The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 14, 1895, Image 3

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An Englishman Driven to Death by Garth gee Manufacture A Very Interesting and Nine Months In a Storage Warehouse and
Legal Machinery.
I make no apology for giving
pence above events of go calico
tance to a simple
shave no donb
American he
cite in t
deed lies in the fuct
subject of a small newsp: graph
here withont attracting any public in-
terest. the op-
eration of the ino machinery of
the English law az applied to an obscure
individnal named Henry Grainger, ltv-
ing in Sunderland
Mr. Grainger had a large family and
had bien ont of work for several months
Privation had undermined his health,
and the household had become destitute
Then the law #t-pped in and summoned
the nnfortunate father befors a magis-
trate for failing to send his children to
school. He pleaded that he was unable
‘$0 clothe and feed them so that they
could appear in public. The wise judge
ordered the father to pay a fine of a few
shillings. The unhappy man explained
that he had not a penny Outraged law
committed him to the county jail for
three days. He was duly conveyed to
prison at Darbam, and when his term
had expired was turned, penniless and
intirny, into the Litter driving
storm. Ha tried to walk to his home, 14
miles away, managed: to get half the
distance and then © lat nightinto
an empty limekiln for ghieiter Some.
body I: pened to ind him there
morting he framen and almost
11 i
0 ine
formed the
his country Ite significand
sper. para
It is merely a record of
in the
law again
ix arod } his fa
there had beet
responsibility for IES
of any person oy
would not have {0
dequpation, for Eng
are always sevor
illegality It is qn
whit of legal bla:
fa the verdict Was,
posnr Thatis an
next week, if ti
fail to attend schoo
in and deal prec gama
with Grainger's wid Thos does En
land maintain her proud position In
the van of edocated natio ns. She still
holds meetings which denounce with
self righteons indignation the lawless
treatment of murderers. by American
mobs: No protest has yet been heard
against such tortures and tragedies as I
‘have described, and which the law of
England approves, if it does not pre-
scribe. —New York Sun's London Let-
cols tho
A Pathetic Story of His Tender Regard
For the Wishes of the Empress.
A pathetio story comes from Russia
about the last present received by the
dowager emptess from the late czar
Unique Mechanical Process,
Tho rod is r
er in the fu
ceived by the wire draw.
rood being
bath in
tion, af
to give
one of the
plate 1s genera
plate the px
er ping
been dr
ing passed royal
drum or reel whi
Of course the rod is reduced
much: elongated, and
perceptible loss of metal.
through the pie ate it is kept. Inbricated
with what is od wire drawers’ soap
Aft r being drawn through
this firet hole itis pat through a series
e no ron ‘1
of smaller ones
y pn
‘ mh has
aw through to allow Re its be
fastened to a
iven by power.
in area and
this without any
hers antl
h 1 Ty
nis ay
Or ETefse.
down ta the requis ite size,
of th
prs gard soften the
selon amd 13s
loned it 80 much that at |
is neossiary to stop tha
metal by anneal-
: mgrain washed in
PRIN INT sumed
grades of
wil i
SEVER ire «ith
—gssier's Magazine
viieation of the Typewriter,
will not write
man of this age,”
ended 1 y bi
yit it mu Jt
of penmansiy
ly desaotude
the Id
Ti he cheaper typew!:
ws chirography there
Professional men of any stag
rarcly v writing now, save perhaps
, to indite their own signatures. In news.
paper offices three-fourths of the repor-
torial staff compose their ‘stories’ on
GO 4
i machines, and not a few of the more
| dignified editors have learned to play
| smaller towns
Last summer the czar and empress vis-
ited a great shop in St
buy jewels for their son's foture bride
The c¢mpress greatly admired a beaunti-
ful bracelet and told the czar that she
wished to. possess it. On their return
one of the serions attacks to which he
was subject canio upon him, and tho
empress forgot the bracelet. The czar
died, and to the empress in the early
days of her widowhood came Nov. 14,
the first birthday she must pass alone
On ber other birthdays the czar bad
been wont to place a bouquet in the
morning room of the empress. Inside
the flowers was aiways folded some rich
rare gift, chosen months beforehand.
