—.t
. ATM FR E PRESS. We launch up-
I liticalplatfbrm nntramelled and free,
HP, and
yeas 7
In ii '
we the
It is
list of p,
that p .
—we p.
the sk
that tit;
on the
type, and sticking—to our princi
will not . publish other than a free
less Democratic paprr.
pies, w
and fe‘
'&dvocate is printed on errirely new
le largest. sheet ever published in
go., and will. be afforded at the low
kale dollar' a year: It shall he our
price o
ti aim to Make it a welcome visitor
fireside the county. We will
truth, " regardless of denunciation
y quarter'?—anil if we offend in 14v
trust the better feelings of our
Fill not ftiult us.
to eve
from a
esign to avoid personalities, and co
with those wl4se self-respect indu
to do likewise, in maintaining the
of the Press. In short, we pledge
eS, with your kind support, honestly
ilently to guard Your rights, cautious
fairly exposing abuses, wherever de
l. Heed the Poet's nail' !
M en o f thought ! bit tip and stirring
Night and day !
LAN - the seed—withdraw tie' curtain—
. Clear lie coy!
o! a cloud!. about to caniAlt
operat 1.1
ces the
oursel •
and vi . 1
ly and
- From the day!
)! the right 'it ahoutt to conquer
- Clear 1,1i.c way !
'id the dawning, tongue and pen
id it, hopes of honr t. men-;
lid it, paper aid
1 lt, for the hour is ripe,
ndtour eurnmst tnust not slacken
Into play.
eu of thought aid *en of action !
Cliar the trey!"
are informed that persons solicit
se. bers for the Third Party's Paper.
d' triously circulated the rumor that
I 's project ofpublisbing a new pa-
Id Ibe carried into e l feet.' As this
he. a mistake, Postmasters will
, . Vor by forwarding Ithe first nurn
u 'Fibers whom name will be found
.tfpon them.
g uraper might; have f appeared last
ut f r some tnisike iu packing our
i l •
is in New York. Some cases and
ere emitted, which have occasioned
We 4xpect the ii)eficiency to be -sup
s week, and isho hereafter be ena-
A ,
.. e-our weekl y numbers regularly.
i.g But
1' c Pe' ,
per zoo I
ber to
plied th
bled to
• utleman
y other
task d
ly offei
a Sank!
tiflee ; ',
tem. I
11 6 ,
don. t
stitu . , ~
i i oo thel
I ing 4 0 ' ~
4,*(errc! l- fl
filo Oil
'to. preyaii
4 4 1: tthitrange foihhe next Advocate
I j
Otr Litt forthn
j . P eople's conyeni.
Weekri to correct the same for
For doing. doubt not our
acknowledge a. great ohliga-..
c Convention mi amend: the Con
,. New -IVO& anembled . af Albany
Inst.,and was O*anized by choos
to preside.
!. *4xiy Pr c+iingo,
'.es.weie.appointed, to whom wetie
lieieseutionaters to be acted on. .
4iikperis say tlte rightvirit seems
among the rat*bers.
. -a. TAIIazWAS.
existeno . of4ar bFtwteen powei
4644, each contending for the mastoryi is
deppii , to tiJ deplored philaiithroi;
pist. Truel the " pomp UOdclicumstance"
of marshalifil hosts moving with measured
tread at the"'spirit-stirring music of fife and
dium" are Animating, and not , unfrequently
: impel the iiitizen-soldier, (with liberal reli-
Oncesupon his chances for escape,) "as the
horse. rusheA into, the battle,". inconsiderate
ly to enter the field .of mortal combat. But
when, aft i a murderous conflict, the spec
tacle of mbnerous dead is presented, the
groans of the wounded and dying are heard,
and the lathentatioos of widowi and orphans
anticipat4 the scene is changed, and the
" horrors of war" become the theme of more
rational. contemplation. Lasting injuries to
commercio and inland business,' and the
demoralizing influences of the . camp, are
evils of not small Magnitude. But as there
is a right and a wrong in all eases of un
tio'nal disOnte, the occurrence of such ca
lamity ma' he unavoidable if we would pro
tect our llerritori against hostile invasion,
or our rights from lawless aggression.
