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wagon, also set of slnglo harness.
Apply Durland-Weston Shoe Co.
BOcl 2t.
Hundred Seven, Main street, for
sale. Nino rooms. All Improve
ments. Apply iBentley Bros., Op
posite Postolllce.
Pethlck estate, located In Bethany.
Terms reasonable. II. W. Pethlck,
administrator, Hawley, Pa. 53mos2
can have It by using Brady's
cholco vanilla. Get It at Brady's
Drug store. 50mo2
machine shop nnd garago located
on Industrial Point, 'Honcsdale.
Business established 20 years. Best
known glass cutters supply con
cern In the United States. Edward
G. Jenkins, Honcsdale, Pa. 42tf.
Ing house and lot on East Street
Extension; all Improvements. Bar
gain, J. B. Robinson, Agent, Jad
win Building. KSeltf
ty as farmer; also to board help.
Inquire of G. Smith & Sons, Inc.,
Seelyvllle, Pa. Gleitf
In wash room. T. B. Clark & Co.,
hand In Alteration Room of La
dles' Suits and Coats. Apply P. O.
Drawer A. 59tf
three pink shpll Cameo heads. Fin
der return to this office and get re
July IS at 047 Main street. Pho
tographs, Frames, Kodaks and Sup
plies. 57eoi3
zen March 13, 1012, and June 21,
1912. tf
ers and smoothers on tableware In
Brooklyn, N. Y. Good pay and
steady work to good men. Apply by
mall to J. II., COO Tribune Building,
New York. 61t2
all modern Improvements. Inquire
Jacob Demer, South Church street.
ers, 5 roughers and 5 polishers by
the Wayne Cut Glass Company at
Towanda, Pa. Steady work and
highest wages paid. 55el4
your laundry. Thomas F. Bracy,
Honesdale, agent. Look for our
wagon with tho Blgn "Lackawanna
Laundry Co." 57tf
A.M. P.M. P.M.
Erie 7.00 2.30 5.30
D. & H C.30 12.M. 4.15
D. & H. Sun. C45
R. D 9.50 P. M.
Stage 2.50.
Trout season closes on Wednes
day of this week.
The Honesdalo base ball team
Journeyed to Hawley Saturday, and
were defeated by the score of 15 to
A marriage license was Issued
on Friday of last week to Elmer
Blackmore and Miss Catherine E.
Bishop, both of Hawley.
The Helpers of tho Baptist
church will hold an Ice cream social
on Mr. Trask's lawn, Tuesday even
ing, July 30. Public cordially in
vited. Hoso Company No. 1 have
awarded tho contract for a 45-gallon
two-wheel chemical engine to tho
American LaFranco Fire Engine
Company of Elmira, N. Y. A dem
onstration will bo made as soon as
tho engine arrives here.
The Eagles and their families
gathered on the shores of No. 2
Pond on Sunday afternoon and en
Joyed a delicious clam bake. A big
dinner was served. A baseball game
beween the married men and tho
single men resulted In a vic
tory for the singles by a scoro of 34
to 21. A largo crowd witnessed tho
ball gamo and partook of tho dinner.
On Thursday evening tho Maplo
City Drum Corps held an ico cream
social near tho Baptist church along
tho bankB of tho Lackawasen river.
A largo crowd gathered early and tho
boys were well pleased at the Inter
est that was shown them. Tho
money realized will bo used to de
fray tho expense of their now uni
forms. During tho evening while
tho social was In progress tho boys
paraded tho (Main street doing many
of their fancy drills and rendering
patriotic music. The boys alBo play
ed for tho amusement of their guests
on tho lawn and a neat sum was
realized from tho social.
It Is claimed, owing to the foun
dation of Main streot, that brick set
In a bed of concroto will raako tho
proper and In fact tho best material
with which to make a road. It Is true
that Main streofa trafllo is heavier
than any other street In town and In
fact thero is more, travel over It than
streets in somo cities. But why
pavo with brick? has been asked.
