The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 16, 1899, Image 6

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    1 Desds Recorded a Thamtecs wp to Die
Friday: FPebrosary 10.
Thomas H. Heist et ox to Webster
Griffith, Cambria; consideration, $2,
1 300.
Evan M. Davis et al to Webster
| Griffith, Cambria, $4.500.
Arnold BR Willhide et ux to Sosan J.
Kephart, Reade, $150
EP Shoemaker to Sossn Carney,
| Blacklick, $40.
Wall paper at Fisher's 3} cents a
* roll.
No eastern mails came to town for
several days.
Lake Behe, of St
Patton yesterday.
Mr. Holly Lonsberry is confined to
his home by illness.
W. P. Livingston,
in town Wednesday.
Miss Jennie Buck, of Bradiey, spent
"Sunday with her brother, Harry.
J. J. Donnelly made a business trip
‘ter Johnstown the first of the week
Jas. H, Young, of Philadelphia, stop-
ped in Patton a few hours Monday.
Men's $10.00 suits will go at $6.37 at
our store, Waly & THOMPROGN,
J. L. Gill and daaghter, of Fiinton.,
were vigitors to Patton the first of the
| week,
Miss Blanche Minnick, of Clearfield,
isa guest at the bome of Dr. and Mrs
8B. W. Worrell.
| LG. Runk, of Philipsburg, was
‘shaking hands with his many friends in
‘Patton Tuesday.
Crich > A young son arrived at the home of
ym. Boh 4nd wile, of Peale, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Frank Childs last Wed:
Pa, were visitors fo Patton ws sday. | i | nesday morning.
~~ F. L. Robinson, of Pittaburg, was It was gpid comfort upon arising in
-— trade in Patton Wednes- | | the morning to find the fire out and the
: FP B. Williams made a decided hit in pyaer Hye one A. C. Dawson are
he 4 |!
the rendition of his pant in t m.- {ony over the arrival of a bran new
LF “son at their home Saturday night.
Mis Lizzie Flick came over from ;
The Centre county commissioners
£ from |
: ‘musicale. Hu yw n tel i during 1868 paid farmers $1,132 to re’
LS Lather, imburse them for sheep killed by dogs.
3 - he Wirtner |
5 down rn yester. | Mrs. 8. W. Worrell and daughter,
' who have been visiting in Clearfield for
a of Tipton, Pa., | [ie pam six weeks, returned home
petit Sand phell, |
ee vite, ou I Rustin Tie sayy Sow Dania
Walter Litie 2d Walter Mellon | 00m, Jr and two er of Sorthomn
‘went to Cresson Monday to attend 8. 1p week.
sslect ball given at that place. | Several of the participants of the
: Bheriff E. E. Davis came siesle were storm-stayed and unable
: from i. y to at} i I were ¥ y
down Ebensbu Tuesda to be present to render their parts in
‘tend to some business matters. | the entertainment. :
pT Semative Hicks hau iserotored, Mr. Abe Mirkin is receiving the con-
» House gratulations of his numerous friends |
Pay a public building to cost $125,000. over the arrival of a bright young son |
w. M: Erick, of Orpiite O., was at his home on the vth inst.
among many traveling salesmen The cold wave continues with almost |
who were bustling np trade in Patton undiminished severity and the weather |
Wile wesk. : i the man predicts there will be no marked |
5 Cummer, representing Lusch ghatement for several days.
‘Bottling Works of Altoona, was on the The COURIER ia in recwipt of the illus.
train that wus blocaded on the Ebens- 10 seed catalogue for 1899 of F. B.
burg branch. Mills, Rose Hill, N. Y., which abounds
Chas. + W. Hodgkins, Morris and with beautiful illostrations and superb
David Levi and Alf Baum drove to colored plates and is full of invaluable
na Sanday. They returned home | information to everyone who plants a
ay afternoon. {need or rears a flower. Mills’ seeds re-
al attention is called this week ceive the highest merit for reliability | ©
the new advertisements of C. W. and their catalogue giving much practi.
odgkine, Patton Pharmacy; A. C. cal information to all growers of choloe
he: and Mr. 8. B. King. vegetables and beautiful flowers is sent
I land removed his family | free to all apon request.
jot Thesday. The best wishesof C. W. Lingle and H. R. Downes,
na friends. ‘socompany him. Hope both of Philipsburg, and who were in
be will achieve sucomss in his new: this place a few weeks ago, are now in
nto ». Spangler Sentinel. Williamaport. These gentlemen are
rs J. B Larkins and Miss Francis ‘engaged in securing the right of way
he. of Lock Haven, and Mrs. Rob- IRON purty waar goog the route
ala Indian oO proj ‘est Branch rai
and son, uf soRnvy, | Both gentlemen state that no serious
obstacles have been encountered, and
cere long the right of way along the
"| entire line will have been secured, pos
itive proof that the new road will be a
' go. —~Jersey Shore Herald.