, The high Functionaries of our govern
ment,- acting us Sentinels upon the watch
, tower of iFreedom's Temple, have pro
claimed that a war exists between Mexico
:old the Vaited States. What is-our !duty
as Ameriiian citizens 1 Shall we •deln'y
tion to nkscuss the necessity of its ocur
renee, and ascertain whether the Neuci.s or
the Rio Grande forms the boundary prOpet
between Mexico and the State of Texas,
and to settle other incidental questionsl A
more limPane and enlightened policy would
seem to urge prompt, vigorous and etrectiNe
nicasuresj with the view to a Ftl.', : e“flti raid
competent to the
tie minty, has kind-
A Gtr—The Newburg Gazette says that
Capt. Heirry Robinson, or that village, has
presentett fo the N.r Y, & Erie' Rail-road
Cotapa,nithatportion ofhis . land overirhieb
the road . ta to.pasal The value. at the prop!
erty is said -to 1)(46,000. ,
. r „ . • ` 7-
- xastistuitia-rttii• tetb.--Cassitat M. Clay,
theAeittfickian and abolitionist, is at the
head of a 4toutpany of riflemen, going tit-fight
the Mexicauts.
- or liostiliti,. The eour-c
thus fur Pursued by our government;
cate: the adoption of this policy. Hence,
we rejoide in the success of our arms, and
admire die braver} and prowess of our
troops at? Fort Polk and Palo ,Alto on the
Bth and 4t Rasaca dc la Palma on tne 9th
As w 6 have made arrangements fur re
ceifing-aews, daily, from Philadelphia and
New Ycjk, we shall weekly extract such
items of !intelligence from The seat of war,
as we think will most interest our mun-r
-ous readirs.
The N.N. & Erie Railroad
This ihtportaut project seems to be " drag
Bing its leng - th along." We learn fro th
public a(it - ices, that the Commissioners who
have poiyerto determine whether the North-,
I ern orouthertt (through Pennsylvania)
F,Route stall be adopted, met in the city o r '
New Ytiik a.few Weeks since, and adjourn-
iw iii - fif - med, from private sources, that an
elficienteorps of Engineers are now survey
ing or rti-surveying the route between "De
posite aftd Binghamton, by way °Ill:moo- .
iky and ;treat Bend—that after the surveys
arc conipl - eted, the Commissioners intend
making D personal examination of the res
pective routes, and then make a selection
agreeahty to the duties enjoined upon them,
which will he' made public for the bcnetit
rind guidance of the Company. We trust
that vested question will soon be settled—
and if the Company adopt the Southern . or
Pennsylvania route, subjec_ to the onerous
bonus' imposed upon them, the- next ,
Legisktt;bre will relieve them from so unjust
taxatioi4 - We will hold our readers advised,
upon this.subjeet.
The first . number of no Paper in
Norbert' Pennsylvania was ever issuetton 7
der so flattering auspices as those which nt- 1
tend th 4 publication of the People's Adro
cute. Ve have, to-day, near six hundred!
actual .4idiscribcrs. General confidence in ,
the proliable extent of our future circulation,
is indictited by our Advertising columns.
The tespectable appearance of our sheet,,
the low terms at which it is afforded, n'te - si
of advertising, within the reach of every
businesti man, the talent and influence which'
Airrouna it, all combine to recommend this
print to the patronage" of an enlightened,
The Slerchants of Binghamton, Carbrti-i
dale au4 Honesdale , now have a rare oppor
tunity if being introdnced to the Farmers
and People generally of Susquehanna Coup-,
ty, frOntlwhorn they annually derive no in.:
considerable- amount, of trade. If some .
worthy Ostnblishments in the cities of New ,
York and Philadelphi a should inform our
Mereht+s of their whereahouts through purl
columns 4 they might find ,their award in so,
doing. •
Rupo4 S. R EED,
--.u, Esq., one of the wealtlii 7
'est and it% ost respected citizens of our Com-
Ingnweaith, died at his residence in Erie on
the Ist inst.
FEB/4E Tnoors,llunean the African
traveler, 4vrites home that the King of the
Ashante4e entertained him with a review of
MOO fettiote ,soldiers, whose arms, accoutre-.
meats, 414 performances, were truly won
derful. 1,
• -
e - e-Theifollievung,Conimuni
Landed to us.for.msertiontn e . : ,e.: . . .e.
, ,
,l. tint ,..„ l .r on he h p as eep hec te n a.
Innd iirMeritedly entitled to o
Adioeipe." 'l.T_ he'
Or respects But.? ; ; i . .
.- i.eee eei:i-.- !Fenn the itublic Ledger. what course 'eve are to pursue ,
Wasuolcerol4 4 liio 9; 184 07 -6 ,1'. M.
