The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 08, 1902, Image 3

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    : are peter one would not expe
“thers was more use for
r than there is at present
prices sre asked for hand
ie, but the girl who Is an
bt at fine sewing may provide hero
ith bea: tifa) garments at the
There Is nothing that adds more 10
a girl feeling of self-respect than to
that slic is daintily clad and that
ber lngerie is above reproach. It is
it necessary that a great amonnt of
should be spent to accomplish |
the girl is a dainty needle
. Let the material be of the best
, then do away with machine
j ye, and in their place
t at) hemstitched role With | ge
fhe rolled edge the finest of band
made tucks and the well. stroked zath-
the girl who is making reads for
marringe there ig Bo Work more
will appreciate the beauty of the
: that she his accomplished. !
: Home: made garments wear twice
8 long as those that are bought ready
2 made, and a trovssenn may be provid |
ed for a much hiss sum if the bride
elect will make her own lingerie.
“Flannel skirts sre mow gored and
= finished at the font with a mffie, which
be embroidered in sik or simply
finished with a row of briar stitching
top of the hem. For winter
ther these skirts should be made of |
ol fiznnel, | but every wardrobe
contain at least two of these
skirts made of the sik and-wool
el for cool days in the spring
F Summer.
EB and-embroldered collars and yokes
Are mony the ‘myast fashionable of
¥. and any amonnt of hand
sewing is used fn the trimming of
pwns and walsis.
_ French nots ave much used, snd
sare of all kinds are so trimmed
anil work that one cin but |
wonder if the sewing machine is to be
& yells of the pst before
generation rows to woman
girl who Is en expert needle
: wre Ba Always an opening.
especially st this season, when 8
hi msde garment is looked upon
ost with disdain,
will tench her (laughter the art of be
8 fine nesdie-woman, and she
Flannel Onis seldom trouble ns
sow. as satin knickers, with detachable
pel Jluings have taken thelr place,
y those who still cling to the petti-
in preference to knickers choose
genans and line it with washing
silk with an ioterlining of mannel. De
tails such as these depend on the taste
of the individunl,
Fancy may tus riot in the matter of
ightgowns. These garments at the
mt are perfectly lovely, The
pire shape 1s still in vogue and tC
is quite lovely made of silk, with the
ole and sleeves of lace. A useful
rment in this shape may be made In
j in. Jawp or very fine nainsook
with & big roand sailor collar of lace
or some fine embroidery.
Regarding colors, pinks and blues
the prettiest for night wear; but,
ree, every individual woman
¢ particular color, and she can
bows of it. Most French
white, especially in a
_ u. whereas a good many Amer
are e devoted to black sik under-
Very often ope can pik up a very
retty French pattern in inferior ma-
rial which tan be copied at home in
better fabrics. Many nightgowns are
now eut like peignoirs, befrilled and
__beribboned all the way down.
For real simplicity white silk of mus
nighigowos are trimmed with turn.
over collars, finished with beadings
and fine silk hemstitching, tying in a
pow In the front and showing
some ‘wonderful hand tucking It is
{ag well to remeber that it is use
lesm to juvest in Indifferent fabrics and
bad workmanship, even though the
pattern chosen be an elaborate Glee
: oo Washington Star,
i German Women Not Cyeling Enthusiasts,
In a land where wives apd maudens
: eet ad-
vanced views on “feminism.” and yet
the most comprehensive and, jt goes
without saying. serious, book on the
progress ‘of women has Just been pub-
© jished., apd is causing much discus
“glon in Germany. Amid many pon-
i ~dderous explanations, it is a relief and
a surprise 1 find the bicycle selected
as an effective agent in emancipation.
Only a few years ago ‘the bicycle was]
spoken of with 1iteral horror by Ger:
an ‘Women of all classes as the sub-
{it was very bad for him.
1it is not surprising that the Germans |
. | have pot taken up eyeling with enthuses |
The wise mother |
ton girl was asked,
| effects in millinery.
