The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 08, 1902, Image 2

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    3A EA GL ENA SEI ON ni
A rng AI SAI 1 sis 538
pas niger who i" oo Bator |
have his fingers in the
2 door when the
4 the door cannot |
to be left out.
ig the office of Gov- nf
a citizen of the United | €
age of Net ees than |
1 role for centuries, 835 new.
have been opened since
| Bates took Charge of the
OO children sre attending
and hondreds of thou
ing admission. These
the report of the!
trail was obliterated by the tragiping
{and the dust of north maving herds of
{ bison. He
Abe were hires or arty
The “telepathy” of the
seer as indeed to have come
range of realization.
Register condemns the
oqua salute” which
zed At religious ath.
- Trouble ahead!”
oe and sti
The Yators fre
ie trouble with Benedict
his Bostages are given. There |
ims upon his heart, his time, hig |
le must consider obligations
; He is a mortgaged
he 1ay be ever so good a
no use of spending much
edict, for he can get it
ever Indians were encountered,
by his sense of direction throngh be |
fogging dust clonds, when his pony
} attempting to get to Mis feet In fromr |
of jt. This wounded hunter was 8
young Sioux, with a4 broken shoulder
and other injuries got In a mishap of
hich Sansiate 5 of waving |
| hesitated. His duty to the company
4 and the kupowledge that the fnjumsd
man's tribesmen woukl, sooner or later,
| return to look for him, were balanced |
| further injory under the hoofs of the
=! his xcheduled time at
Carl was swinging forward toward
| meet him on the pony trail
| advance with suspicion, and hitched |
| Bonnet,
| motioning the Sioux to wheel and ride
and waved his arms up and down
1 Carl Jearned that bis situation was one
ji coming on to cross the river, were
Already he was halfsurrounded upon
, | his left, and the river: full (n the spring
1 flood, was roaring upon his right.
once to the river, Bot to attempt £ross
| ng. but fo sink saddle and bBlankels
Thon many das he winds are bn st
And they have swept the sky
Clear of + 7 have « WEDS the sk :
With. wild delight they yell as on they
Across the trembling deep.
barred their bois
| Ppp the sleeping ocean into foam,
y strip the tossing tree
Sudely drive drive belated » aderers home,
n, courtesies to rovalty | No rr for them {rom deen to evensong
in rained woods high rion)
The dry len vou piroueite.
Ag ly whirl of scarlet and of gold!
% Whilst down the rivulet,
Full 5 te Brim, the russet spoils and
Are to the ovean sped.
The golden elms to mother bond,
The revels wax apace,
The forest seems to dances from end te
end, :
The beeches interlace’
And for the orchestra fo this mad crowd
The winds are piping load.
~F. B. Doveton, in Westminster Gavetle
By. Franklia Welles Calkins.
: party of Bloux rode inte the vailey the
express rider saw that he had the race |
of bis life before him. Presently, as
dost overhung the pear bufls tn feent
+X friend. Carl Yon Eps,
was In his younger days, a
Yider for the pony express
He rode between Big
Sprites and O'Fallen's stations on
the Patte Biver. It was dangerous
ground, the common huntigg rrovnd
of the Bioug, Cheveaoes. Pawnpees
Arapahoes, and several other hostile
One afternoon in the late fail his
passed several hunting
parties of Indians in the distance,
but they were not sirong enough or
were ton busy with (heir hunting fo
attack, aml Oar] escaped the usual
perilons chaze to be expected when
The messenger was making his wav |
shied ai a Hmp and battered Indian,
the chase.
For. a moment the express rider
against the possibility of his death of
| tratoping herds,
eaulees emptied in long Ant iike Ales
-uposs the river-fiatz
i along before then
i rider, probably
But seeing that the wounded hunter
could not ries 10 his feel, Carl's
decision was quickly made, and the
: | deadly enerny was picked up and
given-<much to his azionishment
| doglitless—a seat behind the ls
ger's saddle.
