The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 21, 1899, Image 2

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PUBLISHING CO. Propristers.
E Wit Gernx, Filditor, i
“lesvis Christ is in the noblest and > holida vs We have : 2 ; thinness 18 the market
‘most perfect sense the realized ideal of ¢ ne assortment put up ne Aes or al Ee ae i 2
humanity.” ~~ separate hoxes that we : @ cui hint sages as JOW
On next Friday the schools will close ~~ sell at 98¢c & $1 48. ; ; Fe 3% 1 98 Hp to $4.48.
until after New Year's day. All the, ss 3 > : : : oy babes wo EE : b Women's Dress Shoes as low as
teachers except Miss Rogers will spend ee . Ty oa : TUE COT ADDY CC Sr! :
their vacation at home. on New Stock of Silk Um. Ti Jill LI1URL J IAL. $1.48 ap te lam :
The saddest thing that confronts the nig hrellas. Specially for $ . } Children's ficod Solid Dress
true teacher is the face of a girl or boy AB presen tS. The prices are $ : Ri a: Ta up to 1.98
[withoat a purpose. It is a great thing - ti rht—$1 98 np to $4. $ Vays or Yume.
when a obild begins to go to school at ~~ HB Di :
the age of six. He has resolved to po
know something. Ho bas a purpose; 4 ods that cash will buy, and where vou pay exactly
that determination, pig > Yr 3
that contingity of prrpose that is an- - the SAM pric CAS othe ‘I's fl £), No more nor no less ( Ine price toy all. be Jit vour ch lel 3 Vedls
faltering. The encouraging influences - i ars of ” -
of home, church and school will give Oil OF YOUTISC 50 yedrs o age,
the young and purposeful life such res. oo ; A . on roa bi Cog yl op cen
EE Fs moan. We want to do.more business this month than we did in Dee. 98 by half. To doit we
ing, no uncertainty. A life withouta GU hy we arraye d our stock in such prices as will do the business. Let us sav in conclusion that we
purpose is changing ‘trom day to day, 3
ike bost on the water without ard. @~ carry more stock than any two other Cli othing stores. Do not handle dry goods at all.
der or & compass or a sail, driven with .- y >
the winds: as changeable, as variable, wo
an unsteady as the breath of air that ; | - yy ope. Tatost whip porde. covert cloths, her. in the pounty. We do unt sell shoddy
Aweeps across the water. What isto - Men Ss Clothing. x hotes n Kearney olof on $8. 48 nor do we want fo we leave that to Underwear Stock.
ig ee : Se — : short top coats, chen conver e soll you a fall suit :
be more deplored than a life that drifts [Rw elegant coat oF low an @ DO Ba Flasod or Natn ral wos] :
with its own impulses, its own prasions, Wor sell a boy atl wool mit at : . Sw I
that has absolutely no central purposes, : A Ane drew Hover cont at 7 48 BY an el "= "¥ es $l. 98 Then we have. oo al pe: |X. zw,
Eg bis ; . : pL A i 5 Hp The 0 2 4m, $2 Ns HEE 3 4R 3 ¢ Lilo Fis ; -
thit ents to-day becaose appetite calls } $i z Bon nis Al fas Latent alors id ry ". Aor the finest gra
and whiades, and in any cloth you may Boys’ Natural Tw aol
denizen, shirts and draviers, 55,
2 38 to #80 sack
Pays Reefirs and ape
Orv errnata Resfers, all dl. 98
wis] ages 1 La 8B oat
Ags Bb ta 15 82.98
Omir Shoe Department is
Fancy neckweasr for the dul gy
piamy full of the hnest
Where vou get your money's worth of tha best : Slippers as low as Bo np to $1.98
for food, that drinks to-morrow be
cause appetita calls for drink, that sins
in all forms of indulgence becaose ap-
petite calls for the gratification, that
Arifls as foolishly as a man who would
take his seat in’ a carriage, throw the
ps to the winds, strike the horses a
and trast to the dumb animals to
take him whither they would! His
course would be no wore nneertain
than many a boy's and girl's in life,
‘moved by their own impulses and pas.
mlons, without a purpose.
