The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, July 13, 1892, Image 4

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    tilxt Star
Niiimrrililinn $tM jwr J""". ''''""'
A n linli'ininli'iit turiil iiiit, iiiiIiIMhmI every
WimIiii'Iiiy ill HeyimlilMvllle, .lerTerwri i';;..
I'n., ilevnl'eil In I lie liilt'iKHlmtf Heyiiiilitavlllii
....I ...,lv Niiil-lmlll It'll). l II IM'lll
oil Willi fiiliww, unit wllllieeMiii'Hiilly friend
lir Inward IIib latHirliia cIbiw.
Niilwrlntliin nHee per yenr.ln advene.
('imimiiiili'itllima Intended fur jnitillealliiii
miiHl. In- iiiviiiiiimnli'il liy the wrller nnine,
mil fur piildlHilliiii, lull nn a uniiriinlee l
imI fiillh. Iiilenwtlmt new. Ileum willr I'll.
Ailvertlln Mill") iimile known nil Hppllt'n
Inn nl the utile III Arnold.' llltwlc.
Leimlilv I'liiiiniiiiiliMill.iim nnil rhiiiiiie f
advert lue'tnenl. .limild reneh Ihm utile liy
Moniliiy niHin. , , . . ....
Aililret. nil riimitiiiiileiilliin. InC A.piepli
finum, lleyniild.vlll. I'n.
Klltereif III till- HwlllMl'K lit Iteyinililivlll,
Ph., h MiM-nnil elii-M mnll tnnlter.
V. A. KTf.l'lll'.KIMON, Kdttnr and I'lih,
wkdnksda vTTiriTv ";""
"Wtirn you iimkn a inlMliiki-, ilnn't
l(H.k lrnck nt It liinit. Tnkntlm reamm
of tlm IliliiK Into " 111I111I. niiil tln'ii
IcMik fnrwnril. MlHliikt'B nn Ii'mniuih of
wiHilmii. Tim mimI citii not Ih I'liiinni'd:
Mm futuiii In vi't In your imiwkp."
Tlm worlil In full of W'KiiMvii men,
men of vnlvety HoflnimH, lenili-r fi-i'llnifn,
oxti'iiii'ly "llimnil." Tlm.v "lovi'i-very.
IkmI.V," lint lln-y ini' Until!. Tlm.v wmiM
HiMinur mirrlllri'jirliirliln limn wninnl n
frlonil. Tlioy ulivlnk Imrk from mIiihIiiwh,
skulk away from 1 110 lint t in, nml leimt
ntlmin to win tlu vli'tory. Tlii-y entry
110 hwoiiIm, Nnr no palnm, wenr no
orowtiH. Tlmlr iiHplriillonn ilo not rlm
bIkivo tUi'lr Iii'ihIh, anil (ln(r Hvih nrn
llvoil I'tinlonlMlly on tlm ili'tiil level nf
meilliierlly, fltirli men nrt of IHtln
vnlmi to tin' worlil. I''x.
TI10 nntiniml eunvtuitlon of tlm IViw
jiln Party lm eliweil. Itinrly whhIiiiim
woiv ilovotoil to iliinimi'liition of i-xIhI-lnr
I'oinlltloim In bihmi'Iiom In wlilrli
thorn wiih miii-ti forvor. .IiiiIkk Walter
T. (irtwlintn wiih Hio fitvorllo rnnillilntK
for lYittlilmit, lint IiIh foiitlnuiMl iffiiHiil
nllowi'il tlio nomlniition on tho Hint Iml
lot of .IhimchM. Weavnr, lient known nn
the old tlmo t-nnillililtoof thi(!riinlmrk
party, (ii'iiornl .Ihiiioh II. Kii'lil, of Vir
ginia., wnn nnmi'il for Vli'i-l'riHlilent.