Why not uso creosote blocks or as
phalt, brick 1b bo noisy? Tho clat
ter, clatter of tho horses' hoofs upon
a brick pave Is something that wears
upon the nerves, states another. Tho
town council wants to glvo Hones
dale tho most durable pave hut It also
wants to conform with tho taxpay
ers' requests.
Monday's rain saved the black
berry crop.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Demer, a son, Sunday, on Church
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William
Myers, of Texas township, a daugh
ter, on Saturday last,
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George
Glbboncy on Thirteenth street, a
daughter on Thursday last.
Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs.
George E. Spencer, of Eleventh
street, on Monday. Their family now
consists of three sons.
Patrick Murrny, for many years
a section boss on the Erie tracks,
died at his home In Hawley Sunday.
Tho funeral was held Tuesday morn
ing. Tho merchants of Honcsdale
and Carbondalo will have an outing
at Lake Lodore on August 7. Ar
rangements are being made for a big
tlmo on that date.
The Mitchell Hose company of
Carbondale, has accepted from Hose
Company No. 1 of this place to be
the home company's guests on Fire
man's day at the Wayne County Cel
ebration. William Baker, an employe, re
ceived a painful Injury to one of his
feet on Saturday while at his work
In the machine shop of the Gurney
Elevator company; in some way a
large sheave weighing about 300
pounds fell upon his foot.
Tho Erk building which suf
fered great loss In the recent fire,
and which has been under the pro
cess of reconstruction since last win
ter, is nearing completion. The large
plate glass front has been put In
and the Interior decoration has
been started.
Tho Baptist Sunday school pic
nic was held at Olver's Grove on
Saturday and about one hundred
children and members of the church
enjoyed a day of complete rest and
enjoyment. There was plenty of
amusement for the little ones and
games of all kinds were indulged in
by all. A big dinner was spread on
the grass at noon.
Among Honesdale persons who
ate dinner at the Central House,
Lake Huntington, N. Y., Sunday,
were: Councilman C. Harry Rettew,
wife, eon Charles, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Ferber, Mrs. John Rlefler, two
sons and two daughters, Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Gammell, Mrs. Edward
Ward, Ernest Dudley, Fred Hauler,
Henry TIngley and George Lees.
Jesse Barlow, of Monticello, N.
Y., who for nearly a year has been
a lessee with Charles W. Elmendorf
of Hotel Wayne, transferred his In
terest in the business to the latter
on Saturday last. Mr. Elmendorf as
sumed control of this popular
hostelry on Sunday and will here
after be In charge. He has had sev
eral years of experience and ought
to make a success of the venture.
Tho Honesdale Boy Scouts are
to servo ico cream and cako this
(Tuesday) evening on the river
bank near the Baptist church. The
Scouts are anxious to add to their
camp equipment and this social is
held for that purpose. . .early half
of the troup aro sleeping under tonts
on the hills now and If they can se
cure equipment It Is nopea that the
entlro troup and many other boys
can be accommodated. The troup
Is going to camp for a week at Lake
Ariel and this additional equipment
will bo needed.
Dr. C. R. Brady dispatched a
four-foot rattlesnake, which had
nino rattles, In Pike county Sunday.
Tho doctor and "W. F. Suydam were
motoring through Pike county on
their return from Milford. When
near Lord's Valley the doctor re
marked to Mr. Suydam to look at
the largest rattler that laid basking
across the road. The automobile
ran over tho reptile and crippled
him. The doctor stopped and after a
short time dispatched the " old
timer." He brought It to West
brook's, where It Is now being tan
ned for the doctor.
Mrs. E. T. Smith and Mrs. John
Boyd entertained at "500" at the
home of the former on Monday af
ternoon In honor of their guest, Miss
Barr. A buffett luncheon was serv
ed and a most enjoyable time was
passed by all present. The follow
ing were present: Mrs. William Bad
er, Mrs. Jos. S. Fryer, Mrs. Harry
Richards, Mrs. Harry Weaver, Mrs.
