The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 12, 1900, Image 4

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in Yate, Bi % 1 THE PRENT second.
A myosterinus dry rot whkh Hs Ef i ‘Bartmore, We.
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tacked the grapes in the vast viaey ars
of Northern Ohio and Penny
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Bawel | hat United Staten Aprieuitoral VICTOR J. EVANS & CO.
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Mr. Lyons
I and Expres reporter:
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that the grape growers of Western & for free examination Tm advice.
New York are suffering antrie. oN PA 18 FREE. a.
They wore seriously injured somes years w
ago, but they spraved thelr yines and Papa Sa Was, : INGTON. D.C.
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the history of the stale
When asked if the epidemic in Ohio
and Pennsyivania would affect the asain Lie Sent B
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terial crease, Lovatee of the
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LL “ag Dr. V A. Murray,
Chom Loan
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SW ikilaoe Genera] Secretary, Cormoran
Huikding Washington, 1 0 opposite
Treasury Depariment. 20)
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cuntain blank sy & far fats Aiea ik - po EL
i i santas blank of AH Lady's Hest Iban Patton, Cambria Co, Pa
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Awerican Mfg. Co., Terre} 1. Clark, Chaunoey. oe. says De
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