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    TH13 CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1010.
jgfaturday Qight
fNalkc y Rev F- davison
yUlllJ Rutland, Vt
International Bible Lesson for Miy 29,
10 (Matt. 14:13-21; 15:29-39).
Dr. Quiet nnd Dr. Diet are two very
good physlclnns. Rest nnd Rc'resli
ment are about the extent of their
prescriptions, but multitudes can at
test the efficacy of the treatment. The
world baa been a long time learn ns
what was well-known nnd constant!'
practiced In Palestine by tho Gront
Physician centuries ago. it wa3 His
custom after an itinerant preaching
trip, after an exciting experience with
great multitudes In the metropolis,
teaching and preaching and healing
labors which taxed his physical sys
tem to Its capacity, and tore the
nerves of His disciples Into sdireds to
take a boat ride across the lake of
Galilee Into the solitudes of the oppos
ite shore, nnd In the wilderness, "far
from tho madding crowd," or In the
mountain fnstnesses, breathe tho heal
ing nlr of the highlands and take In
strength and recuperation, prone on
the breast of nature.
The Simple Life.
This has been the practice of some
of the world's greatest men throus'.i
the ages. The world never had hear 1
of Moses, if ho had not drenmod away
40 years In the deserts of Mldian k ei -lng
the shoep of Jethro nnd developing
n physical constitution that 40 year.
of the most strenuous subsequent aci
ivity could not break down. The
Psalms of David were evolved untie
the stars that shone on the Judiai.
hills while the shepherd boy wat'-he-'
his flocks by night John the Bn.-tis
got his rugged constitution thro
having his dwelling place in the v Ul
erness. Tho men of the early g.
llved long because they lied a six;!,
Bad Tempered People.
Some of the worst-tempered pecp't
of the world are members of :v.
church, in good . d regular stanrt'iig
and they are so from the fact tha
they have no rest. They toll all ll-e
week at some profitable employrmtit
and they give all their spare time tc
superintending Sunday school, lis' en
lng to sermons, and every night hold
lng meetings, wait on ministers, serve
on committees, take all the critieis:n?
and hypercritlclsm that come ui
earnest people, rush about everythin
they undertake, have all the irons ;n
the lire, and develop their hearts ai
the expense of all their other f. n
tlons. All such people should un' e
stand that It is as much their duty tc
take care of their health as to do to th
sacrament. It Is as much a sin tc
commit suicide with the sword of the
spirit as with a pistol. Our earthly
life Is a treasure to bo guarded. It
is an outrage to when we ought tr
live. To fire up the boilers so that
they hurst mid-Atlantic shows poo.
judgment when a moderate rate o.'
speed would have taken us to a pea- e
ful dock In good repair. The disposi
tion of the old-time Mississippi pilots
to pass everything on the river, blew
up many a steamer and cost many a
life. That man Is a sinner agalns'
God and humanity who tries to d'i
the work of thirty years In five. Man;
a train rushing across the country at
record-breaking speed comes to a hah
through a hot axle. And the same
thing Is true of men. Tho rush of
business produces a hot box.
Appropriate Food.
But Dr. Quiet Is In partnership with
Dr. Diet and they who patronize the
one should employ the other alFo
Christ fed the 5,000 In the wilderness,
not with indigestible and Inappropri
ate food, hut with the good, old-fa.1--loncd,
homely, nutritious diet of bread
and fish. It would have been as ea'-y
for him to have provided a banquet
such as epicures partake of, but such
fare would have been entirely unlltted
for women and children who pot.
posed a great part of that crowd. The
food He provided was appropriate fot
them. The man who takes care of
his health is careful of his diet. H?
need not necessarily make himself a
general nuisance because of his finicky
appetite, but he will not usually par
take of the wholo bill of fare, from
soup to dessert. It is little short of
blasphemy to ask God to take rare of
you while you sleep if you eat chlr-ken-salad
and welsh rarebit at olevdn
o'clock at night and then go to sleep
stuffed to repletion with every win
dow shut tight. If you do not gee
visions and dream dreams that a-e not
of heavenly origin under such circum
stances, it will not bo through tj
failure on your part to invite "the
spirit of the vasty deep" to dUpo.t
around your pillow.
