The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, February 07, 1900, Image 4

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Huhseriptinn $l.XO per year, or $1.00 if
pnitl utriclly in udvanet.
v. A. ftTKPIIKNftOSl, K1llor and Pak.
Anlnrtopondi-nt lix'nlpniMT.piibllthrderpry
VedniHluy nt KeynolilMVllUi, JotTwrnnn Co.
Ph., dovntod to the Interest of Krrniilrlsvllla.
and JenYnioiieoiiiity. Non-mllth'iil. will treat
all with fairness, nnd will tirespeclMljr frlond-
Ijr towarrtu tti Innorlng num.
Hiihsrrlntinii lirti'nt
Communlentltiim Intended for ptihllt-ntlnn
muni be Bceomunnleri by the writer's nitron,
not for punlli'iitlon, but s a miersntiie of
ood fnltli. Interesting news Items sulleltmt.
Advertising lutes nisd known on applica
tion at the nnVo In Kroehllch-Henry lllnck.
I.enKhty communication and change of
advnrtlsnmcnt nhould reach this oftlce by
Monday noon. , ....
Address nil communications to 0. A. Steph
enson, Heynoldsvlllo, Pa. ....
Knterad nt the poxtonVn at Keynoldavllle,
Pa., as aernnd class mall matter.
For Congress
Piihject to action of the Kepiihllrnn of
ferson county nt the prlniury election, Tiles
day, Feb. 20, !!.
For State Sknate
Of Indlnna, subject to action of Repnhllcnns
of Jefferson county at the primary election,
Kebruary 30, WO.
Edwin Honro, of this place, ha an
nounced himself as a candidate for (loin
Kto to Republican State Convention.
Mr. Hoare Is a pentlomnn worthy to
represent tho Republican of this coun
ty In the Stato convention.
John S. Flshor, tho popular young
lawyer of Indiana, will receive the Re
publican senatorial nomination In Jef
ferson county on the 20th Inst. Mr.
Fisher Is a bright and active ((en tlemnn,
well qualified to represent the people
of Jefferson and Indiana counties in the
State Senate. Judging from the favor
able comments we have heard from Re
publican voters, there Is' no doubt but
that Mr. Fisher will get the nomination
in this senatorial district, and there is
no reason why he should not be noml
A few years ago a country newspaper
enterprise was looked upon as a sort of
charitable institution that commanded
its patronage much on tho same lines
of other "good things" for a community.
The country subscriber would take and
read the paper not so much because it
contained things that he found out in
no other way, but "just to help the
printer along." The merchant of the
town would run the same ad. from one
year's end to the other, occasionally
changing a line that might happen to
read "Fall and Winter," to "Spring
and Summer," but more frequently
neglecting to give his advertising even
this slight attention. One day, however,
some country merchant figured It out
that if the advertising could bn made
to pay in the city on a large Bcale, it
could be mndo profitable in the country
on a smaller plan, and devoted some of
the time formerly usod In telling stories
around the stove to figuring on a plan
to make his advertising pay. He start
ed in on changing bis ad. frequently, by
telling facts about his goods and by do
ing just as he advertised. Soon his
business had grown to such an extent
that he was willing to pay cash for his
advertising instead of store goods and
plug tobacco. This awakened the coun
try merchant generally and to-day it is
not necessary for the ad vertlstnff solicit
or in the smallest communities to ex
plain that It pays to advertise, but he
only needs to toll why his Is tho best
Since then the county newspaper has
developed from a charitable institution
Into a business proposition. The editor
is no longer asked to take pumpkins or
some garden truck for his paper, or
doal his advertising bills out over the
counters of the country store, but he
pays the money for what he goU and
gets paid for what he does. His adver
tising space is considered a part of his
stock in trade and the person who asks
him to dlxpoun of it for nothing belongs
to a newspaper ago of a former day.
Big Run Tribune.
Marriage Licenses.
' The following marriage licenses were
Issued tho past week by John D. Evans,
Clerk of Courts of Jefferson county:
John H. Kerry and Julia Alburg, both
of Westvllle.
J. W. Aikens, of Brook vllle, and Ruth
M. Coleman, of Millstone, Elk county,
Alexander Paeeorioz and Catherine
Muohroska, both of Soldier.
Archibald McDonald and Maggie Mo
Kellop, of Wisbaw.
John W. Yost, of Cortez, and Minnie
L. Lehman, of Content.
Nicholas Kovalcsik and Annie Passen,
both of Walston.
Parmer Breckway vllle "Record" Editor Olve
Some CommonMnso Views on Con
treeslonal Nominee.
Edward E. Niver, former editor of
the Brockwayvlllo Jfrcorrf, now an em
ployee of the Pittsburg IHnjtntrh, In
letter to the Itivord last woek, had the
following to say regarding Hon. W,
O. Smith's nomination for Congress.
"I see by the press dispatches that
my friend, W. O. Smith, Is again a can
didate for the Jefferson county endorse
ment for Congress, and that tho Repub
lican primaries are likely to bo held in
February. While I feel sure that Mr.