: Grecian «location ated at forming
Boys’ Clothing.
(hr stow k of Cape Dlverooats will be
sald at about Ball their actosl value to
clos them onl
Weare agente ior SWEET ORR &
£1)’ Patatco fw oan! overilis the
Poet rik fan sell von
: ¥ 4€ thedy all wk 1 48
& o . *
re patie al
and Bp lo MAR Fin a oman 3 in waist
OF SE fn wean fang fg up tb
irs ture,
at forming the practical Roman. Bat,
with tke advent of Christ intes the
world, there came a new ern in history,
tbl Good blick suite, Bot
charnctor. With his coming the work we al] wool but show mp well
ted upon the period of its final de ~~ ut
wit. The wide- reaching infla. -— Drress suits at -
— KOR 4% THAR. 11.4% up to
Car Fare Paid
On ail purchases of $1006 or over
This of conse including perons ax fur
X education. C hristianity has a
hte education upon a new and un- L. :
movable foundation. In teaching that fn Men’ Ss Overcoats.
pational limits and prejudices. It he ~
8 the world the great Fought 4 that
an Cresson and Mahaffey, Barnesborn,
Spangler, Coaipart or Irvona. It may Wa carry a stock of hone
take the profits on a $10.00 side, but we coats and smoking jusiete 5. 00
hx Lo fiar the holidave at »
will fo a8 we say. to $10 each, Nive for a nweful gift.
Latent stock outside of Johnstown
' ha do stamped with the o irom of
e divine image and are children of
tion, the heir to eternal life. it | ei dca <r Loon Cv ErrvE 5 \ Sb —
y that all men are alike before -—— CIE 11.) TUNEL In BAXK,
and thus sweeps away the false
netions of class and caste, which = de A ~~ ea an Y
weighed 80 heavily opon Oriental yl L I 1 Pe NN a
It abolishes slavery; it = : Lae : : : Gal
s to overthrow. the oppressions of EE ae a
rite, According ts ancient universal : ew 1008040880 000000 058408804000, | 404044 J 844 as 4884344 844080000008 Ahhh
Of) AMONE pagan Batic the pars : sien BT ; : pbs g
could BX PON: his children to degth,: ~~ P i
mit Christianity requires him to! Bring 5 C. W. Kendig, of Lancaster, Pa, reg- Ladue Aut Rapper My won has been troubled for cars Cpecial prices to cash buyers all Grinding Doo.
them up in the murture and admoni- istered at the Commercial hotel Toes The Ladies” Ald Society of the Bap. 0 0 0 dlarchoea Some time Mouth at the Cash Grooery F. Migks wishes to apnounce to his
“of the Lord” Thess are some day. tist church will give a geberal supper ago] tierngadud him i take He of Er ya Dis util} is Patton agAin
the great truths of Christianity that peppy Gantz received an ogly gush in the choreh Thumday, December 28, hamberisin's ania chelurs and 4 Description and drawing of aby port matics. Special attention wilt be
: changed the character both of , hig head Tuesday, caused by a fall fromSta% pm Price of supper 23 archos retnedy. After ering tw hat patent iwsued in the | Swill be aieen tn) small orders given by those
Hon and of education, of rock in the ies : furninhed free to the subscribers of this who reside in this immediate vicinity,
cents. In connection with the supper | a : yo TRE
i s tien of {be Dhawnl aime be fran cuired. 3
or toe teachers join with me in wish
pe will Ra hie containing Lands pare by addressing Loss Bagger &
- ; Lo there will be a lable containing fandy give this testimonial, hoping smeons ; a dress sg Lots Bagger & Fleware af (Hutments for Caberrh thet eon.
