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It Is the Duty of All to Go
What We Can,
Overcrowded, Unhealthful Metropoli
tan Centers Have Little Room For
Country Youth Your Own Town
Has Larger Prospects.
As one who lone In populous city pent,
Where houses thick and sewers annoy the
From "Paradise Lost."
,K was ever thus and will no doubt
CTer be so the city, whoro houses
thick and sewers annoy the air; where
the sun's rising nnd setting are Been
by fw unless by chance; where the
moon is forgotten, being undlstln
gulshed from the dull glare of the
eloctrlc lamps swinging above the
Wi street; where people are confined in
tenements and small roomed apart
ments; where souls sro huddled to
gether. all striving to beat their neigh
bors to a phantom goal riches; where
guileless wanderers como from afar
and become lost in the mire of failure
Or say success Is attained tlmt Is.
a moderate success, for one In n
hundred reaches the topmost rung. Is
worth striving for? Doesn't your
wn town show more advantages?
The city Is a fascinating place.
The height of ambition of most of
the people living outside the big cen
ters of population seems to bo to visit
New York, Chicago or other large
places. Visit them all to your heart's
content, but don't make your home in
ne of them.
A great city is no place for the am
bltious youth who wishes to become a
power where he lives. A clerk in :i
country store can do more with his
salary than a manager of some of the
stores In the city.
The small town has advantages
which you can see if you will, but
take your eyes off that mirage, the
city. The duty of the average youth
Hes In the town of his birth or adop
tion. Instead of wanting to quit it
yourself, you should try to induce city
people to come and live with you.
Show them where they can benefit
by so doing. Help increase the pop
ulation of your town in this way. Tell
them that you are a big family, not
a lot of strangers to ono another, ns
they are. Speak ct the good times
you Indulge in that the city people
never enjoy.
There are thousands of people cooped
op In the cities who if they are
brought face to face with the beau
ties of the small town will come to you
and help yon grow.
By the recent census it was proved
that in Missouri wherever a town
showed a decrease in population it was
due to tho lack of good roads. This
neglect will have a demoralizing effect
en any community. People who other
wise would reach your town will avoid
It if the roads are In poor condition
Some of your own people will pack up
after awhile nnd leave in disgust
Tho same might be said If the town
Itself presents a slovenly appearance
or if it shows a lack of civic pride.
But the place that shines out In civic
improvement, whose streets nnd roads
show that the people are up nnd do
ing, will be the gainer by Its neighbor's
To Build- Beautiful Market.
In Glen Ridge, N J., a village mar
ket, a unique and pretty feature of
modern suburban improvement, is to
be erected at the corner of Bloomfield
avenue nnd Herman street. It Is part
of a general plan for the beautlQcation
of tho borough and protection against
the erection of unsightly structures
The main building will have bIx stores,
each 24 by -10 feet, with oQices on
the second floor, a suit having al
ready been reserved for borough ofii
cials and the borough council chamber
The buildings will be of light brick
and have a red tile roof. The stores
will be in an arcade. Tho borough of
Glen Illdge Is now without a single
store, not even a drug store being lo
eated within the limits of the munici
pality of over 3,000 inhabitants
Cities Destroy,
Cities always destroy; they never
produce. The city sits like a parasite
n the face of the country absorbing
Its best The country always con
tributes to tho city, the city never to
the country. The cities could not ox
1st but for tho country. We have de
veloped the city civilization beyond
Wiat of the country. Professor Bailey
A Quick Thinking Advertiser.
It happened in Topeka. Three cloth
ing stores are on the same block. One
morning the middle proprietor saw to
the right of him a big sign. "Baukrupl
Sale," and to the left, "Closing Out at
Cost." Twenty minutes later there up
peared over his own door in largo let
ters, "Main Entrance." Everybody'1
One Wy to Keep Trade.
There Is moo who has greater op
portunity to make friends than the
clerk In the Sore, and to him friends
are valuable. Never consider any one
a bore who is n customer of the place
It Is quite as easy to be good naturert
and smiling as to bo short, crisp and
To the clerk who would
succeed 1 say. CULTIVATE
Courteous manners in little
things are an asset worth ac
quiring. When a customer ap
proaches rise and offer a chair.
Step aside and let the store's
guest pass flrst into tho elevator.
These are little things, but they
make you and your work finer.
