The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 06, 1896, Image 3

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A Version of the Operation That Rarely
Happens In Real Life,
+ This is abont a man who put op 8
Tt %s mnrecessary perhaps to go far.
ther with it. You know in advance Just
how he swore snd tors and spoiled the |
enrpet, and the pipe dido’t fir and he
skinned his bouckles and oot his fin
of un Fpiwwopat Clérgymia Win
Is Also a Physician,
Trterast in the develop
[munition enp that shogid
mands of elvan lines
Lana vessel weed by on
exe tine, ibn his
4 Tavention
eR bey
and spilled sort down the back of hie ie
neck and finally went up town and
six men to finish the job.
we Johnson,’ said Jobmson’s wife at
dinner yesterday, #1 want you Weoms |
“home early this afternoon,
~1 AT] right, my dear,” snd Johan,
“T'H bo howe at 4. Boa
+ Bo that sfternocn Johnson's wile sent
the children over to visit on the
ides of town and staffed rags in xl the
5) tracks to deaden sound. After a fervent
prayer that all the neighbors would be
vat of town for a few hours that after
oon she was ready for Johnson.
He arrived promptly.
“The stove is out in the
maid his wife : :
The stove Wak pot very large, and
after Johnson had dressed himself for
the occasion, with (he help of Mrs John.
son, who had taken care to hava his oid
e ¢ and gloves handy, be got tha
stove to the back porch withont much |
| 4¢ must be bisckened,'' said Mrs,
Johnson as abe mixed the blacking. T'
little robbing, and Johnson whistled at
he tacked down the oileloth
and the zinc and kept on whistling.
fo) the stove in carefully and
in the right place ;
plenty of the old stovepipe,
while be cleaned it in the alley
tick Mra. Johnson sat an the
| ROR PUR him whistle
| The first joint went on all right, and
the damper staid in place.
Ths next
joint Btted so well that Jubnson almost
stopped whistling in sheer admiration
| for it, and so did the pext tne The al
| bow fitted admirably, apd the collar acd
ast joint went cn like a top. The seam
was bn ths right side all the way op.
| There was not even a speck of soot 00
| the papers Mrs, Johnson had spread on
In ten minutes more Johnson had a
| Jowely fire in the stove and was in his
© basiness snit again spiok and span read
| ing the paper while his wife got enpper.
Te was just here that thorn was sav
age nudge in Johnson's deft ribs and be
heerd his w # tell him to wake up, sod
hostile cut now, for it had been daylight
| for ball an hoor. Topeka State Journal
Why the Quaker's Chester Hogs Took No
: Prises In Georgia.
“I never shall forget an incident
which ococnrred at the fret fair I ever
attended in. Georgin,'' said a retired
Oipeinnsti meat packer. “It was at
| Mason, and I think they called it & state
= 2
fair, At an rate it wae a big thing for
the town in those days, They had some
fine stock on exhibiion, spd s Penneyl-
vasian had sent down about 20 of the
finest Jooking hogs you ever saw. They
were ost] Chester Whites, and if 1
secollect aright they were exhibited by
Thomas Word, a great hog and caftis
fancier of 20 apd 30 yours ago. He!
was who introduced that famons breed
of bogs, the Chester White, and 1»
made a great deal of money out of bis
fancy stock. He was a Friend—a Qua-
ker, you know-—who need the plain Ian: | 5 Ragland na tod
brirgmed hat
guage and wore a broac
Ha was a smart old gentleman,
“and prosperous, He sent his hogs from
state fair to state fair, and they tock
"many prizes and blue ribbons that each
his money making a collection of badges.
“* When the Macou judges made their
awards, they gave bloe ribbons very Jib
erally to the razor backs, but not one of
the fat, sleek Pennsylvania bogs got a
prize. The owner of the exhibit did not |
poderstand it, so he hunted up one of
the judges and said in the language of
a4] know thee to be an honest man,
and I donot question thy fairness in the |
award, but to gratify my own coricmity
Iwonld be glad to have thee tell me
‘why thee gave all the prizes to the na
tive stock and what fault thee found in
4 <My friend, the
your loge: greatly.’ the judge replied.
"They ware certainly handsome, and 1
have no doubt that in your section they |
are the best breed to raise, bot they are
not suited for this country. They are eo
‘short legged and fat that a nigger could
catch them a two minutes. What we
require in & oy inthe south is legs anid
wind. We give our prizes for speed.’