Petersburg to!
-elor broker abont his future state,
Handwriting will linger a
ger in the country and
3 than in the big cities,
for the same reason that the candle and
keroseno lamp linger longest in the for-
mer localities. '— Washington Post.
on a Boasiness Basis.
The banker was talking to the bach-
80 to
great -deal Jon
#' he in-
“Why dem 't you get married?
quired. You've got money enough.’
“I priscme 1 have, but you know I
taka no tock in matrimony.’
“Pshaw! That doesn’t. make any dif.
“I think it makes. a gre: at
Of course it doesn’t,’ I feta the
banker. “Don’t you very often ninko a
mighty good thing by assuming the
bonds of a concern you w 't take
wa ldn
i stock in under any circumstances?
The empress had avoided the room as
too full of painful memories, but this
morning, the morning of his wedding
day, Nicholas requested his mother to |
- go there ms a favor to him. Tho first
thing she saw was the bouquet in the |
usual place, and inside the flowers was |
own hands. It contained the bracelet.
He bad ordered it on the same day that
the empress saw it, and on his deathbed
had given instructions for the birthday
gift, bidding his son to be near to ocom-
ort her when she received it
Revival of the Curfew Bell,
- There is to be a revival of the curfew
in Canada, and if it prove successful in
the cities and towns of that Dominion,
it is not unlikely that it may be used in
some parts of tho United States, writes
John Gilmer Speed, in The Ladies’
Home Journal. The law which has been
enacted by the legislatures of Quebec |
i Hest :
i ther as young
and Ontario was drafted by th Society
For the Protection of Women and Chil-
dren and provides that the municipal |
councils in cities, towns and incorporat- |
. i At the
- od villages shall have power to pass |
bylaws for the regulation of the time |
after which childten shall not be in the |
streets at night without proper guard-
The law also provides that |
‘these councils shall’ canse a bell to be |
rung at or uear the time appointed, as |
a warning, to be called the curfew bell,
after which the childreg, so required to |
bo at their homes or off ihe streets shall |
be liable to be warned by any constable
or police officer to go home
Wealth With
The 8t. Louis Republic
T .e
a J.
¢ asks:
ter J
. aneide
homely little crooked | "really a
mascot, or is it only a nce that
it is to be found in the given or Chris-
tian names of so many millionaires? The
recent death of “1. (3. Fair has suggest-
ed the following compilation of million-
aires’ names which contain the luck be-
stowing letter: J. D. Rockefeller, J. J.
Astor, Jay Gould, John M. Sears, J. 8
‘Morgan, J. P. Morgan, J. B. Haggin,
J. W. Garret, J. G. Fair, John Wana-
maker, J. 'W. Mackay, J. G. Flood, J.
M. Constable; John T. Martin and John
SrA rbuckle. None of the above Jv rated
at less than $10,000, 000, and Zeveral at
. from six to ten times that sant.
i pl
The broker hadn't looked atitin that |
Hight before, and he tobk the proposition
under advisement. — Detroit Freo Press
unger In Everything.
Bcience shows that possible danger
| lurks in everything. ‘Batter, for in-|
; , | stance, may contain pe onic
a case fastened and sealed by the czar's | y contain fathogenic germs,
and évery one knows how bad they ara. |
So also it is shown in the London Lan-
cet that bread contains many kinds of
living bacteria. And the conclusion is
reached that many unaccountable dis-
eases may be eventually traced to the |
agency of bread. — New ¥ ork Tribune
Selecting a . Colle.
