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Reynol3svillc Was Carried for
Berry as Had Been
A Large Vote was Cast in the
State and Straight Tickets
Were Rare;
Tho Republicans swept Pennsylva
nia yesterday by the old time majority.
Tener's lead may reach 150,000.
Tn New York, Ohio and every
other state holding elections for gov
ernor or congress, with the exception
of New Jersey, the Democrats were
victorious. In New Jersey Woodrow
Wilson lost. -
Reynoldsville, , West Reynoldsville
and at least three of the Winslow
township precincts went for Berry.
North and Wilson have won in the
county for Assembly. Beck and
Shields received an unusually hirg-e
John K. Tenor, R 57
Webster Grim, D 8
M. F. Lai-kin, P
John W. Sluyton, S 28
Wm. H. Berry, K 104
John If. Reynolds, R 5ft .
Thos. Grcevcy, D 8
C. E. McConkey, P 2
Louis Cohen, S 20
D. C. Gibboncy, K .04
Henry Houck. R . . . 07 02
James I. Blakoslee D 0 as
"C. W. Huntingdon. P 3 10
Beaumont Sykes. S HI lo
John J. Casey, K 82 128
J. N. Langhnm, R. . .. 114 '
J. S. Shirloy, D 2ft 58
John Houk. P 8 17
M. A. YanHorn, S 31 11
Henry I. Wilson, R 78 104
S. T. North, R 65 02
E. E. Beck, D and K 05 155
William Shields, D and K . .78 :w
Andrew W. Smith, P 4 10
J. C. Spranklo, P ft 0
I. E. Keslar, S.... ...28 18
E. C. Bookman, S 28 11
John K. Toner, & 21
Webster Grim, D 14
M. F. Larkin, P 11
John W. Slayton, Soc 5
William H. Berry, K ...08
John M. Reynolds, R ....23
Thomas H. Greevy, D 19
Charles E. MoConkcy P 12
Louis Cohen, Soc 7
D. C, Gibboncy, K 54
Henry Houck. R 24
James I, Blakeslee, D 23
Charles Huntington, P 10
Beaumont Sykes, Soc 8
John J. Casey, K '
J. N. Lungham. R 39
John S. Shirley, D 3;)
John Houk, P 17
JM. A, VanHorn, Soc 8
Henry" t Wilson, R. . . .
S. Taylor North U 28
Elmer E. Beck, D and Ki W
William Shields, D and K 80
Andrew Smith, P 10
-Tnyvmfi C Knrnnkle. P 8
I. E, Keslar, Soc
E. C. Beckman, Soc
Firt in the home of Nicholas Schettino,
: tho Italian merchant, caused the calling
. out of the fire company yesterday morning.
- The firemen got as far as the Pennsylvania
..!. thtr tMnr to West Rcynolds-
: vllle-when word reached them that the
fire was out and there was no need of their
' .' ; ' .
: -r, vi. And' danoe at Montie's
haliEridayerening, Hot. 11th. Prank A.
Bohren, Instructor; music by Campbell
ll T J ! or-" -
The Mail Order House
your Home
Home Town. Boost the
Oneof the INoted Institute Instructors
I " t 't 1, '"I
Prof. Surface is one of the best known zoologists in the Unsted States. He
has been enjjnjfPd as a day instructor for the Jefferson county teachers' institute,
to be hold in the Adelphi Theatre at Reynoldsville December 19 to 2:t, .11110.
Word was received In Reynbtdsvi'lle
recently of tho death at Shclton, Wash
ington, of W. H. Knneland, a (fentleman
who was a resident of Reynoldsville
a quarter of a century atro and who was
well known to many of older resident.
