The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 02, 1897, Image 9

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reinforce the German feet in Chinese
Verdict of Murder in the First Degree
in the Guldensuppe Murder Case.
SE ————"
¥he Jury in the Sensational Murder Trial
mt Lomg Island City Returned a Ver.
diet After Three Hours’ Deliberation
~The Little Barber Displayed No
Emotion When He Was Convicted,
New Yonx Crry (Special). Martin Thorn
was declared by the verdict of a jury in
Fong Island City, at 5.35 p. m.. Tuesday to
be guilty of murder fn the first degres for
the killing of William Guidensuppe at
Woodside, L. 1., Jupe 25 1807. The yor.
diet follows a long series of horrors and
surprises, including the confession of Mrs
Wack, the accomplices, and the adjourn.
sent of the first trial owing to the {linens
of Juror Larsen, which began on the day
following the murder, when a fragment of
_ mhuman body was aceidontly found float.
"ing fn the East River ut Eleventh street,
(hy oity.
The verdict was followed by gaother sur.
prise when Thora, after leaving the court.
room, apparently strong, cheerful, and
hopeful, suddenly broke down, confessed
his ail, nnd declared that Mrs. Nack bad
The prosesdings of the day fn conrt were |
pod by businesstike colerity. The
5 ‘wvidense baving been ended the avening be.
fore, the jiary visited the seene of the trag-
" id the arguments for the people
pnd the defense, and pave its verdict after
_thres hours of consideration snd balloting,
faparsad, The fate of Mra. Augusta
kK. jointly indicted with Thorn, remains
Justice Maddox ended hic charge to the
jmry st 2.95 o'clock p.m. The jurors were
nm #ly dismissed to consider their
werdiet, and a recess was ordered. Bo Ip-
tonse was the interest in the outeome of
the trial that, weary as was the wait, not a
individaal (aft the coart. The hands
of the sloek were pointing to the half-hour
After five when a stir was noticed at the
oor of the room to whivh the jary had re.
Bt owas signaliod from the inside that
Jarors. had agreed. Jastics Maddox
ae summoned from his room,
© Thorn, who had already Deen summoned,
was stolid to the last. During the three
Jong hours that the jury spent in Jeithera-
wn he was kept in his esll downstairs
two flights below the Supreme Const room
the Gueens County Court House, Out-
” v he showed no tease of worey, and
Bis calm was in decided contrast to the
evident nervousness of others who had
part in the trial, and whose Interest
was Joss direct in the résuit.
When Police Captain Methven want to
him at about half past five o'clock, and
told him that the jury had agreed, Thorn
pressed pleasure at the pews, and said
Pe hoped the result was efther conviction
of murder or an scquital,
He put his right hand forward to recsive
ie shackles around bis wrist and then he
Married up stairs, through the jostiing,
" persons who stare at him avery time
ex and who make comments that
anno fail to reach his pars. There were
women who east languishing glances, tit.
tered and giggled, while men who usually
jo susey corners of barrooma mut.
“Gentlemen of the jury,” said the clerk,’
“stand up and face the prisoner. Pris
The jurymen rose to their feet, their
toys still on the floar. Thorn, too, Azone,
hers was no answer. Not 8 word same
trom the jury box. The
it), bat still Thorn looked atraight
id, with not 8 musels twitching,
ealled tha slerk again.
the answer in a shoking
a Baron von Bulow, the German Minister
gave the United States
will be sent to
: k ence in the matter
Sy the of nited States,"
States eruiser Marblehead has
been ordered to Haytian waters,
L- es a a.
Blanche K. Bruce Gets an Office.
+ Blanche K. Bruce, of Mississippi. who has
made his home in the District of Columbia
for many years, has basen appointed Regis-
ter of the Treasury, vies Fount J. Tiliman,
of Tennusase, Mr. Bruce came into prow.
_inence in recomdiruction days, atd served
aterm in the United States Sepsto {rom
Maxim's New Gun,
Hiram Maxim's new quick-firing gun
was tried at Portsmouth, England, with
remarkable * results. With twenty-five
of cordite it showed an effective
’ sange of 16,000 yards.
| wies.pail and steel.rod interests has al
heen Jost {8 the storm and had perished
| tion Nkinner against employing Sisters of |
| afflosr accused of writing the letter which
TE —— ttn —
Washington tems. i . i E ha Er
The Administration Bas deelded to vend |
the North Atlantis squadron fo critise near
Cuba. ’ , i
The wives of Cabinet «ffivers met and
joined in dvnonneing the gluttony of Wash.
ington society. [It was dowided to serve no |
refreshments horeaftor at Welinesday at
homes’ and to regaire capls of Jdmigsion
from: the persons attending.