A jackrabbit saosige factory is to be geticlon. ote, for male a nl Vitarnevs, Washington, fabs Marenry.
simthialy afffcted may red 0 ated bw
AAoxts © $3 stems of
Ch mas and Serie New started in Ran = ordes ia Site Fy hone fi ted Thorsas 0 Flower, flere. : uf Shh ry : he 2y #3 Wii BER
r.'- the merriest and the hap pleat. the heavy and yearly increasing crop A. C. Parker and M. 8 Keifer, op vp ies : Corres wien en foriong Ih ous . Di Reese map
: : : come £1 ar sale by Patton Phiarsaasy, i ; :
of this creature. resenting Lave, sunshine X Ua, of COWoH : ? J OB 4taek Peoria 11 says og Sion } 5d Sie ia eer ba. igaesl
. ; eyed uw fin. er Co Fa : Ey feaind i phy
$ykg g % i 2 BR
to our return to Patton, dan. 1, ; : _. Jubostown, Sundayed in Patton sperate on me oe sean a they with divs ten find
ferive fhm
B. L My ERs, Principal. The number of Sisto F mia i all 3 ; wo t 4 Bay a nice box ot gars uf Kinkeul's niles. hat gurl them with DeWiit's : ; = 3 » or :
Pihlie Sule, the rivers of Earapean Humia is sad iy Mines Lizzie Enaley and Chatigtle wiil take a toe LHe emeiiD 4 itch Bagel saive boiwoindadianie lor Bd hy 5 x tn ; oo Sto be
: to be more than 80.000 yearly witha ! ambedl of Carmolitown, visited among 3 oe Tahar & Kaori Py « Falun ANEeTRGIEY. Bel
: The undersigned will offer at public a total of some 25 000,000) og. friends in Patton the latter part of last Mr HB Chorcidll, Bewliny VE saya Plies and shin : a ar oitie Heth s
sale at her residence in Clearfield town. : ! : week : : “rr baby was covered with cunning Gu erinia : odgking, Patton 0 ot ” ¢ the po try 1% = akon Intern.
hep one tile south of St. Augustine (Gireat Britain has been engaged in 1 a vp . ; " wires © De Wand witeh Bagel miive hari 5 Ie * ; i dl Terluaty, Stun hy Fd
over forty wars, big nnd little sinoe the Aandiord Yeckiey as np ver! the ; f mer A mpweifle Tor piles and wubel Bae 13 tow That
Thursday, Dec. 28, 1899, the following Queen came to the throne in 1887. 1a titice of the Central hotel by having... eases Beware of worthless The Emine
Pernonal property to-wit: 2 head of fact, there has hardly Beton | Your with. the Wikiie and einnyg artaslicaily EE 1 1 Hodgkins, Pattouw he minent Kidney
horses, 4 head of milch cows, 1 out fighting of sotne wort, . papered, Pharaascy and Bladder Specialist. Christmas will
p Fai £ Allport. Clearfield The postoffice at Spangler was eat. a iy ; :
; / ; £ i ] s PEARrie os ; EE Cdl Bw SREY EW
ay . Be 4 py : UU ered on Toesday sight of last week : ‘ » =
30 3 Ea FAS 1 ¥ ’" > ; sig] Lame Wal Yaad ORE Py PI Ne } , : %
sounty, a iad Ww EE m % I : ORPItAl ond the safe blown open and robbed of Low) Hat a w : a - GED TREE | gC
at Philipsburg In September last with ts oontinta ing everything you want in the g ry} Lei a 3 So0Dn b her
a broken leg, was taken back again fire al tae (ash Grider ov Vo rly ! ’
idl ; i EYE) | be ) Philip Divtrick and aif were 1000 ; Rl ed ®% i
ing mill, 1 screen, 1 corn sheller; 1 hay Thursday Kerugen With the same lop the m ilo Pattonites whe attended tl fu oF | h CA
, a { ; woken in nearly the sane place "ix Any Hes Whe atheided Hw 2310 CRE < 0: 4 is 3: y
Land rope, 1 eatting box, 1 land “TOR . Fed sity nd Fifty [reilars mn E : Kign \ b fy }
Mi Pe, B ! nd dedication services of the pew Uatbadw BRON ahah TORg Sat teRl ARs] hood 3 hdl 0; : Li SA Dd IOWA iit
Elsewhere in the COURIER this week ohyeoh at Spangler Sanday bid tire vcdinn a 1 ! Col EY Xe! Lani
