The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 13, 1901, Image 7

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Hustling Borough--All the
Your Neighbor— Enterprising Busines
serving of Liberal Patronage—Keep Your Eye Peeled for the
| atest and Best,
f Al Copy for Advertisenicn 1s
' Fte., Can be Left with
ness jor the Hasty 14/8 E
¥ i Byars has taka grntey Lim
a wife. He 168i fern on hawt 8
g and wis married a li
Jay svening.
bgpd hed yf
(ed at opee on an
Ther. %4 5 fs bay at hrme ih
hiffer. ar Whar spent
y with his brit hor, W. Shaffer,
town, He starts to ir Keme on
ay, Blanchard, Ww,
asecompanying him,
Mrs J. M. Notley and son John, of |
ssboro, are spending a fow days
and. Mrs, OC. M. Behaeffer, at |
Moms. i L. Mitchell and Bob Me
of Giallitzin, drove over on Qrtar- !
oon and spent Sunday with
and family.
no A Gunn sitended the wedding
Evans at Harrisburg on Wed
; evening.
y. Clark returned from New York
. Notley pont a few days io Eb.
this week.
ehh paivese
aly 1 the passenger department
innsylvania railroad company
the 1991 edition of the Bum
carsion Route Book. This work |
sil to provide the public with |
dptive notes Of the principal sea. |
and mountain rosorts of the East,
over seventonn hundred different |
combinations of rontm. The
been compiled with the great. :
0 and altogether it is the most
and comprehensive hand
of summer travel ever offered to
i o 4 4
cover is handsome and striking
ned in eolors, and the book on: |
ernl maps, presenting the ex
goutes over witlel theleta wee sold. |
book fa profusely Hlust rated with
u tone « cuts of scenery at the
8 yomOrta and along How of the |
nin raflrond.
d after Jupe 1 this very inter
k may be procured at any |
wily tiekot offloe at the nomi: |
rice of ten cents or upon applica. |
to he general office, Brosd Streot |
by mall for twenty centa.
A Ciao Cotngh Midicine
aks well for U Thamberlain’s |
medy when droggists use it
wn families in preference to
“I have soid Chamber: |
h Remedy for the past five |
with complete satisfaction tb.
if and eugtoniers,” Hays Sang
af 1
ways ned it in my own Caraily I
for ordinary fi onghs arid eld {2
— cannot be long lived be- |
cane to lives requirers nonrisbment. |
is not nourishing until itis dic}
dA disordered stomach cannot |
od, ft most have assistanoe.
pepsia carn digests all kinds
thout aid from the stomach,
it to rest and regain its na
I functions. Ils elements are t
sare as the natural digestive fluids |
it simply can't help but do you |
. Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings,
W. Hodgkins, Patton.
: William Wegdard, of Decatar, Ia,
> for savers years and four one |
ae Bottles of Foley's Kidney
new ; reniedy | for sostivencss.
1ain's Stomach and Liver Tab- |
— box fpuarantend. dail
, N.
3 oq a oublod with |
x onde di trip to
, News Items,
Patt. Reames
ditty im f the COURIER.
Apariy was tendered Mise Mame
last Friday night. The sven
geantly at cards
Those present
Frama Shee
Neff, Anna
Er luke EC ammaons
Sller on
wy, Dr. Bean's te
Moildain, Pen
Concerning People
Happenings About
Jo sh Printing, Subscriptions,
who is Authorized to
You and
who are De-!
© on hand
Progertios iin This End oF the Comnty That
£7 Fr pimandl lands Heoontiy
bana Wealth Haran
Sa Flier tyownsd
Mies Clortrude Vin Dreward and Miss
Catherine Joves, of Pittsburg, are
sperding a few weeks with Mrs An
Cibrew Lantey,
and Gertrode Noonan, of Patton,
(petit oa few hours in town on Tuesday.
the Corpus Chrlsti Day exercises on
Sunday at Carralltown
Hastings, $12
The Misses Ads and Celin Mellon |
Jacob Kirkpatrick of a: Is rick Prov
berg, Hastings, 812
Juonh Kirkpatrick Britto Miller,
Jobo 8 Killenset al to J. A. Adolfsen
t al. Barnoshors, $135. :
Hilarion B. MeMupllen ab ux to Mar.
‘tin Mannion, Clearfield, $4,000
A large crowd from town attended
Henry Tanux to Francis J. Hart
Dann, Hastings, $560,
Mr. Goldstein, of Patton, spent Toes |
day evening in own,
Cowit Beckwith spent Tuesday even:
Ling in Glen Campbedl.
A Sprajeed Ankle Quirky Unread.
| YAt one time 1 suffered from a severe
‘8 pprain of the ankle,” says Geo E. Cary,
| itor of the Guide, Washington, Va.
| “After using several well recom.
metided medicines withant success, 1
ried Chamberlain's Pain Balm and am :
| pledged to say that relief came as SOO
spendily followed.”