Tim pint form iliM'Imim for n porH'timl
union Tor Mm InUir foiws, ilomnnilH (;ov
orntmmt ownoi-Hlilp of nillinmln, tolo-
irrnph biiiI toli'plmno llmw, tlm Iiiitkhho
of Mm ciirroncy to Till nr nipitn, (fov-
orninont Umim ut 2 Nir I'nnt or Ii'hh, frin
and unllmlli'il oolimnn of nllvi'r anil
( tfotd nt Mm rutin of III to 1, 1111 Incoino
tax nml Mwtnl nnvlnH ImnkH. Thin I'on-
ycnllon In Mm fonrtli U) moot MilH.vriir;
anil tho ticket, VVnavnr nml Plelil, In Mm
fourth boforo Mm Hoplo. Wo nmy look
for a fiilr nml niputm tl(fht lxtwiMn now
ami NovomlKir. It will Ixi hunl to foru-
Ke tho roHiiltn. Tlmro In a MWHlhlllty
Mint thorn will lio no oliM'tlon ut tho
pollB anil that tho Ttoumi will lio I'ullml
iion tonolootoiirchlof oxooutlvo olllcor.
TIiIh in roally tho hiiH anil nlm of tho
Tooplos Party anlilo from Mm ndvociu'y
of tliolr prlnolploM anil Hiipimrt of tholr
orpniilzntlon. Hut tlmo will ri'Tonl all
jnyHtcrloti anil honl all wouniln pulltlciil
anil othorwlno.
Olio of tho inont Morloun of recent
labor troublon in now fiuilnx tho pooplo
of ITomiwtoiul, thin Htto. Tho tllHU;roo
mont botwiH'n Carnoglo anil bin em
ployed, tho lock-out, tho ori;anlutioii
of tho liH'kedout men, tho nomllng of
tho armed PlnkortoiiH to piiurd tho
workH, tho Hlmildlnif of blood and Iomh
of llfo ontAtlod, tho calling out of tho
mllltln; all thewi ovontn following
qulrkly ono after tho othor havo stirred
tho toolings of our pooplo wonderfully.
There is a settled conviction In tho
minds of dltdntroHted pooplo that tho
great blamo is with tho Cnruoglo Co,
There is small doubt but that this
company Is making vant sums from
thoHO works. Why Hhould tho company
out down wages twenty por contV Must
this cut bo mailo In order that thorn)
millionaires can mako a living? It is
certain that the men wore barely ablo
to mako a living at the old rate. It is
equally certain that ovory home In
Homestead would bo pinchod by tho
out. To most it must scorn that the
attitude of tho company in this matter
is one in which pure selfishness and
greed are the great factors.
Then the absolute refusal of those in
authority to recognize representatives
of labor organizations during the trouble
men who came in the interest of
peace is a sorry comment upon the
sense and humanity of those loaders of
capital. No union men need apply.
This it seems is, in the future, to be the
sign hung out at the Homestead works.
Bo labor has no right to organize. We
Are to have corporations and trusts and
railroad combinations and deals by
which the Interests of the capitalists
are to be forwarded; but labor has no
right to organize. It is about tlmo for
capital to realize the rights of labor
and to treat labor more respectfully,
Publio sentiment is overwhelmingly
with the brawn and brain of our land in
the struggle being carried on against the
"money bags."
The militia are at Homestead, how
ever, to keep the peace, not in tho
Interest of any party to the controversy.
They are not there like the Plnkertons
to shod blood, but to prevent bloodshed.
And we feel sure that wise and moderate
councils will ultimately prevail and that
the rights of the laboring men, without
whom Homestead and Carnegie could
never have prospered, will be recognized
and properly protected. Let the desire
of ail bo peace and justioe not one alone
but united as only they can be in a
land of democratic principles and practice.
Life at Clmumuqus.
t'huutiiuipin, tho grent summer resort,
In now In full blunt. Tho program
for has been prepared with tho
iiHiinl earn by thorn) whono IiiihIiiohs It Is
to sootnn tlm talent for this world
renown educational oniitrn. Anlilivfrom
It educational nilvantngen It In arliiiriu
lug HHit. Tlm town In built iihui
heavily wooded nutiirnl tenncen, which
nlepe gently to the shorn of Cliniitnuipia
lillke, a lovely sheet of water twenty
miles In length. Tlm beautiful undu
lating eoiinlry In tlm vicinity offers
many tit tractive driven. Tho air In immiI
ami Invigorating. TI10 nlreeln and
avenues of thin city wind grncefiilly In
mid out mining Mm treen, or nt retell
like leafy tuiiiieln through Mm fitt'osl..