~Atlanta Constitution. : :
A Powerfal Baring Glass
The most powerful sunglass ever con-
structed in France was that made nun
der tho supervision of the savant M.
de Villette. This glass generated heat
sufficient to melt a copper coin of the
gize of our silver 25 cent piece in Tl
seconds. :
; orge Parker of Fleet street, Lon-
don, made a glass much more powerfal
than that which resulted from the
wired shed,’
blackened tos beantifol finish with vers | Proper
looked like a boy who had spent all |
I wan: that |
sitting room stove up and going by Son :
wid pet nid
prea, Rais
y from the wi
| Episcopal ob
of Sun Frapeiseo,. T46 the appr
© those wearer Dro Law sub trad Bo
CELE As It progressed toward o
I The California eofompni
in design from any ther simid wel,
¢ It vs made of silver with oa god long,
and stands 95% inches In height and &
inches in diameter
into soaliops, which © 0 wand for drinks
| fng places by success, te communicant
whe trrn the oup as it is passed from
cné to another. After the sealiops have
all been weed, the cup is cloansed with
a purifier before it is need again
Although the seallops at the exige form
the most striking innovation in the con.
strootion of the cup, the whols scheme
is altogether novel Within the cup
ia a reservoir holding ten ounces
of wine To fii] the reservoir the cup is
inverted ari the stem nnecrewad at the
pase of the bowl The wine i% then
poured in and the stem replacad The
chaljoe is next inverted over the reser
voir, snd the reservoir is firmiy screwad
| jpride the sup, but the sides do not touch
anywhere, there being one quarter of an
| fneh of free space between the outside of
| the vomervoir and the inside of the von,
When the chalice is troogbt 10 an up-
| right position, one third of A tems onfnl
| of wins escapes from an opening ac the
bettors of the yewrvoir, sod no
| wine can fow ont into the.oup anti it
| has been drunk by the commiunicant
| When the pep is Hipp for drinking. a
i babble of alr entors tha cpening and
| when the cup is brought to a vertical yor
: sition in peesing it U7 tHE DORE CCHIT
| pant, another supply of wine runs oot
Chefore On the ©
i evokes. whinh the phn iater QURITE # af ter
: tha &ogigre Bae SearnIpus en need
This pero tha air tO euler and {fee
{veins seeking its loved, rons isto the dup
: to be oopsnsel by
i The aby sutages nraed
¢ fashion in the conn
pach rommunioant df
dry place, and pever touches any Wit
| excepting that which he sctnaliy con
Lsumes. The dang: of spilling ie ales
‘ averted. while the wpa ietion of any for
| sign substance, peasit LF Ah
cleanlinn ie practically elipinatsd. —
{ New York Son.
: ;
{A Manifesto to Ba Ke
§ CC ropean Kew
| H IL Yan Md
| Missionary M i
Carigin of the Chinese utes
preted anctiuy Gon be
Lrages, 10 be Trans hnted sd
: piwspaper of
| Anstrin, Bogle :
Italy and Rassias, the pose
{parties wilh Tarkey to
P Bastin of 1555
£ He bas alo writ
ivy +
ig the minister
in this new
sleds ean are thal
inks rian a oeub)
oe anfectiog,
15 Pes mee
or Ahi
pit ds entitia} C1
Here are t
Went ow
i r
§ ERAS Sra We T
fae 009
: i WEEE
5 ¥ ¥ » :
Lo, 2h Lomi, Ba RiGee 1
3 {ries Thos pane? 5 hana
| New Electrical Device Loaful
: nal Fisheruen,
ta Nomar
An electric so
| ald of pralis Sebermen. Me 5%
| oly and other frsh water fab
| market soruetinues sol 85 TIASYT 48 4 Goken
| Yinea. Thess mast be taken up
£5 the
Eats Fe
gon os nas oo
fir tae
| device is an srisngeineni
. when the fish Gs eel 1s bux
pull clowes an electrio clivuit—s fine
wire rouniog the Moped 8
tiny bell at thea shire we
alarm. A small storage batter
of the equipment, as & uate i
i The German Emperor,
Bow ot Beeson £ barman chi
wea at
eA Oy
Unt iw
He ane gid
Was iv os
Hae don'd sare £
Rak avs Be
b B® ws
Blows he & ved
Wan att
a He A
Frenchman's efforts. Parker's was three |
{eet in diameter
known that it only takes a temperature
of 2,757 degrees to melt cast iron so that
it will flow like water. —St. Louis Re-
public. oo ;
Husgary Water.
