The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 21, 1901, Image 4

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    Sin SN,
Cm ~
Knows upon’ pr :
nt ala arrer.
] thn woe how r the Th fands are er
This Is my position, and, 1 think, wi 0
explain to your renders why my name E
His conspicions by ite absence.
FE Famanavon,
Democratic Member Board of Antitors. |
a Red
¥in Peausylvania Fuiiromd, Acsouni Insig.
ambria |
ation oo 2851, ;
+) popaia-
rea} nde]
i in the
; eels saborh, |
wth the ext
armbria Stee
will send ta
— Johnstown |
1 he patios that the eriadite
iy editor of the food city |
great stress upon the words |
w'! and bill, the first merely |
and the wecomd simply the |
ome in whom the wish is
6 thought Brother Hailey
head of the little
WW around the ancient tale
¢ and the hare,
other townx jn the onunty
Patton in popuistion they
wed it That is a straight
without equivosstion
Bat they won't. On the other
200) Patton “promises’’ to and will”
hin the next decade exceed. the
of Johnstown or spy other
! wn jn Canobria county in population,
an does now as a desiralite dwelling
; among friendly and enlightened
ls who are not jealous of the
made hy thelr less fortunate
Johnstown is a nice city and the
; + and its editor Straight
nie, - wool, snd a yard wide,” but
wind writing is on the wall, and,
thse protests of oor talented
ute brother, Rates | 8 x destined
every other way,
Rink feels constirmined to ex
pres: | its sorrow for Jobostown and its
suburb,” buf the pext census
figs ps will prove somolnsively and be
yond perady enbture that both will have
to take un bisck sent during the greats
part of the twentieth century to
room for the Narth Star of Came
County Aniitor Paras vigh id i
Ane Bis Nowe Ta the Hs ald went :
Cornine:—1 notice the ole
in your kane of Thursday,
by Puraban h of Patton, the
ty Democratic county paditor,
¢ to the snnnal report
¥ aaditors published in
ine COURIER, and #8 3
jasbnt CONTAINS |
» of the two Republican
thay bo interesting to your reader
to know why my nate is COnRpICROus |
fu anditors’ seport, as filed, con
is the following, in asbition to tive
grt the commissioners bave pa
ss v E Farabangh, concur in the
report, except in tha follow.
LE EB ‘Parabangh, refiase tp conor
a the payment of $150 to Evan &
eh, sitorneysat-law, io defending
“ommissioners Benj. Jones,
am Hostetler and Thay Hoover
taxpayers’ appeal from the aad-
wf 189%, in which the taxpayers:
apht to have the comunissimenn sar
wd with the salaries of the
scribing clerks and the fees on
dlections paid Wm. Davis in excess
his salary as commissioner’ enunsel.
+6 dre taken thereto for the
nt 3he commimioners, as indi. $
i £ nh. reine to concur
the allownnee to Jadies Moore, di-
rector of the poor, of $240 in excess of
is salary and incidental expenses.
: sptions are taken thereto for
the reason that the allowancr is exces
e ahd illegal.
AF. BE. FARaBatGH, Auditor.”
After close investigation I find that
the commissioners’ clerk has co
auditors’ report including hee ox-
ceptions, for publication. Jost why
the commissioners pubdish a part of
roport, and not a pony
tw be explained. |
gratia of Prisiden: MeRKinley,
Om accoant of the inanguration of
President Gd eRiney Oy March 4 {he
snl exenrsion tickets from all pointson
ith lines to Washington at rate of one
fire for the round trip | ‘minimom rate
50 cents. Ticks will be wold on
March 1.2, and 3, good to returns antl
March 5. inclusive. Tickets will mien
te sold from Harrishurg and inter.
mediate stations, and from Philadeiphin
{ and intermadiste stations 08 March 4.
Thske tickets will be good to stop off
at Baltimore and Philadelphia within
Heait of March B
Special side trip thokels, Roited to
March 8, with | he utd from Washingion
jn connection with above mentioned |
: tickets ae fedlonwr
Od Point Comfort and retarn via aid-
a Boer $6.00; Bichmond and return,
$4.00. Via Novo and Washington |
Sani wt Company: Old Point Lion.
fort or Vieginie Norfolk and pitarn,
$3.50: Virginia Beach and rear, inc
| lading trausfer thin sgh Norfolk, $4.50.
