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Mother Attempted to Clean)
House With Gasoline.
Policoman Jumps Through Window of
Trolley Car to Aid Injured Onos.
Child Stepped on Match, Which
Ignited One of the Gaso
line Bottles.
Philadelphia, July 10. Mrs. Irene
Caruso's attempt lo clean house with
gasoline caused an explosion which
seriously Injured the woman and her
three children and a fire which result
ed In n loss of $0.
Angelina, four years old, and Trazzlo,
two years old, arc so seriously burned
from Inhaling Humes that physicians at
the Samaritan hospital do not expect
them to live.
Mrs. Caruso carried twelve quarts of
gasoline up to her bedroom In prepara
tion for houseclci'nini:. She divided the
lluld among three glass bottles and pro
ceeded to saturate the woodwork of the
rooms with It.
Eight-year-old Sabnno. who was as
sisting her. stopped accidentally upon
n match. The tiny point of tlame twin
kled for an Instant and then burst into
n sheet of tlame. The three glass b t
ties exploded, cutting Mrs. Camso and
the children with flying lilts.
Mrs. Caruso, with her skirts blazing,
seized Trazzlo, the youngest child, and
tried to beat out the flames which en
veloped him.
Policeman Lnfferty was riding on a
car which was passing and he heard
people screaming and running up the
street. The car had Just started, and
before the niotormnn hnd time to open
the doors Lnfferty threw open one of
the windows and jumped ont while the
car was In motion.
Arriving nt the house, he ran up the
stairs and in the middle of the stair
way met Mrs. Cnruso carrying her
two-year-old son Trazzlo in her arms.
He assisted the two to the street,
where he extinguished the (lames, and
then ran to the nearast patrol bos.
All Working Men Except Tonnage Men
Got 10 Per Cent Advance.
Pittsburgh, July 115. Notice of an In
crease of 10 per cent in wages of all
working men, except tonnage men, was
posted in all the Jones & Laughlln
plants. The increase has already be
come effective.
The wage advance came as a sur
prise, as there had been no notice that
such a thing was contemplated. More
than 0,000 men are nffected, and the
monthly payroll will be enlarged by
approximately $100,000. The Jones &
Laughlln Steel compnny Is the biggest
competitor of the United States Steel
corporation In the Pittsburgh district.
The wage advance will certainly be fol
lowed by a slmlllar boost by the steel
corporation an advance of 1 cents an
hour. The change affects all working
men, skilled and unskilled, who work
by the day or the hour. It has no ef
fect upon the men who work on a ton
nage basis. The men at the coke plants
of the Jones & Laughlln steel company
are included.
Philadelphia Man Races Through
Streets to Escape Carving Knife.
Philadelphia, July 10. Clad only in
his pajamas, Edouard Glrornrd star
tled Overhrook churchgoers when he
lied from his home, pursued by ids
wife, Ethel, who was brandishing a
good sized carving knife.
Every now nnd then the wife would
make a false start, and the husband
would take two or three Jumps in an
effort to prevent being dissected.
The noise became so great that
Mounted Policeman Parkes made Gl
rornrd dress and the pair accompany
him to the police station. After hear
ing both sides Magistrate Boyle held
the wife in $500 ball to keep the peace.
But the Finder, an Old Woman, Had
to Give It Up.
Philadelphia. July 10. Two thousand
dollars' worth of Jewelry came tum
bling out of an old shoe which an old
woman picked up while cleaning up
some rubbish in the yard of a political
club in South Nineteenth street. She
thought fortune was smiling on her
beautifully, but Just then a big police
man camo along and saw her gloating
over her And. He, too, was after the
Jewelry, for It had been stolen from
Mrs. Francis Ue Magalhoes several
weeks ago.
Heat Depresses Man.
Pittsburgh. July 10. Alex Tauer, de
pressed by tho licat wave, Jumped
from the fourteenth iloor of tho
Mnchesney bulldlug, in tho heart of tho
financial district, to the roof of u neigh
boring building. Ho was dead when
picked up.
Tristato League.
At Trenton Trenton, 4; Johustown,
2. (Second game), Johnstown, 0;
Trenton, &
At Allentown Allentown, 7; Harrta
burg, 0.
At Atlantic City Atlantic City, 4;
York, 2.
At Wilmington Reading, 3; WlJ.
nlngton. 0,
(Special to The Citizen)
White Mills. July 1G.