Shumway, Mrs. George Ross, Mrs.
Leon Ross, Mrs. George Spettiguo,
Mrs. Chris. Bergman, Mrs. Frank
Erk, Mrs. Thomas Baker, Mrs. John
Krantz, Mrs. F. Powell, Miss Emma
Brown, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Fred E.
Lawyer, Miss Anna Seaman.
On Sunday evening at St. John's
R. C. church a special choir com
posed of about sixteen boys, ren
dered special music for tho evening
service. The boys have had very lit
tle choir experience but their ren
dition was a very creditable one and
won for them much applause from
tho audience. Under tho direction
of Miss Reardon, of Scranton, the
new organization was perfected and
brought to its present standard. Tho
boys comprising tho organization
were: James Murray, Francis Mc
Graw, Ambrose Glbbony, Joseph
Skelly, Joseph Van Drelsden, Leo
Skelly, Joseph May, Aloyslus Van
Drelsden, Basel Lewis, William
Shanley, Francis Igo, Joseph Butler,
Charles O'Connor, Peter May, Paul
O'NIell and Charles Mangan.
On Thursday afternoon last MIbs
Theresa Bobbins, who has been
working hero for some time, but
who lives In Jermyn, where her par
ents, Mr. and 'Mrs. Stophen Robblns,
reside, was affected by tho heat of
the sun and Is now In a critical
condition at tho homo of her aunt,
Mrs. JSlizaboth Robblns, on Wood
avenue. Miss Robblns, accompan
ied by her cousin, Miss Pheobe Rob
blns, walked down town that after
noon and after returning she had a
scvero hoadacho, but no attention
was paid to this fact that evening
other than the applying of tho usual
sedatives for tho ache. Friday
morning tho young lady was unablo
to arise and could not talk. Dr.
Powell was called and stated that
tho girl had suffered a sun stroko
and was In a bad condition. Her
condition at present Is much Im
proved. Her mother, Mrs. Stophen
Robblns, came hero on Monday and
took her home.
How Is your stock of Board of
Trade envelopes? Wo print them at
Tho Citizen office.
A larco number from Hones
dalo attended tho picnic at Lake
Lodore on Saturday.
Carbondalo Merchants' Day at
Lako Lodore, August 7. Honesdalo
stores are posted for the event.
Saturday last was a big day at
Lako Lodore. There wero at least
5,000 mill workers at that popular
It Is an old saying that "All
roads lead, to Rome," but all of
them will lead to Honesdalo next
month, when the big celebration will
take place.
Farmers' Institutes will bo held
In Wnyno county at the following
places and dates as follows: Hones
dale, Dec. 2S; Aldenvllle, Dec. 30,
31; Pleasant Mount, Jan. 1,2; Lake
wood, Jan. 3, 4.
Cashier C. A. Emery returned
Monday after an absence of two
weeks spent In Scranton. Mr. Emery
left his wife and llttlo daughter,
Margaret, very well, which is grati
fying news to Inquiring Honesdalo
William Watts, whose barn was
destroyed by lightning July 17, is
planning to rebuild a modern up-to-dato
structure. It will be 30x56
feet with basement stables. Mr.
'Watts lost everything but a horse.
He was In Honesdale on Monday
buying a new wagon, farm Imple
ments, etc.
Peter Teldemann, who has been
staying with his daughter, Mrs. Wil
liam DeReamer, near White, killed
an enormous rattlesnake near For
est Lako one day last week. The
reptile had thirteen rattles. Tiede
mann Is a salesman for Recht &
Rosenbaum, Empire Plcltlo Works,
of New York.
W. J. Rolf today announces that
ho will open his shoe store In his
own building on Thursday of this
week. The Reif building was badly
damaged In last January's tire and
now, having been reconstructed,
with a new front and new fixtures
throughout, presents one of the most
up-to-date stores in this section of
the state. Mr. Rolf will open with
an entirely new line of goods hav
ing sold off all the old stock ho car
ried before the lire. Wo hope that
his opening will be attended by
many people and that he will con
tinue to enjoy his share of tho pat
ronage from the people of Hones
dale. Sunday evening at 7:30 bene
diction services were held at St.