More than live hundred dwellings lire
ncullorctl In orderly nrmugeiiieiit
through the groves, about the pnrkn,
anil by the InkcHldc. ('hiiiiluiiiuu In
not only lienutlful, but Is wife from lire.
The witter In pure nml iiliuiiilant. A
Inrge reservoir hack among the hills Is
n source of protection ngaliiHt lire. A
regularity organized lire company Is In
service throughout the entire year.
The snnltulloil In excellent. l''or niiiiiy
yenrn the nlreetn and pin ks hiivo been
lighted by arc electric lumps. Though
Mm nnnutil life of tlil-iclty Is brief, yet
It offers atlmcllvc opportunities to
shopHi'H. Kvcry iiioriiing the Chun
tutiipin citizens consult tho Ihrnltl
or Mm bulletins pouted dally through
out Mm grove, to nee wlmt tlm
"program" offern. They read a list
of lectures, concertn mid entertain
ineiils, decide which to attend and then
mnke their plnnn accordingly. Tlmn
all have a common IntcrcHt in whitt Is
going on; talk nt tulile anil elsewhere
ileiiln with topics suggested by lectures
mid studies, nml thus ( 'hautninpiu life
stimulates social Intercourse and good
conversation. Tho very nlr is laden
with u Humiliation for 11 desire to obtain
knowledge. Ilesldes, there lire ample
melius of recreation provided. A dozen
tenuis courts are lllleil from morning
till night, base ball mutches are of
freipient occurrence, slx-ourcil crews
are In constant training. In Mm twi
light while Mm baud plays, scores of
boats glide to and fro, Tim bathing
Im-hcIi is safe and constantly under t lie
eye of a watchful liutblng master.
Kvcry evening the great nmpliltheutro
Is tilled with citizens listening to mimic
or dramatic readings, watching stern
oplieon views thrown upon the screen,
admiring beautiful tableaux, or eagerly
awaiting tlm result of a spelling or
pronunciation mutch. ('haiitauiuu life
in national, Interesting, elevating, truly
Liable to Join, the Strikers.
HtH'i'lul to DuIIiiIh Courier.
PlTTBHUKU, July 12. At a mooting
of Carnegie's employes ut tho Twenty
ninth and Thirty-third streets and
1 leaver Falls Union mills, this after
noon, It was decided thut should Mr.
Prick again decline to rooimn negotia
tions with tho Amalgamated ussiMdatlon
ut Homestead, ovory man In these mills
will strike on Thursday.
A Chance for Composers.
In order to stimulate American com
position, l.mlirt' llmne Journal has
just made public nn attractive series of
lilsiral prizes for tho Isist original
musical comiiosltlon by composers resi
dents in tho United States and Canada.
Tho prizes call for a waltz, a piano
comiiosltlon, a pleasing ballad and a
popular song, an utithom and tho four
liest hymn tunes. Tho eomHtltlon is
oKn until November 1st, next. The
opM)rtunlty has an additional attract
iveness sluco the prize coniHslttons
will form purt of a series for which
Strauss Is writing an original waltz,
and Charles Gounod and Sir Arthur
Sullivan ouch an original song.
All pontons having accounts with
Messrs Reynolds & Kauchor, lately of
the Reynoldsvllle Hardware Co., are
requested to settle the same as soon us
IXMslble. Accounts not settled before
July 15th will bo left in other hands for
J. H. Kaucheu. s. T. Reynolds.
Teachers Wanted Salaries Paid.