Pharmacy, Hastings, and C. Ww. Hodg-
kiny, Patton.
Call at Gon’ # Pharmacy, Hastings,
lor OW. Hodgkin's, Pattan; and get
ia free swaps of Chamberlain's
Stomach snd Liver Tablets. They are
Lan gic gant physic. They also improve
j and rorulate the Heer and bowels. They |
| are cay to take and pleasant in effect.
sot. suecpesfiilly | compete with his
healthy rival IhiWist's Lithie Enrly |
tara: the farnois paid fur constipation,
Veet] pemove the cause of your troubles
{Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings, apd UU
tw Hodgins, Patton.
Bdward Huss, a well known business
_Angia Hogus et vir ot al to Conrad
Reig et al, Carrolitown, $200.
Mary Thomas et Vir to Frank J
oO Neil Gallitzin township, $800,
: : ba: Phas Gialiitzin township, 3
H. J Easley drove to Ebensburg au cwnshig, $1
John A. MeGuaire oft ux to Frank J.
Spangler jmpt. company to Frits
Daniel, Spangler, $50,
as | began ita nes and a complete care
Sold by Gunn's
rengthon the digamtion
Lan active epergetic man with a torpid |
The billions, treed, nervous man dan. Hvir and yoo may know that his liver
Spanghie hnpt. company to John
thicken, Spangler, $50.
Jacob Kirkpatrick of al to Giamaria
Latiziay, Hastings, $25
Witiis J. Nugent to Geo. W. Gooder
FR, Susgrehanna township, $60,
Ebensburg B. & LL association to
“Was (Gibbons, Chest Springs, $400.
Cuirk Retief for Asthusi
Mis Maude Dickens Parsons, Kans,
writes: “I suffered eight years wilh
asthma in its worst form,
eral aitacks during thé last year and
wan not expected to live through them,
Lard iL has ever baie! Te 3 gv 1 beg reali
ate radial”
You may ss well expect Lo Ton a
stéatn engine without water as to nd
‘ia torpid when he does
food, ar feels dail aad
§ often bean Reddy
bokels 1 Stomach ,
$ will restore Fain Hew ric $a ETI i
tone, renew bis vila
man of Ballsbury, Mo., writes: 1 wish | + A.
Fo Hay for the beaefit of o hors, that 1
Uwe a sufferer from Jumbngo and kid
Ipey’ trouble, and ali the remedios a
{took gave me no reiief. 1 was indoced
ptsied.”” All Drnggiste.
i Mr James Brown of Puta: oth Ya,
{ovr 90 years of age sullured for years
‘eians could not help him DeWitl's
with a bad sore on his face
i Witch Hazel Salve cured him perma.
Bently. Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings,
ani C. W. Hodgkins, Palion,
Danger, disease and death follow
neplert of the bowels, Use DeWt's
Little Early Risers to regulate them
and voo will add years to your life and
paver gripe. Gonn's Pharmacy, Hast
ngs, aed C. W. Hodgkins, Patton,
Aosurgieal operations ls nol neces.
salty to cure piles. DeWitt's Witeh
never fails
Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings, and C
- W. Hodgkins, Patton.
ne Allen Halverson, of West Prairie,
| Wik. says: “people come ten miles to
buy Foley's Kidney oure,”” while A. J.
Spero. of Helmer, Ind, says: “It ia the
medical wonder of the age” All
zel Salve. The certain pile cure
Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings, and C.
Ww. Hodgki ns, Patton.
he Do you da embossed station ary?
The COURIER is now in a ition to
the Inst i Scars | faiuie vou, with letter heads, pots
# | heads, envelopes, or in fict embossing
any kind, ws cheap as the cheapes
batter than the best. Give usa
5. if to your years. Easy to take,
Hize! Salve saves all that expense and
Beware of counterfeits.
Rozema, saltrheum, etter, chafing,
ivy poisoning and all skin tortures are
quickly cured ly DeWitt's Witch ha-
The lack of energy you feel, the
{backache and a run down in
(generally, all mean kidney disorder.
Filey 8 Kidney ¢ cure wil} restore you 3
arid despair, One Shitate 5 Reh
lyon. Safe and sare
[to Lry Foley's Kidoey eure, and af. for breakfast w
ter the use of three bottles, | am . 3 :
battle of your Kool Sn bs
stomach for balf an hous
‘and ean now eal my hres
other monks with s relish
is thoroughly dig
ernais Kodol rape iis
wel troahies,)” HBF
CWwhist von eal
Hastings and OC. WW, Heedpkiog Bl
¥ harn macy.