John's Roman Catholic church, Rev.
Edtarrt Burke being celebrant. The
following interesting program was
rendered. Violin solo, Joseph Carr,
accompanied by Miss Kathryn RIe.r
don; two selections by boys vested
choir; cello solo, Frank 'Dupplus;
violin solo, Mrs. Eugene Canlvan;
organist, Miss Kathryn RIerdon. The
benediction services were sung by
the church choir. Tho church was
crowded to the doors with members
and strangers. At the 8:30 morn
ing mass, 'Miss RIerdon sang "Per
fect Day." She was accompanied by
Mr. Dupplus on the cello.
If Main street is to be made an
average width of 45 feet when it Is
paved, it will allow ample room for
transplanting new shade trees'on the"
east sido of Main street. It is too
bad that the trees that have died
were not immediately replaced by
saplings. Main street is exception
ally hot, especially when the sun
beats down on tho sidewalk. Tho
reflected heat, together with the
sun's ays, makes it uncomfortably
hot to say the least. This could be
overcome to a certain degree by set
ting out more shade trees. When
tho time comes for making tho im
provement In the street lot It bo fol
lowed by an effort on the part of
property owners to set out shade
Howard Hartung, of Paterson. N.
J., is visiting his parents here.
George Foster of Scranton, was a
week-end visitor In town.
Leonard Mebbs, of River street,
has been In a very critical condition
as a result of coming in contact with
poison Ivy. It has affected his eyes.
This week ho Is much better. Wil
liam Denk, who lives next door,
volunteered to care for tho MebbB
boy ono night last week and now
ho is suffering from tho samo attack
of poison in his eyes. It is feared
that ho will lose his eyesight. Miss
McGettigan is acting as nurso to the
afflicted ones.
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Keleher
and llttlo daughter, of Towanda, ar
rived hero Friday evening for a
visit with the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Roegner, on West
Mrs. Fred Sluman and two daugh
ters, of Carbondalo, spent Thursday
and Friday with friends hero.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reliler and son
Stanley and sister, MIbs Theresa
Sporer, spent Sunday with tho lat
ter's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Sporer, at Cherry Ridge.
Miss Dorothy Baumann and
brother, Carl, have returned from a
week's visit with their aunt In
Miss Mary Murtha, who has been
visiting at her homo on Erie street
for tlireo weeks, returned to Scran
ton on Sunday.
(Deputy Reglstor and Recorder F.
H. Crago and -wife aro spondlng a
few days with relatives and friends
at Aldcnvillo.
Father Edward Burko has return
ed after two weeks' vacation spent
with rolatlvo3 In New Jersey.
Mrs. M. J. Gordan nnd son,
Joseph, of Scranton, aro guests of
tho former's cousin, Rev. John
O'Toolo, at St. John's parochial resi
dence Fathers Henry Burke, of Hawloy,
and Daniel McCnrty, of High Lake,
aro expected homo from their tour
In tho Holy Land about August 22.
Ray Sandercock of Cherry Rldgo,
has secured a position In the pattern
making department of tho Gurney
Elevator Works.
Miss Martha Volgt, of Frankfort,;
is.y who nns been visiting Miss
Eva Wilson and other friends horo
tho past week, left for Hawley on
Monday for a visit with relatives
Jacob Relf and son, John, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Rolf at Moses
Tnylor Hospital, Scranton, where
she Is recovering from a recent
Harold Tolley, of Blnghamton, re
turned home Tuesday after a few
days' visit with his cousin, Sumner
Rev. Samuel Tolloy, of Equlnunk,
Is spending a few days in town.
II. T. Menner, of the firm of Men
ner & Co., is confined to his homo
by illness at his homo on Church
street. Ho Is under tho caro of a
professional nurse.
