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How the Holy City Ob
serves Easier Holiday
ICmzKji'fl Special ConuBsroNnr.NT.1
"All ronds lead to Rome." Es
pecially is this true at tho Easter
season. The pilgrims como from
all over Italy, from Frnnco and
Switzerland, many from Germany,
and not a few from tho gambling
tables of Monte Carlo. Of icourse
a multitude do not go from any
motives of piety, but only out of
a mere curiosity, desiring to see tho
Easter ceremonial where It is most
elaborately observed. Catholic and
Protestant, Jew and Gentile, they
all come.
Rome Is still the "Sacred City"
even as in the days of the Caesars.
It is strange how the very word
grips tho imagination. Napoleon
wittily said concerning "the Holy
Roman Empire" at a certain stago
of its degeneracy that it was
"neither holy, Romnn, nor an Em
plre," yet so powerfully did tho
very name appeal to the minds of
jnen that they still continued to
obey the behest of the puppet king.
Marlon Crawford's great work hails
the city as immortal, and so indeed
the city seems to be at the Paschal
Perhaps this is because Rome Is
such a suitable place to spend Eas
ter. It is literally bowered In
palms and flowers. It is said that
there are more palms on one short
trip of the Italian coast than in all
the Holy land. On the way down
we rode through miles of flowers;
primroses and daisies in the grass,
almond, plum nnd cherry trees
white, and peach trees literally cov
ered with pink blossoms; gardens
well grown; while oranges and
lemons covered the trees or lay
upon the ground beneath. All this
at sea-level, while the distant
mountains In plain sight at Cararra
were whiter than the beautiful
marble piled about the station. The
very contrast to those who bad left
the snows made Rome the ideal I
spot to spend Easter.
The whole trip down the coast
would have been one long delight
but for the fact that the train kept
running into trouble every few
minutes. I actually counted forty
two tunnels, many of them more
than half a mile long, in the first
twenty miles. It was like trying,to
see Italy by midnight. I lost count
somewhere between 75 and 100.
But before we reached Rome the
region became more level and the
flowers in the fields more abund
ant. It is said that every year more
and more people come to Rome for
Holy week. All the hotels were
strained to their utmost capacity to
accommodate those who came at
the last moment. Mark Twain's
daughter nnd her husband, M. Gab
rilowitsch, went to seventeen ho
tels before finding a room and
bath, and in the end left in despair
for Florence, after a day spent In
Rome. In all there were some 60,-
000 people came to Rome for Easter
this year. ,
In order to get tho full apprecia
tion of tho servico of the Resurrec
tion morning, one should at least
be present in St. Peter's on Good
Friday, when what Is called the of
fice of teneorae is performed. In
this service, the most painfully
solemn In the ritual of the church,
the gathering darkness of the day
is symbolized. One after another
the candles flaming before the high
altar aro extinguished. Cardinals
and bishops retire, no bells aro al
lowed to bo rung, while In solemn
silence they wait for the Pnssover
Although no unusual attraction
was offered beyond other years, tho
servico at St. Peter's was attended
by an unusually largo throng. From
the point of view of n mere strang
er. I should say .a great majority
were thoro sololy from curiosity,
not for the purpose of worship. It
is not always easy to distinguish
'Ijc strango from tho native, for in
uillgent, well-bred people look
much tho same tho world ovor, but
it was possible from the actions
and speech or many, to guess that
they were not natlvo to tho city.
Tho great majority walked about
slowly, looking at tho pictures,
ctatues or relics whllo only a small
minority seemed to bo worshipers.
Tho crowd was enormous. Fully
"5,000 peoplo passed through St.
Peter's during tho day, with per
haps 20,000 standing in front of
tho high altar during tho colobratlon
of tho High Mass. Many brought
chairs and sat, while a few, per
haps, knelt. During tho progress
of this sorvlco which attracts tho
great crowd a much smaller ser
vice wont on in tho west transept.
