The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, November 09, 1910, Image 3

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The Bio Store
C It. Mnlf had business nt Ocai-Ucld
Tuesday of lust w!k.
Mrs. Ziinmitrmiui', Camp Run, spent a
day In town Innt week.
Henry WoIhs, of E'.Wt. Wiwt Va., is
' spending nevoru! days with his parents at
this place.
Muss lXlvn Stewart, who lias lieen
visitiniTiit Pmve, for aorr.e time ivtunn:d to
lier homo at ilifc phfe, Saturday.
Ihomns Maxvvcil v;!T'1 mends at
Elcnnorn Wedni-siiay.
Miss .Tanetto Tohnnton, of Kevnoldsville.
was a Sunday visitor in town.
A nuuilxT of the Ratlin:"! people uttoml-
cd the "Vassar Gil is-' in the Iteynoldsville
Ilih sc1kh1 Friday evnirp.
Uiehai'd Kolievts, of DuBois, was in
town several days last woek.
Miss Anna Coop"!1 spcil. Saturday with
friends nt Falls C'tis k.
ls Marirnret Koherts, who lias been
cmiftoyed in I'lU'isutawney for some time,
returned to her home in Hathmel last
AIur Hornier Bmwn pave a party at her
homC on Saturday
Kood time.
Mrs. Wm. Lx'i-ii', if Philipshurif, is
vlsitinjf relatives at this jvaee.
Mrs. Jos. Bnteson, if Hmlimel, (rave a
party at her home en Thursday evening of
Inst week in honor of Miss Laura Hugh".
Quite a number of friends were
prcsont. Games wnvo jilayed and all
passed the cvmiiiitf vry pleasantly. A
splendid luneh was served in the course of
the eveninpr,
Mi's. H. B. Wyso, of Kmeiuli, w is i:i
town Monday am! Tuesday ct this wirk
All rejMirt ;
Accept Our Advice and Try Thia Rem.
, edy at Our Risk,
i Catarrh Is a disease of the mucous
membrane. Tbe mucous membrane Is,
owe may Bay, tbe Interior lining of the
body. Catarrh therefore may exist In
aity part of tbe system,
i Tfhen tbe catarrhal poison attacks
the mucous membrane. Inflammation
mifl congestion are produced and na
ture falls to throw off the accumulat
ed poisons. The orpin which has been
aflllcted censes to perform Its proper
function as nntnre Intended It should
Tbe result Is. complication upon com
plication, which may . lead to other
even more serious afflictions.
We honestlv believe lioxnl! Mucu
Tone vlll do worriers toward over
coming cn.arrb. It Is made from the
prescription of an eminent physician
Svho made a Iode study of entarrh. and
John Burkhousc, of near Iteynoldsville, I
will po to Clarion county this week to :
send several months.
E. D. Dnvis went to Clarion county '.
Friday to attend the funeral ofafriond,
returatnir Saturday.
Mrs. J. Owen Kdelbuto was In Brook- I
villo last Friday and Saturday attend
ing a mcetiiiK of the D. A. U. j
(iraydon Hohinsou, who has been nt I
ttidftway several months, spent the past j WU9
week nt his home in Keynolrisville.
Mrs. C. It, Hull, of this place, joined n ! scratches,
All persons are hereby notified to not
flump rulibish, waste, garbage or othor
material on the. public road under penalty
ui iuo law. y ureter Supervisors o
Winslow Township.
FRANK HILLIS, Secretary.
A Regular Tom Boy. ,
Susie ellmbinB' trees and fences.
jumping ditches, whittling, a) wars gutting
cuts, sprains, bruises, humus.
party of autoists at Brookvillo Thursday I burns or scalds. But laws! Her mother
last nud motored to Warrcui, where they I just applied Bucklou's Arnica Snh-e nnd
attended the convention of 1). A. R. the
latter part of tle week' . j
A hunting party, consisting of Lyman j
Scott, George Hei'knian, Arthur Seeley.
Will Scott, Charles Scott and ICdward '
Reynolds, have been in the mountains near i
Hunts Hun for ten days. They report the '
game very scarce hi that vicinity. One
Ix'ar only had been killed up to Friday last. :
and that by a Penllcld man. i '
cured her quick. Heals everything lioat
uhle Boils, fleers. Eczema, Old Soros,
Corns or Piles. Try it. ffle at Rtoko &
Feieht Drug Co.
