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"Yes, Henry, I've traveled Into vr
ry corner of the globe."
"The globe li a spherical body,
nncle. Therefore It has no corners I"
In the treatment of affections of the
skin and scalp which torture, disfig
ure, Itch, burn, scale and destroy the
hair, as well as for preserving, purl
lying and beautifying the complexion,
fallible. Millions of women through
out the world rely on these pure, sweet
and gentle emollients for all pur
poses of the toilet, bath and nursery,
and for the sanative, antiseptic cleans
ing of ulcerated, Inflamed mucous sur
faces. Potter Drug & Chem. Corp, Bos
ton, Mass., sole Proprietors of the Cu
tlcura Remedies, will mall free, on re
quest, their latest 82-page Cuticura
Book on the skin and hair.
8tepmother of Mint Julep,
Romance and poetry have delighted
to weave garlands with which to cele
brate and perpetuate the glory of the
blue grass In old Kentucky, famed for
Its fine horses, beautiful women and
Kentucky has been designated as
the home of the mint Julep, and ,4ts
colonels have become famous all over
the world for the easy and graceful
way In which they drink whisky with
a little dash of sugar and a sprig or
two of mint In order, chiefly to over
come the necessity for a large amount
of water in the beverage. The true
Kentucklan doesn't want his whisky
It transpires, however, that the real
home of the mint and the mint Julep
Is right here In Missouri, whose crop
of mint last year amounted to 7,668
' pounds, or enough to make 1,224,820
Juleps. This amount Includes the mar
keted product, only, co account having
been taken of the countless thousands
of Juleps which were compounded dur
ing the year with a base of the undi
luted moonshine whisky that never
paid a cent of tax. St Louis Star.
The General Opinion.
"I hear you have a fine wife, old
"I have; everybody thinks It's a
great pity she married me."
Cause and Effect.
"He's a poet of passion, isn't he 7"
"Yes; I've seen him fly Into one
when his verses were returned."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugar-coated, tiny, granules, easy to take.
Do not gripe.
The noblest motive Is the public
good. Virgil.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permaaent Core
fau. Purely vagi
able act auraly
but fenny a
lbs liver.
Stop after
dutrett i
core rod i-
otrinn improve the complexion brighten -Sheerer,
Small K1L Saudi Dm, WllPrice,
Genoine Signature
Rich and Costly Furs
OF THE COUNTS. Y. Ship them totba
BODSB. Br ahipptaf direct to DS, yea
receive far betut PUCES than roe bare
MataMd tUtwbcra, bacmem Mil DIRECT
lVt2P; M $250,000
On gets it by highway men Tana
of thouaande by Bad Bowl No dif-
leranoe. lonatipatioa and dmad live;
make the whole) system sick Every
body knows rCASCARETS regulate
ear Bowel and Liver troubles by simply
doing Datura's work cmtil you gat well
Uiona dm CASCARETS, Ufa Savarl
CA8CARHT8 roc a bos for week's
treatment, all drnirgiata. Biggest aeller
SB toe world. Millioa boxes a month.
nlTt?riTP WmtaaaE.rolmaa,Wrtn
r II I fel J I aS t"o,il.U. BvokHtree' HI-hJ
iror tmc aiT tvtcoiciNrz
, W W Tg
- X "a
Excellent Manner of Stacking Hay Is
Illustrated Also Protects
the Animals.
The illustration shows an excellent
manner of slacking the straw, hay or
coin fodder that it may be fed from
the yard; this not only prevents the
cattle from pulling it down and want
ing same, but provides an excellent
Bhelter for them from the weather,
says the Farm Press.
The uprights or postR are made of
concrete and. so have greater durabili
ty than if constructed of wood; these
are easily molded by building a box
form of the right height and about 15
Shelter for the Farm Yard.
Inches square on the inside if only
four posts are to be use; the concrete
Is tamped inside same and when
cured the frame may be erected upon
them to form the foundation for the
stack. When desired the number of
pouts may be increased and the size
of same decreased; thuB, if bIx poBts
are used they will be amply strong if
made 12 inches square; if eight posts
are used they can be made ten inches
square. The advantage of this shelter
is very apparent to every farmer, as
it Baves a large portion of the straw,
etc., that would be wasted by the
cattle trampling It into the yard. A
manhole can be built through the
center of stack and the straw thrown
down through it in feeding, thus giv
Ing the cattle a sheltered place to
feed away from snow and rain. If
well made, it is not the least un
Necessary Element Is Secured by
Crop Rotation by Plowing Under
Green Crops and Manuring.
(By D. W. FREAR, Colorado Agricultural
All cultivated soils and most virgin
soils contain plant and animals' re
mains, called organic matter.