11 articles of like Soutlierkillaill-inot Airivell.•
in respect to this, and oc he
airtbel. le _leer!
iniport which we are invite to anneipate,it FIVE. DAYS LATER FROM MEXICO.
islnot With him that we h4e esp4ially N Mezican,lirorth:eru: Armyineinforeed—Alex
ico determined to push -on the War--lh.
mand : on the, curches--M{mement of [) R _elrl,s
enbut the - principles which he! and his )
f the-who have embark4d in the same
cause, arc , elieposed - to_ tul.vocate As the
Writer has indicated a desire to .ie ten our Tuesclailiiine.2, 11. 4 45. t
views upon this exciting su eject, (for i liS fu-
By the arrival of the barque Louisiana,
tare government in the relation of corms- Captain Willis,'We . have
. adv tees from Ver a
Cruz to 'el:sth tili.,'fiVe cl ays 1. than thiee
ptmdent we suppose,) we - Will cheerfully de
fine. our position. _ broughteby the Thactus. The lentisiatin
sailed in company With the- f i lelen hlel..eed,
It luta - beenaptly said, ''," There are three
leavin e , rr no American vessels'; in port. (big
great parties; I. the Pro-slavery !party ;2. Petersburg for York sailed Mac :!oth,
the Abolitionists who hold i slaverY to be sin i repotted.
as befitre
The blockade of Vera Cruz emumeneed
pier se, and a. Anti-elaverylllCll Whe are op- 4"
e on the 20th, and fifteen days were•Alloe ed
PoSed to . both." We may! be classed with i i .
all neutral vesSels in port to lead and depart,
the !atter; We regretth e continuance of I i-
i If by order of the; Mexican goveenthent. The
Slavery in our land-conseier it a great 'nor-;., American Conked's office hes to he closed
di and politick) evil—a• paradox, upon our f . and all Anieriean citizens Init.:w: by the
declaration of Independentee—a Main upon, i,.pittaMay, or on that day . . 1M r. Diainetel,
'1 . our C onsu l , eXpected to emb ark oa liontit
our national escutcheon alit a just .cause of ; . I , 6)ta the Ledger of Juno 13. '
I , - F • .....,... .
J ... ,i ails Steam legate atteeieeippi.
reproach to outs Country./ But we cannot
The fricrate 'Raritan - neer led on tilt. ‘2sth.
concede that the relativh iif Master end Ser- '.: h i ghly ant l4l l 7 ml7ort al .*'
' f i r t ot Eligillagislitailitoni le alit' 11 sloop being . fieuiel lyi tg ttir port, gas
vant is in itself Sinful. We en." it fully ' 0,.,,,„„ - Q uestion.4 The :Piesidrnt ad- I of i• i n h aste to ! preyoot 'wine
.5,44,.11. . , , ni,.
i •
recognized in the Old Tyke:nem, espeeilly day they marched•neWs rea died Vera Critz,
, . that :at -IViazatlitn, . Lei psi lied d e cl a r e d
in the Law of Leviticus and carefully reg- e • 1 . ,
l e h i's c te c t
o , lt re ro t/ 7, s .r e rs t i T.. S.Senette tocomproutise
• • -. •
, ,
I Mated in the, New T'estzUitent, as appears i The following letter from our, : eorreepten- agitiast th e Government. Gen. Alvare Alt as
- lent, last night, itiforlas eis'of the result of still carrying (m. his hostile) preparations ill
froth the exhortations of the apostlee.
We are not desirous bf di sus ing the secret session in the U. . *nate, piton the South part of the deparnent of Mexiete
this l the Oregon question. The President iS . ad- A report was in circulatimei that Gen. Pa
( (•,.,
question (a: eur part, and shall not do so— vised to settle the queetion upon the basts of rt% I•s intended to leave the city of mrxi,..,
I But as the conductors oi• it free and i ii ,li... the -I9th parallel, but iit is not certain that at the'lleml of more troops reinforce the
pendent Press, we will pilblish any 1 ~. they recommend the ildeption of the precise the army 'of the North. 1
ij ' iilli"l".. .e
terms thin Great firiiiltiti leas. oltered. The 'Pile animosity existing agaiest American
1 01l the 'subject of A imiriean Slii‘ery, ile -,
g hut result cannot ef csnlrse be known until volunteers was increased hy news of the two
couclaid in respectful language and of real t h e j u j u n e ti o n of : ,4.croey is remined. actitnis of the. Stn and 91h. I lit et:we yleare
.. .aenable leagth, vt unto; (ifarke or the signitt- Wesittse•roee June . 1.2-e-6 P. M. ,of the enornuius foreed !mule e hid, the !ee
xant su pt. rscri pt ion. " B ! frequest." l. The Senate was; in ExecutiverSeseion from ' ernment had imposed upon - tle'. - elcr!ty, the
:.:r. ;.;
sits Etoron . 1 tiluntil-:.o'clock, P. M., 14)-(14y, and' had lattor had declared theinsslvcs totally lin
-: .