President MeKinley has asaurfsnnes from
lenders in both houses of Congrind that Suis
saggestion to await the development of |
Spain's proposed reforms in Cuba will be
Negotiations for a treaty of reciprocity
with Fern were begun,
Representative Dingley sald he thought
Congress would not pass a currency reform
measure this winter,
Thref persona were killed ontright ina
sedlision of trolley cars going at full speed
an the Detroit apd Oakland siectrie road
Ruperintendent John Savage of the road
was one of the victims
George BE. Blodgett, who was shot bv a
hirgiar at bis home, inSchanectady, NY
didd the next afiernonn,
The proposed combination of the wire
most been perfected: it is sald that the con. |
trol of the pool will be in the hands of J. |
P. Morgas and his sasoiates, of New York |
Martin Thorn, the murdersr of William
Galdensappe, was taken from the (usens
County Jali, Long Island City, to the Kate
Prison st Ning Sieg, and plased in the
death house, The ronv¥isted man seems 16
have retained no desire for notoriety, and
avoided the sarioos ones who tried to got
a glimpse of Rin
The I nited States gunboat Newport sailed
from New York with the Nicaragua Com.
wisnion on board,
Information reached Cheyenne Wyom-
ing. that James Murray, who earries the
mail to the Horses Cresk Postofftes, had
with sold,
Benjamin H. Child and Edward C. Hux
ioy were appointed permanent redeivers o
the Kent & Staniey Company, limited,
manufacturing jewelers of Providenpe KR
I.. and New York, on the petition to the
Suprema Const of the Rhode [aland Nation.
al Bank a oraditor for £32330. At the
hearing it was stated that the company
owsd #1 800 000 and was hopelessly insol- |
rent. i
Benson Cross. of Datesit Ma. while |
huntiag mistook Dana Geay, of Plymouth
for a deer and Dataliy shot him.
The Maine hunting weason has sivsed.
A total of B50 deer, thirty moose and six
earibon heads passed through Kine during |
the open time The number of deer killed!
dxopnds that of previous years
A Baht earthgnaike shoek started the |
citizens of Kansas, Thursday, Mosssges
from Wallington and Hunnewsll, Kan. de |
serihes he earth gaake ax guile severe in
thiowe Sif bos It reseed sonth into Oia
Washington Bemingtin, the net af the |
famons Remington triplets, dind at his!
hogwe in North Smighfieid. BRB. T.. of soute |
hronahitis Ha was sighteons vexrs old |
and had been ii] bat a few days :
Mrs. Jacal Rupe, of Frosh Ponds, N. J |
srmmitteg saislde hy hanging lierself to a
bodes, She had boon safferipe from |
pereons prostration for a long time, and |
her aot was probably prompted by Ler
apferings, She was the wile of i viaripst
player in Sanea's band and the mother of
seer ohilideen,
The grain receipts af the port of Buffalo,
N.Y. for the sensor of 1897 to Dacember |,
fncicding 11.000 0 barrels of four est)
mated as wheat reached the unpreso
dented aggregate of 30 000 000 hasbhels,
A Pennsylvania Railroad train made the
eastward ran from Chicago to Pittsburg in
383 minutes, If is expected to redagas the
time of the limited between Chicago and
New York to twenty hours
The Yala crew fins shallengsd Cornell to |
A race at New Landon, Conon next June |
and arrangements have heen made fora |
sonferenes to settis the detalls. Harvard |
has bowen invited to send representatives to
the conference, with a view to arrangiog
for & triangular race.
The Poughieapsia (NY. Board of Eda.
cation has refused to recognize the opinion
of Riate Superintendent of Puldie Instn.
Charity to tanel if they wear thele religious |
garb in the sehoolrnon,
The Yukon Cariboo Company, organized
by J. Edward Addieke. and the Northwest
Company. the products of the Kiandike
Boom are retiring from Duciness If ie antl
and will refund sobseriptions tn its stank,
Alexander Owens, nn marble doaier wax
pincing & manumen’ aver a grave at Terra
Haste, Ind. when Alexander [awrencs,
an employe af the cematery suggestad
that the base was aot in good sondition
Owens resented the eriticiam and seizing
& heavy oaken rolier strack Lawrences on
the head. Lawrence's skull was orunhed
and he was completely paraivasd, He dled
soon after,
The steamship Miami bailt hy the
Cramps. of Philadeiplia,. in her trial trip
made a speed of 17.20 knots during = six-
hones’ continuous ma, She broke the rec.