Charl was but a few minutes Dehina |
AF Fallows,
where the Indian was graombiingly
| taken in and fed and cared for!
until he recovered. Little was jearned |
i from the 1aciturn Sioux except that!
t | his Dakota pame was,
Bear Bonnet
Bome months afer. lovg aller the
hunter had returned to Bis people
O'Fallon's when an Indian rider ap
|| petted, coming cut of a hlufl coules to
The messenger eyed the Indian's
{ a pistol holster forward. Then as the
red man drew near, with a sign of
! friendliness, Carl recognized Bear
“How.howT" shouted thes messenger,
alongside. But Bear Bounet halted
with an emphatic motion, signifying. in
the sign language, “Halt there!
The messenger drew rein, apd thers
passed a rapid colflugquy, mostly in
the sign manual, between the riders
of extreme peril. Bands of Riong
stretched ont for a mile or two pars!
lel with hia trail. and some of them
were just beyond the river bluffs
Bear Bonnet urged him to turn a:
| cession of sago-bushes fiited by oss 3
mevessary for Bes: Bonne! to shew a
if peed be. but Bot come too near! Carll
took a revolver from his holster apd
ving riders was strefebed for half a
and then go into hiding upon one of tin
The Indian sald he would swim the!
miesgenger's pony across the river hin
e- | self, and would retarn the anions] to]
| is owner when the danger had jrassed,
“Heap Ogalallas,” suid Hose
“Comp EO—-COte §0--COIne
colo, git"
Carl, scanning the Hlufe now not
had appeared; ny he animal was
willow fringed Islinnds pot far from |
of him, he Jet his pony zo af fon spend.
Yer ke was hardly
swariy of will riders when the bh
The Todians seamad pot to notion Jip |
at first; they was have thonels thet
two of their own riders Were scurrying
Carl mw foted
that Bear Bonnet was no longer rid
ing with Him Beck to peck. The Slonx
had dropped 3
the rear.
The tneswenrer gay hi filx neny an sp
TOving slap pon 8 neek :
poyoie, couldn't keep the pee hw
thought, his own riers bearily welgur.
#4 animal must be wuperior fo he ine
dian stove
He meade the most of de previous
moment shen the Ogalallan seemed
to be considering bis identity Then
the Indie recognized Bim ¢
eine from the domire
ageous Dikota in the rear, aud with
tremendous ons Buen ing from
Nosed their
os in purest iL. :
The waslicnt ravons of Pony Craik
wore six miles sway, He Koew thei
intricate windings of those canon-ONre |
and IF be eonld renel them far enough
in sdvansse, there Wak same chance fo
dodge his mere there, He leaned
wil torwind. and his “Fpanish eke
lors” songht his pony’s Sanka
Tho responte wis running whivh
Tesmbied th Rianne rosh of 8;
teed antelope. Artoss two milen
pe oi I tast clear aiassnhes, Be
| heard the whine wp of the Bisa, A pro.
Hows by fhe wind, Peosanily the fy. |
£ rider looked belied 15 see what hae
ca af Bear Bouner, With sens
surprise be poled thee ais Brat and
Peasual fndonrent of the Indian's oles
Hmbed bogekskin kad been after
sorveet. Bear Bane: Wak fot
ground, bur to what end wis
disn thins Ziy i DE os haze? ?
Apparently the
thoueh: i Bees $1
1¥. perhaps,
sein to be tak «Hy very
in the chase, 3
easily et that Th srbEnt Necome
Bostils band in downright sirnes
Very well, tet him take care of hinixelf
twiriedd the exlinder to see that Us az
percussion caps were in their places
In the meantime the string of law
mile on the messengers Jeff, There
were more than a hondred in pursuit,
according to the messengers jadgment,
and a farge squad of the foremost
ere cerialaly riding poses as Bes!
ax his ows.
Ahead of him. three miles away.
the bluffs met the river: a mie bee
rond thelr rise lay the wazheats of
Pour Creek; and still a mile and a kaif!
Beyond the oreo bis all desoetded io
the stage silicon in whe valley of the
Carlsposy t ready made a shan
: pistol te Tear.
