The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 24, 1896, Image 9

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    i ¢ fleld Building & Loan association, Pat-
| Ambry. Allegheny,
of Cambria county to J. | be published Wealnosday and Satardas
Prides, Hea
"EM. Gallaher, White, $10.
Bdward D. Stiles et ux. to Harry
Malien et al., Reade; consideration, §1.
_ Bylvester Bokénrode et ax. to W. W_
Marti, Blacklick, $17.
John C. Marti) et ox. to Otillia E.
| Storieback, Blacklick, $1.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to
Edward D. Stiles, Reade, $10,
Edward i Stiles et al to Thomas A.
; §R00,
Sheriff of Cambria county to (ear-
Richard Adan to Thomas §. Baker, the
! Cleartild, 1,650,
M. Crain ot ux. to George 8
| Good, Patton, 88%.
John Penninglon, by treasurer, to
Francis Lo Little et ux. to W. W,
Amsbry, Allegheny, $627
"John Anstead et ux. to Hastings
a Building & Loan sasociation, Hastings, |
J.B. Rager et ux. to Kate Burgoon, '
Blacklick Land & Improvement |
company to J. BE. Rager, Vitondale,
Gillitain Building & Loan associ.
{le to BW. Litsinger,
in ge Licenses.
the foliose masta losses were |
O | imsised by the Clerk of the Orphans’
17 47
“148 25
1s »
| Court for the week ending Thursday,
| December 17, 1806:
94% 4 be the best mmedy in nse. We use
: 1 it in our families, and it is a favorite
Fred W. Carl, Dale, and Do'orous R.
Miller, Roxbury.
W. Adams, West Taylor,
i and Elizabeth E. Connor, East Wheat-
¥ fed township, Indiana county, Pa.
James F. Wissloger and Ida J. Cus-
ter, Richland township.
Samuel Edmond Boyer and Eva OC.
McHeaters, Morrellville.
Morgan Lewis Stomback, West Tay-
lor, and Myrtle Lenora Wilson, Coop-
: “John Leoesko and Barbara Franes-
| salxky, Lily.
Henry R. Woodley and Maggie E. |
| Laatsy, Eder township. :
Edward Thomas and Lizzie Dull,
0 ent bottles for sale|
metits noted, the
{Harvey Evans, J
Twice-a Week Conrierofauronl.
Beginning the first of the new year,
the Weekly-Courier Joornal, of Louis
‘ville, Ky. will be changed to the
| Twivea-woek Courder-Jouraal, It wikl
“mornings. The paper will be #3
pages, or tecive pages a week, fn
(sted of len pages wekly, as al prise
ent, an an invrease of X50 colons
matter daring the your, The Wednes
(day Isso will be devoted exclusives (0
pews and politiml, while the Saturday
ous will be strictly a family paper-
fill] with storie, miscellany, plotares,
postey, sketches, ele. The poiition of
paper will n not be changed, asd the
‘battle for pure Democracy and true
Denioeratic principles will be continaed | (
in the future as by the past. In spite of
the expense involved in the improve
the same, one dollar a year, with iib-
| eral inducements to agents or old sab-
scribers who send in new ones
feature of the coming year will be the
editorials of Mr. Henry Watterson on
{ political und other topics of the day.
OMores Elected.
At a recent meeting of the Ebens.
burg Agricultural society the following
‘officers were elected to serve for the
ensuing year: President, the Hon. A
yy Barker; vice-president, Ed. James:
‘secretary, 8. L. Reed, Faq; assdstant
secretary. A. J. Waters; treasurer, A
W. Buck; directors, D. J. Davis, H H.
Myers, V. 8. Barker, lsase Hughes
{. Evans J. JL
Evans, T. I. Jones, OO. E. Wilkinson,
‘G. 1 Jones, Harry Lioyd and Thomas
Gaed Teibags.
The grand specific for the prevailiog
us- malady of the age, Dyspepsia, Liver
[Complaint, Rbheamatism, Costiveness,
General Debiiity, is Bacon's Cel
ery King for thet Nerves. This great
herbal tonic stimaiales the digestive
argans, regulatis the liver and re
{ators the system to vigorous health
‘and energies. Samples free. Large
| packages G0c. xnd he. Sold only by
CC. W. Hodgkins
Given Away.
A grand doll and a comic clown will
be given away free to a boy and a girl.
. | Who will be the: one to receive them?
The happy couple can be seen any day.
For particoiars call at the store of C.
WW. Hodgkins, opposite the school build-
ing. Children, be sure to look it up.
The length of lite may be increased
hy lessening its dangers. The majority
: ple
die from lung troubles. |
price of the Twice
a-week Courier-Journal will remain |
£7 Art db 3a Mode,
The enrrent number of 1 Art de la!
Mode maintains the high standard of
excuilimee Lal bas Mways character-
fend that josirnal both in | ustrations
and literary contents. The serivs of
articles now runwdng on Lessons in
Practical Drewsmaking'’ cannot fail to
be of the greatest interest o everyone
wit jn interested in dress. The colored
piales show Lhe latest thing in sleeves,
wiirtn, and combination of Colors and
takcnys altogether tie journal is of the! ¢
Sgreatimt vaine
to dresspsakers and
sinters, L' Art de ln Mode is for
sade by all pewsdealers. Or send 2.
cent for 4 sample copy or 3 cents for
etrrrent instie to The Morse-Broughton
Co., 5 East 108: sireet, New York.
When at Willhiim, Pa, always stop
at the Munser house.
and you will be kindly treated. Mr.
CW. NH Muomser, the proprietor, mways|
keeps, & bottle of Chamberlain's Colic |
cholers and Diarrhoea Remy in the |
hotel for use in case of emergency.
He sey»: “It can always be depended
apoti. Wheneves my guests have an
attack of diarrhoea or cholers murbos, |
I give them a dose of this remedy, and |
it has never failed to cure them.” For;
sale by Patten Pharmacy, C. W.
Tir Twaive {leven Orders,
Thi Pennsylvania Railroad company
announces that for 1397 it will lsoe |
clerical orders to regular ordsined |
clergymen in charge of churches lo- |
cated on ar near ie lines east of Pitts | x
To secare these orders |
should make applica- |
the pearest ticket ageot
a8 soon an possible, as Hie de-
sired that all applications reach the
general office by December 15.
huryg and Erte.
verry men
Alwolately pure, perfectly hurnues,
and invariably retiable are the goal
ties of Ome Minaote Cough CUnre. It
nover fails in colds, croup and lung)
troubles. Children like iv because it is
plessant to take and it helps them. C.
W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Fulr ind Festival
A grand fair and festival will be:
given by Patton Fire Company No. 1
in their spacious rooms during the |
week of the holidays Extensive
| preparations are being made to make |
Cit a grand success.
The old way of delivering messages |
by post boys compared with modern |
telephone, illustrates the old tedious
. methods of “breaking” colds compared
with their almost instantaneous cure by |
| One Minute Cough Cure. C. W. Hodg-
| kine, Patton Pharmacy.
Ripans Tabules et cure bad breath.
selote live of Hes
It is a good hated |
| description can be procured at our Store. A full and
- and Shelf Hardware and all kinds of
and a femers! line of B ITLDERS' MA.
TERIAL kept constantly on hand. See us first before buy-
It will pay you.
A Specialty.
Magee Ave. Patton, Pa.
When in Altoona on a shopping expedition
To go to call at our large Millinery store for all kinds
Millimery Goods,
Is now on and the prices are so low that you will be
surprised when yon make us a visit.
A special invitation is extended to Cambria County Ladies.