The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, November 12, 1909, Image 4

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THE OmZSK, F1UDAY, NOV. 12, 1999,
God Bless -Them. ' If yon want to bo worth a million
1110 scnooima'am is the guiding dollars It would cost von lust mil.
mar 01 mo republic, sue takes the Hon dollars to tret IL nrnken frienri.
rpMjBHiD ktkbt wkhiimpat amp tbipat wt luue Dantnng rrean from the home ships. Intellectual starvation, loss of
nA..itiu. .
nest, full of his pouts, his pets and social enjoyment, deprivation of gen- sensitiveness Thov
Vila nana nna ttncmvAwnnttiA 1. mnn- I i .. . I ocuoiutcUCdoi AHOy
cases, a rampant, riotous little wretch manly aspirations, a limited ward- tt,0,0Ut vl?,,,
seem to enjoy
are always on
offlce. Honesdale. l'a-
. a. BOBFLiaarn. K. b. aixxh.
woose own motner oiten admits sneiroDc and a scanty table, a lonelvl. .. . . . " T. . . .
sends him to school nurnosely to home hcrjinnn vmi font n lAvnlvl ... vii 1
FRIDAY, NOV. 12, 1000.
Leave your homes with loving
words, they may be your last.
onuoinuiiT senas mm to scnooi purposely to home because you fear a lovelvl i . :. '
iKESSetrl4of hlm- The schoolma'am wife and a handsome home wouW be Se "T n t flr
ERAND8KC V ft who,e of cxpenalvea fa I a hGn 5i jF?m4. UPn' W?.
anarchlau, half of whom singly and a dread of the contribution box, irtoamMMMHn
alone cannot bo handled by their haunting fear of charitable societies n""e nd can 1 wc"
own mothers, and she puts them in I a fretful dislike "of poor people be- " "JLe !f iner M w pa8a.
(the way of becoming useful citizens, cau , they wgt lf- eTery" hundTed'o harm Is Intended
Every .tan Makes ,Us Own Fortune. iSSvS hanTone" S SS-ESS? Th
We like to attribute our poor en- oh. you can be rich, voune n ir J0"8681 and. "Pest elbows of
deavors to some malign, obstructing you are willing to pay the price I 'mI , always attributing a
and thwarting influence beyond our- Any man can let rich who doesn'i t TJ? ,?1ZmtSVS th7
"In our hearts lies the Eldorado
which We scour the world to find."
Face the world with your heart
forward and your backbone straight.
get. The fact Is, personal import-
ance is at the bottom of this whole
thinC. The world In tint thlnlrlnr
m i- .i . I . . . "--""O
Arugit; mem. aoout you has no desire to hurt
It was a teacher and she was you but you Imagine that the wholo
seriously handican them in the effort attenuln? tne Institute and the world should be run in your inter
selves. However this may be. it think it too expensive
must ue admitted that persons are
frequently the victims of what aro
called accidents, perhaps accidents
of birth and environment, which
Betsy, who spells by intuition, will
ask "how do you spell such a word?
Wo go on and spell it according to
Hoyle. "Why didn't you writo it so
then?" These words will creep in
ana tnen tne compositor will doubt
less say, "old fool, I wish he would
stop writing or learn to spell." Our
greatest fault in this direction Is,
we are too lavish with letters. Wo
have been caught with two d'a in
widow and two t's in city, all from
a desire to be liberal and accord the
"intrinsic value", in all cases. It is
too late now. We have made a mis
take in our calling, having had
touch of most everything. We some
times think we ought to have been
a clergyman, then we could have
walloped our congregation with no
back talk,
For your work's sake, for your
friends' sake, for your health's sake,
qult worrying.
Treat your wile as though
were a queen and that will
make her one.
We are inclined to think that
heaven will be given to those who
are trying to make a heaven on this
To All Whom It May Concern.
Gentle reader, you who owe us for
this paper you are reading, as well
est. as for several of its ancestors: Did
you ever see an editor's pocketbook?