To guy visitors or to give short,
sharp, flippant answers even to
stupid or impudent peopio is a
great mistake. Meet rudeness
with unfailing patience nnd po-
A iiieness uuu sue now mucn not-
ter you feel.
really listening to what is said or
not really see
ing what you
put down. Tho
chewing o f
gum, tobacco
or paper ns a
jaw exercise
should be
Tho world is
now pro-?
nitnnnlni. If ,,1r,ni linhnelnnDD.
llko, useless and silly. Keep
ahead of your employer nnd of
the board of health in this
If your busiuesa is to wait on
customers be careful of your
dress and appearance. Do your
manicuring before you roach the
store. A toothbrush is a good
Investment. A salesman with a
bad breath is dear at any price.
Let your dress be quiet, neat and
not too fashionable. To hava a
prosperous appearanco helps you
inwardly and helps tho busi
ness. Give each customor your whole
attention, and give just as con
siderate attention to a little
buyer as a big one.
If asked for information be
sure you have it before you givo
it Do not assume that the lo
cation or fact is so now because
you once thought it so.
Don't misdirect. Mako your
directions so clear that they will
be a real help.
Substantial Receptacle of Which Any
Town Might Make Use.
Tho accompanying Illustration shows
a self closing can for receiving paper
nd other waste which lias been In
successful operation during the past
four seasons, and any town that cares
for tho appearance of its streets might
adopt it with advisability. The can Is
semicircular In horizontal section, with
a flat back, and Is made to fit Into the
iron street railway poles used in most
cities, being held In placo by a hook
which engages in the latticework of
tho polo. This permits easy removal
for the purpose of emptying tho can
Tho bottom of the can is perforated
with half inch holes, allowing water
from rains to drain off.
Tho top is a cover wlch Is made
aomowhat smaller than tho can Itself,
allowing about one inch play between
the edge of the cover and the sides of
the can. The cover is fastened to a
horizontal rod which extends through
boles in opposite sides of the can and
serves as a swivel, nllowiug tho cover
to swing downward. This rod is fas
tened a short distance from tho back
of tho cover, and at the back a weight
Is fastened to the underside of the cover
sufficiently heavy to draw tho latter
oacS to place, thus making it self
closing. The material used In the con
struction of tho cans is heavy gal
vanized Iron, painted. For guidance,
the words "Push Down" aro print
ed with stencil on top of tho cover,
And the request to "Put It In Here"
Is stenciled on tho outside of the can.
Good Ntws For Retailers',
It Is repord that tho mail order
houses experienced a shrinkage in
business during the past year, and the
bead of one of the biggest mail order
bouses states that this shrinkage Is
due to the retail merchants learning
to advertise their prices in big figures.
Scrap Book
Entirely Too Liberal.
Every once in n while a now cam
paign story yet bobs up in Washing
ton. This ono is on Ralph Cole, Ohio
member of congress, who did his best
to make his destrict go Republican,
but who cannot point to any particu
larly howling success in that regard.
At oue town in his district ho was to
divide his time with a local spell
binder. The local man spoke first and
was to have kept going for half an
hour, but bo made it an hour nnd a
half. When he got through he made
an apology for encroaching on Cole's
"It reminds me," Cole said, as he
faced bis audience, "of whajt I onco
heard in a courtroom. The defendant
had been found guilty of a criminal
charge. The judge sentenced him to
fifteen years. 'Have you anything to
sajtf' demanded the court of the pris
oner. 'Nothing but this,' was the re
ply. 'I think you're mighty d lib
eral with another man's time.' "
Then Cole turned loose and coaxed
back the departing audience by the
flow of his wonderful oratory. Cincin
nati Times-fjtar.
Thy Purpose.
One and only must thy purpose be,
Whole and decided.
From plant force but pyemy deed wouldst
Were It divided.
Thou must at once thy choice forever
ma Ice.
For strife or pleasure;
Must choose the kernel or the husk to
Repent at leisure.
Borne seek for pearls, others for bubbles
On life's sea cruising.
Complain not if the bubble disappear.
'Twnti thine own chooslni.
Father's Fairy Tales.
During nn entertainment period
which followed the business session
of a woman's club one afternoon re
cently some of the gentlemen who
called for their wives were asked to
tell some stories. The husband of the
hostess begged to be excused.
"It's something that I seldom do,"
he exclaimed, "and I am afraid I'd
make a sad failure."
Tho little duughter of the host and
hostess was on her feet in an instant.
