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DINING Koom Girl Wanted. Apply
at Hotel Wayne.
, WORK HOUSE for sale, cheap,
"or exchange for cattle or sheep. H.
D. Olver, Beach Lake, Pa. It.
WANTED Girls In washroom.
T. B. Clark & Co., Inc. 60tf
petent salesman to handle a splendid
proposition as salesman in Hones
dale and Wayne county. None but
one with a large acquaintance need
apply. Call or write. 309 Adams
Ave., Scranton, Pa.
AUCTION SALE On the prem
ises on Saturday, Aug. 7th, 1909, 1
will sell to the highest bidder my
farm of 85 acres with house, barn,
and all improvements, at Tallman
Ville, Pa. Terms one-third cash,
balance secured by C per cent,
mortgage, length of time to suit
purchaser. Sale to begin at 1 p.
m. O. & W. train arrives at Win
wood at 12:19 p. m. Carriages to
Talamsville. A. B. Tallman. G0t2
the construction of guard walls to
the county bridge at Beach Lake
will be received by the County Com
missioners until 10 a. m., Friday,
August 6, 1909. Bids should be
made on two plans. First, recon
struct old walls and put on a con
crete jacket. Second, relay the old
wall in cement. Bidders should visit
the location before making esti
mates. See plans at Commission
ers' office. b0t2.
neat and orderly, desires board
and lodging with private family.
Address XT., Citizen office.
FOR SALE Lady's bicycle, Iver
Johnson make; good order, cheap.
Inquire Citizen office. 57tf.
WANTED o day laborers at the
Fish Hatchery, Pleasant Mt., Pa.,
Apply to X. R. Buller. 56t4
A HOUSE on East Extension street
to rent. Inquire Hotel Wayne. 57t3
I1RAMAX has some splendid na
tive and western horses for sale, all
in excellent condition at Allen House
barn. Hotf.
SPECIAL attention given to chil
dren at Charlesworth's Studio. 2S
FOR SALE Ray house, on East
Extension street. Large lot with
sixty feet front. M. E. Simons.
Local matter on pages 4 and S. I
Orange juice is a new remedy j
for ivy poisoning.
If you like The Citizen, tell
your neighbor about it, please.
Read the cent-a-word depart
ment in this paper. It may interest
Scranton, on Thursday last,
was visited by a generous rain.
Honesdale and vicinity didn't get a
A marriage license has been
granted to Floyd Brundage, of
Pink, and Rachel Suringle, of South
Honesdale is a "warm town."
The mercury here, on Thursday last
climbed to 93 degrees. In Philadel
phia it only reached the 91 mark.
Both official registers.
It is held that children in a
school district in which no public
high school is maintained may at
tend a high school in some other
district located near their home.
Don't forget the picnic, at Belle
vue Park, of Protection Engine
Co., on Aug. 5th. Go, enjoy a good
time, and give the "Are laddies"
reason to think that you appreciate
Citizens or iarrowsburg com
plain that Honesdale young men de
stroy the peace and quiet of their
Sabbath. Boys, behave yourselves
in Narrowsburg just as well as you
do in Honesdale.
Michael Loercher, an employe
of the elevator works, here, had his
eyes severely injured, last Thursday
by sand which he was mixing, which
burst from its receptacle.
The fashion man of the Scran
ton Tribune says that it has been
said that the ladies of that city wear
socks but he is unable to verify
the report. Thinks they should,
though they are so much cooler
than stockings.
The parents of Mary Iacovone,
of Scranton, are In grief because the
latter, who Is only a child, has elop
ed with Nicholas D'Agostino. The
abductor is 35 years old. Circulars
have been sent out describing the
pair, and it is thought that they will
soon be captured.
The Superior Court holds that
when a horse runs away, having
been frightened by an auto, negli
gence being shown, the owner of
the animal may recover, in addition
to other damages, for the "changed
disposition" of his nag. They're
after you, Mr. Bubbleman.
The Mllford, Pike county, Press
makes an unkind jab at pretty,
thriving Honesdale's unpaved
streets. We don't know whether
Mllford's streets are paved or no,
presume not but we do know that
Honesdale people wouldn't live In
Pike county's capltol, the land of
rattlesnakes and democrats, if its
streets were paved with gold.
It isn't what a man knows but
what he thinkB he knows that he
pesters other people with.
The People's Bank of Parsons
with a capital stock of $50,000 has
recently been organized.
The Times says that 60 babies
died in Scranton during the past
month of cholera infantum.