A "Cheery Good moraine" often Well, it is Just as fallible and Drone
senas a ray of sunshine streaming lo emptiness as those of other com
through the innermost recesses of a mon mortals. The newspaper bus!
h-in., mi,rn.f..nn .u i. eyes were now wild and staring, her household, resting there all the live- ness hasn't yet been brought to that
" uruu lui-uiscura I . , nKJ ,. 1. J I 1 1 Jt . . . I , ..! .
by acts of commission or of omis- uuoucu, uu uuuua were ugam iuiiuws nasten- " v'uuu mm il can do
slon. Between those born annnrpnr- C1UUB, wruiE. one waa a "B luuisieps into tne mart of busl- 1 wiiuoui expense, ana until that
I ueeply troubled and injured woman, ness, lighting up and brightening I successfully done we shall be un
- .... . . . . . I and we hear her Rnvlnir? "n nni "the wnv nf thn nnri.1" it I der tho nnlnfnl nwmoHir nt ..1.1..
. l. gucfli I u J i uoaiujj
often soothes you for a 1Itt,e cash, now and then,
fort come the ereat mass of nersnnn "L my ueluB! " a7 oy aay you "J"y a irouDiea mina to rest, and eye"y now. we nave been pati
' I hflVO trftfrrl n .1 L T , 9 I hnnln 1 1 t 1 ... 1 An ln nnmn 1
" - ..w.fcuicv me, auu i cuuia "cam tvuuuua wuica nave eitner omu uwcu long-sunering
not bear to give you up. When first came anew to a struggling soul, or knowing that your pocketbooks
we met, how your ease and polish been re-opened by the harsh words were about as lean and lank as our
attracted me! When you became or deeds that: are spoken or done 0wn But now the harvest is past
my own, now my mends envied me. in season or out of season, as the ana some or you have sold your hoes
But your understanding is too small dally battle of our life Droeresses. When the big, round dollars beeln
for my large soul. You are opposed "Good morning," with a heartful to Jingle in your breeches pockets,
to my advancing myself. You have wish for blessings In the tone of its Please remember that vacuum in the
If utterance, cheers the heart of faint editorial purse.
tr, rtea i o same sad story that, alas, has often
deficient ln faculties that they seem f, l ?' ad .chcke d "" , a
doomed to ill fortune; but the vast fnUnDf " ' ad, "a,be8fMtaS
majority who persuade themselves iuhl?BSuded bir, 'ttx.UI7
that they are the victims of ill luck I" " ' . er
When man is a success he claims
the rrnHit- whon lit. to n fniinro i,n I .i, u .1 i.t . .i.t have tortured me. and yet I could heals the wounds which have either ent In
"""""B ui tueir luri- t 1 . , .. : 1.
finds some woman to blame for it. unes entirely in their own hands
Remember This
Our county has one thing which she
is Justly proud of and to which she
largely owes her good name, the in
fluence of our schools. They have ininreH mv ctonin
t,eui uui a ciass 01 young males ana wo hnd novnr mot 1 ,,. nn fQofi j
There are TTnnesrl.iln nonnle rvhn An gentlemen that, are wielding n nr. mon j . . . . '. U 6ulluu8 many
- ..':::. ,, uu m Peace- oo now negone; We a nara spot that has place by inheri
tance or cultivation, in the breasts
of humanity. The lovelitrht. that
. - 1 ., . -
nut lain, uuuui uara umes, dui go --- " .6 pan iorever: 'mere was a mo'
.... .... . . the best Dlaces and nnoltlnnn In life . .. .
rignt along doing business and maK- i . . 7 ,. V u,eulB convulsive Dreaming, a
ing themselves and others, hanpy. ,.t' C -T-?.rItt,n ?f teeth and a "harp sigh,
I ...,., , .uuv,ok.i, 4AAAU KUUUI If U-flO nil nirnn Tl. n
iLKf no fhnnrh h .I.M In tho nlllno1,l 11 J-.-.j ..v. " " oul"
' " ' "w ,rr.y vu u,-vUUUucu Vuu- fort she had nulled off her
. . . . . ... . I lift cthMln nnj I . I n . 1 , I .
swim ana leaamg ine way. wnat is ,v- "'"'' purL ui wis- shoe.
the use of always and everlastingly aom l eep tnfse schools up to the
to do this there must be harmony of
four elements, viz: the school board,
the patrons, the scholars and the
teachers, and without which perfect
success cannot be attained, therefore,
Deams rrom the eye when one is
greeted by such words as "Good
night lights many a weary spirit
For Our Merchants.
i n uoi a iact tne world over
that the extent and skill of a firm's
advertisement is taken as an Indl
cation of its importance? None but
the best, largest and most success-
talking hard times, why not go right
ahead without grumbling and do
the best you can.