Smith will be accorded the support he
has always received in the eastern part
of Jefferson county and over tho whole
county for that matter there are spec
ial reasons why he should recelvo the
county endorsement at the coming
'When Mr. Smith left the Legisla
ture and stood for Congress, it was at
the Instance of his many frionds, who
believed his ability and special training
pre-eminently qualified him for higher
legislative duties. This feeling 'was
shared by Republicans generally over
the county. Mr. Smith made the run
and received his old time popular ma
jority for the county endorsement, al
though fully aware thut Jefferson had
but slight claims for the district nomi
nation. His notion however wits a start
in the direction which his constituents
desired him to follow, and was so con
sidered at the time. At the district
conference, of which I was a member,
Mr. Smith made every honorable effort
to secure tho nomination. Falling in
that he gave his support to Indiana
county, whoso logical claims for the
nomination were undoubted. The con
ference was clean, honorable and above
board in every respect, and free from all
deals. Because he could not secure the
nomination himself, Mr. Smith did not
complicate matters by deadlocking the
"If any Jefferson county man can se
cure the district nomination this term,
It is W. O. Smith. In fact I firmly be
lieve no one else in the county will stand
any show. From his long experience
in the Legislature Mr. Smith is infinite'
ly better fitted to assume the duties of a
Congressman than any inexperienced
man. His wide acquaintance in Jeffer
son would insure the most careful con'
sideration of the county's Interests, and
the people will make no mistake in
again according Mr. Smith the Congres
sional endorsement."
A Standard Among Newspapers.
Reflecting In its widening circulation
nd increasing advertising patronage
the prosperity that marks the opening
of the new year the Pittsburg Times
more than ever impresses upon Its read
ers the excellence of Its high standard
and the success of its efforts to make a
model paper for the Individual and for
the family. The Times is a newspaper,
sparing no pains nor expense to cover
the world thoroughly every day, that
Its current page of history may be com
plete and in its longer range overlook
ing nothing that occurs at home. It is
clean, dignified and reliable, certain
that no lack of these features can be
made up In offensive sensationalism. It
can be taken Into the family circle with
confidence that its columns are filled
with wholesome instruction and enter
tainment. Wherever known The
Times is recognized as the best type of
concise, crisp and complete nuwBpuper
and among newspaper men it is the
publication with which comparisons of
excellence are made. While The Times
is Republican In politics it realizes that
others have a right to bo on earth, and
that politics are not everything. When
one cent a day wilt buy a morning paper
It Is foolish to bo without one. The
Times Is three dollars a year and worth
the money.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible burn,
scald, cut or bruise. Bucklun's Arnica
Sulvo will kill the pain and promptly
heal It. Cures fever sores, ulcers, bolls,
corns, all skin eruptions. Uest pile
cure on earth. Only 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by H. A. Stoke,
The Furm Jnurwtl is cheap but not
too cheap to be good; it is full of ginger
and gumption, and has as many other
good things in it that you can use as
any paper at any price. It will be sent
five years to subscribers of THE STAR
who pay arrearages and one year in ad'
vance and 25 cents extra, or S1.25 for
the Farm Journal for five years and
The Star for one year.
Notice to Stockholders.
At the regular meeting of the Reyn
oldsvlHe Building and Loan Association
to be held February lDtta, 1100, there
will be an election of five directors and
one auditor.
The following nominations were made
Jan. 22nd, 1900: Directors, Henry C.
Delble, John II, Kaucher, Martin Pha
len, A. T. McClure and William Cop
ping. For Auditor, John H. Bell and
W. H. H. Boll. John M. Hays,
Attest; President.
L.. McEntike, Boo.
The Lawerence paints excel all others
in beauty, durability and economy.
They are always uniform, rollable' and
KOtlxfiictory. For sale by the Reynolds
yllle Hard ware Co.
Poor Old Kentucky.
Man born In the mountains of Ken
tucky Is of foud days and full of virus.
He (islieth, fiUdle'.h, cusaoth and fighteth
all the days of his miserable life.
He shunneth water as a mad dog and
drlnkot.h much mean whisky.
When he deslreth to mine hades he
plantetb a neighbor, and lo! he reapeth
twenty fold. He rlsetb even from the
cradle to seek the scalp of his grand
slro's enemy, and hringcth home in his
cureabs tho ammunition of his neigh'
bor's wife's cousin's uncle's father-in.'
law, who avengeth the deed.
Yea, verily his life is uncertain and
he knoweth not the hour when he may
be jerked hence.
He goeth forth on a journey half shot,
and cometh back on a shutter shot.