C. 1'. Northwood nnd family start
ed on an auto tour on July 7. They
took the shore line ro.tte, Now Haven
and Now Bedford to Orleans, Cape
1 oil, Mass. Mrs. Northwood and
daughter Gladys, Is spending a few
days with Mrs. (.'. H. Dorlllngor at
the hitter's camp. C. C. Northwood
and son Norman returned via Ply
mouth, Boston, Hartford, Danbury
and Port Jervis, reaching home at
4:50 p. in. Saturday. They made the
trip in his Jackson 40 It. p. car, cov
ering S59 miles the round trip. No
mishaps enroute except three punc
tures. John Hensey, Jr., was the
The "Don't Worry Club" met on
the evening of the Fourth and
elected the following officers: Jacob
Brink, president; Charles Huffleman,
sceretnry; Arthur FIrmstone, treas
urer, and William Jones, guard of
tho camp.
Minor Brown has the contract to
put in the concrete work on founda
tion of the 1. O. H. new hall. Ho
started to work on Monday.
Win. H. Ham and wife, Alvln Falk
and wife motored to Liberty, N. Y.,
and return on Saturday.
George Klni'blo and daughters,
Blanche and Gladys, spent Sunday
in Hawloy.
Henry Crebbs, of Corning, N. Y.,
who has been visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Williams, returned
homo on Saturday.
On Saturday atiernoon the light
night struck David Smith's barn,
shattering tho roof; also struck the
barn of Adam Yego and killed a calf.
Russel Down, lludolph Johnson,
Ed. Joy, Lester Joy and Nathaniel
Miller of Corning, N. Y., returned
home aftor spending their vacation
with their parents here.
'Mrs. Fred 'Delteamer, Mrs. I. De
Reamer and William DeHeamer and
wife attended the funeral of Mrs.
Charles Utt at Lakei i e on Saturday.
Henry Teeterman of Jersey City,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William DeKeamer.
Ozro Down, who has been spend
ing his vacation with friends in
Orange county, N. Y., came home on
Fourth Game to lie Played Here Sat
urday Gregor Pitches Fine
Bull For Locals.
Sunday afternoon at Carbondale
Honesdale took the third game of
the series from Carbondale by a score
of 5 to 2. Gregor, for Honesdale,
did great work and held the Car
bondalers to tho mat for only five
hits. Honesdale got twelve hits off
Kilpatrick, a former High school
pitcher, who was in the box for Car
bondale, but the team work of the
other team was too much for the
Maple City boys. The score by in
nings follows:
It. H. O. A. E.
Jones, ss 0 1 2 3 0
Elegy, rf 0 1 0 0 0
Barbeau, If 0 0 2 0 0
Hazen, lb I 2 10 1 0
Neary, rf 1 0 1 1 0
J. Walsh, 3b 0 0 1 2 1
W. Walsh, 2b 0 0 4 4 0
Fee, c 0 0 C 0 0
Kilpatrick, p 0 1 1 C 0
Totals 2 5 27 17 1
H. H. O. A. E.
Mangan, 3b 1 4 0 2 0
Shaffer, cf 0 0 0 0 0
Tuman, ss 0 0 5 2 0
Lawson, 2b 0 1 2 2 0
Jacobs, c 0 1 C 1 1
Gregor, p L 2 0 2 0
Faatz, lb 1 1 10 0 1
J. Polt, If 1 2 2 1 0
Murtha, rf 1 1 2 0 1
Totals 5 12 27' 10 3
Honesdale ..00300200 0 0
Carbondale .01000100 0 2
First base on balls Off Kilpat
rick, 2; off Gregor, 5; struck out
By Kilpatrick, C, by Gregor C; two
base hits Polt. Stolen bases
Nearly 3, Fee, 2, Mangan. Double
plays Lawson (unassisted), Tuman
to Lawson to Faatz, Kilpatrick to
Walsh to Hazen. Left on bases
Carbondale 8; Honesdale 4. First
base on errors Carbondale 2. Hit
by pitcher Fee. Umpire Mc-
uonougb. Time, 1:50.
The next game of the series will
be played In Honesdalo on Sat
urday of this week. "Doc" Whalen
Is scheduled to pitch for Carbondale.
Honesdale will have a strong line
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
South Sterling, July 1C.
The weather is very warm and the
ground is getting very dry and we
are very much in need of rain.
George 11. Lancaster has purchas
ed a new auto and Mrs. Lancaster is
learning to run it.
Mrs. Roy 'Marthows and son. Don
aid Francfe, are home visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Barne3.
E. D. Dunning, proprietor of Ho
tel Sterling, has a full house. He
accommodated 41 for dinner last
James R. Smith, proprietor of the
Brookside Cottage, has a full house
and the rest of tho houses have a
nice lot of people.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
Sterling, July 1C.