Fireproof Village for New Jersey.
On a big tract of land In Orange,
N. J., which has laid
to a chamber of rest and peace and ful firms advertise intellleentiv nnd
to a land of pleasant dreams. continnmislv nthoro mow -
- i j ' w.u..w iuuj uiaac a
i ne nome wnere "Good morning" show, spasmodically, but their inter
ri "IJnnri n f trli t " .nnr..ii.. 1 1 .m t . , . . ...
u.bui. iC buiciuur bctiu i uinmui euuris lose mem tne nenefit
for many years, there has been start
ed a unique building venture. The
let it be the duty of these four ele- residents of Orange call it a "fire
ments to see that no deficiency or Proot village. It is a colony of
If you wish to send a letter in a
hurry, be sure to write "In haste"
on the envelope. The postmaster hindrances arises on their parts to houses built entirely of terra cotta,
and clerks will then fall over each thwart the good purposes of our designed to be fireproof inside and
other in their haste to get it in the schools. If factions exist, pray dls- 0UJ"
undeveloped hy. ne t0 another, are the homes to be gained by unceasing eifort In
"l wucre guuu inougnis any pursuit, as well might a man
are generated, where good deeds expect to accomplish success in busi-
have place, and from whence go out ness by striking out with all his
good lives. force In unsympathetic effnrtn tn-r
Then don't forget to say "Good day or two. and then lnnfini- for on
morning;" say it to parents, to chll- eaual time, as to achieve the heat
dren, brothers, sisters, schoolmates, results from advertising shiftlessly
fl. moM ,,, , , , , band, and give your hearty sanction There has not been attempted .' men,as ana t0 aU yu or intermittently. If you think it
first mail, then the posta clerk will and 'C0efJJZ tTlnorZ befre an? development eBe'"nd ?fy " .rfully and with pays to advertise at all. set aside
yell to the engineer: "Pull her wide made to malntaln the excellencies of of the "fireproof home" idea isolated a sm,le- , " wlU do you 80d and some flxed 8m or per cent, for this
open, here's a letter in a rush." our schools to-day, and so enhance houses of the kind have been built, 7? yo,ur rrlends Good. It will cheer especial purpose, select carefully the
JVnd the train will Just fly. It is their interest that they shall stand but here there - are twenty-four of d";aBed' rfst tho tired ones' mediums to be used, then write
expensive for the railroads as ac- second to none in the land. them going up at once, as a begin- f.f makes the wheel of your advertisement skillfully and
expensive lor lie railroads, as ac- nlng. Though they differ in archi- llfe move. more snothly. A "Good truthfully, and have them printed
cldents are liable to happen, and the 1nock NoJ. Competitor tect"al style, they are all alike in morn'nB heartily spoken makes continuously, with frequent change,
officials will not thank us for giving Advertising that vnn,v. Vm their structural qualities. It is p,! frfsher and brighter and seems and if you have anything that any-
the snap away, but this is the way netitnr i TiTfce .o. fSSl l.J2 sed for walls, floors and partitions. r!.alIf ? make fhe coming good, body wants you cannot fail to secure
to get letters through real quick. with a clui,. The real sclenUfic ad! L P18 ?1 Byst!m f construction e 8 P nesy or a good day satisfactory results.
vertislng doesn't knock. SWmM?,&H 'mh h TI TTI TT77
An exchange Duts it this wav: writer: "in oraer to get more lemon ------- ""-M.- nnnlii whin. h. w... m...' i l"D lu,"u ujuy ex-
We live i . .. h f h,h business you don't have to steal ah'y ?f "am. flwelunP. nas apProached - 77 - .CS". th0?e -00d Photographs
. ,.n ,o . n..i.. r, tt, - I bu uiuaeiy tue cose 01 masonry dwell-1 . "
and high taxes, low valleys and low '.CT Tt " !.' ."1 ings, that the savings In mainten- worK .as. compared with the way
cuiiicijr. iuur lemon 1 . , -
I . OU . J ,L, , .
wages, big crooked rivers and big business will wax fat. If vo rnndrt anco ana insurance on tho fireproof rS. . " i a
crooked statesmen, big lakes, big the right kind of an -,UI JE"
wiiu ineir scnooi mates, what a
nice keepsake! 24 for 25 cents.
