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by me
Sijrup ofltgs
Manufactured by the: CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO.
Well-Staged Volcano.
No volcnno la belter staged tlinn Hip
peak of 'fenci'lfe. Koi-tiiiuilo'.y feir Hie
Islanders, tills twelve thousand-foot
high monster usually employs tho
centuries 1 it sleep, nml Ills present fu
rious outburst nmy be nothing but. a
drowsy ynwn. Although from t lie
lesser nclghborhorlng peaks of l!l I'l
ton nml Chiihorrn Biilphur Is constant
ly emitted, there bus boon no real sen
sational How of lava since 1T!" and
1798. An inmost perpendicular bar
rier of rock surrounds tlm horrid
(taping mouth of the cent nil crater.
The Island will not accept. It as a sign
of grace on the part of tlm great
White mountain that her more active
rlvnl, Vesuvius. Is now wreathing her
elf In poisonous fumes. London
A ritOKKSSIONW, Nfltsi!
Tells of I-'Ivp Years' Sufferings With
Kidney nml llliiddcr Troubles.
Mrs. Mary Campbell, 1312 Jackson
Bt., Phlhi., l'n., says: "For live yenrs
I doctored for kidney disease and not
no better. The
urinary passages
wero too fre
quent and co
pious. I could
not attend to my
professional du
ties. Since using
Donn's Kidney
Pills, however, I
have found such
welcome relief
thnt I now rec
ommend Donn's
Kidney nils to
very sufferer I see."
Remember the name Ponn's. For
ale by all dealers. GO rents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Graft and Woman Suffrage.
It Is one of the signs of progress
that Judges are slouching their ancient
garb of secret wisdom, and speaking
their minds p'alnly. One of these
progressives Is Wesley L. Howard of
the supreme court of New York. He
has decided opinions on "graft," and
Is In favor of votes for women. The
other day he told an assembly of suf
fragists that he favored giving them
the franchise because they would help
eliminate official corruption and cor
porate robbery.
Only One "Hroino Quinine,"
That Is Laxative linimo Quinine Look
for the si (mature of E. W. Grove, lined the
World over to Cure a Cold in One Duy, itto
Ample Wardrobe.
In the Russian campaign the per
sonal baggage of Napoleon's brother,
Jerome Bonaparte, contained CO pairs
of boots, 200 shirts and 318 pocket
handkerchiefs. The transportation of
his wardrobe entire required several
heavy wagons, while his whole cam
paigning, kit stretched over half a
French Inheritance Law.
According to French law a certain
reserve Is established which no testa
tor can bequeath away from his off
spring. A Frenchman with one child
can dispose of half his property ac
cording to his p'.eaure; the other hall
must inevitably pass to the child.
Prices of Shoe Leather.
Ii mnv rill bo true that slum lenthor
unit shoo materials have been maklliK
record heights In soaring above the
pnckelhooks or tlio people at large.
The great modern nvlolors havo been
iiinliliiir tome 11 v-1 ii ip records in Cali
fornia recently, but they had to come
down finally to the ground. .lust now
Alexander A!- Co.. of this town, lira
teaching the shoo trndo In general that
kiiiii'Imu lent her niiees can bu brought
down to the uround n their treinen
doiisl.v attractive llound-l'p Shoo salo.
Judging from t lie crowns waning in
I'd Into this store llieso Hound-Up
.shoe sain prices appear to appeal to
economical and thrllty shoe buyers.
Electric Cure for San Jose Scale.
The San Jose scale has nearly kill
ed my fruit trees. They bore no
fruit and the bark was badly shriveled,
In some places It was split open. It
occurred to me that perhaps 1 might
lie able to kill the scale by electricity.
On a rainy day, when the trees were
wet, I put n strong pocket (French I
bnltcry at the base of a tree and the
other pole at the tip of each llmli, and
completely killed the scale, so thnt It
has entirely disappeared. New
shoots have come anil good fruit has
been produced. Suburban Life.
Christians Lead World.
In a religious census of the world
wlili h he has just published, Dr. II
Zeller, director of the statistical bu
reau in Stuttgart, estimates that of
the l.M l.ii 10,000 people In the world.