ord of rosstwise steamers,
C. W Spalding. the Chioage bank Presi.
dent was sentencsd to an indeterminate
term in the penitentiary for smbemziement
Yale derided to row Harvard at New |
Losdos, Conn. next year, :
Diplomatic relations bet ween Creat Brit.
ain and Veneanela were resumed alter ten
years’ severanee
Monsignor Schroeder, formerly professor |
in the Catholic University at Washisgton,
has been appointesd to the facuity of the
Catholis Academy at Muenster the capital
of Westphalia. ¢
The greatest labor struggle of tha sen. |
tury is about to take places {on Great Brit. |
The Berlin Post says Hayti's refusal to
pay indemnity in the Lusders case will he |
fatiowsd by a bombardment of the forts |
and Port au Prince.
General Saudsier has ordered a : aanre.
martial to try Count Esterhazy, the French
ied to the convietica of Captaln Alfred
Dreytus of high treason. The General ac
quits Esterharxy of treason and declines to |
reopen the Dreyfus case, The Dreyfus
Fase was the subject of a debate is the |
| Chamber, in which the position of the Mig |
istry was sastaiaed,
The Standard Ol Company bas got con. |
trol of the ofl trade io Germany and will |
pul fn operation the “factor” system of
distributing its products among the deniers, |
A committer of Americans waited on |
Consul General Lee in Havana and asked |
him to make a request of the United States
that warships be sent to Cuba, as there is |
fear of an cutbeeak against Americans. f
The omimous mutterings in Eu rope may
easily presage a tremendoas sonfliet thers
between the fares of popular and dyoas
tic government.
The British punitive fords an the Afehan
frontier ia meeting with fepes resist an wr
from the trivesmen, and asothies British
officer has bean killed,
M,N. Miliiard, a Neaator fron tl i
partment of Eure bas been sinned
Ministre of Justice ty the Freach Cabinet
ta sueesad M, Darian woo resigned,
The Emperor of China declared that he
would forfeit his crown rather than agree |
ty the ‘German demands; ba desires that
the dispute be arbitrated; Japan is mass
oR troops on the Lsland of Formosa.
Governor John W, Griggs, of New Jer-
# sey, to Become Attorney-General,
I br
OMelal Announcenient of the Coming
Change Made by President MeKintes
The Appointes Will Take Office Wien
MeKonns Enters the Sopreme Cor lee
To Resign as Governor on January 1,
Wasmxotoxw, DO (Rpeciali ~1t was
afeially anounced at the White House on
the peturs of the President to Washington
from Canton that Governor John W.
Grigas. of New Jerpey, has accepted the
son of Attarany-tisasral of the United
Keates which will br vacated by the nom.
ination of Attorney Cenarai MeKenns to
ba Associate Justice of the United niatos
Supreme Court to 11 the vacancy caused
hy the retirement of Justice Stephen J.
Fish, Governor Grigess announced son
afterward at his home in Paterson NJ.
that he had received and accented ihe
oes of Attorney. (hhneral.
A — i —
He will in January sucscend Joseph Me.
Kanna as Attorney Ceoneral of the Uaited
Riates i
As to hin resignation of the Govergorship,
Sr, Gerigas sat © would sot be ten ierad
anti the sonvening of the New Jersey Log.
ainturs on January 11 pext, This action
iw made sossiide by the Taet that the aon
af Attarney- General will prishably not be
wreant before that time as in die sonra
af events Mr MoKeniua es confirmation as
Assorigte Juntioe af ihe Ruprane Court will
poressitnte deisy. In that vvent sone of
the soanplications peldent to the lmmes
dints resizuation 2an happen, and the pro.
visions of thes Constitotion maipg the
President of the Seats arting Govergor
aperigld Be carried] oul,
When asked whe be (Sought woudl be
the presiding oM ear of the incoming Senate,
Mr. Griggs remariod that from reports
nublished Ranator Foster M. Voorbess of
F nion County, seathed to Linve promises
for the majority of vistes,
Jahe William Grijras was born in New.