, 4ii just Mijourned. -1 {lna. informed that the • able. to get the Metropolieto el:melee pr,-
Ha% ing learned that ile: ( - llama's a
yoreP ": Senate has advised the President to compro- pared to furnish the •stthetlin-3, : : ‘th'9 )ol) err
e. ill he 0pf.1.1 to the e:t111 , 4,0:;(11) Of 1110 ,4 , 1.01111/•11W.1.4:
ell y e ar fellow-c-itizen°. iill't 'CIIVI• of their connexi. anise the Oregon eotAroversy on the basis etfeenonth. ThO churches 01,•.11celinicau *-.:..-,,.
! i ll round
and inditirai id . q: 4 d, , ,. ... d it
,int . t y lse -19t1.1 parntllil; btu wl ethert 'he is .- . :1(1- (WO ; of Puebla ~ .$'',19,090 el of Goo.iiii.iglini
, v isaed ised to accept the pr wosition of Great Brit- it• 20,009; of Durango ei4I•5;,000; of ( /itlilili
to avail my , ...11.4 - this 'privi1. 1. 4 ..., to ex
ions cf n large and increasing 'lporti(ni 7:::"mtia7.=l:i 11111 ,.. Without inedinte lion , ri haVe not 'been , eueooo. These great sum. per mon th -hoer
may 11110» n subject of vital awl personal - interest t. 4 ,
, ante to ascerta i n—the seal' of secrecy : has that i President' Paredes s determined lii
'ns all. I propose to write n
. Isvries of brief letteni i " 41 7" renitivell' and - Senators are %cry proevente the war with energy.
, • Signor GOIRICZ;01 , OOrILL'i has lice2iitt
.. rousting I shall commend myself to every tnall's (al 1 Huse• im)fithcd (111.1114 subje ct.
- -- -.---- - ,----- 7 ------ rested by the governinvet. ! - ,
e-oraideeteietneet, and entiebteleet conscience 1.1
l'eme - the Public Lett e. : General Ab)ionte made h fltrimt! re.*!-tta
by the spirit with which I woite. ;old by the t0.:14
', -which I untintain. And malt let me remark. that li. Message ~ . e
front-the Pn*dent on the ,tiditi Of his mission tO Yrali.!!e• . hi reear,l 1,,
Oregon At ties4o4. .'. . t Poiti4es - poioiliop,oir al the h'e: . tri or Ili"
i I :Lod, I v•mture . ail say. a libirtil publie, will no 4 ! -
\V.v.:lt:cc:T( 4 :N, ji title 10-3 i.,'0,c1t.. array. i; .. i .
I warmly approvt liii , i.i.lir.o.Which .impt4+.4.9 . it S 1 1 1:,.
. 1111 11. 1111.SZNEIrt. tile, " ' i ,, i ;a_ i dit. „ um su t. s •,4 , 1t i s W4 1 1 3 1, 1 '1
rI/r rotr readers to set ei erY)4l:4ll, MO 1L11(1:1, of L
The :` • li . entitt• has flit
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fromt tu: illti p t
l E T : i t t • l e ,, u n t t iv o e f
time le i t u r 4 c li err of il i t i o t, r a zt: . l . 7 itniiig hii" ,, h . .. ,
..,1 6 ,,,. and Men detertniae. l each for himself - 11+ '
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' - ' 111, I ' It led S tates. reiet•ivett IW,Ptltt - mirmies • /-" lies : 1 r .4. ' 'l --
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•iil re miritotle• Ili. , G,. elle in
ehether he v. 1 l.