Altosua’s Public Building.
Congressman Hicks apparently fouls
ex-District Quite certain now that Altoona will get |
: her coveted public building, as the fol-
lowing telegram sent by him to the!
papers of the Mountain City recently
would seem to indicate: ‘1 now re-
gard the public building ss a settled
fact. The House in Cotamittee this
afternoon passed the Senate bill author |
izing the expenditure of $125,000 for
this purpose. Upon approval of the
House action in Committee by the
House in regular session, which usually |
follows as a matter of course, the bill |
| will go the President for his signature. | |
1 most heartily congratolate all our
’ | people upon the recognition of Al-
toona by Congress."
The Kind You Haw A
rox PUBLISRING co. Proprietors.
: BE Wind Geese btitor,
ne COPY. one year, advance, ~~ $0
Advertsing mites made Keown pon age
Augustine, was in
Shsechitipned anil sll arrears
&#No1 vo tL
4 snlens at thie option of {he
ages are Jed,
tered a the Poston. st Patton as seam
claas ral! walter
of Mahaffey, was
From 1... W. Balletin
A wena ton pails fo be notleed bx omen,
— the fre features wideh po ote Would men.
pat Hos a Tad tet thane it vided and then
i wttruet mrelivided attention.
We wpe the Lond fas fred bp some
Good way tu which 10 hati
TOT pruning th deh.
Get your pictures framed at Fisher's
AR W. Nolan, cams over from Al
‘toona Saturday.
J. NX. Miller, of Pittsbarg, was in|
: Patton Tuesday.
Wm. Pruner, of Loretto, was a visi-|
: tor to Patton Monday.
Mr. EC. Brown is attending court
at Huotingdon this week.
BR Ww. Dinsmore,
Revenue Collector, of Punx-
Jy stopped in Patten over Sun-
and. John Dinsmore, the
The P. & BRR civil engines ur
iin Cullinin Mr. Bracken is
CAR hondds Wo severe Ciregiation,
A arrvwt
Heinrich Pachs et ox w Alexis Fox,
‘arroll, $1.
Heinrich Fuchs #1 ax to Margaret
Damm. Carroll, $1.
Heinrich Fuche et ux to Henry W.
! Pox, Carroll, $1.
Elizabeth 8 Jones et vir to Ellen N,
Ludwig, Ebensburg, $1.
Spangler Improvement company to
Jomeph A Gray, Spangler, $6,000.
Rickard RB. Tibbott, by the Sheriff,
"to Margaret J. Tibbott, Ebensbuarg,
Margaret J. Tibbott to Mollie E. Tib-
bott, Ebensharg, $500.
Tranie! Fritz et ux to Cora M. Smith,
Barnesharo, $255.
Cora M. Bmith et vir
Brown, Barneshoro, $368,
Mitchell coal & coke company et al
to Pennsylvania Railroad company,
eliltgin borough, $1.
Mitchell coal & eoke company et al
Pennsylvania Railroad company,
Gallitzin borough, $4,172.
M.D. Kittell et ux to Mary B. Hall,
Crosson, sa.
Mathiott Reade et ax to A. G. Miller,
Reade, $1,554.
Administrator of Solomon Wagner
ittiam Dukes, Jackson, $1.
John G. Pringle et ux to Willlam
Dukes, Jackson, $250.
Mary E. Glass ot vir to William P.'
Duncan et al, Susquehanna, $300.
John C. Anderson et vir et al to
to Thomas
Francis CC. O'Hara, Monster, $1.
Sehon! Report.
Following is the report of Bt. Aug.
ustine primary school for month end.
ing February 10th: Those present
every day Olive Nagle, Margaret
Harber, Mande Litzinger, Nora Hoover,
Ralph Hoover, Mary Wharton. Those | pop jt with cur best exertions —An- rp
missing one day Charley Adams, Bert
Hrenia M. Doxgaan, Teacher.
Yor Infants and Children.
The Kind You
Bears the
Signature of
FPORT of the orn ition of the First Nao
tlenal Bank of Peston al Patton, in the
State of Penneyivania wt the clove of bagel ness,
Veh, 1h, 1 conmmersed Miginees Oelobey |
perks, DRS
Josris and discomnie,
fyweridirafis sere avd rm red
$ Ham m
Premiums on U8 bores i
Blow he, writin, te,
Banking Howe, furniture & fixtures
ruse fron Nxtiernal Banks ned fa
verve Agents
Tage frien Mate Fanks and bankers,
Erne fron sprayed reser ¢ agents,
Cheeks and other ensh teres,
Notes of (ther Natbwus! Hanks 3
Fronationn! puejer curren yy, plokels
and cents,
Tawioj wim { Mgmt
remeryesd © Legnb tender
Ln Penk { race &.00 et
Haute nyption fund with TM Tras
siren, 6 pes cont, of elrenintion
In a |
i 48 8
ees OK
Total, 5 a4 ol
my al slow jusid in
Seproiom fund,
§ oes ov added prostileg jews «8 peerises atid
DRA waked .