One reason why the apostles we-e
such spiritual giants was bemuse
those early ministers were not Invited
out to lato suppers, with yellow lp;j
ged chicken and fried cakes. They
kept good hours, and lived on substr n
tlal diet, that furnished nitrates for
tho muscles, and phosphates for the
brain, and carbonates for the whole
frame. They had good diet. Fish
was cheap along Galileo, and this, with
unbolted bread gave them plenty of
phosphorus for brain food, . Doubt
less God can do a good deal for the
world with a sick man. Some sick
men are worth a dozen well ones. But,
other things being equal that man
who eats to live, instead of living to
eat, will live longer and live better
than the man whoso stomach Is al
ways out of order through foolhardy
treatment Christ fed the hunary
multitude with food that was adapted
to all ages, nutritious, palatable, appropriate.
thetl'::.:: :r.
BesUlo tho lfnkltiT ln!- nnm tap
Tho lom.1 plumL -r r :..
Tho plumber, lazy rii.n I. lie.
With larso nnd srl.' " hands,
And tho puzzle Is, tht- lca he does
Tho inoi-o lila bill expunils.
Week In week out, nil day to eve, '
I can hear each hammer blow.
I can hear him fling his tools about
From my sitting room below.
And ho keeps on ringing tho bedroom bell.
So the floor Is up, I know.
He comes each morn to tho house
With ono or two small boys,
And when his tools are out of reach
Ono hears his raucous .voice
Shouting for what he may require.
And It makes ono's heart rejoice.
Spoiling, rejoicing, soldering
Not where the leakage sltows
Each morning scos tho Job begun,
Each evening goodness knows!
Something's attempted, nothing's done.
At six o'clock he goes.
Thanks to thee, unworthy friend,
And tho mess that thou hast wrought.
They're ruined, our hot water pipes.
And new ones must bo bought
Bother! Confound! I cannot shape
Each burning word and thought!
It Made a Difference.
Flddlodeo (to Miss Wlllln) Mr. Hold
cm asked mo to come in nud say ho
wouldn't be able to call this evening,
as ho broke his arm,
Miss Wlllln (anxiously) Gracious!
Which nrm was It?
Georga Washingdone.
Georga Washingdone vos a vera
gooda man. Hees fndda lie kepa big
ga place in Washlngdono street. He
hada a greata bigga lot planta wees
cherra, peacha, pluma, chestnutta, pea
nutta an' banan trees. lie sella to
nicna keepa do standa. Gooda niana
to Italia mana vas Georga Washing
done. He hata dc Irish. Klcka dem
way like dees.
Ono tny wen Georga, hees son, vos
dessa high, like de hoppa grass, he
takes hees lltta hatchet an he beginna
to fool round do place, no vns vera
fresh, vas lltta Georga. Poota soon
ho cutta downa de cherra tree Ukn
dees. Dat spolla de cherra cropa for
de season. Den ho goa around tre
kllla tie banan an' de peanutta.
Poota soon Georga's fadda coma
rounda qulcka ilka dees. Den ho llfta
uppa hees fista, looka Ilka big bunch a
banan, nn' he vns just goin' to giva
lltta Georga do smnka de snoota if ho
tola He. Hees eyes blaze Ilka dees.
Lltta Georga he say In hees mlnda,
"I gltta puiicha anyhow, so I tella de
square thing." So he liolda up hees
lltta hands lika dees, an' ho cnlla
Den he says, "Fadda, I cutta do
cherra trees weesa inla own lltta
nees fadda he say: "Coma to de
barn weesa me, lltta Georga. I wanta
speeka weesa you."
Den hees fadda cutta big club an'
he spitta hees handa, Ilka dees.
Lltta Georga say, "Fndda, I could
notta tella de He, because I know you
cnughta mo deda to rights."
