The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 17, 1903, Image 6

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ROR Shes SA ri
A a
beonme dae and pavable, and which Farmer-See tere. you! You temem :
tax shall continue until said bonds and
interest are fully paid.
Bee. 8. That the principal officers of
sald Borough of Patton are authorized
and directed before the soe of the
bonds hereby authorized to prepare
and file a proper amended statement in
conformity with the provisions of this
Ordinances and of the Act of Assembly
approved the Hib day of April, AD,
Boacted and ordained this 7th day
of April, A. Dima
Ordinance No. 20.
An ordinaves. providing for the keeps.
Ing of vital statistics in the Borough of
Be it enacted and ordained by ihe
Board of Health of the Boroagh of
Patton, the Burgess and Town Connell
Section 1. That. hereafter there
shall be kept and maintained, jo a
record book provided for thet porposse,
ber putting two Babtoing rods on uy
Charo best spring, don't you! Well that
barn was srack six weeks after and
burned down,
Pedilier- Struck by Hghtnin?
“It was”
In the daytine
MNS at wight”
Mast ‘m8’ Teen oa ark night, wasn't
“Yeu, dark as pitch”
“Yanterns hiarnin?”
What lanterns?
“Didn't you ran lsaterne op "em oa
dark nigh”
"Never heard of anything lke that”
“Weil, if yon don't koow easigh to
keep your Hehtoin rods showin sou
piedn « blame we. Glaag!l”
Engines Burn Hard Cosi
Triton Jouve 9
vital statistios of xl births, deathe and’
marriages in the borcagh of Patton,
and & report thereof shall be made ai
published annusily be the Beoretary
of the Board of Health, snd s certified
to the Recretary of the Slate Hoand of
Health, at Harriabinrg, Pa
Bor. 2 That the Sefretary of the
Baird of Health shall have prepared
and placed in the hands of all practi
tng physiciang, mid wives, undertaker,
clergy men, and justioes of the peace,
blanks, printed aml provided fur thi
purpose; and iL shall be the duty of
each physician or mud wile, vi repont
all births including «ill births) giving
wex nnd oolor, and names of parents of
sneh ohild or chlldren bore | also to re.
port all desths, and the cause thereof,
givin: the name and residence of such
deceased perion, to the Secretary of
the Board of Health within twenty.
four hours alter each Birth or death
Bev. 8. It shall be the duty of enh
undertaker havieg charge of any fu
eral within the borongh, to Yeport the
name, residence and sex of such de
ceased person to the Secretary of the
Coopy of such record shail be fortiehed | Les
Board of Health within twenty four |
hours aller such fitneral.
Bec, 4. 16 shall be the daly of eanh
minister of the gospel, Justices of the
pence, or other person performing the
marriage ceremony to report all mar
riagen, giving the names and residences
of such contracting parties, within
twenty-four boars after the performing
of such marriage ceremony
Bec. 5. Any physician, undertaker,
minister of the gospel, justice of the
peace or other person failing or refus.
ing to comply with any of the provi
sions of this ordinance shall be fined
from ten to twenty-five dollars, to te Fi pst N atio n Ba nk
ealiocted as debts of like eharacter are
now collected, ;
Enacted and ordained by the Bowed |
of Health of Patton Boroegh this, the
26th. day of February, A.D, 1903
Ai F. Brown,
President of the Board of Health
Secretary of the Board of Health,
Adopted by the Town Council of
Patton Borough, this the Tth day of
April, A. D., 1908.
; 4.3 Doxxsiiy,
President of Council,
Ep. 8. Moore,
A. D. 1903,
Danie M. Harrier,
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Sas tor Hedtand, Pa wn
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Civenwrsdt Matsper
Patton, Cambria Co, Pa.
CAPITAL PAID UP, $100, 0660 0d,
SURPLUS, $20 006.00.
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President. Cashier.
Patton Courier,
Borough, this, the 9th day of April, |
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Patton COURIER Magee Ave, Patton, Pa.
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Promoter of Publicity.