5:M,9-I0.ihmi nre Christians, 175.200,000
are Mohammedans, 10 X00,000 aro
Jews, and K2J, 420,000 hold other be
liefs. Of these UOO.OOO.OOO are Confu-
clans, 214,0(10,000 nre Brahmins, and
121.oo0.0oo nre Iluddhlsts, with other
bodies of lesser numbers. In other
words, out of every thousand of the
cnrth'B Inhabitants 310 are Christians
114 are Mohammedans, 7 nre Israel
ites and 51)3 are of other religions.
lw and mMm
Cows mid What They ICnrn.
The returns from cows, when ex
pressed In dollars and cents, stand
out much more vividly than they do
when expressed In pounds of milk
and butter fat. Therefore, If every
dairyman would keep a yearly record
of the amount of milk mid butter fat
produced by bis Individual cows, nnd
from this calculate, according to this
table, the prollt or loss on the Indi
viduals, ho would be astonished at
the wldo variation in earning rapacity
of the different cows In bis own herd
and the results would bo of untold
value to li I in . Illinois Fanners' Institute.
The Turkey Industry.
Blackhead among turkeys has
conio so near In worklnir extinction
of the "national bird" In New Kng
land nnd elsewhere that nn extended
Investigation of Iho rniisu of the dis
ease Is being mndo by such scientists
ns Dr. Theobald Smith unci Dr. K. R.
Tysxer, of the Harvard Medical
School, nnd Dr. rhlllp Dudley, of the
State Kxporlmonlal Station, of Rhode
Island. A similar disease has of late
spread to game birds, cuch as par
tridges and quail, nnd iho Massachu
setts fish mid gamo commission Is
prosecuting an Investigation In this
special Hue.
When tlm (license attacks n turkey
or game bird, there la in hope, pay
tho scientists. The cause lias brought
forth a variety of opinion, the most
forcible being Hint tho common Kng
llsb sparrow carries tho organism
which nffects Hie larger birds.
Free fo Our Renders.
Write Murine Eye Keinedy Co., Clilcflgo,
for W-pngH illustrated Kye Honk b'ron.
Write nil about Your Eye Trouble and
they will advise as to the I'ropvr Applica
tion ot the Murine Eye Komedien in Your
Special Case. Your Druggist will tall you
thnt Murine Kelioves Sore Ky, Strength
ens Weak Eves, Doesn't Bmiirt, Soothes
Kye Pain, nml sells Tor 600. Try It in Your
Eyes nnd in ilnliy's Eyea, for Boaly Hyolius
aud UriimiliUion.
Hunger Among the Rich.
"Do yon Know thut there is almost
as much hunger among the very rich
In New York ns there Is aimong the
very poor, In proportion to the size ot
the classes?" said a physician the
other day. "It all comes from trying
to get Blender, and I may say Is large
ly confined to the women. Why, not
so very long ago a frlond of mine, a
specialist, was called to see a woman
who had millions In her own right. Her
own phyistclan had not been able to
determine what was the matter with
her. The specialist looked her over
and asked her a few questions. 'Ma
dam,' he eald, 'you are Btarvlng to
death. All I would prescribe for you
would be a few hearty meals.' " New
York Sun.
The chair of Christian archeology
has been established in the University
of Rome by direction of the Minister
of Education, and Professor Maruccl
has been appointed as Its first occupant.
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
A strong man it strong all over. No man can be
strong who is suffering from weak stomach with its
consequent indigestion, or from some other disease
of the ttomsoh and its associated organs, which im
pairs digestion and nutrition. For when the stomach
is weak or diseased there is loss of the nutrition
contained in food, which ia the source of all physical
strength. When man "doesn't leel iuit right,"
when he doesn't sleep well, has an uncomfortable
feeling in the stomach after eating, ia languid, nervous, irritable and dejpood-
at, be is losing the nutrition needed to make strength.
Sac m man aboald as Dr. Pierce' a Golden Medical
Dlaeovery. it cares dleeaeee of the atomaeh mad other
orfna of digestion mud nutrition. It aarlehoa tarn blood,
larlioratea tho liver, atrentthenm tho kidney , nourtehea
tho norrea, mud ao GIVES HEALTH aD STRENGTH TO
Yarn can't afford to aooept tttret nostrum as substitute (or this noa
loobolio medicine or known cotirosrnoN, not even though the argent dealer
saay thereby make little bigger profit. Ingredients printed on wrapper.