The wise parent; in trying to select a
college for his son, will ask first, not
where the most learned professors are—. |
gtill less, of conrse, where the best base
‘ball team is, or where most sons of mil
where the
fo is purest and man-
young wen behave ned
monkeys nor as rakes,
nditions for complete ma
arc me fully
¢ 3 os & |
» snipe 1 viid
i ak what
lionaires congregate—but
tone of ial hi
where the
where th
autonomy wt establishes
best under
to frit]
Written In Slang.
thew Her
10 Wal writ?
and in the
i menting on Judg
thea | Si
| country. Jothan
i tleman.
{ to kick him off.
| they could of him in
i They ar
wat ac himelee ;
He hired for his serv
and scoundrels of th
a fine gen
re the first
all the i
table talk
1 Was really
The Rcchemites we
They said
atk he alt hi to his confusion.
| Excha
i gold bere.’
“Madam,” «
“there are silver threads
Jhserved the hairdresser,
among the
“Alas,” sighed the lady,
husband is unalteratly opposed to. the!
double standard!'—New York Re-
ntil it has been brought |
Bat the com. |
tarbance of the structure |
ranent upon thesa redne- | x
“and my |
Three Cartages Paid on It.
rther day,’ said a New
“and my wife and I thonghs =
No 2 4
“I got ray ure out of
vy ar. yas 3 $y
¥Y Wiis
gitter. toan
unnack thet one,
pst contain our
vortn, for we
clxior and
$1 low
; thick
FP ged the
found nothing bo
t lsior
paper we Ww not
what to
and soft Eni
“We were ¥till more flabbergasted on
finding no china on removing the pack-
“ing. We of course eoncluded that our
things had been stolen and reproached
ourselves for our false economy in doing
the nupacking ourselves, for it is a rule
of the storage concern we patronized not
to pay for any articles broken or miss-
ing unless its men do the nnpacking.
“*As we missed nothing when the oth-
er barrels had been unpacked, my wife
cadgeled her brain to explain the mys.
tery. She finally remembered that when
wa gave up housekeeping, 1°; years
ago, there was a lot of exo ister left over
when the china had been p ac) co ed Ina
fit of economy sha poked it all ina su.
perfluons barrel, which was dnly he adod
pand carted to tha hotel wi we
the winter. It was stored in the
without being unpacked, and
was sent raga War
. Epon
the spring
A Perilous Stanch Little
Every hod:
falls has bh
Her history
built in 1854 for navigation between
American and Canadian
Niagarnx just below Niagara falls
was 13 feet long, with 17 breadth
of beara and 8 feet depth of hold,
and she carried an engine of
power. After 1 years’ se y her
owner desired to sell her He received
an. offer of little More half her
cost if he woald deliver her at Niagara,
opposite the fort, and after consulting
with ber captain and pilot, Joel R. Rob-
inson, he decided to accept the offer.
| Robinson consented to act as pilot for
the fearful voyage, Jones, the engineer,
agreed to accompany him, and a ma-
chinist named Meclutyre volunteered to
‘ghare the risk with them.
On Jane 15, 1841, in the presence of
' a large crowd, the little vessel left the
dock, which was just above the saspan-
Trin That the
Rucessainily Performed,
18 Nha
shores of
2 4
PTH parsse.
| gion bridge, ran vp the addy a short dis-
| tanee, cleared the smooth water and shot
t like an arrow into the rapid nuder tho
; bridge. When a third of the way down,
| she was struck by a jet of water which
| carried away ber smokestack and keeled
her aver. But she speedily ri ighted, and
| after receiving another drenching
i the waves dashed on without furt her ac-
cident to the quiet bosom of
below Lewiston — Now Yo .
A ecuneeplioh
volved ;
tho findr t fiom
matt tartare may be obtained from
following fact
A TM bine
in 1a t
for turning out watch
serews was recantly exhibited at the Iu-
stitution of Mechanical Engineers in
| London which was so complicated that
!soveral skilled engineers present cou-
| fossedl that they wer: unable to follow
| the train of mechanism, even when it
{ was explained by the aid of working
put perfect screws, and as lang as the
{ wire lasts it requires no interference by |
its homan attendants. —Youth's Com-
The Uselens.