Don do olda man ho snilla Ilka dees,
nn' ho tooka lltta Georga righta down
to AVall street nn' made him a present
of de United States. Unidentified.
Making a Schedule.
"You have moved farther out Into
tho country."
"Yes," replied the commuter. "I
think I have timed the trip about
right now. It got to bo a nuisance to
always find myself at the station be
fore our rubber of whist was finished."
Washington Star.
Why It Shrieked.
"Did you hear the shriek that engine
gave as it flew by?" asked tho first
man as they approached a railroad
"Yes. What caused it?" rejoined
his companion.
"I presumo tho engineer had It by
tho throttle." Smart Set.
Bessie's Anxiety.
Little Bessie Mamma, how'll I
know wheu I'm naughty?
Mother Your conscience will tell
you, dear.
Little Bessie I don't caro about
what it tells me. Will it tell you?
Kansas City Star.
Wont Too Far.
Yeast Do you think there Is a pen
alty for lying?
Crlmsonbeak Surel I knew a fel
low who dislocated his shoulder while
stretching out his hands to show the
size fish ho claimed ho had caught!
Yonkcrs Statesman.
How She Did It.
Grace How do you manage to make
your husband spend all his evenings
at home?
Maud I spend nil his money, and he
has nothing else to do. Baltimore
In Reno.
He There goes that handsome wld
v Jenkins.
Sho Widow! Why, she's only a
ldowrenoj Life.
"I hear ho married an actress."
"All men do." Cleveland Leader.
A Deed of Daring.
Traveler in tho uncivilized region
of South America have to face many
perils from Intense heat, polsonotu
reptiles and savngo men. M. Thenar,
who explored the Pllcomayo delta for
tho Argentine government, describes
nn experience which prompted him to
eternal vlgllnnco In regard to snakes.
Ho was lylug in his hnmmock. Tho scr
gennt of his gunrd wns nslecp under
a tree closo by. Suddenly ho noticed
an ltnmenso serpent colled around tho
sergeant's leg and extending Its head
toward his bare chest. What should
ho do? To awake tho man meant cer
tain death to him, but how could the
snnko bo killed or driven away with
out rousing tho sleeping soldier? Then
ho recalled n method of capturing tho
cobra of Indln. He prepared a slip
knot, and by stealthy, almost Imper
ceptible movements ho nttracted tho
serpent's attention. It turned Its head.
Then M. Thouar leaned from tho ham
mock and tickled tho snnko gently on
tho throat. It rnlsed Its head, and ns
It did so the noose was drawn tight
around its neck. Just then the ser
geant awoke and almost fainted with
fright. But the danger was past. The
slipknot had saved him, and tho stroke
of a saber cut off tho serpent's head.
Moving Pictures at Home.
If some ono told you ho could show
you the complete shadow of a ninu's
face on a piece of ordinary string you
would find it hard to believe. Yet this
is true. Take a piece of string about
two feet long nnd tlo a bullet or other
small weight to one end. Then hold
tho other end llrmly In your hand and
whirl the weighted string around in
tho air as fnst as possible. Next have
somo ono stnud between the whlrllug
string and a bright light, nud you will
see his shadow plainly appear on the
Tho explanation is somewhat like
that of tho moving pictures. Tho
movement of tho string is so rapid
that the eye does not sco It, but sees
only a blur. This is because of what
is called "persistence" of vision. That
Is, when an image is formed in the
eye it stays there for a short time,
about an eighth of n second, and by
that time another image has been
formed, so that tho picture appears
continuous. Boston Herald.
A Japanese Card Game.
A game popular with both grown
people and children in Japan is played
as follows: One hundred well known
proverbs are selected, each divided Into
two parts, each part printed on a sep
arate card. The host has tho hundred
first halves, which he reads aloud one
by one. The hundred second halves
are dealt to the other players, who
place their hands upward upon the
tatami, or thick mat of rich straw, on
which they sit. As the first half of
any proverb Is read tho holder of the
second half throws It out or If ho
sees It unnoticed among his neighbor's
seizes it and gives him one of his own.