„h„.„ „ ! • r ,„, rep !, w ee ,„.k r ' o ,-1,y1 q ,. Il i , ~; ii ' !.] tiCe. q hIS iiit'S:Sa°ll . ii Mitlerstocal to (-torn
anv Party-Editor tei memtne lie 7nard;anslrp of tli• Intulle.tii , ,
- . t h e p r „i„, e i t i oit or the British ro l e . Vera Cruz. z lie winthl lc•i l l ivt• the (':,ail , .( iis
Press,—to make it a eoneev4ice of hi. , oen teeedir ' t•rmitent for a settlei; eat or the Oregon-eo- . sodn " Congress rtssetnbli . 4.
s teas nut) 0 ,,, w ,„, 1 , 1 *l ee k t e e , i„,„0,„.,1 i t„ie- ; trot-yr:4y, made vest- lay -= the character q Pull aecottuts of tlitti dip I. , li*lnl I :1(.16!1- lllie
the Stlt and9tli had Ike . . I received tu I
I 1,1 -/, i.I .. II • .ii• • lt• lit, td Unit
.tio , 11"-TIC' r. ,llllll II• ~,.•711 rll ,I•c WIIICII I gave run itt 11111 l my letter several day,
II own notions of things. Thistomiw 1, ,11,1" cannot le
' since, anti repented in myl letter of eleven capitol, antlippeaectl
. .ri t te pill:et:if j. ‘ iii runt
'll.en I ' v r to - wive ! Tio:, are More accurate then Mievirte but
kI L night. will (en o ,.
sustaitiml. The " 'vigils of the times in our ovin . I
. c,„„ it y, i„,ti e ,, t „ t h e ( L,„.„ of a f reer , and a ,„„i.,. Ilttrther particulars this evening. The bill to ' (-tins generally are, and de credit to .1 nee,.
t . I rtertilate the appointinent ()f otlicee4 in tilt Nears Irli - "Meets - C(1 with re;rri :, I.nt ado
liberal ieleiment. ten to ra in rithjeet. ; , 7-• • -'
; I It i_ beginning to In, getiOallv felt and itektenil- 1
.4 ..-n r .-cr-rme. r .../ Ilf a dui 01.1 , err t 3 to cue my =we ;:to 4 - -rns - is -,-- .-- - R..nnicrnUmi ri ltn thniil l nit.e, and will ', ____,______
several department - slit' Witshiegton, is not' termination
,to light the w
M ns ir r ;ol d 4,,. I probably Occupy ith t body'. the remainder of •
the Soinli :Mil to the North :1 to the
1 slave; to life Chard: and Sir State; to pnldic ! mi..- ' the (le)e• 'flie naul..tittment made by the
peritv, and private peace: t all that is vahrll,le,i ;; I House to the hilt stipplemental to the . act
I imman life. Nor is this all; It is equally 1 ,1-4: l l.prosectiting the Wall with Mekico, - occupied
Hutt this tremendous wee ' , Pie he met .ant SO1111141; ! the Senate up tai the; tune of ping, into Ex- -
else it will rest upon, 'nail eit l e, every" 11,11 , 1'. - Trli , ecutive session. 1 - 1 J.
; issee has been dreaded and heohh•ll. until tle• qui, ' W (rt tircu yox, Jane ICI-9 ci l elocli, P. M.
51.41111-, 1.K.C , 1111e 011 e of simple resisht tee, dr .alt 44- ! The Senate clused their executive session
' to-day alum; 5, P. IL The nature Of the
qi i iti ; of liberty. or slavery : i...f moral liG.. „r doie.l3.
The Slavery pri:mii , le e:limot. it: the ri - iltire ~ i 1 ! Presid,?tit's titessU , ril 1 have correctly .stated
111 i 11 .:q• b 1, • 1 '" 11 ir" a" r „- Ser a with the spirit "f IA r ':!to he the proposal ~ Great Brie:in, Winch
d don: mei instice. They afe:ntta;o:ti:tic : awl,: it :i s ti le . wh o l e o f V;gotteer,, Is and, and the
brought i" clmtritri• ' 4 " / c"11""1 with, is
lh• Rl"' nrnniri l ; fret• trivigation r tau '
Columbia by theHutl
i upon each ot h er. This is true alsd, of all the miissir ; son B a y Oj in i.j„p y • ,„,i, until the expiration
lof their charter, the British fearing that they and deris-,plive interests gyow;ng ont of ei; hi , r e4s.
plight oqterwise lice coMpelled to pay that
In other vilortts, it is tunraibl li ntuissiblethat a (i4's _ !
comp:llw too lar'ire an ittilentility. Ti l ., free
el -nutria tanotld carry oat the -,- - ile•iple! of efrialo. P yI - a
,il'awl hiStlee to one class of itl eitizi•ns, u:ltile. it sys4,ie- navigation of t im e Straits of Fit n, - red the
eauttitedly ‘ tided& tit; wk. riihts Irian another (14-s. I f ree
,„„,„ of t h e b aye d an d ene et e ee iv - tweet , -
! The fiat of eaveit is against this. Man can viro7, l .r 1 ev e s Island, to he tdlowed the United States
1 1 : for tie e same period atul soma (Abel privi
' 1 chi it. Ile ty propilse it land theorize about
loges mutt lieretothrelexpeeted 'by the forty
, mud talk of ,li • !ranee ill coliir hauling att eNeepti/li..