{of the “crushed” varlely, and over
{ each colored petal rests another petal
tice the piano A
up one sort of pedal for an
‘plained some years ago,
came in. It might be very good for
them, be would add gredgingly, but
{asm, in fave of the Jaws which pre.
wail in some of thelr towns.
dismount at the crossroads
‘aiid pot less quick—London Globe.
Chine or var siik parasols ars
ually these silks are used as a cenire,
surrounded by a wide border of solid
color tucked raffets,
have thelr ribs tipped in ivory. :
the strikingly novel effects.
geen in the test showings i$ a sun
shade of taffeta of effective design,
‘which when raised In the light pro-
| duces § sunsetiike effect from the our
jons blending and weaving of is colon
sttractive than this, and in the future |
Bands of narrow satin ribbon roach
{ ing, usually to match the lining and pat
gewest trimming leas
CGrassoloth parascls promise
contre of the parasol. This it Is pre
dicted, i& to have
count of its novelty.
Bordered creations seem to reign $0
preme in parasol land this your.
fiver Azais.
Rilver is the dominant note in many
new gowns and promises to bevorae
as ubiquitous as the oft-repeated gold
of last year. Probably we shall come
in time to the bronze and copper ag
in régard to matters sartorial and wo
distic, but at present the orate for the
fair white metal bas goread like an
epidemic through the world of fashion, |
our gowns and repeating i In HUT | the Blood do
Not only sre we introducing It
headgear, but we are cramming our
our occacional tables with counties
silver miniature representations of
Jers’ windows are {ull of silver and
enamel buttons, or even lovelier pees
mens in the nouvesu ari designe and
each werk seems to bring forth sowe-
thing more beautiful-New York Com
mercial Advertiser.
Frocks Wounded by Rpurs.
much about the bottom? a Washing:
“Ob, that! It
comes from the cavalrymen's spars”
she replied.
where, and the spurs on thelr boots
have an unhappy way of catching
women’ s frocks.”
The lightest fects in hal decors.
with finely cut rhinestoney oF
smallest spangles.
Large oval pleces of polished mother
of pearl form the ceatre of many de
signs worked in pearls vn fancy gold
Jace and stray crowns.
Among the floral novelties in the Hue
of hair orpaments is a large, delicate:
ly tinted orchid, sprinkled with cul
rhinestones to represent dewdrops,
wide hapds and glossy finish that large
hats of It have the appearance of be
ing formed of the finest satin riblon,
For youthful and slender wearers
bodices fastened at the back continue
in favor and are counsplenous amelg
the designs for spring and summer
How on view.
Linén trimming on cloth gowns are
A distinctive feature of the latest
models. The linen is In openwork
design or slroidered in self or
trasting colors,
With fow exceptions the handsommest
of the spring wraps and bodives are
adorned with collaraties, fehus
berthas of lace or Mexicaa
work in white or «i
A Topepdhur i
violets, and a
violet sulle, oh
draped. The elt front bas & « any hp id
of white penis apd white algvettes 5.
The latest thing in white evening
shoulder wraps is made of fancy chic
fon or crepe, half a yerd wide apd
pearly two yards long, and bordered
all the way round with a pully edge
of white maribou.
“Veiled” roses are among the softest
The blossoms are
Lag 8 «
a ait i £5
rail Cera WR
RE ei Ry
of mousseline de sole in white or a
n lighter shade of the color of the rose,
rei rs
i bis pupils, be suid, since eyeling
it is for
bidden to go faster than the omni
| buses. and every one is compelled to
such conditions walking is pleasanter
C pInes.
among the smartest of the season. Us|
This fucked taffeta idea is one of the
most used of the sesson. Very modish
parasols have a centre of tucked taf
feta, and srousd it a border of ehif
fon or similar diaphanous stuff,
Mietal-tipped ribs are not used this |
geason xcept Tor the least expensive
roonis with silver frames and covering |
“One meets thems every.
