The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 29, 1896, Image 2

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    ot oun was Gi A lareckesnt pi
fend fut ¢ eame down to get some
; shoes for grr serves’
8 Jy demanded
| the young man 48 be straighteeid oy
t | gia you
“Say, sil Alp yom Jak is for vo
: | addi:
eo ir, Ao yom ahinoth pio eel a
: Yom tet. Whisr's yor ma and 10 |
digren 40 got Tt
“My mw 1th hime, thir, ard 1 rE Fi
the Josth. You sre very rode. thir’ |
H¥om ass very rode, thir” poobo
the terror wk be heekomed 6 the Lavi
lose 1 and see the fon i
it theems fo we, Thin,” pid 11
young man a8 be booked the other gue
3 “that you don’t Hike my hokioa
” met R poared Honk ie
all my rt ppsdonyiel
ny over the pails, |
# emap 10 83 thre
iy St the rate of
j on the tan
: cate oat of thnt po
mx you are 1 wsevar
n" alin to bold my porve
¢ tripe That finshed | Y
wis Yorn hort in nt
think 1 had a a par
Tho Jan thing
: f | report him for net stopping.
o body git sre Rote wd Brag
girl and Hops. »
Sin oer to ri ed yo could
: friend,” 1 said.
ey parson,
wasn coobbler! "= Washington Bear.
ilot a cross street that interacts Broad-
way and gignaled the cable cary, only 0
|i way
{something and waved his band back:
ward. :
cus- {them 10 the lower side of the sireet,
it fwhere the vory fist car sapped for
| Times.
{gazing into u stare window, admiring
ud turing 10 Jock a8 the SagEed Svs
“Na, 1 a worly + ¥
“And that you want ta pirk as for
“A fuse with a katy. Eu hs, ba 1
““Thir, 1 can take oxte of © vthett "
“Don’t want any ma lod ok yim 16)
“Na thir, and TI wont yom th ik
way bet i] 3
riled, 1 hoot.” ; :
tommce nx bt Seiad o a er
#, what is this thing augy wer
“Wath vou referring to shoe mused §
| the Yoong man, 2
or povarer | wae Whos
arvethag 6d yim esoape fron
: hie, J iho thath vou wnat ro to
| thot ye n, snd th 1 wil 0 ont
Troy % oe
A a
“He will Fla tT Ey hr $f 3
wih, © ll the yom hy Hoan; i Frid
anybidy ren i uf ors % bo wan pt}
pulisd (mt 8 ! ref % 8 poy apd
ar fo oe 3 SX ABE | 3
d Ty.
3 sid 1 hn gu Ee
wh : he wae Bens fer pe 3 xb
a dour :
yital Set Bod) hoon. 1 Ge a ol He ik Po Wo
with lis eves oivced Tig a dong, Hong
time, but be finally cpeped them and |
faintly wked:
“ors, have | pin shot or what?’
“Yee youve Minekhof, sawwercd one
Who did i
“The young feller that looks like a
vent Sect, yom don’t ]] me!”
“Yeu, he driv six bullets right inter
{yor envenss, Havok, and you won't oxi
ter ahont for a wonth to come.’
Co HAud it wos that feller?”
Yen’ 83 8
Waal, darn my hide. I've allem
] heard that muthin on the faco of this | ©
ME sirth could lisp and shoot, ton but the
WES fellers that told me hadn't ever rm |
i ap agin « baby. Onin Sews
ee both, Thies a
do well.’
1 think you are mistaken, my
“I am a minister of the
1 thooght yo'
# + ‘Henan mie,
Just» Woman's . Wag.
Two women stood on the wrong side
see them shoot by in the Incest aggra-
Tea, o of all the impudence!”
“Did you ever!’
CoWhy t's worse than we mad aboat.
Here one of the gripmen shouted
ot xd cheaper than oa Broadwar,
with me?’
if ¥ : the 53 i.
iby Walter
apes BODO
A andre Thomson 1 araws . faa Thinbla |
y tire wate Bes w hich are setsetimes fitted |
grains of
ia perio: mew
1 tiny sere wn sre oar auethoosandthe of |
i ap Inch in dialer and seven one thin
| mation. The & thod wapally
| m delicate balances, the number of a giv:
‘em amsount being determined by the
iwas Swhuifred.” and wherever
“What did he say?”