Chendred yards or so to cipite
if Besri
§ Bonnets bor kekin with en Tom ars
spell faew dowaw
allen of sis x when the Blawg!
nereaver welzited ay nail | bag
pd a heavier sad chan the tn.
tions weed Des pits this handicap the
Fel aerads fhe Ba
{the abeidrine bles
x Ww nH tho
‘1 & faint vell of dust above the hing th
lands io front. Hie danger wow lamis x
nent, but bis duty to his compspy andi fae
to the mail service was above tho | te
consideration of pewsonal safety, He i
must, as heretofore, “ride it ous Cat ull
to the Sioux for having ridden abead
of his fellows to warn him of danger.
But fo Bear Bonaet's urgent counsel
he shook hia head lu smiling negative,
and slipping to the ground, tightened
‘hig saddle cinches. The Indian followed
suit, Then, to Carl's surprise, the
‘Sioux, mounted upon a swift pony,
rode at his side and between bimself
and the blulls. :
Boon there were other Rioux to en
gage Carl's attention. The swarm con-
ing towssllstbe rives were Ogalallas, |
flerce fighters, and the most implacable
hostiles. The messenger rode swiftly,
ut at first beld his horse In eareful
reserve, Jeting 3 with sirewy eyes, as
i i iim. Bear Bonnet was now ip
Polamdsy Carl owe ould now: have ed Gr
Pte the river for the slender
: exeape by SW ming across,
The young messenger felt grateful
chan of |
His horse had made a *p tendid run
a bacawand glance Best Bonne was
within Bfty pares and was easily aid
ing the pace. The mesrenger’s
hope now was that be might reached
Pony Creek ean ¢ GE tine
cover from whaleh he might
the Indians unt help shoeld ests
arrive—a hope slender enough at fest
At the level of the bial the forepost|
Sioux were swiftly bearing {o upor bls
trail. Under his legs Carl eauld feel
the sharp heaving of his pony's fimks.
The animal was steaming wei, and
panting like a wolf run to earth. Tard
only wondered that the gallant bay
had pot dropped in that terrible sinin-
inz up the Biull,
Again the express rider looked be
ose hase, bot more thay thirty paces
hat wan pininly givin ay Cart east i
i speeies from the North
Jarrow to the strive. Winderingly, the
messenger swung the muzzle of His
But bis quick eyes
noted the arrow of his pursuer. H
passad to Bin right at eo wide an angle
{that Be gave sn Inveluntary hoot of
dericion. The Indisny upon his left
i poted the shof, and yelled encourage |
| ment fo their fellow,
Again, as Carl was about to fire upon
him. Bear Bonzet let iy an arrow, and |
tr passed, like the former, far upon |
the messengers right Tostantly the
fiving borseman divined that those
bow shafis were lanpehed with ne
Bostile purpose. Bear Bonnet wanted
him to {urn to the right--to ride to the
mouth of Pony Creek’
Theres, the exprees rider korw, were
a frail which | pay Bigh- tote.” 1"
foamy in at the month of the mals.
canon, and so passed hy easy stages
‘along the river blo® toward the stage
an old buffalo ford and
station. The routs was at least as
‘near as the pony trail, but the diteh |
Hike canon wad so steep that {1a des
cent wonld test fhe courage of any.
rider logs than reckless,
Harned Ba Bagging horde toward the
abreast of ihe |™OUIR of Pony Oreck.
And now he
lesned forward and separa oe animal
Happy, Neverthelows.
ih, be wax a treet emninge,
With a life in atweurity spent.
He found * twas bux bot
To be wholly forges,
‘Canse he poder vpbeggied 2 vent,
reves BAT Nuaningion Bar.
Not Well Dons.
*Rhe's aw lolly speck up”
waaefuily 1 meyer saw any one
muke a worss batel of tryiog (0 ap
Biladelpbla Balle
“That pir] esa’ 1eik § Bittle Di
“Ia that so?”
#5 nee the whole sveiing was ‘Ne aod
iT had 1a propose tn er to get ber {0
Lite dilflerepcs need the danger
make fo him al thsr moment! He:
bom dae desperate brat of epeed, 80”
foal berole fort to gain Boling
The crowd of Sons vow fu
wuted | meant
their fepannh wiioh shilling
Sra BE 8d ie nerve
Rin ave the pr he k
inks of fanen®
: 3 ose RE Jeasr son
of thelr neck
as hin own
wing Bat opon Me ponds hack
afd the trained animal on
derstabdingy fle pereseity,
avery muscle i8 a las
booken as well
pay hat TBs,
Pires Abd to Antonelli.