Satin straw is now made in such!
old music master in the suburbs com- |
j : i wwhie ds the effect of bajancis
The most desirable ones. which hus the : : 2
formation of Walir waves as they ren
in towspd sbore lines of
forme with especial spferpnie to fhe
refraction of waves ob headinnds and
in Lays and to the formation of surf
Waves break as surf, be concludes,
fot so much on account of a retards
tion of the base of tae waves by its
friction on the bottom.
sesumed. ax op accoant of the absence
af water in front of the advanciog |
Rome of the scientists have ately
been considering the guest fon Whether
the swinging of our arms is to help
, az in walking or running or 1s a hakit |
inherited from our supposedly four
fonted ancestors. The conclusion is
against the gat named theory.
MOvAIBents of the legs rend to give the
body a rocking, rotary aiotion on 8 Yel.
tien] avis, aud the aros wach swing.
ing in unison with the Jog on the ob
posite side, give a contrary motion,
: body.
to be
Among the most popular of the sexson. | POET is capable
An idea just introduced thix season !
8 16 have pleats roaning dowa each | ©
‘section of white to match the wide |
white border and the material of the
on at equal distance, are among the { one-half
; Towing
A pew ipcsmicscent Sectrie amp
has recently been brought out which
makes the elesiric bon adele Tor ©ity
and suburban Cars a pakeibility. Toe
pew Inmp is known as the
ties” and consists of a Dlament in
the form of 8 compact cohival helix,
with a maximum diameter of perhaps
fmeh, making it persnible 10
the lamp in a headlight One or
lamps of fairiy-rwe
x i
anil iE
of Bi
of B00 feet on a clear, dark pizht
Professor Ww. Tv. Campbell. the Db
Lrectar af the Tek Observatory, in wad
wide yogue on ac
1 tions and photographs mle
| Sumatra last
rs AR ii
+ thon ax the ATIRGS Pie
: dn the hood incense WwW fh the al
“How do you get your frocks torn #0 3
Eatmosphitic prosure Ahminabes but
Drateh faruitore as well as every de |
scription of eunlinary article and ave |
even threatened with a return fo silver
Added to whith the jewel | ¢
Ceti the carbonic sid
1 earti's ernst,
Lave made hy gpdergrouad Waters, and
tions are the butterfly bows, sprinkled |
Prey ¥
draws |
raven of
L enliar
classes and ix considered wholesome,
ig the West Indies it is sometimes
party seat from iat olssrraltory 10
Ady ihe toisi pelinee of the sug in
sey, says that the gohe
eral conclsion to be drawn te that
the coronal stroéture sur
sun i made ap of mater.
vory finely divided, elected In
it fhe
surface of the sun with goent © honiis
tiow, faut AE We have ri or apecied,
fw Bhs ‘
sors, With eolipa
Recent observation
show: First, that the faeaity of axing
€Xygen poses by
of ihe blood 3 Rt a5
ike et aria
the contrary. jooriased (ax wax
altitudes atiaineds] geromd, up to 8
load Aves pot follow
{ pasew-on the oli
the luverse ol this
pitrogvn contained
feline Uae 2 oweiutl
it rollows %
thiod, the
SE roe
and eedapes ross | the
fourth, the total quantity of go
tude: fifth, ths quantity of oxygen at
o exrhanie
$e the nititude.
Men sometimes dream of
wealth stored deep in the
jow the Teach of miners, buat oo cording
to the statements of Professor C B
Van Hise. at the Denver meeting of
ert 3 bps
the American Association for the Ad
- vanceinens of Sclency, thers ie Little op
no ground to believe that valuable me i
tallte deposits lke very deep io the
Kueh deposita, he sald,
to the pressure on the rocaa at
great depths, the Waters are confined
to a shell pear (he surface. W ith few
nthe third thousand |
sand feet than
amd poorer yet
in the ®
The Papays Tree of the East,
The papaya tree flourishes all ever
tropical [odia,
fia fruit Is greatly prized by both Ew
ropean and native, as weil for its edd
Bie as for i1& medicinal qualities
the United Rtates i is Roown as the |
papaw er pawpaw and wrongly identd |
fed with the small tree and fenit of
that nates, which is of the engtnniap
ple family. and is found growing 18
the Middle, Western and Bo
Kratos Aerardis to midern
ers the papara is domesticated ia In ;
and is debit begs
shores af
the Gull of Maexiou
tn y Tadd
* # Pe
Portunrnese 4Y in 98 Lg iv £30
Hl asny ery af Addie
aig 5 x i vy Bg
WAS intresiured
den ?