"Oh, papa, how you talk!" she ex
claimed. "I heard mamma say only
last night that you had a new yarn
to tell every time you came home late
at night from tho office." Youngstown
The Winning Trick.
A tricky lawyer was defending a
man In n promissory note case, and he
knew he was going to lose; But in the
lunch hour in bis tricky way he sneak
ed back into the courtroom and chang
ed tho markers In all the prosecuting
counsel's reference book. The judge
after consulting all these reference
books two hours later pronounced
"I should cortalnly have decreed for
the plaintiff, but on referring to the
citations quoted by plaintiff's counsel
I find that they none of them bears
even remotely on the case beforo us,
and I incline to think that a gross in
sult has been perpetrated on this court.
Counsel, with idiotic levity, has re
ferred me to the action of a French
man who sued a zoological society for
having been bitten by a bear. The
second reference is to a case of slan
der. Next I am directed to a forged
will and a cafe robbing. "What have
these things to do with an action to
recover on a promissory note? But
perhaps the most shameless Insult to
this court lies In counsel's final refer
ence to the notorious Llppman versus
Hensbaw case, the silliest and most
ribald breach of promise suH In all the
nnnals of western jurisprudence. Judg
ment for defendants, with costs."
His Awful Experience.
A man who had been shipwrecked
and then cast up on tho Jersey coast,
where he" lny a whole day beforo he
revived sufficiently to summon help,
was receiving the sympathy and con
gratulations of his friends on his re
covery. "You must have had a terrible ex
perience with no food and mosquitoes
swarming around you," said one of
"You just bet I had a terrible expe
rience," the saved one acknowledged.
"My experience was worse than that
of tho man who wrote 'Water, water
everywhere, but not a drop to drink.'
With mo it was bites, bites every
where, but not a bite to cat."
Taking No Risks.
Henry Irving was intensely interest
ed in criminology, and on one occasion
this hobby of the famous actor made
it rather nwkward for one of his
Tho two men were walking together
on a lonely moor, Tho friend was a
very nervous man, and unfortunately
at a very desolate spot Mr. Irving
glanced round nnd exclaimed, "What
an ideal spot for a murderl
"Now, suppose I murdered you here,"
Mr. Irving went on. The other start
ed violently, but Mr. Irving was al
ready deep in ills nefarious schemes
ud paid little attention to the other's
obvious dissatisfaction with the sub
ject of conversation. Nobody, Mr. Ir
ving explained, would ever bo able to
traco tho murderer, and ho explained
at great length how he could cover up
his tracks.
"Don't you think it might be done?"
he asked, turning ngaln to his com
panion. But his companion was disap
pearing in the far distance as fast as
his lags could carry him.
It Was a Good Job, Too, but Her Hua
band Didn't Appreciate It.
A Philadelphia man who may bo
designated us Mr. nintik was asked by
his wife tho other day to aid In re
moving insido shutters from windows
throughout tho house so that they
could bo washed. Being In a hurry,
ho asked his better half to defer the
matter until his return from tho office.
"I'll do It myself," was her retort.
"Don't," was Mr. B.'s counsel us he
departed; "women don't understand
such work."
This of course only more firmly de
cided Mrs. Blank to go uhead, and
when Blank returned that night he
found the shutters down. Ills wife
was nursing several lacerated lingers,
but she woro a triumphant nir. "The
screwdriver slipped once or twice,"
she explained In response to his In
quiring glance at her bandaged digits.
"Screwdriver slipped 1" repeated Mr.
B. in a dazed tone. "Great snakes,
woman! You don't mean to say you
unscrewed all tho shutter hinges?"
"Of course," said his wife compla
cently. "What other way could I get
the shutters down?"
For answer Blank llfcd u shutter
nnd pulled the pin cut of one of tho
hinges, showing that the tsteing down
of each shutter only involved the re
moval of two pins, when ho figured
that there were ton pairs of shutters
and each pair required the driving of
sixteen screws to put them up he
swore while his wifo wept.
Soon Learned.
A Scottish gillie met the proffer of
a nip from his master's flask with
tho protest that he "cudna drink not
o' a bottle."
Pressed, however, to try, ho put the
flask to his lips, and the sound of the
steady gurgling never ceased until he
handed back the empty flask.
"Hoots, Dugald," sadly observed the
laird, as he held tho flask upside down
to confirm his astonished vision, "meb
be ye canna drink oot o' a bottle
but, hech, man, ye'd soon learn!"