ton, Rassey County, No J. dn Joly 10 1849
and was graduated {rom Lafayelta Collinge
in JRAR Afer leavihe colisge he beonme 8
student (nthe law Mae of Robert Hamil
svn. in Newton and to 3871 removed fo
Paterson where he tesumed the
stady of law in the offices of Boos
rates Tuattia He was admitted to
the bar in 1871 Four pars ister he
was alestad to thie House of Assemildy
from Passals County In 1577 he was
again siestad to the Hous of Assembly,
But the following year he was defeated,
For several years he devoted himself to
tesiiding up his private practies. In 1883
ho was elected State Senator being re
alectad in 1884 and again ten years ialer
in the Senate of 1850 he was clotted to the
Io 1895 Mr Girlie was #ected Governor
aver Abegander T. Meafiiil by a pluraity of
WW A00 votes, belong the frst Bepublioan
Governor alestad in New Jersey in twenty
five years,
Governor (iriggs Is a keen inver of ath
jetion, and fs eapecinily fond of spart with
rod and gun. He is bonides a good golf
player, being a mumber of the Patarson
Gail Club, At fadogr amasements be ls as
proficient ax in outdoor. Ho has lor years
playsd on the srask team of the Paterson
Chess Club and taken par! in suSearous
Stats whist tournaments. He {= a member
of the Hamilton Club of Paterson and of
the Unton League Club of New York City,
Governor Griggs is 1dentiflad with anv.
sral business ipstitations of Paterson, be
ing President of the Patterson National
Bank and also of the Paterson Safe Deposit
Company. He {x married and Las six ahil
dren four daughters and two sons ane of
wham is a stadent i Lafayatts College,
The Marderer Wanted Wis Vietim te
Support Hing: She Refused.
Louis Zoengler shot and killed his wife
at Milwankes Wis and then killed him.
self by swallowing o dose of carbolic aold.
Two years ago his fest wile procurad a dic
vores hecguse he abused hor. SBoon afier
Le trim to kill Der nnd achieved suoh aoe
toriety that he changed his anme to Albert
Rruager under which name he has been
livigg aver sinoe,
Last Januagy he married a widow at
Lishfteld Wis. and soon after he de
manded that she support him. Heveral
waeka ago she refupmt to longer provide
for Bim, sod ordered him to eave the
house, She began procesdiogs for divores,
whersnpon he got lato her Bome one nighs
and tried to kil her, but on her promise to
Hye with him he spared her
He again sntersed her house while she
was preparing breakfast, and without a
ward of warning shot ber dead. He then
drank carbolie arid and escaped, but two
bBioeks from the house fell ta the ground,
anable to procesd, The polles found him
and took him to the hospital, wheres he
died at noon. He was fifty-one years old
and his victim was fiety-ve.
Itatinn Cabinet Resigns.
Ia consequence of the amendment of the
fail dealing with army promotions, General
Peiloux, the Italian Minister of War. in-
sisted uvon withdrawing from the Ministry,
whereupon the entire Cabinet decided to
Pitiful End of an (id Man's Bomarnice,
aus J. Parks elghity-four years
id, a tioket shoppes on the Brookivn Els:
vated Ratiroad, shat himsel! because his
girl br
riste of a fortnight refused to lve
the sane Gouse with his ehdl
fainted Hina a House of her
mia is twentytonr vears old and a
Eo ageat on thy Rings County foal,
Fmperor William and Dreyvines,
Empeares Wiliam has deciiael tha ra.
paest of the family of Capgthda Dreyins to
topess bis bejief in the {attor's ignocencs
Presldent Hurried 1a the Cantor
Home of His Yenrralile Pavent,
Nowe of the arabe of naraivsis wiieh
Mrs, Naney Alllson MeKinley mother of |
the President fell a wiethin to a2 Cantos
Ohio, reached the Chie! Exerutive while
Imsily angaged in pregarineg for the open,
ing of Congress and it wae of aneh an
alarming natures (hat ha iomedintely
Mopped work on bis Message amd Bast
sned to hr vensralide parent's hodeide
The President srrived at Canton from
Washington at £45 o'rloek Friday morning
and spent the day at bis mother's bedside,
It is balieved that she realized his presences
though she was anahie tH give soy poss
tive sign of recognition, :
President MeKinley decided to return tg
Washington for the apening of Congress,
notwithetundiog his family sslamity. Iv
is nmeessnry {or the President to reseive
the joint committee from the two hogses
and until this committen has waited on
im and reosived his communication the
rogaine business of Congress cannot peo
In view of thess facts. the President felt
it his duty to return to Washington, wo as
not to dainy the opening of Congress at the
regaiar time. He arranged to isave Can.
ton at 205 o'clock Saturday afternoon io
the special car provided for hla, reaching
Washington Sundsy morning and bis im.
