The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 27, 1902, Image 1

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Piy. Pornted Poueslings Pertainiugs tn Senile hus Born Signed According to a Mes |
People and Place. sage from Altoons.
yards, and some of the front ones, are | { Thursday } afternoon noon no settle.
: : revealed in all thelr naked bideousness | ment bad been effected by the miners
of dirt. It therefore bebooves the and operators at the joint conference |
property HW her with an eye fo the at Altoona, although this indications
_ beaatifal to commence the ‘annual
t $ sevle will be sd
"F cleaning up. Nothing adds to the at- rn UE he promo scnle will be ged
tractiveness of a town so mach as well- The mest
= ing ‘convened Tuesday |
| Kapt yards. Let the man with the ruke, morning, and was in session at inter.
| the shovel and the bonfire begin work | ouis Tuesday and Wednesday and to- |
at once.
BL ay a aa Sa day. A special message from Altoona |
| --Anent the demands made by the 10 the COURIER 8% 3 o'clock this after.
i mine at the Altoona convention, {noon stated that the old scale would be |
a som of the Emerald Inte, whom Pat rani od :
The operators presented the scale of |
1901 as their final altimatum. It was |
Since the snow has gone the back- Up to the time of gong to press thin | Burgess Monteith Was Found
Not Guilty, but
For Twenty-five Deliars and ihe Costs ‘
Prosseation — Verdisl did ant Give TU
versa! Satisfaction. Motions and Petitions
Presented th the Court :
In the case at Court last week
wherein Frank W. and Joseph L. Cun
» ningham sought to recover $1,000 dam.
apes for alleged falwe arrest snd im.
| prisonment from Burgess Alex Mon
i | hother Vipeds or ns are to] | made ible by I. W. Robinson, of tieth and Ex-Policeman Wesley Merri.
meron was in the | be utilized in pashing cars. the Rochester & Pittsburg Coal & Tron
: = Patton’ a paved streats woald took | company, whe opposed # aattlament
Pe | & great deal better if they wore cleaned. (on such terme unless concessions |
“I every merchant had civie pride | gained by him during the past year
enough 10 keep the pavement in front | ¢ were granted, agreeing to sign tha old |
of hixstore free from dirt the result scale. This removed one obstacle in|
| would be obvious. | the way of a settlement and the old
~—Any citizen of Patton who feels scale was presented to the miners
: the opportanity is still open.
co Candidates for county offices who | while the more radical desiond to walt
want to reach the sturdy constituency | | the outcome of the trouble in the an
a by Hon ry Swope, a ot the north of the county can thracite feids before deciding on a set. ®
Kis nod do better than fo pot thelr an. : tlement, A recs was taken at noon
his way to Patton. Rounesment in the ¢ Covmra. and at 1 o'clock the miners reconvened
I Geo H Curfman and W. IT Ssod. | ‘and continped wrangling over the
: ford Are the ay deingates es from the question until 2, when an adjournment
: : was taken without sny action on the
o | Operators proposition. :
| The two scale committens went into
| aeson at 2 o'clock. During the after.
noon they taiked over the sitaation
1 : nine in Patton this yout, The material : {The sighs Sup day, gh ial
tending. physician is hers, and why not “play ball” hams 3p taf pruesiy
sien ‘cume a dead swe The operators
~There will a sale of some house. say they would coosider the eight |
be had a fainting spel 8% held goods at the residence of Mr. BE. pour day when all the other e sight
cl it ad not too. early for hase hail |
y ba - was not » : He Rm Helmbold on Beech avenne SSF. | conidered it and determined upon it. |
ntil that time they said that in fair
eBay. Dr Deaver is attendiop the | news to all concerned the question
conference at k Bellefonte and no 9 predet: | should not be made an issue.
At 8 o'clock the scale committee ad.
i od journed without reaching = sottis |
L | ~It Is said that Tax Collector Walter Ment to mest at 1030 this morning.
1 J, Weakland will resign soon and that The commitiee was in session when
, Jan. Mallon will be sppotated to the | the Covnres went to press at 3 o'olock
position. this afternoon,
{ Did you see that new line of Later An anofficlal ‘message from
hosiery in Patton Supply Co's win. | Altoona states that the wale has been
s dow? In all colors, styles and prices. {signed and there will be no strike.
ur | «If this town ever has a dog show | A NEEDED REFORM.
1 it won't bave to depend on imports. es
os tions to make a respectable showing. {The Ya% Cons eats Basfly Make Them
«Mrs. Wm. Osriand, of Sandy selves Solid.