. The first alcoholic perfume was Hon |
water, made from rosemary by
Elizabeth of Hungary, 1370, she having
ured the recipe from a Hungarian
hermit. This perfume bevame popular
throughout all Europe
guccevding century.
and sapowerful that it |
was uctoally nsed to melt substances |
which were to refractory for the for. |
naces. The best authorities on heat say |
that it had a power of 166,383 dygrees |
F. This is best understood wheh it is |
in that and the —
He don'd sohiorg suit bat Bis aye.
He ts up mil oo +9
Yeaghs wei bow St eal 8 en
Dot ts ail proud
Was hak Jou pit Bille?
i Dot Chonpy Pull say, "Very gaol;
¢ tink dis jan by pine
i Und des be gods 8 00 Ger BD noGh,
i Dot lesdle chap sak, 5 1
: Was iat kos 1076 Bll
: Nix!
: Dot teeddle chap unt
3 Enon vod dey re suaas,
: Unt Chupny Pui b 8
¥ooet 8 lewd ie oud :
Was tat los mit Billie?
od 3
co¥ Sua.
The sige iw broken |
plowed their dh
woof Lhe reservoir 1K 8
51 bo Inflaentinl Foo ing 8
fri |
Tir pew |
b. young artist
Lark of Moncs Was
Wrap ar gr Ran Bie
od rns pet 3a fhe
Gen with # 5
was also sory much no
Est her parents had 4 engetios
to the match apd dd 2 il that was in
their power to heeak it off. They had
re vin Bins: Bato potuith
26 waeceaded Ears
bi 4s
standing this,
meetings with his heart's )
doribg one of thes: he proposed ar
riage to her and was accep! ad, he ars
ing that if they Wore joined in the baly
bonds of matrimony nothing, not even
her stern parents, conld separate them
They had arfanged the details and con.
cloded that the roly thing to be gone
hioioe, 3
was to get married in secret and than
separate until he should graduate fram
his college She, of sours, wonid go
back to ber bona and Dive with ber
parents as if nothing out of the general
ran of events bad happened.
Pat the young man, being witht
funds, was in a dilemma, ard the worst
of it was ha could not see his way eli
to procure the DoCCSSRry any Mt 5 pay
fey the cnrtifioats aad deremon His
bora was fo a we ho re
ceived an 3iiow ance from bin father aly
oped fn sty menihe J1 was pet dus for
pearly 140 penths Fle cape Indeed that
his omly oonvse was to ry Ee no
referred 1 Rg
kind hearted nap, told
3 the sed
wm for tha pay. provided the ludy
1 wpe. The next day
¢ 15 an appearance and
riot © Ups the prrival of the
next alicwanon from his patent the
youth walks A dure fam effin coe day,
ayade Mine! Rooovis and rene ted the
cink = #1 we Promtias Fleraid.
i %
abo Ide Conk,
0 Yimin
eek xy
LE in
Terrific Combat Which Fisully Ended In
the Feta Eacsges.
“Ind sou bver Koow that there ina
dendly antipathy between a ecanmon
water stake wed an eel!’ asked the
fi 3 “hbeil. 1 never knew if une
til sow that 1 hal in withess
fiahe be pen the twin Personally
1 Bave the greatest dread of sein
mere afraid of than I am of a
suake, and von san imagive my chagr
wien 1 happened to book one Gn ohe of
pay fehing axpadiliooe {was afraid 0
feria doowas th lek is
I oon pod get it aofY
ah ener
do, when, gi8gete
ed the slimy abject to drop down to
the water ve
in biz water
in &
fake make ware the Hrs
i re]
3 eg Xx §
why bast won its tell, abd [ ponid
wink its ugly oxic fanga into
Beaty waiter asniGuRly Kose
Fitie ite grim boid
#311 an the sels peek the snake, Gack
5% rakes fo tell 40, wrapped itE sug.
pus body arcusd ile antagunist & nek An
an effury to squeeze it fo death. The
. benly of the ail seni, Bowieer,
and the snake wonils, despite all it could
“do, wood slip dows the water,
Time and time again it ried to sqneezs
the life ont of ita sntagunist, pever for
as instant releasing its hod on the enl's
peck but the bode of thet latier Was Too
- slenk for it anal every tine 11 Ww aald sip
divwn, Finally the bool broke and the
eel made gad ita escape —lndiunago
lis Sentinel.