Mrs. J. G. Cattorson Is very ill
and her only sister, who Is on a
vacation In Canada, has been sent
for. tMrs. 'Cattorson has been qulto
ill since her husband died.
We have toad a few showers late
ly and they are very acceptable for
overythlng was drying up.
Mr. and 'Mrs. J. A. Bortroo, of
Orlando, Florida, are guests of tho
latter s sister, Mrs. Fred Hall.
Last Wedneday tho Ladles' Aid
society met at the church for ldn
The Sterling Sunday school will
hold their picnic on tho last day of
A number of the P. O. S. ot A.
hoys visited Washington Camp at
South Sterling on Thursday ot last
Will Testify as to Financing of
Alton B. Parker's Campaign.
August lirltmml. who la t-uwuneil to
have financed the cnmnn'.Mi ol Jurtye Al
ton II Pnrkei f n- president In 1001, has
npreed t- nfl'iMf brfro the special com
mittee of the s nate, of v. hlch Senator
Clapi Ib clmlr :n. nnd testify to tils part
in the campaign.
"iun rnniDBnuicp " cavc t d
Against Fusion Between His Forces
and "Successful Dishcnesty."
Oyster Bay, N. 1., July Hi. In ex
pressing his emphatic disapproval
again of the plan by which In some
states Republican and progressive pres
idential electors identical upon both
tickets shall be pledged to support the
candidate of the ticket upon which he
receives tho most votes Colonel Roose
velt made clearer than ever before his
determination that the progressive
movement should bo bound by no ties
to tho Republican party.
"I will acquiesce," he said, "in no
compromise whatever."
Colonel Roosevelt's position Is that
his strength is to be exerted for the
progressives and for them only. He Is
unwilling that there should be any
thing resembling compromise between
his forces and those which he claims
represent "successful dishonesty." As
a secondary consideration, he declares,
ho is averse to tho scheme, because in
lining up with the Republican party he
would alienate the independent and
Democratic progressive vote for which
he bids.
Ran Over by Stone Boat on Estate
Near Summer School.
Tarry town. N. Y., July 10. Clara
Hanley, six years old, was crushed to
death by a big stoneboat on tho John
D. Rockefeller estate. She was one of
about twenty pupils who attended tho
Rockefeller Summer school, and her
sister, who was the teacher, had Just
dismissed the morning session when
the children ran down the road for a
ride on a loaded stoneboat The driv
er, Wheeler Turner, did not seo them,
but Mrs. Rutlodgo, who was waiting
for her own children, saw little Clara
fall and tho heavy wheel pass over
her body.
Mrs. Uutledge ran out to pick up the
little girl. She carried her Into tho
schoolhouse and placed her on a bench
nnd covered her with an American
flag. Death had been instantaneous.
Congratulates American Athletes on
Splendid Olympic Showing.
Washington, July 10. President Taft
sent tho following cablegram to James
E. Sullivan, United States commission
er, Stockholm:
"Greatly pleased at flue showing
mado by American athletes In fifth
Olympiad. Heartiest congratulations
to commissioners and athletes."
Mr. Sullivan in his reply reviewed
tho achievements of tho American
team and Bald, "In this great world's
exhibition America again leads the
Market Reports.
New York, July 1C
BUTTER Easy; receipts. 7,033 pack
ages; creamery, extras, lb., 27a27Vic.;
firsts, 2Ga2&c; seconds, 25a2V4c.j thirds,
I3a24V4c: Btate dairy, tubs, finest, 2Ga;
Rood to prima, 24n2Cc; common to fair,
22a22c; process, extras, 25c; firsts, 23Ha
24c.; seconds, 2a22a; factory, current
moke, firsts, 23c; seconds, QHa!c.; thirds,
20a20c.; packing stock, current make. No.
2. 20Ha21c; No. 3. IDaSOc.
CHEESE Irregular? receipts, SCO boxes;
state, wholo milk, new, specials, white,
lb., 15ttc; colored, liVialiHc; average
fancy white, H&alSa; colored, lie.; un
dergrades, 13al41ic; daisies. 15c;atato
skims, new, specials, white, 12al2?4c?r col
ored, toll He ; fair to choice, SHaSKc
EGOS Irregular; receipts, 14.GS0; fresh
gathered, extras, dozen, 22a21o. ; extra
firsts, SOaSc.; firsts, 13a20c.; seconds, ISa
lSKc.; dirties, 12al7c; checks, SolSc; state,
Pennsylvania and near by hennery
whites, fancy large, 3Ga27c.; fair to good,
23a2Sc; hennery browns, HaZc; gathered
brown and mixed colors, S0a24a.
