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Wants, For Sale, Etc,
TELEPHONE your "Want Adver
tisements for this dfpartment.
Use cither phone. Call 167 on the
Bell and 101 on the Consolidated.
Talk, don't waltf!"
Advertisements and reading notices of
fill kinds placed in this column will be
charged for at the rate of ono cent per
word for .each separate Insertion, when
sending us advertisements to be printed
in this column, cash or stamps must ac
company the order.
It requires time to properly set
advertisements, therefore The Citi
zen announces tho following
Schedule Codv for regular space
1 ll L e m.mnrlml tfl.
r ii vi'riisHniH.iii.H if ir liiu ueauav 10-
nMrnlr nrirl nnrlv nn Rnhirrinv if
nnoot Yil n
CoDy for Fridays paper snouiu
UU 111 lUO UlilV;t9 lillUL muu nvu-
. .1 II 11 XI L 1
nRRtinv niLiiiL ULLriier mull luul ij.
Cent-A-Word advertisements can-
Mnnnnva nnn i'liiirsnavs.
ICYCLES and all kinds of supplies
and sundries at uranam waits-
Hav l takes, uuaras. lite, uranam wiuis.
OR SALE 1913 Model, Motor Cycles
and Motor Boats at bargain prices.
write us touay. unclose stamp lor re-
1lfVi. 53W1U
Films. Kodaks. Amateur work finish-
. t, . ' x 1... nil 11 .l I Cl.ln
ifl. linfltlH BCllL LIV lllO.lL. 11UUIU E ULUUIUi
HE Greater Ilonesdalo Board of Trade
is dally receiving Inquiries regarding
UIO will mu sn,wwn,7t
nwnv. ('itlznn nrncfi. linnesuaie. 'a.
hpl Rtrnln sorrell broke single (rood
lale, R. D. No. 2.
a UTOMOBILE Late model Ford tour-! Norman Bodle has sold fifteen
. -ln.B ca.r f.r BaIe cheap. C. H. Rettew j motnrcvcles this season.
The American Knitting Mill
843 Main street.
Kiel 2
I P YOU are looking for a 10 per cent.
Investment call at the office of tho
Buy-U-A-Homo Realty company, Jadwin
THROW AWAY your old Sprayer and
got ono of our Gould's Compressed
Air Sprayers. Saves your time and your
temper, and does BETTER work. Mur
ray Co., HoneSdale, Pa.
street, consisting of
two dwelling
houses and large lot, extending from
River to Cottage street for sale cheap.
This property shows a net lncomo of 8
per cent, on the investment. Inquire of
Buy-U-A-Homo Realty Company, Jad
win building, Honesdale, Pa. B2ell
FOR SALE Second hand cook stove.
No 8, with reservoir and high shelf,
ovens, either coal or wood. Good as new
for $12. Inquire at this office, or of
James Cook, Hoadleys. Bell 'phone
PYROX for Potatoes Kills both the
bugs and tho blight. Murray Co.,
Honesdale, Pa.
FOR RENT Six desirable rooms with
all modern conveniences. Good lo
cation. Will bo ready for occupancy by
July 1. Call Bell No. 157 or Citizen No.
101 or Inquire at tho Citizen office. tf
WANTED 3 or 1 rooms With modern
conveniences, suitable for light
housekeeping, in the resident section. Ad
dress K, Citizen office. B3tf.
FOR SALE Five hens and a rooster
for $5. Hens good for laying or eat
ing. Roosters full blooded Black Minorca,
a year old. Inquire at Citizen office or
at Woodward's, Hoadleys. Bell 'phone.
place to build your home, consult the
Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company. Have
you Inspected Willow Park?
NOW IS THE TIME to stop flies.
Screen doors and windows of all
sizes at a good price, at G. Watts, dealer
in Hardware.
DON'T FAIL TO GET a Twenty Pay
ment or Endowment policy with the
Elective Life Disability feature written
by C. Bassctt, agent for the F. M. L.
Ins. Co. of Philadelphia.
CABBAGE plants for sale. $1.50 per
thousand; 20c per hundred. H. W.
Keen, R. D. 3, Waymart, Pa. 52cI4t
WHY' TIE YOURSELF any longer to a
rent receipt? Own your home. Seo
Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company, Jadwin
building, Main street, Honesdale.