He Made a Mistake,
A man from an up state town en
tered a conference in New York city
nnd sat down near the press table. It
was noticed that, though he appeared
bewildered, the man was eager to be
pleased. He clapped boisterously at
the slightest provocation, and whore
others only smiled he would throw
back his head and laugh loud and
long. At the end of an hour or an
hour and a half tho man stopped his
noisy applause and mirth, and, lean
ing toward a reporter, he whispered;
"Say, this is tho white faced min
strel show, ain't it?"
"Why, no," tho reporter answered.
"The white faced minstrels are two
doors below.
"What's this, then?" ho inquired.
"This," said tho reporter, "is tho an
nual conference of the Egyptologists'
"Waal," said tho crestfallen man,
"I'll be!" And, with a look of disgust,
he hurried from the ball.
Taking No Chances.
An old man who had led a sinful life
was dying, and his wifo sent for a
nearby preacher to pray with him.
Tho preacher spent some time pray
ing and talking, nnd finally tho old
man said, "What do you want me to
do, parson?"
"Renounce tho devil, renounce the
devil," replied the preacher.
"Well, but, parson," protested the
dying man, "I ain't in position to make
any enemies."
Shooting to Kill.
Poetry, it is said, at thepresent time
is somewhat of a drug on the market,
n8 a certain Scotchman and would be
Bobby Burns found out to his cost
when he tried to dispose of it a thing,
by the way, which he never did.
"I wish, dear," ho remarked to his
sister one day, "that you would take
this latest poem of mine to your hus
band and ask him what he thinks of
its merits."
His sister willingly agreed to do so
and that evening took the poetical
brain wave in question to her husband,
saying: "You are such a good judge of
poetry, George. I wish you would Just
run your eye through this poem of my
brother's and tell me what you think
of it"
Tho long suffering husband, who had
vaded through too many scintillations
of tho kind on previous occasions,
took it up with a sigh and commenced
to read it through. The poem was en
titled "I Wonder Whether He'll Miss
The goad fellow read it right through
from beginning to end.
Then he handed it back to hia wife,
remarking sadly, "He ought never to
bo trusted with firearms ngaln If be
Freo For tho Nonco.
They tell In Nebraska of n clergy
man who In the pulpit was u fearless
expounder of rights und wrongs, but
who in the dojnestlc circle maintained
for prudential reasons considerable re
serve of speech and action.
On ono ocenslou when this divine
visited a neighboring town the editor
of the only paper published therein,
which never failed to notico tho pres
ence of a stranger in town, offered
tho following, so worded as to prove
unwittingly keen:
"Dr. Carroll Is onco moro among
us for a brief stay. Ho says and does
exactly as ho thinks right without re
gard to tho opinions or beliefs of oth
ers. "His wife Is not with him." Lippln
Tho Very Rev. J. Armltage Robin
sin, D. D., dean of Westminster abbey,
has been translated to tho deanery oi
Wells, a less responsible position. Dr.
Robinson attracted attention to him
self a short time ago by refusing to
allow the body of George Meredith ta
be laid to rest In Westminster abbey,
ne is known as a Greek scholar and
has written books on theological sub
jects. Close to Olgu bay, not far from Vla
divostok, a large settlement has been
founded where in course of tho next
year the flrst iodine works In eastern
Asia are to be opened. Iodine was hith
erto produced from algae and seaweed
which were gathered in the North sea.
This seaweed was burned to ashes in
Norway, which wero treated for puru
Iodine in chemical works in other
Field Marshal Hermes da Fonsecn.
a nephew of Deodoro da Fonseca, the
first president of the republic. Is the
eighth executive chief that Brazil has
had. Though the republic was pro
claimed on the 15th of November,
18S9. and a provisional government
was organized the same day, the con
stitution, which was modeled on that
of the United States, was not promul
cited until Feb. 24. 1891.
The Real Thing.
"This," said the young benedict who
iras just realizing that he had caught
a tartar, "Is what I call real married
"I'm glad you're satisfied with some
thing," she snapped.
"Oh. I'm not! I merely meant to in
form you that It is not Ideal." Phila
delphia Ledger.
His Good Action.
A little Cauadlan boy went to bed
and then suddenly recollected that ho
hadn't done one good action that day.
His conscience was gnawing at him,
lie heard a little squeal la tho corner
of his room, and he got up and re
leased a mouse that had been caught
in the trap. Then he gave it to the
Expensive Fiction.