Tse Wn aps
TO + Bod tr
There's nuly
Whee Rged
H Boia Ww
CR pars
i Bbapduonme babiing
‘huastiing hither and thither, sul a thon
Ceamd Bed ove other things Somnon
{enonghl on the ltr Uancomehidres
C3 psyebalogical offecte whieh deaden to
| Bome extent the eg of dlstatios, and
P iy shorenst. On the ¢
LC pauniry mile. to the avevape poTIAN
wis da Bo (Rete for the artiste aed
“T Baws observed a corious thing
| sbour distances” sail a thoughtful
| eitizen yesterday, “and 1 have heard
MANY ersobs comment on fhe same
thing. Mt | have pever seen apy satis.
factory explanation of it. In feet 1
{suppose pearly every porsei Wie hie
bad an opportunity fo cofiirast condi
tionk xg they exist in olives with the
§ more open conditions in rar] sections
i bas oborrved the same thing At suy
rate. most men are foclined fo regard
thw ¢ity mile as somewhat shorter than
the cotintry mile. OF courses, (here are
many (hinge which will sraggest them.
selves in explanation of this matter if
we think about It seriously. sod yet
they are vot at 211 satisfactory when
We weigh the profiles susiytically.
“Suppose we walk the distanens
; Along the Nae of the city mile we tnd
: . i miny things which will crowd Inte
Medyatre trae. The only thing “he sald | ¥ 28 .
ve apiml plotares along tha way,
previy foade diepliys in show windows,
ng. en Sad wollte
whieh Sraduce a selien of
retteeryme sti, the oliy mile id posping.
band, the
ABET 5 5 aor ii i i he 7
Lem Aes po SORIY In fag PuSwiness
aly i
: Bye trunks aod
strained |
rare spurt ot
Corl 43 pot again josk lee
I hied antl} bie roeliby beast was harled {
sroised and dizer. the fallen rider!
picked lmself up, 10 ste Biz gallant
wony ving. heels up and stone dead, in!
the Bottom of a8 dry ran. The mall
sags bad been torn from thelr saddle |
fastenings and lay St the edge of the | Lis
In the same
{ Bonnets Iaick Rin,
hunpohes piss w Like a ho he
fawn the megroat slaps:
weal inoa whirling mare.
oui ;
Rianx leap from bis saddle thrust a)
Toad rape af him, tnd hen swung bis |
jocaepsd mail bags spon the seaming
pony's Back Ar tan a of She 5
ily Briel pode of Gitee be wan A ed
11} Shad mgr He
he Zod down the egnon. the ox. :
sess rider Joaked back to see Bear
Bennet brea Biz how and Sbiz Hae
wud upon the rank of ;
2 disel her Hue : lay Be if sranaed
Ne a fall from bis horse ¢ unning and |
3 go an 3 ( ¥
Aiohes and wash
and gulek soceession, And pow 3 #0
{ opal young Rlonx-he Lad paid a debe,
tof gratitnds at » fenrfid rier ta hime
welll :
Ths messengers new mount jumped
it Beles in perilous
\ 3
4 i vies of astonished seresches hroke oul
Hiheve the A and ts the vedr, anid the |
bolas and arrows of his purstert |
I kposked up spurte of dust qpon tb
smbankments as he fitted by them, |
Nor did the Ogalallies fall in daring. |
ixto the canon in a yelling rout
But in a twinkling Carl bad dodged |
behind a projecting spur and turned |
his sew dling meant apon the old
baal frail. With each touch of the
eosfibenee, and In a 2
Lepur tho express vider fell a growing |
siaute or two of |
i running be knew that be had ander
him a puny as fresh and swift aly that
of por wild rider in the claws. | N
! Jada
In point of fact, the Indians dil nat |
chase him much beyond the month of |
{ Pany Creek. In five minotes or less:
after leaving the eagon-and mach |
drew rein at OG’ Fallan's
Takead of his scheduled mingte-be 4
Poe pat inoadl that taue felling fudny | \ SS ;
(Be put ’ X { ment Prior fo pial farnaaiiny.. how
When the story was todd fo the boss |
af the station and hig men, they said
that sormerhing handsome should be
done to reward that “Sam Pateh oft
% Rianx ™ They Beld his nativ at the > iin . bot io
=e t =e ¥ : a 1 at Res 33 Hon «0 Asked The WHORE G6 the Keohiel hoa,
batating, hotunr He PRT FAD OE |
i % % BY ane ia
r @liey liste { das TELE Os Wa,
wold hinwsel? come Tor iL
fen dh gar kil hiss. Tirn
cain disappeared from
herd ane Bight nod roo ether
A ’ that tthe Brave
fine Native Spa rraws.