Captain James Ham Circle,
Ladles of the G. A. R., will meet
on Friday afternoon at 2:30.
Attention, Veterans! Regular
meeting of Captain Ham Post, on
Friday evening of this week, August
the 6th.
The death of Mrs. Herbert
Detrlck, of Stroudsburg, formerly
Miss Lilllam Chambers, of Hones
dale, is reported.
Wheat (on paper) has dropped
23 cents during the past week. The
price of flour, however, hasn't per
ceptibly shrunken.
Old Home Week will be an oc
casion to which Honesdale should
look back upon with pride and
pleasant memories. Keep the ball
rolling, citizens.
The annual reunion of the
David Howell family will be held
the 26th of August at Carpenter's
Grove, at Uniondale.
We are informed that the pay
of Company E, of this place, for
its attendance at the State En
campment, was $834.40.
Among the applications to or
ganize national banks which have
been approved is The First National
Bank of Jessup, Pa., capital ?50,
000. Among the touring cars seen
on our streets last Sunday, were
those of Mr. Clarence Spencer and
of Mr. Ed. Hubbard, both of Car
bondale. On Tuesday evening of this
week the Knights of Columbus, con
ferred the first degree upon three
candidates. After the degree work
a social season was enjoyed.
Correspondents to the Citizen
are requested to write on one side
of paper, only. If you use both
sides, one side will, very likely, be
omitted by the compositor.
The following will leave this
week to spend several weeks at
Elk Lake: Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Emery,
.Mrs. B. F. Fitch, and daughters.
The following young ladles will
leave Thursday for a camp, at
"Bunk" Camp, Elk Lake: Misses
Hnttie Smith, Emily Brown, Mary
Bodie, Laura Cortright, Florence
On Friday afternoon Mrs. Sig
mund Kntz entertajned a number
of lady friends at cards at her home
on North Main street. Prizes were
won by Mrs. Alfred Ullman and .Miss
Martha Volgt.
Our readers are advised to
read carefully the proposed amend
ments to the Constitution which ap
pear in tliis issue. If you haven't
time to take it in all at once, don't
worry. It will appear 13 times.
Our readers who wish to pur
chase dry goods, clothing or, in fact,
auything else, will make no mistake
if they first consult the advertising
columns of The Citizen. Tnose deal
ers are, to a man, enterprising, square
dealers. Don't forget this fact.
At a meeting of Protection
Engine Company, No. 3, the com
pany decided to have as their guests,
on Firemen's Day, Sept. S, Excelsior
Fire Company, of Port Jervis, and
the Hendricks Hook and Ladder
Company, of Carbondale.
It is against the law to spit on
the floor of a railroad train. This
is not generally known, but it is
true nevertheless, the law having
been passed at the recent sesson of
the Pennsylvania Legislature. Now
do it again. If you wish to pay a
The following players, repre
senting Honesdale, left for Milford
yesterday morning, where they will
play to-day and to-morrow. On
Thursday they will play in Port
Jervis: Schuerholz, Smith, Murray,
Murphy, Wenders, Tuman, Mona
ghan and Giles.
According to the Department of
Agriculture of France, a toad dur
ing its lifetime is worth ?9 to the
farm, a lizard is worth ?9, a swal
low ?20, a titmouse ?8, the robin
?4, a bat $30, an owl $12, a screech
owl ?16 and a fern owl $30, and just
tell that to your boys.
A. B. Tallman, of Tallmans
vllle, Pa., has a farm, and a fine one,
containing 85 acres, house, barn
and all modern improvements,
which he will sell at auction on the
premises, Saturday, August 7, 1909.
Here is a rare chance to secure a
good property. See cent-a-word
A gentleman of this place, whose
business calls him to a majority of
the summer resorts of this part of
the country, says that business is
poor with the resort people, and the
cause Is that people who usually
take a summer outing cannot do so,
this year, because they have auto
mobiles to pay for. He says, as an
illustration, that Roscoe, a place of
500 Inhabitants, has fifty autos,
most of which were purchased on
the installment plan.
Snake-venom weakens the heart
and lowers blood pressure. Alco
hol still further lowers blood ten
sion and depresses the vitality of
the white blood cells, the defenders
of the body, and the agents which
destroy the snake-toxins. Dr. Allen
says thnt many a man has been klllod
with huge doBes of whiskey Instead
of dying as a result of snake-poisoning.
That is a nice, big, new picture
adv. of W. J. Relf, on third page.