Pertinent Pointers.
If your (lock of poultry shows per
sistent lack of thrirt nnd robust
health, tho best thing to do Is to
change stock. You will not accom
plish much otherwise. When a fel
low gets on the wrong track, the best
thing Is usually to back out and start
entirely new.
No wonder the poultry business Is
growing each year. There are more
then 5000 poultry shows b-lng held
nnnunlly In the United Slates nnd
Canada, each one or which Is a val
uable bureau for tho dissemination of
poultry lore nnd the chicken fever.
Cabbage Is one of the most populnr
winter green foods for fowls. It Is
easily grown, easily kept, nnd easily
fed, and the fowls seem never to tiro
of It. A good way to feed It Is to sus
pend n bend In the nlr by sticking It
on a nail In the wall, making the
fowls .lump a few Inches In order to
rench It.
Fumigate the hen house often
enough to destroy all germs nnd ver
min. It nlso pays to use n good dis
infectant frequently nnd freely
around the houses and ynrds. Disin
fecting nnd fumigation are two Im
portant matters and should receive
more attention than they do.
The Importance of exercise for poul
try might well bo placed subordinate
only to good housing nnd feeding.
But a writer In nn agricultural month
ly pertinently remarks that "scratch
ing to get a minute's pence from
mites and other pests Is not the right
kind of exercise." The truth Is ob
vious. Give the fowls plenty of encour
agement to scratch for their grain
feed by keeping a portion of each
pen deeply bedded with leaves or
straw. There Is nothing like It for
promoting thrift and contentment
among n Hock of fowls In the winter,
nnd it Is also a grent aid towards
getting fertile, batchable eggs
allzes no profit on his capital If the
expense of operating his dairy Is not
less than the gross receipts of the
dulry products.
The profits In the dairy Industry
nre mensured by tho average produc
tion ot the cows. One animal will
produce .1000 pounds of milk In a Ben
son, and another cow 8000 pounds,
which, sold nt ii per 100 pounds,
would represent a difference of $50
In the minimi Income between the
two cows. If tho smaller producer
only paid for her feed mid attendance
the larger milker would net tho own
er a profit of $50. A herd of twenty
mediocre cows may only produce op
erating expenses, while a dairy of
twenty good rows would yield n net
prollt of $1000, It. Is to the ndvsn
tuge of tho dairyman In every partic
ular to weed out. bis poor rows and
reolaco them with profitable producers.
Dow PenmiM Crow.
"Do you know how peanuts grow?"
asked Mr. Joseph D. Warren, of Rich
mond, Vn., In n recent Interview, "t
have found few persons of the North
nml West who can answer that ques
tion. Porno sny on a vine, porno on a
bush, some on n tree, and some In
the ground, like potatoes.
"The peculiar thing nbout a peanut
Is that It grows In two ways on a
bush nnd like n potato. The first
step lu the process Is tho plnntlng of
n single peanut. From that n bush
grows. I.vIik close to tho ground. A
branch stretches out closo to tho
rnrth, and sends up Into the nlr
shoots on which nro little yellow
flowers, like buttercups. Directly
beneath these flowers, growing
straight downwnrd, small, sharp
pointed shoots appear, like thorns.
They nrn called "pegs," and grow
back Into tho ground. It Is nt. tho
end of these 'pegs' that the pennuts
are found."
Forest reports declare thnt within
n few yenrs there will not. be n single
chestnut, tree within twenty miles ol
New York City. A fungous disease
Is killing them, and Is reported ns
snreiidlng In nil directions. Tho
elimination of tho chestnut would bo
n serious loss to timber resources,
for chestnut wood Is valuable. Tho
esthetic loss of this noble tree would
nlfin be lamentable. With It would
go the joys of chostnuttlng, one of
he most, delightful pursuits asso
ciated with tho first, frosts of nu
tttmn. These excursions of old will
always hold delightful place In nil
reminiscences of youth. Indiana
Keep Better Cows.