Want Column.
rtl for pnch nttfl
:tHli:Ori' .'Mtti pn
'Vy i ti vrt Ion
I For Kent House nt corner of Hill and
I Third streets. Inquire of Mrs. Corn
Seasonable rercDiiandliise
at (Popular Prices
It ia with pleasure that we announce to the public that we have
' the strongest and best assorted and most up-to-date line of merchandise
that we have ever shown. We have taken into consideration first, the
quality of the merchandise and second, the price. We have no room
for merchandise that is not good for poor merchandise is always much
more costly than good merchandise.
We call particular attention to the following:
Sweaters, Scarfs, Underwear, Wool and
Heavy Hosiery, Suits and Coats,
Furs and Sweaters
Wanted-House with not less than six
rooms and bath. Inquiii;!!. B. Loxterman
Fok Hunt Modern Improved 'eight room
Inquire ut The Star Otllce.
anted-Several young men to go to
Arizona. M. C. Coleman.
. B. Moore, one of the best known
residents of the Hormtown district, has
sold his farm and household goods and In
the course of the next ten days will leave
for Aline. Oklahoma, where ho will visit
for n time with his brother, James L.
Moore, formerly of Revnoldsville. It is
Mr. Moore's intention to locate somewhere 1 SEWING. WANTED Inquire of Lilly
in the west if conditions are satisfactory. I ronli-fmct niid Esther Klepfer at the
and as he bus been all through the west I former's home in Went Heynoldsvllle
before, he knows pretty well what he will ; Nov. 1st.
liud. His reason for leaving the Keystone
state is not dissatisfm-tion with iJ l 0K KENT House on Third street
ial or industrial conditions, but on nc- ! '"'"'"'r 1st. Inquire of M. M
count of the climate, which affects him I "avis.
Mrs. Moore will not accompany her
husband to Oklahoma' at the present
time, but will s)end the whiter in Punxsn
tawney and go west later.
Mr. Moore's departure from this county
will he deeply regretted. Ho was one of
the lenders in the life of the cominunity
whei e lie resided and all his life has been
an active one. Daring the Spanish-Ameri-
an war he enlisted in the Kith Pennsyl
vania Reiriment and saw service in the
island of Puerto Rico, and in civil life has
been something of a soldier of fortune.
At various times he has been ill about
half the states in the union. With all his
traveling, and notwithstanding his inten-
1 tior. of leaving the state, ho says frankly
fiat climatic conditions aside, he would
choose Pennsylvania in which to live in
' preference to the rest of the U. S. A.
FOR Kknt Good residence on Main
street u'. reasonable, rates. All modern
impt-ovi incut . Inquire if J.K.Johns
ton, Ileynoldsville,' or write Mrs. M.
Ayres, 1,'UT Federal Street, Allegheny,
Wanted To webve carpet for all
people who can send tnaterlul bystreet
car. Write for prices. The same old
weaver Theophlel Demay, Box 317,
Dulantvy, r'u.
FOR HlCNT Eight room house in
c'ndlng bitth room. L. M. f-NYDER.
Foit Sale at a H,ROAW-Cart, top
buggy and two hort-e carriage. Inquire
of J. H. Corbeit.
O.i wiUth ide of Main Mivei. to-Hneen
i' .UD and Sixth Ptreetr, guoil m vi u
room house with bath and all modern
improvements. Lot 00x150, Prices
And term'" reasonable. Do not overlook
this as !t is one of the most desirable
locations In town.
Also, two small store rooms on Main
i great success with this remedy was I ,treet! lot. 3nir0! i,,etion
uii cuviuuip one.
We want you' if yoti are a sufferer
from catarrh In nny form, to give
Itexnll Mucu-Tone n thorough trial.
Use It with regularity nnd 'persistency
for a reasonable time, then If you lire
not satisfied., come back and tell ns,
and without question or formality v t
will hand back to you every cent yn t
paid us. This Is certainly the tair-t
offer that any one could make uil
Bbould .attest our sincerity of pur
Jiose. It comes In two sizes. price
CO cents and $1.(X. Remember you can
obtain it only at The Rexall Store
For Sale hy Stoke & Felcht Drug Co.,
Eeynoldvl!e, ft.