When in tho last stages of decay,
organic matter is called humus. Hu
mus is dark in color and imparts that
color to soil when present in sufficient
Organic matter is very light in
weight. When partially decayed, and
especially In the form of humus, It
has the power to absorb and hold
larger quantities of water than even
the finest clays.
Humus Is more plastic (sticky)
than sand, and less plastic than clay.
Consequently it is very valuable ip
binding together sandy soils and loos
ening up clayey soils.
. When organic matter decays, sub
stances called organic acids are pro
duced which act on the soil mineral
matter and help to make it soluble,
so that It Is available to other plants.
The food material which the organic
matter contained is also broken down
to its original form, and much of it
is again built up Into plant tissue.
Organic matter is gotten Into the
soil by crop rotation, by plowing un
der green crops, by manuring and by
raising crops with extensive root sys
tems. When added to soils in arid
regions it should be well rotted. It
is one of the most Important soil con
stituents. The lack of It in soil is
largely the cause of the decreased
yields under the single, continuous
cropping syBtem.
Many Acres of Land Could Be Made
Most Productive if 6ytem of
Underdralnlng Put In.
(By 8. M. MILLER.)
During the last few months there
has been much discussion In the agri
cultural press concerning the best In
vestments for farmers. In my opinion
there is no better and safer Invest
ment for the average farmer than tile
drainage on such parts of the farm as
fail to produce maximum crops during
wet seasons. There are many acres
of naturally fertile soil that are not
paying the owner the cost of working
that could be made the most produc
tive portion of the farm If a good sys
tem of underdalning was put in.
In many cases the first crop will
pay the entire cost of drainage. Of
course many farmers are so situated
that they cannot afford to put in the
complete drainage system at one
My advice to such men Is to have
their plans made at one time and do
a little every year. In this way their
work shall not be haphazard, discon
nected efforts, but shall fit Into a pre
viously worked -out system and form
permanent part of It.
Dries Grain Out Quickly and Permits
It to Remain So All the
Year Around.
' (Tty J. O. STEIN.)
The walls of this corn crib are
built of barrel staves; the roof may
be of lap-siding or any kind of roofing
you want.
For the1 side walls, use two lengths
of staves and run a pole on the mid
dle, as shown in the cut to nail the
staves on, mid run the two rods
through the middle of the crib, one
through poles and one through plates.
A Movable Corn Crib.
The size of (he crib Is according to
the amount of corn raised.
The walls must slant out a little, as
shown in the cut, as thlB will keep out
the rain better. The floor is tight.
Thl3 kind of a crib Is quite cheap
and may be built of small poles nailed
cIobo together if no barrel staves are
at hand.
Such a crib keeps the corn In good
condition. It dries quickly and keeps
dry all the year around, which Is not
possible for corn kept In a' tight
granary where it molds and spoils at
Found Extremely Useful on Soils
With Many Lumps May Also
Be Used as Roller.
Upon heavy soils where there are
many lumps or clods, this will be
found of use, as it is more effective
than the usual roller which presses
the clod into the ground, but does not
crush it, while the drag or boat shown
in the ilustration will work wonders
in a field where there are many clay
Clod Crusher.
lumps or clods. Heavy planks are
nailed together in the manner shown
in drawing with the edges lapped
over each other; and to the top ol
these two strips are bolted to hold it
rigidly together. At the end of these
strips two hooks are placed to which
a chain can be attached for hitching
the team to. The top is further
weighted with rocks if needed. This
aUo does very effective work as a
substitute for a roller upon any Boil.
Handling Manure.
It la too bad that a good many farm
ers waste energy in the handling ol
manure. Why throw It in piles in
the field to be forked again when it
could be spread as quickly from the
wagon? A manure spreader will do
the work quicker and better and make
farm life pleasanter for the boys.
The fruit tree agents will soon be
around. Don't give them all an order.
Don't leave your valuable farm ma
chinery standing unprotected In the
Rabbits sometimes gnaw and dam
age blackberry, raspbsrry and other
A good implement house with a
fully equipped repair shop can be
built for $300.
The great virtue of alfalfa is its
ability to increase the nitrogen con
tent of the soil.
All plants which have the ability to
add nitrogen to the soil, like alfalfa,
are called legumes.
The farmer can improve his prop
erty cheaper than a person in almost
any other business.
Drainage lessens evaporation sim
ply by removing the surplus snow and
rain water by filtration.
Put some manure around the goose
berry, currant and raspberry bushes,
if you didn't do it last month.
It is the consensus of opinion that
a small farm well worked Is more
profitable than a large one poorly
Grass roots must have protection
from the winter frosts if good mead
ows are secured and maintained from
year to year.