While hero he was interested in lumber
ing, ,nnd lived on Fourth street. Older
citzens will remember a large skating
rink which once stood at the corner of
Hill and Fourth streets. This was built
by Mr. Knocland. After leaving Rey
noldsville Mr. Kneeland embarked in
numerous speculative ventures and died
very wealthy. A Shclton (Wash.) paper
spoke of him as follows :
No man .in Western Washington bad
as many enterprises under control, or in
dustries of so many different natures,
as did Mr. ' Kneeland. Ono of largest
loggers and lumber men in the state, he
turned his attention to tho oyster busi
ness, and was a great rfactor in building
up this great industry in tho state; he
own one of the finest ranches in the state,
spending more than 150,00 to .carve it from
the wilderness; he early saw the need
of a sound banking institution in his homo
town of Sholton and was instrumeptal
in the founding of one; electric lights
were needed when the town grew, he
built a light plant: mercantile houses,
hotels, railroad, iron works, real estnto.
all felt the guiding touch of his hand and
he with characteristic energy, took bold of
many struggling enterprises and built
them up to firm substantial institutions."
Reynoldsville Assessment.
Harvey S. Deter, assessor of Reynolds
ville borough, has completed his work and
makes the following report:
Whole number of residout taxables, 1,000.
Whole number of non-resident taxables,
Whole number of taxables, 1,207.
Number of military enrollment, 329.
Value of school property, $47,050.00.
Value of church property, fW,500.00.
Whole number of dogs, 137,
Whole number of cows, 09.
Who number horses, 121.
Tost-A black hound with some tun on
legs and nose, near Groves larm, uocen-
woods. A reward will be paid to nnuer,
Notify G. W. Lyons, 85 N. Brady street,
DuBois, Pa.
For Rout On' Grant street, six room
house and bath, hot and cold water, gas in
every room. M. M. Fisher. .
Don't forget the dance at Montio's hall
Friday evening.
Pla-mato shoes for children. Room
for evert too. Price IU50 od 11.75
.r - ". ': f
In tho Dauphm County Court yes
terday. Judge J. M. McC'arrel refused
to sustain deraHrrers of th commonwealth
to action brourfit by a nmober of foreign
born residents of Florence, Jefferson
Cbuiity. for damages from the State
for the destruetion of a house by State
! Pl)Iiimen.
The action of the court, was nrt un
expected. The ase has been followed
clowly by the people of th is section mid its
history is well known.
! During tho buttle at Florence several
j yoars a'o. in which two members of
Troop D. State Police wore' killed,, two
wounded, by desperado named Tkbon,
tho house was dynamited Mid' burned to
the ground in the endeavor to arrest the
man who for five hours held tho ufUccr
at bay.. -
The owners of ' the. property,, alleging
that they were mnocent parties, placed
their case in the hands of Lo N.. Mitchell,
of this place;-wlm succeeded in liarhig in
act passed by the-Legislature- in 19M to en
able the owners, to bring .sail against the
The Attorney Cener;il Immediately
filed a demurre;. which as; heard some
time ago in the Dauphin, County Court,
whicfl court has now giw.T the damaged
property owners a cleur piw.iv in their smt
against the State.
Attorney Mitchell accomplished a Her
culean task when ho succeeded in having
the act enabling the property owners to
sue- the Statev passed, and later overcoming
tlie- demurrer filed. He is confident of
securing damages in the amonnt stipulated
in the suit. Punxsutiwney Spirit.
Robert S. Wlllams has finish tho aimaal
assessment of property in West Rycnolds
ville borough nnd firnishod the following
figures for the borough ;
Whole number of resident taxable, 2tW.
Whole number non-resident taxables, 45.
Whole number of taxables. 313.
Military enrollment, 02-
Value of school proporty, 21,Mu0.
Wholo nnniber of dogs, 28. .
Whole number of cows, 29.
Whole number of horses, 17. .
Miss Lydia Mollingor will open a private
kindergarten Nov. 14th. Parents who are
interested can meet with her at thb home
of Mrs. Ira S. Smith, on Grant street,
Friday, Nov. 11th.