Hero I found ovldenees of renl de
votion, about two hundred persons
reverently kneeling,
I was shocked at tho Irreverence
nnd bad manners of many English
speaking people, not all Americans.
Perhaps it was not so much delib
erate rudeness as thoughtlessness
of tho feelings and rights of others.
Thero were personally conducted
parties being taken about tho build-
inKa nnd tho guldb did not invnrl
. uuiy speiiK in a low volco, oven
while tho service wns In progress
; One German guldo una particularly
I vociferous. Tliuro woro Cook's
i tourists alttlng on nltnr mils, oven
-' wtmrn I. n . . .1 1 1... II..
""ku liiu uuuKuis wuiu miuuuuB
! 1 8aw Inoro Biildo hooks tlinn prayer
nooks, and boiho or them were In
tho hands of those whoso clerical
gnrh proclaimed them to bo mem
bers of the same religion whoso
sorvloo wns In progress on Us
greatest fcstlwil.
St. Peter's Is built of marble, but
for tho most pnrt, Homo Is a city of
stucco and mortar. It may once
have been marble, but much of tho
inarblo In the palaces of tho Cae
sars nnd oven some pf the statuary
went during the middle ages to the
lime-kiln nnd now exists in the
form of mortar holding together
brick or stone. Tho marbles nnd
columns of the great St. Peter's
nnd other churches were taken from
tho Forum and from Michael An
gelo's great stone quarry In the
skies, tho Coliseum. If it had not
been for such vandalism we might
still keep holiday nmld buildings
even greater than St. Peter's.
Now that Lent is over the city
Is Indeed .in n holiday mood, not
only in the social sense but In
popular wny. Tho restaurants have
set their tables out of doors and
tho populace has Hocked to
; parks. Tho drives are lined
"carriages of the
rich and
kneed children pick flowers from
the grass. There arc many schools
in Rome and all grant Easter boll
days. The scholars aro often
dressed in uniform, sometimes blue
or scarlet, especially those who are
to enter some religious order.
'these In addition to the hosts of
soldiers and police, clad in almost
every color of the rainbow, make
tho city seem strikingly festive.
I was particularly impressed by
the character of tho soldiers of
Italy. Granting that that those who
guard the various palaces of Rome
are show soldiers, yet I saw those
who are not, whose faces and uni
forms bore marks of a winter spent
in the open. They were an athletic
set of young fellows, tho very
strength and life of the nation,
who should, no doubt, have been
at work in tho fields or the shops.
They marched with a fine, swing
ing stride, obeying orders with the
precision of a machine. Whatever
we Americans may have thought,
these aro not men "such as Europe
breeds in her decay." There was
not a degenerate among them.
At the other extreme are tho
beggars, picturesquo in rags and
dirt. The doors of the sanctuaries
swarm with them. One babe of
five came up yesterday and wanted
to thrust a bunch of violets Into my
buttonhole, with a filthy fist. I
would have surrendered at the
beginning, If there had not been a
horde waiting to descend. Her
mother on the opposite side of the
rail kept Instructing the child how
to proceed. When I returned her
flowers for the fifth time she grew
angry and. tried to catch my lingers
in her mouth. I felt distinctly the
gnashing of her tiny milk teeth and
1 heard her mother curse me.
What cjn be done for such as these?
There yen have the contrast, un
iform?, holiday splendor and pal
aces on the one hand, while beg
gary, ignorance and hate cower on
the other. Who shall set it right?
Then Only Does the Animal Train
er Dare Put His Head in tho
Roust's Mouth.
"You must love the animals,"
said a well-known trainer, "or oth
erwise you cannot train them.
They can tell at once whether you
love them or not. They know it
by instinct. They know whether or
not you are afraid of them; they
can toll that right away. You must
never, never let them know that
you are afraid.
"it Is always best to begin with
an animal direct from tho Jungle.