tti . ne men. The President asks the advice
awl all this ; n the pradic4 will ever prove it ti-4, I
• impossible-L . 'pious. I to br just, we Must he siito !of th,
lall. 11 , xl (fed iii slice is a - ''" 11- ciaitil" 1 :ictina• "ie 1 ' T. the. S enate.
wa. debated,' but without
yule, ;:me the disensSion Of the
I moment we make an except i on;
91' ! hill Will he resilined Menortion , t at I o'cloCk.
lathee the principle or Jamie* to nut Ol f rISS. and
40 Shuitorsiare greatly r . liseile . ased,
~' I pres,ion toward another,—tlitat moment injustice t;is! The 54
the Senate is disims/t1 to advise the-2ne'tept
infte4eti into ale wheie gYste l l l, an'l sPtt'ilils it. uels - !and from this I judoie that the ,majoritY of
parry evil alike over the favOr.d, not the untlivorld. I
mice of the proptisat TherPresident having
: This is a merciful dive:lN-elm. It Alertly and lin , 1
Pt I declared Ititn'iseiron kite brie Of 54 49j - Will
ever teaches man that it is rir . perlicat to
.ilte inst.
licit neeepot the ProPosal Miles!a dv i sed-by
bears upon him the very naltve of erg: to induce bite I
u., render to his neighbor hisitlu‘e. . ! • -
1 - :, die Senate. 1
i •
Where this antagonism be weep Hight- atak s wropg - '
' exists; the one, or the othe • element untst, nail shill
i be issetmdant. The whole . ' tistory of mankind 4 . 11.
forces this truth ; and our (win Country, tonne ht by
the lung Record of the pasti is rapidly' developlig
I still another, in this NIA tenth Of 111-0111.; Herr, lc
' Slavery-principle, controls th . policy. of the Naticia.
! Every' - question, whether it to finantiali p or morn ;
whether it be peace, or war,—prottetiint, or fri!e
trade,-;-Presideut-making,, ok lesser apitointment,-,
Bank, or Su b- treasury, touches somewhere, or some- •
' how, the eluvery-iuterest, aid 114 mtitil4ed by . that
; interest as its oWn. The Son i tt rules the 1 1 ;ortlif The
hittawie43.oflShie e ry rises above, and dvershadews
the growth c,£ freedom and tright,-I.auds hing from
the ads of riete atal thencooifrom their minds. the
I very sense f parity drill:Awl By the n cssary ape
! ration of a eel law, if these:things continue, the day
1 of retribution must come. Tile smothered, and pent:
l'ap revenge will bretik forth. Fence 'round the
wrongs of the Slave, n_v yon may 1 pile upon them
Statute after Statute s autlinyinpou is oh a Nalinn's
approval. awl a people's itrui,---yet theyi will burst
the weak restraint ; and our country slut fiirnish. the
bloodiest chapteriu on the b?Olt of time:) Who will
prenoance this phantasy 1e that .uttiers it, says
that national injusgce and , one hat puranty nn.
tonal happineas• anitTprospertty. Ile 11 , nies alike
Revealed 'truth, analistorietroof; he eionjoins, in
imprissible, end impious elli4nce, *vine, '. happi
ness: virtne'alld misery..lireetienll.4, 0 he alien
, ntul hostile beat to God, tuid tie min.
'. The highest teeessittes the*fore f of (*Country,
' called - into eidstenete the -1 4erty - earti.l* At alone . ,
silt* into
takes up the genet issue. -. 1 tptestiou 4f rieee td
the chained milliotut al ourltiad, is iinptnertni, be ,
o " th ß e d r u cons uPci idera w littns t° 7th ti ar can iltrtsmui anal
pacili,Nvith it,
why this Pailyishoithl her
mere nothingueleie Thr ou gh ahe limier: I 'amities
den of the nalbot-boi stone,c6 this evihihe , ie cr .:
fit:lg done tuttit. ]
' j i 147
There are natty raa - son i r ,
Support 1, which 114 , present limits will .: 'tot permit.