"Storms and Signs" informs us
that the seventeen-year locusts, pre
dicted for this year, have already re
ported in southern Jerseyi
Vacation month is here, When
you depart, give The Citizen your
address. It will call, twice each
week, and you will be glad to see it.
The Hawley Board of Educa
tion has let the contracts for the
contents for the new extension to
the High school, to Frank J. Dennl
son of Honesdale. The old portion
is to undergo repairs also. The
building when completed will be
handsome and up-to-date.
Plant lice are proving to be
very disastrous this year to cab
bages, which are being grown in
larger numbers now than ever be
fore in Pennsylvania. Spray the
plants with a solution of whale-oil
soap, says State Zoologist Surface,
using one pound of soap to five gal
lons of water.
A young man named Foster
whose business is selling carpet
sweepers, went out picnicking with
a young lady of Tunkhannock. Her
watch-chain broke and he put the
time-piece in his pocket, to carry
for her. In fact he carried it so
long, despite her requests for the
return of her property, that she
at last had a warrant issued for his
arrest, and now he is in jail at
James Miller visited friends in
Carbondale on Sunday.
Miss Laura Van Home is visiting
friends in Binghamton.
Miss Rose Connors, of Scranton,
was a visitor in town Sunday.
Walter Henig, of Wyoming, was
a visitor in town last week.
Paul Loris, of Scranton, spent
several days in town this week.
Charles Dunning left Sunday to
spend several weeks in the west.
S. L. White, of Galilee, Pa., called
at The Citizen office on Tuesday.
Joseph Krantz, of Carbondale,
was a recent visitor in Honesdale.
Russell Romalne has accepted a
position as clerk at William Rief's
shoe store.
Richard Bracey has returned
home after a visit in Scranton and
J. W. Rohrbacker, of Sterling,
was a pleasant caller at The Citizen
office on Monday.
Attorney E. A. Delaney, of Car
bondale, was a business caller in
town, Tuesday.
Joseph Denk and son, Rudolph,
of Scranton, spent last week with
Honesdale relatives.
Mrs. Sarah Doolittle is on a visit
to her sister, Mrs. Charles Doolittle,
in Orange, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. William Schoonover
of Scranton, are visiting relatives in
Honesdale and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O. Bunnell,
of Chicago, are the guests of
Honesdale relatives.
Miss Angle Varcoe, of Honesdale,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. George
Martin. Hawley Times.
Ruth Lord has returned home,
after a two weeks' vacation in
Elmira and Port Jervis.
Edward Neidedoest has purchased
of Mrs. Delevan Woodward, her
property on Maple avenue.
Miss Mignon Green, of Wilkes
Barre, is a guest of Miss Marie
Ward, of Park avenue.
Miss Katherine Weidner and Miss
Margaret Grazer are visiting rela
tives in New York and Brooklyn.
Mrs. George Lunney and daugh
ter, Mary, of Scranton, are the
guests of relatives at this place.
Walter and Leo Campbell spent
Sunday with their parents, Mr. and
John Campbell, of East Honesdale.
Julius Freund, of Wllkes-Barre,
Is visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Freund, on Main street.
Charles Schlager, of Scranton,
and party passed through Honesdale
Sunday in the former's touring car.
Miss Dora Roegner, of Williams
port, is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Roegner, of West
Miss Agnes Mullady, of Carbon
dale, spent Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. M .Lyons of Park
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Schoonover
of Scranton, who spent the last two
weekB here with relatives, returned
to that city Sunday.
Miss Hattle Bisling, of Trenton,
N. J., who was a visitor at Allen
Bishop's, left for that city on Tues
day morning.
Miss Helen O'Neill, of New York
City, returned on Sunday, after a two
weeks' vacation at her home on
Erie street.
Christopher Bergman, wife, and
sister of the former, Miss Anna
Bergman, left Sunday for Washing
ton Lake, Ulster county, N. Y.
N. B. Spencer, who has been
deputy sheriff, has severed his con
nection with that office, and will
devote his time to detective work.
Mrs. Frank Duff, of Brooklyn, N.
Y and Joseph Davis, of Carbondale,
visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
D. MacTavlsh Saturday and Sunday.
Dr. G. S. Peck and wife, of Car
bondale, who were visiting relatives
and friends, and Mrs. Elizabeth
jG.uramoe, of Peckvllle, called and
spent Sunday with Mrs. E. S. Hlsted
on Church street.
Mrs. Geo. P. Ross is visiting in
Clinton, N. Y.
Mrs. Wm. T. Butler is visiting
her son Fred, in Erie, Pa.