"charitably inclined cannot find a beiter | The proposition was discassed ap | 1 loafing around his piace of impris
7 (yont that by presenting the public | considerable length by the miners’ rep
school library with some new books. | resentatives behind closed doors yes
| A number have already done so, and terday morning. The conservative:
element seemed jaclined to accept it, |
them ap for an honr or so, refused 10
man, of this place, the jory awarded
Joseph $25 from Merriman snd noth.
ing from Montieth, while Frank got
nothing from anybody, ;
The defense was that Frank Cu
ningham was drunk and disorderly,
and bis arrest necessary, and that
While he wan in the lock-up Joseph got
mment until he became a nolssnos,
and 50 he wax also inckrcerated.
The plaintiffs alleged that in April,
1001, they were in Patton, and that
Merriman arrostad them and locked
grant them a hearing and said be ap
rested them bocanse he could. The |
(came was tried before Judge Savage,
cof Northumberland county.
The case of Lewis Burkhart vs Jarob
Thomas ef al, trespass, was put on
(Eriad Friday, The plaintiff demanded
triple daniapes because the defendants
ent timber on 4 tract he owns in Elder
township, after one year of an agree.
ment had expired. It was proven the
defendants had agreed to work the
tract for two years, mistake having
bean made. The verdict was for the
§ ade by ui tailors, even to HAND MADE
BUTTON HOLES, ready to wear.
ame will be ready to sell ere you read this.
"hese Suits will fit you same as any tailor-made suits
*he Price will be 8 or 9 Dollars less than the tails
home-made suits,
e are always logking out for the best goods for our 1
You want to come and
We have our SPRING HATS, SHIRTS, and
‘he Best Dollar Shirt in Town : |
Our “ON TOP" $3 50 Shoe | is $5.00 worth,
All the new sty les and leathers.
In the conse of Thomas J. Stiffler on x
RB. C. Osborne and Renben Hildebrand,
‘before Judge O'Connor, the plaintiffs,
| after the trial wan well on, applied for
a non-snit, which was granted.
Judge OV Connor banded down a new
rule to govern the transfer of liquor
licenses in Cambria county. Briefly,
it bs that applications for the transfer
‘of licenses may be presented during
any regular Court, on motion day, or
in chambers during vacation, the facts
in the petition to be set forth the same
fan fhe original petition, and to be
fied in the Prothonotary's office for
ten days. Notice must be given in two |
That Means the Lowest.
‘papers for ten dayw of the time and|
place when the application will be pre- i
sent to Court.
| Ridge, visited relatives in town the If the Patton borough council want
{frat of the week. to confer an everlasting faver on them. licensee such transfer may be made
Mr and Mrs Wis. MeCormick, of
e Cwrrolitown, were visiting relatives in
(selves and all who are obliged to do forwith. ‘The new rule differs from
business with them they will provide Judge Barkar's ruledn that the saloon |
| decent quarters to meet in without does not have to be closed for ten days |
o. | LOWD over Sunday. | dela
«Mrs. H. A. Ford, of Janesvi! ¥
Wik. les guest at the roid bes The present council room is a dis |
oo Ho W. C. Lingle. grace to any third rate ‘municipality,
i. {and every resident of the town will
i. Mra Chas C. Grenninger and Miss
o Byrd Hard visi da agree that Patton does pot come in
yt rd er ting friends in Pitts- that catagory. Hot, foul smelling and |
TR inadequate in summer, it can only be
~The Patton public schools will be reached in winter and apring by wad-
2! clined to-morrow Good Friday.
A LC. W. Hodgkins was In Osk Grove the shoe tops or farther. The tax pay-
! several days last week on business. {ers of the town do not ask or want
. Howard C. Dinsmore was visiting their legislative body to meet in quar.
relatives in Gallitzsln over Sunday. ters like this, when a suitable room can |
+L Leib, of Niektown, was a Pat. ®asily be procured for the purpose at
ton visitor ¢ on Sunday. a small outlay each year,
sa { Strangers coming Into town and
noe honorable board can not fail to be an- |
Special Temday Exenrsios via Pennsvivenis | {favorable impressed with the place ir
Balisond. the councilmanic chamber be taken as
The Paneyivania Railroad Cochas ar- | a eritertan. |
| ranged for 8 low-rate ten-day excursion | Sitaated as it is in an old isolated
n | fren Pittsburg and points in Western | | frame building, without a safe to store
rip tickets will be sold at rates | a fire would have small opposition in
train Indicated, or ou train No. 4, leav- | once started. It is faise economy to
%, ing Pittsburg at 9.00 p. m., and carry. , compel the councilmen and others to
cars and coaches will be run from Pitts tment if they made a change in-
bury on the Rilowing schedule: Lstanter.