For Rent Two bouses.
Armor, Grant street.
Inquire of Mrs.
does not sell cheaper than
and it does destroy your I
town by trading at home. 1
One of the uniiouiil and Interesting
features or th" county Institute to behold
in Kcyiiiilil.Hvilic lVccmbcr 10 23, will be a
sM-lliiig contest between pupils of tho
various school-i.
This contest will be held Wednesday.
A preliminary mid a final contest will lie
held. Tho contestants ni-e instructed to
assemble at the public school building,
second floor, at 10:30 a. m. for tho pre
liminary contest. Those who innko nn
average of eighty -eight at this contest will
be admitted to the final contest at the
Opera Houso nt 1:30 p. m. The first
contest will be written. All contestants
should bring a stiff backed tabiW.t and a lend
pencil. Only tlioso who take tho
preliminary In tho forenoon anf pass with
the grade given nbovo will admitted to
the final contest.
f'Mch common school In tho ctKtnty is
entitled to two contestants. These must
be selected by the teacher. The selection
of these contests will afford a good
opportunity for spelling contest In the
school?! In graded schools each, school
room is entitled to two contestants.
The purpose- of this sjielling is ti.-n-cate
au interest in spelling: without uu interest
spelling la n-most, dilllcult subject to Vaoli.
Much of the good resulting from this
contest will come from tho Interest aroused
in the schools in tho contests to divide who
is to represent tin. school. It Is up to-each
teacher to see time this interest is aroused
in Ills school.
A price-will be axardi'd the winner.-.
The clipping belotr, taken from the Sew
Bethlehem- Lender, will deeply interest
fanners In the Horntown region who lad
an cxjieriencc with tho agent named nut
many moutlhi ago:
Frank Rhodes, whj resides on tho 1. K.
Enkor farm in Limeston township, was
recently the victim of a fruit tree agent.
The ngenU lt.seenR who had boon doing
considerable busincwi in this su.rtic
visited Mr. Ithndi unci Bin-ceded in
selling hhu a hill of poods.
Mr. Rhodes- doclari.U that his oilier i
small; that it would, not amount to more
than floor ?20. Tho ngent made otit Mie
order and duplicate both of which Window
signed, butdtdjiot ijiWftUt-'nte. Last, week
Rhodes was duiiifounded when he rooeiived
a bill for 1102.00, tliore bi-ing in his order
1400 current Jnishcs,. WO swir cherry teees,
besides a . lot of shrubbery, etc. Rhodes
consulted au attorney, who advised him
not to lift the goods,. After consideration,
however, he decided: to lift the nursery
stock and pay the biN, 'since tho nursoiy
would nxit.. accept a countermand: 'if the
Throo houses belonging to the-B., It A
P. Ry. . (Co. burnxd to the ground at
Rathmel between ten and eleven o'clock
Sunday night. TUb houses stood; close to
gether along the- DnBois roaV where it
tiims ul right angles just at tht upper end
of Rathmel.
How the fire; originated ' unknown.
The houses wove- vacant and had been for
some time. Wlien discovered tho fire had
spread so far that it was impossible to do
anything with buckets in checking pro
gress and th was nothing: but to let
it burn to tlw end of the row.
A high wind was blowing, but fortunate
ly for the town of Rathinol blew toward
the oast, away .from the other houses in
tie town. The loss to lihe company w.Ul
amount to about $1,500.
Wednesday, November 3rd, at the bome
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hughes in
Rathmel, . when ' their daughter. Miss
Laura Hughes, became the bride of Henry
Weiss. Tho ceremony wns performed by
Dr. A. J. Meek, of tho Reynoldsville
Baptist church, in tho presence of fifty
invited guests and the affair was perfect in
its appointments. Tho ring ceremony was
used. The flower girl was Miss Anna
Loding, of Philipsburg, The brtdo
carried a large bouquet of flowers. Tho
bride received a largo number of valuable
presents. Following the ceremony the
couple left for the east on a wedding trip
of two weeks duration. Mr. Weiss is
employed in West Virginia and tlio future
home of the couple will be there. The
bride was one of the most highly cstoemod
of the young ladies of Rathmol and
carried with ber tho best wishes of a
legion of friends.
