The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 24, 1898, Image 3

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    “1 love the ground you
This was the tale Le tod,
Ther [ived np by the Ki
ti the groged was al
Washington Sor
Had One Willig Raz,
Boating deln” Ps—Our yacht, my
whirago News,
Bill -He's got a good squares hea
i shoulders. Jii--Rart of a hoilow
square, fsa't Yonkers Statesman.
Artist How mach do yoo thing toa
pieiare is worth?
fdea of the cost of artivig
Simmons Daw't ron think pociry is
dechinivg? Timmons lt isnt declining
80 mach as bein “Judlanzpo
lis Journni.
Nell-Mr. Stillicox is
for a man. Pelle-Well wouldn't
goeept an apology il
Boston Traveler
She-Yes, ther say there's x fool
every famiir.
Er--well, you see, Tm the only
ber of the family — Piek-Me Up,
Mistress of the House My good
did vou ever take x bath? Tran
No, mum: 1 never took anything big
ger'n a silver teapot —Til-Bits,
Most Probable Penelope And wha
fo you think? Marie writes me ths
Visihtor-1 have ng
- oc co dps
¥ 2 bake win
Iwenr't your 1HIGK #02
the sount has at last expressed his Jovi
Ethel-Hmi--C, 0. Iv, I sup |
to her.
pose Puck.
Too High Mrs Poeticus—
think my new hat is a poem’? Poeticm
—No. Mrs. Poeticus— Why not? Poet
eus—Oh, I'm merely judging by iu
price. — Truth.
Teacher— But can't rou define "Ni
eyele” Ruppose some one asked 301
what a beyele is, what would you say.
Pupil—1'd say, “Don’t you know what
bicycle is ¥' Puck,
“A man powadars”™ said the roung
eynical boarder, “who is upright, is 2
Indianapolis Journal
“Eaton makes mie tire], bragging o
his wife all the time, as he does,
yy that all he is b
New York Journal
puversd fron the flimess which kept
| povery is interesting
# pow od -
it were offered |
Don't yor
Bh. “1 should suggest,” said the
Cheerful 1diot, “that be was plowd”~ |
owes 10 her” :
Do you cali that bragging about her?
opm 5 A NAL A oh SS FPS
Woman's Fate.
From Pe Reeord, Busioell, mn.
Wo woman is better abies to speak to other,
po parding “woman's fate” than Mrs Jacod
wesver, of Bushnell Ii. wife of ex.City
Marshal Wesver. She, hal satirely re.
hedfast mach of the time for five or ix
vAarS Poet and saws her recnvery ie
io that well-known remedy De. Willisss'
Piak Pills.
Mrs Weaver i» 8ftysix vears old, and
has Heed in Pushouell nearly thirty years,
Khe is of nnjuesstionalie veracity sod un.
Ljemished repatation. Toe story of her re
Bie save
“f pufiered for Sve or six years with the
tronkie that somes to Women at this Um
of my lite. Iwas mush wealensd was 23-
shies mach af the time to Ao 1eY OWh work,
and suffered beyond my power to describes,
{ was downbearted and melancholy
“+1 took many differant medicines, in fart,
1 took medicine ali the time, bat pothing
soa to do me say god
«1 pead atent Dr Williams Pink File
for Pale Peapie and some of my friends
gecommendad them hirhiy. I made gp my
mind tn try then,
J boaght the Spt
J rox in March, 1890,
and was beoelited
from the start,
‘A ox and a
hal? sgred me ATH.
pieteiy, and I am
pow ragged and
strong. 1 hare aot
bear, bothers] with
my troabics since
; I began taking the
B09 Weaver. oils
“1 have recomended the plils to many
women whe ars sufering ax | suffered
Ley are ths only thing that helped me ia
the trial that comes fo 80 [mAny women at
my age.” Mes. JH Weaves
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
234 day of Ostoder, A.D, 1597.
OC. Bices, Notary Pudi.
. When woman is passing beyond ths
of motherhood, ft is a orisis in her |
Then, if ever, proper sttestins io hygiene
should be exercised The sttendant enffer-
fogs will disappear and daoyant heath will
toliow If Dr. Wiliams’ Pink Pills ars asad.