David Pepper nnd Frank Dunlop,
both of Paterson, N. J., wero recent
guests of Thomas Crossley at Fair
view Lake. Pike county.
Miss Dora A. Conger entertained j
a few friends at her homo on Court
street, Mondny evening. I
A. L. Schullor, of New York City,
spent tho week-end with relatives
here. 1
Superintendent C. R. Callaway, of
the Gurney Electric Elevator Co.
Is In New York City, whore ho was
called to glvo flnal Inspection upon
an elevator In tho Waldorf-Astoria
Hotel before It was turned over for
public use.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Hoffman and
Noble M. Pellenz, all of Scranton,
are guests at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. Allenbacker, Jr., on High
W. W. Starbuck and sister, Miss
Sadie, are visiting relatives In
Honesdalo and Bethany.
Mrs. Nelson J. Spencer returned
iusi ween irom ocneneciauy, is. x.,
where she had been visiting friends.
Mrs. Spencer visited many other
points In New York state.
Albert GIllow, of Lookout, was in
town on Monday and called at The
Citizen office. We are always glad
to see our old friends.
Rev. Will H. Hiller returned on
Thursday from Elmira, N. Y where
he filled the pulpit last Sunday.
While in the state he visited his
mother at Dryden, N. Y., and other
Miss Alice Lewis of Carbondale, Is
spending two weeks with her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brown.
Attorney Edward A. DeLaney, of
Carbondale, was a professional caller
In Honesdalo the first of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Kreitner, of
Scranton, wero Sunday guests at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Kreit
ner. Mrs. M. II. Mason and son. Fred
erick, of Port Jervis, arrived Mon-:
day for a fortnight's visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Keeler, I
on North Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Drecktrade. I
and sons, the former's father and the
latter's mother, Mrs. R. W. Goesser, j
of Jersey City Heights, were recent
Honesdalo visitors. i
Smith & Son, proprietors of Cry
stal Spring Farm, are anticipating
building a new calf barn at their
stock farm.
Miss Mary Murphy visited rela
tives In Hawley last Thursday.
M4ss Florence Bunnell returned
Saturday from a visit with relatives
in Chicago, 111.
" Edward F. Reader and Miss Kath
erine Marie Loeven, both of Haw
ley, wore married last week by Rev.
Rudolph E. Lucas, of the German
Lutheran church.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hutchins
and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Spaeth of
Carbondalo were guests on Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Lent. Tho
trip was made In the former's auto.
'Mrs. Frank Secor, of Dunmore, is
spending a few days with her sister,
Mrs. G. P. Sommer and with Mrs.
Emma G. Secor on West street.
Misses Edna and Ethel Hawker
spent Sunday with friends In Beth
any. Miss Mary GibDony of Scranton,
is the guest of Honesdale friends.
Miss Ester Rellly, of Williams
port, Is tho guest of relatives here.
Miss Bernice Mclntyre is the
guest of friends in Hawley.
'Miss Agatha McGraw Is tho guest
of Margaret Haltzmaster of Carbon
dale. Miss Gertrude Duff Is tho guest
of friends in New York.
John Krantz and family motored
to Gouldsboro on Sunday where they
spent tho day.
Miss Elsie Ruckle of Bloomsburg,
Is spending a fow days with her
cousin, Mrs. A. A. Oehlert.
Mrs. Leo Campbell of Scranton, Is
spending a few days with Honesdalo
Miss Florence Eldred is spending
the week-end at Elk Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rieiler enter
tained a number of friends and rel
atives at their homo In Cherry Ridge
on Sunday evening. Dancing was
the pleasure of the evening and re
freshments were served.
John Wolfe, of Scranton, spent
Sunday In Honesdale. Mr. Wolfe
took chargo of tho Scranton Truth's
composing room on Monday and
his many friends hero aro glad to
learn of his advancement.
iMlss Cora Keen returned Friday
after a pleasant visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Corbett, In
Rockvlllo Centre, Long Island, N. Y.