Tho player who Is first "out" wins. It
Is a very simple game, but It affords
a great deal of amusement to tho play
ers, for the quick sighted and keen
witted are constantly seizing the
cards of their duller and slower neigh
bors. This leads to much laughter and
good natured teasing.
The Cat and the Cheese.
There once was a little girl that tend
ed sheep on tho hillside. She had a
largu flock, and the ewes gavu so much
milk that she made a cheese ono day.
Sho mado tho choose and put on the
table, when what should she see but
her cat, James, who was looking nt the
cheese with a mischievous expression.
"Jumes," said tho little girl, who
knew just what tho cat was thinking
about. "If you put your paw lu that
cheese I'll give you a taste of the
Now, James wanted that cheese
more than he wanted anything else in
the world, but ho would not have dis
obeyed his mistress for anything, nnd
so when the little girl had turned her
back for n moment he did not put his
paw Into the cheese, ns any other cnt
would have done. Instend he put hid
nose Into It.
Who was the most successful sur
veyor on record? Alexander Selkirk,
the original of Itoblnsou Crusoe, for
lie was monarch of nil ho surveyed
Who Is n mun of grit? A sugar re
Why Is tho letter "w" like scandal?
Because It makes 111 will.
What Is one of tho rules of war?
That it Is death to stop a cnuuon ball.
Why are photographers most un
civil? Because they always reply with
a negative.
What cord Is full of knots, yet nev
er can bo untied? A cord of wood.
Hunt the Slipper.
Tho plnyers sit down on the ground
In n circle nud get nn old slipper or
shoe. Ono of tho players kneels in tho
mlddlo of tho circle. Then the slipper
Is passed from ono to tho other, nud
tho ono In tho middle has to find It.
Every time tho players get a chance
to hit him with tho shoo they do so,
Three Little Pussies.
There wero three pussies, all downy gray,
Bleeping so Boundly one April day.
"Dear little pussies, why don't you run
ver the green grass? That would be
But the gray pussies said not a word.
Ko pussy stretched a paw; no pussy
still their heads rested on their brown
They were not pussy cats, but pussy willows.
Jersey Prosecutor Will Seek Dissolu
tion of Charters.
Jersey City, X. J May 111. Prosecu
tor of the Picas Pierre P. (Jnrven of
Hudson county, reqhest for
requisition papers lu the ease of J.
Ogdon Armour. Louis F. Swift nnd Ed
ward F. Morris, three of the twenty
one Indicted beef packers, was denied
by Governor J. Franklin Fort, hns
served notice on Edwards & Smith,
Jersey City counsel for the defendants,
that he proposes to apply to tho su
preme court nt Its opening session In
Trenton on June 7 for un order for the
dissolution of the Xntlonnl Packing
company on tho grounds that the cor
poration failed to obey Supreme Court
Justice Swuyze's order directing It to
produce the minutes of its directors
and stockholders' meetings before the
Hudson county grand Jury.
In case ho succeeds In putting tho
Xntlonnl Packing company out of bus!
ness In so far ns Its operations lu Xew
Jersey are concerned he will make an
application for tho dissolution of tho
charters of Swift & Co., Armour & Co.
and Morris & Co.
Twelve Republican Insurgents Oppose
Postal Savings Bank Bill.
Washington, May '2 1. Twelve Re
publlcan Insurgents refused to sign
the call for the party caucus which Is
to be held tomorrow night to take ac
tion on the postal savings bank bill.
Among those who withheld their sig
natures from the call wns Representa
tive Xorris, the Xebraska Republican
who led the fight against the Cannon
organization in March.
The indications are that unless a
compromise is effected on the postal
pavings bank bill In caucus it will fall
ly the wayside.
How to Treat Linoleum.