perative Executive duties over to return te
A Colored Plantation Hand Kills Three
Steals $700, and Fecapes,
At Warren's Stone near (resnsbora
Hale County, Ala, John Singley, a wealthy
planter was sssanited and his throat sat
by Bill Seott, a colored man employed op
the platitation. The miscreant called
Ringiey ont of the houses ostensibly to
eateh & horse which had bosoms loosen,
A hundred yards from the house the
salored man felled Singley with a «lub an
then cut his throat. The murderer rety
to the houses attacked Mew, Ringiny slashing
her to death and almost severing her head
Dallas, the ten-year-old son of Singley
was next killed {8 the # sme manner,
Singiey was found by a neighber and he
ved long enough to name his assaiiant
and to tell the story. The colored man
robbed the house, stealing #190 which
Hingley revolved from the sales of corsa,
An Aged Woman Tortured and Then
Mardered With Her Grandson
Aged Mrs. Caroline Norris was rst tor
ured and they burned alive by robles at
per home pear Cumberland Md. Hor tan.
pear-old grandsan was ales muriered
Mrs, Norris who was known to be well
i do, lived fn a small well-furnished
sorpes near Littia New Orleans with har
rrandenn Hho 34d a snr of trading basi
sis anid The hogss ras ig Wi Har.
Sandise. Tha robbers lrokse to the
{welling oariv in the night and aller vaio.
y apdeavaring to make the woman reves
die place wheres they stphodedd she famal Bids
Jan her money tied Der (oa aot stave,
While the poor woman shrieked and
arithad in agony the poblers picked $Y
he grandann from the Bed and Killed 3
sy erpshing in bis head, They toen ran
winked the hones bat Igiled to And any
soney ae Mes Norris kent her money in a
wank, They then byraed the house and
Pod, :
Condition of lows Banks,
The oMelal reports of thes 168 saving
fan is and M00 State Banks in lows show a
toatl increase iG chispropitn sie Jane 8 0
thie wear of $5 08% 631. The inereass ;
inppeat evar Bnowh in the Stalls ib a Jile
period, Tha total deposits in (hess basil
amounted to more than $50 600 00,
Hallway Stanghter in Warsaw,
A terrible raflway accident hay oscurred
it Warsaw, Polagd While a passenger
rain was standing at the forminns a loavy
right teain frashed into 1 owing to fhe
ror of a pointeman. Pievsn parsans wore
titled outright, and twenty two others
sere seriously {njured
‘Meury George Wedded,
The wadding of Henry Goorge son of the
late single-tax advocate, sud candidnta for
the Mayoralty of Greater New York and
Miss Marie Hiteh daughter of Captain
Ebenezer V. Hiteh took placa at the resi.
dence of the bride's father in Clilcago.
Emperor William Ozens Reloehstag,
The German Emperor opensd the Releh-
Mag in a speech from’ the throne for the
Trut timesines 1894. He grged thostrongth-
sping of the German Navy
Japan buvs Toxas cotion
Bow Zoalsod hans one woman phvelelan
A Unton Paeifls train recently ray 5
miles in 5300 minutes
New discoveries of petroleum have heer
migsde in the Crimea.
A Stats Ieee of Stagle Tax clubs ls to
be fonnd (0 Michigan,
Nt. Louis has proiected a tne of steel
barges Lo ran to the Gulf
Annivsis of sugar besty grown in Stark
County, Indians shows a percentage of
23% per cent. sugar ta the jules
David Christie Murray, the novelist, has
start a movement ta erast 4 statue of
Girarge Washington {a London,
Daane Doty, of Chicago, bas completed
the model of a steel ring gun whieh he be
Heves will do away willl ex petsive casting
Jahn W. Keely, of motor fas, has al.
most compbdad a two-tun iron and steed
flying machine, He saws thie machine wil
pantralize the power of terrestrial gravitas.
the Canadian Government (a declining
the proposal of the United States to sus
pend pelagio sealing, says thal sash action
enii be taken only by the British Pariia
The {familiar short, undress stable jacket
anid round forage cap so long worn hy Bag
fish savaire scidiers. are to le abolished
and replaesd By the froek coal asd modern
finld cap,
The offisial report of the Unites Slates
bimetallic proposads showed that if the oo.
operation of mora 2000INHes Wire secured
the indian Government sight reconsider
its duninion,
Plies great (nerease (nn diphtheria and
eholers infantam in Loasdos during the
fast Tew months, has lod to the Balin? thet
the drainage tha oity is, af present
groatiy ig faut
Uhers was a drop of hnif a cent in anroast
ed soflen; the rorsted artisie is solliog at
pine cents, the lowest price on record, and
thers im ao trios in sight betwoeell (he Ar
okies and tas Havemeyers, :
A dust evelone swept aver the
partion of Yictorin, Aasiracia IT wus
the Winners district
We Rs i ¥
! i
Ai aim and bho sbhrang if
brook, where with «ones from the bo
be drove the beasts away.