Tho wild animal is much better.
Tho tamo animal, born and brought
up in captivity, begins to play with
you liko a little kitten. Thnt's be
fore his claws have grown big.
Then, whon his claws do grow and
ho scratches you, you begin to bo
afraid of him. That Is very bad
for the animal to know that you
are in any fear of him. Ho prompt
ly takes advantago of It. But tho
wild animal, on tho contrary, knows
nothing of you whether you aro
afraid or not. Ho just comes at
you fiercely. You stab him onco or
twice. You stick him with tho
prong; ho retreats. That's whore
you win.
"No, never try to train tamo ani
mals. Tacklo tho wild animals
straight from tho Jungle. Now,
thero's my Hon tho one in whoso
mouth I put my head. That is real
ly dangerous. I don't always do
that in my act. I do it when I see
that his eyes aro kind. I could
'sleep with that animal he's gen
erally so kind. No, I haven't tried
it, but I could.
"Of courso tho Hon might put an
end to me in a Jiffy. One pinch of
his teoth would settlo it. But I
look him straight In tho cyo and I
soo whethor or not it twinkles. If
it twinkles I do', not put my head
in his mouth. If it does not
twinkle I run tho risk."
The spring gloves in a largo va
riety can bo found at Mennor & Co.
Tho now, long spring coats at
Monnor & Co. stores aro stylish and
effective. 2SooI4
Pneumatic Sweeper That Is
Operated by Hand.
The pneumatic sweeper Illustrated
nbove Is operated by hand and obvi
ates the need of having a house wired
tor, electricity In order to save the
housewife labor. The sweeper con
sists of a triangular framowork with
a receptacle for the dirt set inside
The upper bar of tho triangle is hollow
and terminates at tho lower end in a
mouth like that on any pneumatic
sweeper. At tho upper end is a blower
device, a handle to guide tho machine
by and a wheel by means of which tho
blower is operated. A flexible pipe
also runs from this upper portion
down Into tho receptacle. By turning
tho wheel a suction Is caused by the
blower, and ns the sweeper Is pushed
nloug it takes up the dirt through tho
stationary pipe and deposits It In the
car below through tho hose. Tho ma
chine is not so cumbcrsomo as most
other types of sweepers that genera to
their own power.
Washington Apple Pie.
Beat together until creamy and light
one-half cupful of butter, one nnd one
half cupfuls of sugar and three eggs.
Add half a cupful of sweet milk alter
nately with two and one-half cupfuls
of sifted flour, again sifted with two
tablespoonfuls of baking powder. Beat
to a smooth batter and bake in three
layers. When done fill with following
mixture: Pare and grato two large
tart apples, adding the Juice of a lem
on nnd a cupful of granulated sugar
as you grate tho apples in order to
keep it light colored. Add tho grated
yellow rind of the lemon. Placo over
tho flro and stir nnd cook until it looks
liko Jellying. Remove from the fire
and whllo hot beat in tho yolk of one
egg. Spread between tho cake layers
and on top under a soft boiled white
Simple Remedies.
For stomach pains a simple remedy
is tho application of a sponge wrung
out of very hot water.
Borax should always be found on the
toilet table. A small quantity added
to tho water will greatly soften it. Too
much will dry tho skin.
Rash Is caused by chill or some error
in diet Keep tho patient warm and
give a slight aperient at night, and the
rash will disappear.
Neglected colds are great detractors
from iersonal appearance. If a cold
hangs on take a tonic which will
strengthen one to throw off the cold.
Damp bands nro a great source of
annoyance to their owner. Apply a lo
tion of one part of eau de cologne and
two of rosewater and dust with bo
raclc iowder.
Lady's Cabbage.