Sans £ tha
these] #
Wa bo
5 as BN
Sram or
(1 snd Water,
“Pe very unfortooate.
'* said the
Hew gre deficient fn one fmgortang
fas 2 fai] hie ensidid friend.
{iipaseny olme In
Tall, t
ban wi abide Ban krn vk oe
iy THAR rim SR Se
* ae
I, BO be Qdn ®
Willing te Fiemsse.
Tos i
ot fin [reland s-~] should like n
Lopoesn With aad iron beditend
Call soft wal
a si
grietir—airr, tH Baven't
saad fn the place —1bhey re
But you H fad the mat
hard, ser —FPik Me
% » % : Noe
inks closely resembled
aot po avciaut of te large
Ruin empluyed in Leer of
Letters stcial up in gelief on
| basek
ives a¥
: yuan
| powmiti
| the pan
ong EID Glaleedl.
In the early days of Ha rentury many
y fasten Dard ppunis
| efforts wore
Lt Busof metal
Lo peps of puller mater al
; fastened as prints to pens of
| were ft
| glass, tortoise saell or aon
yea a
hak wa
Rus ah a5 LE
parious Ways
gil pever ston.
Hithy, rimaciug ragpicier,
TE Mav Pies Hamid 3)
| § a
Lik aT
A : y
shee gonara] BERNAL AH 30a
the 1xria
mapa 33
fay fant mike Dai
srering of peparRLine ne 3
on dierent Cas pi Yi Were
when the hiond brakeman pot
bow gawd Hoowas axparied (a le
ord. And be dul :
3 lah Es we
AiSnanking Oh
a Lhe pad
fuer rons’
that little Montana Unico fixie
lags over anything | sver saw. No bmted
clocks or anything olen te hold a mn
doen thera 1 worked for that road
when Boh Smith was Afspatcher, and
when be told the boys to ‘wheel ‘oni
wa all knew what iti meant. Ome day we
were going north and wera dalayed in
until wo reached Stewart
Bob wired the con, at that point that he
wanted our train {0 get to Garrison jost
ax quick as (God wonld jot nx. We had a
slear track when we started, and it
wasn't Jong befarw the telegraph poles
Jookad like a ptoket fenca. Tie biggest
burst of speed was reserved
home streteh—from Deer Lodge to Crar-
fison-—11 mile Wedidn't stop at Deer
Lisdge, but ax we approached that pince
the snginesr sounded tha whistle a
ssaal, and you may take my head for a
football if the ‘stow’ sign in the Garr.
son yards wasn't passed by onr train be-
fore that whistle had cesssd to mnnd.
This made the boys lock weary, bat
tha “braky’’ hadn't fSuished yor He
eostinnad :
“Or'fWell, wa pull our train Sway aml
ware resting ourselves whan wo glanced
up the track and saw a dark streax ape
promching at a lightning gait Wa wera
astonnded for an instant, bat as jt Blow.
od up wa readily recognized it ax the
shadow of Us triin we had just brought
in. :
And the boss all rose up, and after
presenting the relator with a raga larly
signed lost the
Miswon ia Silverite
A Baginning In Literature.
For my frst affort to anil the sea of |
otters it osenrs to me that 1 ought
say {hat my father's literary refatation
cannot be hold responsible,
I bad reached (io take a step back
ward in the story) the matureags of id |
I was a 1 ttle girl In low necked ging
Bam dresses I know, becsnee 1 remens. |
ber I had on one (of a purples shade and |
incredibly nubeoming a half grown. |
Pronetts girl) cope evening when my
first gentivman’ caller came to se she
I fait that the fact that he wax my Sun
tmportance of the occasion, bot
axtingnish iL
and. obediently to law and gospel,
had gone up Mair
The sctonl tronbine of Life bave nny
or dulled my sense of mortification as
overhearing frm my little room at Lie
bead of the stairs, where 1 was sirog
fling to jet into that gingham gown
and present a tardy appesranos, a voor
diktigetly excusing me on the group
Whether the an
wo far angst un
with my first
she had gone 13 bed
nish of that coche
that it had auything Wo da
Jiterary nrdertaking 1 cannot say, bat 1
am sanre alent shee owe peck gingham
Areas, nnd that 17 was daring his oar
ticular your thin I ditermined 10 Ha0Ome
an andiradangl and cont
Yuooth x Campion.