Statements of Treasury Operations For
the Month of November,
The Pecripte, Enclasive of S18. 10.618
From the Unloan Parvifle Sale, Were |
BES 10K 987. and the Dishursenents
B15 261 470, Leaving a» Deficit of
BR O02 AR 0The Amonut of Colnage.
Wasmimaorax IFO doesn) The Do.
spre her statement of Che able debt shows
that gt the «lose of hasloesy November 50
189 the nubile debt lees cash lo the Treas.
ney groounted to 8] 000 TE #48 a deoreass |
sind Gietoder 3 of 811 45% 138 This de. |
gp A ind
{Bm fs i SA sii fA
Mob Awed by the Quick Punishment
| Emperor Wonld Act AloneCampromise
Bill Will Have to Be Prolonged by Iwmo-
perinl Decrees Without the Relehs-
rath's Consente-Rioters Sentenced to
Twenty Years’ Hard Labor in Prison.
Vieswa, Austria (By Cabiss The pro.
mulgation of martial jaw at Prague has
basa followed by satisfastory results, The
swiftness of ite opemtion awed the gerdly.
Rome Crabs made an stack aon the
troops, but were guleliy dispersed. and
bE ma AEE areonpnted for iw a8 invrenen in i tony of the ringhanders were capinred
i * : -
the cash due to the Jenasit of an bpsagils
fent of the procdeds of the sale of the
Gaversrment 's interest iy the Union Pasifia
Rr : ¥
| spoeinl tribunal, tried, sentenced 10 twenty
yonrs' penal servitude and conveyed {o the
| They wore immediately handed over to the
Railroad. Bat for this transacting, the § guaftentiney withie three hours
saad in the Treasury would have been |
FIT1 400 foun than inst monn
i however sontinus to
The town is consequently quiet. Troops,
parade the agin
Ihe debit is rosapitulated as follows: In. | sywets and occupy the publie buildings,
terest hearing debt, $047.365.620; debt ott | gud the whole secte is sch as one would
which interact hay senwnd since maturity, | expert to see after a bom bardment. Thers
#1 231 0: delit hearing no interest, $381. | gen whole streets of wrneked hooses, burnt
199 195; total #1 000 50 03% This amount, |
however does not ipeiode $570 000 838 in
adtbaildizgs and broken windows,
roms are littered with rabbish. Men gas
certificates and Treasury notes attstand. | into many places showing the trail of the
ing, whish are offset hy an squall amount
| phanderer and of the incendiary.
of cash in the Trogsgey Germans who fled in terror from Prague
The cnsh in the Treasurer in classified an |
follows: Geld, 3154 088 5h silver S507.
B50 IRE paper, #115 706 18); bonds disbars.
ing oMeers’ balageon, &e BOR WT 951: toe
tal, S840 496 070 agninst which thers are |
demand Habilities arasnnting to 8685545,
SI jenving the ner cash balance $300. :
808 S58
The comparative statement +f the oy.
during the riot and plilage are now re-
turning, and {1 is 26 be boned that ia a few
| days order will so far be restored ab to per-
mit the repeal of martial inw,
fa other parts of Bohemia sericgs son-
ficts have accurred between the Csechs
and the Germans, At Kindno the Czechs
i blew up Germiin notary's honse with
dynamite. At Bessun the rioters looted
srnment receipts and expenditares shows | aloenan and Jewish honaes and had to be
that the total pweipts for the month of
Norsmber 1897 were 8473 358 835, of which
SIN I0¢ AIM were received from the He. |
srganisation Committes of the Union Pa
#ifle Hailrond, making the aorlipary
pessints for the month 835 168 987
The total sypenditars for November
ween SIT EINE of which #4540 388 |
wins ~ash in the Toton Pacifle sinking fund
tprned into the Treasury and repaid to the
aporanriation Tram which it haul bean oste.
ingily drawn fur investment. Hones the
month's dsharasments insiode this sum
The orlinary recodpte for the month thee.
fore spore 2% 168 39 and the ordinary dis
hoarserments £55 WH 450, leaving a deflalt of
cma were BO ASD
# LENS (WX aw corms
pared 4 Nogensbhey (8 The peseipta
2 i x BEG SEY 64V. B
gain of abvgt R400 OW for the month.
lie renin the Director of the Ming
shies that the coinage exerted at the
Tait Hiab ?