FOR SALE Nice gentle colt over a
year old, black. Inquire at Citizen
office, or call on F. P. Woodward, Hoadleys.
J Ul 40. lUUlilJUb il
:15 and 1:15 p. m. 52elS
RANTED Girl for general housework.
Anoly 1111 Court street. Honesdale.
riift ill'. i nRvpn ruiiiiiH uuu ll ulllh
In tho Buel Dodcre house, down stairs.
-innesdale. 4UtI.
OR SALE Elegant building lot oh
North Main street, near C. F. Bul-
ock's residence. Ask Buy-U-A-Home
in Honesdale for sale Good location
oyeu Dy many nonesuaio unu rurui uia-
ormatlon inquire of Buy-u-A-Honio
tealty Company, Honesdale, Pa., Jad-
vin building. 54eii.
i 1-2 x 14 Inches. practically as
particulars. Lock Box 63. Honesdale.
these little n diets, and they are busl-
.urinfT it to me warmers ana Aie-
cated In Lebanon township on State
road leading to Equinunk and about nine
miles from Honesdale. Farm very pro
ductive and one of best in that vicinity.
Contains 136 acres of good tillable soil;
red shale. Upon premises Is located
frame house, two barns, good orchard,
water, and a Quantity of lumber. Will
sell at a reasonable price. Bargain for
some one. For rurther particulars in
quire of Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company,
Honesdale, Pa.
f ME DOLLAR will open an account at
" tno .f armers ana Aiecnamcs uanit.
Courteous treatment to all.
" in older days you will not have to.
Tho Farmers and Mechanics Bank can
take care of you. Open a bank account
with that Institution to-day. 46tf
Good condition, useu only a montn.
No. 5 model. Bargain for quick buvcr.
Address i' , uuizen oince, iionesaaie, i-a.
( NE DOLLAR per month will get you
w protection it you are nun or sick
W. P. Schenck. Honesdale. Pa.
f at TJTT.T fnennoa nnlfnca 'nn
5 cloth, and p'rlnting of all kinds for
the farmer Is made a specialty at The
citizen printery.
WHAT'S tho use of fret and worry over
senseless cares and strife? Use
these adlets In a hurry, let them smooth
your patn or me.
Smivpnir T'nvplrmps. Honesdale views.
for sale at The Citizen olfice, over Jad-
wln's drug store, Alain ana .ttignt streets,
6 or 5c, or 10c er dozen. 49tf.
1XANTED Carpenter
11 Steady work.
and teamster.
Long Pond Mill. 52tf
onesda e and Greater Honesdale
D. & H.
Honesdale A.M
(Sunday 10.15)
(Sunday 9.55
r. TTnnpsrinln
Lv. Honesdale
r. TTnnnsrinlA
2.53 (Dally)
7.10 iSun.l
X-tA lTitiia ,1 n 111. AVnnnL l.l...
Justus Cary has sold to Andrew
leilman and Michael Deilman, both
f South Canaan township, a farm
f twenty-seven acres in that town
hip for the consideration of ?3,-00.
-Two cases of chlckenpox have
ppn rpnnrtfid tn Mpalth OfTlonr M. R.
pbneer. Tho patients are Margaret
homas, aged 8 years,, daughter of
larjorle Silsby, aged 7, daughter of
harlcs Silsby, of Rivor street.
' From one of the hottest days of
1(3 titjUSUU uu ouiuiuuy WUUll LUU
lormometer registered about 05 de-
rees. mo neai wave was uroicen on
unuay oy a arop oi iorty decrees.
was a welcome cnange from tho
itense heat of the past few weeks.
arly Monday morning the thermom-
ter went as low as 4U uegrees.
-Tho 'Bader families of Thlr-
;enth street and elsowhero held a
U . . . VJ 1 . U . . U .1 . 1 . . . . . V .. 1- . U LJWAUn
pantv.nnn mpmhnra Inplllrilnfr fnur
eneratlons present. Dr. Walter
nrior wlf nnrl nnllrl nf JnTiTistnwTi .
ere the only out of town members,
r. Bader will return Tuesday, his
imily remaining here for the bal-
ph or .luiv.