arms io og ani orang. :
soft. yellowish and sweet, and
tains numerous small black seeds ar
rapeed In five langitndinal Bucs slong
the centre cavity. They bave a pleas
ant pungent taste, pot unliie mmostard
seed, The ripe fruit has a Havar pe
to ftseif. It is eaten hy all
bailed and eaten as a vegetable
India. when green. it Is cooked by the
tha natives in their curries and is also
plekled. It is usaa'ly, however, eaten
raw, when Tipe, with alt. and Is
{| ranked among the finest ot Eastern
d:ferent ¢
as ix often |
the |
candies |
a4 preserves hy cutting fF the Dest tries
straight ain stil of tEack 160A distance | }
up the results of the observa. ;
voundity the
| 3 pound, This
wl mn the |
contpited ©
thie Jaw of Lv a
{1a Jo a pu wt oF Ler, they Brioging |
{ Thinguubeb-—"11"% 8 Patter role pover
aw ta those wha were dey
pane 8 aw |
acid 16 the blood increases |
ore deposite become 18
lean to repay working below 30m feel, :
Xine mines in ten. raking the word am i
a wile, ave poorer lu the gecond thon |
the Grst thousand, :
fraps Ireibl to Ceylon |
wo ¥ aghe td ol
Fotis ml Connectiont are sending in
Alt 1 En the
thelr wits to make cxcuses for
sree pug
girly Selight i chewing, hos gone up
from seveaty five cents
{ pound Inelds of six menthe wistle the
price of éear,
masm som are not made at all for
foar that sone cin be produced,
fromy the trees. fd
fengrant and of
A scarcity of
trees in the Mab
of the famine. 1'7ior to ithe
pony of
I for thelr own UE
wads every soar fn Merch and seiure
all the mood puzgers that were fond
| hanging from the trouks or mb, Be
fram thn
cisions in the eilthy bark
aide of the tree,
fhe gum for pexts
The pulp industry spoiled all those
of The sath
to Be ponverted inte salphite poip fof
fay geek atber fovoxts Tarither
the pontew of itavel
sad Boo De BONY
fore they eume inte full
-mtpply of Um RreW ECAroR. ans
price daubled meide of a year
As the Dew freed
pew orchards if aft
tos themaeelves
ino Tey TRATE
the fronbie
ints the Woeis
six tome is a nelson, whith, ©
year with anotier sells
i ng
pat Being fn mere than fone tone
ounce of which bk spoken for at §L
| pont
Tex vesrs agn the large de alirs in
Boston hod
Ly Maine and eaEng
cantid secu al from Pasty to ry onty
oan is a pound, and then akiog @
} and pavting the Brice up
{great distress
Tefets af 3 cosine bogies Thin pony
| the middlemen will ser Bo onpUrTanity
Ct make a corair In gam,
Ha ‘
Tae ve
Chrimniag Huarity.
aenileinan of the East feels
sid. oot of politeness to give one
i the answer TLR Wl Prove Dost agves
| ahie. An English traveler reports fran
i northern India the result oidained
fran intelligent unstives by repeated
“Is it far ta Gilg ¥”
“Nol Wonk far your Riglhiness. >
“Ome or two Ros?”
“Yeux your Righuess.”
“isn't it three
“11 may be Fou nr
“Is that wiat 3s
"yy tay Tags iy Op RE your
"The why hd you easy iowas ane “7
“Ta please your highuess.”
“Raw what ia the peal diatanoe
pony Bighess pleases.
Fon. Ata
< mgaireg of
ai, 4% tog up
ews iy ¥
Pplles. “ADY 058s or my
“Fenty. Fu ur Bf
8 pas p¥
“Plenty, Tour
sgrardy the list
They wers
things to be brought
thee Bho of plenty tu ak. ei nad
ter being ooiasicaally soures hut
ing came. Then they finaly
§ the oficial nonin.