am tore:Vv. 1.14 I way now eity, thateie the re w ere
no other. it iseaough that - it miens thetlelaaitn, thin'
Hon condo-ill 4hcir pelitheil Irelatiees,- Muoceutly.
hut which. ire their other illations, tlyy witidd
,- t ,
sl . ink from; Vatittal. Yll ifi l e nrissiusf. as Much bound
, ~.." ~., :..,, ,-.•.--.. . ..
a 4
w ,
do rightnV e 1 1 ',41 , 1,1 7 ; „ze Vll,_ , Pero , . It; 1 wick
to make). t i)refii*t4 ' HA ' l ,4 „ nverlawS, or to elect
ultni to office 3i,i,ho *ill 7.. e 01.:rant:a to , irispeal s u c h
itrws, as kis fj.forgiinil4clefier tho , slave, enbcna -
it up onll 'W'll . 1 . 14 a j diu4i, have tem un. e slit ; se y .
i4terl the National partit of slavery,. by :Which is
viewt slavery in the Dattri4t:,of Caluntbia, in the
, llerritorics, and under the Mitional flag, cre State
slavery, dam no longer prot4ted Or mtuntonanced
our national, pro-slavery CirunplOi will die a Tail
1 ,.
(lentil ; i . .i± iil
• t' •'
1 1 The Liberty-party alone prbposcS all ibis. Its or
/ftnization Was - itynnw and Id boldiut*ritftett.- it
' taims to be conformed to vthat is irig4.. A politi
al party, controlled in till i i ti morciments b,yartornl
nd teligious , truth, was lathing iiitim*ederited, so
&ircigu to allrcusuim, that hi wile stared ,tat as imprae 7
linable and fanatical. Yet all will - acknowledge:OAS
in be necessary to the Pre*rvation.of both private
a nda public moods ; ' -ECryithiug .d o pen k i n upon it s
I nicuess . Who will aid iit? ; • , :.i
11 . ' I II U 31/00 lIIG Errs. -
Montrose, June 11, 1346.1 ; :
' ',l • 'I 1
.. ..
* ~ - -
, .. •
r s e f f o ,
_....... .
' 'X I OS .3: '-,
'. - ..
i' , -
- . 1 . 11141 V - .. r
Important Rumax7-COlision between aormon
nil - Ca4fo is EntigrOtts. ..
The officers of th - Radnor, ',which steam
' boat arrived at S. nuis on .the 2d, from
the Missouri river, ports ;that a messenger
arrived at Kansas, rom the plains; while
they lay there, wbo Istated, that a collision'
- tt
hid taken ph , lee between the party of Mor
mons, now entigriu ngi . tot California, and
Gov. Boggs' . party ji meying,t.o the same
destination. In -the nooneteri. Boggs and
several of his cofnpt ny were.Ailled.- The
last intelligencel.we - had from din plains
spoke of a threat Which .hail. been meda l
against the 6 ilifUrniitemigrantishy.the Itlfor,,
mons, and that in Limsequence-Boggs,was
about to return I.o.lissouri.,. This may have
giVen fist to of itecillision.. .kfew.
days will bring us more particulars, if the
'messenger's tor storyt be, true.._, The : Settlets at
Kintsas.. werelatining to go Aint:ito, the , nusig!, .
tance of.the. emigriu ts. Theriai Was arkoldr
grtidge.ngainst Gin , . Boggof On account of
hisf conduct tOwni'ds clic MOrintini7while , in.
Missouri. Tic "tory of the.:;Collision:: we
think is very 4otthtfu....- , -Pub./iC:Ledge r . .
Senate have pass4d
'dense lowa - 41m lasi
ti whiel4 . witi e
ling, prohibits dri itkit
except 'at taverns..!]
lbws oliliket ttnolitail
thorities who gritatll
on Stich• terms ns
Hotow, it is tintlerkni
• 1 YnnWtr, eniitnii
1 1 ,..
siltinll,-, s lwn : ilt.ii , llitti
bottitU Ids. eittft— , _ .
H'Le(gp.tlittr-ji 41
let' gi) that jili - I''' 1
' 4 l ttinYt totichii,i - iii:
ply down Easter.
yettri an substituting
itvernic.ttrei It* former
' , lietiiisesand the ;11
,e!e.lieences, can do it
think-...keper. The
f:l OIICC fiUIIM OU[_'lfi_fl,
'd; lielvlyj±:xhj peid on:
eret-Parir. your-skin;
iriut,the ajar
T -
_ 1 i t . l S '
~ .