How much truck, for instance, most
| houses contain of relics of trips, shabby
bric-a-brac, and so an, which has to be
taken care of and is of no use to any
human being, and daily life is as full
as our houses of things as useless and |
| less easily thrown out —Mr. Talcots
| Williams in Book News.
Tea Tables and Téa Trays
{ The most approved tea table this sea.
eon is square—two Seooden trays mount.
ed on four spindle legs The upper tray
bas an oval aperturs at either end, so
that it can be carried across arcom with
ea~c. Rich tables are to oe {
; pew at the furnitnre
and span
warihonses, but
5: e a7 : ' * il } Lo # | tn at the
1 the teapot
of the same metal,
cream jug of wi
per, yi
ned the
ugar basin
cues and
lite egeshe
A Disgusted Witness,
+ 3
Ness in deseribinge
4 leseribing
All BV
I saw at the hy
man with one eye
of the
s] th
hat £0
Ti fie Ww itness was
levity of the
{ News
disgusted with
audience. —Ohio Le
for barbarism
Ree i
Chinas, when
‘ enormons deposits of coal,
wiring is through underg
from |
i Wires oi
Yet this machine, when a wire is fed |
to it, goes on doing its work, turning |
! surance polic
{ Casualty company for $3,000 and the
‘emption under a clause
red while in the
1 as Bailey was shi
- -——————
Le Bon. the Froneh Historian, Predicts an
Oriental Influx.
The French historian Le Bon in a re-
cent article predigts that Earope will
become the seat for despotism and later
and incur the fata
as the Byzautine and
pires. Next the Slavs will
old and Enr
ita tne orientale
cniture then
partic ul:
and the Hindors
ir tn Pr ree r
views, neral Eoropean wa
by terrible ec
orient is alread:
tions. - The
ing to be
stend of
rope, in
will find
nes, which, in ;
expenses, is sold at a lower Danre
the Earopean, and India provi
machinery, is now competing wit
rope in the manufacturing
its war witn
aver, will follow India's example
When India and China, with their
have a mas;
the prodoesr
spite of
it in
India is ow exp
enite of
p f
the consumer,
ts Erde
il Pe
vaevans filo
Japan 1
of factories in operation, they will
whelm the Eoropean markets with their
products and plac o the European work.
man in the position where he must ei.
ther starve to death from lack of work
or starve abe utely insuflicient
waged The orienta) : ,
AR experiences shown, desert their
cheap food—ten and r
expensive food or Enropean Juxuries
Professor Le Ban's views, says Le
‘ A ek
Temps, may be drawn in dm
wr TrRInAan will & tL
3 4 t
oar one more
Novel Method of News
owed In
nea Havas, the
of news at Par
¢ a8 ner fa
i as peri
Al NOTION, hy Fignt.
HE Latlion Neoess; ary 1 f ar
by an and
er RONG 2
the pi
Vi, prosent
us fi
in the
cullar BAe = it nad to se
now perfection an apparat
the news borean. At writer
central station works th
ail tha snlweri’
informaticn in !
time ired by ardinary telegraph
transmission 4 Inte accuracy
guaranteed, the operator sees what he is
writing, apd mutilation or dropping of
words is impossible
The system of pews distribution is
very complicated, but great pains have
been taken to secure it agafnst any like
ly interruption of the servica. All ti
round cables
one cable being allowed for a group of
153 subscribers, but there aro 20 wires
in each cabla, allowing a reserve of five
Ten circuit. The machine is
the old. American
paper psed is not a
of an inch wide, but
nehies in width, The
typewriter, each
th a specini
ra regeve Uy
y s
ER than o
requ in
hiss 18
ean aniv Cirio one:
rent to pas hroagzh 4 Hn upon
which ar: of
receivers wi 3 it
but with: : docRwork. A 1y;
ree] guided hy th it fram tho cen
tral station prints Spa n a roll of pe pe r
as in a typewriter. The commutator
yyy win bugoge
Waid uty
; mentioned above 18 set going by a small
| electric motor receiving its energy from
a battery of 80 Todor accumulators, --
An Interesting Insurance Question.