Positively the first thno InJown, the
fight pictures at the Adelphi theatre Mon
day, Nov. 14th. Matinee and night, 2.:t0
nd 8.15 p. m. Admission 15 nnd 2.r.
Captain T. C. Reynolds, whoso Ropublic
anUiii Is us stanch us the ancient cedm-s of
Lcbnnon.. eiiine up from Ilarrlsburg last
week fir tho purpose of easting his vote
for tin) Hon. John K. Tenor for governor.,
and hioidentally to do what ho could to
swing the county for the Republican
nominee. When t)re Cantain nun In mi-
ponrs before Ills friends at the capitol, he
willliavpiio dinieulty In convincing them
that politfosMn Jefferson county is a war.-n-
proposition.. His nosii an fiat as the face-
of Jim Jofrrii-st Ids right eye is closed, hi.
mouth Is aekowand hfr hoars on h(s noble-
iiiow uie wars oi nutiue. II that docsn
win fortlw Captain promotion in tlio
service at the caiiitnl."tlie organiitntionn'ilI
ungrateful lndoei.
It must have happened in a political
argument, foil A. B. Weed, who had tho
Cnptoin out for an auto rido the afternoon
the afternoons the marks, appeared, states
that that there was nothing particularly
exciting nn the trip. It !s ti-ui that nt ono
point In Rnthmol when' the Captain was
expecting tho auto to trn one wny, it
went the other way, whllo Mr. Reynolds,
who is a man of strong nonvicUons, in
sisted on going the way he-expected to go.
Tho road is paved with brick up tliere mid
the landing doubt a trifle hard, but
nothing to seak of. And it Is also truo
th it on the road home,, -nknmtlie siindov a
were falling, the carbide on. Mr. Weed's
machine gave a rather uncertiiin lUlit and
It was hard, to, boo a coal wagon in the
center of the road barely twe nty feet a way.
When the nuto.struck tho wagon, It la just
possible that tho Captain vt.-4s so surprised
that ho tumbled out of the auto a second
time nnd landed face. -first, on. th hard,
hard brick.
Those are little ploasanti-ic-j, Uiat go with
Joy riding on the crowded, thoroughfares
of Reynoldsville, and the Captain will
surely not blumo all Ills, soars on tho pilot
of the good ship FonL. Incidentally,
though he 'went to bed to rwt up after his
experience, and though he came out next
morning witlk.. a. bandage - tuviund bis head
and a cover over his right, eye. he found
his way to the (Kills and with his one
trusty eye located tho iirpt. black square
for straight out ticket.
Mr. weeit auto, UKe Uie-tatain. is.
somewhat in need of repaint
Tho following obituary,, clipped from
Itntler paer, concerns a lady well known
in Reynohtsvillo, where sha bad frequcnUlj;
At lO ju.a'clnck. Tl.wrsuijr Homing, at
the home of her father, Adam Miller, 427
Walker avenue, occurrttd the death of
Mrs. Nina B. Stewart, wife of L. M,
Stewart, of Buffalo.. Nnw York, after. m
extended illness of & complication, of
Tho deceased., who had been ill forrthe
past ton months, was, born nt Pai-l.or in
1873, removing to Buffalo, N. Y., witither
husbiuid, some time ago. She is survived
by her husband and three childreuVMar
garott. Celeste and Miller, at home.
me funeral was neiu iu uuuer sasm-ciav
evening and burial
was made in thu-South
Laxga Potatoes.