““Bormething about the wrong corner.’
“Well, I've got his number, aid a
‘Here a policeman came up and tock
And they pith said:
“Well, the h- Kansas City
- Both were very young. They stood
the pretty frocks that children so love,
Herald. | take bth your mind's #8 utter blank. |
: —Pick Me Up. :
branchios the indication is for very foul
\ | mind takes a purely social fan.
Then, a» the saw that fhe int
Cwas greeting one of her danpad
Was wt fm the gs. of Living i
sfcroaid plebeian shids, sor hast air :
: :
Addie ix frying them on four her, es
fghe fuga the gars paged fowtoam Bridger”
But this strock Addie as a Heth foo
| vidicglons and, ue she was us plabs, ov |
| eryday Arwricsn girl, withoms frais, |
she Taughed alond, mach to por wily
Cpwether’s dlgemfitore .
“i, don’t mind yea wie said |
Lerhat's just coe of her when This
Lghoes tre for me, and 1 wear fim
| Bridaet wonrs sheen, | pore"
“The: shoes ary very good hors maid
Cmy aguainisnos, “und very math
But the silly mother would have pore
of it.
fhe was furions with her plain woken
| dunghver and handed back the shoes. *”
the amused and amare] woman.
1osond cnr morvapis diner? she
| enid shortly. “Ther will be better
Corns, givin Hope to sie yom again
Mr et : i
And gh swrent out, with her poss in|
Bo 2
gin ne my foe
sb] eran is
ember pe
a regs bot
werd »
Cogent 1
dri in
| Bre ba
fans of p
+ they Have ali
“3 am bard Wp
Cof bale
: hnerhished.
thom of Fhe fn oxi
sep o teday i Bi ¥ ened ‘
4 of the Erglivh
sotil PURE Ioan,
dae, fee has aleewdr |
bwetisn Boairy yom
Bio enpidls tars ree a to Cietral Avior i
for gather bestiog Due nf ¢ the Sans | Bea bod
fiful bogs §
know to
1 Iew bei
Plo, &
hanks £
only 26 yi
1 tt, of ite erly i»
hue. T he notion that
device bh tris airaly been made |
| mere on
Tio sasllost rr e cvor vende are
seer] An Lhe wranalactuie 1 fhe neinls
size stuin. bracelets, ota
bio pe gt Yaing fo being invisible
. docking like minute
wl, With goed glee, bow
PTY Re that rach in
fares ogni in tL,
| ssndtha of an toch in Jength. In weti-
{mated thine a hudy = thimble of aver
sige wonld hold 100.600 or them ol
Sttemapt §& ever made to coupt those
‘‘siny trivmpbs of wwechaniosl i perY.
iey’t other thar to get a beavis for ete
pure Yeisen
deternsining their pumlwr is 10 ©
fully count 100 sad then places thers on
Weight of these, —8¢. Lewin Republic.
; The Sehasttay aad the Smperor.
The organ of the schoolmanters, The!®
Allgemeine Deatschs Lehrerpeitung. ro-
fates an episode of Kaeser Wilkeim's
visit to Wiestades. When be was rid-
ing along the Taonos strases af the bead
of his suit on Monday, a small boy ran
after him and cried out ss be frantic-
ally waved his cap, ” Herr Kaiser, Horr |
Kaiser, got us a boliday tomorrow!’
dreams wher
Cfue pank. snd
i fing paced for a Tace +» Va
ts ooh by ber sighting dangh- : 3
J Bowen 13 x sate of tev
friendly wink to the lad, eslled out, |
“We whall manage it." Accordingly oo
the next day ail the lads and lasses of
the town were informed that the day
kaiser appears] he was naturally groet- |
ed ax a liberator, with the full power
of youthinl lungs,
Hogs al Storm.
Hogs are always more restless than
meual on the approach of bad weather, |
{ and when these animals run to and fro
with rsouthfuls of straw, leaves or
weather. In their native state pigs prob-
{ ably made their own beds, and when
bad weather was coming perhaps path-
fered a larger supply of straw or leaves
than nsual 0 serve a8 & profecion
against the rain
apie iba ans
The Enfiaence of Clothon.