The way to prolong linoleum's period
of usefulness is to keep it clean. Dirt
ground into tho Unlshed surface by
tho tread of feet is the floor covering's
grentest enemy. Linoleum needs uo
soap, ammonia or strong cleaning
agents. A simple wiping with n cloth
just moist with warm water Is all that
Is needed. Once or twice a year give
the linoleum a wiping of good furni
ture polish to renew Its smooth sur
face. JANE All Ail.
Girl Whom William Soyler
Is Accused of Slaying.
How to Know Cooking Measures.
Young housekeepers aro often at a
loss when n recle calls for a cup of
unythlug to tell what kind of cup to
use or how much a cup meustrree. The
accepted measure is n stone kitchen
cup nnd means that cup filled to the
brim. It is equal to one-half pint. A
cup of solid butter, milk, chopped meat
or granulated sugar Is equal to about
half n pound. A cup of sifted flour Is
equal to one-quarter of a pound.
How to BrloJiten Your Piano.
Tako a basin of lukowarm water,
Wot a pleco of soft cheesecloth In It;
then pour a few drops of kerosene oil
on tho cloth and rub lightly over your
piano. Keep repeating until you have
been all over tho surface; then tako a
dry pleco of cheesecloth and polish un
til It Is glossy. Your piano will look
like new and that dull, smoky look
will all disappear.
Opportunity seldom comes with a
letter of Introduction.
t i
Again In the cyclo of our sacred
days, wo como to tho Day of Memo
ries. And what memories they aro!
To him of tho Xorth, who fought vic-
! tor'.ouslv for hla countrv. enmn mem-
orlos not untlnged with Borrow, and
to him of tho Southland, who no less
nobly fought for cause, sad retro3poo
tlon comes not wholly without Joy.
And then on this, our great Com
memoration Day, tho women who, In
the field, eased tho sufferings of the
wounded and pointed the Way of Llfo
Eternal to the dying these angels of
the battlefield thrill anew as they re
call deeds of valor and sacrifice Bet
down only In memory's book on earth,
and tho Recording Angel's above.
And to another portion of America's
womanhood who, even now. In wak
ing fancy, listen for footsteps that nev- t
er again sounded on the homeward
way, thore comes an agony of recol-
lection sweetened by the thought that
to meet the need of the hour each '
sent forth a patriot.
Xo man, no woman, no child, In i
whose veins Hows the blood of these '
heroes, would withhold a flowery I
tribute from our soldiers graves. And J
the silent cities of the dead have, per-
haps, their best use as reminders that
men so loved their lives for them. !
Yet the day should not be devoted but i
to thoso who have crossed over the ' .
river that Stonownll Jackson saw In
his dying vision, and aro resting under
the shade of the trees In tho beautiful
gardens of God. Remember the heroes ,
who have not yet gono to the land of
tho warless life. There are among us
to-day few men of even early middle
ago who served In the Civil War, and
ours Is a generation which puts too
high n premium of youth and energy,
to the discredit of age and experience.
To us, the veterans In blue or gray are
apt to be but old men, too llttlo do we
appreciate tho spirit of patriotism
which spurred them through a conflict
that put to Its highest test tho man
hood of the land and left It scarred in
body, torn In soul, but wholly free.
Tho Day of Memories is a time for
us to pause and ponder the quality of
our patriotism, and to put It In tho
balance against that which bouyed the
spirit of these heroes who, whether
starving and writhing with the fire of
undressed wounds In prison camps, or
holding tho field till bloody rivulets
besmirched the sod, put principle first
What manner of men are we? How
arc we answering the call for the ex
ercise of patriotism through tho office
of good citizenship. Lincoln and Lee
and Grant how would tho love wo
bear our country compare with theirs?
Would they have been as callous as
are wo to-day to a want so dire? Per
haps tho prayer that we most need to
pray is, "Lord, keep us vulnerable."
Tho nation which should
act on tho theory that war
can be made so dangerous
that men will not engage
In it or that peace can be
arbitrarily brought in by
force, might well expect to
share the experience of a
doughty Confederate colon
el who, after tho civil war.
returned with his war-worn
and defeated veterans to
his native vlllnge and was
twitted on the fact that
four years earlier he had
boasted that he and his
men could lick the Yankees
with popguns. "So we
could," answered the colon
ol stoutly, "but the Yankees
wouldn't light that way.'