Another Instance of heavy yield o
potatoes on a farm near Reynoldax-illo was
rolled to our attention last week. On a
piece of ground 27 1-3 rods long and 8 rcd-j
wide, amounting to about 1 Ut-30 acres,
Earl Craven, of Washington township.
nroduced 411 bushels of DOtaoes. The
tubers wore grown on the farm of his.
brother. Harry Craven, near Sandy
Valley, and prove the results; that may bo
secured by careful and scientific culture of
tho soil. Another extraordinary thing
about tlio crop was the size i-i the potatoes.
Practically all wcigned close to two
pounds apiece, and many of them went to
two and a half and three pounds.
Tub Creamery Buttor 3Tc per pound or
three pounds lor i.uu. t
3(1 boxes of mutches for 25 cebts,
Pure extracted honev 3 pounds for 4i'c.
We wish to express to all friends our
deep appreciation of tho innumerable acts
of kindness shown before nnd after the
dentil of our daughter. Esther, for tho
sympathy expressed and for tho many
Horal pieces and bouquets sent to the homo.
Mr. ana Airs. w. n. iicu.
Don't forgot tho dance at Montie's
hall Frldav eveninir. Nov. 11th. Frank A,
Bohren, Instructor; music by Campbell and
For a fancy box of chocolates for your
sweetheart, as a girt, call ana see us
ReynoluevlUe Candy Works.
Piano boxes
Mn?lo S'.o-e.
for tale at H?k'r
In fetv instances Ml fecent years has the)
di-ath of u young person excited more
- policial sympathy in Uoyiioldsvillo than
that of MWs Esther 11:11. tho only surviv
ing clnught r if Mr. nnd Mrs. Will H. Bell,
which occurred ut the Monty Hospital ,
in Pittsburgh Thursday morning, Novem-lo-:ti-4,
Miss Bell's illness win of a few days
duration. Friday of Inst week she attend
ed school ns usual anil In tho evening
prepared to go to tlio concert of tho Vassnr
Girls in .Lisi mblj- hall, but then, noticed
the llrsl indications of the iittuek which '
was Ut terminate her life.
Saturday her condition lioi-iune serious
nnd on Moml-.iy. after consul tnttnii among
the pliysieiiiAH. It was decided to take her
to the Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh for
n operation. For this purpose she was
taken to I'ittsbnrgh Jfonday afternoon,
accompanied Hy h,.,. pt.onts and by Dr.
Harry B. King" Tho operation was delay
ed until ll.3o Wednesdhy morning and
after tho ordeal! she fulled to rally. Miss
Bel lingered unl 8.30 Thirsday morning,
nt which timer tho endl came; It was
found ufter tlio-. opcraton that tho
cause of her illness -was general peritonitis.
The bKiy wig- partially prepared for
burial in Pittsburgh and wasi brought to
Reynoldsville TlnirsUuy night, arriving
Here- at fl.40. 14. was a notabln mark of tho
esteem of the nimmmiity for. the family
that several hundred people were at tho
.station- to meet Ilia- parents on their return
with (fro casket.. Friday Saturday and "'
Sunday morning, while tho caskot rested
at home of tho pnronti, Main street, hun
dreds gf the local people viewed the re
mains f the deceased girl.
Sunday iifU rnoon at two o'clock tho
ffmornJ service rnn lrti at' tUi- -niideucd
of the parents, a short service bring con
ducted by the Rv. John F. Block, pastor
of. tin- Methodist Episcopal church,
wsisteii by tin- Rov. R. A. McKlnloy,
piwtor of the- Presliytcrlan church.
Tho inline wits, too .small to hold the"
large concourse f people who came to pay
last tribute of cispecU Burial was niadn '.
in thiv Ritynoiflsvillo cemetery under
direction of Henry Prwster. The Men's'
Bible (.lass of the M. E. church, of which
Mr. IM 1st k member,, attended the
funeral and m.-jvihed to tho cemetery iu
Esther Cormlla Bell wns born in
Reynoldsville A.ugust UU, 1H04, and was 1C
years. 2 months. and 8 days old at time of"
her death. She spent her whole life in
i place and attended Mio public schools,
being in the tophomoro class, this year.