I did wo. My contriboiion Was soc
ed and paid for be the appearance in
my father’s pea
for a year, and) my imp
wars high noecked
thereafior and was allowed 10 St Up il
8 o'oloex then TULA
Bla event gon di Ww Parereaninedd 0
ch Aaa UA
sihnte To 00
my iad
Mot nre'& Miumains
Eueertainty suid Ceriainty,
wwe HE
Ad See Wy AR
Yom lewid worried,
saneh, bat, oo
truth, 1 et
tell whether he bax Led t
How are thing with youl
CFs had a big disap-
Lorem the
Be Or not
amon EL
Ran iw
pointes, tat
sami ly
[ve Raed a deal on band
nts and [expected Ww close
bgt this morning the other
i O03
purty tu
pals conidu’t tae it up Now it's a
my mind and I'm glad of jn"
“Sue thers's no fonoy busibess?
“f wish I was. So long.”
Cine nan smiled aud the other suwl-
ed — Now York Times
A a SS ot
Gr thoes
: He Understood.
Panl Louis Coarier, when bitterly as-
sailed by a French professor, guistly re.
marked; 1 faney ha mast be eexed, He
exlls me Jacobin, rebel, plagiarist, thief,
poiscner, forger, leper, muggle
pastor, {9 graniale
what ha
he and |
and this
wants to zay. He means that
are got of the sane 1
ts bia only way Gf perliog if o
The war with Francs lasted from
July 4. L798, 10 Sept. 30, 1300, and the
gumber of men engaged, in the pasa :
fores ninne, wis & 083 The land forces
eased for this eampaign cut no fgure
The word und’ occnrs 35, 543 Times
in the Ud Testament and DL 6348 Dine
¥ ¥ Pr 4
fo the New Testament
CU aneransental meaning,
for the
; | of business in English territory in broad- |
b adjourned |
Moe Yu of the paper |
positon fs thug 1}
preity soon
| coming popes
mi frankly that his privet
r. Libeler. a horrible,
I gather
LE NE qk, 2
Reveltisg Castoms of Some of the Africas |
Sint Cannibal Tribes. ; : :
Tha cannibalisny of the black seeret
gocioty known as the Human Leopards
in the sooty pear Sierrs Leona brings
forcibly before os the differance het\vesn
the east African and west African hab
fea of sating human flesh. The Bbherbo
cannibals waylaid and killed their vio:
tims and afterward feasted on thelr |
fesh. The cannibalism of the met coast
is of a very diferent kind. 3
The flealy of
the old pecpleethe gravdfatier and
grandmother of a fami iy—-is dried and
mized with pondiments, and a portion
of thin iv offered, with a dim sel of
in travelers who
hacongs guests of the family. To refuse
it would be a deadly insale. To accept
it $a a» passport tothe privileged position
of » friend of the house Many of our
travelire in sast Africa have epten thus
ancramentaily of the anostors of so1ne
durk skinnod polentate :
* The cannibalism of the west const in
a of a mere horrible kind, connected with
fotichism, the Worst developments of
which are peculiar to that country. But
thers is & hideonsly genuine appetite for
fresh human flesh till sxiating among
: the negroes of west Africa. This canni-
balisn manifests iteelf in a refinement
of ginttony which has ita mild analogy
in the tastes of Europeans Young boys
| are bought from the dirk interior, kept
{ in pens, fattoned npon banwoas and fin. |
"ally killed and baked. To thems Thyes- |
chiefs of the interior, bat
whispered, black merchants
Men who appear at their places
: from the
| nat. :
cloth and tail bats,
pars of their white musters, are mid to
disappear annually into the interior,
whers, we are told, they might be seen
in naked mvagery taking part in the
| banqnets on plump boys, in which they
delight :
Bo thisas it AY,
gingn larly free fron auyihing fio van.