can be found the annoutwwment of Dr \ ( ur Si it OT
T. M. Richards, of Ebensborg, tor the Fhodntay Excursions Rites § mri ATH Ne 3 0% 3 : : ’ " ( )
fhe a Yio Ratarsbyll. ds ; Rn i}
nomination of Sheri! on the Republi On seconnt of Christmas and New fo By Hae of | Vere at’
Fa * i EATS TR 3 Fi alc “fy » Eh x hx i 5
Can ticket. Mr. Ric haris ina stann hiyanr holidays the Baffalo, Rochester & ood mixed nists to
ov lily Sp : Republican and a god fellow and if be Pittabtiegr ratiway will sell excursion
also 1 cooking stove, 1 heating stove, receives the nomination and is elected ope between all stat “ ba
‘tables, chairs, bedsteads and other hp will ke & creditable officer, ful Sw oe hn Se gma
HENGE £ will make a oreditable ollwer, 0b op 00 fre and ouethird for ciand m
wid : fine : : RE OE PX AIG GRRE Jor Bi tH : e Dcaverer of Sam Root at Wark
isehold articles too numerous to filling his obligation with bonor to yn Prkets will be sold al good a : ia
mention. Sale commences al 10 a. m. himself and the taxpayers of the going on DPeevaileer 25 3 20 50 1d Thars dinmasn prey
Terms will be made known on day of county, at Inu wl 4 EATS i MEL wml pee : : . E ar
and a reasonable credit given. he 4 0 haa ; : 9 Saw Anges ie 4 en zap
Mis. Wu MeN ELIS Daniel Gray, of Spangler, thiv coutity, tnrniug to atid taaing Fanuary F.5 : ’ on CL rehire a mini re tail S uU IT} NGS and
A ANAL, had By v v 5 ne . ies bois ah : 3 ; LXE y he > : : ” . : Jo
was instantly killed on the Susqgue. 1900. For rates, time tables and addic Te fro alm» ioud % \
The Johnstown Daily Tribune has ,.,... pxtension, near the Barnesboro HO08 information, apply to dearest ( f ay MY a A > OVERCOATS
[installed new fast press. Itis from Join about 7 o'clock Friday even ticket agent or aildress U. OD. Pas. Di ests what :S the vital srgiis, or the Kidney themed thes nahh
the Cox Duplex Printing comp ny, of : Gos . : ; call, Div. Pass Agt.. Mo Spithiheld { 3 you eat. . RN Hie HIRES ape the nobblist in the market and we
ing by the evening passenger rai ec arsifioiitte bi Sl gui hs I waste away oriiby emi snarsnree ie +} :
Battle Creek. Mich, and ix said to be : : Co atreet, Patisbhury, Ha Itartiticially digests the food and aids iy a Tanta ih ati guarantee to Bt them up in Hrst-class
. ¥ s { ¥ i 3 t 4 “fe i fa skiv & or v § ¢ ex 2 ki ¢ § f % ¢
a beant iray was a teamster and made week Nature in strengthening aod recon Cosas on CT me aR Re IS. style a very resonable prices
Sh ye trips for Westover & Notley, the liquor ; structing the vxhausted digestive ore ay a Ee x all in and look ab them
Edward O' Friel, a storekeeper of firm of Spangler, to Twin Rocks. He ; mR aes Dronkenness, Eats. 3318 the latest disco rered fi gost.
had prepared bis load Friday evening mL aay Cit Dis tan Arproach it in emer Th in
to start early Saturday morning, and Ere 1 aera stant v relieves and yermanently Abd
was on his way home when the fatal 38 THE ys) primis, Indigestion, Hearts ut
accident oconrred. Daniel Gray was KEELEY Satu he r Biomach, Nau and distiag gies 8
es of ot right ankle. He was taken | about 45 years of age, and was a Write for = SOL INSTITUTE, Sisk Headache Gusteaigin Cramp. and by mail, a8 4 DiwK takin uh Swap
the hospital in that city, where his brother of Ex Sheriff Joseph A. Gray. hee nk ive. | Prepared Dy EC Dewitt 8 Co., i Or and & CoE a SH iii N. give
of Spangler. fen
The Merchant Tailors,
FTRISATAS, £1. CW Hnlehios, Paton Pharmacy. | mention this paper. PATTY N PA