She possessed unusual beuuty nnd this,
witli her mild, und gentle- temperament
nado her general favorite- With all who
know her. Slti was nn apt student and
from infancy had skown a high degree -;uf
musical talent, which had bean
-, improved under the Instruction of the bost
inusic teachi rs of Reynoldsville, Punxsa
itawaey and! DuBoia.. She- wae. a good
vocalist and skilled lierformer on the -
violin and piano, '
Miss Bell' was -the second daughter of
Mr. and Jlrs. W31 H. Bell, an older
sister having died in infuticy. Beside the
parents, tjro younger brohers. survive.
Byron an.t'iOrton Bill.. ,
Among iM reliteves win, came toReyn-
dtdsvillo to attend tho- f -literal were:
Lincoln Hell and family,, of Patton, James
Bell and; wife, of Pattou.. Mrs . Adaline
VanKhrlrk, of Itteburgh.. Mr., and Mrs.
Ernest Bogert.. of. Ridgwuy. Richard
Millin. jf Ridgvjy..
The floral tiibutes. wtre rotuse and
rich, rheprinripal pvces-.were contribut
ed by the Mir wing : Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
Murray, of Baookvilfei F:. O . Eagles, No.
540. i Reynoldsville. Miss. EleenoNolar.
Reynoldsville. Mis. Mary Millin, of
Browkville, Bwlhre of F.& A. M Reyn-old--x-illc.
Mr . nnd Mrs.. J.. S. Hammond,
Reynoldsville, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Utter,
Riynoldsvlli', Miss-Lula. Black, Reynolds
viiJe. Mr. aod Mrs. Warnick Hunter, Reyn
olAsville, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Mudgc,
Pittsburgh. Mr. and Mrs.. Edward Ball, cf
Pittsburg.. A!Vi- Bell, Helen Wilson,
Gertrude Dinsmoi-e. Ruth Pantall. Alma
Grube, Mildred Sheldon. Inez Frea9,'
Susan White, Leonard MeQuown, John
Kelso, ijll of PniixsnUvwnoy. Mr. and Mrs,
S. E. Btf.l. Miss Helen Morris, DuBois,
Mr. atxl iMrs.T.F.Adam. Roynoldsville, Dr.
J. S. Bardwetl. iUdgu-ay. B. Millin,
Ridgway, Miss, Edith M. Millin Ridgwar.
Miss Ruth London, Reynoldsville, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred K. Alexander, Reynoldsville.
Miss Helen Baum. Reynoldsville, Mr: ai d
Mrs, C. W. Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. F. V.
Alexander. Miss Grace Beck, Punxsu
tnwncy, Helen Kurtx, Punxsutawne',
Frank Smith Mr, and Mrs. R. D. King,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Graham, ' Corbel fc "
Graham, Grace Beck, Punxsutawnc.' ,
Helen Kurtz. Puuxsutawney,Frank Smith,
Reynoldsville, M. G. Swartz, Reynoldi,
villo, H. T. Peters and wife. Reynolds
ville. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Hare. Rey
noldsville, S, J. Weiser, New York, Mr,
and Mrs. Ira Smith,' Reynoldsville, N. Sch
ettino, Reynoldsville, Mr. and Mrs. W. B,
Alexander. Sophomoro class of the H. S.,
Room 11 of the public schools, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Williams, Punxsutawney. Pupils of
tho Reynoldsvlllo high school. High School
Faculty, II. . L. Levy, New York. In ad
dition to the ones enumerated above, thera
were innumerable bouquets handed into
tho home to which no cards were attached,
and others from which the cards were lost.
Women's olotta top shoes, Gun Metal
aod PUent. Trice 2 50. Adam's.
and Bohren.
. !'