These pills exert a powerful {nfigence ia
restoring the system to fis proper condi.
tion. They sontain in a condensed form als
the slemants necessary to give new Lile and
richness to the &
$400 for New Wames'
The Salzer Seed Co want suitable
pames for their 17-inch long corn and
White Oat prodigy. You can win this
$00 easily. Catalogue ‘ells aii about
it. Beed potatoes only $i i0 a barrel
Sewn THis Novicr any i Cre rw Stones
to Jonn A Falzer Feed Bo La
seed catalogue and 11 new farm peed
samples, including above corn and
oats. positively worth 51000 10 get a
tart Send to-day, to-day, sir!
ov thine 5 svemtie eA
tates as wing very
Wis, ard pet their great
A South American Snake Story.
There 4 mare than one wav of Sz
tng a snake. Jo Xatal Reuth Afri
where (ives the deadly mam TT.
a party of 8:7 or sixty hallive
boiling a rod. 10 185 oo
Wark they cane toa Dug
which dwell a large black
wall knows to the palizhisring
flaps and
ous. The superintendent aw!
troubles with the rock 33d so be oferad
a reward to the Kar that wonld briog
Rim the srmike’s xin. For ga me Zove
of them dered Take Te atlack, HUT 2
gitm you h fSoaliy saurdtersd forward,
and amid the jeers asd protestations of
(he pent declared himself aqua To the
task. He took fron Gis perl wist look.
od Mie a Mt of suriveled ick, chewed
tt. swallowed some of It spat 007 the
res on Bis hands, amd proceeded to
rab his glistening Prown body and
Yen's 8 over. Then, tak "z 0p his
stick. and chanting a song of defiance,
he advanced with great confidence and
swagger to the boulder,
fury at being disturbed bituhim In the
lip with great venom. The boy took Do
satire of the L714 bat hroke the snake's |
hack with bis ick and Drioging hm
to his master asked for the reward,
oaining which be went bak to Lis
work. and the ite of the replies had
Go «®ect om Him whstever,
No tribe, pot even that of a cow Het.
t> than aby go¥l In the eves of a
Kafr, woud indnce this nalive To dis
close the secre of his antidote, which
be said. had been handed dows in bis
family for gererations. The snaie was
a very loug coe, and #0 old that It had
a mane Its a well-known fact (hat
nartain of the Zulus have antidotes for
the more deadly some prisons, whisk
they Preserve 4s a SOCTEl Wilh thelr
own families,
Cal. Robert
se Boot teacher, J Partai maw
Just Aiea at Askhtgl aged Wt For
4 years he jived in the Mouse two pled
by Ingersoll
To Ours A Ooid ia One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Toblem AS
Ingersa 4 Surday
Druggiste refund mosey if it fails to cure. Be. o
flarmmwortys Rrothe
a ————
There be
roused ap the mamba, who In great |
~ -_~ pr ey 5%
Groifying Lov
S80 rr
“1 Owe
ard ate tae ia
Ginger Mer Trpoie.
An umusasl form of nsriay wos
= Peg od
| does a stimulating ele
! s al i be
P fnoaxicate Del, 200 soe Dw
Mea an it. Rha ste
when 458 ™ itd pain te
has oy 5 For mo Wer
rr. Carolan placed
3 ae
ra tien & ~ aim Ty
when a ok ae
of gupger
way 1oa%
a sirbo nat
masaniiy fos
tumpo of me Opes 8 T08T
wR 4
gris eat C300) Lk Sa
crak Advert laa
aa Thies WaDetance,
TH L30es sohetancs Jaown is sud
* 0 L 5
rth with
3 >, & By in
i TRI dhs © SR Bh
y bw the sd amar
gr Ro ifs, while sitar
WEIR aK the |
Tete A Ere Ra
a ww a ae
yz appilanoms 51 sey
no oand
33 as beeen Tides
ras Ly
poplar’ % Daly O03
Tons This ® :
We i %er Nae Ha ior Paerwrant fon
A 4% that canst bo ones 3
wlmel Lhe
and Aoanedaiiv able Us
tion mm Ae ho Camiy Bem
Weer & Tavis. Waotoa’s Draggiea Toleds
§¥y nm
Wat ows Brwwaw & Masvix Winlesak
i Theda Yaa
3 sre tw taken in ernally, sod
% rT
Fam vy Fis are Ue dal
Pits sermanenty coral. No 20s or eevee
Lo Avert day's wee a’ Rimes irreal
Nerves Hemtorer $3 tris attie and treatise free
Ua KH Kiawe Led EE Arod Su. Falla. Pa
Won TWinelow'y Roymthicg ay
f peeraing. soles the Elms mw
Soh. Miars Dain cures wiad colic
Lp Rage so
| grocer or paint dealer and do your owa kal
amneied tend, made in M45 Send
pel width length 78 Inches 1 has
goa inget pF lars. TWO nol Dewees Tages
aod caps. Tole bed retsi's ot from Sto
£ Aare,
Boy of the maker snd save the mil
Sivrpen's profes Or : . are
maint for the ssiking Compiste lines
nf Parstture, Draperies, Croekery,
Stoves, Refeipere
a pe
Mann, MORRIS ApS 0 2
: EF. YIM Tal.