From Baltimore, via Bay Line or
Chesapeake Sgeamship Company:
Narfaik or Old Point Comfort atl re.
turn, $2.50: Vigginds Beach an od rétoen,
Cipelming transfer throngh Norfolk,
For the weakness and prostratis ik
fyllowing grippe thers is I hing 80.
prompt ant efertive as One Minute
Cough Care. This preparstion in
high ¥ endorsed aR #0 wifi] :
remedy for all throat apd ung trouble
and its early pao proventy cansuny ption,
It was pode th curs gaickly. {. W.
Hodgkin, Patoon Pharmacy or Gann’ .
| Pharmacy, Hastings
A powerful sngioe pannel be ran
with 1 weak bobier, and we can't Reap
np the wirain of an active life witha
weak stomach neither oan We stop The
Hamas machine to make repairs if
tach exanot digest spough food |
to o keep the body sbrodig, sud ha prepar.
Wi AR # Re wid Traps wd are abcd
sosussasiissss sR)
it peta what vo
/ v GRRE baidp Dat
Gane’ “ Phar miwey, Hi Rt ngs
wow Und ) roe nr oof Marshall,
Mo. writes: Honey and Tar in
| the best carigh 10 the marke! toalay
I have paed roost all kinds and am
re shat thers! ws no pier 80 RoC ut for
both youag sod old, ard speciany for
diildesns. We are never without 14 ng
Lkhe hoowe. All Druggists.
Reports show a greatly inereaned |
‘death rate from throat and MoE
troubles, due to the prevalence of ira
paenmania and grippe. We advine the
gee of Ope Minute Cough Care
all of these JiMonities. It is the nly
harmless remedy that gives immediate
resulta Obildlren like it. CW. Hodg
‘kins, Patton Pharmacy, oF {innn's
Pharmacy, H astinge.
Like bad dollars, all counterfeits of
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve are worth. |
jess. The original quickly cures piles,
sores kod afl skin diseases. CW. Hodg
kins Patton Fharmary or Gonin's 4 Phar
| mary, Hastings.
Xo Care A Cough
stop coaghing, as it irritates the langs,
land gives them no chance to heal
Foley's Honey and Tar cures without |
capsing strain in throwing off the
phlegm jika common cough expec |
torants. All Druggists
1 A Lamdert.of Rachel. N.C: wiites:
“heartily | endorse Foley's Kidney
Care. It does what you claim it will
do. ard 1 thank you for the goad it has
dope me. Accept no substitute, Al
“] have always used Foley's Honey
‘and Tar cough medicine, amd think
the best in the world’ says i has.
Bender, 4 pewsdealer, of Erie, Pa
Nothing else as good All Druggists.
H. A. SE TZ,
Ofttoe in Young Baiiding, next fos tay
Dinsmore 5 Brow
to12m and ip
Parnell, Cowher & Co.
Good Baiidiog. Patton, Pa Phooe Noo $
m todp m
pies constipation aod te gran
(ffoe Hours 8 a
Peansyivania Raitrond Company will
“ rin Sud" ;
Br x
sn font + *
oct B Beimedy for Const
Ape Sour Stomach, An
Worms, Cormdsions Feverish- |
| ess avd LOSS OF SLEEP.
a 1 AINA
Fac Savile Signature of
RRF7 FIs re
A Dolla r for Se
5 Sr
even, y-rive (ls.
uits. “Ove
There 8 00 POSOIVE
garment in the
this reduction of
Per edt Thaw
PPOT It aE ie
cary eet
ours satin msn. |
You are :
and op IY New bine o
Canned Goods, Etc.
At Lowest Prices
Flour and Feed
direc tiv i front al
Sieepiesariess Almost invarinhiy SOTO PY.
1 agiegedant
“0 aeiim-mepvisns disorders, Fil igestion, Toeands
Patton Courier,
Promoter of Publicity.
Advertising Rates made known on
Clrenition, m 120
sche, loss of appetite, ste. To sb ems nt ta ins
duce Sleep by Opiates is a Serinan ry oetamkn far
: ihe rath i" ar Benim badd snd the body suk
King removes the vane of wake
in by Its soothing effect ob Lao nerves
pand on the stomach bowen,
Nature in
ladies’ Suits Reduced
. Ln i
» pleaning np the Tailored a
; re ten where these great
Repgoe and
wowepe B18 1
Dal were 5 FS redband 1
te Rader made Suds the
ea bay bo ai id out AL
Alten ome tf
Wants, were He.
Digests what you eat.
frart geile dig ligesta the food and aide |
structing Lhe e
ant apd t tom ie, Sri 4
pre Ir in.
FIRS eutiye 2
al other endache. Ci sptpet dd,
Pp Dy EC DaWitt 3L0. Chicuge.