Wi Bere are the
3 x 2 wea
fiehaesd,” aml 30
weak d #
Cheek %
re Was plenty
franad redid
de Ni
Sie oa *
Ci NR A 15
wa ogee, may
pattern +
botan |
Ww wit.
Si 4
GR Daas You ood
5 Ke yr
voi Ba,
vi Lie
BY Wiha
hie Jean Vallvai has
the avis cours
The modern Vallean a
cont After a heroiw
apvanad OU
ware fs Vin
carve uf
dened too twenty years
ment. fn deta fur they
told his Ute story and swors that he
was Innocent. A clever lawyer em
phasized the resemblance to Hugo's
hero and the court acquitted him
New York Herald
to E106 a
While the harvesters can build op
taking site of this curry af your soe
kd he
RR eww
18 3
bat. ©
| and. having been jarred loose, is slow- | > » :
tw way towand the valley | tion of Edward IV. cost twapence wikiie
| twice dhiat amount insured an squally
shook | fhe Santa Yaes Valley, a line af |
: Susan cation, the shape of a long ellipr
teal CHT hat four the ApPLATENCe af $ and it fa Dire tha an katy hat a good
od furrow, was peticed L view of Bd ;
will cost as mach as the whole corongs
eg of a sproce gam
y w FEogland this your. |
i A The drogglets ard crody dealers in
ny, has re ecntly discussed the traps. | the manufacturing oitins of Massaelin
er thes the lombertien AD $
sngor jobbers. Who |
Bondie He. Susil ihe sorioe gun oot-
put of the county, are at the end of |
amibar tinted |
sels, Camel as the facies
4 quotations on whet ix called sehool |
The 1
Latsreen ondinsry famtors |
gam Hes in the fact that the latter Ja |
folly two yours of gge before it faken |
% *horefore Hare
eater beuefit to the |
pennine Diack proce
so woods ie the vadse |
time Wien
“the large pulp pills were built there |
was no rouble hy securing the goo
pofuscionsl harvesters |
| Baving retal i, args tracts of forests
The cosiom was fo go through the |
AR ef
fore the hunter seturned 1o the rand
sone Bie meade several in
Arad Tron these wilings
erop was har
By oy oe
Sold, sold and vosold,
Bound, hosed, hound again,
With edare and tops of oid;
Or sptakied of plain.
The poems in veilom,
The Jdrames 10
Ard together thei el ‘em,
Oy sepurate, or
Reeited and acted
And bellowed and spouted,
Extracted, redncted,
5 amatears shouted;
A hod
For someone's review.
Trimmed, twisted. srsnuiated
To sin every longoe,
Pruned, ror, expirgaged
fA oft for the yiong.}
Fb Juiuedd, iltpmtrated
And turned mts nr
Crivicised, emondaiod!
And read? Goodues kuows?
ies ~lotdon Puss.
tie hae all the meds
| ern lioprovements. "Life,
ia pin} says”
paper, and the pum pickers ware Toroed
away (rom | dave when she's saying
sud for several years be |
bearise. the
cone to
selisn the owrers of the pulp mills
Tho harvest sf gum fn Maioe Is about
ome fo
Toy sixty oents :
tine entieetans will |
: fore tong"
| seh a poor excuse of a man’
: “Well,
| pone”
: perfectly nme”
3 down.”
| anything rash?”
| going ta beip him. You don'i suppose i Lodger
the | i
Ted—Tou can pellovs only half what
Nad Bure, bot which
Trrodie, dwindle, Bitie war,
How 1 wonder tire snd pe.
nN gt \ ir i
Landon South.