The Fourth of July was fittingly
ilobrated in Narrowsburg and tho
rnslnn wnn ono loner to bo remain-
1 till UV L11M UCUUld UL LUUt UUlhU"
i iiiiitia. i iinm in nuiuiuK on jii-
cauvo an uu uiu'iuduiuucu l'uuiiu
n inn nnnn n n r pjrirrnwHiiiirir n rii v-
1 themselves up to tho task In the
ilebratlon that they offered. C. P.
nrlo. nf TTrtnpHrlnln wnn thn flnnnlf.
nf thn rtnv nnd .Tfinltlns' Unv Rand.
so of this place, furnished the mu
c. There were many from here
ho spent the day there.
The home of C. E. Canfield, of
Damascus, was slightly damaged by
lightning a few days ago.
A marriage license has been
issued to' Almoro Wooster, of To
wanda, and Miss Louise Meszler of
The Men's Guild of St. John's
Lutheran church held their regular
bi-monthly meeting in the church
parlors on Thursday evening of last
The proceeds of the picnic that
was held in Bellevuo park last Sat-
uruay oy tno uerman (jainouc ciuo
netted that organization S280.40
The club will have an outing in Fos
ter s farm on July 20.
The Vestry of St. John's La
theran church have granted Rev. C.
C. Miller a vacation of ono month
to begin tho last two weeks in July
and continue over the first two weeks
in August. Rov. Miller and family
will spend the time in Philadelphia
and other adjacent points.
The Fourm of July was cele
brated in line style by the people of
Aldenville last Friday. A big picnic
and ball games were tho order of
the day. Tho Aldenville team played
two games with Carbondale and lost
both by scores of 2 to 3 and 4 to 5
The Gleo club of the Honesdale M,
E. church sang and W. B. Lesher
recited for the entertainment of the
District Attorney M. E. Simons
has received a complaint from cltl
zens of White Mills nnd Palmyra
township on tho condition of the
road between White Mills and Haw
loy. The complaint was signed by
many living along tho road who
said that no work has been dono on
tho road for several years and that
it Is almost impassible and
a nuisance. Brush at the side
of tho road and stones make it prac
tically impassible.
Miss Laura Goodnough, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Good
nough of Glrdland, Pa., and Alex
M. Myers of Worcester, Mass., were
married at noon, July 1st at the
home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Rol
land Brown, 110 Summit road, El
mlra. Rev. H. T. Beatty of Hoboken
officiating. The brldo -was given
away by her father. Only the im
mediate members of tho family were
present. After their Honeymoon
Mr, and Mrs. Myers will reside at
Worcester, Mobs,
closed during this week,
A marriage license has been Is
sued to John T. Kiegler and Miss
Jeanette Baldwin, both of Hones
dale. Tho regular monthly meeting of
the Business Men's Association will
bo held on Wednesday evening of
this week.
Conductor Charles Lord of tho
Erie delivered 115 Now York pas
sengers from tho Honesdale branch
to the main line on Sunday.
The family of Thomas A. Cross
ley left on Thursday last for Far
view Lake, where they expect to
spend part of the summer.
Frederick H. Hilcker, of New
York, and Lena Hedler Mingst, of
Narrowsburg, N. Y., were married
at the German Lutheran parsonage,
July 3rd by Rev. C. C. Miller.
The membors of Company E, i
13th regiment, N. G. P., left on a
special Delaware and Hudson train
at 5:30 Saturday morning for Selins-,
grove, where tho boys in blue are in
camp. I
B. H. Dittrlch announces that
on Monday evening, July 14th, he has
made arrangements to have a dis
play of Edison b talking pictures. '
This will be the first of the kind to
be exhibited in Honesdale.
-The marriage of Miss Jeanette
Baldwin and Mr. John G. Kiegler.
both of Honesdale, was celebrated
at six o'clock Friday morning in St.
Mary Magdalen's church. Dr. J. W.
Balta performed the ceremony.
The marriage of Miss Louise
Meszler of Honesdale and Mr. Almore
Wooster of Towanda, occurred in St.
Mary Magdalen s church Monday
afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. J. W.
Balta performed the ceremony.
Theodore Day was an early
morning visitor in The Citizen office
Monday morning. He stated that
the mercury registered S4 degrees
on Sunday and Monday morning he
reversed the figures, making them
48, with a near frost.
Tho next attraction will be the
Business Men's picnic at Lake Lo
dore July 23, The association is ex
tensively advertising this event and
weather permitting It undoubtedly
will be one of the largest gatherings
of people from this and the other
side of the Mooslc mountain held in
many years.