The Schoolmarm.
Wo have always had the American
schoolmarm, but according to a' re
port of tho United States Commis
sioner of Education, wo now havo
her more than ever and better.
Thoro aro fewer men teachers to-day
in the country than ln 1875, whllo
there aro almost two and one-half
times as many women teachers.
Three hundred and sixty-nine thous
and American schoolmarms are teach
ing tho young American idea how
to shoot, and every year there aro
more lady and fewer men teachers.
And the schoolmarms aro better
than ever before, and better paid,
though not yet paid nearly enough.
Somo German professors and a
few antiseptic near-Americans havo
rushed into print to complain about
the 1 swarming of the schoolmarms,
and protesting that the schools are
being over-feminized. We have
not noticed it. The average Ameri
can boy does not yet seem to show
any unhealthy sign of shrinking,
over-studlousness, and weakness.
or any other of the vices that wo as
sociate with the gentler sex. Ho
still retains a lingering taste for
baseball, and he occasionally goes
fishing or swimming Instead of being
allured by the over-feminized school.
Farmers' and Me
chanics' Bank,
at the close ol business. Nov. 6th. 1809.
Reserve fund $
;asn, specie ana notes, 18,128
Due from approved re
serve nppnfn 11 ittl rio cio ka
Nickels, cents and fractional
currency 1,U2 21
Checks and ether rish Itnma i m o-
B lls discounted, not due 74JW5 29
Bills discounted, time loans with
collateral 20.800 00
Tnnn nn onlt with rnllntornl .t
. ' ; ; .... .... ......... ........ ju.iui it
Loans on call upon one name LOGO 00
Loans upon call upon two or more
names 23,195 00
Loans secured by bonds and mort-
, cages n,loo 00
Investment securities owned exclu-
niye oi reserve uonus, viz
Stocks, bonds, etc $11,290 U
Mortgaees and Judg
ments of reonrrt 3ft Jn 9n nn trt
Offlce Building and Lot 181899 65
Furniture and fixtures L801 41
$ 293,113 33
Capital Stock paid ln ( 75,000 00
ouruiuH ruua o.UUU 0U
Undivided Profits
less expenses
and taxes paid 4.530 18
Deposits, subject to check. .$65,9:13 54
Deposits, special 142,803 11
Cashier's CheckB outstanding, 171 60-208,913 15
$293.443 33
State of Pennsylvania, County of Wayne, ss :
I, O. A. Emery, Cashier of the above named
company, do, solemnly swear that the above
statement Is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
u, A. UMltur, cashier.
Subscribed and sworn tnhefnm mn Hitn 11th
day of Nov. 1909.
, . KEKA 8. JCDQETT. N, P.
Correct attest:
M. E. Simons. 1
F. W. KnEiTNER, V Directors.
W. M. Fowler. I
pumpkins, big men with pumpkin
heads, silver streams that gambol
in the mountains, and pious politi
cians that gamble in the night, roar
ing cataracts and roaring orators,
fast trains, fast horses, fast young
men, sharp lawyers, sharp financiers,
and sharp toed shoes, noisy children,
fertile plains that lie like a sheet of
water, and a thousand newspaper
that lie like thunder.
campaign. Make two lemon
torn era spring up wnere only one
existed before, and then make your
old lemon customers use four lorn
ons where they formerly used only
two. The right kind of advertising
will do this for you. Advertising
to increase the per capita consump
tion or your product is scientific."
1 the difference In nrlcrlnnl on Monday!
cus-1 , .. , kitchens a
economic consideration is the ele-
In a thousand little
thousand women would
ment that has caused so many homes be Been thrusting wood into a thous-
uuu nine cook stoves, beating a
thousand little wash boilers, bend
ing their backs over a thousand lit-
Until recently terra cotta blocks tie washboards, and hanging their
tuuiucts uu a mousana little Clothes
of sturdy, permanent construction
to spring up in the last two or three
Baby, when he's hungry cries.
Schoolboys beg for cakes and pies.
Lovers plead with lips and eyes,
You want business Advertise!