He—Did yom ever obwervs what a
S net ne
difference clothes make om one’s mind? |
Wow, when 1 am in my riding toms, §
I'm all borse; when I have on my busi
pews suit, my mind's fall of business]
{when 1 get into my seeming arms =r 1
She—And 1 supposes that when you
Some Lett.
laoghed, and. with a!
The Toronto Mail asks, “Did the pre.
] man eat pie?’ If be did, he did
at almost asy railroad Sp
2 ce Hm, He . ww ot
Prhompone ki ¥ ow Yar Boa
Sasa ne tua ix
snek Fire Upay Wrasse.
Dreams, Vos grin Varo gsr,’ and
im hrewoy Bate largely |
sg bie Qnretee Fu the
year 1500 a Se Loge
on off ne
He was
ast of te
Fhe Wie
| Lime daria the same
spreding pie iepms £08 tho
Anew snd WIC tex hs 2 Y
weit Gs 5:
Lproepn £8 for nor
Si That sight th
cially un Bebyest
| that sh w as 5
@ fons fad
bot lg a waded
tie vw havin be
FHS WN My hig part. Gx
| heres o world win ih rh St
a several Mngihs atent ; of a ah Fore
sop one she ave Tay Ror thre
rg Soma | the 8
iatioy waned # goad ge
anti (uring 1
pha poe, dud
y Bon begets shia
fa dark ERY
sn ¥ ha
wk where Bg
3 thw he wr
beeiniy »
5 do Then de
} ad fll meen the straw, Yi
Fr paving and
sporting bomdly. T oh
wived that be swobe id frmesed that
bie eonld In reality beat the be
ing the wile of Bix stall He partially
Ldressed and ran ont, avd sed Bn moment
too secs Sowa misersunt bal thrown & | speak
on | Sloth borning sod staked with ofl
thremgh the window. This had ignited
Lib draw, and in a fow segs more |
the horse panet Bave perished, thoogh,
! fortunately, ae it was he wan bos sage
ly injured Troster snd Pacer
ar a a ASA
The Expert Witees
The present customs which permite |
| each side to call in ts own rapert and |
| pay him for bis testimony is calculated |
to produce anything bet eipert Sesti
mony unless the term sexpert wpplies to
_manipaistion of facts tosuit lis cbient's | y
case. Jt would be about we coprineive 10
Justice if wach side were allowed 0 re |
tain and pay a judge and jury of is
own. In fact, the practice is 80 obvioas
ly caleaisted fo defeat instead of aid
| the ends of jostios thet it ix dificult to |,
Ihe mere | ig
gee how it veer originated.
Ea Jaros i
Toe | ¥
respect $d
Gredne Wak ay
: Aware milex He
; and
ie the Elirper
The choerfal ton
one the shod have bron hit the
aid or the farkery oldu’ wo AD
{Fura Imtanees Where Dien of Blorses | fren pri
{a says thy I 6
Mor the game. : :
Wis the woniher is gloomy snd ev.
Hy one Joa the lines, it iethe chestill
an wis jis ott snd g i
penn of wood, iH or if hen ns
ive bux spmebody vise do it, and when
Tpight coms» big campfire is started
hay chore oversbody op 10 the story
eilimg point, which pine indicates
Even psd} Jews wre walcome ia 8
prteran’ . amp when the place ie
gioesey. Small Bore sakes fhioge inte
RCE. Tiers are gone to dey aronnd
and owners to kay thingy, Thee ie 8
; food supply to pick at, and five 50 wed
[8% with, pipes tn bpenk and tin dishes
{fo rartle, Ju dosen't tke mach 1 cheer
(mys sad owen, Hf daly the right visitor
eonves wiomg. The arial of & soiling
Way fe sh nhother ony, one day
whan thie rat poured did teat once 9p
fous sna bad nile ovr her
ol SPINE pastrig
agus | BY
A Writer's Reuios Fe
WE A Ras
£35 mehatie
| You yirc
week, soos ig shes 3 0)
wears, and MH oyon
& word or fwd he wees ad
of the bealeh of the Sivaily. bos set oe
erything been don TRUE var rendition
ow formality can resecnahly dee
mand? i wo have business or seed ine
formation that others can ive
and wk of them. Be brief, §
be is EE ——
Hon eehirm oogh oli” The
fact that & witness is employed and ing
paid by the defendant or plaintiff on
conscinusly enrolls him on that side,
and thers are few experts Whose testi
mony i not modified by such an ar |
rang gent. This customs has led so of
ten er A flag captramtiction regarding.