Common to All Americans.
In many parts of tho south Memo
rial day is now jointly celebrated by
survivors of the blue and tho gray,
and the custom la growing. Aa the
country comes more and more to
cherish as a common Inheritance tho
valor, fortltudo and self-sacrifice of
that conflict, It will become universal.
Are You Bilious?
Biliousness means that your liver Is sick
and out of order. You are cross or cranky,
can't cat, have a bad, nasty tasting mouth,
and arc sick all over. To neglect bilious
ness will, result in congestion, loss of
appetite, torpidity and bad feelings. Re
store the liver to health by using Smith's
Pineapple and Butternut Pills, which euro
biliousness In one night, give your liver
healthy action, assist digestion, clean up
your furred and coated tongue, and give
new life and energy to tired nerves.
Mrs. James ELDitKixiK.of Old Mystla, Conn.,
writes !" Please semi mo a vlnl ot Smith's
I'lneapplo and Iluttornut Pllli. Those I have)
luvl nre all right, anil I like them very much
for biliousness and dyspepsia, nlileh I bars
been troubled with."
These little vegetable pills will accom
plish more in a few days toward making
you feel better than a bushel of nerve pills.
They cleanse and invigorate the blood and
make it rich and red. They restore the
liver and stomach to normal activity.
Physicians use and recommend. They
form no habit. You should always keep
them on hand. These little Vegetable
Pills will ward off many ills.
To Cure Constipation
Biliousness and Sick
Headache in a Night, use
I 'and luTfya-tftoalstrj'
Aon I
cheand IrJU I
fflUiltKHUIJ DtMajosof
f . . ..... . I naaaa'
00 Pills In Olass Vial 25c All Dealers.
For Sick Kidneys,
Bladder Diseases, Rhenm&tlsm,
tbe one best remedf. Reliable,
endorsed by leading physician:
sate, effectual. Results lasting.
On the market It years. IlaYe
cured thousands, loo pUli In
original glass package, CO cents.
Trial boxes, to puis, accents. All
druggists scU and recommend.
Buss for Every Train and
Town Calls.
Horses always for sale
Boarding and Accomodations
for Farmers
Prompt and polite attention
at all times.
For New Late Novelties
SPENCER, The Jewele.
"Guaranteed nrtlcles only sold."
IN IES In compliance with Sec
tion 3, of the Uniform Primary Act,
page 37, P. L., 190G. notice Is here
by given to the electors of Wayne
county of tho number of delegates
to tho State conventions each
party Is entitled to elect, names of
party olflces to be filled and for what
ofllces nominations nre to be made
nt the spring primaries to be held on
SATURDAY, JUXE 1, 11)10.
1 person for Representative In
1 person for Senator In General
1 person for Representative In
General Assembly.
2 persons for delegates to the State
1 person to be elected Party Com
mitteeman In each election district.
1 person for Representative
1 person for Senator In General
1 person for Representative in
General Assembly.
1 person for Delegate to the State
1 person to be elected Party Com
mitteeman In each election district.
1 person for Representative in
1 person for Senator In General
1 person for Representative in
General Assembly.
3 persons for Delegates to tho State
3 persons for Alternate Delegates
to the State Convention.
1 person for Party Chairman.
1 person for Party Secretary.
1 person for Party Treasurer.
Petition forms may be obtained
at the Commissioners' ofllce.
Petitions for Congress, Senator
arjt Representative must be filed
with the Secretary of the Common
wealth on or before Saturday, May
7, 1910. Petitions for Party offi
cers, committeemen and delegates to
tho state conventions must be filed
nt tho Commissioners' olllco on or
before Saturday, May 14, 1910.
George P. Ross, Cleric.
Commissioners' Ofllce,
Honesdulo, Pa., April 4, 1910.