Why doe3 a man when he becomes
possessed of a M.50 raw-boned plug
A Business Decalogue.
Thou shalt not wait for some-
were used almost exclusively for
flreproofing business buildings,
Plans for the first terra cotta dwell
ing In New York City were filed 'With
the Building Department only last
The new colony in Orange calls
for by far the largest order of hoi
low terra cotta blocks ever used in
residence construction. Six thous
and tons of the burnt clay material
lines. If, by some singular social
revolution, the men of such a vil
lage were to undertake to do the
work, their first step would be to
get up a stock company, invest capi
tal in building and machinery, so
organize the work that about a half
dozen men would do the work for
the whole town, receive good sala
ries therefor, and the rest of the
men would go about their own busl-
Telephone Announcement.
AH off the New Telephone Company's contracts
call for unlimited service without restriction
as to the number off calls for Business
and Residence Telephones.
Other telephone users are cautioned to examine
their contracts so that they will not receive
limited service upon expiration of the
six months' free service period.
Limited service Is dear at any price even with a little
free service thrown In.
and a J10 cart have to rein the Door thing to turn up, but thou shalt pull nrn hMo. .hinn. , t,..
crowhnlt. nn like a turtle toji " thy coat and go to work, that I a mh ness on Monday Just as on any other
- B .1..,, , , v" iuu ouuuai suv j
n.t. it ... I i"opcr iu my uuairs. nrooflncr enmnnmr Tr, ""J"
. " . " m Br.uuu Thou shalt not be content to meas,,r:me7t ' nee
oeiore . ana goes along as if try- go about thy business looking like a ,. rZ .vwv We are almost QUt of homfi .
Ing to read the answer to the stars, loafer, but thou shouldst know that in th oiio .a J. girls that are "mother's right hand:"
Why does a cirl whom nature haa thy personal appearance is better hincVa 9 loin a girls that can cuddle the little ones
thon n lotto- -.-.- I . c"u DU "-""l- I ,
given a clear and healthy complexion t tL, "Lh 7 , tbe hoUow spaces rrm continuous t" . l" , """"' Bmola oul
have to paint it till she can't wink h"U?.It. L chambers from top to bottom. These lh" dmeSt c. sk.eIn
. v. a. uutu, uui ouaii iuuu cay to mose
. "-"b mcciiumci. auu wuu cwo luee, i aian i mink. make tho n,nii no... lamer uutes comiort m for some-
why does she bang her hair like a IV Thou shalt not wait to be heat, the result belnir a moier hn.,o thing better than beauty, and big
Spitz poodle and make her head look tom Wuat thou shalt do, nor in what ln summer and a warmer one in Drothers are proud of for something
like a window mop? Why. bless """fL-l! d r th"8 wlnter- In the floors the blocks utranks the ability of leading
i uiuj lui uuvn ijm 1 1 j 1 1 1 iri ii H inn ii J i . . u uuuc
you. an these things are the style, which fortune hath given thee. beams ad 7nV wh r Z"'i
that Is all that can or ought I V. Thou shalt not fall to main- flooring that individual tHt VnH
to oe saia aoout tnemi rr "en.y, uur uau r0r may be placed on ton of them
Tnmi hn mi lfr nr noL.i-, iui 1 1 1 I
vuuu WW bUt,J ui uutuiug IUUL Will
Foster Building, Honesdale.
mere is sweet music m every
home where the heart strings are
touched by gentleness and courtesy.
The mild word, the gentle answer, j
ine tenaer act, the patient conslder-
ateness, will touch chords of kind
ness and make sweet molmlv In tho
nis own nara labor. "c a ocu- uu maao nimseir quite lamny as everywhere. A desolate
VII. Thou shalt not fall to live offensive to an old lady who sat near dreary place is a homo devnid nf
. . ... I lessen tho ennrt reorient for. iUraaJf
A nappy home Is the brightest spot VL Th . -' Consideration,
on earth that the eye of God looks other fellow's lob. nor his salary, nor A man under the influence of Ho
down upon. Love and peace in his the position that he hath gained by uor got on a suburban trolley-car.
home sends sunshine around the
man wherever he goes; disorder and
trouble there Is misery everywhere,
There are few worries of life which
a man cannot now and then shake
those little courtesies which
practiced in the best social life.