Mrs. Fred B. Whitney has re
turned from Kingston, Port Jervis,
and other points, being absent about
four weeks from Honesdale.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hawken and
daughter, Miss Lactca, wero guests
on Saturday and Sunday at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Con
rad, of Scranton. Miss Almeta Sav
ago, a trained nurse of tho Burns
hospital, accompanied them homo In
their automobile and returned to
Scranton Monday.
Miss Maymo Lynott, a clerk In tho
Lelno pharmacy, Is enjoying her va
cation In Scranton and Canaan.
Miss Helen Schautz, of Scranton,
1b spending her vacation with her
cousin, MIbs Mllllo Schwleger, on
Main street. Miss Schautz Is enjoy
lgn tho present week with campers
at Elk Lako.
Reuben Brown will pass tho re
mainder of his vacation with his
parents on North Main street.
Jos. Jacobs was a business caller
In Scranton the latter part of tho
Menner & Co. aro now offering
at special sale all of their Children s
Fancy and play wash dresses. CleH
(Continued From Pago Ono.)
several more neignDors, numbering
about ten In all, were at the Dol
phin home until ten o'clock Satur
day night. Ono of the number was
a musician nnd furnished music for
a dance. When tho company arrived
Mrs. Dolphin stntcs that her husband
was In the kitchen and refused to
como out and Join tho rest In a
good tlmo until one of tho number
went out and coaxed him. After
that ho enjoyed himself as much as
tho rest for tho whole time the com
pany was thero or up to 10 o'clock.
Mrs. Dolphin's Story Sustained.
District Attorney M. E. Simons,
accompanied by Coroner P. B. Peter
sen and N. B. Spencer, wont to
Keen's Pond Monday and made a
further Investigation of the premises
and questioned both Mrs. Leonard
and Mrs. Dolphin further as to the
occurrance. Many neighbors wero
also questioned.
The undertaker was about to move
the body from the houso when Spen
cer arrived, preparatory to moving
it to Dickson City for burial. Ho
held It up until tho Coroner and Dis
trict Attorney arrived. A probe was
made for the bullets which entered
the man's body and to find tho gen
eral direction of the shots. It was
found that ono shot had entered the
fleshy part of tho man's arm near
tho shoulder and went through his
body piercing the left lung. The
other shot pointed upward and en
tered the body in the center of the
chest also piercing the lungs. Tho
third and last was found to have
gone through the heart. It was
probably at this point that the
wounded man exclaimed, "O! My
God! I'm Shot! and rushed from the
room. The fact that the man was
shot through tho heart and was able
to walk through two rooms before
falling seems remarkablo but Dr.
Petersen stated that It was possible
as It Is undoubtedly what happened
in this case. The course of all
the shots entering tho body was up
ward, tending to prove that Hub
bard pointed tho gun upward and
that Dolphin was leaning over him
at tho time. According to Hub
bard's own statement six shots in all
wero fired. Only flvo of them have
been accounted for thus far. The
extra shot may hnve went through
tho open door, which accounts for its
not being found. The Investigation
as a whole corroborated the testi
mony of the family. Both Mrs.
Leonard and her daughter were
rigidly cross-examined by the dis
trict attorney but no different story
could be obtained from them.
A preliminary hearing will be held
In a few days before a Justice of the
peace so that the charge can be
'egally placed upon Hubbard and he
can be held for tho next grand Jury.
The body was taken to 'Dickson
City, his former home, on Monday
afternoon, where burial took place.
All of his relatives live there.
Husband Was Not Jealous.
Mrs. Dolphin states positively that
her husband was not Jealous of her
and had never mentioned anything
of the kind to her since they wero
married. Ho disliked to have men
callers at tne house but never cora
pained when one was there or seem
ed jealous. "He and Hubbard were
on tho best of terms all the time."
sho asserted. "In fact, Hubbard
camo on the Invitation of Mr. Dol
phin, himseir, who invited him to
make our home his headquarters
while working in tho vicinity and
Thursday he invited Hubbard to
come and stay over Sunday with us."