$V Rhos aed Rip ALATTOW 48 ofien
# of weed seeds,
peel EBOwWn as fend
but Bis anly lawely that the
relation fa
: re has been
dersanst; pureed. The fate spurrowsy
the ruenl districts of thed nited Bates
As a grous they
sf them refive to the South during the
winter, their places are taken by other
In a garden
within a month they will sometizes
( destroy as much as nmaety per cent.
pf such weds gs prrean grass amd
ragweed © Weed seads forns more than
aif of thew foud for the entire year,
and during the coider months of the
year it sonatitutes: about four-Gifths
of the fol of many species. Move
aver, twenty Sve per cont, of their food
consists of insect pests, which is no
mean showing for a graminiverous
‘group, especially when compared with
i the crow blackbird, cowbird, catbird
and redwinged blackbird, which range
ten to sweaty per veut-Gountry
fe the (host abueda ny and widely dis |
sibured of the small bicds inhabbip ug VRliomd woman
are cousiantiy present!
Lan enti earnd Jagd for sltbough many
Ine, Dan ledetery
Ceaver--TRteeit Fy
headlong oto the vast diel of Pay
Honseliald Foam bos.
fant yeas 3
“In Some of
Be 4 owe BE (i
Ler Tara Ie Ta owe
CER b Bey EC a %
Bre 3 why Lee gros NO
nn imsmarntion, my iad”
ate for you New York Jeurnal
; a A a ye
The Hamiag Prukiiem,
House Agent “Have you any chil
Siren v7 ¥
Hogse- Hunter + "ex
EY Greet and
House: Agent. waa have
via any chidren Ling, sa A?
they are
Uasyen pathetie,
Soaking tales Ble very 2asay.
“Yen; that shows Jue shrewdness. IL
Pod ania. ¥
Rlors peal sow ROY ae was laaf
Hise Wanhin ston Sar
He Had.
. aa Le a EF
“3 ave t Xi ans ren ER ot
sh Katt,
Tm gob nuter. ®
"x hunters
“* —— NA ou Fk
suds, ma'am
5 i ¥ amity Fis wamrlew,
Not the Maden Bind,
“She's net Ww buat vga d cab 4g ad
or, ne
“as po mission in He | suppose?’
“Of, I believe dhe clainis to have
ore but It's soothing of any npoerd
ance, =
“What is It7
wan happy, 1 uadesstand DV -Ohivag
A Stadio Secret,
“Sometimes,” sighed the weiry papa,
As be pried in vain te quiet the tarbua-
ent Infant, 0 wish 1 was a photogra-
“And why? nonchalantly asked
mamma, as she turned to another
- cliapter,
“Hecause a photographer seemns fo
be the wnly man on earth who can
make a baby look. tient whe it
doen't ‘wish to."
i ®40 5
Coplay an bmpor
ihm tm pines iaty received Wh laren
: aitin ns arsumed,
| tance in ihe county
{hetwren a diy a ) ®
| for waiking purposes has bat life
Taker with it,
Gar, sell pw wor dar in XFL
: : Pant ploame mie dopuarter sn PH Sed
hep thuadered over the stops and ig ! : ; 1
i 4 5 # & ro
Doser ale idenlly
RPesiinr aver
enmnmien view af
ait thews pave bholagidal | processes
rian part fo determining
gander tae difhere
“Rut Jere ix the particular thing 1
roahd Hike fo call yobr attention
Fle sity mle will De mide in minch
pig the than the conpiry wile. As
a role a wean will walk 8 sills in (he
IRE in a bBirdn of 1h time it will
{ take Hm ©
{ Ordinarty it wold seem (Bat the shoo
wank be an ihe ate foe
G { peuch to arrest nis attention, to sto)
walk 8 mile 1 the 2RGBITY.