During the month of June just
passed Prothonotary W. J. Barnes
and deputy Miss Marcla Barnes, were
kept busy issuing marriage licenses.
Thirty-three were issued to prospec
tive couples during the month which
made a new record for Wayne
county. During June of last year
only twenty-two licenses were issued.
Three patrons of W. T. Heft,
the veteran barber of Honesdale,
happened to be In the former's shop
at one time on Saturday. All three,
Hon. James Blrdsall, Joseph Men-
ner and Daniel Peil, have been con
tinuous patrons of Mr. Heft for 51
years. Tins is a remarkable record
and it is doubtful if it can be equal
led in the State.
ADnronriato services .commem
orating the Fourth and the laying
of tho cornerstone of tho Central
Methodist Episcopal church were ob
served in that edifice. Pastor Will
H. Hiller delivered two patriotic
sermons during the day. Special
musical programs were rendered at
both morning and evening services.
The singing at the later service was
unusually good.
The following young people left
on Sunday morning for Elk Lake,
where they will camp for two weeks
in tho Buckland cottage: Misses
Helen Oakes, Hortenso McKenna,
Marie Bracey and Lillian Barberi.
The following from Scranton
are also Included in the party:
Misses Marguerite Barrett, Anastasia
Kelley, Vera Tuman and Mabel God
dard. Miss Margaret Donnelly will
join the campers next week. The
party is chaperoned by Miss Mamo
The remains of Mrs. Elizabeth
Brown, who died at her late home
In Hoboken, N. J., on Thursday last,
arrived hero over tho Erie on Sat
urday afternoon and were taken to
the cemetery where a short service
was read at the grave by Rev. A. L.
Whittaker of Grace Episcopal
church. Mrs. Brown was formerly
a resident of East Honesdale. The
pall-bearers were: M. E. Simons, R.
M. Stocker, J. Samuel Brown, Wil
liam Brown, Joseph Brown and E. T,
The Fourth was celebrated at
Mr. and 'Mrs. James Carefoot's with a
gathering of relatives and friends.
Those present were Mrs. Masher and
Mrs. Utt, of Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. I
James Cook and children of Hoad
leys, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burleigh I
of Dunmoro, who came over in the
former's outo. When the Dunmor
eans made the return trip they took j
along wltn them 'Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Cook and their two children, who
spent Saturday in Dunmore and
Items llils
Probably tho most unlquo of
Fourth of July celebrations took
place at Farview Friday when the in
mates had a real day of celebrating
from the patriotic addresses in the
morning, the field day events and
base ball game in tho afternoon to
tho magnificent fireworks' display
in tho evening. The celebration was
arranged by Dr. T. C. Fitzsimmons,
superintendent of the hospital, and
not an Incident marred the pleas
ure of the unfortunate patients. One
of tho features of the day was the
addresses made at the picnic grove by
two of the inmates, B. Frank Smith
of Fayette county, and Henry Becker
of Philadelphia, were the inmates
who made the addresses. Neither ad
dress was lacking in patriotism or
lack of love for their country.
On Friday of this week between
tho hours of 7 a. in. nnd 7 p. in., tho
citizens of Honesdale will bo privi
leged to voto for pavo nt n special
election held nt tho court house. Tho
improvement is u step nlong pro
gresslveness. If yon nro n Progres
sive cast your ballot for pave.
Miss Jennie Leo is visiting rela
tives in Clinton,
Miss Josephine DeWitt is spend
ing her vacation in Susquehanna.
Mrs. Thomas McKenna is visiting
In Philadelphia and New York City.
P. C. Peuser, of Scranton, was n
business caller in town last week.
Miss Mary A. McCloskey Is spend
ing the week nt her home in Haw
ley. Mrs. Thomas Barry, of Newark, N.
J., Is a guest of Honesdale friends
Miss Emma Sandercock spent the
Fourth and week-end at Deposit,
N. Y.
Earl Gager and Neal Hiller of
Scranton spent Saturday and Sunday
in town.
Miss Beatrice Havey spent Fri
day with relatives and friends in
Miss Florence Rled spent the lat
ter part of last week at her home in
White Mills.
Mark E. Griffin, of New York, is
spending a two weeks' vacation at
his home here.
Miss Clara Eck of New York spent
the Fourth and Sunday with her
parents at Dyberry.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker, of Paterson,
N. J., are guests at the home of D.
D. Weston this week.
Miss Loretta Murray and Gertrude
Duff have gone to Eldred, N. Y to
spend their vacation.