BERLE Ces EY ee a
isa ao larE HG Ie IV eustigly Was
RNY 5 ookire nade
mi: a well orris Silver, North >
Stpatiord, N.
found relied tropes a stabborn cough,
dda i 24 LET
fiaun’s Pharm
Hastings, and © W
has cared thousands and ib will
Buia XEi.
Ira DD. Reekand,
writes: “My little boy scalded his leg
[from the knee to the ankle 1 used
Runner Salve immediately and in three
wwe kts time owas aloosd cntively
healed, © want tao recone 3 to
levery family and advise them to keg
‘Banner Salve on hand, as 2 sa ure
pomedy tor sealds :
Digests what you eat.
Itart ite ially digests the foodland al 1s
Nature in strong thening atid Teo
stoseting 1 the exhausted | Haeative or
guns. 161s the latest discoverad digest
ant and tonic. No other preparat
cho approach if in efficiency. jt
stantly relieves aod permaneatly
Dyspepsia, Indi n, Hoar rth
Flatulence, Sour ;
Bick Headaehe iast ralgi
all other results of impor act di astion, |
| Foley’ Ss K idney. Cure
Prepared by EC. Dewitt a Cos Chisago.
O. W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy
Gunn's’ Pharmacy, Hastings
Things in a,
i Soh gh ie
kinds are our cpecialties,
Kodo! dyspeisia one digests
Hastings, Pa.
Manufeetn rer of and Dowiors in
All Ki nels of Worked
and Rough
1 kinds of
pore Hes 2 work :
e fronts, Ww indow end door
Cintra “tit 4 of al 5
Doc, sash, moniding, ole, always
page Ma
went har,
: air shirt
w yet in most
In Bpita +f The oold,
safe is & steady deman
walsta, hind tk The wl Wa
| wiyles,
Ary Alindes
Canty BO enh
A finer grade, neatly Tucked, at 0
Dimity waists, in dainty stripes, st
ah path
Percale waista, in an sxopiiont
shades, tucked front aad bas
fawn and Madris waists, in pretty
shades and great variety, at $1.00,
Handeome waists at $1.50, $2.25 to
$3 50, in great variety and all sizes, and
iso A fascinating line of white waisis
in ovary style
Don't wait. They are goiog fast.
Try the New Idea Paper Patterns
Ah wren 100 kote
We give Trading and Premium
New furniture and the
best possible Service at C. C
tichuer's to msorial
chairs and no waits
Cotlections promptly attended to,
Seah tela Ga x x Wi a ea
fiander in Tend falas, HL
Geo. Sim melsberger,
Syeveiaond Monte on
Poaitry and gnine Wn
Heovanse you've not
buil ding SHup-
Regular Price
| Altoona, Penna. 3 poant
| Solid
} had my
I began using Foley's Honey snd Tar
Will open at
Clearfield, Pa.,
And close
Literary As-
Sehont of Orstory,
in the cy
18 at
You can save from 20 to 30 per cent on all
rohan ise.
unty to buy
Gar Price, Regular Prices Onr Pries,
A pound, Me. 3 poids, 3, 8 pounds, 3.
{orn Starch
1 pound, He
Leica boi
T cakes, Hu, 18 ealea, o. 1 pound, Se.
ive Esser Erg ph
ang curniinre.
WE ee
ist, ¢
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder
Rochester & Pitts
4 May 18, 1001,
| The Discoverer of Swamp-Ror ar Werk ia
His Laboratory.
¥ Ek
A a PM \ M
mvs Pundsaiawney av
widen degtiis are cavsid
ig, kaart faliurs
uf Kidney
ead fn ad.
at attack
any male
1 by call,
by mail aso al
i Root and Ha Ww
L De 4 8,
Pn AW SA 35% 3 ab Te 2»
mention this ngney
: Paini in Head ide and Back.
For vears | saffeisd with pain To the Dead,
pain in the side, aid in the wraail of th bak
Iwas Bervegs and constipated and could not
in and other pvaselind ron ie tried
p Then i tried
Celery | 24! . Ine pas cag enred me aad
Th Rise
mate & ne Ai
baaner, © didi Tr Seg ~. y.
Celery Kings vires Cionati patton sad hot ervey :
Pion §oiver med Kidaey Divo, 2
OW. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Gunn's Pharmacy, Hastings,
a %®
GE Sr Sasa nL,
s Pharm macy,
Lon 5 GrNN, Pras
Soa a aa %
rercial Hotel, Bara:
I iwi a
i ST sSLaAy
Parnell, Cowher & Co.
Agonis 7
| sae LIFE AND
| makes kidneys and | bladder + tights
: on or
aly. 3] ke Yay. anphetld i : All Es LAPKY,
: i a iene Agen,
Rochester, N.Y