Miss Emma Donahue, of Troy, N.
Y., is visiting friends here.
Austin Lynch, of Olyphant, is
spending a few days in town.
Mrs. Bentley, of Scranton, is visit
ing her neice, Mrs. Joseph Bodle.
H. D. Honey, of Waymart, Pa.,
called at The Citizen office on Sat
urday. Mrs. J. Dems, of Scranton, for
merly of this place, was a visitor
here Sunday.
Mrs. F. K. Weaver is In Strouds
burg, where she was called by the
death of a relative.
Mrs. James Bippus, of Port Jer
vis, is visiting her mother, Mrs.
Mary Lohman in this place.
Mrs. Mandeville, wife of County
Commissioner T. B. Mandeville, of
Hawley, had on Monday, we are in
formed, a stroke of paralysis.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Merritt will,
on the 10th inst., go to Cape Cod,
Mass., for the balance of the sea
son. Mrs. Anthony Mussarl, wife of
the Delaware and Hudson track
foreman, is spending a few days in
Sigamund Roos, of Pine street,
Scranton, was on a visit to his wife
and family, who are summering
here, Sunday.
Mr. Charles P. Matthews, of
Scranton, formerly of Honesdale,
was, with Mrs. Matthews, visiting in
town, Saturday last.
S. R. Henwood, of Honesdale,
was on Friday received in the medi
cal ward at Emergency hospital.
Carbondale Leader.
Lloyd Rosencrans, who is em
ployed by the Frank Meyers Cut
Glass Co., left Monday on a busi
ness trip to the eastern states.
Assistant Register and Recorder
Francis Crago and wife were enter
tained nt the latter's parents, in
Rileyville, Sunday.
Miss Annie Miller, of Honesdale,
is on a visit to Carbondale and will
spend the next ten days at t' home
of Joseph Krantz. Leader, 30th.
Eva Buerket has returned to
her home at this place, after un
dergoing a successful operation
upon the eyes in a hospital in New
ark. Lewis Partridge and family re
turned Saturday evening from Al
denville, where they spent the past
month with Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Key and
daughter, Bessie, bf Wilkes-Barre,
are visiting Mrs. Key's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Ilawkin, on North
Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Knapp are
occupying the Steinman home, dur
ing the absence o their parents,
Mr. and Mrs Frank Steinman, at
Asbury Park, N. J.
Mss Anna' Brown, operator at the
Consolidated Telephone Company's
exchange, has returned home, after
a week's vacation witli relatives in
Henry Soete, who has been em
ployed in Scranton, is visiting at
the home of ills parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. X. Soete, of South Main
Wm. McMullen, of West Pittston,
came to Honesdale in his automobile
on Saturday. Mr. McMullen, in com
pany with R. T. Whitney and J. S.
Brown spent the next day at Lake
Morris Samuels, of New York
City, spent Sunday with his wife
and children, who are spending the
summer at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Briggs.
.Mr. Homer Greene, who recently
underwent an operation at Dr.
Burns' hospital, Scranton, is suffi
ciently recovered to return to his
home here, arriving, with his family
Saturday last.
Irvin Hartman, who has been em
ployed by J. A. Robinson, has
started In the pressing and clean
ing of men's and ladles' clothes.
He Is located on the second flpor
of the Dodge building.
Mr. and Mrs. John Foy and
daughters, Helen and Clare, of
Pittston, and Mr. and Mrs. P. O.
.Knight, of New York, came to
Honesdale Sunday in their touring
car. The party spent the day at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Coleman, of South Church street.
Rev. John Linn McKim, once a
priest of the Protestant Episcopal
church in this place, and during
President Harrison's term, U. S.
Consul, at Nottingham, Eng., cele
bratd his 96th birthday, at his home
in Georgetown, Del., on July 22d,
last. Despite his many years his
mental faculties and general health
remain unimpaired.
Miss C. Lou Hardenbergh will go
to Culver, Indiana, to-day, to spend
the month of August at the lake-side,
with a Randolph-Mason College
friend, Mrs. Harold O. Smith, of
Indianapolis. Mrs. Smith was form
erly Miss Elizabeth Carroll, of
Lynchburg, Va and will be pleas
antly remembered here.
Nelson Lambert entertained
a number of young people at his
home on Church street, Monday
evening, the occasion being his
sixteenth birthday. The following
were present: Misses Lucy Russell,
Minnie Schoell, Lucile Rowland,
Merle Eldred, Hattie Arnold, Ger
trude Krantz, Marlon Charlesworth,
Ethel Schiessler, Harlan Histed,
Ernest Dudley, Joseph Jacobs, Mil
ton Russell, David Petterson, Ralph
Brown, and Clyde Preston, the lat
ter of Hornell, N. Y.