A two-foot piece of old steel rail
from the railway track is a very con
venient thing on the farm. It may be
used as a cheap anvil.
Manure Increases the capacity of a
soil to hold water. This -t does by
reason of the large antount of or
ganic matter it contains.
Without doubt one of the pressing
problems with which the average
western farmer has to deal Is that of
securing reliable farm help.
The corn grower should constantly
bear In mind tnat while growing his
corn, he la preparing for future wheat
and other Bmall grain crops.
The farmer who does not pull the
leak plug out of his pump before the
weather becomes cold enough to
freeze it up solid while full fit water,,
may not find It worth while doing so
After a Visit to the Holy Land Even
a 8keptlo Must Be Con
vinced. One thing cannot fait to Impress
every visitor to Dethlehem, and, In
deed, to the Holy Land generally, who
is imbued with true Christian faith
and a proper sense of the sanctity
of the location and of the events that
have transpired there, and that Is the
more than remarkable correspondence
between (lie things and places shown
us today as having been associated
with the life and work of the Saviour
and other events that enter Into the
! structure of our religious' faith and
the descriptions and accounts of them,
as furnished us In the pages of the
Holy Scriptures. They agree with
them in every respect and It is Im
possible, after carefully considering
I and comparing them, to doubt their
I Identity, so exactly are they in accord
with the Bible narrative.
The work in the fields, the arrange
ment of the buildings, the very arti
cles of diet and clothing of ancient
days are plainly recognizable In the
doings and surroundings of today. In
deed, where modern methods have not
become obtrusive the manners and
customs of the people remain much
the same as In the days of the pres
ence on earth of the Saviour. Be
tween the descriptions given In the
Bible of localities, climatic and geo
graphical conditions, distances, etc.,
of these times and those of today
there Is hardly any discrepancy. Even
a skeptic, considering this remarkable
accord of circumstances with the
Biblical narrative, cannot but be con
vinced of its veracity; to the believer
It comes as a wonderful conviction,
a satisfactory corroboration or en
couragement to see things as those
who described them so graphically
saw them so long ago. Columbian
The Modern Way.
A couple of young men on the Mar
ket street viaduct the other evenlug
offered a new version of an old saw.
After they had passed a couple of auburn-haired
damsels one of the young
men took his stand at the curb and
gazed up and down the bridge.
"What are you looking for?" In
quired his companion.
Pointing to the red-headed girls, the
foung man answered: "I'm trying to
lee a white automobile." Toungstown
Ill-Mannered Chicken.
Little Robert, 3 years of age, went
with his grandmother to the chicken
park to see her feed the chickens.
When the little ones jumped upon the
water dlBh and dipped their bills Into
the water, he cried: "Oh, grand
mother, they are putting their feet on
the table."
Of Course 8 he Must.
"What time does the dance begin?"
""Nine o'clock." "
"Then we must be there at 8:30."
"What for?"
"I must have at least an hour In
the dressing room to rearrange my
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infanta and children, and see that It
Bears the
I Signature
: In TJse For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
8treet Treatment
Hewitt Have they been treating
your street?
Jewett Yes; they have been pour
ing oil on the troubled macadam.
"I don't think there Is an honest
hair In his head."
"That's right I believe he'd even
cheat at checkers!"
There's an Irony in nature that Is
almost sure to bring those who pre
scribe for the race around to taking
their own medicine.
Wirard Oil acts like a mustard plaster,
except that it is more effective and is so
much nicer and eleaner to use.
Unfortunately, the people who
marry in haste are not the only ones
who repent at leisure.
Krs. Winalow'a Booming- uyrnp for Children
teething, eoflena the rums, redueee inflamma
tion, alleys pain, anna wind oolio, S5o a bottle.
The difference between a states
man and a politician Is that the
statesman la dead.
esq a mm m sm
Professor llunyon has engaged a stall of specialists that art
renowned leaders in their line.
There is no question about their ability, they are the finest phy-,
icians that colleges and hospitals have turned out and receive the highest '
He offers their service to you absolutely free of cost. No matte
what your disease, or how many doctors you have tried, write to Profes
eor Munyon's physicians and they will give your case careful and prompt
attention and advise you what to do.- You are under, no obligations to
them. It will not cost you a penny, only the postage stamp you put on i
your letter. .
All consultations are held strictly confidential. .
Address Munyon's Doctors, Munyon's Laboratories, B3d & Jefferson
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. , , . -
Fresh Air in Wintei
The Perfection Oil Hester Is finished in Japan or nickel. It burns for
nine hours. It has a cool handle and a damper top. It has an automatic
locking flame spreader, which prevents the wick from being turned high
enough to smoke, and is easy to remove and drop back so that the wick can be
quickly clenaed. An Indicator always shows amount of oil In the font.