There is
Bigs apd th consdiie Ale time. In the
eomnitry the way Bs clear and ther is
Cpethins: far a maa fa do Bay hustle
Par Big destimatien. OF saves the
sind posutries 8
pornos Tosbs dlawrgesd G0 she BOWE | J
Woman Jents = He Lal good aidewallic and the PHY of the
willing Is Belior lu the OF Decanse
Iter 1a mnt sn himvy. Bat the mam
ad o. 0 rpwwered Wak ay so Mats} | {i i aa
: : {anita | TERROR far ihe slioater hme resisived,
Tr if rele fess ite @ a , :
alive = ACHR quite; fr my ont Rg tg teand i rie shimaius
which the dirty pedestrian rodeives Sec
the saeitenaent dromsd des Every
i beddy is ong as a beepinerk Eo
Le ¥ ng. There ix Boiss
: and ® i e, atl Oy wpite of the Tact that
Chik sHeatian In grrested, dnd nt spite
oF Tudme Boag ped + ated somethisd Sonnt by
Cyeew and wees going fb onnosite shie
BEL IR aEie at dAeiars at crossings
sug cars aod vehicle of
¢ Nn yodeatr nn i worked
: gp tan auliker STEER
wsatament de the thine thee dom
Come A Ne hen : of distanws gud males it
smerny so mnel shorter fo the city than
Lin the eonuntyy. Aud exdiietient is fhe
(thing which covsex 4 Daan th TAIRA
; mile in the city in just twotlieds of
the tine pocititod fo walk the sie diss
2nd the Jiferspde
med A pared street
“New Orleans Tlavs oie
His Hard Look,
Tt i= not angsadl for peovens indict
eld for orig in this Batadicton
plead goilty, but very sehlam doo i®
hapten that a prisoner vos adele (oat
he hus been vighily scdwd Is oe
peiled to enter a ples of nor guilty.
Such ag nedident opcuros] Bete Be
£2 wean desiped to make 4 rest case iD
order to seeare a rating Da fhe A»
! pellais € one an 4 kooily legal prone
Te A mition, A certain olor! dpdividasd
“Pur he fs always celine bard laek | *i A : a :
Celia was in the toil wan seldened te
fofgrnish Cramework for tbe lwsge He
I seas exiaried covet for arrnigns
Jever, fhe peoseoniing oF cpr teak The
i prefantion fo revnarks O70 canes Yaa
are going to plead not gaily” Bn 3 iN
Ca plea was essential ny ender 1a take
i the i rar hefare the higher vaury
The response Was 8 sgrprise aml
boson har deconesre Co far thy ation
{pes anal the count were
ahead with he rest pioceedi
prisoner Jesiared: “Tee
Pogpraneg da Te seftieagisdsd
Beery an’
gislved the ontpbined mapdussive
the prassegtng offfese aud
wade] asignnd w repvesent the
a fo inden the (atler to wane
ty plead pot guilty. AR Re was
»led {ross the sort rosin be shook bie
Cohead Gublegsty and mura: “¥
Podida't want vw do dt
tall right.
case ee milly
Pant RKoow what they're
Sheed 1 deal” Washington
At a certain ball in the country the
other evening a gentleman undertook
Eto dngreduoe a cotapanion to a young
| but somewhat stout lady whe seemed
“rast wo mission tp wake sone good
to Le pluing for a danee
“Noo thanks, old fellow: 1 don’t care
to owalty with a cart.” a
A Tart” is understood in the dis
criet referred WO 4% a partner whe
does aot do her share of the dancing
but Has to be drawn round.
A few evenings later the same young
Clady. who had overheard the conversa
tion. beheld the young wan seeking .
an intreduction and asking if he might
have the boner. ete.
“No, thank you” she replied; !
ray be a cart, but | am not & Sunkey:
! cart" Tit-Blts.