“i Traln il Bate Wh i RET pf
¥ not 3% aries “3% 7
: Westover. Chace ER CRIM RE aR ¥ no do 5 8 ; lemen
fect thi have ons Pie cindy BE roo!
i Bom Lo A Biol chant To Te
Tickets will be good returning <n President Donnelly, of the Patton
Donemitioos A ppolnted,
. or Good & lo in any. aiar train except the Pennsyl. | borough council, has appointed the
it ding of the road, com- | I vania Limited, antil April 19, inclusive, | following committees. The first named
of ‘of enh is chairman:
4 at ff af Baltim withi
erand to sop off a re In | Fire and Police Probert, Ardell and
a the number of passengers’ : MeCormick. Lot 2 : :
in that section of the | not be sufficient to warrant the run. | | Finanow -Prindible, Gould and Me:
delightful. The eevation ining of a special train, the company COTMick. 2
a thi sen leveland the | reserves the right to carry participants Streel. ‘Lingle, Gould and Ardell
suming and ‘on regular wain. : Rep 01 So.
: Tickets on sale in Pitsburg. at union
| toket office, 360 Fifth avenge, the
union station, and at ail stations men.
tioned above. For full information
pply to agents or Thomas E. Walt,
| passenger agent western district, Fifth |
Pation has entirely freed eel! fron:
ceontagious disesses and if it is to res
main in this shape the sanllary condi
tion of the tows must be remedied at
disease breeders and the best precau-
avimueand Smithfield street, Fttaburg. |, 4 uinet an epidemic of any kind is
Whose COURIER are you 2 reading ? iaclean town.
‘of Bernette Dumm and Caroline
Dumm, deceased, approved and filed.
ing through snow, slush or mud ap to
: y in the hands of M.D, Kittel, Esq, ex- |
lof Ellis M. O'Friel, deceased, late of
‘ auditor to pass gpon exceptions to the
LOW RATES. ‘having business to transact with the
Pennayivania to Washington April 10, | the books and papers of the baruugh,
quoted below, good going on special destroying everything of value if
once. Dirt and flith are the greatest
prior to the transfer,
The following motions and petitions,
were presented:
Bond of Joseph A. Gray, guardian
Dumm, minor children of Valentine
T. H. Hasson, Esq. appointed aodi-|
tor to report distribution of the fonds.
ecntor of the lust will aod testament
Loretto borough.
Philip N. Shettig, Esq, appointed
report of distribation of the funds in |
the handy of Thomas Bishop, the exec.
ator of the last will and testament
of Valentine Bishop, Sr, deceased,
late of Allegheny township.
Petitoin of H. I. Sharabaugh, admin-
istrator of James Sharabaagh, late of ‘
Carroll towuship, decessed, for dis. |
charge: granted. :
The Fradeatinl's Aniiasl Statvment.
are charming symbols of
a promised future. The love-
liest hoops that ever served as
prophecies of marriages are
shown in our assortment of
rings. We are prepared to
meet every eugagement mag-
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ized a ning that will not be
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either in
for that matter, or clocks, or watches, or silverware.
Eyes tested by the celebrated * Retinoscopio Test” and glasses
fitted. Lenses changed, free of charge, at any time, in spectacles sold by me
that cost $2.00 and ov
Jeweler and Optician, Patton, Pa.
No other life insursnce company |
whose age is the same as the Proden- |
ing through sleeping cars to Washing. | meet in quarters like this, and the city abs has ever minds such an inerwase |
ton. Special train of through OF | fathers 5 HED
gh parior ¢ wosld be upheld by public sen been shown by the Pradential insur |
ance company of America for the year
CIM. Over $273,000.000 of Life insur.
Bee was written and placed, maling
in its business in any one year as has |
the total amonnt of insurance io roe
cover §T00.000,000, Big incredsses are.
shown in the amount paid to policy:
holders; in the assets of the COMPRNY ;
in the yearly isvome; and in the
surplus of assets over abilities,
Altogether, the first year of the now
reutary was a most successful ous for
the Prudential. Ii ia quite clear that
such results have been achieved only |
by the moat vigilant management and
tie most apright amd honorable busi |
tess methods in carrying oot the work
of providing life insurance protection
for the people. Write to the home
office of the company, Newark, N. J
for information conpsrning its policies,
which furnish guaranteed protection
‘the poliey-baider.
to the family, as well as dividends to |
Onr Superb Stock of Spring Clothing, Rats, Shoes
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