Hiba lem, — London Saturday Review
i “© 3
Efcacy of Babin
fyho foros of wind cannot filly take of
iy in fron
Eoguoide thi sfagtaioon ©
Lit, by the application
thos depression is deepest Wien it 8 Eid
P wattonhiole, so that they will not tear ont.
; Trials rods 1 Yavaus wantiior Bave
rented we follows: With a bight wing
La bors wih ondary shige made 4
knots, whim the Hew will iperegsed ths
speed to 01 knots Irs mu frau heen the
respective spesds Wers | and 83 Ena
anid in a strong wind they were 3 aud 19
knits an boar
| which ¢aunot escape past Lae sides of a
Cami] must 114 Oe
| saiiboat. Where the: wind
| ptrack a oud
ba spring we
| pressure of ©
| tisin current of wr now sirikes
Amit the canvas,
Las pooat esd moc ge
fron practical sallors as
Lelenoy. Vaally
fogemll ue 22
i delphin Record.
Ia Afvios.
edad for taxing
into whatener
nee gi eolf, a8 we
iw the shadow of he
¢ pyramids atl tha very beart of ihe
| Himalases, but football fe the middie
| of dariest Africa ix something of an jn-
| povation Yer football iw rapidly bes
ory the shores of Lake
dat Kotakota, which a tow
: OG Was notorions ue the greatest
; depot far slaves on the western sbord af
| the lake, mized teams of black and
white meet every sutnrday with as
. much regularity as do one home fans,
though the local chrunfelir omits to pay
I Eagliishmen soe p
| their games with thom
| part of the sinh
LRuow, 18
whether Ruogby or Association has Won
| tho suffrages of the Nyass teams. (ma
{ startling feature of the gname is that the
| black players decline ta bamper tna.
| selves with boots and fod appeared
ao tnconvenivoce in playing with beto
Ge Cor. Manchester Gourd
Hrevet Rank.
The story ia told of asoldier uf the
Army of the Petomas who had his Gwn
ideas as to His financial value, a8 veki
am the method by which that values cond
: ba realized. 2
He was a white man and was deta led
Cur servics as a tester 10 a Lain
wiih was driven for the most part be
negroes. The Degroes warm red at the
vale Go #20 per monly, out the white
soldier received 00 mare than his pagar
lar pay of $14.
He appeared
with this arrangement and nile an ap
plication to bis captain, : :
+1 should like,” be said gravely, "to
be appointed a DeRMY by brevet, avid bs
assigned to duty fn accordance with my
brevet rank!" — Youths Companiot
: Oar Bosy Day,
How many of ns have sympathioxd at
ame time or anctber in our lives with
tha oli lady who said she had sO many
things (0 du she guessed she'd go to bed.
icity le Jopraal
feasts come not only the savage
almo, it in
| avery oar
who ape the man- |
| place, socording to the
i 1s the middie of the train.
sosnehow the native:
of the west coast and its Hinterland is
nuiike the East of Renth African native
{5 the deep lying savagery sod the ex I
| sracrdinary facility for returning to 18 hadn't delivered the missing
which are his jeading and very anpleas. |
apt charaoteristion The subject claims
the attention of the anthropologist, and
asrtainly SOERISta 0 CUTIONN FAAKON for |
questioning tha relationship if the black
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Coe Little's Bills snd His Train Frited 3
Agree Whes He Reached Part Jervis
The Expiseation Offered For tar Cave
Strange Freak.
*e30 dent ligely tos
ties Cri Little breed of cattle tin ihe
upper Delaware valley, sid a Velen
paiirnad man, hoianse, by this time,
their identity must have beendestroge
though mixture with ofber breads |
dios 't matter, for there was pothi
af peirticalar pote shout that breed
gattin, xcept the way they happened
Ta introduced into that jocality
“In those days Vive stock transports
fon was one of 1.4 Erie's big items of
raffle. Traips half a mile ong, kK
arith borped cattle, hovees, shewp
over the road two
hres times » day. Soch a thing is alk
moat » onriosity powadays Coe Litt
was ccpdoetor of one of (hess stock
trains. between Susgoehanna and Port
Jervis. He left Susquebanca cre night,
in thoas good old days of raiiracding,
with » Jong train of cattle care 7
frais were siext tO passenger trains
lass, and were run over the road a-bam-
ming. UCondvetor Little delivered hie
train at Port Jervis on time, and hand-
ad over his way bills, which he hadTe-
ceived at Susgothanus, and on which
the number, charscter and contents of
in bis train were recoded.