The recente from
04% a Inline off of hbwea
Freie HEAL TEre nie
Es pl wid 8% Sag (00 wil
vor %77 1K (ey cir ania BUR BE paral
BA TTR UID fH rhe sliver onited, 81 E80 00
was in standard
Troops Frgaged With Ceerh Mabe in the
Gierraan (hanrier of Pragoe,
Prague, Boheniin, was ovartun by toda
of angry Creche all day, bent on wxierml,
nating the German clement in the city
Pilorsa attacks wore made on the Caras
prtianls cates and other insitations Ly
spvaride of Suswling Useels armed with
AY fens sfiafem HEY firasrme. The dis.
sgvhanes aineat amounts] 0 oa re
Be liton More than =ighty German
were (ninsest ani st least XE grovats wens
side. The Chief of Palise who aided they
rioters has bean suspended. | 11 was Uoally
pecassary fo onter oat troops, who werd
aimead [a virtual control of every street in
the “dry Many sieounlers gsr reread has
tween the soldiers and rioters, and fo tha
Bring which followed several rivters wer
kitted and domes Injured
{n the sfterpooti the rola increased
Tha syvpagogue windows were soishad
and the windows of the houses of Hebrew
tisplnving German trade sigos iu several
strentn of he Holirew quarter
Tia wf posts wer held hy taalve hZaittaliosn
Sf infantry and 8 sousdron of bussar. All
raf was susnenided apd the shops and
trawl ness Bonses wens closed. :
In spite of the military a isrge Cae
mah made a dearent in the avening apon
(he German quarters and plgndersd houses
and shops in seversl streets. The fural
core af 4 walle Endaw German cafe was plied
4p in the street and set on dre
Thousands of Ogeshish miners streamed
into Prague from the surrounding village
bo sxaist the rioters, The selentifie tustra.
nents in the German upiversity and high
schon] have bean destroyed, and vainabis
archives preserond for a long time at tha
Kinsky paises have ban buried.
It has been dangerous fur Germans to
venture into the strsets, as any use of th
German IBnguage meant certain assault.
The constant cry of the rioters way
‘Drown with the Germans!” “Down with
he Jews!” Women venturing on the
street wore obliged to wear the Slav tri.
solor in opler to avold belong attacked
German slgnboards are Being remove
hastily by their owners asd replaced with
Upeeh fnseriptions. Nobody dares Lo utter
» word in German.
My. Harlan Pow Seniar Associate Jastion
of the Supreme Court,
Justioe Field's rotirement from the sa"
preme Court, of which be gave afoial noe
tien to the President inst April took plac
in Washington, Wisdpesday, There wera
po formalities. Tho Justice was not fre
apt bn The oonrtroom, sad as he had not
sat with the court since the Spuning day of
the term, the proceedings did not differ in
any respect from those of ordinary days.
Justice Harlan, #ho now besomes Lh
sonior Associate, will change lis seat from
ee If to the right aide of the Chied Jus.
ow taking the seat vacated by Mr. Field,
and Justion Gray will beeome Chief Justics
Puller's neighbor on the left. All other
Tustines will move ap one chair oearer thn
1? Justios Pleld's term tumd sontinned ua.
14 December 7 his would have had forty.
four vears of continuous services. Under
the law he will drow Tall seiery satil Liv
General Ordway’s Suvesssor,
Tha President appointed Major GOOrgs
i. Harries, compander of tha District of
wiumbin National Guard, to succeed the
iwte General Urdway
Bedridden Man Burned to Death,
The residence of John Wright, at Clyde,
i. Y.. was partly destroved by fire. When
patinguished Wright's body
ground oor, barped ton
Hand Deen bedridden for
fre wems adone in the House wher the
{, Hoowas sinty-soven years of
form gute weaitly, OW:
wer Of cannibals,
Talnahle Meamer turned,
Tou lives wears Jost in a fre at Escanaba,
Siok, which destroyed the steamer Nahant
vd wn valuabiy dock, osusiog a loss of
uearty $200,000,
| dlwpersed by the zilitary. Rimilar exceses
ogenrred at Plsan, while at Badesnbach,
wines the Germans predominets (he
Cuesta were brutally attacked. The Caesh
inhabitants of Gatlong have sppesind for
military protestion against their German
tallow citizens,
Reever! German newepaners suggest that
the riots in Bohemis were instigaled by the
Oneal Doapatios (n order to (otimidete the
Government, Certainly the tone of Lhe re.
cont articles in the Narodul Listy, the organ
of the young Caeclis favors the sasplielon.