Miss Mollle Demer of Hallstead,
has been visiting her brother, Jacob
Demer, Church street.
Mrs. Ellen Drake, of New York
City, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. John
Blake, on Terrace street.
Monroe Weiss, of New York city,
visited his sisters, the Misses Weiss
on Park street over Sunday.
'Mr. and Mrs. Habeteur, of Great
Bend, are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wagner.
Attorneys M. E. Simons and C. P.
Searle were attending to business
in Starrucca on Wednesday.
Miss Florence Giddlng, of Pater
son, N. J., was a guest at the Meth
odist parsonage over Sunday.
Mrs. John Deltzer, of Hawley, and
daughter, Mrs. Kettner, of this place
are visiting in Carbondale and Scran
William L. O'Connell, treasurer of
the Gurney Electric Elevator com
pany, spent the week-end at his home
Miss C. Lillian Baker of New York
City, will be tho guest of her aunt,
Mrs. E. A. Pennlman, tho coming
Miss Asher Franklin, of East
Benton, Pa., Is a guest at the home
of Prothonotary and Mrs. W. J.
Fred Llebig is driving the downT
town express wagon in place of Dan
iel Faatz, during the latter's absence
at camp,
'Master Horace, Boyd, of Lester
shire, N. Y., is spending the sum
mer with his grandmother, Mrs. E.
Robert Heft has accompanied his
nephew, William F. Heft, Jr., to De
posit where the former will spend
his vacation.
William Wefferllng and Arthur
Wensel, Jr., of Newark, 'N. J., are
the guests of friends here for an in
definite time.
Attorney and Mrs. Chester Garratt
spent a few days last week at the
home of the former's parents at In
dian Orchard.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Demer, of
Hallstead, are tho guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Rickert
on Court street. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Kreitner, of
Scranton, spent the latter part of
last week at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Kreitner.
Orvlllo Welsh, local representa
tive of the proposed new Scranton
Dally News, spent the week-end with
nls parents at Tyler Hill.
Hon. H. Clark Jackson, of Tyler
Hill, was calling ion Honesdalo
friends on Monday. He returned
from Harrisburg a week ago.
Mss Edith Hamlin, of Syracuse,
N. Y,, arrived on Monday afternoon
for a several weeks' visit at the home
of Miss Mary Weston, Park street.
Major Edgar Jadwin of the U. S.
corps of engineers with headquarters
at Washington, D. C, spent a few
days with his father, C. C. Jadwin.
Mrs. Harper and son, Harold, ac
companied by Harry and Jesse Hallo
way, of Philadelphia, are guests for
two weeks at the home of Mrs. Ed
ward Reed at White Mills.
Ed. J. Woodward, of Dunmoro,
with his oldest son, Wayne, spent the
Fourth of July and the week-end at
F. P. Woodward's, Hoadleys, return
ing to his home on Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGlnnis, of
Jeanette, are visiting at tho homo of
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Nicholas Hessllng on South Main
street. They expect to spend several
Mr. and Mrs. George Murran and
son, George, Jr., of Chicago, aro
visiting relatives and friends in East
Honesdale. Mr. Murran formerly
played ball on the old Honesdalo base
ball team.
C. M. Harris left early Sunday
morning in his auto for Danbury,
Conn., to bring Mrs. Harris home.
He wa&accompanled as far as New
burg, JgkY., by Chris. Burkett and
Ray McMullen.
Hon. B. B. Hardenbergh and
daughter, Miss C. Lou, accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Roberts,
of Wynnowood, Philadelphia, began
a motor trip of the Eastern states on
Saturday morning.
Miss Eunice Genung left Monday
for a week's visit in Madisonville,
N. J., and Forest Hill, L I., N. Y.
While in these places she will be
guests of Mrs. Johanna Kimble and
Mrs, H. K. Brown.
Mrs. F. II. Crago Is spending the
week with relatives at Aldenville
and Mr. Crago spent Friday and
Saturday there with her. She ex
pects to spend the coming week
there before returning home,
I Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Menner were
, married 55 years ago July 4th.
Burgess R. W. Murphy and fam
ily of Hawley were In. Honesdale on
Miss Elizabeth 'Bone, of Durt
more, is visiting her aunt, Mfs. Ei B.