Port Jervis compared
Little's train on this voocher, one oN
was missing. Thecar was entered on ti
way bill ax haviog left Susquehanna
right, but it wasn't in the train, Ip
bill, was shoal
hog, amd to pass
When the ageut at
“Well, bere was a situation.
Little declared that every car Wal
the train when be left Susquehanna,
he hed checked the number of each
on this way bill himself. He
: sar to aly
ane on the way. and be covlun't see bow
sny ane conid have snvaked in and ste-
Jen it, sepecially ax the train had ben
on the move pretty much all the tink
betwen Susquehanna and Port Jervis
A telegram was sent to the agent at
quehanuas, asking for formation shong
par: The reply wan thik
hat conld
| throw any light on tie subijet | quite
{the eomtrary, for the spent porrchorated
i fartie’s reporl Tho sar was in the trale
when it left Snspuehanna
ePuring the efforts of the yvier lod
railroad men 8 ¢ Jurys to wilve the
myawry of thr lewd go, san ann digs
ecoverad thet the rar that shenll have.
bean net belind the missing one wis
Dew ust abead of it withons the aid of
a coapling pin, the Lok beng broken in
beeps a hook,
which wus fast inthe ptabole In the
osntier of the ather car This didn’
help matters a Hrtle bag, aml athe
deenned the westery.
hey warn still desp in efforts w
mplve the mystery, A Car (racer Was
vi be sent back over the road 10
spe if Bee sonnled Tadd the cir, when a tele
gram came frum Shedola, a Mution 18
ssilen west of Port Jervis The agent a8
that station said in effect that somes
Baule a EE
A He
felanears river Just bewimd
Shediols station, aud thar somebody ee |
beter como and Joni after AL The
wreking gang wos sent up from Pas
Jerviv, wi, sors encogh, in the midie
of aA feat or moors Dean
yar road, goed the rattle var,
right as a triver, goes dorm
wars oten and 3 cathe goog Toi
whire it Was fie v8 Lavy Om
ten foor embancient, A Wao
roid and through a stont rail fence,
Shure Was GBIY Une Way to explain
the freak of the car ib quitting its fruin
po pncersmonicas’y. (Ring at along
thut part of the Erie the track man a
feild, i x
a *
| hesvy down grade. Just pefofn reaching
. Shohols the coupling pin that held the
ear to the ops abead of it most have
broken. Dhis divided the train in feo
parts, The bead car of the req part
Jumped the track, and breaking the link
that held It to the car behind it, wast
on down the bank, getting ont of the
wity of the cars following on the track
“When the leading wetion of the A
vided train got to the foot of the rade,
tn speed gluckened. The hind sition
sanght up with St snd ran into the
pear car. bat pot with fares sufficient to
do any dwpage. or street attention
Tha broke Uuk, 1 hook, happens
tw fall mo the 3 o of the mpi?
alinad of i fratn Was thos eon.
plat anid wens im po Bat Jory witha?
tho of a our clobe out of
comter having % dhncoversd By sow
fsa. There 1a Sud 1
the record of dl
and it has nevis os
ter all old tne rary
spat whether the dors of the Ta
tive car were broken by the jar amd
af ite trip down the bank, through
tones, and across the lor, or whether t
cattle insdde kicked them open, [enn ®
say. They wers apen, and the oat?
fomped cut. It was winter, and ® =
Delaware river. only a few feet away,
wens filled with rapping ice. The cattle
poust have bess in a panie, or most have
inown that ther were in Pike oconmy,
Pa. or something of that sort, for they
& 3%
fume hy vie
plunged into that ley Sood and mais
their way across the river intd Sellivan
county, N. ¥, Searchers, sceompamed
Yiy the drover who owned them, funod
and recovered them all, Une cow. a
deep red animal with a white star ‘n
her forehead, tock tha fancy of o farmer’
on whose premises some of the catia
were found, and he beaght ber Hbe
nad trein calves in the spring, sach
marked exactly like the mother. One
was a bull onlf, me a heifer. Becawe
of the way in which the stock happened
_ to be thers it was called the Coe Listla
breed, and for sme YoAars Was a favin
ite breed among the farmers of that part
of the valley. ''—Naw York Son
vai that sdwald buve
was astray in a feld