William Bailey,
horses and ship
wha accide nitaily
who had been |
ing them south, and
y eho t himself through
| the right foot two weeks ago, has died
of his injuries. Bailey came herp from
Fart Scott. Shortly after the first of
the year he took out two accident in-
res, one in the Fidelity and
other in the Standard company for a like
The lattér compan: claims ex.
which releases
it if the insured is injn
act cf violating a state law,
resentatives of the co
at by the aceidental dis.
fers in his pocket he
cealed weapon, and
stata law —- Atch
“Loeal reps
charge of
Was «
thereby vialating the
tscn (Kan h
a revo
Indiana's Librarian.
[. Davi
rarian for Tidiana
ison of Porn
Longevity In England,
linger in the vicinity to ascertmp
suying |
Sapa claim that!
I young eyes
Faturs Reguleres Fatness and Slimpess
With an Iron Rule.
Pabpecs and slimness o
and are therefor
mody, for
ne by nature
cir otherwise, 10 boo me a stout and w
favored person,
Sa let ns realize tl
—that we have to face
onr first of
sible poople
our fatness or
parcel of our natural build. -
if we fat by nature it
attempt by diet or otherwise to reine
onr bodice to slim proportions Many a
and woman has patd the penalty of
rashness by indocing disease
throngh their ontragaous arts
thwart Lat i
aboot this “fatness”
11s big fact at {
the question
all. and as =n
to ww and discover wheti
onr thinness is part and
Rest assnred
15 useless 1
Batu 1% wr
clearly where
same time spas
as well
41 the loop of the 1
about to drop the rape
when his horse suddenly put bis
down amd started in
broncho style
Thomas didn’t last long. He suffer
he struck the groand, but he didn’t
like a hot
extent of his injuries Ha startbad for
the top of a butte close at hand, and, al
thongh an indifferent sprinter, he man-
aged to make very fair tima
Looking back from his position of
comparative safety, ho conid see that
both animals had
tho rope and were having it out in great
gtyle, making frantic efforts
themselves. The rope finally
and away they went in opposite
a8 he SXprosse] if iu ¥
BPOIR eed HI Record
part: il,
| His Pint Was Better Than Pound,
Old savings are nearly alwa
fal, but they must applied wi
disc relion, as a woman in a little
“down the neck!’ discovered to $a
row. An old darky called one sti:
to purchase a pound of shot.
keeper being ont, his wife attempted
serve the enstomer. She could not
the weights, but being a good house
The sto
keeper she remembered an old sayivg of
frequent use in cookery, “‘a pint's as
good ag a pound the world over.’
In her dilemma she quoted that say
ing to the darky, asking if he would ix
satisfied to take a pint fur a. pound
The darky, with wide awake cunning,
‘snapped at the chance, got his shot,
paid for it and hurried out of the stare
The woman
sudden hurry of his departure nntil she,
with pride, related to her husband he
happy idea enabling her to get along
without we ghia. Philadelphia Call
Practical Eye Wash,
A little sait and water used as an evr
wash will cleanse and strengthen in
fia od Inshes and rest tired eyes. It is
y it at any time that irritation
eit. A Now York surgeon prescribes
for bad eyes, particular
off, ”! when
and let the salt and the sea
wash and blow around voar
y them good, © It va dislodge
for the air breath
orm | 11100
mba LY L582
the ocean
“Get he says,
ever You can
breeze HYVER
of disease,
ne wh nd 18 laden
A Conundrum,
in sani ©
put fai
up time
Londen Million
Likvd Church, But ——
vou enjoy taking 1
as ruang wi
in America
dme entangled In
conldn't account for the,
Eo a
Extremely Radical ! Semttin sate Charged te
: Hetty Green. ah
She is a motherly soui, this Mm
Hetty Green Ste has a good, kind
heart, the richest woman
strast people
bus when one
she {3 a cheery creas
face brightens op
talks vive
even if she is
She has on tendency to di
first acgusintancs,
i she
i for chiidren and
always trying, and trying with soe.