"lie naa a Jealous dlsnnsitlnn
though," continued Mrs. Dolphin, but
it took tho form of hating any man
who succeeded better than he did
or who was able to make more
money at any Job- than he was."
Elmer Blackmoro Hawley
Catherine E. Bishop Brooklyn
Cleaning Velvet.
To clean light colored velvet, cor
duroy or felt, rub tho soiled portion
lightly with tho cut surface of a day-
old loaf of white bread, cutting off
tho surface as fast as It becomes dis
Stylish Gloves.
White Is still the proper shade In
gloves, but tans aro also good form
and tho various shades of taupe aro
growing in popularity. Champagne
color Is correct with tho right cos
tume, and black gloves will bo much
worn with the season's popular white
Honesdale School District
July I, 1911 to July 6, 1912 .
W. J. WARD. Treasurer.
Balance July 1,1011 711.01
Tuition year 1910-1911 1.038.30
Tuition year 1911-1912 1.9CS.70
II. Scmiernolz, col. '09 dupli
cate in full 109.11
II. Schuerholz, col. 1910 dup
licate In full r.Sfi.17
II. Schuerholz, col. 1911 dup
licate in full 9.S90.C1
State appropriations 3,230.90
Tuition due and unpaid $4G5.90
Balance July 1. 1911 $1.82719
Interest on balances 123.53
II. Schuerholz, col. 1010 dup-
Ucato 2G0.50
II. Schuerholz, col. 1911 dup
licate 4,395.82
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Whalon
spent the week-end with Plttston
C. P. Searlo has returned from
a few days' motor trip through Now
York state.
Miss Marguerite Dolmetsch leaves
this week Wednesday morning for a
visit with Wellsboro relatives.
John A. Kimble of Towanda, la
spending a week with his mother,
Mrs. John Kuhbach, of Court street.
To clean up stock Menner & Co.
will sell at remarkably low prlcea
tho balance of their Ladies' Tailor
Suits. Clel 4
Especially In Winter.
Who sings the tender Joys of homo
Can melt the hardest heart, no
And make chaps who once wished to
Bo glad they never started out.
Piece work; can tnnko $18.00 per
week, lint aro guaranteeing 815.00
per week of 55 hours. Married pco
plo preferred. Sclinuin & Uhllngcr
high-speed double deck looms. Ap
ply hy letter only to VIRGINIA SILK
COMPANY, INC., South Richmond,
Vn. 50tf
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Soars the
Signature ot
Comfortable Cows
Means More Milk
Star Stalls and Stanchions aro
the comfortable kind. Star stalls
aro adjustable so that all size cowa
will stand In perfect alignment.
Star stanchions are adjustable so
that young cattle or large cows can
be placed in the same stanchion.
You cannot know how good our
Star barn equipment is unless you
come In and see for yourself. Our
prices aro a llttlo lower than you
will expect to pay. If you anticipate
Improvements como In and seo us.
If you are not going to make changes
como anyway.
Star Adjustaoie Stalls, $5.00 each.
Star Adjustable Steel Stanchions,
$1.50 chain or swivel hlng.
Star Wood Stanchions, $1.10
chain or swivel hlng.
Everything (or the Farm Honesdale, Fa
School supplies and books
Teachers salaries
Janitor nnd cleaning
Light and power
H. Schuerholz, collector's sal
ary, part
Building and building sup
plies Sundry printing, freight, etc.
Balance July 6, 1912 I
199. 1C
Duo collector, balance of sal
ary $75
Other unpaid bills $31.50
Bond No. 5 paid 500.00
Bond No. 0 paid 500.00
Bond No. 117 and accrued In
terest, paid In advance 507.50
Bond No. 120 and accrued In
terest paid in advance 507.50
Coupons Oct. 1911 1,100.00
Coupons April 1912 1,120.00
Balance July 5, 1912 2,312.04
April coupons outstanding
Bonds outstanding
1 mm 14