Tako a head of young, hard, white
cabbage and cut it up in dico shaped
pieces. Throw In cold water, to which
add a little vinegar, and let stand an
hour. Drain, cover with boiling water
and cook, uncovered, until the cabbage
grows tender, then drain off tho boil
ing water, pour a little cold water over
It and drain ngaln. Mnko a good cream
sauce, and when tho cabbage Is well
drained add tho sauce, heat up well
aud servo in a heated dish. Sprinkle
n little grated cheese over tlie top If
you liko tho flavor of Parmesan.
Almond Icing.
Almoud Icing on white cake-Is de
licious. First blanch sweet almonds
and pound them to a paste. A finer
paste Is niado by adding tho granulat
ed sugar during the pounding. Make
a boiled fondant, allow it to cool
slightly, thou pour it over the beaten
whito of ono egg. To this add a tea
spoonful of rosewater and tho blanch
ed almonds. Spread it between layers
and on top nnd ico tho sides of tho
Salt Fish Chowder.
Soak one-half box of salt fish ono
hour, drain off water, fry Ave or sir
slices of salt pork, drain' Into tho fish
with a Httlo warm water, two largo
sized onions cut fine, flvo or sir po
tatoes sliced, ono quart of rallk; drop
In flvo or sir crackers, pepper and salt.
Boiled Cider Pie.
Beat together until light ono egg, ono
and one-half cupfuls of sugar and
three tablespoonfuls of flour. Add half
a cupful of boiled cider and a pint of
cold water. This is sufficient for two
pies mado with a single crust Spread
soft Icing over the top.
How to Wash ths Cits of Delleats
Loce Trimmed Linen.
The careful Frenchwoman takes
much trouble over tho proper warh
inir c.f hor hundUorehtefH and would no
m re think of having them go Into
the hnnds of tho family laundress
than she would semi n piece of hand
some lace to her. Even ir they are of
tho thinnest material, nnd they are
mostly simple hits of delicate linen
embroidered or lace trimmed, they
nro expected to last their allotted time,
and that they shall do so requires that
great pains be taken with them. If
there Is no maid In tho llttlo menage,
then madam must do her own wash
ing, and this Is tho way she goes about
In tho first place, her handkerchiefs
are never allowed to become unduly
soiled jind nftcr onco using nro put
into n small linen bag that always
hangs beside the toilet table. When a
half dozen or more have collected
they ure- put to soak in nn earthen
bowl niled with cold water and suds
made from tho best of washing soap.
In this they should remain for half
an hour, nfter which they are cure
fully rinsed In more cool water. Then
comes the thorough washing of them
In hot water In which a spoonful of
burns 1ms been dissolved. This Is
done ns gently as possible by patting
and rubbing, and for this last many
women use a child's toy washboard,
which Is exaetly the right size for the
purpose. In this way no threads of
the line material nro broken, a dlsas
tor which Is diillcult to remedy. The
final rinsing is also done' through
many cool waters until every particle
of soup Is gone, and then comes the
climax of the entire performance.
The handkerchiefs are placed hi a
bowl of milk into which have been put
a few drops of essence of violet, which
Is strong and of a bluish tinge, and
this will give to them the pure white
color which Is so necessary. From
this each Is taken nnd partially dried
In a clean towel and at once Ironed
No starch Is used, for tho milk takes
tho place of that, and the little Iron
Ing board Is covered first with a heavy
flannel and after with a spotlessly
clean piece of white cloth.
An Iron is kept especially for this
work, nnd usually It is some patented
affair, cither for electricity or alcho-
hol. To do this all properly will take
an hour or more of madam's time, but
she is more than repaid for that by
tho results seen. The little pile of
handkerchiefs will come from her
hands ns If fresh from the shelves of
a shop, and they will have tho deli
cate fragrance of having lain in a
velvet sachet.
A Son of the Revolution.