“You hortdd child, you have been
Sets “Omiya menthtul, suntie. and
f put It afl Baek in the jar again”
in seeking new stock, fnvade the gran | Brooklyn Life
nrepsryes before they are in gon] oon |
Jitlen amd the man wih the hatehet |
and freeclimber ix driven still deeper
| he satisfied to lay up In benvenl—
hompaon says he remrds. RIS
wother lg law ss a perfect Treasure”
wre tie sie be does-dbe Rind be'd
The Smart Sot,
Bien Ont Aunt"
to make my will
“Hahert rio going
Soe Aunt”
Antara dien
—~{hienge News
Mediggir—1 find Us a good rule
never 10 jit 8 man when he's down
to Bit 3 man wien he's got yon down”
—Philsdsinhin Press
fithel’'s pother told The groeer
send her § Oressed Turley, mii wien
it arrived the ttle miss wiki “Mama,
the turkey fan't dressed at ali; it's
Cileagn News,
“Po ga think that Mise Strong wilh make
oa good wile!
Med - wmausredd of { Uinbbey,
wonuln't say. that,
wots ide
She'll try to make him a good hubby.
- Philadelphia Prows.
“Quick, George” the wife BE mt |
| "hurry to the caby: she's trying fo |
swallow Ber ratte” “1 hpow Bn"
replied the hushsnd, calmly. “1 want
Ber to get ahemd of Bultkin's baby,
who swallowed a button.” ~Ohlo State |
sfohn® she whisperad, “thers 8
the plano and strock several
“Yau don't say. IR go right
ghd he,
“Rash? Why I'm
glans from
Gia Fan
SRI FemoYe That
without fsuisiauon,
Yhiladelphia Press.
G1 2
wrt for §
Pal the Santa Yuex River
wi ww the wmik |
» 4
aloe the grain dedd above oie garger |
the tow bins from cornet ID CUTneY :
the ob
4 Is siding away rom
this PALE |
ho erevisse |
i do yor
of ths fated.
i hese
xi OO omspoied af
: we ther
| opinion
iving |
down an ently conviction, he was col i
ashamed of izing were gener ral Bars
fie answered without hesitailen that |
ne had. whereupon there was veleniout |
| applause. The frst workiigman wih
When the case came up for trial be
Fac is Sliding Deownwant.
covenant with graln.
restdenors, granaries, asimals and res:
Weary Irae
iv sak #31 .
After the recent earthquake
newly paw
shave within
Hye aor
seumpiader of UW
% qu
inches a weed, TH
se bl ag
iw rwelve feet while al Lhe |
food ;
send Bsipdeed
Ma oz
in Westutinster be
wie of fhiyaes,
the working
ee nd ever puldished
thal working classes
though they ditleded
other ocuuniries du
Fe Ts 0
Lae lf
those of Deiitg
spoke after Mr. Mill's adission &a iy
sid elieers that the working ciassos
wanted friends, not datrerers. Mil
won his election. —Goldwin Sith, in
the Atlantic Monthiy. :
: Knocked out.
{ with the Governor of .
1 called on him at Bik own request
th see about sn sppoinrment, sod
| hind no sooner let go of my Bod
thes but for a bar,
14 act we secretary to a State Con
| toe, aml my first move was fo wit d
1 on the ehsirman’s wr
iter Twas ont of a job
© fhrvien 8
“what Kind of a prercler is he?"
| *Wonderfal, sir.
Tod-*The half sou don’t be |
| intesed another chance of getting 3
1 think § shall save
Attentive Nephew | -
5 hat you mizht as weil retire fo 8 ’
| ponptey st oie. 1 have tried ton 8
= : i i a IMarent ooasin . ; ;
Wie id Mate | 10% different cccustons, 1
I weer marcy iy -Simkine? He's
| ever marry that pousg Sm Ins ay for the Land of my daoghiter and sae
A poor excuse 18 better than {ooo ce he had te Jive for 100
to t said a paeelling man to nie the other
day, hat the condactors on all Ploride
i padirosds which ross
| ¥ crossing.
C complinient to the viver 2 aeecunt of
but you just bet
| gee the interest manifested hy
[ passengers’ aR soon as th ue is
burglar | the parler, «He just bowped | name It
On this land the | *
LIE «vied
C pail a bhallpeuny,
chistly |
classes 4
the |
So ret
duwn 1 plamped on his plug hat.
| tris $0 make dxenses for §
ales gave the appointent to wome
eles The iron entered hie soul as that
i hot squashed under iy weight.
