The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 17, 1897, Image 1

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    Miners to Meet at AMoons.
A call has been jssaed for a conven
tion to be held at Altoona to-day, June
17th, of miners of Central Pennsylva
. tis, Maryland, West Virginia, and all
i others whose coal is shipped to the
| eastern ssboned, The call is o Vignes
tary, ‘and James MeCinn, who Cad
sided at the Cresson convention, Ret!
erence is made to the strike at
Cer men are working | :
the 4 peice lie ute buku
aang a
Number of Male Sob
| Ny
: Whole
A pe
i | Mbwer expen, due Tremeurer prev.
of Patton Borough School |
| FROM JUNE | 8, 1896, TO|
| June 1. 1007 The out oF Each Pupll Per 8
Whole namber of BOlOOIK. coon cmiis
Yemge ny namber of onthe noght... a
oh attending all
the schools In {hw dine
namber In ath tumdunce
pore Ay sttendiinoe of Scholmry in
Aitret. WER Lely
{ Attendnnee.
Number of mills levied for school purposes 18 tn
Ee i es
Amott levi for school puFposs
HC. oon ha “EES
Total Amman Javied.......
; ation for the yer
sisi sl TEE “
ding axes Xow of & ail
Eh RA)
“innd, Haguor fin
Total roetpts.... BT
oi an
trator “for attending
the annani bry’ institute...
cir NE 10
whomsoever shall attempt or offer to
Medyoid text
how, onfhwer “than text
Sehool ay
books, prseistingt Bmp, ob,
Vuelo and rontingen ies
. > ©
Foon of Collsctor, sine: and Trews
Ion 8
idl F 2
Soom your.
Tonal expires.
Amsonnt Hoe Tramisier. coon
Amount das distriel frova all sources § 28 0
Total resinron..
A Sh
he in
Yota) Enbaition....
officer, agent or employe thereof by
demanding of requesting the diamiesal :
Lor officer,
peron or persons so offending stall be
+ yulty of & misdemessior snd on con-
viction thereof shall be subject to the |
| like penenaitios as those prescribed for
ge of any
a violation of the frst section of
onment ‘sot exceeding ‘ove year, or!
either or both at the discretion of the
Swoon 3. If any person or persons | s
coerce any such corporation or any!
music. Sports and dancing.
A grand display of fire works nt
8:3) p. tn. in the evening at the park.
Pull game-- Patton Champions ™
Cuban Giants.
Program Tuesday, July 8th:
There will be dancing and amuse-
ments of all kinds during the day.
Card to Dancers: Have secured Sev-
erin’s Imperial Orchosten for the ocea-
slon. Gusrantes & good time to all.
ics ae Wier.
Tinie 43 econ of romonrees BULK 8
| Mthmated value of schoo! grounds
and Datldinge. . roo -
acs T. horn,
Fowen Ruatx, !
w. A. 8
A Suibdon Death.
ronse the sais of Goddard's Linings.”
ay avvuing shout 10 o'clock
ly well sad wes in hor bed about
{me of bo desis seid to have been |
| Prem will come: to Altoona, 4s Me. |
Hotohkin has few saperiovs as an all-|, :
guund ‘dvertising man. — Altoona |p,
AA FA nl Ws EI
The ext regular “meetiig ‘of ta
Cambria County Pomona Grange, Now
| 51, will convene in the Concord
{Grange hall on Monday, June Sih 46
9:30am. After the regular business of
{the order is disposed of there will be a
Of} talk on The care of machinery on the
igarm by John 8. McCoy. A report
Will be made by She secretary of is B
Te Tory
| m The evening sessioh will open at §
‘| program will
be rendered: Essay, SO. Thome;
3's | address on Posltry Raising by Dr. H.
{ now? Kis a pu specimen like the |
ano suo of th New York tail
y and can furnish a
“other one.”
Lathersmn Church Notles.
| Somerville; essay,
| recitation, A. M. Schettig; address on
and Reilly;
Mra. Charlotte Will;
Hon. A. A. Barker. All -
| Patrons coming by rail will be met at
. Hokaurade Statics Music will be farne
ished by the Concord Grange band.
All fourth degree members are cord-
iadly invited to attend.
By ordar of Executive Com.
Guo. W. Garner, Sec.
nH A AN SR ep
| base bail club went to Altoons to play
a game of ball with the Defiance club
| of that place, and returned home with
another defeat added to the list. The
score stood 9 to § in favor of Altoona
The batteries were: Patton, Sutch
All persons are hereliy notified to
| not meddle or interfere with property
: uA ln hares ol A
vis: two
two horses, two seit of harness