Professor Jeremiah Smith of tho
Harvard Law school, who has pre
sented his resignation, to take effect
Sept. 1, 1010, when he will be In his
seventy-third year, Is actually a "son
of the Revolution." His father, like
wise Jeremiah Smith by name, ran
away from Harvard in 1777 to jolu the
Revolutionary army, being then eight
een years of age. Uo served In the
campulgn ngalnst Burgoyno and was
wounded at Bennington. He finally
graduated at Queens (now Rutgers)
college In 17S0 and was later governor
of New Hampshire, congressman from
that state and Its chief justice.
Baked Potatoes a Foot Long.
Baked potatoes a foot long are tho
kind served in the new diners of tho
Northern Pacific. Specially selected
potatoes, coming usually from AVash
lascton, are kept on hand for baking,
whicn the dining car management has
made u specialty. A baked potato on
the diner costs 10 cents. Each diner
is loaded with 300 to 400 pounds of
tho mammoth potatoes beforo leaving
a terminal for the trip across tho con
tinent from St. Paul to Seattle.-St.
Paul Dispatch.
The Evolution of
Booster Eill
I. He Was Once Bill Blue
Bill Blue was once a knocker, and
He knocked us all to beat tho band.
His long suit was in running down
The stores and people of this town.
One day a stranger heard his clack
And saidi "Your liver's out of whack.
The thing you need to make you smile
Is to turn in and BOOST AWHILE."
That mads Bill think. To our amaze
He started singing this town's praise.
It soon Improved his looks and health,
His trade, his prospects and his wealth.
The town began to boom, and wo
Elected Bill our mayor. He
Keeps up the sunshine habit still
J. ' Tho census begins Apr. ID
J nnd must bo completed In
I thirty days.
The enumerators will wear
f. n badge inscribed "United
.J. States Census. 1910."
J The law requires every
J. ndult person to furnish
J tho prescribed information,
J but also provides that It
I shall be treated confldentlnl-
I ly, so that no Injury can
come to any person from
.j answering tho questions.
J Tho Census Bureau, prior
J. to April 15, Will distribute
I to overy farm owner nnd ten-
J. ant In this stnto a blank or
l schedule containing the
J- Census questions rolntlvo to
farm operations nnd equip-
J incnt. This should he filled
I up, If possible, not later than
tho morning of April 15,
but if nnyono has been un-
J. able to fill It up by that time,
I he should do It as soon af
! terwards as he can,
J Peoplo who do not speak
J. English or who do not un-
derstnnd the schedule coni-
pletoly should got help from
J others, If possible, in filling
I it up.
Tho President has Issued
. a proclamation, calling on
all citizens to co-operato
J with tho Census and assur
. Ing them that it has noth-
ing to do witli taxation,
l- army or Jury service, com-
pulsory school attendance,
j regulation or Immigration,
J or enforcement or any law,
l- and that no one can bo in
J jured by answering the in
-l- quiries.
J It is of tho utmost import
J. ance that the farm census of
j this state be complete and
J. correct.
f. Therefore every farm own
J er and tenant should
J- promptly, and accurately
fill up the "Advance Farm
Schedule" and carefully pre
J. serve It ror the enumerator
4 when he calls.
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ture. Our catalogue 'will
save you fully 25.
Only $17.90
For this handsome Sideboard In selected
Qolden Oak of a handsome UKUre. The
base Is 4SxS3 Inches; three drawers at
top. one lined for silver, all swell front.
Including tho large linen drawer, richly
carved design on the two cabinet doors.
The mirror is 26x16, beautifully carved
Jap with shaped standards and side
fhelvcs. This Sideboard Is the equal in
quslltr, style and workmanship of side
'boards retailing from 423.00 to $35.00.
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charges prepaid for $17.00.
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catalogue of Furniture FREE.
At the close of business, Manh 21), 1910.