My pext misfortune happened ina
railroad offics” eoptinged
{91 tind called ta see the
2 patent brake. He thought »
ah 1 was told and bis signatures
i setitract wonld have made 8 mi
of uve. hut 1 sat downy on bik lu and he
srdored the ont of his offer. :
“1 might have been a sticoems pot
1 End Deen @
Hall an
#1 Was once eut to New York te i
| 4 capitalist on mining mative
Tie was ready fo go In with three
fonr of ue to develop 8 mine, and
ast become iptoreatad in my inlk A
the imps, whoa 1 fell hack inte &
and of conres it was the one holding
bie har. He let go af that wine ax 1
“f ponld toll vou of the war a Sens
for faroed me dewn for mashing
plug, snd of a Caliinet officer Who ran
| ine our for the same thing and sitting
down on hats law lost me friends M
influence Hime aml agai. Pre tried
to help it. heaven knows, bot the B
Are ever there and it seoms
Pro videnes had @ in for me that way
“If you've zot a boy growing op and
want to make anything of him. ik
hime-warn hivs-omake it his motto
weatohwand te spare the hate. Ye
i may rip a man’s cant op the back, Iw
{Bin op on the stairs. borrow Bix knife
or lug off his over~al and He'll fo
you. bat if you evr sit down on bis
and if 4 King called upon: me to ak
Sawn an my ping Td give him the
3 an oll paid, He all right to newars
fh dog but is a good deal righter
3 o Laware of the ather fellow's hat.
Preirodt Free Prosg. 7
i —————
Hamage 10 the Suwanee Rives.
“It may Bot be generally Nes
the Suwiaties
River are nstriened to call oul the
name of the stipes 8 the tain Is
This must be a delicate
the world wide
| well, for it is “about as Ey arpiae a
Cstresan aw you could see anywhere
Indeed it is dot at the place where
[ crossed much more than 3 good wised
It 1s wonderful. however, 19
call sat, Everybodys seetis to know
i the song and to suioy seeing the place,
: Lpnaitraetive aR a jooksl tr mee, which
wy John, don’t do 3
wpb insnine sur Jy sentiments as the
LORY eXIIRsns el Philabedphia Pablle EE
Various C orasniion Prices,
Tt would be diflenit © say what
i world be 108 (ior of # Des Set foam
| which to view the coronation procession
i $ ¢ E
Near Unaard, Cal, the beet sugar eons | TF adward VIL
i tre, 18 a moving Sveacre field that ie
of ;
v erdered a fot of] |
| dents are silting down the valley. This: *
in sn Springville Hil
Dees which to “assist” at the copom
when Bdwand L was
srovwned the price wan hail a arching:
whaly farthing safieed in Edward
ray woe Kibwand HL rich ay
which wo are told
A really good west
seas well given”
good view of Edward Vis procession.
Since then the wice had gone ap wy
pences, shilliogs, crowns and guiness
card VIL and hin splendors
sion of all the Edwards that went he
fare him. ~Lamion News,
35 Anyi vr
Tablet ti ‘Peter he fireat.
or the {reat when he Head I
8 siuphuiiling ot cupied
nlding wideh is
3 af Buckinghany
ox erionk (0g The odd X ork wa Tor
voars 4 midet ol the WR
Market eomipemernied
his stay in Ensland, but this was des
straved by a fre a long tine ago 3
Now Bowever, the Russian Agricud
Aavtatin studying
standing : fini
i we
Pxepnd &
EE vii
spoentiy visited the wiarket, have
-ypnested permission fo restore this
ed The Cattle Market C4
eoprdiatiy acceded thy the wt
recognising the pateioiic intentions ro
the Lassian ayricaltrisis New York
Human Nature.
Wo marvel at the ignoragee of our
neighbors, but our own
shortcomings are attributed to a poy
wemory.~Washingtos Test.