0. - Hh aki Patton Pharmacy.
relery King tures Constipation and Nerve, :
Stomach, {iver and Kidaey divenses
W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy
Guan 8 Pharmacy. Hastings.
Brangde we
23 Bond 8 and SAE
. ah
nn 0
Recent expartrentn iow that
sinuses of foods may be completely i
gosto by & preparation patled Kodol |
which absolutely
y of all 0 nidoaral
Sante ever devised Lee dumand for it
bits heoome SROTIONE. al tins neve
for illen It is a soothing and healing
wis for mores and all skin disemium C0
mints Pharmacy, Hastiogs
Tied ¥ ik Proteins
waif Missoni V ake
Japul wovere Kiduey
hat tried five dotlors
LC W. Bodgkins, Patton Pharmacy, or
hat thee hatiies of
: | Drugints.
again Ya fietpge Cough
fi Vacher 157 Osgood SL, Chico. | :
site aly wile had 8 very savers case of
; with a very
Totise wared |
Hix ee
Sales in
sales dey
mre tn take De SWilLTA
HE a Ea
Frost Hiios ged 1 bintus
snred by Banner Naive, Lhe.
healing remedy vi the workl
Cena ivan Pris ama
- ea :
Beech Creek IDnstricl
Candenaet Tipe Table
ew at Hu
rg & Eastern Branch
ar Mad Hadew fxr MM ne. ham ;
NA wl a ow
ay Lown js we
Cur sumed me Al
eal 5
Chop. F rd po Meal.
Beat ¢ card Mil in North
kinds of v Bpring and
; w hae Ue, Whale (irain,
i : ui Palo Hay
Patton Rd &
Bugvheat Mills,
WJ PY. Proprietor.
Over-Wd Weakens
/ our
Unhealthy Ky Make
AH the SlogPosr body passes through
our kidneys ever three minutes.
[ETS Ere yO
Bion 3 purifiers. they fib
ter oul the waste or
inna ‘vies in he Blond.
if thew are sick or out
their work. 3
Faina achersndrhen
MALT Orta from ox
Osa of Sari BoE an the
Blarad Aue te neglected
y quick or unstead
4 ? reams sm feel ax thse
they fu ble because the heart is
Lenroweird PUMBing thick, RKidney
mpdgines yeing and arieries.
sided (hat anly uwringry
4 1 10 he wines
“ , ri Science Deaves that nearly
4 3 hes have thelr begin
2 no mistake
war widners, The mild
Sinury fier of Dr Kilmer's
Ihe great kidney comedy is
1 sana the ipheo! foe Ry
oo ier 55 of the most Satresss
a rm
mole © oY mall Home of 8
free. boil oiling you Baw ee a .
any Hf 2 ie kidney or Hisdder trouble.
Ment Jper when aeriting De. Kilmer
& Co samton. N.
(mooed Balding, Room No. 3
sacs: 308 Be Eve Specially, 1
an TETRURE Bieri SR leR iu
£ :D A. Murray,
Ohmastink x. w Bt North a
Ghey, Truss AY. Ceeii & gan
Now A rk, Willinampory, id
: Penusylvs aia Ratlriad.
| Tn affect May 27, 1800.
: Main Line
Somme £ pwn bo Haste nl
ek dave. AMa om
5, We any Fao
ie Hane ek - ¥
i ng Koons iy Aas sri Suite :
: Torn imi Ri Gan, wow dure
Cambria & Clenrfieid Division.
Lave Palade Herasiiwanl
£3 ; xi
§ ati ihe Bites
5 ; a wa
hak SRT, Grower whe BYES
mda mand Bodom
aoa Fe
Gunsear gk aa,
EaENsRunG, Pa
4 ioewi
SEE TA Rn Rr ieIng wl ire iy Rat newe POM artended Ww
ve avd WE i: iis
Lastiving i
Cabarns mek sed
| The Delineato’ ET
Moe aon Garner
CA vente
tended Tan
Woman s Favorite
Magazine, on
; and is lwwasd By the unig |
publishes, The Butterick dr
tu (Limited, at 7 WO 17.0
tenth Bireel, Now York
| markabiy iow rate of
$1. OC
for a your's subscript pew is
of all
hoe in Parker Hag ag.
of Lan Fifth
{ oliectiony prom a at
The Cornea offios has Just | re-
; teived a handsome and full line of sta-
B® tionary of every description, which
i will be printed in the most approved
‘ dxie and at the Jowest possibie
fi fend in your job work. figure.