National Bank notes otitatarel ing
CIE to other Nations] Hanks
CDs Gs Mate hanks and bankers
Individos! depemits subieet ta cheek
Degrinrsd cortifoates of depuis
Thome certificates of depewit
* Hien
0.00 a
vid 6
war wt
hae af
=. Fo]
, onary of Cambria oy
Wain HH. Rawiford, Cashier of the slaw
ae Hank, do sélemnly swaar thal the
shove slstetnent is trae and correet fo the
emt of my Knowledge sind belied,
Waa H sasbwrorn Cashier
Mapbwerritwad aad sworn So bedore oe this MAE
day of February, 148.
Ixsse F. DALE
' hal 0
£, Nedary Pubidie.
Ade PaiNen
i. Brow x,
Jaden Kamp
We have the most complete stock
‘of Wall Paper in Northern Cambria.
{Over 100 new designs to select from.
Prices from 3} to 50 cta per roll.
Room Monldings from 3 to 8 cts. a
foot. We also carry a fall line of
Wall Pockets, Pictures, Frames and
Mouldings. Can make any size Frame
desired at the lowest prices Old
' Frames cleaned and renewed.
The Patton Wall
Paper Store,
A. C. FISHER, Prop.
od in years, but his friends hope The Best School Shoe ade is the
ange gives the following ad-
oug ‘the mails in a harry should
write Yin haste’ on the lower
hand corner of the envelope.
n everybody connected with the
I service will flop around lively.
ta e driver will lick up his horses,
\aster dance a jig, and the
it rushes forwdrd and tells
ineer to pull the throttle wide
nd lt ber go.” |
+ And
MILLER'S White Shoe Store.
. mered oul,
of the bos which
8 ‘el plose -
The Awe of an Greer.
Tein Just ue suv fo all Shadge of 48
| oyster by Joking at its shell as
ascertain the sage of Judai mite :
(ing its teeth, or a tree by infpectiog
{the circles revealed by the ax or mw
when it is lnid low. When the oyster is
8 months old, it is as big ae a dime;
when | year old, it will cover a silver
bat! dollar. and when 2 years oid, will
be abet the sireminference of a silver
The orster, unlike the crab is pA
obliged to seek pew quarters or build a
new house every time be grows appre.
ciatly The extensions that be pots on
bis bone wre clearly marked by a well
Befined rides
Oysters are esteemed to be at their
best when between 4 and 5 years of age,
anid the planters endeavor to protect the
besls for that length of time Comscien.
tions oyster men—~that is, men who are
not inclined to kill the goose that lays
the golden cog ~-alwnars return to the
bed oysters that are too young, bot in
ease 8 patriarch 9s bromght ap, Over
whem shel] the tides of from 8 $0 12
winters and sumuosers have sbbed snd
flowed. be 12 sent to market, where he
is put at the bottom of the heap and
qamold with his yosuger and more loscious
Orn PAIGE, —Poaray s Weekly
The Erhienl Protea.
Mr Hasler says ingeniomsly (vpmak
jpg of societies of andmals) that the eth.
fom! process is, strictly speaking. part
of the edmuic process, jost as the ‘gov
enor’ inn steam engine ie part of the
mechanism of the engine '' But we
kgow how ithe governor got into tha
enipine: we don’t know how or why
early men introducnd the ethical proo.
ens “It wus their patars to," and the
ignorant, superstitions biscks ey that
a god. Baisme gave them this law
Yet in mune ways morality doss seem
to pay. prectionlly, thongh not when
carried to an extreme Thea nniverse
like the traveling tutor, seams to whis
Per to ite pupils:
Praction, youthe, s Bitles virtos,
Just gv woh ax will not hurt you
This is ordioary meorslity Go mach
farther, and you are a saint The [lake
of Saints has ever wen the most dis
tressful soantry Whither in the world
are theses reflections hurrying os? |
have uo | beyond an ineradicable
| pomviction that the ¢thioal process, pios
| some ‘governor’ not yet invented, will
win in the long ran. and that we must
drew Lany in Longman’s Magazine
Nelther Did the Ning.
It is wid of King Frederick VI of
| Denmark that while traveling through.
| Jutland (me day be entered a village
school aud found the children lively
and intelligent and quite ready to an-
wor his questions
“Well, youngsters,’ be said, “what
are the names of the greatest kings of
Denmark *
With ane accord they cried out, "Ca
pute the Great. Waldemar and Chris
tisn VI"
Just then a little girl, to whom the
schocimastor had whispered scinething
stood up and raised ber band.