Loans and Discounts 1 2t.MM 2.r,
Overdrafts.secured and unsecured 20 7J
u. m. iioims to secure circulation. 55.0U0 00
Premiums on U. S. Houds 2.HU 00
Homls. securities, etc L152.717 hi
llanklne-house, furniture nnd tlx-
tures 40,000 00
Duo from National Hanks (not
lieserve Airentsl JO
Due from Plate nnd Private Hanks
anil Hankers. Trust companies,
nnd Savings Hunks 1 1n S7
iiuu irom approved reserve
110JJI0 70
Cheeks and other cash Items
.Notes or other National Hanks
sm uo
Fractional paper currency, nick
els and cents
315 18
Lawful Money Reserve In Rank.
vis: npeeie J8I.WS w
Ij'L'nl tender lintwn K UK (Hi
at.i2i oo
Redemption fund with U. h.
i reusurer. to per cent, or circu
lation) '.73)00
J00 00
Due from U. K. Treasurer
$1.KW,01S H)
Capital Stock paid In $ 150.000 00
surplus fund 1W.0O0 00
i miividcd proms, less cxpensos
anil hiKHN nnlil ti r in
National Hank notes outstanding W3M 00
niaie jjank notes outstanding.... HO 00
Duo to other National Hanks m 21
Due to State und l'rivato Hanks
and Hankers 231 15
Individual deposits subject to
check. $l.H7A03 2o
Demand eertlflciitKHiif
deposit 207GO 00
Certllled cheeks KM0
Cashier's cheeks out
standing 11,21)0 95-f M73.U51 l
Hnnds harrowed
Notes and bills redlscouuted
Hills payable. Including certltl-
caies ot deposit ror money bor
rowed None
Liabilities other than those above
siuieu. ,,,
Total SLK&Uui HO
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, bs.
I, II. '.. Russell, President ot the abore
named Hank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true to the best ot iuv
knowledge and belief.
11. Z. Hdsskll. Pres dent.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
1st day of April. 1810.
Andiikw Tiioureon, )
jiuhkk uukehk, fiiireciori.
Ulllce. Mnonlc D-inllnc. tecond floor
Ilunoedn.i'. I'a.
? i attoiim:v
Olllce over mitt (MUv. All WmI invito...
promptly attended to. iloiicsdnlv. Pa.
. Otllre Liberty Hnll biilldimr, opposite tbo
Post Olllce. Jloni'Mlule. 1'n.
Olllce over Hell's store, lloncftdole la.
Olllce ver l'ot Olllee. Uuiieitdulc, Pa
Siicclnl nnd tiruinut .'lttoiitlun siren to the
collection ntrlnim. utllce over Hell's .new
store.lloiicsdale. I'a.
X' . A
OlllcOover the uostoflUo Iloliesdale. I'a.
Olllce in the Court Houfee, Honesdale
Olflcc Second Moor old Savings I5nk
bulUUu. Honesdale. I'a.
Otllcustlatcly occupied by Judge Searlc.
Olllce First floor, old Savlnis'liank.bulld
Inc. Ilonesdule. I'a.
Dr. C. 11. BRADY. Dkntist. iloncsdalePa.
Office Hoijks-S tu. to p. m
Any evening by appointment.
Citizens' phone. 33 Residence. No. 8G-X
Olllce and residence 1018 CourtJstreet
telephones. Olllee Hours 2:00 to 4:00 land
60U ob:CKJ. u.iu
LIVERY. r red. u. Hickard has re
moved his livery establishment from
corner Church street to Whitney's Stone
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Olice: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C. C. Jatlwin's drug store,
If you don't insure with
us, we both lose.
White Mills Pa.
You will make money
byhavlnt me.
5HHLI. pnoNE'o-i' Kfitnanv. pa.
We have the sort of tooth brushes that are
made to thoroughly cleanse and save the
They ure the kind that clean teeth (without
eavln? Your mouth full ot bristles.
We recommend those cost luff 23 cents or
more, as we can euarauteu them and will re
place, free, any that show defects o manu
facture within three months.
Opp.D. M, Statlta
1. it. MUBDAT,
i W4