Tho school directors of Wlnslow
township will moot ut tho Ohiotown
school house, on Saturday, July lflth,
181)2, to elect teaohurs for the various
schools of tho township. All applica
tions with recommendutions,oertliicates,
&e., must be handed In before thut
time. Tho following salaries will bo
paid: Ohiotown schools, No. 1, $45; No.
2, $40; No. 3. $.'15; Presoottvllle, No. 1,
$15; No. 2, 3o; Rathmol, No. 1, $4.r;
No. 2, $:; Dean, No. 1, $45; No. 2, $1)5;
Sykesvllle, No. 1, $45; No. 2, KI5; all
schools not graded, $40.
O. H. UltOADHEAD, Soo. pro tent.
"Be sure you get Ayer's" is an Impor
tant caution to all in search of a thor-oughly-relluble
blood-purifier. Ayer's
Sursaparilla being the ono on which
there can be no manner of doubt. It has
stood the test of nearly half a century,
and has long been considored the standard.
Mens shoes all leather for $1.00 at
rtftlna rotHi the ff tbe.
Wait McGauohey On Monday, July
11, 1892, by E. Neff, J. P., at the home
of the bride's mother, Mrs. Aaron
Pry, Sam. E. Walt and Clara M. Mo
Gaughey, both of RoynoldsvlUe, Pa.
Snndy Vnlley.
Tho hay crop Is light this year, com
pared with last.
John P.Cnx has returned from Oregon.
Ilo was absent four years.
James Mclllion and nlslnr will start
for Mm far went In tlm near future.
Tlm Sandy Vnley hand will hold a
festival near Puncoont on Prliluy, July
Hiiimicl Steel lias purchiiHcil a driving
horse for himself. Ilo Is it lively
The Palls Creek Mining Co. havo
their bliickninlth In tlm shop at tlm new
Hlicrwood mini's.
Hist. Deputy C. N. Iicwls, of Iteyn
iildsvlllo, Installed Mm nlllcern nf the
. U. A. M. Saturday evening, July 2d.
MUs Mattln McGheo bun returned
from lleechlree, where she bus been
teaching hcIiihiI. Hhe closed herselusil
on account of seiirlel fever.
A number of our citizens al tended
the O, II. A. M. iiniilvetHury ut, Puiix
sutawney 011 the Sth Inst, They report
having liiul u plciixnnt lime.
Tho Indies of Mm Methodist church
will hold a fcntlviil In thoHundy Vnlley
grove on Suluriluy evening, July 2.'lril.
Proceeds lo apply on minister's salary.
The school directors were ut this
place securing grin mil for a new school
house. It will lie built III time for Mm
winter term. We congratululo our
people, for we needed It badly.
.lumesunil Alex. Wulto have returned
from tlrovn City college. There Is no
changes In them except ing I hat .lames
lisiks more like Alex. You could not
tell them apart when they went iiwuy.
Wo would Ihi glad e write a longer
letter If we bud lime, but us wo have lo
pick potato bugs mid mow grnss lo-duy,
we will suy good hyeunil drop our ipilll.
Win. I lacy bus been III for neverul
Miss SI nil zol I Ih visiting friends ut
Slinmokln, I'm.
Henry ,V Sons ure pushing work
rapidly In Mm opening of their new
Two of our young neighbors on Sat
urday night paid their roHpcels t'l his
Honors Court In Keyiioldsvllle. Itonly
cost 1 lniii a "V" or forty-eight hours
In LIiiiIhi, They were given to under
stiinil that owing to overproduction nf
uptown "tangle foot" his Honor would
have to advance prices oil their next
visit to him.
One of our young sports went to Illi
nois tlm oilier day and under somo
provocation proceeded to paint tho
town. Ho dumped two men from his
buggy Into Mm street, paid a $15.00 lino
for the use of (lie town, drove to Itoyu
oldsville mid sized up lliitler, the pugi
list, mid offered lo try him a Isiut,
square up, rough ami tumble or just-us-you-pleuso.