The filler-cap does not need to be screwed down. It Is put In like a cork
In a bottle, and Is attached to the font by a chain.
The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, because of a new
device In construction, and consequently, it csn always be essily unscrewed In
an instant for rewlcking. The Perfection Oil Heater is strong, durable, well
made, built for service, yet light and ornamental
Dttkn Bimrywhm. If net at ytmrt, wrtli for iiscrlptbt circular
to i wrui Ofvacy tf Iht . .
Atlantic Refining Company
Sold by
Household Lubricant
Is specially selected for any need In the
home. Saves tools from rusting. Can can
not break, Does not gum or become rancid.
Atlantic Refining Company (Inc.)
Philadelphia, Pa. Pimburt. Pa.
laaitrs Ennfsttra
Aromatlo 8pirlts.
Mrs. Tarr Slstah Lobstock has Jest
got a dlvo ce fum her busban'.
Mrs. wombat Don' say? How
much ammonia did de cou't done grant
her? Puck.
Some men are always looking for a
chance to save money, and some are
satisfied If they merely get it.
Itch Cured ta SO Mlnntca ay WoolfoM'a
Sanitary Lotlon.Never falls. At druggists.
The woman who throws herself at a
man's head seldom makes a hit.
Housework Drudgery
Housework Is drudgery for the weak; woman. She brash,
es, duett, and scrubs, or is oa her feet all day attending to
the many details of the household, her back aehing , her
temples throbbing, nerves quivering under the stress el
pain, possibly dizzy feelings. Sometimes rest la bed Is
not refreabintf, because the poor tired nerves do not per
mit of refreshing- sleep. The real need of weak, nervous
women is satisfied by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It Makes Weak Women Strong
and Sick Women Well.
Thlt " Prtaertptlom" renarei Mka cans
Hommm'3 . latlmm
matlom mad alcmratlon, aad carta laaaa
waakaaamea ao peculiar to women, it
traaqalllKaa Ima aerraa, aaeouraiaa taa
appaUta mad tndaeaa raatiul alaap.
Dr. Pierce Is perfectly willing to let every one know what
his " Favorite Prescription" contains, a complete list ol
ingredients on the bottle-wrapper. E not let any onserup
ulous drufjiat persuade you that his substitute of unknown
composition is "hut at fi" In order that be may make '
a big er profit. Just smile aad shake yonr bead I
Dr. Pieree's Pleasant Pellets cures liver ills.
In winter, It is hard to get . fresh air
In certain rooms. Some rooms in a
house are usually colder than others,
and if you open the windows it is
hard again to heat the room property.
If you keep the windows closed
you don't get fresh air; if you keep
them open you cannot quickly reheat
the room. The
Smokeless X
Ahtolattlf moltlest azi odorless i
solves the difficulty. You can leave
the windows in a room open all day
in winter, and when you close them
apply a match to a Perfection Oil
Heater and heat the room to any tern
perature you desire In a few minutes.
Will Keep Your
soft as a glove
tough as a wire
black as a coal
Dealer Everywhere
Atlantic Refining Company (Inc.)
Philadelphia, Pa. Piiuburs. Pa.
Keeps the spindle bright and free
from grit. Try a box. Dealers every
where. For sale by '
(jnco mora tea)
Philadelphia, Pa., and Pittsburg, Pa.
18-20-22 West 20th Street, New York
"Branch BatabllahmtnU tinder SAaCB NAaO at
, a Germany England . Franc
Bnjlntand selling repreeentatlTM in all I rat
portent For Merkete of the World, dletrlbotlnf
each article where beet result, are obtained, eav
able na to pay hlbeet market prices for rmv
furs at all times.
Our Raw For Onotatlena, Bhlpptn Tegs, ate
will be eent t aay adilreea on nqneet.
Beterenceei Any Mercantile Afency r Bank,
r pwaiOiinm Cnps Fmtt aad V
CWp laaJi aow aniUU., da
ipwlattee low rreicht estae to Eaatara
NortWa Bartea via S. A. L. Rv. Tw.
iad anaw a roar, aat S0O to SI XX)
par aoM. ideal aUmalo roar found ae
Iroaaor ao axtraaw hML write lot una
bmd bootlet-k'e hea-eddne.
I W. WHITE, Ceil larareal If b
ao.aa an uae v. tf-'
l(, va, dipt, tea
Bare and qnlck remoTal guaranteed. S3. Druf
glat Thoo. Nladllch, 1683 Second At., Near York City
HICUMOKU UAO CO., Inc., Jtlchmond, Ta
T.iThompson'i Eye W!er
W. N. U, PITTSBURG, NO. 62-1910.
' W-VNjL r, TWB