¥ , Be it T.Atrerery
at Jaw ard woe
fieiter of Parente, MY F wr, Wash.
smgien, 3. 4. (afer adedce Salcited
327 Liquor abit cored ig
vo MF Sewn So per till
g -
3 OW LLY ASS somites of Peesis Wesn DO
Pur lisse a package of
This material is rasde on ssientide srinciples by machinery and milled
1a twenty four tints and is saperior to guy ion of (oe and Whit
jag that can possibly be made by hanl To a= wixen won Cows Waren
SEND FOR SAMPLE (OLOR CARDS aud i yoa cannot
purchase this material from your local deciors lel Ws Soa 23d we will
pat yoa in the way of oblainiog it
& oR reac iets osc. .
“Harker has a little ton much self
confidence.” “I'll have to disagres
Barker bas too much sense to put ang
confidence in anything he hears Limsel
say." ~lpdianapolis Journal, :
Browne-—1Hd you ever sce a mat iB - es -
who really wanted the earth? Towne : :
~Oh, yes. Hrowne-Who was be’ i BI » pers
Towne—A first-trip passenger on al
ovean liner — Brooklyn Life
“You shall be rieh and famous.” sald
the fortune-teiler. “Alas cried tn
sitter: “then I am undone, For m)
dream was 10 devote my life to art”
Philadelphia North "American, L
“One great troubie wif folks” salt
Tocle Eben, “is dat dey's His ter nis
take de smalles’ speck on dab serenity
for de pint whah patience ceases Yeld
be 8 virtue"--Washington Star,
Quite Likely.— Brown What would |
you do If sowie one should leave you & :
hundred thousand dollars? Jones-
1 suppose I'd begin to realize how little
3 hundred thousand really is Truth
“Are you a believer in the theory
that to the victors belong the spol
“hat.” replied Senator Sorghum, “de
pends entirely on whether or not 1 am
one of the victors" —-Washington Star
She—-How would you punctuate the
following: “Bank of England notes of
varios values were biown along the
street by the wind?' Hel think 1
would make a dash afier the botes.~
“Have you written to your niece?”
“To Mary? “Yes” “No, I haven't’
Fact 1s, 1 can’t remember bow she
spells ber name lately. It's either
‘Marie, Marye or Mairte." Cleveland
Watson © Salemss ATtoress a Law and ®ofuisos ;
| AF Patests WEF ® O08 OW gels ' eR . ent
Bighewt references i a J essai ceed hr wang UH
Sr TR M1
bol aentlask of Tile pl leo ete
In reply A meng other
private in-
quiries from /
its tremen-
| dous clien- |
‘tage the
Review or
the scien
tific publica-
tion having
the largest
in the west
caused to
be made a
most thor-
ough com-
parison be.
tween all
the better
class of cy-
cles avail.
#0 Th in
Caivorial Departmen:
rew—_3 = Bradbury Publishing Co., were
Ur repre.
therefore piven
jose and crite
reat Ww
of |
leading |
00 C. CARTER. Pram,
7. SRAOERY, Yvemn
& FOOTR, Bar'y.
& : Cam
Chicago, Ter. (53, ans
A of ove
Lave! Ca . >
Lavell Arms Ca. found
Sos ton,
Young Parenmt—-Come right in, old
nan, and have a drink. I'm a happy
father, (Nd Parent—No, my boy: I'm
much obliged; but 1 can't encourage
Jou in your delusions. —Phlladelphis
North American. 3
! Skinny Bill-Do you believe in
ghosts? Bloody Mike-Do 17 1 mel
one once. Btood right in my path |}
“Gee! What did you do” “Jis' kep'|
on goin’ and went through him.”-Cin
cinnatl Enquirer,
“Very wet and sippy under foot thi
morning.” “Not particularly. Out
where 1 live it's worse than this twelve ||
‘months iu the year.” “Where do you |
live, if 1 may ask?’ “lu a lighthouse,
~Chicago Tribune.