Also, see. mo for all kinds of
properties In al: parts of town and West
Several good farms for sale.
A high top tan shoe for little gents,
extra value (or $1 75 Adnm s Booi
Rent or Sel'l
E. Neff, Justice of the Peace
Reynoldsvillr. Pa,
A Statement of Facts Backed by
Strong Guarantee.
We guarantee complete relief to nil
sufferers from constlpntlon. In every
case where we fail we will supply the
medicine free.
Itexnll Orderlies are n gentle, ef
fective, dependable and safe bowel
regulator, strengtbener and tonic.
They re-establish nature's functions
in a quiet, easy way. They do not
cause any inconvenience, griping or
nausea. They are so pleasant to tak
tmd work so easily that they may b
taken by any one at any time. They
thoroughly tone up the whole system
to healthy activity.
Itexnll Orderlies, are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children, old
folks and delicate persons. We cannot
too highly recommend them to all suf
ferers from any form of constlpntlon
and Its attendant evils. Two sizes,
10c. and 25c. Remember, you run ob
tain Itexnll Remedies In this communi
ty only at our store The Rexall Store.
l or Sale by - ,V P i. M, l)i o- 0" ,
ii- no d-vi le. Pa.
We have just received a brand new
line of sweaters the best line there is
in the country. You will have to see
them Co appreciate the workmanship
on them.
Children's sweaters 50c to $2.00
Ladies' sweaters $1.50 to $6.50
Children's fleece
Ladies' cotton fleece
Ladies' cotton fleece
Ladies' cotton union suits
Children's wool
10c to 25c
1.00 to $1.50
25c to 75c
Ladies' wool $1.00 and $1.50
Ladies' wool union suits 2.00and$3.00
Children's cotton 10c, 15c and 25c
Children's wool 25c, 35c and 50c
Ladies' cotton 1 0c, 15c, 25c and 50e
Ladies' wool 25c, 35c and 50c
We have a good strong line of ladies'
tailored suits.
$10.00 to $40.00
We have received the last shipment
iortnis season. The line is
now com-
$5.00 to $50.00
The season for furs has come and
the indications are that there will be a
big; fur season. Furs at all prices.
The Big Store
Corner Main and Fifth Streets
Mr,.. V
t oor on cannot give
good light There is no
flicker, no odor, no soot
is used. This triple-refined
lamp oil costs no more than
theinferior kinds andsaves J
you no end of trouble. Get
it from your dealer's it j
is therein barrels shipped
direct from our refin
Warmrly Oil Workm Co.
indspsndiml Reflnars
Also makers of Waverly
weveriy UMollnes.
THE MAN who has saved nothing ha"
yet to make a beginning. Each day's
delay makes the start more difficult. Tasks
that are easy for us when we are yoting, be
come burdensome when we are old, and as
we are younger to-day than we will ever be
again, it will be easier to start to save to
(lay than to-morrow.
We invite your account, even it is only
one dollar to start with.
.... JCTfcMW
rip fyM:xP
W "-(.. .url .M i. u , . 1 '."ii... .-' Hi l' i i I i t l'.W, i .'j-r., I I i I T f-.-'- . t 77 " B-BIVIVJ. II , Vt T lilt III 1 i ,1 I Ml . I ''1 1 MKLi'll
Sec the new
Adler Gloves
Be Wise and Ei'onomisp
Coat Sweaters
Rhe World Welcomes
the Well Dressed Man
Start right in Kttppenheimer and Phelan clothes. They make a man feel
worth. They impress others. The rich can pay more but tney can wear no
Ik ter.
1 Your will find your model and fit and color in the big arrav of new fall and
tit ntcr styles. All virgin wool fabrics.
$10.00 $12.00 $15.00 $18.00 $20.00
For Men and Boy9.
Fleece line I, all colors, all sizes.
25c, 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
Four-in-hands, bat wings, club
use, shield tecks, shield bows, all
ors and in latest weaves.
25c to 50c.
For Winter. Stiff hats or soft
hats and caps. All colors, all styles
in all sizes.
Of flannel or finej percale.' All
colors all sizes.
150c, $1.00 and $1.50