As cities Increase in population
there Is an annual expansion In the
demand for dairy products. The mere
fact thnt in 1908 there was an in
crease of 526,000 milch cows report
ed In the United States Indicates a
wonderful broadening of the dairy
Industry. Railway transportation fa
cilities are Improved, traffic rates are
more reasonable and the city supply
ot milk and dairy products is ex
tending farther Into the ' country,
says Drovers' Journal.
Where help can be obtained to op
erate the dairy milk production is
one of the best paying branches Ot
animal husbandry. The farmers op
erating their holdings with milch
cows are enabled to market all the
roughage and grain produced on the
farm In milk, butter, cream or cheese.
The dairy Industry is especially
adapted to build up and Increase the
fertility of the farm. It Is popular
among farmers, because the farmer
realizes a monthly Income on his In
vestment. As a rule dairymen are
thrifty and prosperous agriculturists.
The profits of dairy husbandry all
depend on the productive ability of
the cows. Unquestionably many
cows are in dairy herds that do not
more than pay the expense ot keep,
leaving no profit to the dairyman. It
the farmer had $10,000 to loan he
would prefer to invest it in six per
cent first mortgages Instead of loan
ing the money without interest. The
farmer sells his hay, grain and rough
age through the products ot his
cows, and it the revenue only equals
the cost ot production there Is no
profit in the Industry. He Is losing
the Interest on his investment and re-
The Cnlllvnllon of Corn
From my observations I am con
vinced thnt this latter-day machinery
for "shallow cultivation" is not, In
the mnjorlty of Instances, on tho cor
rect prlnrlole; nt any rate In this lat
itude. With the present improved
soil conditions we hnve, by nnder
drnlnlng, clover, etc., the low average
of twenty-five bushels per acre as
reported for nil the Slntes Is most
deplorable. Kven the forty bushels
credited to Indiana this year, which
Is above the actual fncts, Is not more
than half what It should be.
We should plant deeper, nnd after
the first nnd second plowing, with
smnll shovels, go straight down nlong
side the plants. After this the object
should be to keep out, leaving the
roots undisturbed. There are only
two methods by which this can be
done properly. One is by tho use of
larger shovels In order to throw the
dirt over to the corn; the other ex
treme shallow cultivation, with drag
or harrow, circumstances to govern
the matter according to conditions of
soil, season and time of doing it.
However, under most conditions I
find the larger shovel the better, as it
throws the soil up over the roots to
nourish and fully mature a crop of
ears. In "ye olden time" the corn
ground was furrowed out with a large
shovel plow, or maybe a little mold
board, corn dropped down In the bot
tom of the furrow, covered with the
hoe, drag or "straddle bug," and cul
tivated with larger shovels on the
plow or cultivator. And it took a
hard wind to throw down the corn In
those days, and needless to say ears
hung over the rows, long and hard
as stove wood. The writer can re
call as a hoy, taking one year as an
Instance, in 3000 bushels he raised
there wasn't a bushel basketful of
nubbins to feed a cow. Indeed I had
to break the ears over the doorslll of
the old log crib to get It small enough
to feed.
Let us get down to common sense
in the matter by procuring a planter
(or adjusting the latter devices for
attaching to the ordinary ones in
use) that has the fenders, or pairs of
discs set before the runners of the
planter, making a furrow ot sufficient
depth for the seed, but not necessa
rily covering deeper than It should
be, or would be without them. There
Is reason, yes, true science in the at
tachments where snch planters are
to be UBed, as the discs cut looser and
throw up and out the soil In the dif
ferent grades, mingling together as It
falls over the corn as the runners
pass through. - This method, properly
applied, would work a revolution In
corn growing. I. M. Miller, In the
Indiana Farmer.
Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound
What is the use of procrastinating in tho face of such
evidence as the following letters represent? If you are a
sick woman or know one who is, what sensible reason have
you for not giving Lydia K. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound a trial ? For 30 years we have been publishing such
testimonial letters as these thousands of them they aro
genuine and honest, too, every one of them.
him- nun
,:. v.: ,!
tftja el J
t" ' ' " 1
Mrs. S. J. Itarber saysi
"1 think Lydia E.
ll'lnklinm'B Veiro-
1 table Compound
Is tho best meill-
lolne in the world
I for women nnd
I feci it my duty
I to let others
know the good it
has done for me.