Live Stock Markets.
Pittsburgh, July 10.
CATTLE Supply, 110 cars; mnrket, 15
cents lower; choice, $3.75a8; prime. tS.Oa
108; good. n.T5a&15; tidy, J7.25n7.C5; fair,
lGa7; common to good fat bulls, Mn&75; do.
tows, J3aflJ0; heifers, fSal.iS; fresh cows
and sprlngvrs, JZjaK.
SHEEP AND LAMDS-Rooelpts, 30 dou
bto decks; markot lower; prime wethers.
Jl.TSatSO: good mixed, JtSatCO; fair
mixed, KL&Oai; yearlings, $3a5.C0; spring
Jambs, Jl.Wa7.2S; veal calves, JOaS.W; heavy
and thin. JCaT.
IIOOB Receipts, 45 double docks; mar
ket steady; prime heavy, J7.S0a7.S3;; heavy
mixed and medium. J7.bia7.uu; heavy and
light, J7.90a7.65; pigs, J7.C0a7.7t; roughs, JG.50
aT.10; stags, wis,
(Special to The Citizen.)
We will havo a good fish story In
tho near future as" Warren Buck
land, John Smith nnd J,' B. Keenej
havo boon working tho Inst two
weeks securing fishing tackle and
bate for a ten-day outing.
Mr. and Mrs. .lonn snort spent
Sunday with friends at Carbondale.
Mrs. Frank Chapman Is much im
proved from her recent Illness.
There will bo an Ice cream social
at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. William
Wood Friday evening, July 19, for
the benefit of the pastor, Rev. Biirch.
All are Invited.
Farmers Cole and Shanley are
breaking in tho recently hired young
man to ride tho mowing machine.
Thomas Colo Is handling the farm
tools on the late 'Norman Jenkins es
tate. Mrs. Oscar Clark returned to her
home at Deposit, N. Y., last week af
ter visiting a week hero nt Steone.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hambley or
Honesdale, visited tho lattor's par
ents here at Steenc over Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Chapman nnd daugh
ter, Mrs. Foster, returned to their
home here last week after visiting
a week with friends at Carbondale.
William Clark, of Deposit, N. Y.,
is spending his vacation with his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Haley hero.
Mrs. Flora Kagler, of Scranton, Is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Short, here.
Miss Helen Saunders, of Ply
mouth, Is spending her vacation with
CUrs. William Spry, here.
Joseph A. Lyons Mawley
Myrtle E. Skinner Hawloy
Russell Rogers Honesdale
Anna Glbbs Honesdale
He Is In Conference With Gov (
ernor Wilson at Sea Girt Today. (
Governor Wilson announced that be had
Invited Congressman Oscar W. Under
wood, chairman ot tho house ways and
Means committee, to confer with him at
Trenton today. Tho governor stated that
he would go to the capital by motor In
the morning and that ho and Underwood
"would lunch together at tho Trenton
Country club.
Iff Continued for 15 Days
Wo will continue our big REMODELING SALIC for 1." days more. This is on account of tho largo stock of
goods wo havo on linnd at this senson of the year. The entire stock must lie reduced regardless of cost. We
nro going to remodel our store.
Spring and Summer Clothing for Men and Boys
Huts, Underwear, Shirts, Collntf,, Trunks, Dress Suit Cases, Hand Bags, in fact everything imaginable.
No reservation.
You can be sure we will treat you right
Because wo count on you to come back anil buy from us again. "Onco u customer, always u customer,"
applies particularly to the reputation wo have gained for ourselves during 110 years in business here. If you
are not a customer conic in and get acquainted witli our low prices.
Main St., Honesdale, Pa.
(Special to Tho Citizen.)
South Canaan, July 10.
Although some rain has been ap
preciated .it this place tho crops are
badly in need of more.
"Tho niOHt damago that was known
for some time was done by the light
ning htorm one day last week burn
ing George Collins' barn which con
tained fifteen tons of hay, killing a
horse belonging to JJyron Vanslckle,
shocking Scott Vanslckle, killing live
cows that lay under a tree belonging
to Horton Mcgargol, nnd tho follow
ing residences were slightly damag
ed: iRIcuard Congdon, J. 1'. Drown,
and Seth Reed, occupied 'by Mrs. Su
san Smith.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Gemlndcr,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Oakley and chil
dren of Dickson City, -Mrs. James
Mawson of Scranton, and 'Mrs. Jos.
Davis spent a few days at Hotel
Dcnthani last week.