Three different waiters at a hotel
asked a prim, precise little professor at |
dinner if he world have soup. A little
anpoyed, be said 10 the last walter whe ||
asked the caes lon: “Is it compulsory #
“No, sir,” said the waiter. “1 thigk it's
mock turtle™
Officer,” shouted an exeited man
a Clilcago policeman, "those {lows In
that saloon Just stood me on my head
and took away every cent 1 hadl
“Thim boys at Patsy's,” was the offi §
cer's comanent, as he moved on, “was |
always great at jokes." Cincinnati Ex i
‘quirer. {
Pills—Dozesn hag been expelied from
the medical association for advert :
contrary to the code. Squilis—-How
he advertise?! Pills—Called to lead the
prayer meeting the other evening, he :
walked vp to the front sand gave out}
sakn PF
Moss. .
Gent lemon: i faer oRlae
four esteensd favor of the [Ith {mel 1s hand and camtents
poted We thank vou for your kisd words of asprecisiion. We
sean lust what ®e say. WA3t Tor carsfel and sciantifio oconstlyride
Courge C. Carter Pres.
™he Paaters Review of Tommer:ce,
Chicago. 111
Dear sirs—Tour letter of Fabraary T received Ia reply will
ORY 1hat we waa 13 LARK FOU [or ReBe and would alse say thal Laie
$6 the first Lime we ever koow of & paper of your class having the tion and real practical value ide Lovell Jiamcad is undoubledly
courage to come fight out and slate a fact, and we wast to MF § the Bes: wheel made. !2 our favestigation ve sxamided 37 leading
PigNt bere that we @0n't thick Fou Rave made AY Distake, for i ; terested
the goods will back Fou 42 i8 the statement. Fe are willing a : makes, and ws Sere satisfied after mast thorough tesls 1Bal we sabes
SUM® our Drusimess reputation of over §7 yaars 13at the Lavell renamed.” way gens
Dinmond is the Best Dicycie Duiley, not omly {8 his country But es.
in any other.
Jest as soon AS Tou Lessee the papers wich tnie Artic]
F000 sent La ured licited and Urksowns LO us, and wR
wore Rind enous to say LN it esild be Fricted and
: : . po advertisement, fifties of anything of tre Kim
able in open plnased 15 have you send Cs x few } ten vy mail
Again thanking you for your Rind letisrs and alenls wisring yao
the very best of success, we reSalin Yours poadaciiuliin,
Pictated 37 3. 5. L ”
He ’ Co >» 7
QE L#¥
Boston, Tebruary 11, 135% ” i
J wre, anid as
nresented be
were ‘ustified in giving the Pala WO he
Considering we were not influenced 18 any way oy financial 00%
sideTitione. BOL even farm of advertising parrosnage, Jou
may rest aseirsd that the decision eas WnOreudiced.
in Whe
Wishing you success 12a the coming season, we Are 24 testa and
La a ae
Yours very truiv, -~
— axXamiga tli ons,
NE ind —-— = _—_
HE oo
As a re.
sult of the 4 or
expert and
‘the criti- . 3 on
verdict of
2XDNeTIix Was
+ th
i manu.
makes, and
- without any
| prejudice,
this publica-
| tion unhesi-
tatingly an-
| nounces in
the hymn, "The Great Poysician Now if . ;
ym, favor of the
1s Here." —Crypt. : : fav or of the
“How do you know it is all ov LOVELL
tween George and Clara?” “i ; - ANON
1g if she's a girl of sgt. He took her DIAMON D
| : 4 : i rect and sCen-
petitors. SE ic iesign.”
factured by the
gi Arms Col,
Boston, Massa
elasets, and
BOSTON STORES: on general
fe CO A LR
147 Washington Street.
131 Broad Street.
121 Massachusetts Avenue.
Worcester, Mass. :
Providence. R. I. Pawtucket, R. I.
Bangor, Me. Portland, Me.
o aad sae RG §
Agents wanted in every
City and town. -
If none in yours, write
to us today.
LYaryY oars i
to a restaurant ast evening BN
luncheon, and after it was over he
a big colored waiter tuck her slteves
for her whet she put on ber fur jack
et.'—Chicago Tribune.