_-.. 11.,--,-, ,
LOtter from , shir.,inday . .
Miy NM
Gentlemen :—Not fling
aspect, save and except rl
army" -received an additil
volunteers Yesterday.
I Intl told that taro of ti,
fatigue of tiickness on dal
mouth of dip Grande
highly respectable and wl
and Well, no doubt, mall
glorions achievements ni
It is ; rumored tins more
ierta army has, met with i
3,ooli•nien,mltieli has (lea
for MantereY, itistend of
wait-for a larger fin-ce to
A large party of DragOi
lino of mattoL,ti,,d 4 y, .for 1
what special ptirpose is no!
but Steppos4d to he kir thyai
selvos-, 4tieruititt;-, , the
taheu:ixtssession of a priai the nI
contemplate publithing a i.
Within a Week ,or two_
these few tines, except' to
first umber. ,
The weather is warm
Yours, &c.,
poudelit' of the Newark Advertiser, writiu
from AlataMoriis k gives following iteemint
of the platO iuid the enitiyineitts of the
. .
" We ell t.,ereo the eitv i without firing a
guu atitl-&playedihe snit-It:angled balm, r
jin short order. The place looked beautiful
from the.other side of the i river, but I Was
apprised-what we rode through it.' The
best ittreet 'it the city is itil no respect better
;looking. ,t, say Anthonylitreet, New Yurk.
The famili . appear to beittfruld of us ; but
:I have: see , some. pretty' looking 'maw'.
The rural souses in the Vicinity are
. neat
looking; a hi. thellitrinet• - .4_ piing into eattilt
'.poultry,. hu ter, eggs, greea corn, knots, &v.
;The camp- s.itt aka dimmgeil With mill-girl,
from the Ili ighborhoud every morning arid
evening....Bmall oranges are almatlinit, mid
1 , __..)
• 1 ,
,;we have itlenty• or Water-memos, ,so • that at
terendaring . a great deal iof untold hard
, ship . ... , ittj t exas,..the Aria,' inowjaeinfortably
; quartemlittilienjoymen . of many el:the
good.. thippi rof life. A taiougst 1.117.• ./t0 ,, 1Y
, the; pultlie,otavrlisitses here
wa a. 19 rge 'fqilitlitity , .of et sirs, whielt„ tve re
yesterday -dilitribtited tinitnegth t e..tirtnyolieli
nitifi'liceiiitig4pOine ts9ll.4alitelt„ ar,e. pow
'being smoked' milthil,a.renge.tace.: l ,!, . '
' -- ',- , :1 -- - . ' ' O. - - - ; 1 } ,• . . .
.., I .
i' ' i' I II Rhode
LteEkitsisiiPt -.lf..tobE•-stetttn.---._tt t
'lslatid . , lfeeiti:ties :to iiiierne t I G , Sell ardent. spit
'ils . havoi'. bc4s' it - grailted , on .iii --Avo..tintis,
Pester , MidiWeet Weettwhi t . ' and ..".'1:,":v
-idenee -- , : iiiiiiiiiiiitc . -are'l . ' it ,to''"" by
4: ' ll i
the'quatiticit . .*ite'dritti .. , 1, the premises.
:.% - t, 1 1 . .4.t.. 7 ...—i-4-.41,4.-?•' . .- .. ,:. jl-....; . .
6 4 ' 1T0R: 1 644, 1 6t1Ni?- 4 . - .. 4 31 IS 1 Xt , : 44 ,...iii-N itettOinail
vriititfreiitAtiAtifik:Textbri alittaingto•att.
;'utl'afil*FltyllttiVattiatieltes sLissillic +miters
'or 89fiiO':fineIttilsers;;4hiplr, had . been staked
oittVitittiO . l*.iitgfor Attu• i two morning,
l'ound One ?nimble; owl thi,ot t
nal death' - Thi
-one first /amid, looks very notch like a bull ,
'new pin 1i:1111114
lint follc "r1•-n14
nal furee of I .3iP)
winiltcr 01
i! !mach from 111.•
; Tlwy
Hike apppar 111(0.,
tie t4Vi11i , 44114 in
thf•V fact! di,
ing that dill Mtx
r t reidiirconteot 0!
retitled it to teary!!
'era CritA, tiler• to
ie colleen:noel".
'in . 's take op tlt
ifositively kitoui ;1;
horse. R't liar r
ring cstahli~lnnrnt
1-government, :mil
trotn lit..._recr•iirt
Inelinimle(lo (Hr
ut not unhealthy
'll. P. 11,