Callaway on East street.
Alfred L. Schuller, of Upper Mont
clalr, N. J,, is spending his vacation
with his family at this place.
Paul Fives, Emanuel Freeman, A.
M. Lelne, Jefferson Freeman, Eu
gene Freeman, C. M. Harris and A.
W. Abrams motored to Peck's pond,
Piko county, on July 4th, and re
turned with a good catch of pickerel.
Miss Hannah Hessler, who is re
covering from n fractured shoulder,
received some weeks ago, fell oyer
a pall left in the way by a woman
who was cleaning and broke tho
bones In her left wrist. Dr. H. B.
Ely was called.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hudson, of
Carbondale, arrived on Saturday and
were taken by auto to Whites Val
ley, where they will be guests at the
home of William Glover for a few
days. They will also visit at Clin
ton before returning Home.
Halsey Lathnop, of Scranton, was
in town on Thursday. He left that
afternoon for Beachlake to spend a
few days with his wife, who is spend
ing the summer there. A son, re
siding at Cinclnnatti, Ohio, Is also
visiting there for a short time.
Harry Wood of Prompton, who
has been employed for the past few
months as a guard at the Farview
State Hospital, resigned last Wed
nesday and will leave on Tuesday
morning for Princeton, Indiana,
whero he has accepted a position.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. "Kimble,
with their three children, Bruce,
Milton and Ruth, arrived at Hoad
leys on Sunday, the Cth, from Cam
bridge, Ohio. They will spend two
or three weeks at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank P. Woodward, Mrs.
Kimble's parents.
Hubert Kllnk, a veteran of tho
Civil war, who was born in Hones
dale, visited his native town a few
days last week. While hero Mr.
Klink was a guest of Comrade Peter
Collum. This was Mr. Klink's first
visit here in 48 years. He enlisted in
Honesdale. His home is in Chicago.
Dr. L. 'B. Neilsen, M. J. Hanlan
and F. H. Crago were appointed a
commission to look Into the mental
condition of H. J. Field, of Clinton
township. Mr. Field is a veteran of
the Civil war. A hearing was held
last week at which time the commis
sion recommended that tho man be
sent to the Sojdiers' Home.
"I understand we will have tho
privilege of voting for pave on Fri
day," said the barber to his patron.
"Yes," responded tho customer,
"and it can't como too quickly to
suit me. Wo have paid out enough
money for Main street and It is
about time wo havo something to
show for It. Honesdalo, with nearly
$G,000,000 In its banks and putting
up with such streets as wo havo,
ought to bo ashamed of itself. It is
a disgrace to tho community. I am
going to voto for pavo."
"Me too," rejoined tho barber.
"Last time I voted for mud and I
havo been kicking myself over since.
Mud is all right in its place, ,but not
on Main street. I promised myself
that if ever I was given tho oppor
tunity to voto for pave again, that I
would never turn the opportunity
down. I am a pave booster and I
guess everybody who sits in this
barber chair knows It. My opinion
is that pave will be carried by a
big majority."
nnpnin nil p ta
tftblAL dALt
3 Cans of Corn 25c
4 pkgs. Corn Starch . .25c
2 Cans Salmon 20c
3 pkgs. Corn Flakes . . .25c
Dealer in
Fancy Teas, Coffees, Spices,
Groceries and Provisions.
512 South Mnin Street,
noncMlnlc, Pn.
'LLi'K&ial B WIN Stall B
The use'of hose for sprinkling is abso
lutely prohibited, except between the hours
of 6 and 8 a. m. and 6 and 8 p. m.
HonesdaBe Con. Water Co.
Variety, Quality
and Style
V17HEN a man wants to pay $io,
$12, is, $18 and $20 for his
Summer Suit, he finds
a maximum of the
things worth while in
our Schloss-Baltimore
You'll find that our suits nt these
popular prices nro tailored with tho
sanio extreme enro as high priced
models and that tho patterns arc
very carefully selected, and to n
great extent exclusive.
Shepherd plaids, English
Checks, Pin Checks, Club
Checks, Chalk aad other
Novelty Stripes. Plain
and Fancy Blue-Serges.
Every popular model in
English, Semi -English,
Conservative and Norfolk
On account of a back
ward season wo will give
our customers a ten per
PYlfr rllapmint nn nil crnnria
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Bregstein Bros
Main St.
Honesdale, Pa.