“Do yoo know another?’
“Yom Freviogick VL ©
“What great acs did be perform?”
= Pride of Patton
she has not good
of staple and fancy
igge a eres to be proc ured. Onur
best friends are the house
We truly help them
and beip them-
selves, and for a limited time
offer vou the ceolebrat-
fest lime
WiG Come
ed Pride of Patten Flour
$1.25 per sack. Fvery
fully guaranteed or
memey back.
We «till have some Jelly in ¥opoand
pile that we are selling at 8%¢ each
Don't wait too long ax they will not
inst long at that price. Also #ime nice
preserves at Te per ib
Rext wonk we will have s
arty pre before hn
pe Noi.
#518 1
How of
wing elwewhore as
by dealing
Bch for the lenten ses.
| wo CaYi save you
with ns
the 2 :
flour you buy |
bears the above trade-— The Lad ies
mark ou dre absolutely
d from dark bread
ea biscult caused
by com or other adultera-
tion. This flour can be.
obtained In town.
[ts purity is vouched for
by the Anti- Adulteration
League of Millers.
We still have a few Dress
Skirts, Shirt Ww piste and Flan-
nelet Wrappers that we are
If you need
ng in th wl
| pUy YOu to 100)
They conte in Bens
| Blacks, Reds and a
Dirres Skirts worth £2.75 now at $1.75
3 77 wk 4
$1 av i 2 60
Hoods that always sold 500 go at 19;
and a host of other good things that
must be closed ont 0 m room for
new good.
Shirt Waist at Bi
= 1m
presented or
lillie you buy
anything from ns that is not as
anvthing to say in regard to treatment
By sae Cty
hah eg
we world be please d to have you come direct to us as we are
here to serve the people, and we want our trade to know that
dealings with us
wrong that has been dave.
we appre ate their and are always too glad
to right any
Respectfully Yours,
aakod the
The git! hong ber head and stam
“1 don't know.
“He esniorted, my child,’
“1 dunt know #ther.’
Why Do We Yawn?
Thera cap be little doadt that one of
the objeets of yawning isthe exorcise of
muscies which have been for a long
said the
| time quiescent, and the acceleration of
the blood asd lymph flow which has in
consequence of this goiescencs becotne
sluggish , benos its frequency after one
has remained for some time io the same
position—for example, when waking io
the morning
Co-opersting with this canse is sleepi.
ness and the shallow breathing which it
entails This factor, as well as moscle
quiescence, is apt to attend the sense of
boredom which one experiences in listen
ing tos doll sermon
the bored individaal is apt to yawn As
in the case of sighing the deep breath
which accompanies the act of yawning
compensates for the shallow breathing
which is s0 apt to excite it. —New Yark
Cabtunan (sifting in the street amid
the ruins of his cab and horse, to driver |
occasioned the diss
Sery—You vm muen § vai ware ome $Y rene $11
i a FLEE ime
Gonetab! la
minstn’'t call him soch Dames as
Cabman (in frenzy) —Him wot smash.
ed me cab an killed me "orse an left me
cripple! Wot the ——— do yer
expict we to call 'iro—a ‘owlin bangel!
-Londo nm Judy
Strangely w revded.
“Rome of the applications for relief
sent to the
era from bush fires are strangely word. |
“1 :
od,’ says the Melbourne Argus.
is an extract from one hy a widow:
have in family four dairy cows two
these being by my first hustand, and
henoe it is that |
At z2 Grocery House where things look
neat and clean: where Clerks are polite and obliging;
where Deliveries are made free of charge and on time;
all where von know you are getting the best
at the That's the
Call and be sure of it.
. ie c.: ar yo
in the market fairest of prices.
sort House
Have von
The finest
your parse.
Of we keep
line of
§ *
this section and at prices
seen our
{16 the orstori- Now, now’ |
toy sul
local committees by suffer
a horse and three children, all
two goats in full milk and a baby by
my second husband All of the animals
was lost in the fire’
A —————
Oar “Hlely City.”
One of the serious things told in Mark
Twain's "Along the Equator’ is that
formerly all that people in India knew
af the [United States was the name of
George Washington. Now they knod
so the vame Chicago, the holy city,”
whers the congress of religions was held
e 1883 ~—~Baston Transcript
A Limit te Trust.
“She said she would trost me torever
. with her heart.”
“Well, that was astidaotory.”
“Yes: Then we fell out abosg who
wxould carry the pocketbook. "'— Detroit
Free Prem
When in town make our store
vour headquarters. You will be
We endeavsr to carry he