John Whelen and daughter Anna
of Carbondale were visiting friends
last week.
Hanford Swingle, of Unlontown,
who Is In very poor health, Is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. G. W. Dershl
mer. On account of the season getting
late Ueatrico Curtis is at her mil
linery shop two day3 a week, Tues
day and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Gallsple
and daughter, Charlotte, spent a few
days here with 'Mr. and Mrs. Loren
Mrs. James Wagner spent the 4th
at i'eckvillo with her mother, Mrs.
Thomas Spangenberg.
Lewis Neal, of Erie, Pa., called on
fiends and relatives one day last
v eek.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Halman and Miss
Halnian of Philadelphia, are spend
ing a few adys with Mrs. Halman's
sister, Mrs. Eugene Swingle.
Dr. Cook has purchased a
Stoddard-Dayton car, and while tak
ing his family and some friends out
for a ride they had a narrow
escape while crossing the railroad
crossing at Gravity. Within ten
feet of them the driver noticed a
train. Backing the auto up the en
gine caught the front of the auto
and pushed it down the track about
fifteen or twenty feet. The result was
that the auto was quite badly brok
en. No one was hurt.
Eugene Cook is at Dr. Thompson's
hospital, Scranton, receiving treat
ment for a badly sprained arm.
Beatrice Spangenberg entertained
a number of her friends Monday af
ternoon, July 15, in honor of her
ninth birthday.
Ethel Congdon has returned to""her
home after spending some time at
Carbondale with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brennan, of
Carbondale, spent one day last week
with tho latter's aunt, Mrs. Schenck.
iMr. and Mrs. Fred Lang motored
from Carbondale Sunday spending
the day with the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lyman Kennedy.
Mrs. Schrumpff, of Scranton, Is
spending a few days with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Frank Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reed, of
Carbondale, spent Sunday with the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. iMor
rls Reed, Mr. Reed being in very
poor health.
Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Stevens, of
Dunmore, spent one day last week
with Dr. Bang.
Wagons and Harness, biggest var
iety and quality to be found at
prices you can afford to pay. Mur
ray Co., Honesdale, Pa. 57t2.
Auto and Traveling coats at Men
nor & Co.'s stores, in linen and rain
proof. 55el8
Remember the Place
George It. Thomas ot ux., of Star
rucca, to Sylvester Thomas, same,
lands In Starrucca borough; con
sideration $1.
Howard A. Swlnglo ct Ux., of
Lake, to Thonias Gillette, lands in
Lake township; consideration, 1546.
Salem Cemetery company to Thos.
Gillette, burial lot In Salom ceme
tery; consideration, 11800.
Executor of lleubcn W. Redmond,
of Buckingham, to Calvin E. Wood
mansee, same, lands in Buckingham
township; consideration, $1300.
Nora Ryan and John Ryan, Kel
lam, to Orrin R. Judd, Brooklyn, X
Y lands In Manchester township;
consideration 1.
Lewis S. Collins, Honesdale, to
Fannie J. Bennett, Honesdale, lauds
In Honesdalo borough; consideration
Mary C. Schlmmei and Andrew
Schlmmel, Texas, to Osmer Xeild,
same, lands In Texas township;
consideration private.
(Special to The Citizen.)
Whites Valley, July 10
Miss Lois Tiffany was entertained
over the week-end by Miss Anna
Miss, Sadie Miller, ot Scranton. re
cently visited friends here.
Kev. and Mrs. Hunter were guests
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Miller.
Mrs. Truman Bryant and children
are visiting at S. P. Crossmen's.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Allen were
callers In Forest City Saturday.
Mrs. Julia Mills spent Sunday
with her sister, Mrs. H. P. Mead.
Dr. L. E. Perkins, of Scranton,
spent Sunday at D. E. Hacker's.
Mrs. May Slocuiu and granddaugh
ter, Ruth, recently spent several days
with Mrs. II . W. White.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fltze,
daughter Madeline and son William,
of Newark, X. J., are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Fltze, Sr.
Mrs. L. E. Perkins, of Scranton,
will spend a few weeks at D. E.
t -
. . r . .. l . t 1 T. .. ... f
tir. auu .irs. tu. iiusit;i uubci.
sons Curtis and Malcolm, and daugh
ter, Frances, returned to Scranton
Friday after spending a week here
with relatives and friends.
T. Bryant visited over Sunday at
S. P. Crossman's.
William Cllft of Waymart, return
ed home after spending several days
with relatives.
8100 KEWAKD, 5100.
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tution and assisting nature In doing
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much faith In its curative powers
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