"Is that picture really a work of
"I don't know," replied Mr. Cunirox,
"but the story the dealer told me
about It surely was." Washington
Enough Said.
"Thrifty, is she?"
"Thrifty! I won't go into a long
discourse. I merely tell you that she
banks money in December." Wash
ington Herald.
His Dilemma.
"For $200 I'll fix your teeth so you
ce.n chow without difficulty."
"If I was to give you ?200 I couldn't
get anything to chew on." Life.
A Medicine That Does Not Cost Any
thing Unless It Cures.
The active medicinal ingredients of
Rexall Orderlies, which aro odorless,
tasteless and .colorless, Is au entirely
new discovery. Combined with other
extremely valuable Ingredients, it
forms a perfect bowel regulator, intes
tinal lnvigorator and strengthener.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten like candy
and ure notable for their agreeableness
to the palate and gentleness of action.
They do not cause griping or any dis
agreeable effect or inconvenience.
Unlike other preparations for n like
purpose, they do uot create a habit,
but instead they overcome the cause of
habit acquired through the use of ordi
nary laxatives, cathartics and harsh
physic, and permanently remove the
cause of constipation or Irregular bow
el action.
We will refund your money without
argument If they do not do as we say
they will. Two sizes, 20c. and 10c. Sold
only at our store The Rexall Store
Wayno county, Pennsylvania, a
bankrupt under the Act of Congress
of July 1, 1898, having applied for
a full discharge from all debts
provable against his estate under
said Act, notice is hereby given to
all known creditors and other per
sons in interest, to appear before
the said court at Scranton, in said
district, on the 28th day of Febru
ary, 1911, at 10 o'clock In tho fore
noon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the prayer of the said
petitioner should not bo granted.
' Clerk.
Let us do your printing
and satisfy yourself it is
or mB
At the close of business, Jax 7, 1911,
Loans nnd Discounts f 245,274 Wt
Overdrafts.securcd nnd unsecured G5 W
U. S. Honda to fecure circulation, 65,000 00
Premiums on U, S. Bonds 2,800 00
Bonds, securities, etc 1,352,431 87
Hankiiifr-house, furniture and fix-
. tures ,, 40.000 W
Due trom National linliks (not
Reserve Agents)... 2.752 78
Due from State und Private Ranks
and Hankers. Trust Companies,
and Savinss Ranks 105 17
Duo from approved reserve
agents ...... 152.8S5 00
Checks nnd other cash Items.... 9,070 47
Jsotesof other National Ranks.. 540 00
l1 rnctlonnl paper currency, nick-
els and cents... 210 65
Lawful Money Iteserve In Rank.
Viz : Specie $82,128 50
J Leeal tender notes 13,018 00- 95,HS 60
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer, to per cent, ot circu
lation) Duo from U. S. Treasurer
2.750 00
aoo uo
., .$1,950,6(2 46
Capital Stock paid in 150,000 09
Surplus fund... 150,000 00
Undivided profits, less expenses
nnd taxes paid G7.081 13
National Rank notes outstanding 64,-l50 00
Due to other National Banks 1.409 39
Individual deposits subject to
cuecK $l,510.(JGI 14
Demand certificates of
Certified checks
Cashier's checks out
standing HnmiR hnrrmvprl
23.2B1 00
155 00
2,144 80-$ 1,536,221 04
Notes and bills redlseounted..
illlls payable, including certifi
cates of deposit for money bor
rowed Liabilities other than those above
stuted . '
Total $1.0511.962 46
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss.
I, H.Z.Russell, Presld.nt of .the nbove
named Rank, do solemnly swear that the
nbove statement Is true to the best of my
knowledge nnd belief.
II. Z. Russell, President,
Subscribed and sworn to before me thl
10th day of Jan.. 1911.
R. A. SMITH, N. P.
Correct attest:
Andrew Thompson. Directors.
Homer Greene J 4w4
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C. O. Jadwin's drug store,
Designer and Man
ufacturer of
Office and Works
1036 MAIN ST.
Buss for Every Train and
Town Calls.
Horses always for sale
Boarding and Accomodations
for Farmers
Prompt and polite attention
at all times.
All persons lndcbtcdto said estate are noti
fied to mnko Immediate payment to the un
dersigned : ami those liavlnpr claims against
the said estate are notified to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
Carley Brook, Pa., Jan. 18. 1911.
You will make money
by having me.
fiRKLL PHONE 9-U K Gill 3 11V. VS.