to 2 “1 them
The people who know ber well, and
it 1s significant that a great many poor
people i will tell son thas
H: and whims.
mal, b all, they like her
. 3:8
has a weaknes
Es 11 nie fx
nO he Tr We
ry 2 rein
at that, afte
is fOCeninie
is inter
Even a person who did not know who
she was would bestow a second glanoe
opon this unfashionably clad and often
shaiby woman if she passed by in ®
erowd .
“The poor bave no chance in this
eountry. No wonder anarchists and so-
ialists are so numerous The longerwe
live the more discontented we all gel
and no wonder too Some blame the
rich, but all the rich are not to blame.
Thus spoke Mrs Green when the
Brooklyn strike was at its height Is
was a general occaversaticn, and she
was taking her share init. The talk bad
drifted from the particulars of the case
to the generalities it involved, and Mm
n was more radical than any one
he Jaw must be upheld,” res
rt it
Zin ad
wins to break the
rad iroad MRgn ates
Ie and hia rail-
ira hath been
vor Sop
18 WO an
i tha troops! 1
be boys in the
Their sympa-
They must obey or
th ti
thics ara ajway
what can they dao?
“How wonld
things :
‘How? Make these railroad magnates
obey the law or - put them in prison. Les
a law and ses
into jail.’ — Boston
remedy these
the poor break the
a8 Be
Extraordinary Obttuary Tribute to the
Late Alamander Martin of Lackey,
Died, at the home of his brother, near
this place, on Jan. 16, Alamander Max
tin, in the seventy ninth year of his age
He was born ig Obit. Came with his
parents to Kentucky at an carly age. He
was well beloved by ail who knew him,
He was a model in the way of economy,
industry and honesty. His voice will no
mare be heard by his many relatives
whom he so much loved and so faith.
fully served during sickness We will
greatly miss Him, but pray the Lord $0
reconcile us to this sad bereavement,
knowing that our loss in his eternal
gain. His funeral services wera attended
by the Rev. William Cook, and a ser-
mon was preached from the book of
after which a large concourse of
people followed his remains to their last
resting place until called forth on the
resurrection worn. The following isa
short h of ns iif: . :
Der ig
time ad vans
{ rainy wosther
{ iron nerve,
Land plerving.
, lita pine curvelly
his cursing.
His latter days wore days of peasy
A change in disjuisition
As strength gave way grace increased
And saved kim from perdition. xs
His iced was gray
Before he quit
Now Be sails on Zion's ship,
No more pains from his poor old Mp
He in a with trocbles bere balow
- And gone where all good mortals go.
eed, -atliettsd urg Democrat.
Climb of the Pencil,
A pew fashion that is just beginning
to grow in vogue is that of writing let.
ters in pencil rather shan with pen and
ink, and when once fairly established i8
is doubtful whether suything but legal
documents and business papers that
must ba preserved will ever be prepared
in the old style. . Letters are g
shorter nowadays than they formerly
were and more hastily written, more
frequent and seldom worth keeping for
any length of time. They are not the
elaborate efforts of bygone dags, thab
were often cherished for their intrinsle
wortlt. The pencil, which is far mos
convenient than the pen, is
taking its place in the great 1
casual correspondence. — Kansas
The Poor ¥ rofited.
emo to provide bres
Y cently successfully :
< the ladies of
hake the
vel ¢
winner t
the bread to be X
winner of the contest ¥
the mayor
A Very Popular
“It's all very well to
ing bonds of $10 candy t ]
Dukaue, ‘‘but that.:s nos
dace women to bay.
“What would you
Mr. Gaswell 3
“Let Secretary Carlisle ad
sonds at $9.98, marked don
110, ""— Pittsburg Chroniela