He riseth in the night to let the cat
out and it taketh nine doctors three
days to pick the buckshot out of him
He goeth forth In joy and gladness
and cometh back in scraps and frag
Heemptleth a demijohn Into himself
and a shotgun into his enemy, and his
enemy's son lioth in wait for hlra on
election day, and lo! the Coroner plow
eth up a forty-acre field to bury the re
mains of that man.
Woe, woo is Kentucky, for her eyes
are red with bad whisky, and her soil
stained with the blood of Innocent moon'
shiners. Martin (Tex.) Ikmoentt.
A Night of Terror.
Awful anxiety was felt for the widow
of the brave General Burnham of Ma
cias, Mo., when the doctors said she
would die from Pneumonia before morn
ing," writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who
attended her that fearful night, "but
she begged for Dr. King's Mew Discov
ery which had more than once saved
ber life, and cured her of Consumption,
After taking, she slept all night.
Further use entirely cured her." This
marvellous medicine is guaranteed
to cure all throat, chest and lung dis
eases. Only 50o and 11.00. Trial bot
tles free at H. Alex Stake's drug store
Letter List.
List of unclaimed letters remaining
In the postoffice at Reynoldsvllle, Pa.
week ending Feb. 3, 1000:
J. W. Buchanan, M. S. Blair, Frank
Blgleman, W. M. Brown, C. L. Powers,
Say advertised and give date of list
when calling for above.
A. M. Woodward, P. M
Nouce to Lumbermen.
During the month of February I will
receive bids on lot of oak, pine, chestnut
and cherry timber; 879,000 within two
miles of Summervllle station and (100,000
within five miles of .Summervllle sta
tion; estimated by James Steele
Brookvllle. At so much per 1000 stump-
age. M. V. (JOLEMAN,
Reynoldsvllle, Pa
Use your sense and save you if dollars
You can do it at MUllrens. I
Nobby suits, the very latest style, Is
what Johns & Thompson, merchant tail
ors, are turning out. Try them.
Of the Reynoldsvllle Land and Improve
ment Company.
Notice Is hereby given that the an'
nual election of directors and treasurer
of the Reynoldsvllle Land and Improve'
ment Company will be held on the 17th
day of February, liKH). between the
hours of Z.ou and 4.00 o clock p. m., of
said day, at the otlice of C. Mitchell, In
the borough of Keynolilsvlllo.
a. U. ELLIOTT, t'res.
C. Mitchell, Sec.
DON'T fa
j) The time Is coming to In- j
T volco and the less we have to
take account of, the better wo i
O "ke it So A
S.. . .
V For the next two weekB
T &
Vj will sell fa
SI imKss noons. 5?
and In fact ff
'M' at such low prices that it will fa
3I pay any one to buy.
law We have some rji
Ladies' Coats fa
5 A
V that sold at
O 4, 15 and 11.50. Your choice f(
g For 1.00. jft
o fa
o fa
Jv You will also find on J
T 1
Remnant Counter 5
ft A
ft A
V some very nice goods. Prices ij
JI so low that they will not last f(
O ,0n,f- fa
T 9
$ Bing & Co. S
VYrk Waiting
For you! Waiting for you to find out
the difference between the best drugs
and the mayhap kind;
Waiting for You -
To learn thai" ttrag's a good dog, but
Holdfast is a better."
We've Waited
For a great many people who wanted to
be sure of their prescriptions.
Now We Wait
On them instead of for them. Abso
lutely pure goods, equitable prices and
courteous service are waiting for you at
Stoke's Pharmacy.
o o
We will this week oiler a
on all heavy winter goods, such as
Heavy Flannels, Underwears,
Blankets, Comforts,
Ladies' Coats and Capes, Men's and Boy's Overcoats,
&c, &c, &c,
W trill anil wiint f pot T.nrlipa' O.naia wo Tiavo
e. v v 11 its tivis 11 i u- v v ? 1- m j u v J 1 1 v a-a
regardless of cost. We will- not ask you first cost
for any of them, fetep in and see for yourself what
a bargain we have in this line.
Clearance Sale 11
Now On. 1
Last year when we advertised our Ten-Days' Clearance Sale hundreds of wise people came and took
advantage of the marvelous low prices, and went home rejoicing. Then there were many came too late and
found our odds and ends of stock all gone. Our appearance in this space is to notify every one of our GREAT
' Within these ten days we intend to dispose of all our Heavy Winter Wear at almost half price.
These odds and ends consist of tr
Men's and Boys' Overcoats,
Heavy Overshirts and U nderwear
and many other useful articles of wearing apparel that you need and can now buy for almost 50 cents on g
3 the Dollar. S
23 w m w e I I r A Ik V m FTiN n. m- w r-w-. .n. m -w- -w- -w- x A -w w -
a But not too late. We are determined to outdo all former sales. Every garment is standard
make and guaranteed. t t
We would quote you a few prices on this paper, but know that you cannot appreciate the value of jE
- the goods nor the astonishipg reductions until you come in, Bee goods and get the prices. i
a t. t
3 .
Heynoldsville, 3?a