within thy income, nor shalt thou wnen ine conauctor came
contract any debts when thou canst around for his fare this old lady
not see the way clear to pay them. JumPed up and said:
VIII. Thou shalt not ho nfmid "Conductor, do you allow drunk-
off, but who can shake himself free to blow th,ne own norn' for he who en People on "jls car?"
from the skeleton in the closet from fu laueia 10 D10w ms own norn at to, "i 7 ,7 a' a , conauc- known men who would lay down
. cioset, irom the proper occas on flndeth nobody tor' but slt down and nobody will their lives for their w ve nnd m,ii
the worry of the household, a hllste-r LtnMi j 7 ' Z. . . ' nntiee vnni" ineir nves xor ineir wives and chil
dren, who would almost have fits
It is the little foxes that destroy
tne vines in home life. We have
the worry of the household, a MistO standing ready to blow it for hlm. notice you!
on the heart. Aday will tell how many IX. Thou shalt not hesitate to
a man carried that with him without Bay No wnen thou meanest "No" Couldn't Miss It,
wincing down to the grave. When Tr'. l""u , " lu ""nemuer A young married couple, who
husband and wife are helpmate to ijg bU'VS thns'tt ref,de far fr01? th,s p,ace' were
each other in the best sense; when ment ' ,Udg" Tl IZZJr bonfymon
. . , . ' ... tr,P on a sleeping car. During the
order and lovo and goodness prevail X. Thou shalt give every man a night when the train was runnlne
j il. . . . . . . Dnnn.A ilanl rphl. I. . 1. l . . . .... "
ia iuo iioueo men ue man wno nas m mo iw great siowiy over some still, mountainous
o hard battle in life to fight can leave commandment, and there is no other country, the bride, In a very soft
his behind hlm. when he Ethana!. wKS dX
moru. vritu uu our tuuiis wo its oi tne Dusiness world. Graham
aro tho most homo loving of people ood
and that Is the reason why wo are
the greatest of people. Whatever
All right, dear." replied John.
"Tho cooler is only a step down -tho
"But how shall I know which berth
is ours when I come back?" he aak-i
ed timidly.
I will stick my foot out in the
Dentscher Gottesdlenst.
Tien rteiltuhan mn Tlnniuilala
belpi home life la. a national bless- umgegend tur Konntnlsa das in der
log; what ever hurts home life la a Luthorischen Klrche, Church Bt.
national curse, and the treat Jeden Sonntag moreen 10U. Ilhr ilain." mii ihn iin .nn ...
carae that can touch theae blewlnw I "f' OotteEdlenst aUttfindet it."
i. i wuhbiou uori-i wnen ne came d&ck there waa a
I 111.11 Dill Krllllrlll linn. I 1 a a mmtmjm f'A . .A
asd blMMdeau of our lirmM. nnOTx, I Vr. luu.1 vry
of apoplexy over a button off a shirt
or a mislaid paper. There are wom
en who would die at the stake for
their husbands, but who have an
almost unconscious habit of nagging
tne poor man rrom morning till
nignt. utrange isn't It.
When news Is scarce wo havo but
little stock to fall back on. If we
try to do "phunny we phall," and
if we produce anything containing
any merit outside of itemizing we
dare not publish It, lest our readers
will aay, "that crank." If we touch
on pontics, we hear the cry of
-calamity howler." If at times we
feel religiously Inclined and should
make alight allusions, somehow the
pith will get punched out, and some
one win come in our sanctum and
aiK, "w&ki aid you intend to co-
This Bank was Organized In December, 1836, and Nationalized
In December, 1864.
Since its organization It has paid In Dividends
to its Stock holders,
The Comptroller of the Currency has placed It on the HONOR
ROLL, from the fact that Its Surplus Fund more than
equals Its capital stock.
What Class 0
are YOU in
The world has always been divided into two clasaes those who have
saved, those who have spent the thrifty and the extravagant.
It Is the savers who have bnilt the houses, the mills, the bridges, the
railroads, the ships and all the other great works which stand for man's
advancement and happiness.
The spenders are slaves to the savers. It is the law of nature. We
want you to be a saver to open an account ln our Savings Department
and be independent,
One Dollar will Start an Account.
This Bank will be pleased to receive all
or a portion of YOUR banking business.
vey!" gometlmts we sd11 bad aid