Three vearsairo
1 1 had 11 tumor
willed the doctor
Isnld would have
to be removed by an operation or I
could not live mora (bait a year,
or two, nt most. I wrote Mrs. Pink,
lmm, at Lynn, Mass.. for advice, and
took 14 bottles of Lydia K. Pink,
ham's Vegotablo Compound, and to
day tho tumor is none and I am a
perfectly well woman. I hope, my
testimonial will be of lienePt to oth
ers." hits. H. J. JUuiiKit, Scott,
N. Y.
Mrn. E3. F. Ilnyrs 'xyat
'I wan under tho
doctor'B treat
ment fur a fibroid
tumor. 1 suffered
with prln, sore
ness, bloating',
and could not
wallc or Ht.'itid 011
my feet any
loiifftdof time. I
wrote to Mrs.
I'iiikham for ml.
I vice, followed her
JdiroctioiiH nnd
took Lydia R Pinklinm'g Vegetable;
Compound. To-day I am a well
woman, tho tumor wan expelled and
inv wliolo flysloin Htrongtlmned. I
advise all women who nro nllllcted
with tumors or fetnalo troubles to
try Lydia K. Piukham's Vfgetablo
Compound." Mrs. I). V. JUyks,
ISM Washington St., Lo3ton, Mass.
For CO years Lydia T. IMnlihnm's Veiretnlde
Ootiiounl has boon tlio Htandnrd remedy for
fcmalft U!h. No rtl')c woman ! ,iis(lco t
IwrMolf wlio will not try this famous nicdicinei.
Mud exclusively from roofH ami herbs, and
lias thousands of cures to its credit.
rfJgnMr8. 1'inlibRni Invites nil Blck 'women
fo v.rifo her for advice. She has
guided thousands to health fro of charge.
Address J!rs. l'inkhnm. Lynn. Mass.
in perfect healt,
ham n Vegetable Com.
Mrs. Cleorpn May says 1
"No one knows
I what I have suf
fered from fc-
lmalo troubles,
liieuralgla pains.
land backache.
I My doctor said
I he could not give
mo anything to
cure it. Through.
jtho ndvlco of m
ll'rictid 1 began
(o uso Lydia J5.
Jj'Inkbatn's Vcw-
table Compound, and the pal 11 soon
disappeared. 1 continued its use
and am now
J.vui.'i J',. J'liiKhain s Vegi
pound lias wen n tinii-seim to inn
as 1 believe I should have been in
rtiy grave If it bad not been for Airs,
rinkhntii's advice and Lydia K.
l'inkliairi's Vegetable Compound."
Mrs. tiKoirou May, 80 4td Aye.,
1'utsrsoii, S.J.
Mrs. XV. K. lloiish nayst
r'"JMvn"1 ''VP bflflT
.. Ai V.'-7Mprirniiti'f.eltf enreil
of a severe fo
malo trouble by
Lydia K. Pink,
ham's Vegetable
Compound, and
want to recom.
tnend It to all suf
fering women."
-Mrs. W. K.
Hovsti, 7 J'ast.
view Ave., Clo,
climati, Ohio.
liecauso your cast) is a dilllcult
one, doctors having done you no
pood, do not. continue to suffer with
out giving Lydia K. I'inkham's Veg
etable Compound a trial. It surely
lias cured many cases of female ills,
Hiirh as I nll.'iin mat Ion. ulceration, dls
jdaeements. fibroid tumors, irregu
laritios.iierlodic palns.backache.eto.
The Right Way
In All Cnscs of
Of All Ilnrscs. Ilrood Mures, Colls,
iStiillions, is to
On trie Ir tmifriH'ti or In tlm fewl pur Kpnhn'i Liquid
(.'(rnMiifil. Olvit Hi- rTinly fi .ill of tln-m. It iw-W
mi the IiI'hmI nml kImhK II rontn thf illHcaw by ex
IH'IIHiK Ihtt illMffttc tft'rin. It ward o IT t ho trniiMo,
di mailer how thiy an "exiMi-," Alrnohilirly fn-A
from ntiylhliiK Injurious. A rlillil run wifely titkn It.