The following officers wore publicly
Installed on Monday evening by Mm
K. of P. Lodge for tho ensuing term;
P. C T. J. Hroudbeud; C. !., K. ().
Mellenry; V. (',, James Hughes; P.,
George Hughes; M. nf K., W. A. Iysl-
lug; M. of P., Jon. Ilutoson; K. of it. &
S., L. A. Hayes: Trustee, S. S. Haines.
Hev. Hemingway, of Dill lots, delivered
an address on tho occiinlou,
Ayer's pills promptly reiuovo the
causes of sick and nervous heuduelios.
These Pills speedily correct Irregulari
ties of tho stomach, liver, undbowols.und
ure tlm mildest ami most reliable cuthur
tic in use. No one should be without
List of Letter.
The following letters remain uncalled
for ut the postollico In Hcyitolilsvillo,
Pu., July lith, IMI2:
M. I. Hlmirnr, W. A, Hit,
Jiih, McKiiIkIiI, Henry llmirli,
E. N. Krucler, Atvhy liiiiilap.
Anient Tiule.
When calling for the nlxivu letters,
pleuse say they wore advertised.
J. W. Pit;sr. P. M.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Makes the hair soft and glossy.
"I have used Ayor's Hair Vigor for
nearly Ave yean, and my hair It molit,
glossy, moil Id an excellent state of pres
ervation. I am forty yean old, and bavs
ridden the plains for twenty-five years."
Wro. Henry Ott,q(ai "Mustang Bill,"
Newcastle, Wyo.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Prevents hair from falling out.
"A number of years ago, by recommen
dation of a friend, 1 began to use Ayer's
llulr Vigor to stop the balr from falling
out and prevent Its turning gray. Tho
first efteots were most satisfactory.
Occasional applications since have kept
my hair thick and of a natural color."
H. E. Basham, HcKinney, Texas.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Restores hair after fevers.
"Over a year ago I bad a severe fever,
and when I recovered, my hair began
to fait out, and what little remained
turned gray. I tried various remedies,
but without success, till at last I began
to use AVer's Balr Vigor, and now my
hair Is growing rapidly and la restored
to Its original color." Mrs. A. Colllas,
Dightou, Mass.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Prevents hair from turning gray.
"My hair was rapidly turning gray and
falling out) one bottle of Ayer's Balr
Vigor ha remedied the trouble, and my
hair li now Its original eolor and full
ness." B. Onkrupa, Cleveland, 0.
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer k Co., Lowell,
bvm v i,funni,w nhi nniuuen.
Wlien E Strike we Hit Home Every Time.
Our CIoIIi'iiik in tiding wonderful work. Our piil,ronn ar realizing
Our Clothing Ih not only llio ( 'Im-ii m-h1. but 11m lomt in tlm
long run. New HtylcHof fiueall-wool hu'iIh in Clmviotn,
OaHHiiiiereH, light and dark :olorn
AT $10.00.
New HtyleH of llomriuiir!, Wornted, Diagonal; fineHuitx, worth $10
AT $12.00.
Furnishing Department
Our Hpecial oHerH in thin department: Men'w Negligee HhirtH 2.r)f;.,
7.r)(!., 1.00, tyl.M), Thogoodrt are alldeHigiiH of thin wuiwm and
are iih line 11 h can he hIiowii by city merrJiantrt. Men'H Night
Uolen,lent Hln;k,7r(;M$1.00,$l.riO. Hurnnier Neckwear.
We have one of the fluent lineH of Neckwear ever
shown by iih, and remember we can hIiow you
a tie from 5 centu to 2.00
In filled with the choicent ntock of line Fur Durby, fin eFelt Soft and
Crunh llJltH.
Straws) straws! straws! straws.
We have Htarttid tint Straw I lat Seanon with a boom and "we don't
care u straw" for price. It all goen. Yachtn in Canton, Jap
Mackinaw and Senate liraidn
One hucdred ntylen of fine Linen VentH, fawt colom, double or ningle
breanted worth from 1.00 to 4.00.
Ladieu we auk of you to call and nee the fine line of walstn we are
are allowing. Tricon are very low and they are the
fineHt goodti ever put on the market.
I Other More al
I lluHoli,