Miss Weston entertained at cards
on Saturday, in honor of her Bister,
Mrs. Paulser.
David Menner and family left on
Thursday to spend the remainder of
the summer at Elk Lake.
Miss Emma Werth, of Scranton,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Rhebeln, of High street.
Farrlngton Burhardt has resigned
his position at L. A. Helferlch's
store. Harold Rowland is the new
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Barrett and
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Campbell, of
Scranton, were visitors in Hones
dale and Beach Lake on Sunday.
Mrs. Paulson, of Paterson, N. J.,
who has been the guest of her sis
ter, Miss Carrie Weston, of Four
teenth street, returned home on
Mr. Fred Crosley, now residing in
Chicago, is spending a few days in
town, the guest of relatives. Mr.
Veeland, of Paterson, N. J., is also
a visitor at the home of Mr. Thos.
A pleasant party, composed of
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Spencer
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weston,
all of Carbondale, spent Sunday at
Forest Lake, returning Monday
morning. The run was made in
Mr. Spencer's Pennsylvania car.
Mrs. Charles Weston entertain
ed Mrs. Clarence Spencer, of Car
bondale, and Miss Burr, of Scranton,
on the Golf Hill, Tuesday, Mr.
Spencer and Mr. Weston coming
over for supper in touring car, and
returning to Carbondale with entire
party Tuesday night.
Honesdale Old Homo Week is Now
The executive committee which
has in charge arrangements for an
Old Home Week celebration In this
place, met in City Hall, Wednesday
evening and completed the prelimi
nary arrangements for that occasion.
Thirteen hundred and thirty dollars
have already been pledged, which is
considered by the committee suffi
cient encouragement to go ahead
with preparations. More money will
be pledged Honesdale doesn't do
things by halves, especially when the
honor of Honesdale is involved in
making old home week or any other
public affair a success and that the
affair will be a most enjoyable and
a most creditable one in all respects,
is without question.
The programme of exercises as
finally arranged, will soon be made
known. Let everybody assist in
making our Old Home Week a long-to-be-remembered
Was Accidentally Shot.
Judson Gelatt, of River street,
this borough, aged nineteen years,
while in an intoxicated condition,
Saturday, was fooling with a re
volver. The result was that, while
his mother was attempting to
wrest it from his grasp the revolver
was discharged, the bullet entering
liis right hand and coming out above
the wrist.
(Dib liome iDeek
25 pieces of English Mercerised Madras, White and
Colored, Best 2 and 35c. grade at 15c. a yd.
100 Madras Waist Patterns
100 Ladies' Vests always
Gents' Madras and Percale Shirts in all sizes at
39c. each
200 Parasols and Umbrellas $1.25 value at 89c. each
Henry Snyder & Son.
602 &7604 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Poultry ,!Eggs, Butter, Lambs, Calves and Live Stock.
Applesjin Season
Old Phone 588 B New Phone 1123
Drowned in Lake Lodorc, Rupert
Lancaster of Peckvllle.
Saturday last Rupert Lancaster, of
Peckvllle, was with other excursion
ists, nt Lake Lodore. Bathing in
the lake is prohibited at that resort,
nevertheless Lancaster disrobed and
plunged in. He was immediately
seized with cramps and was drowned
before aid could reach him.
The lake was dragged all the re
mainder of the day, but it was not
until Sunday morning that his body
was recovered. He was attended, on
the excursion by his daughter, aged
thirteen years, whose grief at her
father's fate is said to have been
heartrending. v
Don't Balk Just Roost.
Join the Boosters' Band and boost,
Don't stay in nnd go to roost!
Keep awake and make a spell,
Put your shoulder to the wheel!
Try and help Home Day along,
Boost it loud, and boost It strong!
Everybody lend a hand,
Come and join the Boosters' Band!
Gold In Woyno Connty.
A large ledge of gold and copper
quartz has been discovered on the
farm of Mrs. Hawley L. Stephens
near Equlnunk, Wayne county. Tests
have been made by Dr. H. Prickett,
of New York City, and William M.
Stephens and it is reported that It
Is found in paying quantities.
liPnprnl WnrAC Keystone
uvuviui oivitOi Block
Honesdale, Pa,
Sale of
Very Low Prices
3 and 1-2 yd. lengths
at 39c. each
i?c, during this sale 10c.