60 oU. it nil fi.ijM; t' ami $Mi.mi the toen. KolJ hy
dfijicifiMU, hftriM'HH doiiiuftt, or wui, ox promt paid, by
tlio luanuffuaufurn.
H pre 1 11 1 A urn in Wanted.
C'liemiMtn nml HntlerlnloKlMtN,
CONMKN. I?m.. II. H. A.
$ $r W4 j ton
if n if
New Soles for the Old.
Revolution in footwear seems to be
promised by an Ingenious invention
which shortly will be placed on the
market. The idea Is no less than a
reinovablo sole the old wears
through, the new slipped In, for all
the world like a new pair of lnces!
The heel resembles the ordinary va
riety, but Is made In two parts, the
wenrlng portion of which can be re
moved. Interchanged or renewed In a
second or so wlthlut the use of tools
or Implements. Roughly .eighty thou
sand pounds a year will be saved by
the war office In boot repairs if, as is
expected, this Invention Is adopted for
the army. Apart from this, there Is
the Immense importance from the mil
Itary point of view of the fact that the
adoption of the system would dispose
of the difficulties of transit during a
campaign. Instead of heavy wagon
loads of new boots would be the in
comparable lighter load ot soles and
heels. London Graphic.
Haeckel and Huxley.
Of Ernst Haeckel, Professor Vernon
Lymart Kellogg declares, In The Pop
ular Monthly, that he "Is no longer
tnerely the German champion of Dar
winism and Monism, but the world
champion." When compared with
Huxley, his famous companion-inarms,
Haekel appears as the more
egostlstlc of the two. He fights more
for himself He advertises himBelf
more. And he comes in for sharper
scientific criticism than Huxley did.
He has been accused of a certain
"carelessness" in his handling of bio
loglcal facts, of a tendency to specu
latlveness which Ills critics have
dubbed "der Haeckellsmus in der zool
ogle." But of his influence at large
there can be no question. New York
Evening Post.
November was the coldest as well
as the wettest month In the history of
the Isthmus ot Panama. The max
tmum temperature in the sun at Cu-
lebra was only 90 and the average
temperature was below that ot any
previous month on record. .
Itch cured In Sn mlnntm by WoolfrmPe
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggists.
A vegetable cheese s being made in
an experimental way in England from
the casein contained in soya beans.
The movement ot the drifting ice of
the Far North Is about two toilet a
Coal In Japan.
There Is not less than 1,200,000,000
tons of con! deposited in Japan. This
coal Is now being mined at the rate ot
14,000100 br.ns a year. The coal
seams usually vary from three to eight
feet thick, and nre mostly so conveni
ently situated that they can be worlc
ed by Incline.
Rt. Petersburg will establish
lnrge ozone plane to purify the city's
water supply, drawn from the germ-
lartPn Neva.
Baby Smiles
When He Takes
pi SO';
l CURE 1
I So pleumt do) Wt Bin k ml eanuira m oei- I
in. Then k tmimt lik t Braxliila, 1
Antima and ,Q troobla nf lha tSroal mi laaafc I
ASuixkad Rnc4rlKh!( aixalMrT. I
AH Drum!.,.. S C-w,. XJ
"I have suffered with piles for thirty
six years. One year ago last April I be
gan taking Cascarets for constipation. Ia
the course of a week I noticed the piles
began to disappear and at the end of six
weeks they did not trouble me at all.
Cascarets have done wonders for me. X
am entirely cured and feel like a new
man." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
P1rant, Palatable, Potent, Taits Good.
I)o Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Grtpe.
10c. 25c, 50c. Never aold In bulk. The g-en-nlne
tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your niuoev back. 920
ForSt-ln. HoffFneo: flt-4ror
l-liihi IH He for Ml twin i Me
for M-lnch IM for 7 Inrh.
Farm Kviice. &0-lnch Poultry
Fenc tie. Sold om 30 4wy
trial. Mroti shvI Idem, ftarb
Wlr9l.SS CilOru fre.
Boa 98 MUNCH, INO.
P. N. U. 9, 1910.
liiffton. D.U. HooltMfrt. Hlch
menaces, atmt result
SiHSTbompsoa's Eye Water