Tie Coach papers biame the Germans, and
the anti-Semitts jouronls attributes all the
responsiblity to Jewish inflyence,
ore 1a really little to choose between
the Germans and the Creche Jioth have
bien squally guilty. When the Crechs pre
pondersted the (Gertnans have bess at-
tacknd and plunderasd. and when the Owe.
mans prodominativg the lives and the prop-
erty of the Oxechs have heen assailed. The
Nationalist sentiment in bath peotdes is of
a rabbdly violent character and threatens
tlie existenee of the Austrian Eapire.
Raras Gautsch stiempts to brisg shout
a compromise between the majority aml
the opposition fa the Helobsrath have
proved anes inl
Dir. Krsmarseh, the ViesProwident of the
Hedebarath. bas informed the representative
af the Budspester Tagebiatt that, anlike
Connt Badeni neither President Abraham
eles aor he wouald resign beeaiiss the mob
was trying to intimidats thes. He consid.
arad it impossible to carry the “Adegisioh”
bil in the Beicharath, and the pressat ar
rangement Datwiwn Austria and Hungary
gronld probably Lave to be prolonged by
fmperial deores without the assent of Par
lament, This probably means thal the
Heicharath will bw prorogued for a long
period. and that absolute government wil)
te inaugurated, ‘
There are sow in Prague teenty-six bat.
tations of infantry aod two regiments of
Cripple Creek's Gest Mining Record, ”
The pold catgut of the Cripple Creek
distriot of Coloralds [or November was 81.
i 250, and for the sleven mosths sading
Despmber 1 311, 351 000 The November roa.
vind exceeds that of any previous month in
the history of tha camp,
Gladstone's Study of Our Revolution.
Gindstone, in nekpowledging the gift of
a history of the American Bevolution, writes
that tor pearly hall a century Se bas been
an admiring student of the American Bevo.
jution, and believes that he owes thereto
alr appreciable part of his own political
Sentence of an Fmbealer,
Bx. State Auditor Bugene Moore, of Nee
Chiraska, who emlessled 223000 was sen-
tenoed to eight yoars in the peailoatiary,
Nev. Dr. Charlis HH Parkhurst retorned
flores Europe after an ablwence of six
Secretary of fHtate Sherman and Mrs
Riserman will celebrate their golden wed.
Slug in INS,
| Pormer President Clovelend has writin
the Texas Alumnd Association that his son
| will be in the class of 1015 or 1916 at Prince
{Mir William I. Drinkwater who bas
| remignind the position of Desmster of the
‘fale of Man, ocsgpied the office for Hfty
i Lafeadis Heans, who has lived many
‘yoars in Japan, savs that the grotesque
| pletures made by Japanese artists gow seam
to hm to be trae,
Lieutenant Peary. of Arctic Tame, bas
gone to lecture in Losdon asd Edisburs,
aid 1 so to charter a whaling vessel for his
| next expedition to the porth.
Gladstone, it is sald, welghs only 117
| pounds, and the Marquis of Salisbury, the
| present Promier of Great Britaio, tips the
| males st 208 pounds,
Peter A, BD Widener the Philadelphia
[pest cnr magnate, who was ones a bateh:
Dwr in that sity, 5 now being mentioned aso
| saadidate for Gavernor of Pennaylvania.
| When Mark Taain was recsally gives a
| dinner by the Yienas Journalists’ Club be
mode a speech hall in German and hail
| Bngiteh sud kept lis hearers laughing
ail the time. .
i Bersard BD Grean. who built the new
| Congressional Library io Washington, save
thie regson why Thomas Moore's DATS Was
i not inscribed on the walls was
| there was no room for it,
Charies HH. Haokley, who has riven about
CAMO ON to Muskegon, Mich, west to that
{ ity when he wae fifteen years old with 3
Fin his posket, and when he started in Lost
P mess on his own account luis capital was
Senator Hawlev, of Connesticnt, an.
posnees through the Hartford Times that he
will he x candidnta for rocsiestion to the
Senate, when lite term expires, two years
Bence, The Setator 3 aow seventy-ole
an the English tai?
HE sportsmen WED Gb
ivipe He Googie
the Hotel Cent,
un H
fan doiden Ulirele, 9h0 Was ar
srgey, ona of the selohrated
wl in leddisnos ih 1884 On suspieion of
conspiring to all the Confederacy, is dving
in she asviam Tor the poor in the Hilstowe
of Shoals, Ind, forgotten by friends and
Sg: AE fk