the general pabiie bar Jost confideoce in
{ snch wwtizoony. This im, of course, very |g
anfortannte, as it bv beyond question |
that » man who bas devoted bis life to
s study, for instance, of poisons sod |
their effects on the body is in a better |
position to judge of the probabilities in |
» gives case than the ordinary layman
or physician. Under s systess where the |
expert is called by the court Do ques
tion of bias could be raised, snd science
would not be disgraond from time 0
time by those who ure wiilithg to trade
on their soicntitie reptitation, — Popular |
Science Monthly.
Duseesraey and Education.
So long as the direction of man’s in-
| stitetional jife wan in the hiusde of one |
‘or the Tow the need for a wide diffusion, |
of political intelligence Wan not strong:
ite correlative in the diatelioal ignoe |
| rapes of the maseen There ‘was uo edu
| cational ideal, resting apo a social and
political necessity, that was broad
enough to inciade the whale people, ball
| the rapid widening of tise basis of sov-
| ereignty has changed all that. Xo deep
j er conviction pervades the people of the |
Unisen] States and of Frages, who ar
the most aggressive esposents of de
mocracy, than that the prewrvation ol
liberty under the law and of the insti:
tutions that are our preciowd possesion
and proud heritage depesie upon th
intelligence of the whole propia. It
on this anshakable foundation that the
| argument for public education at public
expen really rest — Educational Re |
| view,
A Man of Abily.
Tosson—Jobnson haw®o ability of
any kind
Jackson — No ability? Nonsense,
Why, he can ask you for a kin in such
'» way that you thank your ducky stars
for the opportunity to accomamodat
him. London Pun
Parrots are good Baromters Just
befor - in the ment talkative. ami
The first gt country
wan that of New York, rabid 4
act of parliament In ie
Ly fein The divine right of kings found ; i
ray a an Ty j
of dixtrine fall from irs tabi
Ceually | am forced to trenthe of such
& tis a gossip poisoned stmorphers.
This reall™ in another iden of civility,
Sand 1 am compeiiod, it a wes
victim of his or her whim. ® 1 refums,
i: have dose point blank, to present
apsell 1 am called a hoor and all man
{Pe of ayly nese —Lippincorrs.
Strange Begioning of & Friemdahip,
I reaneniber the anecdote my stepfa-
ther, Count 4 Auve, who sutered Ia
Flech before the sige of 8,
med no tell ma ay the frat fms Be
bad left his mother, and be was ome
| what bewildered by the roughness of
his ocmnrades, who affected the aire of
old troepern To make sare that he was
pos 5 mtiksop. one of them, & veteran
of If made him lay bis bund Sat on
Lethe ground, stepped on is and crushed
one of bis Segers. This tormentoe was
the future General Borsguay 4" Hillieen
eta, who pesriy fainted, bore
Bowever, “And thin was the
begisting wy stepfather ceed fo add
Bail w century Jager, when sacw ing his
deforpsed Super, of a frvndebip that
Jasviet ail ove bivss’? This happesed
prove giter fhe rer empire, When
Rowan wirtoes vires emulated, bot one
rgd sot infer eas this teciuted fact
that wtoivisse Hourishes vigorously in
‘the Frepeh educational system. —Th
Benson i Century.
A Tinie Gin Riditie. :
Soveral children were asking riddles
the other day, and a bright Distie girl
who listened got the den of whats
riddin wan The next day she went wo
ber father and said, “There was a blind
and ourtaies on S yelaud dhe pots dat
and two men | The father
promptly gave it wp . when she said,
Dan's son see the point?” Upon being
soswered in the pegative she pussied
ber brains for awhile, and said, “Xai
ther do L’" She is mow practicing on
riddiss that bave some meaning in
“Husband, what Aid the doctor my.
about me?"
“He mid that you mun give wp »
ligion and take fo drink.”
Well, be anid you semst stop doing
0 mich Sharcu work ant isa ug 1